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Part III


his Guardianship to a world Estate… Part III


5 weeks of happiness with Josette a young lady of France … & the heir to a million children A-Z the globe, a quarter million families … & the greatest piece of philanthropy the globe has ever had -  

to November 1976 … 



 an Island in the SNOW…theatre with Shakespeare & classic plays of the globe Greece/Rome & all ages all nations, JACOP`s church & first bell cast in Greenland 1830s, Eternal Steps harbour with name of every child born on island carved in stone( BOMBED by Gross Britain & Denmark June 1960 when General de GAULLE & MALRAUX told of ESTATE & Guardianship…)  

‘ ISLAND IN THE SNOW … where happiness is found - even flying up just for a BEER…early Flyers 1910 onwards 1930s who ploughed the STARS valued the island … `

1937 SUMMER - Diary Len Immanuel RANSOM October 1937 read by he & Andre Malraux March 19 1972 renaissance evening The Pillar House Harwell recording his niece Greetha Ransom when she comes to his parents home `Jerusalem`, by that little sloping Park Deptford… near that tiny house where Jean`s Grandpa JAMES WEDDELL (d 1847) Mariner of WEDDELL SEA was tricked of his life…when upper class SNOOPERS found he was offered full GOVERNOR-ship…Tierra del Fuego…

DIARY 1937 October LIR ( b 1921-murdered c 1981/2) `A dawn walk to get his newspapers…reaches from the house on the corner Marine Parade, Clacton via the Railway Station & curving down to the SEAS…I GR say to the on holiday with us Saint Georges ANDRE..

( ` MALRAUX Colonel of blood soaked SPAIN ` ) that there is a field or sometimes two of PEEWITS …beyond our Josette`s beach Holland-upon-Sea… & it is such a sight when they fly in & peck in the two fields the Farmer leaves for them… In Medieval Times, of course, the people ate them in a pie…but now we ADMIRE…& CONSERVE them…” … “I took him, Lennie…he said , Andre-George…here were MORE THAN HE HAD EVER SEEN IN ONE GO…Peewits…he too felt it a beautiful sight…if only they could speak to us…”… LIR notes GR October 1937 at `Jerusalem`…a sweet home where we are safe… 

1960 - JANUARY at Colne Engaine - MATTERS MOVED FAST… Arthur Malone Detective & colleagues/some his previous fellow Law students before the 2nd World War…had ANSWERS TO THE ODD VIOLENT TRICKS about ANDRE MALRAUX & GREETAH at 50 Lancaster Gate Square…& about LONDON Scarlet Town: he had been employed by Andre since October 1957 as detective to Greta & he, the Legation annex a Catholic Charity & Malraux London home ...But Malone knew from mid-January 1960 he had to be very cautious whom he told his suspicions to…it could cost lives of the innocent…& the chief ACTORS in this tragedy GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate in 3 parts … He comes to understand it is acted out upon a GLOBAL STAGE with the searchlights of the guilty ever upon performance day by day ! Covering up the slaying of the Grote Homes Children 1938-1950 had become a National Industry of Gross Britain & Scandinavia…

I Miss Greta Ransom had no immediate MEMORIES of pre-2nd World War but horrors can arise from 1943…I have in my head sketches on the air, seas…sometimes a black landscape with fleeting moonlight . PARTS are ILL UNDERSTOOD by 1949 when I at 16-17 years have all memories rise as FEAR …But I can learn from the written word ! The POST is stolen… those about me of HIGH LEARNING ( as it is said & rightly so) do not seem to comprehend this simple fact :- THAT THESE DOPES USED ON CHILDREN, young people, OLD PERSONS, anyone with moneys & properties to rob… are used to REMOVE MEMORY hour by hour…even seconds…but can be overcome someway by showing iconography…imagery…having PICTURES/PHOTOS/ on the wall where the VICTIM dwells ! The EVIL Noble barbaric sadists have learned all this Great War/1st World WAR …visiting shell-shock persons…invalids…old Comrades…in Psychiatric Clinics…NUT HOUSES…hospitals… & retirement Homes of doubtful care…

