George-Andre Malraux in this Document 1937 Book of Summer speaks sentences 1950s-70s-I have taken his words down in shorthand sometimes-or others made notes…

`TO LINCOLN 1937 - Andre’s ANCESTRY- both lines-

monument in the Cathedral- seascapes- towns `

1945/6 - Notebooks SUMMER 1937- I could not remember our Itinerary- perhaps landscapes he told me of came back into my young memory-as sketches upon the air-the sea waves- He had his notebooks -others about us spoke on the Visit 1937 with `the young lady his Catholic wife`

Colonel Andre is in such pain from JOSETTE’s death-

He would not wish to raise too much with me a schoolgirl 12 years March 1945-then he quickly learns from observation & talking with Mr Professor Winnclemann of `the Virago- Elsa’s mother…she should not have such a daughter Andre-she uses Greta as a kitchen frau & stops her going to school & there are other matters that worry Mrs Winnclemann & myself-& others in her Church across the road…I have spoken with Miss Gordon- I need your help-`

Between 1954-1961 Harold W. Poulter of Colchester Museums speaks with sorrow  `We hear the Hall has changed hands-everything stripped out-Master Greene has been slipping in- all the young Hero Andre had in those letters from his mother Child- gone ! You went with him before the War to see his Ancestral Places-long line-she reached back up on The Wash to 9th century- I have a NOTE of it somewhere- I gave him all the information when we made visits that first winter-when he came again in the clothes of a Bridegroom-wishing for your hand ” H.W. Poulter Deputy Curator Colchester Museums-   `Out East 19 years Child-China 2 years-before Boxer Revolution- studying bronze making with a friend-felt we should do something useful-not just worldly pleasures-learned some Mandarin..’

1937 SUMMER- ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister of Culture FRANCE- reads his notebooks-speaks-1970 winter The Pillar House Harwell- PJPW- Greta Ransom W. shorthand sometimes-


Tapes-handed to The Pillar House APRIL-MAY 1970 of he reading these notebooks-speaking what he wishes to write about on the Greatest Crime of Mankind-travelling from December 1924-at times his voice ascends-descends into such grief-I could only liken it to Ezra Pound reading his poems-Later we hear I was given dopes to stop me recalling him-

JUNE 1970 Local Berkshire-Oxfordshire dignitaries got dirty JIM Cur James banned from approaching Harwell within 5 miles-reports children others-Cow Lane Harwell-whiskey bottles man-a gun- Police Order 2 years…I was told by Treasa E. Gordon R. on the telephone one JUNE 1970 morning to take a walk with Victoria 2 years old down Cow Lane Harwell-she kept on & on `it was such a lovely morning & I did not get out enough` - She & Mr Pong-Premier Earl Lindsaybuggarhs-Doc Mengele Harrington-Lords-Crowns-Gross Brit & Scandinavian carrion Crows-noble bastards- plot again MURDER of Heir-anyone they can who might know of their crimes-MURDER GROTE RANSOM heirs-AS PLOTTED 1930s…

1957 November- ANDRE MALRAUX has staff member of this Catholic Charity-hostel 50 Lancaster Gate Square take Greta train to Clacton-on-Sea Recreation ground full account-archives/

MALRAUX reads 1970 notebooks November 1957...

`He had some worrying matters to tell me-but I was able to explain to him that what he’d heard was from her sub-conscious mind-for she had (age 4 & a half) been given HEROIN that summer 1937- & Greetha had only a little time to live- Because of her tears & words on the beach the first afternoon we decided to keep her with us the week-& when we bathed her the marks of a Needle could be found on her little hip!  Right hip ! (I think this was 4 days later-when they move in with us in the house on the Corner-we had booked them in 2 rooms next to Freddie’s theatre) Later 1945 I heard from Miss Gordon the child was said to by her mother to be deformed in one hip !  & the treatment had been a HERBAL one to cure a limp ! 1957 My staff member took her to the REC-she wanted to see it again.  He my staff member THEN DESCRIBED TO ME-how she’d no memory of the present-the staff had to all introduce themselves to her again in November- re-introduce themselves-they had come back September to find Greta in residence since the last days of July- ” 

`A.M. GOV-Sir-` as the young staff call Malraux- listens to a description of the Recreation Ground in 1957-  `Yes he has seen it too-& he is telling them it was now being destroyed for profit- No longer what was so enchanting SUMMER 1937-

Andre Malraux `A world for children 1937 & 1945-47-still so`- `1957- the boating lakes had been grassed over-I went to see it- TURNED INTO A DOG’s LAVATORY -a graveyard-by stupid fools of the modern age ! (20th century noble Brit greed) It had been a world of make-believe & magic.   A model of a Recreation Ground !   Its designers had produced a thing of magnificence that any town certainly a small town could be proud of- I COULD REMEMBER THE GARDENERS & the cricket match- & Greetah running over the clean meadow to me-leaping & singing that first summer 1945 ”

Greta showing how to lassoe-I tried on him-he so heroic-he had to help me-the boys are better-Notes & the Man was a Gardener/Gasmasks in the corner/Walk into life from the sea/A man about the house/Biggles etc./

Malraux speaks -`My staff member said she (Greta) spoke of me-& he was alarmed.   ‘I was a man who could not use a silver spoon-or hold his bread & butter correctly-I slouched-I Andre Malraux-at the tea table-…’

This is the criticism of Teresa Gordon R. when late November 1937 she found out whom I Greta Ransom had been with that summer-who had saved my life-it was the kind 23 years old young friend of December 1924- MALRAUX-of-Asia !

