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in HARWELL Village

1967 November to October 1976

then Andre, before his death 24th November 1976, made his usual PILGRIMAGE to `JO`s BEACH` Holland-on-Sea & MEMORIES of the SUMMER that became PERFECT/PARFAIT 1937 He sits alone to remember a necessary healing for him the good souls who FLY HIM IN know the routine the last escapes from GAUL are upon a September evening at 9 pm & an afternoon in October 1976

ANDRE & JOSETTE they came from grisly blood drenched SPAIN 1936 & I Greta Ransom joined them next year August-September 1937 `1957 at 50 Lancaster Gate Square - LONDINIUM - MALRAUX reads his seasons of notebooks from his decades

We lived 5 weeks in the house

by the town by the seas edges

with the garden that grew things

we could eat

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of ANDRE MALRAUX 1924-1960s

Read by him 1970 : 4 evenings begin below -

the Pillar House, Harwell, January/February


The deaths of his sons 23 May 1961 France

1970 January - The Pillar House, Harwell

Notebooks 1937 to 1960s

1961 summer ( I MALRAUX came )


1961 JULY - MALRAUX is reading from his notebooks

his life after the death of his two sons


She came after dark to the Caravan - we had discovered the door was open and Greetah not awake she wished to kill her daughter now I found her Teresa coming up the lane I HIT HER - then HIT HER AGAIN knocking her into the hedge she went away

I went to him, her son he had helped her harm his sister and my life both of them were quite mad - heroin - other things

( it is as if he could not begin speaking perhaps - or he is trying to recall to me Greta, and explain to Peter J.P. Whitehead a newcomer from 1966 autumn, the HATE and MAD TRICKS we had about us the 1950s and from this time 1957 when we tried again to begin a normal life )

A STRING OF PEARLS GREETAH remember the old pearls I bought from the 90 years old lady who had been out in Shanghai when you first came to live in my HOME Saint Edmund House, Lancaster Gate Square we had memories from the years at the end of the war then HELL came about us we did not know why you went to the seaside where we used to walk to help your mother

( reference : October-November 1957 JIM & WHITES VICE BAR thugs/his mercenaries/ and Doctor blue-car paedophile Mengele HARRINGTON Royal Satrap and his expensive clinics nurse blonde wife booted in with orders I LEAVE their patient MALRAUX

They all PIMP upon the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE the globe with permission from ANGELA and her Scandinavian in-laws - )

1970, that winter evening ANDRE MALRAUX sing songs

( as he would sing song 1937 and 1945/46 )

and we would dance by the light of the moon (he croons the ends PJPW had gone to the telephone a minute, two )

And we will be entwined

In a house by the sea

Thee and mee

I`ll sing a tune

And you will go to sleep in my arms


( a tune `String of Pearls` is played by the Glenn Miller big Wartime Band )

( there was more it slips away from my memory it was his references in this to JOSETTE & our holiday SUMMER 1937 that had importance for he :

She is now in a grave in France November 1944 leaving him two young sons to raise, the eldest Pierre G. to comfort Vincent 1944 born the day before my birthday 10th March is only 7 months old when the accident happens to his mother


I could see it I am being poisoned I went to a Chemist told him got a dose. It all comes out in under two hours. YOU DID NOT HAVE TO SUFFER AS YOU DID Greta when we found you frozen on the ground outside your door where I have brought you to live with me

I am taking shorthand with his permission :

The Whitehead twins mother says later ` Why did he not have this printed up in a Broadsheet and hand it about - if you think you have been POISONED do this ! He is so god damned naïve, Peter `

I take it he refers to the January 1958 Lancaster Gate Square when I am to die and I have forgot there are two serious poisonings then there is the horrors of January 1959 with I and Arthur Malone & Philip Silverlee - we were poisoned : they trying to look after me, the staff, and him The young Catholic staff are all in their mid or late 20s but perhaps he thought the poisoning was in FRANCE ? the shorthand writer does not have much time to ponder )

1961 Summer ( Nota bene: after she Teresa Gordon R. came with a poisoned cake 25th MAY 1961 - see the pages on this that I have written/records/ & put in 3 Parts Summer 1937 )

ANDRE MALRAUX 1970 continues from his notebooks :


she wanted to make you into a hay bag She was coming in with a chopper or somebody AT YOUR HEAD You and the dead Kitty would be dead ! UP THERE ! Both beautiful ! UP THERE !

