MARGARETHE daughter b 1841 of Fred & Gertrud Ransom a beautiful child had only the exotic oval eyes in blue…the neat face & high cheek bones… but this was enough to have her called `old Eskimo` by Lindsay Earls & other Gross Britain disgusting noble thieves-

“ Lindsay a bloody nuisance since the Planet began …”

quotes Winston Churchill January 1960... He tells how `bloody LINDSAY…they’d tried lock Margarethe Ransom Grote up in an Asylum in the 1920s…& CLAIM all her wealth…ridiculously

via her sister-in-law Millie Frobisher skater Academy of Ancient Arts whom they’d killed in 1897 to get her Florida lands & then DESTROYED THEM … he had an American mother… ! ` HE HAD SEEN MILLIE FROBISHER aristocrat SKATE- she was into the Classical thing…little school of Dancing & athletics… ! She married a highly educated Ransom…brother of Mrs Grote…`after this he & Mrs Grote wrote one another during the year…two or three times…`…”

1920s Churchill spoke to Mrs Grote & found her education far superior to his - `she could speak to you in 12 languages-about the literature too-she knew Arabic-Classical languages…Her family Theatre on her Island off Xristensharb gave every worthwhile play-

all of Shakespeare-you sailed up for a Season- 30 years`

Winston Churchill says “ If Earl Lindsay has a degree… then I have 10 ” ! “…Mrs Grote left the realm to go abroad as she always had to see to her husband’s GROTE HOMES & her Ransom lands…circumnavigating A to Z…we would exchange letters…she always had things to tell me about t he globe…! ”

1939 London January winter - When Churchill heard two young girls older than the heir to Mrs Grote… were put to claiming Mrs Ransom Grote`s Estate …he said they should go back to a schoolroom

& learn you did NOT take another peoples properties ! He would have a word with them…

The legal heir may have said the eldest had called her “An Ape who was not getting it (all…?) She is taught to call Mr Pong` Uncle James`…but he is a murderer…a PIMP…~~~

( perhaps G.R. should have called her back - a sub-Ape !…

But Grandfather Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM has been taught perfect manners by his mother Millie Frobisher…before the LINDSAY GANG killed her for her Florida lands…having taken all her moneys, her family monuments & mementos …

Nota bene : CHURCHILL : He does not seem to know JIM is a pimp …but Churchill, he knew the murderous Lindsay mob ! Churchill champions Mrs Grote’s ancestry- `England has always had an influx of foreigners coming in- in her case she has a family Ransom down the East Coast of Britain from the beginning of Christianity! ” Thus JIM could fool him early 2nd W. War/records

His enthusiasm is to be admired - but he has a naivety about some of the 1920s Noble pimps…especially this cunning little IMP JIM JONG… & the Noble use of the maniac making drug up their snouts - Divinorum Salvia Scotland- is certainly not used by him in his Realm of MEN OF LETTERS…Churchill did know & he dealt with it…but allowing PRIVILEGE for NOBLE BRITAIN…perhaps he could do nothing else at that time or he`d have had a bullet in his neck …

Lindsay Earls of Crawford etc had 1920s made a number of killings in Scotland- Churchill took stolen properties off them & 1920s drove some of the Lindsay MOB overseas- Churchill had no illusions why penniless aristocrats stole - ` THEY HAD NO MONEY ` …his mother being American helped his reasoning !

1939 - Mr Winston Churchill had questioned a child cheering him up over a newspaper article 1939 a winter morning in his newspaper shop- ` Greta Ransom nearly 6 years spoke kindly to an old man rather distressed by his newspaper which he was reading aloud in the shop… He looked like Father Christmas`

G.R. believes we own the land these Mansions WSC lives in are built on for some centuries…& we are to meet an Agent & speak about repairs to the Mansions - It proves to be the usual FRAUD

& falsehoods & JIM & LINDSAY saw they could make trouble AND GET SOME DOUGH QUICKLY but the REPAIRS would never be made… Death Duties on OUR British properties (Margarethe murdered by JIM Jong 15 Mai 1938) were paid 3 times over - officially & also stolen in this violent theft by Nobles who keep unholy households -

1939 January - GR & her father FJR & Lennie that winter morning about 9 am noticed a slimy man following us-cocking-an-ear…he tried hiding in a shop doorway as we waited for the Agent…

Looking up from his distressing newspaper Mr Churchill found the

nearly 6 years old Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom could tell him the philosophy-administration-welfare- of her Aunt Margarethe’s Estate & Tiggy’s Homes- & the child had travelled to them when 2-3 years with Lennie - “ Ah yes he’d seen young Len at doos - Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom’s youngest boy - he could fly planes Pole to Pole - so here were the heirs - it was a good Team -

