1959 - Andre MALRAUX - 17th December 1959  learned his POST/mail has been stolen by Gross Britain Gov. & Crown -from Christmastide 1937/8 - when they learned his Guardianship to GROTE HOMES & Ransom Estate in 3 Parts nations outside G.B. the HOMES going twice round the globe A to Z nations outside the British Empire-begun 1864 …

1880  Thomas Tiggy Grote & Margarethe Ransom his wife had 2,500 Homes all approved of by  nations who had helped with moneys in the early stages & ever on … HOMES set upon her family RANSOM lands with settlements providing the needs,  Reserves of Nature and organised by good human beings … civilized meaningful progress goes steadily on :    Oh it is so offensive to  Gross Britain nobles  penniless from mindless debauchery - & their divinity of HIGH CLASS SIN Half the HOMES are in Roman Catholic lands from 1870s - approved by Vatican humanists 1870 onwards -

1945 end of 2nd World War - THE CHILDREN ARE MISSING - A GENOCIDE is being discovered - they have been slain by G.B. under cover of the 2nd World War-there was enough horror felt 1946 to have called a halt to this violent robbery of the rest of the Estate by G.B. Government & Crown Nobles however they use the state institutions-its war machine- Lindsay Crawford and Lindsey-Bethune Earls - Oh Premier Earls of Gross Brit-  have paid all Crown bills -  secret-silence meetings - mouthing

“Oh we are concerned about the lands … of these other Nations

which we can use for QUICK MONEYS …

1945-49 - AFTER British and Scandinavian IMPERIAL POWERS ruling the SEAS have logged the RANSOM LANDS -slain the settlers - created worst poverty outside INDIA etc  … & MEMO : burned in Spain the Murgatroyd only child 22 years of age in marmalade - he was translating the Coptic records given them   `for a place of safety` by the owner  - About an UNKNOWN 900 years old Trading Settlement where peace & common sense prevailed - family letters/bills of lading/medicine-maths-philosophy-  Lindsaybuggarhs EARLS  buried them in the raw earth-

1959 December - It is assumed 17th Dec 1959 that I understood Miss Teresa Butler daughter of my great-aunt Julia Williams    (dead sister to my grandmother Mary Gordon) Butler family eldest girl - whom I always call Aunt Terry  …. The British wartime years she is in the Land Girls Army -

… Malone Detective walked in to see her after I had left -  he had `just learned of her existence from Harry`s wife `

Miss Butler said to Arthur Malone introducing himself as Andre MALRAUX’s detective -  THE AWESOME WORDS of explanation- having him weak about the knees - staggering away to get Andre on the `hot line` -  & contacts in London … he did try tell me this January 1960 …

… We now needed half a Regiment Red Indian to protect us … We, RANSOM families, have one … we have 3 Red Indian Brides 17th 18th centuries - and one Montreal 1109 AD when we go sailing with the VINLANDERS sometimes … leaving our heimat on the East Coast of Britain …

REPORT 1959 December :   Teresa Mary Butler b 1899 Manchester : “ 1933 March - when my niece Greetha-Greta WAS BORN THE OLD LADY MADE GRETA Maureen Frobisher Weddell Ransom her HEIR- She was a Miss Ransom-I think her name is Margaret-Margaretha-its all over there in the papers I have kept-  She married a man who set up orphanages about the world-I forget his name-but he got the rich people in each nation involved-they agreed with his ideas & put money in at the beginning-they could see it was no brain-child idea but civilizing-the children would go out at 18 years and help others-they were not to be revolutionaries or leaders-only live a decent life-everything in these orphanages was good quality I have heard people say-so the children would expect this for others when they went out to what work they chose-they were not to be domestic servants & factory workers-this was made clear-they would help others to a decent life-  I think they were Pacifists-my brother John in Manchester & his family can tell you more-…

… 1933 I went up there to the island where she had lived … but not all the time-she had to travel abroad-but they had come from Greenland & other countries of the world - I heard on the Island he had been murdered at the beginning of the century-there-by True Blues who objected- Mr Malone has been finding a lot of it in the papers I have kept but not had time to look at for a long while- I spoke to my niece 1948 after we were told the marriage to Catholic Andre Malraux had collapsed-I felt she was taken in by her mother my cousin Teresa Gordon Ransom who had a friend called Angela who got a position by default- I have kept a lot of papers-I did not know what was happening-

