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NNB: But there is a FAMILY Whitehead EXPLOSION of the elders February 1970 - but they (Quaker descended) & the new addition to their family the former Miss Greta Ransom & the polymath young Uncle LIR her co- & sub heir DID NOT KNOW OF more DEVILRY GOING ON for more blood-gore DOUGH -

The identical Whitehead twins b 24 June 1930 Kenya, after swift private visit early 1968 to ANGELA in her evil TOWER & some NOSH-UPS & FORK-UPS in Scarlet Town at her Satin & Lace PLACE, including some creatures of the mob of Earls of Crawford & Lindsay & co are giving permission to the W. twins to further TEAR DOWN THE ESTATE in name of the child HEIR of Margaret Grote - is JIM PIMP pouring the drinks ? It is that child-heir Greta Ransom that has assembled this Document Nota bene: I have Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM as my co- & sub-heir ! UPPER CLASS IMPERIAL DIVINITY is at its criminal insanity FUN & GAMES the more

Whitehead twins (born 1930 Kenya - mother when 17 years old was in West Virginia LUNATIC ASYLUM owned by her family for poisoning Uncle Doctor Belle Palmer`s favourite aunt let out to go to France-met Philip Rathbone Whitehead on holiday near Bordeaux he did not know this for some years the families tried cope but she remained criminally insane in this ROARING 1920S fashion favoured by an IMPERIAL UN-EDUCATED - uneducated in the sense that John Ruskin & Cardinal Newman & humanists understand it )

1967 November ever on - WHITEHEAD TWINS - they are to roam the earth with SANCTUARY granted all British Diplomatic circles - they to DISMANTLE the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE ! They begin by throwing good families & small industries OUT OF THEIR HOMES & premises ( 1968 their Aunt Mrs Jos. Sparkman, NEW YORK YACHT CLUB is shouted at on Brookland Bridge by a man whose workforce of 130 they have just PUT OUT OF A JOB )

NB: ANDRE MALRAUX & FRED JOHN RANSOM, Dr JOHN RAY Ransom USA citizen, & Lennie I. Ransom - polymaths all - ARE ALIVE !!!

The Whitehead twins (see Debretts Peerage) are to take from the legal RANSOM ESTATE all GRANTS to retirement homes, sheltered housing etc/grants for music-sport-schools & small hospitals/convents & monasteries with secure lands & a grant for difficult times so they may help the communities about them, & tiny businesses & market gardens that may be along a little pleasant lane, Investments since 1830s in transport ( LINDSAY Earl 15 has taken CANADA INVESTMENTS with his father Lindsay 14 & mob 1948 threatening DEATH TO US ALL-Lindsay PIMPS - Angela gave it to them )

The Whitehead twins are to try get our big investments in industry & transport & manufacture & AIR TRANSPORT sometimes from EARLY FLYERS TIMES & good restaurants & small shops & lovely mansions & homesteads & the remaining big RESERVES of our centuries of GREEN PEACE by waters that we hath maintained over the centuries, etc My father & his brothers had begun to pull the ESTATE out of OIL & invest in nuclear & other forms of energy - THIS WAS STOLEN ! They the WHITEHEAD TWINS are to investigate with Doc Mengele HARRINGTON & the EARLS of LINDSAY Crawford & dirty JIM for the ESTATE is really the property of ANGELA from an OLD ESKIMO it is quaffed NB: violence & lies continues using those criminal insane of gigantic powers all of them HEAVY DOPE users from their early teenage years

Nota-nota-nota Bene : The Whitehead twins 1967 autumn had so swiftly stepped down from their great QUAKER FAMILIES of over 300 honourable years of useful employment to the globe & slithered down- down-down to sleazy greedy glitzy marble halls of IMPERIAL HELL - where a great river of blood overflows & about the feet OF ALL WHOM ENTER THESE UNHOLY PLACES

Nota bene : JIM PIMP half-breed - called Sir James since 1954 (made Lord/lewd James 1971) & dismissed as Steward WHITES CLUB St James` DISMISSED in January 1959 (left unofficially May 1970) for brutality fraud & FOUL MOUTH towards Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom & families - Greta whom he has known since December 1932 before her birth & delivered murderous violence to frequently

1938 - I Greetah am calling myself PALLAS ATHENA from 1938 for I must look after my poor young father - he is becoming like a ghost with all this CORRUPTION & MURDER about us -

JIM JONG PIMP Mr Pong half-breed his present 5th birthday 1938 to the Grote Ransom heir, Greta Ransom, is a BOMB disguised as an OWL CLOCK it blew a hole the size of the crater of SANTORIN at midnight bottom of the garden where I, Greetah, carried it carefully at 9.30 pm the baby-sitters having been sent away by him ) GUARDIAN appointed October 1937 to the entire Estate & the heirs Greta R & Len I.R. is ANDRE MALRAUX of FRANCE

Nota bene : EVIL CREATURES : They are present in the 3 Parts, the psychopaths those criminally insane vermin & the Figures from a Morgue, who should now occupy in history records the benches in the lowest levels of that HELL OF DANTE .