War was coming ! They’d be better off in the Argentine ?…`

1960 January/ CHURCHILL…

“ Yes…he had to correct two small girls some years ago about this Estate… telling them they could not take other peoples property…he felt he knew this is where it came to them from…He now repeated this 1939 ` They must go back in the school-room & learn from the beginning `THEY CANNOT TAKE THE PROPERTY OF OTHER PEOPLE ` (Philip Silverlee visit/Detectives Andre Malraux)

1920s-1930s - CHURCHILL was aware their mother ANGELA kept company with LINDSAYS at Clacton-on-Sea where the Lindsay clan had a Place called GRAND on the seafront next the Royal Hotel a fashionable hotel 19th century before Frinton Sands was known - He did not know of JIM’s powerful role - the half Chinese kept a bashful appearance- his little head going from side to side smiling or with a look of goodwill- always as though apologising for his Asian half from his mother but loyal of course devoted to her-

20th century/1916-1918 - JIM JONG HE HAD TRAINED 2 YEARS

AT THE PEKIN OPERAthen been sent out of China by his Chinese grandfather for severe embezzlement in his business & violence against his extended family China-there is an Indonesian branch/

Born c 1898 - JIM Jong modestly travelled with a simple half-demi hessian sack & metal cosh- never expensive suitcase…would pour the tea as in China- act Page & Puck- he was born just before the 20th century- In Pekin JIM studying at the Chinese Opera 2 years was judged very good at evil roles- not at sympathetic parts-

JIM gets a signature from Churchill October 1939

to stop off at West Greenland Jacopsholm our Family island to turn the de SALLE family of PARIS out of our great warm RANSOM house early December 1939- INTO THE ARCTIC WINTER

1939 October - ‘ JIM- got from Churchill a signature to go to Canada only ’ Report “… that night JIM gave a small dinner in the Palace- 4 people present- it is Wartime- They are Churchill & his Aide- Jim & his assistant in this Intelligence Unit he now runs in the Palace 1939-1943- JIM now called Major James/Carew/O-Carroll etc enthused they’d been given a bottle of good brandy & a chicken by well-wishers- he saw to serving & pouring-playing his usual little Puck-Page role-

THE Palace FAMILY had gone out to a meal in London with the 2 girls- JIM kept house-there were not many Palace staff at that time of evening - Reports/two persons eye witnesses-accounts/diaries/gate-keepers /

1939-43...JIM - was giving trouble in the Palace but he was old friend of Angela from 1913 - he whipped a valuable Vase & took it to New York for sale-some few other things disappeared- 1944 he left for N. Africa & Kenya- boasting he did not want to miss the fighting- 1944 North Africa he killed 4 Italians prisoners of War of good families- For the sake of possessing a watch with a compass- he shot them in the back -reports/doctor killed as he was witness-to appear at the Court Martial 1949-JIM DISMISSED ARMY ! 2 lorries of no Rank soldiers not allowed give evidence of what JIM did…

1949 - A Court Martial England - JIM dismissed Army uniform

1960s… JIM is back in Army Uniform on a horse alongside the Sovereign a Public Occasion in City of London -

City of London Elders make a protest … !

1960 - `That the Realm is dripping in blood & gore is discovered by shocked City - Extent of the slaying of the Grote Children to make Nobles rich exposed by good citizens/via Territorial Armies - death pits & nets full of children sunk at sea…`

1960s - Extent of destruction of the Ransom Estate A to Z the globe being discovered…people are missing the lands trashed-turned to poverty-stripped of all woodlands - Many human beings of the Ransom Weddell Gronlander branches of the families are missing…”

1960 - Not a Weddell descendant can be found 1960 alive South America …from the marriage 1824 of JAMES WEDDELL Quaker-Weddell Sea- to only child of the INCA Nobleman Roman Catholic

“ marriage of the ICE WHITE BRIDE ”

1929 - James Weddell offered Post as Full Governor- held by his father-in-law Ice breakers owner-Mathematician-Astronomer-Philosopher-historian-Visitor to Rome- Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel Acting Governor Tierra del Fuego 1830s-

James Weddell - his mother of a respected London Quaker family Pierce- refused permission to return to his two sons born James San Julian Weddell 1825 & John 1826 - his young wife dead from an attack in the countryside outside the town at age 21 years-

She Aelovedmah-Maria granted a Sainthood by South American Catholic Church - her grave under the Altar was a Pilgrimage-Ransom-Weddell family visit made 1936-