… I  WROTE  TO ANDRE & NEVER GOT A REPLY over near 20 YEARS-asking him to see me or telephone- I was discreet-we are a family of some standing in Manchester-some educated above the Convent schools-& with my cousin Mayor in Manchester-others of worth in the community-my elder brother University-  I felt he had to know of us as Mary Gordon my aunt had praised him so highly 1939/40 when she came to her sisters in Manchester awhile-perhaps he felt I was a budding writer wanting to take his time…”

NOTEBOOKS Arthur Malone : He Malone learned of her existence from Peggy Gordon wife of Harry that December 1959 when she & others were amazed at Harry’s niece Greetha having to buy a caravan put it near them & her mother quite nasty- clearly mad harassing them & telling these horrible tales about Greetah & Andre & the Ransom families-& pulling down Harry’s mother & her Irish baronetcy cousins…She recalled when Treasa & the noblemen on the seafront had jumped out on her before the War & called her names-  She had given Harry back his engagement ring & gone away …

Notebooks of Arthur Malone/POLITAN (Tutor to the Medici children) GOT ANDRE MALRAUX OVER TO BRITAIN FROM GAUL WITHIN HOURS … he said  `I have the explanation of all the brutality-murderous attacks-offensive words at you Andre- Miss Greta Ransom is an heir to the world- Arabian lands too…Greenland- Sea Traders from Viking times …`

… Miss Butler Aunt Terry explained how she had tried tell her niece Greta just a half hour ago but she , her niece, seemed unable to follow her words - She now related to  Arthur Malone the brutality to the 3 months old Greta Ransom & how a dog heard a noise under the floorboards of The Grange Arran- the men had to come from the boat to get the dog-they heard a tiny whimper-  The house was shut up the Nobles having departed 2 days previously- She had been assured nobody would come until November to check for winter-it was then June 1933 she thought - the papers were all over in that pile & Arthur Malone was to go into them if he would like too. Aunt Terry Butler went up to the |Island October 1933 & sat on the shores & it was mild … `

`…  She told how she got the confidence of the Police & local people- they had wanted to prosecute the lot of them-but the Earl of Lindsay- others who lived in the big houses of Arran-  had told her 2 sisters Misses Winifred & Bessie Butler- & Miss Winnie Gordon their cousin who had received the first telephone message from the POLICE Scotland to her parents home- that exposure of this prank would harm all the families-especially his LINDSAY family Premier Earls with their DUTIES protecting the CROWN- they who were to take care of the heiress this little mixed-blood child  -see to her education of course-perhaps she could inherit-something- (Winston Churchill kicked them out of G. B. 1920s for horrible murders-fraud Scotland-`they can barely read & write Earl Lindsay & his families` )

`…  Miss Teresa Butler DID NOT KNOW her two sisters & Miss Win Gordon HAD NEVER TOLD the young father Fred Ransom of his newborn daughter’s abduction & intended murder by these distant relatives Earls of Lindsay & Crawford who claimed the old lady‘s Estate because she was an Eskimo & an Ape of South America -   He poor young clever man learned it years on …`

` WAR 1939 HAD INTERVENED … …   This was the trouble-there were no connections post or telephone because of the War - & the woman Angela had been heard to hurl in her drink that the Estate belonged to her daughters - They gathered, her families,  from insults that the failing British Empire would not allow an Eskimo & the father’s mother’s branch of The INCA & South Americans to inherit anything about the world

` … Miss Butler had found herself isolated after the War ended-she and her Manchester families were anxious to have ANDRE MALRAUX get in touch with them…a postcard had been answered by another person -  Using Vatican sources they still did not get an answer … a cousin on the Irish side was a DOMICAN Monk living in the VATICAN, a writer … `young Pacelli` acquaintance of the RANSOM and IRISH families had become POPE PIUS so the exchange of POST/MAIL with him as pre-war was not enlightening … he was a great admirer of the Orphanages … he knew the Aunt of Greetah, the aunt of her father that is … they were modern people … `

`… They asked in several ways, her Elders in the families, that he Andre come speak with them - some actors had tried-Charlie Bronson a Catholic family too came over in 1948-they had all known the old lady a Miss Margaret RANSOM before her marriage…In Manchester …  lowly though they were cunningly made to feel … as the great spending spree went on … by TRUE BLUES & Angela and her Crowns …  as soon as the terrible WAR the second such WAR had ended- she, Miss Butler felt it was a hoax …`