Andre Malraux has related ‘in December 1957 he knew it was she Teresa who had stolen that parcel for Xmas 1937 that he & JO had taken such pleasure over in gathering the items- Sent to Mary Gordon her mother- It was said for 2O years to be ‘missing’

Also I think this is Teresa Gordon’s own criticism of him in Deauville & PARIS Christmastide 1924- dope-fiends cannot stop criticising others-they also wish to isolate people-`DIVIDE & RULE` Machiavelli…(but she wrote a polite letter saying they had had a lovely time-& the money borrowed was returned…)

MALRAUX- “ I explained he (November 1957) was hearing the tiny thing’s sub-conscious mind- she of 1937... she’d been having heroin injected that summer- & taken off school-  was to die in Manchester September.   She told us she was going to Manchester to be buried in September with Mary Gordon‘s mother her great-grandmother-the Plato-harmony girl` -  I PUT HER ON THE MANTLEPIECE AGAIN- the 4 year old was back !  ` (Andre Malraux means he now began to treat me as if I at 24 years was 4 years-he felt he could cure my loss of memory-the daily memory loss-by this method…Mengele Harrington junk-fraud-bunkum ! It was a trick to remove my memory even more ! Malraux does not consider that it may be the same- heroin getting in my system ! If so - WHO ?  He will not suspect Mengele or his dame for he is not told of his crimes-yet intellectuals 1953-4 knew them well…2 hit-run-murders-little boys-no doctor skills-false qualifications- banned from 3 London hospitals from touching a patient after a woman died -Mengele has lists of people to kill so the slaying of GROTE CHILDREN is gradually erased from world & all memory- (dead woman was young Mrs Hopmann wife of the dead friend of Greta‘s father FJR who used to give Greta tuition 1930s when SHE was claiming I was an Ape at school) -Mengele HARRINGTON found that other Ops he had done  `looked as if a screwdriver taken to patient & had to be re-done 1953.. Mengele Harrington goes about with  Scandinavian Big Boots & its chums Figures from a Morgue…Big Boots passes Grote Ransom moneys to his son…(Information- USA State Dept. workers-CIA-beginning to protect the umbrellas of welfare Ransom Estate USA & the globe-1948-1980s -leisure worktime)…

1937 SUMMER -Andre George- putting me on the mantlepiece- I thought I might fall!  I said I shall do it to you when I grow up !  `You George-Andre who are falling from Grace said `SAY IT AGAIN-if you dare !`  I said  `I dare-so there-because I am saving your immortal soul… `  & got a kiss on my head & concern from the strange beautiful eyes of George-ANDRE whom I have decided to put into a STATE OF GRACE-as the soul he was born with ! Unity’s mother said  `Oh don’t Andre-I think it frightens her- the mantelpiece `…

1957 November (Andre Malraux speaking in 1970) We had her grow up-It took two weeks-` (Malraux did no such thing-he lost me years of my memory-& day by day-Mengele was winning-If I have a proper memory I speak- Mengele gets no money-or this power-Mr Pong is exterminated) -1970 he tells PJPW `Greta was more like an 8 years old that summer 1937-

ANDRE MALRAUX 1970 continues-visit to Rec/Recreation Ground November 1957 My side-kick-staff member Nicholas was alarmed at a story of the `OLD MAN-in Aunt Winnie’s bed-`

Andre & I could explain-a true event of late winter 1937- before the summer with Jo & he…

‘He was widowed-too early said Granny Gordon-& they had to give

up the house-he had been an old friend from the days of the 1900s when they were all young- perhaps he’d been on the stage or in the Army-or was Irish or Welsh like her father’s family on his father’s side  John Williams’- He is frail & begins to cry in the tiny sitting-room at Crail.   Granny says ‘I’ll go down Town Hall-they can put him in one of the Convalescent Homes on the Front-empty in winter & they can put his name down for a place.  He can come down here Clacton or near.   You and the child must sleep on the floor here- you on the couch Winnie- the child on cushions on the floor.  He is to have some peace to-night-a day or two…said Granny Gordon-

He stayed 4 or 5 nights & Harry went to Mrs Garage to sleep & Curley gave him a bed- Harry gave up his big front room.  Granny kept the Widower warm fed & he went back to London to clear up his things & to return. Treasa dirtied it- & Mr Pong- I expect Mr Pong & Earl Lindsaybuggarhs & their pack of wild animals also made fun when they next saw Auntie Winifred Gordon in the town with respectable folk-or on the Church steps after Mass !   Granny says ‘he’s widowed too early-she’s gone too early.   He’ll come to us-stay down here winter a bit.  They can put him in the place on the front-always Vacances in winter.  He’ll not be expected to pay.  I’ll have a word- TELL BESSIE…if they like he can come to us for meals-but they’ll give him a good bed.