NOTA BENE : December 1946 Alfred C. Ransom Rear Admiral/ 2 Admirals…Sea Scouts/Ocean Scouts…there is every intention of opening this matter- stopping the Ringleaders continuing more havoc & madness…That is Lindsay clan & JIM in Kenya - & about 50 others of Noble connections - LINDSAY EARLS & help from Du Cann organised the attack on FJR so he & his Party of relatives did not attend & MEET ANDRE MALRAUX - 6.30 pm Miss Winnie Gordon speaks on phone to ANDRE MALRAUX - he is wanted in France immediately - & not to see my father in hospital ! …

That du Canns` Teresa Gordon R mother of Ed tin Cann.,

& Miss Winnie Gordon under orders…have Greeta Ransom kept from The Ball & gatherings that weekend where Alfred Charles Ransom Rear Admiral & extended family including Frobisher & Poulsen will expect to meet ANDRE & GRETA…This OPERATION require LINDSAY Earls & Du Cann & others to use savage violence-having Frederick John RANSOM (Army Captain 2nd World War) attacked just before he is to meet his Party of relatives at Liverpool Street Station…so badly he had to be taken to hospital…Ivy his sister at his bedside, others, & his brother Dr JOHN RAY Ransom left immediately for London to be with them in the hospital…MALRAUX DISMISSED ON A WILD GOOSE CHASE TO PARIS…he asks later…about my father…& says WHEN HE GOT TO PARIS NOBODY SEEMED TO KNOW WHY HE HAD BEEN SENT FOR…

THAT NIGHT : The list of Weddell families to be slain is handed in at the back of Buckingham Palace in a sealed envelope…for whom ? Living there is Angela a `PACK HORSE FOR THEIR CRIMES`….

1962 March -“ JIM & all of them have spent 16 years removing entirely the existence of the 4 Italian families -he is aiming his daughter Jane as Queen (she to die from injecting herself with DOPES IN New York when 4 months pregnant is the news about the well clothed of the fashionable world… ) - Angela knows what he is up to & won`t fall for that -”

(Information had been put off-shore by good citizens on these bereaved & then abused Italian families no tombstones left or records in churches…)…

19th/20th centuries - “ Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote travelled with a Surrogate several years ”

“ Aunt Mag took lesser cabin alongside her companion - she had known her since her teens- an American girl- she taught her to recognise quality in people - Miss X played the role well- attending coffee mid-morning & meetings on deck- never speaking of the Estate but blossoming with up to date information on cultural matters of every nation- especially the United States…» LIR/FJR/JRR

` Margarethe was waiting for her nephew Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM to have his young family grown up- she was happy about the marriage 1909 to The Weddell Sea - The Great War had intervened -

But she put a lot of investment of a philanthropic nature, & a practical nature into PERU…her investments were civilized, she always included WELFARE…` GR

1920s-1930s - Margarethe Grote…she sent Mr Winston Churchill

a note from time to time on travels & he replies- They wrote not Estate matters but cultural- peoples & customs- A note of good

people trustworthy…whose interests lay with people of the entire earth- A mention of paintings-music attended-her own playing-

Records 1930s & January 1960 Philip Silverlee/more 1960s…

CHURCHILL : `He says of their contacts in 1920s into 1930s to her death

in 1938... ( 1960 to Philip Silverlee/2 Men of Letters speaking )

“ … Mrs Grote had an ever expanding mind…an expansive mind…

She can not be claimed by the Lindsay pack…

…they can barely read or write -` (he means by our standards…by the standards of HUMANISTS…)

1960 January - Winston CHURCHILL - Two meetings with Philip Silverlee both Men of Letters /notes/-also conversation by ? phone to ANDRE MALRAUX Minister of France…Work Reports Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux Colne Engaine…Churchill dies March 1962 - The Estate FRAUD the slaying of the GROTE HOMES Children- using the 2nd World War had been unveiled to he & ANDRE MALRAUX whom he Churchill admired- & General de GAULLE whom he did not like very much- nevertheless his judgement was fair - …“ they cannot take this Estate LINDSAY…the connection is too far out … 1830 !!! ”

… but he made the mistake of telling Mrs Churchill 3 days later in his distress…THUS MANY GOOD PEOPLE DIED 1960...or were hounded…some going overseas…The kind honest Air Ministry old retiring man…who tried to re-pay the money for the seaplanes…to Greta & Lennie Ransom…(hunted to death for 7 years…hidden in USA/records…)

He, Churchill, took from Earl no. 14 LINDSAY (that evil little jack-in-box) 98 thousand pounds English currency- stuck it in a Swiss Bank- Malraux’s name on it as Guardian- he to draw for Greta & Lennie as their Guardian…(not a penny ever came out…after Malraux`s death some crooks walked off with it…)

Churchill now tackled 2 Noble crooks & one got free of his Devils -

Together he & Churchill put stolen moneys into a good work but it was a bit of fraud too - Mrs Churchill did harm to WSC by speaking to relatives without his permission within 3 days of he knowing of the obscene FRAUD- she was worried about `the Conservative party`-

She had not read the Reports-seen photographs-of the slain Grote children the globe-did she ever ?