( Kathleen Gordon Vansittart slain horrible outside CLIVEDEN Astor house 1929 she is in The Clacton Cemetery Catholic grounds ) The faithful Politan/ARTHUR MALONE is in the cottage across the tiny meadow it is he can alert - Territorial Army & local people

( Colne Engaine 1961 Summer ) They heard her talking to herself THEY GOT THE POLICE twice ! She was ordered off the land (at Colne Engaine near Colchester) beyond the boundary SHE WAITED and came back

( Reports : - Mengele Doctor (G.P.) Harrington active 1920s-1980s as a sadistic paedophile, ROYAL SATRAP, bosom friend of Philip Mountbatten, is bringing her in his blue car he gets a big monthly income for hiding the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES children & destroying the reputation of all RANSOM families & telling coin less British Nobles where they can safely ROB Portions are handed to ANGELA for distribution to her families and her mobs : )

ANDRE MALRAUX continues (1970)

1961 Neighbours the flat 57 Oxford Crescent, Clacton one house said `GO TO POLICE - shake her out of her drugs a fortnight she is an old cow we have known it all the while



To protect thee Greetah ! I got him ! Told him to get her away !


To get his sister and young brother killed !

HE SAW HER ! I could blow her brains out ! He would have NO INCOME ! I TOLD HIM THIS ! RIDING MY WAVE OF HATE !

1961 - THEY ARE


Here he was and she ! ( = John Gordon Ransom & Teresa Elizabeth nee Gordon RANSOM )

souvenirs from our travels all any way no order I wanted it all cleared out



( 1970 - Note from Greta Ransom Whitehead :

Gathered in some ways from his words and above :

A NIGHTMARE remembered in the daylight, lingering for some hours, came twice or three times in September after the birth of little Peter 21st August 1970 (Peter Rathbone Gordon Palmer Ransom Whitehead 1970-1998)

The words of MALRAUX about the possessions of those he had lost had risen from January 1970 : I think this had me with a NIGHTMARE when we were given the complete Pillar House 28th July 1970 I awoke with unusual bright coloured imagery a dream that had become a Nightmare

I knew in my sleep that our house was extended over the East Gate and it stretched into a single story extension of 4 rooms they were dusty I had to go in but it was dreadful and I had to put my hands over my head in one room One room I entered was still but it was with deep grey sadnesss the next was terrible and I could not enter because of a roaring sound descending from the ceiling and the air of the room but I knew I MUST enter and try calm the anger in there I felt the blows at my head, my brain really, and then a horrible hovering whine noise a buzzing it became but it HOVERED IN THE AIR OF THE ROOM the air was turbulent :

I was frightened but went in and began to dust the room not removing anything of the possessions I said to the SPIRIT that I would come every day and bring flowers put them on the windowsill which I had dusted now but I felt I could not enter that room on my own again I said to the VIOLENT SPIRIT I must enter the two other rooms and dust them the sounds began to lessen as I closed the door on this room : I went on to a room at the end it was silent and with a baby cot - I knew that nothing could be done here we must be brave another room, the fourth, I did not understand I dusted the rooms I would return every day and perhaps read stories and poems I WOKE UP

I had the same nightmare here in GAUL in the 1990s I felt now, with the RECORDS to be assembled, that the angry room was perhaps that of Pierre the eldest son of JOSETTE he was 4 when she died

Arthur Malone LAW Detective to us 1957 October to 1971 had said January 1960 `THAT GIRL Jo HAD TO DIE BECAUSE OF THIS in the wartime 1944 Andre was away Orders came to kill them both discovered she had got some POST from America it tells her about the GUARDIANSHIP the ESTATE she could not get a proper message to Andre `

Arthur Malone born c 1901/2 called himself POLITAN = Tutor to the Medici children several of us would not have lived if he had not been so very caring of us He was an illegitimate son of Arthur Duke of Connaught but he did not know whom his father was until Christmas 1959 when his mother and families, his LAW friends, decided to tell him

THEY SO SHOCKED by the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN now revealed in his work for ANDRE MALRAUX Arthur Malone said January 1960 You can call me KING ARTHUR I am pushing 60 and I am told who my father was I never thought about it had a happy childhood and good schooling and afterwards LAW studies The old man came to INSPECT us when I was in the RAF 1941 he knew who I was I think

.GRETA RANSOM who does not know her full names her ancestry : 1966 November onwards : Yet again insane jealousy is wrapped about me from creatures who only wish for HEDONISM and HATE everyone who had DOUGH


1970 January at The Pillar House PJPW and his TWIN Sir RJRW are having fun, getting dough, by demolishing the great RANSOM ESTATE I am to be kept ignorant of many things : the trend is to blame ANDRE and GRETA and insist we have NO BACKGROUND are without RESPECTABLE ANCESTORS then the old and new GANGS can go on with their HEDONISM and their dope growing and trading GAMBLING SPIRIT they have decided to BANISH GOD and retain the DEVIL :

THIS TEXT, taken in shorthand, IS OF ANDRE MALRAUX, a HUMANIST, speaking in grief of his two sons Pierre and Vincent ages 21 and 18 killed 23rd Mai 1961 ( in a car `DARE DEVIL style old 1920s Brooklands Racing crowd lead by JIM Jong James, Lindsaybuggarhs, and sadist Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON ) :

as a threat against he and General de GAULLE saying anything about the horrendous GROTE SLAYINGS of the CHILDREN worldwide by the British Nobles & Norwegian-Danish Ghouls under cover of the 2nd World War