I have told ANDRE & JO of this 1937- It is perhaps before Grandpa dies in March 1937- We visit this very Convalescent Home on the seafront in summer 1937-

ANDRE MALRAUX speaks “ Do you recall-do you remember what you told me 1937 Summer on the beach-  ‘I believe that this is really HELL-they are wrong-HELL IS WHERE SHEshe IS-but although they say I dream- THUS IT IS SO-Oh thus it is so ! ’

& you wept & wept upon my breast- & we went to Mary your grandmother & got your fine clothes & you would stay with us that week-and you promised to show me the LANDMARKS-

And to be my mother for you were distressed I HAD NO MOTHER

SHE WAS DEAD. Do you remember ?  You should !  For I have had all this out of her mind Peter at Lancaster Gate Square.

Please do not stop Greetah answering ! I have opened those doors in her mind with him-that devil-Mengele

Nota bene: But Mengele wants to learn what I know-he is well aware that he can show me photographs of myself with my big Ransom Weddell family pre-war & the memory will take over…their will immediately BE NO MEMORY LOSSMengele Harrington is using Andre Malraux`s grief to harm us both all the more-Mengele Harrington has been promised a Peership to do this work of murdering all whom know of the slaying by Nobles of the Grote Homes children- If he kills Andre & Greta too soon he will have no work very much-others can take over-  He will not be able to travel with Lindsaybuggarhs & Mr Jimmie Jong Cur James-having fun-

1936 Christmastide The Pink Fairy- School Pantomime Saint Clare’s Convent Clacton-on-Sea- ANDRE MALRAUX nearly a Minister GAUL-draws cartoons of these events-The Pink Fairy & the Dragon & the General stories- Oafs-Orcs were put to search twice daily my room I pay for at 50 Lancaster Gate Square to steal anything MALRAUX had given me-These Oafs-Orcs are French & British -they all wine & dine at the expense of G. B. Nobles & Crown Intelligence Department of FRAUDSTERS  Mengele-medical ace butcher-royal Satrap-paedophile-Golum-little boy bait Donald Duck blue car with a case of needles-poisons-stuns-take memory away- His threats & violence recorded-Life at Lancaster Gate Square 1957-59

Andre Malraux 1970 speaks `That Devil- when she Greta had hoped to warn me of his treachery October 1957... I HAVE IT HERE IN MY NOTEBOOKS….but I failed to understand it ALL…”

`1937 Summer (notebooks) Do you recall-you were to wet your bed-She & a man held you down-would not let you go to the lavatory-you then went to sleep in the wet bed but you may have tried to climb into your brother’s cot or go downstairs to sleep- SHE CAUGHT YOU-she hit you-she threw you against the walls. She often did this-then told you that you dreamed !  You told me this on the beach that first afternoon- Greetah was taken to her grandparents often- Peter…”

1930s- L.I.R. diaries/FJR diaries-Andre Malraux-others

LETTERS FROM JEAN to Dr John RAY Ransom her middle son attacked 1917 by Lindsay Earls at age 1 month-educated USA for his safety…Letters up to 1938 August when she was murdered by 3 monsters of Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up their snouts- that last summer of Jean’s life I Greta Ransom grand-daughter of the ballerina grand-daughter of James Weddell THE WEDDELL SEA & marriage 1824 RC & Quaker Aelovedah Maria Miss San Julian INCA `THE ICE WHITE BRIDE`… heard in the daytime from JEAN what she would write that evening when I was in bed to her `little Johnnie`…(description Aelovedah’s wedding gown futher on)…

Dr John RAY hears in A LETTER FROM JEAN that ANDRE MALRAUX is Guardian-to The Joyous Venture GROTE HOMES A-Z twice the GLOBE-educating to 18 years orphans as humanists of the globe-` Ransom archives/various Secret services-globe/

1953-1954 THE FAT FAT FAT ORC-MAN I DID NOT RECOGNISE WAS MR PONG Jimmie Jong 1954 Cur James a half Chinese racist chum of Lindsay Earls  who kills with a sharp knife-poisons or car accidents since 1919-they want me heir Margarethe Ransom’s heir 1933 locked up in an Asylum-he has already tried marry Aunt Mag’s grand-daughter then abused her & killed her before I am born 11 March 1933...then he/they will claim the Estate & be rich for ever & ever-   I Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Ransom  have heard these brutes 1937-1939 - these devils talking as they drink from 6 bottles & she & he make hot bacon sandwiches & sometimes they have ham ones as well-  In the 1920s they used to do this when they were very young-in other peoples houses- one was a big place in London called Buckingham Palace-they also could enter Alexandra Palace & have dirty parties with the syphilitic throng-

1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX believes Mr Pong is an invention-or somebody I hath heard of when I should be asleep-he does not take it too seriously-he does believe Teresa can go this insane-he recalls her in Deauville-Paris 1924- G.R.

1970 readings- ANDRE MALRAUX -he reads his notebooks-he requesting Greta with shorthand book/ Peter with notebook-

“ I always kept notes on her speech (Greetha) Peter- for she opened doors for me in her games- Old Winnclemann told me to listen to her- he’d studied her in her games in the REC the previous year 1944-& HAD HER IN TO LISTEN TO RICHARD WAGNER with he & his wife… ”

Greta Ransom writesThe House on the Rec 112 Vista Road Clacton-on-Sea…memory from exploring 1943-45 in the library from Greenland-  we have a libretto from the lst performances of RIENZI 1842... -  a performance Aunt Margarethe & her Ransom family had gone to in Germany -In some books Tiggy has signed Grotius-a postcard when he was in disfavour reads `Tigulanus` “it was his way of saying he was wrong…Aunt Mag on telephone 1938 to G.R.

