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1953 - The pale pink `clouds` dress bought by ANDRE MALRAUX

28th December 1953 for his Ward Miss Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia Ransom 20 years of age - 21 years 11th March 1954

Photograph by George Martin Photographer & Antiquarian

Saint Osyth Village, Essex (friend of H.W. Poulter Colchester)

1947 - GRETA RANSOM age 14 years pupil at Convent of Saint Clare, Clacton-on-Sea - The Spring bride to the Widower of Josette - permission has come from `young Pacelli` the VATICAN Guardian will make an `early wedding` to the Heir to GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN & RANSOM ` The Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts twice encircling the world Ransom genealogy in a straight line is from 77 AD Londinium via Egypt & Jutland Sea Traders - 19th century INCA & GREENLAND


1991 - GRETA RANSOM age 58 years/Whitehead-widow 1992 The Pillar House, Harwell, where many of the L.Leslie Brooke immortal books for children were drawn ( GR is taking a 2 years course FE College Oxford History of Dance/practical & choreography - her grandmother Jean Minerva Weddell Argentine/Peru is a ballerina 1905 to 1938 (she was poisoned by Noble Britain - begun violent theft against the Estate now that the legal WILL is accepted A-Z the globe - WAR comes - 1938-1945 slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES began Noroway they were left at Christmastide to be swept out to sea reports - Berlin & Vatican - young MARTYRS …


1965 - ` ANIMA JUSTI ` - gift to Miss Greta Ransom by a Law Student from AMPLEFORTH Roman Catholic School - We are all young people working in the CITY of LONDON - Roman Britain LONDINIUM … 77 AD my first British ancestor RANSOM creates himself a good job on the waterfront administering cargo coming in … his father & grandfather have been trading & holding administrative duties EGYPT and around the Mediterranean Sea .. They come from Jutland


1968 - Venice - Greta & Victoria-Augusta (name is from II Legion ancient Rome) - This first “ ancient ruins tour ” shows ancient places without tourists/something that will never be seen again/The slides were borrowed by various Museums & on Video now - A sign Harwell to Pompeii & back is on the back of the old car - camping was all we could afford I believed -

Nota bene : I am not told that ANDRE MALRAUX is to join us ( with Len Imm. RANSOM Flyer-driver, who has not existed for me since 1939 ) at the old big house, shop below, of MALRAUX`s great-great grandparents, parents of his grandmother Adrienne/Adriana Northern Italy - PJPW parked some distance away & went to the building, spoke with the shop owners below closing up - he found a telephone message left for him that the persons would be 2 hours late/he decided to drive on …


1968 August - ROME - Greta with baby Victoria-Augusta 5 months old, Amanda Oonagh 7 years & Paul James 6 years - Whitehead

Between 1972/1983 I GRW told that GUARDIANS Andre MALRAUX & Len Imm. RANSOM followed on ! We were to be received by the RANSOM Family in the old Palace in Rome- the ESTATE bought it after the 2nd World War. 1967 NOVEMBER it is Ordered by Lindsay Earls the Crown, Jimmie Jong (Cur James ex-Steward WHITES Club & their fellow robbers & slags) & agreed by the WHITEHEAD identical twins to hand all my post/mail to these representatives of the Crowns of Britain & Scandinavia - The twins are `BOOTED IN ON` November 1967 & secret-silence DECREES of Westminster centre of Government read to them

Further orders : that I & 5 months old V-A (grandchild of Fred. John Ransom father to the Grote Ransom heir Greta) & the two children Amanda & Paul of Peter J.P. Whitehead & Mrs Mavis Tait Ardwings-Kodek (poisoned Ireland June 1968) are to be told we are paupers & should be grateful for the BMNH salary earned by PJPW -

He & his twin may travel tearing down the Estate A-Z the globe they have already begun to do this - having fun as `doppleganger` in West & East Germany - Sir Rowland twin has debts of 30,000 pounds - this is not known by his Trustees his uncles ! 1970 these two good men dead, it is revealed to Cousin Solicitor Tom Blyth the cousin to Whitehead twins - Peter younger twin & Whitehead Family did not know of this debt …


1986 - British Museum (Natural History) Tour of Chinese Fishery Colleges & Universities (2 months) - XIAMEN (old AMOY) - With Chinese scientists, Peter & Greta (Ransom) Whitehead have invited them to a meal in a restaurant. The news has travelled from Hong Kong of Greta Ransom`s Sea Traders ancestry - I have 3 Chinese grandmothers 15th-16th century / At QUINGDAO I meet a descendant from the town of the grandparents of POUL GRONLANDER 18th century - I am not to be told whom I am - PJPW Zoology BMNH somehow persuaded them not to enlighten me - Chinese scientists are very civilized persons.