1930s-1957 - Charles McGowan photographer Clacton-on-Sea - The Ransom families were taken from my memory 1943 completely. I have no constant memory of them, they are not even vague 1957-1959 at 50 Lancaster Gate Square attempts to put some Ransom Frobisher relatives back in my memory October 1957 by Charles Magowan leads to his death/& there are others under threat for daring to enlighten Greetah & ANDRE that autumn 1957 . Therefore January 1960 talk reported to me one mid-morning by Malone of my going to see documents near Colchester that week had me puzzled. IF THEY DO NOT ALL COME IN A DEPUTATION then I live in a landshaft/ landscape NOT knowing where danger is - & recall violence … Brutal & queer violence surfaces autumn 1957 at 50 Lancaster Gate Square & at MALRAUX & some young Catholic staff too/hence death of Kit whose friend had an aunt who knew Margaret GROTE 1920s-1930s !!! Reports Ghost House Team Colne Engaine 1960 Detectives Colleagues to ANDRE MALRAUX… 

1960 - G.R. at 27 years in the March…often exists in a fog of drear grey-black-dismal shadesSome MEMORIES I GR can remember are terrifying & it is these that the Victimizers ( that is Doc Mengele Harrington & Vampire women/JIM & WHITES CLUB thugs/Teresa & her true-blues) make certain horrible threats are retained by me - Blackmail & warnings come from them … & at 50 Lancaster Gate Square by their personal visits into my top of the building room - I GR retain knowledge mainly by symbolism & my own collection of `stark lines` It is too dangerous for me to keep a diary- I am searched - threatened -

1972 “ November 1957 … if you had not left spring 1958 to help your mother at Jaywick then Doc Mengele was going to cripple you, so you could not stride about Museums meeting MALRAUX in secret … He was threatening to THROW PETROL OVER YOUR FACES ONE NIGHT when you had gone out together & escaped him…he was waiting for you both to return…Mrs Mengele said you & Andre must have both annoyed him…she had never seen him so shaking with rage …

… We managed to get him taken off to his friend to calm him down … NO WAY WERE HE & SHE (the Mengele Harringtons`) GOING TO GIVE UP HELPING THEMSELVES TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS ABOUT THE ESTATE…Angela had given them permission to pay themselves this way … she was now told ALL the old Eskimo`s Estate was given to her…NO WILL WAS NEEDED … We were finding that they were all gone dreadfully insane on dope …they should never have been allowed to cover up the slayings of the GROTE CHILDREN… ”

1949 onwards - I GR have no understanding whom I am … only uneasiness about children killed overseas I do not cash cheques, or know that I can draw from various Banks…I count pennies - But Grote Ransom gigantic JOYOUS VENTURE was not about being rich but about a contented civilized existence for the globes peoplesTreasa & Mengele call me pauper often… 

SATTEUS LAETUS - we are content with sufficient10th century RANSOM motto…used by OSBERT RANSOM & wife Alice  

Mr Mengele Harrington born 1912- exterminated Feb 1992 - has persecuted countless people for years-while helping himself to endless DOUGH dripping in blood & gore from the GROTE RANSOM Estate- he is to keep MALRAUX with nerves & see he does not learn of his GUARDIANSHIP - October-November 1957 Doc Mengele in Scarlet Town (some names/occupations of nervous observers can be supplied ) ... is reported as seen with sneers & twitching on his sour mug, his dead fish eyes roaming about a room full of listeners… Are they taken in by this British-Scandinavian Royal Satrap paedophile who goes about with Phil the Greek on PRIVATE VISITS to tropical places ??? where they CASH CHEQUES on the great Estate PHILANTHOPY Ransom Grote Homes children all slain by their CULT 1950s : …& wondering if they too will be highly paid from the blood & gore moneys they have created available from ` Estate RANSOM GROTE overseas ? …`

1960/61 … Reports Dr John Ray R.,/LIR/FJR…Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux…  

MARTYRA Swedish Industralist semi-retired has gone missing- he had looked at a seashore hamlet & felt he would like to gentrify it for his retirement but keep the small canning factory the fishing going onhe would put in A GOOD SCHOOLthen the families would grow & be able to speak with himhe would have humanism & progress in a civilized mannerHis documents of his EXISTENCE were found to be missingas if he had never existedHe had investments abroad & moneys in foreign Banks and some propertiesHe is, sadly, another victim of the Gross Britain/Scandinavian Nobles of 19th-20th century Sunday Games (Edwardian British `Marlborough House Set ` & continued 20th century…gossip & hersay DOMINATE to protect the EVIL into 21st century…)when they turn the 10 Commandments upside down so there is plenty of dough inevitably dripping blood & gore coming to them He is one of many documented persons missing & their wealth falling into the hands of Noble TWISTERSobliterated from the globe & all their existence in DOCUMENTS, of course, removed….