Andre Malraux  “ She’d known a libretto (Greta) -not the performed works- That’s why he called her ELSA  (Lohengrin)- Whitehead twins born 24 June 1930 Mia Carberry Clinic Nairobi- identical twin Peter James Palmer half American old family West Virginia is finding the Top-notch British Nobles who have given him information on his wife’s heirship failed ARE NOT AT ALL CORRECT-  nevertheless Peter is told by noble swinging Britain his Ransom wife is an ape an Eskimo of too many races & a half-wit-& so on & they pour him another flagon full at The Palace-at the back-PJPW’s  training as a scientist will have him keep his life-but not his health… ANDRE MALRAUX- a complete noble man continues from his notebooks…

` The wedding- I think old Winnclemann had this in mind at the beginning-WHEN HE FOUND I WAS NOT DEAD…Teresa began it-destroying it- they came-to lead me a merry dance…”

“ Greetha- Greta…(Andre Malraux eyes kind-anxious-leans forward over the dining-room table knowing what I have just realised that PJPW is now allowed to know some things in this-or awaken some parts of it-…) Andre Malraux continues…`It was daylight 1937 when sheShe had another man- Greta- come to see you…he was her…

Sheshe (Teresa) her doctor- 1937 end of winter-   He told you with eyes blazing on stalks that ` YOU had wetted your bed again- & you had hit your mother !  You denied it ! YOU TOLD ME THAT SUMMER 1937 when you were ill from somebody injecting your hip with a poison… `he was the big flashy Canadian she goes to the Races with- & he was hoping to marry an heiress`-`to meet one through her acquaintances from her youth`…I Andre Malraux learned later…(1945 & 1960s)…`He arrives Peter 1934- some medical disgrace in Canada…` Andre Malraux text…

My detectives-colleagues-friends-had me speak with people 1960-`

Yes, George-ANDRE I remember trying calmly to tell him it was not so-both my grandmothers have advised calmness clear speech.  HE & SHEShe WANTED ME PUT IN AN ASYLUM-she has done this with others to Jack Gordon !  Then her true blues took all his 60,000 pounds & locked up a 3 year old normal little boy-pushed his father an older medical man RN overboard-  These crimes 1920s were not unusual by the penniless Vagrants Nobles of Gross Brit…  Clarke- He is dangerous- a member of the Society of Hypnotists & will come to know Mengele Harrington paedophile 1950s-Clacton people had more information- I am only born 1933-


` 1937- that Summer I DID NOT KNOW WHERE HER FATHER WAS - until my detectives colleagues learned from that poor young man FJR himself-it was 1960 !  The rescue Spain-the poor parents Murgatroyd in London- trying to meet me 1950s…Mengele tearing up invitations-earning himself a fortune & spending it offshore-destroying the health of Greta & myself…others- deaths- (PJPW cannot grasp this-he has been lead by the trendy society of Blewbury-Scarlet Town-Palace- to believe Malraux is a bit whackey-nevertheless he is touched by some of what he hears…notes/diaries/etc)…

`ALL MY POST/MAIL was stolen by the British Government & Crown from 1937 Christmastide-for the rest of my life-`

I- ANDRE MALRAUX to be used for a source of knowledge-so they might learn of my work-or of others trying to have me know of the GUARDIANSHIP…No NOT A SUNKEN TREASURE PETER !

A great miracle of philanthropy- THEY ARE ROBBING TO THIS DAY…There have been many attempts on my life- & Greetha-others- to see I ANDRE MALRAUX did not learn of the Will-  `(records/diaries/explain the years

There was antagonism…Peter slammed the hatch from little kitchen The Pillar House into the big dining-room in my face-I had explained it was difficult to take shorthand at a table-I needed a certain position-His direction of information was embarrassing ANDRE MALRAUX & I…we both knew Peter J.P. Whitehead BMNH was limited in his understanding of our decades-I could grasp this even though I had little of my previous life pre-war-that was the problem-ALL MY POST/mail-FAMILY RECORDS-PHOTOGRAPHS-goods & chattels REMOVED ORDERS BRITISH CROWN-claimed by Angela a woman described as `Angela A PACK HORSE FOR THE CRIMES OF HER MEN` who drips blood & gore from the slaying of the GROTE HOMES children-  She ordered 1938  `I I I want the GROTE HOMES Emptied-the lands sold & the moneys given to me` She also stole a cheque for 15 thousand pounds sent from Aunt Margarethe for my G.R.s School fees to 18 years-& bought herself 2 black horses- The weight of this past of murder for GREED-DOUGH-  was horrific -I have no photographs-objects-& am scorned over me having no family -  yet PJPW has been handed by LIR photos-gifts- AH PJPW & twin Palace Upper Class fiends are eager to advise- they who drip in blood & gore moneys from the slaying of the GROTE HOMES children…DO NOT ALLOW A MEMORY-

ANDRE MALRAUX tells Peter how he & I Greta Ransom got up at DAWN 1937 to get his newspapers… then Greetha had to be first footsteps on the beaches…

1937 SUMMER- ANDRE MALRAUX 1970 “We had an hour or two to ourselves in the mornings until the household awoke- She was going to be buried with her grandmother’s mother in September at Manchester-she told us- but she had not seen a photograph of her & was not sure she wanted to go in the grave of her- if she could not know what she looked like-they thought there might be one at Manchester-they could find one.