` …  She knew her Aunt Mary Gordon had tried help the woman ANGELA a terrible weight around her young family … and a man called JIM Jong … Angela after her Coronation would telephone Aunt Mary at lunchtimes and TAUNT HER about the inheritance of young Greetah Ransom - She insisted she had given all THE OLD ESKIMO ESTATE to her two daughters listening to ANGELA you knew she was `in drink` … and could be coarse … vulgar … with the small puppet man JIM you knew the pair were ruthless … they came from terrible TRIBES … Scotland … they had earlier plagued the GORDON 6 young men and a sister trying to get hold of their ancestral GORDON lands … they had other relatives who did not do well when noticed by this pair … Grantley Booth Kellow … she could not recall the others … GORDON had land in New Zealand stolen - she did hear this from the family of Uncle George Gordon :   a brother called EDGAR GORDON who worked for a SACKVILLE family member …”

` …  What intelligent people felt in the country was that a perfectly decent King had been driven overseas … his American wife, intelligent, had no desire to be Queen … she would have progressive things to do … IT WAS KNOWN NEITHER HE OR SHE INTENDED DEMOLISHING THE ORPHANAGES around the world … the high education given the children had them of use to the whole world … not so an aristocrat nation that made the 1st World War with relatives IMPERIAL =  they were all short of money and did nothing useful … their education was woeful … but they could insist that the EMPIRE would arise and that they RULED THE SEAS … she sat amongst them, unknown because she was plain and liked books, and listened to their speaking … they drank far too much and they took all the powders they could get from the CHEMISTS …”

“ … it was fraud, later developments had the families realise so … her cousin Teresa Gordon had a troublesome older friend ANGELA and a half CHINESE, a PIMP, and they had persecuted the families both RANSOM and GORDON and those in Ireland … Miss Butler had observed the `true blues` at Cliveden (Astor country house) & in London pre-war … they were penniless and outside the law … Her aunt Mary Gordon had so praised this young Frenchman & writer just come from the terrible troubles of SPAIN…”

MEMO: His first visit to us 1937 SUMMER visit with a young lady called JOSETTE CLOTIS a sensible young writer - they hope to marry …

Georges-Andre, he spends evenings, afternoons, talking with Mary Helena the Southern Irish grandmother of Greta Ransom … she, just widowed in March,  could tell him of Irish troubles - she is born 12/13 Sackville Street, her mother is the Classicist Teresa Murphy Carroll Mrs John Williams. Newspapers of other nations came to the seashores of Clacton - summer workers came from the Continent, some had married and settled … many were Roman Catholics … He Georges-ANDRE is raised a Catholic in France …

ANDRE MALRAUX accepting GUARDIANSHIP Greetah Ransom heir October 1937 will be scorned by the BRITISH & Norwegian IMPERIAL brutes his entire life - he will be persecuted, attempts upon his life, destruction of his career, foulness spoken upon his character - all his post/mail, communications investigated by British Intelligence THUGS … working for a slice of the Thomas GROTE HOMES RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` Estate in 3 Parts encircling as a delicate flower garden the globe A to Z … and then A to Z again the GOSPELS Acted Out, all religions = HUMANITAS =

1960 2nd week January at Colne Engaine Colchester cum Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis - hence ARTHUR MALONE’S phrase from his notebooks - he in much shock-






trouble is you keep getting off-


ANDRE WILL BE OVER AS SOON AS HE CAN LEAVE GAUL - he’s got `Saint Charles` permission to again play Scarlet Pimpernel - I‘ve been up on the Island after Xmas day-got a scare - got warned off -

… CUR JAMES has his boots all over it with another he takes about a Greek ... more on him - he entered your home when you were a child of 10/11 years and was already helping himself to your inheritance making trouble for your father … His Uncle should have been dumped in the middle of an Ocean for this crime … nearly all these children have been slain and the seashore sites of their Homes taken to make the British Crown rich … Andre will be over … and another we do not know … GOODNIGHT -  I will be over once a night with my notes to read you what comes in-  KEEP YOUR DOOR LOCKED FROM WELL BEFORE DUSK UNTIL IT IS 9 THE NEXT MORNING -  I’VE GOT A HELPER COMING… I`m applying to carry guns … ` Arthur Malone January 1960 …