1950s LONDON - Doc Mengele Harrington paedophile highly paid called Royal Satrap in Scarlet Town is telling porkie sausage lies about GRETA RANSOM heir to The biggest Estate in the world - Mengele blabs with a spiteful mouthful that MALRAUX is an idiot & his nerves are so crazy that he should be shut up behind bars…where Mengele paedophile can prod him - & get paid highly to do so because he is also providing amusement to his MASTERS on HIGH… the criminally insane - Mengele Harrington`s foul mouth has the 20-something-years old blonde curvaceous Nurse Mrs Mengele agree - he uses her to lure rich men to him for consultancy about their nerves & their liver complaints…THIS IS 1950s LONDON…called Scarlet Town… 

1930s-1980s - Mengele Doctor Harrington is on the PINS & NEEDLES- all of them engaged in foul murder-fraud-theft ARE ON THE PIN-

“ A favourite Sermon of Doc & Mrs Nurse Mengele is `OH she/he CAN RECALL ANYTHING IF THEY WANT TO- BUT he/she HAS DONE SUCH TERRIBLE THINGS…& does not want to remember -


Doctor Mengele Harrington mentions he is employed by The Crown-

the Crown- Oh the Crown … & goes about with them socially & abroad of course of course of course…’ - Archives/Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux/1957 onwards … to Arthur Malone speaking in BALLIOL College a June evening 1985 … to PJPW & Greta Ransom W ... See records CHINA TOURS 1986 & 1988 for BMNH by Dr PJPW & Mrs Greta Ransom Whitehead  

1938 PLEA : for Gross Britain Earls LINDSAY/& Crown/Angela

IN SECRET SILENCE- Greetah & Len RANSOM…bred with Apes

& ESQUIMAUX … THERE MUST BE NO TRACE OF THEIR RANSOM ANCESTRY left about the globe - or WEDDELL/Sea/& Gronlanderor the ESTATE cannot be taken for THE CROWN gentlemen…”…Ref. secret silence Meetings Whitehall after DARK has fallen… 

1938 continued to 1990s - PLEA Part I after dark meetings Westminster & Taverns about Scarlet Town & Viking lands … The PLEA by Noble Britain & Scandinavia UPON A READING OF THE LEGAL WILL & the accompanying 2 Wills required to administer the Estate

of a woman NOBLE BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA sneeringly call “ OLD ESKIMO ” …  

“… `therefore the heirs are found unsuitable as they are found to be bred from Apes & Eskimos by the British Crown & LINDSAY Premier Earls of Gross Britain to administer

all this OVERSEAS PROPERTIES OUTSIDE THE BRITISH EMPIRE properties, lands, seashores, hills - valleys & forests with lakes - both Poles & A to Z round the globe - Reserves of timber, settlements, schools, hospitals, gifts to thousands of societies/many for music & sport to be available to poor children- & we DISAGREE with the fatherless being educated with 3 or 4 languages each to 18 years & 19 years as they dare do in AFRICA - OH OH OH !!! IT IS DANGEROUS for Gross Britain THAT MALRAUX OF FRANCE IS GUARDIAN…« We must PROCEED THEREFORE IN SILENCE ` letter from a Gross Britain Noble to a Prince of NORWAY 1938/report re-affirmed in 1960 to Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues by appearance of the illegitimate son of this Prince to be a King…of Norway … His 4 years old daughter was now killed to SHUT HIM UP ! …  

1938 PLEA Part II - for Premier Earls of Gross Britain Crawford & LINDSAY/speaking for The Crown…  

BRITAIN NEEDS TRADE - ALL THIS WOOD about the Globe acquired by the Old Eskimo & her forebears IS TO BE CUT -

boxes of matches are a necessity -

PLAN ! we must have ( ? slave) factories all over the East-Asia-South America : we export our

Glens of Purple plum… Divinorum Salvia Scotland

to the black bananasfuzzy wuzzies& non WHITE

( 1936/1939 … This is how we heard Noble Britain preparing to ROB our Estate/a lot of RACISM spokenLIR & GR are ADVANCE Red Indian Scouts as we are small - & the brave HUMANISTS of the family get in somehow & are listening from other hiding places Castle walls & towers & stairs … dungeons … casks & Eastern VASES )

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