WE  JO & I  received a letter written by her Aunt Win-

(end September 1937)saying she was back at school- & her mother had her tea ready when she got home…” LIES GR !

1937 November Uncle Harry Gordon born 1912 - he was angry at Teresa not locked up! The Guardian had been chosen then - Harry Gordon age 25 years did not know the Post/mail to the Guardian in France was stolen that month for ever onwards by Gross Britain Nobles- 1961 Summer when Kennedy speaks with them he still does not know the robbery of THE POST has been critical all these years from 1937..23 years of THEFT by G.B. Crown & Lindsays Premier Earls of Gross Brit & Vagrants-scavengers-CROWS of Scandinavia…who had the Grote children slain so they might be dripping in blood & gore stolen moneys…have FUN offshore-

Understanding of this time October-December 1937 can be gathered somewhat from Text Gordon-Ransom “SATAN Met a Lady- a film”- Crises at Crail` Violet Artist is to lock up Mr Pong with his mother’s help-Magistrates Document awaited- Jim Jong‘s mother was worried for the safety of her other son- then VIOLET ARTIST dies of a heroin overdose in December 1937 ! Mr Pong had killed her-overdose-possibly other things- MR PONG Jimmie Jong went free ! Violet Artist & Granny Mary Helena Gordon November 1937 both with Irish mothers had SET ABOUT ACTION- concerning Violet’s LINDSAYBUGGARHS branch- VIOLET ARTIST -VIOLET artist born LINDSAY is Lady Rutland cousin to Millie Frobisher Mrs John RANSOM-

21st August 2008 AD - Letter to Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX

Dear George-Andre X -its little Pete’s birthday-our children are the spaces between our thoughts…

THAT IS A PACK OF LIES ! The above short letter written for me by Aunt Miss Winnie Gordon in September 1937!  It is not true-November onwards Sheshe returned- Treasa is as nasty as ever-& Mr Pong Jimmie Jong who you will know 1950s to your death 1976 as dirty JIM then CUR JAMES White Club Vice Bar are at their evil about me-stopping me going to school… I am turning through  archives where you speak for years & years- I am having these Books in libraries on Mars-the world will not wish to forget the greatest crime of mankind & it should learn of the evil century Gross Britain 20th century…Noble Britain has produced the greatest liars in history- from stuffing Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their ugly snouts-it decays the cartilage-& has THEM BREED INSANE-Remember the 1970 reports from 3 great world institutions- “we fear they may breed insane-using this dope in this manner-at first it was believed it could not be used in this manner-it hit’s the brain in 2 seconds….”

I am not writing anything `hot stuff `to you in this letter !  This is as you instructed November 1946 - A letter one friend to another` as you advised that WE now ENGAGED TO MARRY 17 April 1947 should leave to history-  You know those 8 letters you wrote me summer 1957... well dirty Mr Pong Jimmie Jong CUR JAMES bought them off Brown rnvr, & SHEshe got a few shillings…

A lot of our Ransom-Gordon possessions have been hitting the Markets since I came here to your shores-GAUL For instance-our 4 acres under Central Park, New York…Lets hope GOD comes from the East & puts the lot of them on the Wilkins Ice Shelf-with a packet of cabbage seeds…& an empty Whiskey bottleLove… Greta  Ransom Madame X  April 1947 Wedding of Grace-by young Paccelli-to the Grote Ransom heir & her slain Grote Homes million children A-Z…

P.S. Why don’t you get up & come & help me with this work-

its about 200 years work if covered in the manner that would please Mr Poulter, Mr Winnclemann other human beings we knew- I have discovered the Water of Life You drink it -its made from pears-Poire Williame-I am buying you a case for XMAS- There is our 100th wedding anniversary to think about-I intend to sculpt you a piece of dance I will perform-your initials or your full name- love Greetha X-bred from genes of 14 races 27 nations 2,000 years-SEA TRADERS-Sea peoples as you Angel face… G.F.W.R.  X.

1957-1970  Andre Malraux Greetha Ransom will quote from his notebooks his speech-events about us this time-

`1946 November- the Engagementwe had a photo taken-me a cowboy- & his young woman- Magowan took it- I had a check shirt & had thrown away my tie- I had taken to looking in every mirror-sometimes I saw a grey hair & I would panic- but the schoolgirls of the Convent in Greetha’s class made me feel very young- the Engagement was printed in the Town newspaper owned by Fred Potter’s father- But it was 25 issues- he often did this for couples- & an article on both- the happy couple…I was even asked if I would like to take over the Printing Works-I could then print what I liked-so long as I turned out the town newspaper-this would not be my concern-the staff could do it on their own…I would have a salary-at this time I had no money-my brother‘s wife had spent it all on the house in Paris…” ALL WAS WITH DIGNITY-GRACE…`Greta would go on with her education at the Convent-I had great faith in them-the staff- & the Church with our choir-alongside…we had a house out on the marshes-& a Manor house was booked-one of 2 we might choose from-in a short time-  Greta did not wish to take part in my adult life…there were enough women to fill this role for me in society-in my career…My sons were to be educated well…I was told there would be no problem with finance…Greta’s father would see to this…but I did not see him-we were told he was overseas again…No one told me Peter-what they were certain I knew !   It was the figure of General de Gaulle who began to feature in my future career that had them not ask questions& I was glad-a bit reluctant at first I learned that matters printed in newspapers would not be referred to…unless I raised them first…I was to make a marriage my mother grandmother would have approved- ALL HELL BROKE FORTH ` AMxOld Grand-daddy Potter wanted to retire a bit-he still had his Lifeboat Secretary appointment & this kept him very busy-  Staff can run the newspaper standing on their heads & the usual work for East-AngliaMALRAUX could print what he pleased-and there were connections to fine printers-art printers if he wished to enter this field-no time was required from him-it was known he planned to be over to Essex once a month-