(Arthur Malone is the illegitimate son of Arthur Duke of Connaught … he did not know his father until this January 1960 - his mother and her family so shocked at the killings worldwide, the greed, decided to tell him :  he had been looked after and his education paid for - He is called THE DETECTIVE in the LAWYER`S GOWN …

… In shock he says “ You can call me King Arthur ~ That woman in that Palace should telephone you and apologise for what her mother has done … We used to be proud of our British nationality … not now … NO ONE IS GOING TO GET OVER THIS … THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED OUT OF SCOTLAND or SCANDINAVIA … My old LAW friends say it has been known for a long time that some of them are criminally insane … they seem to exclude `my old Dad … here I am hitting 60 & now I know who my father was ” (  Arthur last Duke of Connaught  is a grandchild of VIC & BERT = Queen Victoria and intelligent Prince Albert … ) We begin to call him POLITAN - tutor to the 15th century Medici children … Arthur Malone is also a writer - whether a musician I do not recollect  ? … Greta Ransom  born CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis 11 March 1933 -

Nota bene: the sadist paedophile ROYAL SATRAP Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON has told me he has had my birth certificate destroyed and entered a false one saying born to HENRY HARPER & unknown woman … Mengele goes on world trips with PHIL UP THE CREEK = he has always been greedy about our great Estate of Philanthropy and means us all ILL … I did try put him on a straight course when I was 10/11 years of age … they appear to have shut his mother up in a Convent when she protested about the deaths of the GROTE children - told her to pray ?

… My mother Teresa Gordon, she used to ROAR in the `Roaring 20s` with his awful greedy coarse debauching Uncle, has his kind in our house and smart places in the wartime near Clacton-Frinton-on-Sea. He told me he was a `penniless Prince` … I felt he would like to help with the ESTATE then … the great work I am going to do with my families … But he was already paying his bills from our Estate without our permission … by 1947 he will SAIL A YACHT over dead children in nets worldwide = he does not seem to have found it wrong what his Uncle is doing … BUT THEN THEY HAVE ALL GONE CRIMINALLY INSANE … They fear a republic & Neddy (King Edward 8) was not going to demolish out Estate administered in USA, South America and Asia!     NO !  They use a dangerous dope grown in Scotland - DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND & stuff pellets up the snout … it gives them MANIAC DESIRES without a conscience !    And they have NO GOOD BREEDING as we … their nature is coarse, ruthless, they drink and dope and gamble … A GROTE EDUCATION would have saved the globe , the GROTE HOMES, the `JOYOUS VENTURE` from his gathering KUDOS - KUDOS

Unfortunately in Great Britain our Estate includes  : 98 acres Arran Western Hebrides where the Estate Grote Homes RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts the globe- own 98 acres & JIM & Brown rnvr have been working FRAUD- they have taken 21 thousand pounds given the heir Greta Ransom for her 21st birthday 11.3. 1954 by the Solicitors & Islanders grateful for Tiggy & Margarethe & the families of the globe-who stopped the growing of the filthy dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland by the Nobles who sometimes infest Arran-they sold to Margarethe Ransom Grote because they were penniless late 19th century-diseased-debauched-uncouth-full of venom to anyone who would not grow this narcotic which paid family bills-  `purple-snow/purple plum/pellets torch blown are worn in the snout-it hit’s the brain in 2 seconds-LOOK AT THE CONTENTS OF THEIR BRAINS ~

Faithful Politan Detective Arthur Malone had ANDRE MALRAUX OVER in a few hours to speak with Miss Teresa Butler - She said   “ Enter my dear Andre I have been wishing to speak with you for near 20 years about my niece Greta & the heir ship- which I think is with her father‘s young brother in some parts- She was a Margaret Ransom her husband ran Orphanages round the world-I have written you before & after the War-but discreetly- I have kept papers but not looked at them for many years- they are here-Mr Malone is going through them over there ”

1959 17 December at Thorpe-le-Soken Essex

Arthur Malone says `An heir now began to take shape-

It solved all the persecution of them in London-at Andre’s home Lancaster Gate Square ` Employed by Malraux October 1957 the pre-war friend of the Gordon family Philip Silverlee Argentine/London Broker-musician-academic-had come along to help-asked by Harry Gordon others-Andre Malraux 1952-1961 runs a Catholic Mission with Westminster Diocese & General Charles de Gaulle-MALRAUX occupies 2 rooms & it is regarded as his London Home where his sons may come-Madeline may use the piano in the great drawing room …  & Clara comes to complain when Andre opens his mouth or writes something… Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square July 1957-June 1959 -