1960 January - CHURCHILL appointment : Philip Silverlee on

the second meeting January was to get himself out hurriedly !

I got out he telephoned to Detective Arthur Malone January 1960 by 1.00 pm ! “…when I was ushered into a small room to take from me the briefcase before I went in to see Churchill…

It was FULL OF VITAL DOCUMENTS FOR CHURCHILL ALONE TO SEE…” reports/Colne Engaine 1960 January evening 7.30pm …

1962 March - Winston CHURCHILL dies - the month Andre MALRAUX & General de GAULLE hold in their hands THE THREE LEGAL WILLS of the Estate- all those documents stolen February 1960 from The Special Courier for France…

Available in USA - brought quickly to Europe again -

De GAULLE & MALRAUX now had proof in their hands that GROSS BRITAIN HAD NO LEGAL CLAIM to any part of this Estate - no claim of the Crown via Lindsay Earls was legal-

March 1962 Churchill was dead - Greta Ransom stood in the funeral crowds at the foot of Saint Paul’s Cathedral City of London-it was shown on the news-`my exotic foreign face`- Mr Mengele Doc Harrington now at the height of his bestial evil swore in a rage that the Ape would be cut out of the film ~ Teresa Gordon R. told him…she got money & fine dinners for reporting this !

1962 - THE NOBLE HUMANISTS : ANDRE MALRAUX could not draw the wages for the detectives from the Swiss moneys placed for him by Churchill 1960 - Arthur Malone used his SAVINGS up protecting us all & Philip Silverlee working as Insurance Agent London/Argentine contributed to the weekly expenses as much as he could…also assisting Patrick MacDrew with research time funding all the 1960s -

Greta Ransom never had a penny of the Estate all her life although in the 1980s it was about the blood & gore dripping Noble circles that she had spent millions ! ON WHAT ? G.R. has never been to a Race Course in her life ! Does not go to Casinos ! Or buy TOGS in PARIS !

“ Angela had 2 fine black horses 1938 & showed them off at an event Britain bought out of Greeta Ransom`s cheque from Ransom Solicitors (1830s) Argentine for school fees until she is 18 years..LINDSAYbuggarhs Earls took the rest…”

1952 November (10 years in the life of the heir) - G.R. went work in Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis Colchester Museums 1952 & after escaping the usual bestial violence 1956/1961 went to a lowly post in BMNH…ABLE TO continue her education at lectures in the great Museums SO the Grote Ransom heir went 24th January 1962 to the British Museum Natural History/Fishes…until life made so nasty again by Mengele-Treasa-others- August 1962...

1962 March - visit by GR to her father & Ivy : Immediately after this visit horrible threats mounted from Treasa Gordon R & FLOWERS/letters/invitations from FJR/Ivy R/LIR…WERE RUDELY ANSWERED BY SHE & Mengele & Noble SCUM…THEY WOULD KILL RATHER THAN ALLOW A FRIENDSHIP…for THEN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE would be explained…& ANDRE MALRAUX would appear again upon the scene…It would be discovered THEY USED DOPE ON GRETA TO MAKE HER A ZOMBIE…TOOK HER MEMORY AWAY DAILY…kept all POST/mail as from Christmas 1933..

Always once a month LINDSAY Earls & other SCUM all met with Teresa & Mengele to dine & snort at discrete private places & go over the PLOT ! IF FOUND OUT THEY ALL HAVE NO DOUGH ! And would be with a suitcase on the run…Nord-Sud Poles…& round about

ending up CRIME ON ICE…Wilkins Ice shelf perhaps !

1962 spring-summer - Greta saw Mr Mengele perhaps once a week parking that blue car near Rose`s flat which is off The Lambeth Walk. Malone who lives in a room 3 doors away with Miss Rose Holder`s friends of her parents…knew this too !