1946 November Colonel Andre Malraux - His acceptance of G.R. “I knew you’d happen to me- Mad Malroox & his 13 years old girlfriend-I shall be the laugh of the Continent- I give up- No kissing until you are 17...” So we are engaged-  He is French & so romantic…

1936-1940 SHEshe & Mr Pong are often swinging me at a door frame winter mornings keeping me from school saying `you are not to paint-dance-you Ape & Eskimo…` 1936-1940- dope-boozers  JIM Jong  & Lindsaybuggarh Earl 14 are often plotting to see I cannot go to School-A fat woman they call Angela has said I am not to go to school-there are several others who say these things-I do know they are dope-fiends-it is the age-they are monsters together since they are in just 2 figures of age- 10 years of age or so-Fortune hunters all playing Spy Mata Hari - archives/text/photos

`The one they call Jimmie Jong around the Races-

all parents tried to keep him off- nasty little bit of vermin - ALWAYS ON THE PIN- (reference 1938) looks for young people from well-to-do-families- calls them in by his PIN- Got no money-a motorbike-thrown out by his Chinese family-grandfather found him cheating-  Likes big names with little money- sympathises-always has Plans-waves swag-bag…` reports 1938-about the Town/records

ANDRE MALRAUX (reading in 1970) “you only had to be an hour-&-a-half with JIM (Cur James 1954) to know he was a bar rat- he got round me 1953- telling me eventually I was an illegal immigrant…His hold from that Christmas (Nethrington Hall 31. 12. 1953) was the `early wedding`  he kept on about my escapade-sex with a minor from an uneducated family both sides-  I informed him what I knew-  I had made a match felt suitable by her relatives her schools her townsfolk-she had a difficult life- my mistake was to let him know of my VISIT in 1937- perhaps he already knew-Then a miracle-Greetah was returned to me- (Last Sunday October 1953)  He helped pull us down 1954-  He JIM had hung about this family (separately about Gordon & Ransom- before they meet in 1932) since the end of the 1st World War- they raised horses Ireland…other matters I did not understand- He has become rich by theft- he has known Teresa since she was a child- there friend is a woman called Angela- before the Lindsays had them regularly-frequently-in their PEN (Clacton-on-Sea GRAND seafront)…

He JIM has always tried to make my life Hell-I could not keep him out of the Paris house-I did not know how often he was there-he has always known Mengele- Clara & her brother had known him a long time- he has lived on the Continent before the War` Andre Malraux notebooks-

1933-34 UNCLE EDGAR GORDON- explaining evil

to a young relative-20 years-& then related to Frederick Charles RANSOM & his son Lennie ‘Jerusalem’ Deptford little sloping Park-by letter JRr/poss. not to father of child-


A hugh amount of information is collected on the happenings of 1938 the killing of Aunt Mag-the horrendous planning to kill Grote children empty the HOMES & grab- `an ugly woman at the helm of your nation in the 2nd World War- ` esteemed scientist 1966 visiting BMNH-archives/ On 1933-1934-1935/6 less was spoken of at Colne Engaine January-spring 1960-Then it began to collect up for Andre Malraux’s Detectives & Colleagues… the hospital etc records show the violence was massive from 1933 when a blow to the week old child’s head could have killed a year old child-Hospital reports Colchester-  The Lindsay Earls-JIM Jong-other noble scum outside the LAW claiming this Estate were crazy that there had been THE PRESENTATION OF THE HEIR Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM within 2 days of her birth-Aunt Mag & Trustees overjoyed it was a girl-accepted Jacopsholmen island & in 1936 by The Inca Peru…Len is 12 when Greetha is born & began to save the babe from peculiar non-accidents he`d been subjected to since he was 7 years old & began to live at `Jerusalem` & not so much abroad…The British Nobles have no money-insane on dope the Branch of Lindsay Premier Earls & their thugs are eager to push Angela`s claim & thus get themselves the greater share-records are vast/

Greetah & Lennie RANSOM legal Will 1937/1938  -Heir & the Heir`s Heir- & co heir in transport & parts of the Estate-music grants & properties held etc… There are wonderful people helping us see that the worldwide Estate of Margarethe is not thieved by Lindsaybuggarhs ! The matter is nothing at all to do with the penniless Empire of Gross Britain-a 13 years old girl having a birthday in a Palace has hurled at Greetha Ransom talking to BBC about GROTE HOMES…`You need not think you are having it you Ape`…& she was hurried away by 2 old Queens who have no money but gambling debts…Len & I are not Wards of Court-this would result in the Estate going to other RANSOM family overseas…these criminally insane nobles know it too !