ANDRE MALRAUX says 1970 :




I am (the) only one with light



and you Greetha go blithely by A blank Princess A DEAD DREAM …”

( there are photos of me Greetha Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM Summer 1961 1960s I am said to be CHILDLIKE )

The Uncle James in Whites Club has his favourite pit of SNAKES in and they PLOT YOUR DEATH

( MEANING IS : ` to his DENS does he still have the 2 room apartment back of Buckingham Palace given him 1921 ? so that AN OLD ESKIMO the highly educated, 12 languages speaking, MARGARET nee Ransom widow of THOMAS Immanuel GROTE can be robbed of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN worldwide ??? NB: Mary of Teck has dreadful debts and cannot stop her gambling opium and brandy from 1923 he comes to tea with her once a month with her daughter-in-law ANGELA )

( to WHITES CLUB & his Palace apartment ? )



Oh there !

. I have broken the RULER AGAIN


Nota bene : ANDRE MALRAUX readings his Notebooks continues after some explanation/reminders for Readers of Document in 3 parts ` 1937 SUMMER`

( for the last two phrases Reader, turn to his 1957 November when we seem for a few days to have GOT FREE of SADISTIC MANIACS who are PIMPING on this great GROTE RANSOM Estate

ANDRE MALRAUX is composing delightful joyful work based on his life and ` Matthew PARIS Medieval monk & scholar medieval drawings from Gospels and later recorders A SET OF SEPIA POSTCARDS HE GAVE TO ME FROM THE BRITISH MUSEUM : ` It was to shape up as a beautiful little work of truth showing his early years and how he manages to look forward and try keep holy households : he understands that was how he is raised by THREE GRACES, his mother Berthe, her sister Marie, and their mother Adrienne

( whom I call BERTHA - MARY - and ADRIANNA but not long ago is 1946 when somebody opens a door on this stolen past : 1946 when I am listing out NAMES for the 15 children we will have when we are married = He said 1946 Summer I give up I knew you would happen to me ! I am going to make an honest marriage as my mother and her family expected me to do !

And 1946 he set about mornings at `Stella Maris` home of Bessie-Martha and Annie-Agnes Carroll Williams, turning through the little 12 volumes of the months of BUTLERS SAINTS mid-19th century and listed out his choices for our coming children - he preferred the Gaelic and Celtic names but he still was hesitant about a BOUDICEA & he suggested we limit the family to 9 or even 7 children or he might be laughed at in PARIS )

And I have put our recollections of 1957 autumn, of his work with drawings and text, that he began November 1957 at `The Gate` before it was STOLEN from us by December 1957 (50 Lancaster Gate Square St Edmund House) AND ALL HELL BEGAN TO BREAK ABOUT US

and attacks with dope & needles, powders on pillows, were now really intended to KILL to stop him going to GUYANAS for General de GAULLE But a Miss CHINA BIOLOGIST came in and saved my life and that is recorded I meet her 1986 in CHINA a photograph of her is on FACEBOOK

( NB: The Rules of FACEBOOK are you must send E-mail to my site for permission - and I give it rather defeats the purpose for this work but it is free site : )

WORDPRESS does not take photos : I should put more on TWITTER Now there is J I M D O and photos - pictures etc - will be posted on this as the work continues

She is on TWITTER this afternoon - 28th December 2011 AD she and I together she held my hand and showed me about her University CHINA 1986 you can read of her miracle overriding the monster `Mengele` Doctor Harrington January 1959 Her brave visit & sending a real Doctor in to me had both ANDRE MALRAUX in Paris and me released from DEATH by poisons :

Reader will find Andre Malraux and MATTHEW PARIS given in 1937 SUMMER 3 Parts (a scaffolding for the work ahead)

I believe it is in Part 3 I am very sorry no fine index :

1970 in winter - January/February : ANDRE MALRAUX continues at The Pillar House, Harwell



I could get in the caravan

( Summer 1961)

(Yes, suddenly the catch did not close - not just not lock I could sometimes remember to tie the door up inside & their was a tiny bolt Brown had put on in February - but a heavy thud from outside could probably take it off GR )

You were asleep Greetah I know your form so well little feet a mole on chin long hair AH ! AH ! A ROW OF PEARLS ON ONE ARM ! Pin pricks ! You could not wake up !