This area is vast in the RECORDS of several persons … some can be learned in RANSOM Ancestry Part I … and on WordPress GROTE HOMES etc …/ some edited and editing Records appear  here …

1960 January ANDRE MALRAUX’s Detectives Colleagues others were most fearfully the death of  `that girl- Andre’s Catholic wife caused by all of this`  They did not wish to involve him because of the Job he had in France

1959 XMAS -but nobody had a Will-Wills yet-

1957 October Miss Winifred Gordon had put her courtesy copy of the Will of Magarethe Ransom Grote received January 1938 by she & her younger brother (& read by her mother Mary Gordon) into the ROYAL MAIL/post addressed to Andre Malraux c/o her niece Miss Greta Ransom at `Saint Edmund‘s House ` 50 Lancaster Gate Square London  (she & her brother Harry Gordon had been blackmailed-threatened by JIM & Lindsay family men into saying nothing from 1940-upon her mother’s death she decided the Inheritance disputed by Angela & Lindsays-JIM must be left to the RANSOM families when the War ended) Win Gordon ex ATS did know Grote children had been slain from 1944- a letter from wife of an Officer shot for refusing to slay the

children- “ they were said to be DISEASED by a Major Lindsay…”

1938 autumn Miss Winifred Gordon had been told by Angela (calling herself Mrs MacMurphy) come down for a day to the LINDSAY Pen called The GRAND on Clacton Sea Front “I am giving it all to my daughters Miss Gordon-I knew you by your fat Irish face” Lord XYZ says  Oct. 1957 “ ….your mother & Angela can drink a pub out overnight-I know them…Andre is a good man….” An intelligent man who received a rude snub from Angela replied to another man‘s sympathetic comment  ` I saw & heard nothing- Oh there was a woman with a big behind…`

1957 autumn-winter/1952-1961 anything addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX even with PERSONAL on the envelope was taken by Doc & Mrs Mengele Harrington-others taking their hours of criminal duty- Mr Mengele once a month drives to the Midlands & collects the month’s household expenses from a Bank Account in names of Greta Ransom-Len Immanuel Ransom-he is heard boasting Angela told him to- He agreed 3 November to submit his hours to Whitehall for payment of his part in this obscene FRAUD-THEFT-mass murder- & is paid very generously with bonuses abroad for the persecution of ANDRE MALRAUX to see he does not learn of this Estate & his Guardianship- He & other State privately employed thugs organise killings of those who try to speak with Malraux-often having received no answer to written enquiries- Count Poulsen Norway 1957 tried telephoning twice-  Mengele when agitated boasts arrogantly of his work for  G.B. Government-Crown & Lords- Mengele paedophile ex-prisoner Continent 1930s had a nasty case 1949 Paris (it put him in an Asylum some months Gross Britain) He often boasts of Malraux being a fool & that he is acting for the Malraux Family France- He opens all  Andre Malraux’s Post/mail-

If he thinks something has slipped through he creeps behind Malraux & sticks him with a Needle from his Medical case- & has Andre in collapse-or shaky & with a bad memory- records/accounts-eye witnesses/

1960 January- Malone-Politan has tried give Greta Ransom some papers in a book-putting it “in your postal arrangements by the entrance to this delightful little meadow” -   It went missing in the hour & a half after 7.30 am.   Malone said  “Well damn !   I borrowed that book in London-from friends-it is rare-well who has taken that-I will consult…”

1960 late FEBRUARY-  Philip Silverlee telephones from New York USA to say he & his daughter have all carbon copies Argentine & Wall Street of the POST/mail  JOSETTE received for ANDRE & opened about 2 weeks before her death-& the 3 Wills needed to operate the whole Estate-

Margarethe Ransom Mrs Grote-TIGGY her American husband`s Will/& The Will of her father FRED RANSOM/

1960 February - Arthur Malone has further information come from France “ 1944 late October-early November  THE BRITISH CONSUL SENT 2 GUNMEN TO KILL SHE & MALRAUX- but he was not there-they stood on the door step & tried get the documents off her- ”  Malone comments  “as we feared-she has died because of this-we may not tell ANDRE at first-he has a job to do over there & is now having to be careful of his movements…”