( The young scientist with his hand on his wife`s shoulder has told me that his father can take their ANCESTRY back to before the Terracotta Army Emperor …) 1986 - I meet a Chinese scientist a young woman who saved my life in 50 Lancaster Gate Square a winter night 1958/59 - we had our photo taken together - She had some work with ANDRE MALRAUX late 1950s - she sat with me & then got a real doctor in - I was being poisoned by Doctor Mengele Harrington Royal Satrap/paedophile impatient to only be EMPLOYED by Imperial GROSS BRITAIN following General de GAULLE & ANDRE MALRAUX about France & the globe - a GAULLIST government had the reins of GAUL … Records & oral/tapes LIR/


1968 - “ From The Pillar House HARWELL to POMPEII & back again ” - Whitehead paupers - to be denied the RANSOM Reception in our War bombs damaged 17th century PALACE ROME which we repaired fast.

The GUARDIAN of the greatest piece of philanthropy the globe will ever know is to attend us - the MINISTER of GAUL, Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX … but IMPERIAL big blood & gore drenched boots are DETERMINED TO THIEVE ON - they are out of FUN DOUGH … Because of their envy, greed, malice since 1920s my father FJR & his brother Dr JOHN RAY Ransom USA State Department Washington will be slain by summer 1969 - leaving polymath Dr LEN Immanuel RANSOM my co-heir sub-heir & ANDRE Guardian, in terrible danger again & tricks played as before/ & so it was at The Pillar House into the late 1980s - malice toward young Pete PRW


Shakespeare Sonnet 80 - drawing by a friend Biddy Darlow artist

It reminds me of 1945 spring & the arrival at Clacton-on-Sea of the Widower Colonel Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX … & our walks that coming winter from the Clacton Pier beach to Jo`s beach at Holland-on-Sea - a Pilgrimage he kept up until the October 1976 just before his death - LEN & friends can find air transport in secret & with security ! Here we three had a memorable holiday of 5 weeks & then to Lincoln to travel about the lands of his mother`s ancestry - 1945 it is but 8 years ago Summer 1937 The 2nd World War 1939-45 has ended but now the dead are to be counted - ours beside the sea …


1943 - GRETA RANSOM 10 years old (photo Charles Magowan) - attends Captain/Commadore Learoy`s Town School Llewellyn Road - Wartime Clacton-on-Sea has the beaches barbed-wired off but walks can be taken along the cliff road & the sea watched in all its moods - the Victorian-Edwardian town has a quarter of its residents because people moved away 1939 fearing the NAZI INVASION. The great Church of Our Lady is always full on Sundays & Father Wilson a musician organises superb music & singing.

1945 May - com`th Georges-Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX Widower to sing with us - he is counter-tenor & higher … & allowed to sing in the Nuns Chapel with them … ( he is rather an Archangel - he is said to be every ladies brother, son & `DREAMBOAT ` … However it is believed he is going to `TAKE THE ROBE` or the VEIL with that Voice ” says our Choir Mistress Mrs Taylor - she understudied at MILAN … )


1943 - Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM - age 10 years lives with her two brothers John 8 & Colin 5 cared for by grandmother Mary Helena Gordon (Teresa is in Prison for violence & after a year is to be in a Lunatic Asylum until the War Office can get Captain Fred J. Ransom back for HOME DUTIES - SHE MAD MOTHER KALI/Clytemnestra has a friend no Angel called ANGELA whose husband runs the Imperial Prisons & so Teresa is OUT for a wild Roaring 20s time every month ! CHRISTMAS 1942/3 has her at CLIVEDEN with her Noble Top Brass chums -