1960 February - Arthur Malone/Politan…HE KNEW IF HE GAVE AWAY TO Mengele or Mrs Mengele that he SUSPECTED THEM…he was DEAD ! He had got an understanding of this pair from October 1957 when they appeared to use 50 Lancaster Gate Square as their Town House when Andre was not there -so he never grew impatient of their calls…always cheerful…appearing to be efficiently working for Hero ANDRE seeing his visits ran smoothly…but Malone spoke of taking other little Detective JOBS too…He would ask hypothetical questions of Mr Mengele HARRINGTON…which had Doctor H. feel VERY IMPORTANT ! Always courteous to them & full of homely wisdom…talking of his retirement at sometime…not just yet though…thinking about it… “ ANDRE says hang on a bit…”

Arthur Malone, from things Mrs blonde Mengele gave away about their social life …was sure by 1960 summer whom they were working for

… but there were so many SPIES about …& dozens of characters about ANDRE & GREETA the chief ACTORS ON THE STAGE…You would not know whom to trust. He went on playing the Detective in the Lawyers Gown…Giving the impression he was a 60 years old happy working for ANDRE MALRAUX…this awkward matter of young love & POLITICS at the top…

Putting it to the Mengele pair 1960… `would be best to give them a little house & garden near Colchester…then we can all come for a bite of supper or lunch when we want a break from the big City…He saw hate of Andre & Greta on Mrs Mengele`s face she could draw money on the Ransom Estate for luxuriesshe had unearned moneys she could help herself too…with her non-husband…who clearly was a danger to small boys…he was aware it was not unknown to their employers…!

1962 summer - I, G.R. clearly being poisoned by Mengele giving a dope soaked MAD Teresa orders… “ … determined to put Greta Ransom in a wheelchair as he tried to do 1957 Lancaster Gate Square when he began injecting her body the right hand side creeping into her room at night ! At this time ANDRE MALRAUX threw him out for another reason !…” Records/3 accounts/

1962 August - Greta Ransom flees to Kent where it was felt safe for the caravan with other young people on a country village site - Arthur Malone came too 1962/64- MENGELE TURNED UP & THREATENED INCARCERATION IN A NUT HOUSE … a document would be signed by Teresa Gordon R …they would dope Greta !

The mother of Greta Ransom - Teresa Eliz. Gordon R. who has 2 prison sentences ! (Mengele Harrington boasts he has REMOVED ALL HER RECORDS for the sake of her son Ed tin CANN The Right Honourable MP…) The 2nd Prison sentence ANGELA SHORTENED BY A YEAR…& forbade Teresa to go into an ASYLUM as planned by the Court “…until her husband returned from the WAR…” ANGELA said to the Vice Governess Worcester “SHE IS WANTED TO TAKE CARE OF HER SONS…her mother Mary Gordon is a fool…” ANGELA IS ON THE PIN… Records/records/Records 1943-1960...

1962 spring - Arthur Malone/Politan a well educated man…

he made kindly professional friends locally in Kent - In 1964 Greta returned to London- work in The City- lodging again in the week as 1962 with Miss Rose Holder who all her working life was Administration The Post Office Saint Martin-le-Grande Trafalgar Square. Malone & Silverlee were glad of Greta`s return for it made their lives easier- Arthur Malone again lodged across the lift shaft close to Miss Holder’s flat 18 Gabriel House Lambeth she in her late 50s & of Hugenot lines -

PHILIP SILVERLEE very highly educated came to Kent some days 1962/1964 to give Arthur Malone a break - did DAY NIGHT WATCH as the arrangements at Colne Engaine…running his City/Argentine work secretly from somewhere/the kindly Estate Agent & his family where GR took a secretarial job 2-3 weeks…but left fearing I BRING THEM DISASTER…it has always been so…but here with a the kindly intelligent humanist giving country supper gatherings Estate Agent PHILIP SILVERLEE could run his Financial HUMANISM Argentine & LONDINIUM … & see me Greta Ransom with little memory but a snake pit of GRIEF… back on the train to Harrietsham from CANTERBURYthe telephone has been invented…

ESSEX - KENT - THESE GOOD MEN WERE SO SHOCKED AT THE MURDERS OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN AROUND THE GLOBE…they civilized human beings tried give help…keep us safe from the worst BARBARISM operated by GROSS BRITAIN at the very TOP…with SCANDINAVIA & SCOTLAND…ON THE PIN…

` So that I GR retired from the kindly GREEN HILL Estate Agent & his family…& went to a job Medieval CANTERBURY… I Greta took a job Canterbury for I have always earned my living - the Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux had no idea I was not receiving 50 pounds a week as Dr JOHN RAY ® had arranged for me in March 1960...& we hear years on money was sent to me but I never received it & neither did these HEROES guarding me in silence- I had become a fragile young person just 30 years old looking 23 years old say BMNH in 1966 & welcoming me glad I have returned- their Spirit girl from Camulodunum -