So many educated & humanists about the globe know as a personal friend Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE said to be the richest person in the globe because of this vast piece of philanthropy The JOYOUS VENTUREThe old lady of 101-charging about with her stick at CLOUDS- “Where is Frederick Charles-WHAT are you two doing ON SHORE- I want you Off  Shore! I want you two to have happy lives & see that Margarethe’s great work goes on-” She has had us at her Place showing us how she organises old ageWar coming she now cries   “They have denied Margarethe another 10 years -monsters  !…” IT IS KNOWN TO BE A MURDER ! WAR CAME 1939 - they slew the GROTE HOMES children & began to dismantle the Estate-grabbing Scandinavia-Norway moneys especially-logging-pulling down the Homes-selling lands-   RecordsBook of LEN & RANSOM family records-Dr John Ray ®

1933/34 Uncle Edgar Gordon- b 1881 Greenwich a half Chinese very small has come to a young relative of George & Mary Gordon- he has informed with mock sympathy- `there is something wrong with the heir`

`The heir is Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM born 11.3.1933

Chosen by the owner of the GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate herself her heir & her niece-  She is a brilliantly educated humanist who began her first Mission Dussledorf age 15 years for Orphans & Widows of Industrial Accidents-pleasing Continental Humanists- the girl of the snows-Mrs Margarethe RANSOM GROTE-great grand daughter of POUL GRONLANDER & his wife Margaret Yates of Carlisle… Aunt Mag knows her nephews & nieces very well & will travel with them to New York & JAPAN- to see young Hirohito a scientist & his family 1936-She will travel to her RANSOM dowry islands at the very end of the LUSANS chain out in the Pacific-where are kith & kin from the 1504 Bruges Cathedral marriage of the widower Fredk. Ransom to The Lady of Okinawa of an older Royal line…We descend from they…

1936 Greetha Ransom has been hit on the head by Jimmie Jong & Lindsay heir Earl 14 /   A complete black face for the 3 & a half years old resulted in a month in Clacton hospital Aunt & Uncle Murgatroyd Missionaries visiting  comforting & bringing me GR the beautiful old Spanish Cross-   Which Lindsay to be Earl 15 will be given to smash with his metal spade on Clacton-on-sea promenade 1937...He is training `for my role in life` with a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up his snout-he is said to be insane 1938 done to him by his father no 14 & Mr Jim Jong Mr Pong-

Help from The Loonie Bin & a school in Ireland did no good-

The heir’s Great Uncle EDGAR GORDON continues :

`Jimmie Jong is already responsible for the death of Mrs Grote’s grand-daughter- March 1933 the child Greta Ransom is made heir at 2 weeks old by a joyful Margarethe who has one Greenland Great Grandfather-genius-holy man-great swimmer- & he has written his own Hamlet for the Greenland mind…by request of his Flock-he is also a rich Trader speaking a dozen languages & writing to a PopeThe appointment of the HEIR is by agreement with Mrs Grote’s Brokers-her husband’s family firm Grote Wall Street- & her highly educated French son- he now bereaved of his daughter- his son her brother a Priest at ROME- YET MR JONG ANNOUNCES THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE HEIR-   MR JONG IS ALWAYS ON THE PIN…`

1938 October-1939…  Jimmie Jong Mr Pong Regent of England announces to his drinking companions at Cowes-The Races-to Nobles of Gross Britain…` He wishes the two creatures Greetah & Colin Frederick Ransom  would be used for medical experiments because they are BRED from an APE Tierra del Fuego-  He has been there & burned the Ape’s library- annotated-letters-history Papers-  Why there seemed to be some evidence that APES who could COUNT THEIR TOES had travelled to STONEHENGEMajesty could not tolerate these Eskimos & Apes in the British Kingdom…`  He was seen to be inebriated-enjoying himself showing his training at the Chinese Opera PEKIN skills- & of course as usual JIMMIE JONG Mr Pong a half Chinese racist - IS ON THE PIN-

The heir Greta Ransom is a grand-daughter of Mary & George GORDON & Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM & his wife JEAN Weddell ballerina grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL-sub-arctic SEA- her father his eldest son of the QUAKER-INCA Roman Catholic marriage 1824 THE ICE WHITE BRIDE-  of the Newspapers & magazines that time-archives/reports/her wedding gown of white & pale grey- drawings-existed 1944 Clacton-on-Sea stolen or destroyed ?  Greta at 12 years does her hair as AElovedah-two plats & pinned round the head-ANDRE MALRAUX Summer 1945 sees GR so- There is a photo of Greta age 10 looking very like her great-great-grandmother -Mrs James Weddell The Antarctic Sea…

Aelovmedah-Maria Miss San Julian highly educated only child

of  Y. Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel & his Basque-French wife- He of the line of Astronomy-Maths-Priest Rulers INCA- (Her first name is a title because of her blood-line to these early scientists-geographers-cartographers-agriculturists of South America-INCA-granted at her birth…It was granted to the Grote heir GFWMR by her grandmother & the INCA kin of JEAN WEDDELL  grand-daughter of AE-Maria Miss San Julian…Jean was satisfied with being titled `Firebird` for her bringing them the ballet by Igor Stravinsky from her dancing work in Paris for a short time before her marriage to FCR 1909...