Their seats are booked for the late comers of the 20th century (`THE EVIL CENTURY`) by their own bestial conduct these-they continuing this violent ignorant obscene GREED & vice & removal of records

Additional names places :

Uncle Gimlet Eyes MAINWARRING RN & Grace his wife ( Mannering for the fashionable ) a grand-daughter Kate ? of 1936/1937/1968

Olivea Hesketh (WEDDELL) raised next to SHAKERS/ composer of ballads from age 15 her father called her MINERVA when she raised a baby owl he brought home fallen from a tree/ her BOOK of SONGS-HYMNS for EVENTIDE in her 1st marriage name Mrs Bussy - goes into 5 printings with different coloured covers ( well known to Graham Greene novelist as a child ) Olivea Minerva makes a 2nd marriage (2 daughters) to eldest son James Weddell b 1825 of JAMES WEDDELL QUAKER Mariner WEDDELL SEA & his wife The AELOVEDAH-Maria Miss SAN JULIAN, only child of the NOBLE INCA scholar YAHA-MAHA JOSEF San JULIAN F. (ancient Order of SPAIN) San Miguel

MINERVA MARTYR poisoned Deptford teashop by JIM JONG PIMP & LINDSAY to be EARL 14 , in 1934 /reports-evidence

Agnes Gordon “… a girl of 21 years of age she came by train (photograph of her at departure in train - beautiful, dark hair, in a cloche hat ` writes Mary Helena Gordon to her S. Irish cousins ) to the Gordon children after Teresa`s downfall 1926 & said `Now I am Aunt Agnes & you are all dear to me we will recover from this 1968 she attempts to speak to Greta Ransom her cousin George Ernest Gordon his grand-daughter Greeta the GROTE RANSOM heir did she live after 1968 ? ~ Mr Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON Royal Satrap, paedophile is at this gathering with his attendant British Naval Intelligence FIENDS etc etc pouring alcohol drinks !

MacMillan families ( a young John age 14 or so 1938 ? - done in ? )

Great HOUSES & JIM PIMP / `CLOUDS`/TAPLOW COURT & Ettie DESBOROUGH`s Easter Marque Luncheons- 1939 luncheon leading to murders of Mr TATE, Mr `Wayland` & later suspicion over Mr CHARTRIS the Policeman at the Gate & old Lady `Tachell ` in her bustle from INDIA 1890s JIM PIMP tries give Greta Ransom a poisoned drink - have her attacked in the house - “… a Lindsay NOT WANTED girl gave a sort of warning …”

MACDREW marrying into the family of `d`UFF of Castle Hedingham, the oldest family in Essex 1940s our 900 years old family Child, in a straight linewiped out the child was in your classMaster Greene & DONOVAN Bookseller are upset about itwell you were only 8-9 yearscan not be expected to remember all the tragic things that occur from OUR BETTERS …”

REFERENCE Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator COLCHESTER MUSEUMS 1934 to his murder POISONING 1962/he is on the CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis WEB SITE for COLCHESTER ROMAN Britain Camulodunum C.V./

Nota bene: there is much in this DOCUMENT 1937 & earlier works upon Harold Walter POULTER & Staff, M.R. HULL Curator friends, colleagues, acquaintances of ANDRE MALRAUX GOSPELS ACTED OUT in East Anglia 9 years old girl HEIR NEWFOUNDLAND etc seashores to this SEAS FAMILY of 900 years strangled on her way to CHOIR 1942 spring - in the same class of GRETA RANSOM another SEAS FAMILY HEIR - LINDSAY Premier Earls now pay their double death duties next year/USA Intelligence etc & others REPORTS 1948 - those present, & written records 1942 obtained 1948 the big black car left the back of Buckingham Palace pre-dawn …”

1935 October to June 1936 - NORD - SUD POLES TOUR of GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE/ accounts in SUMMER 1937 & other documents

Miss ANNIE Agnes Carroll WILLIAMS b 1880 d 1972 artist with MANZONI & with he to HAROLD RATHBONE The Della Robbia Pottery, Birkenhead (now Williamson Museum Liverpool) (great-aunt of Greta Ransom) Gave Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX the will to live SUMMER 1945 after the horrific death on the railway line near TULLES her legs crushed under a train she his young Roman Catholic wife Josette Clotis mother of his two sons born 1940 & 1944 thus A FRENCH WIDOWER the GUARDIAN to the greatest piece of philanthropy of the world, is given permission by `young PACELLI` to marry the GROTE RANSOM heir in the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady Clacton-on-sea 17 April 1947 Read `SEA MISTS SUPPER June 1945` at STELLA MARIS 10 Granville Road, Clacton

( Summer 1937 et al (google) )

House named after Canadian girl Stella Maris Condor wife of the Australian artist CHARLES CONDER -

Miss BESSIE (Elizabeth) Martha WILLIAMS b c 1860s d 1960 sister to above - (great aunt of Greta Ransom) they ran a Catholic MISSION at Walton LIVERPOOL with other young women & young training priests - the impact of Mrs Gaskell`s novel NORTH SOUTH & other social & welfare concerns, pamphlets, inspired them all John RUSKIN letters were read & others as John Henry NEWMAN, were their guides ( Bessie`s death is questioned by many as she had been seen January 1959 with ANDRE MALRAUX at the Priests Retirement Home Lancaster Gate Oblate Saint Charles - the sisters had known unavoidably the LINDSAY Premier Earls on the seafront ( in their Scots granite GRAND demolished by order Clacton Council 1945) & were pestered by JIM PIMP & Angela with sneers, leading astray their niece Teresa Gordon (Mrs Frederick John Ransom mother of the heir to the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE)

Their sister Mary Helena Mrs Geo. E. Gordon b 1870 poisoned 1944 June -reports Clacton Hospital et al she speaks with `young PACELLI 1938 & 1939 on the telephone, the calls coming to Montfort Lodge Clacton-on-sea the Priests home He has sent her photos of a 2-room apartment VATICAN & wishes her to come bringing her grand-daughter & another if she wishes She, Greta`s grandmother, is a SOUTHERN IRISH CITIZEN & has a PASSPORT of Ireland

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