1960 MAY Philip Silverlee’s daughter aged 28 who went to the Ransom Solicitors Buenos Aries & got documents the property of RANSOM families late February 1960 was murdered in the Argentine by Lindsay 14 & 15-Mengele-Mr Jimmie Jong Sir-Cur James/ all able to command Air transport anywhere ` to go & hung BIG GAME` to stop the Greatest Crime of Mankind being unveiled- They all use Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets to WIN in life-

Philip Silverlee Argentine citizen 3 generations-had a term of music with Butterfield before he was killed 1916 1st World War/played clarinet June1972 at Down Ampney Church-  Vaughn Williams “Summer Reverie/wrote a book  in French at 29 years which had the Continent sit up & think/Insurance Broker in London & Argentine/

… 1936/37 he would play Greta Ransom on Win’s piano Claude Debussy’s Prelude Cathedral Under the Sea -he &  wife with  this daughter & her brother came for visits staying often at Frinton & I Greetah told them of our Nord-Sud Poles Grote Homes tour October 1935-spring 1936 - all the true things that ANDRE will say SUMMER 1937 “are your dreams”..

1976 - Philip & second family will be all murdered in 1976 Argentine-they were hiding after persecution in Buenos Aries -tape received British Museum Natural History detailing the persecution finishing  “you will not hear from me again”    The tape arrived after news of his death had reached England- death by persons known-

1944 Nov 9th  JOSETTE HAS BEEN KILLED she was distraught that morning & for 2 weeks previously  She fell from a train & it ran over her long legs as she put her mother on with her luggage at about 9 o-clock that morning…

She had learned from POST/Mail coming to ANDRE from New York that what Greet`ah had told them was true-an Island in the Snow-HOMES for children with no parents & that she really had been to Greenland & to Tierra-del-Fuego-the year before they came to Clacton-on-sea Summer 1937-ANDRE SAID IT WAS A CHILD‘S DREAMS- that he used to imagine such things when a small boy from the books his Grandmother Adrienne read him or things seen & heard-

1944-  JOSETTE the days before her death  she knew ANDRE had woefully misunderstood  some things said SUMMER 1937 by Clacton-on-Sea residents & friends they made, & the Gordon family-

1944 1st week of November -    She JOSETTE


in her handwriting-it would not be taken by the resistance courier (arranged by 2 people) so he tried to memorize it-JO did not know who the resistance first courier was-it was dangerous times-he did not want to take the message (information got by Malone detectives & colleagues working for Andre Malraux 1960)

JO’s message had to go by 3 couriers before it reached ANDRE-AFTER HER DEATH-the last courier had had a worrying (dangerous ?) time-all he could recall clearly was something about …

‘she was worried about an island…’

1960-  (Re-checked Information-LIR-JR® et al )

1960-it is only 16 years since Jo’s death,  1944

(I am called little Miss North Pole by some people whose grown children are training to come up & help us run Jacopsholmen)

Mary Gordon having been widowed in March 1937 ANDRE did not dwell upon the present time but got her talking about her early life, especially the 2 years in Ireland with her husband after the marriage 1890, her first child Arthur Gordon born there-he RN then in INSURANCE City of London lived at Woodford Green with his family perhaps was away on holiday…..ships that pass in the night

1937 RANSOMs were away -SPAIN-

at a rescue-Lindsaybuggarhs on our properties

By Xmas 1937 I am sure my Father FJR would write ANDRE &  ‘Miss Jo Elliot’ a personal letter of thanks-hearing his daughter speak on the SUMMER OF HAPPINESS

& kind words  approving the Guardianship for Aunt Magarethe, her Estate & Grote Homes, me & Len-

& my grandfather Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom would certainly write- 

(records/reports) ANDRE MALRAUX did not get this correspondance & it was stolen by G.B.Government & Crown & Lords….

Grandpa FCFR gives speech to Royal Exchange 1939/

I am shown this 1966 City of London-we hear 2 years later the young man who gave it me, Murgatroyd kith killed in his nation-The Argentine!  Papers with Speech & programme an evening in 1939 disappeared in hours from my handbag at Miss Rose Holder‘s flat, 18 Gabriel House, Lambeth- Teresa Gordon R. & Doc Mengele-Golum-Royal Satrap-paedophile HARRINGTON can enter when Rose is out- I may be sent on an errand by TGR-(who has 2 prominent bastards)

I am told she & Mengele are to report on me to Police-

I earn my living-I have no income as all these violent thieves do from the authority of G.B. Gov. & Crown…