San Julian is The Acting Governor awaiting James Weddell sub-arctic Navigator his son-in-law to return from G.B.  & be full Governor Tierra del Fuego 1929...(All kin-kith met 1935-1936 by Len & Greta)

James 1st son born 1825 married late in life MINERVA Olivea Hesketh Wyoming-the farm is near the Shakers whom her daughter of her lst marriage Melany was able to dwell amongst sometimes as a child-friends with & later lecturing on them-  Murdered in G.B. my Mengele Harrington 1956... Minerva from 15 years a Ballad Writer-pianist & musician-singer- ‘EVENSONGS’ her famous book in 5 editions (known to the novelist Graham Greene`s father who played & sang them) - 2 daughters born to James & Minerva Olivea he dying when Jean ballerina is 11 years old…

2nd son John born 1826-has 2 marriages & many children & descendants-all killed by 1960 by the insane wanting another name on the Weddell Sea- Ransom lines persecuted- Clarke Gable films actor is the line of John Weddell 2nd son- On the Ransom line is Uncle Fred MacMurray Broker & film actor-a few of USA Grote Homes students went into Hollywood film work-often as technicians-Anthony Quinn was 2 years Grote Home `when family conditions were upsetting`…President Roosevelt when he was young joined in Camping & hikes with the Grote children in the great USA countryside-

Edgar GORDON- JIM Jong- 1934 London

will tell Len I. Ransom 13 years & his father FCR what he has said to his young relative who is bothered by Mr Jong at the door…The great-uncle of Greta heir 11.3.1933 comes to inform of a villain & PIMP-

“I said Mr Jimmie Jong LIVES BY THE PIN-

SOME REMARKABLE PEOPLE IN SCOTLAND the North-Carriage people LET MR JONG THROUGH THE DOOR- then they are not honest !

I have instructions from my Master never to let Mr Jong or his companions in our door. Mr Jong tells many people of the concern of Imperial Britain… that there is something wrong with the HEIR - The heir to the world’s greatest most successful piece of philanthropy-


This splendid Estate is the concern of every nation the globe-  NOT GREAT BRITAIN IMPERIAL- The British Crown has no money -they have borrowed from expensive money-lenders-some debts are from the previous generation- One woman has been gambling-has gone insane-by the PIN- another too young  been exposed to Mr Jong since a child-he has been at her elbow & he is insane-my Master & his friends observe…

`MR JONG HAS NO EMPLOYMENT- he will brag he is employed

here & there- HE LIVES BY THE PIN- carries a hessian sack-

Mr Jong works for Imperial Britain & some Scots Lords

BY MOONLIGHT- On moonlight nights Mr Jong breaks in

& enters citizens households- My Master has a little trouble-

Mr Jong has a MANDATE from Imperial Britain- he insists he may enter by moonlight- our homes -

` IF MR JONG IS CONCERNED ABOUT THE HEIR - A babe of good stock- British-some Greenland some South America- then HE IS NOT HONEST- neither are his employers of some moonlight nights- Some who Break-in-& Enter are Nobles who have from lack of good moral background got into massive debt-they are frequently ON THE PIN- I will speak with your father my brother I said to this young relative- & you never let Mr Jong in your door- say you are busy-he must call on your family-NEVER LET HIM IN ! `

` I have called on you because you are also the

grandparents of the GROTE RANSOM Heir & should be informed immediately of the MOONLIGHT AUTHORITY that Mr Jong his companions are assuming- in the name of The Government & Crown of Great Britain- in a matter that is NOT at all their noble concern- it is OUTSIDE BRITAIN-` Diaries/records/Edgar Gordon-Ransom brothers/

Jimmie Jong Mr Pong Major Carew/O-Carroll/James/etc born 1898- CUR James 1954- 1971 LEWD James- a pimp-ponce-pervert-sometimes paedophile-murderer-liar of THE PIN-carries a metal cosh in his sack with modest change of underclothes-steals from wardrobes abroad-nota bene : Ravel-composer France/  Investor 1950s in the Divinorum Salvia Scotland fields in sheltered glens -grows best on West Side Scotland- 2 servants inform he was taking heroin-cocaine at 7 years of age-Violence recorded several persons- Greta Ransom great-niece of Edgar Gordon-

1964 Xmas Uncle Harry Gordon b 1912 to Greta Ransom `JIM had to give him `2 quid` every month for years-

always sending messages I am not to say my niece has some money from when you were born…`

`If Nanjin MAN did not call himself he sent his thugs-

They’d say instructions to put a hammer through the cars I was working on- They came from WHITES Club October 1957 it was-Old Policeman had a Walkie-Talkie so got help immediately-but I had to take the car to work after that-could not even walk down Thorpe High Street - Mengele-they have about 5 cars-she is a bit daft-kept telling me what a great man he was…Essex Police began to send him packing in that blue car-too much attraction for little boys…They have all been going about in that Yacht for years…` (Harry has a weak chest from childhood-he had to be boarded out for 2 years because of these Noble monsters-Granny Gordon said the room was damp) Known as Dirty Jimmie 1950s WHITES was a very low Vice Bar-with prostitution in 2 flats round the corner non-stop & dopes under the floor-boards cupboard in dirty Jim‘s Private Office-WHITES Vice Bar-up the steps-Clients were to use the prostitution to keep JIM topped up for running his High Finance City Empire-he worked for The Crown by moonlight…All drinks are doped-3 kinds-from 1953...He illegally sold ARRAN 98 acres 1956-57 to Angela’s 2nd cousin-  He had been promised this for help killing Grote children Wartime-& his management of GENOCIDE Ransom Weddell-with Lindsay monsters & Mengele joining 1953-records/