We children attend the Llewellen Road School Clacton-on-Sea Headmaster Captain/Commadore Learoy musician of Cyril Sharpe House-Ernest Dove HMV famous record was his pupil - Two James Weddell cousins are in school & we have in class some of the great Quaker/Nonconformist lines - because of Wartime we are all in this little delightful Town school/ We have 2 Humperdinck children very musical but they have changed their name 1st World War/ Our teachers are Mr Andrews BA Oxon for Science & Maths as he has crashed in his Lancaster Bomber : From Cambridge University we have Mr Armstrong geographer/historian teaching us & The Oratory Suffolk - his classes are geo-history combined & exciting/he knew my father FJR before he went to war. One lesson began “ the Ransom brothers 1820s borrowed a skiff & sailed up the West Greenland coast to look at what might become a new harbour at Johnstown - but they found the sea too shallow for big sailing ships - they went on to Jacopsholmen Island ” Mrs Read/degree USA/reads to us in winter Shakespeare`s RICHARD II & says it is about FAMILIES - We are to listen sew or knit - we wear our coats because there is only a little wood & coal for heating the school part of the day

Photos Charles Magowan musician with 3 grand pianos - Colonel Andre Malraux will become friends with him & with our teachers 1945 onwards


1945 - The Widower Georges Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX wrapped in mourning - Auntie Win Gordon ex-ATS said to him “… I would not wear that beret in the town Andre - they may try to buy onions from you … before the War we always bought our onions from the Frenchmen who came over with their bicycles … Colonel MALRAUX had his early morning `study` in the seafront Rose Gardens & could be found until 10.30am scribbling I read him The Forsaken Merman by Matthew Arnold …

HOWEVER … September he is discovered by Mad mother Kali/ CLYTEMNESTRA his old friend Teresa Gordon of Christmastide 1924-25 PARIS - & she is NO MUSE ( our schools have many names for her )


1959 - Harold Walter Poulter, Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums with Miss Greta Ransom - The Holiday Shops JAYWICK SANDS

( the two 19th century shops are a copy of Charles Dickens Old Curiosity Shop ) Mr Poulter has sent a letter he will come from Colchester by bus ` for a visit to the seaside as in my youth ` but return by taxi & train & taxi to Hollytrees Mansion Museum -

In this photograph he is saying “ I am deeply disturbed Child, about Anglo-French matters - you both dovetail together - it is not fair at his age to have him not knowing what is happening - he can be mocked alongside the General. 1953 when you first came to us at the Castle he was the bridegroom who came `a wooing - still a young man … remember the Colchester Madrigal Society had him in to sing with them …”


No 50 Lancaster Gate Square - 1998 - the two windows left on the 2nd floor above the balcony flags are where ANDRE MALRAUX lived 1953-1961. It is a Catholic Mission run by he & General de GAULLE with Westminster Diocese. IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS made it a Hieronymus Bosch HELL - (we own an HB - bought it from him/ Ransom farm, Basin Montrose, stolen 1939 Sept. by Jim Jong Major James/Carew etc.

1998 - Greta Ransom W. entered - it is now a hotel - I have my photo taken next door No 51. Young Peter R.W./photographer full of grace born 21 August 1970 has died age 27 years - He is another MARTYR of this IMPERIAL GREED by Gross Britain & Scandinavia - those dope-soaked thieves who slew the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES 1938-1946-53 so they might sell our lands pay their debts & live in vulgar glitzy luxury & grab more this great philanthropic Estate - & used their Armed Forces & Governments to cover up their obscene crimes ever after- I call them FIGURES from A MORGUE here Work in 3 Parts 1937 SUMMER






1945 June - Clacton-on-Sea - The Widower Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX is come from his swim - the tide is out & he has waded into deep water with our Youth Club out to the Pier Bay where the big Steamers come in - I wait beside his clothes - when he returns & while he pulls on his clothes I red him THE FORSAKEN MERMAN - the name Margaret has me feel drear - Miss Win Gordon my aunt says I must not say anything to him about The Estate - it is to do with your father - when he returns …