I, myself, was slow no memory it was same ( but I could recall the times we met at the seaside )

Your hip 1937 SHEshe - SHE SLOW SLOW I am slow - a string of pearls = I could recall SUMMER 1937

I HIT HER ! HIT HER AGAIN ! And told her rotten son John and that runt (bastard brother) Edward Grey (du Cann MP) the grey pool Annie spoke of him as a grey pool

( this Imperial MOB 20th century are on heroin/plus a fearful dope grown in Scotland : now they play about with LSD Mengele Dr HARRINGTON mixes them cocktails of DOPES he says he is experimenting for the British National Health Service )

(It is he finds Teresa hiding in the lane at midnight Summer 1961 I had thought this was the man come back from USA Dr John RAY Malone Detective spoke upon it one NIGHTWATCH but he was alone & had to dismiss his hired detective who was being corrupted & this threatening the Agency he worked for )

Sheshe had a go at Frank removal of memory and DEATH

??? ( I do not remember a Frank it could be Captain Frank GRANDISON to whom we sold our PIRN MILL ARRAN 1939 because he had the expertise to run it He is a RANSOM blood line ? )

I, ANDRE MALRAUX, will quote Teresa to you, Peter, Greetha (my mother & 1924 mother of Ed du Cann and ? 1921 Norway son of a Prince also the tragic Jack Gordon ? 1923 )

we live in the past my dear we don`t know modern ways

her fawning lying way the madness of her cunning

SHEshe (says Clacton town 1937-1961) HEROIN ADDICT !

( Edward du Cann a 3rd bastard 1924 of Teresa Gordon he has been reporting on good old BRITISH NAVY gold ring men who know of the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN he earns money he and his father have robbed our Estate in Malaya and Philippines they have cleared in moneys and investments and sales of our lands near 4 and a quarter million pounds for their murdering selves : they grow this dangerous narcotic SCOTLAND :

Winston Churchill told them to STOP but knew they & TRIBES of Angela would NOT stop - she has got a leg up to the summit of Imperial Britain and its Empire : She is the older woman who with JIM PIMP picked up the 7-8 years old Teresa Gordon already a good horse woman their interest in her was the 8 pieces of GORDON LANDS in Scotland & some in New Zealand :

( POISONS this is the dirty criminal murderer work of Expensive Clinics Nurse Mrs Mengele Harrington who PIMPS for him - bringing in rich patients to him from her Clinics - they do not know she, 20 years his junior, is married to him this fashionable Doctor HARRINGTON friend of Philip Mountbatten PHIL Greek a Playboy from Norway and Cosmopolitan circles `down on their shoe leathers` is it his mother who is the sister of Louis `no Dicky Bird` Mountbatten ? She has to live in a Nunnery she knew quite well Mrs Margaret Ransom GROTE until Aunt Mag is murdered by JIM for the IMPERIALS of Norway and Britain in May 1938 : )

ANDRE MALRAUX continues (on) 1961

I am not good at this I need help

( the job created for ANDRE MALRAUX is 1st Cultural Minister of France ( of the world ) - Amongst his Museum friends careful thought has ideas sent to SAFE HOUSE of Harold Poulter Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums who lives in the top floor of Hollytrees Mansion Museum

a file in the old Doctor`s Library is kept for MALRAUX to climb the stairs to at any time HE DOES SO ! Arriving by plane or helicopter to the small airfields Essex Suffolk of persons, farmers-local administrators-collectors of art- CHAVS & fisher folk - escaping with help in GAUL from nasty little vermin :

1937 MALRAUX spoke with Laurence Binyon 1937 about Museums and meanings he will have told JOSETTE a grown-up more I, Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM do not recollect hearing anything more on this matter at that time : if my father and his families had not had to leave morning of the arrival of MALRAUX for a tragic matter in blood drenched SPAIN the decades ahead of slaughter of thousands, millions, around the globe outside BRITISH EMPIRE would not, of course, have occurred : Such is chance in our lives :

( Laurence Binyon is a cousin to Ethel Rathbone Lady Whitehead, grandmother to the Whitehead twins these families 17th-19th centuries are all good QUAKER and Nonconformist families with high principles especially their matters of business and TRADE (they intermarry into DARBY (Iron bridges etc) GREG Water wheel etc/Reynolds Philanthropy/Darwin-Ball- etc His cousin Ethel she received a copy of his poem book published 1941 NORTHERN LIGHTS time of his death British Museum career with his son-in-law Basil Grey CHINA et al )


ANDRE MALRAUX continues : ( 1961 - related 1970 )

I HAVE FRANCE to care for

NB : MALRAUX spoke with Edward du Cann the 3rd bastard son of Teresa Gordon 1924 - MP at the 3rd attempt : JIM & thugs organised he get in for ANGELA

Records : ANDRE asked him Ed du Cann MP to GET HIS MOTHER Teresa Gordon IN AN ASYLUM that she was dangerous Cann reply is given below `he had his Constituency` THE REPLY of MALRAUX is civilized


MEMO : RANSOM families - he ANDRE MALRAUX our GUARDIAN to GROTE HOMES and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` ESTATE in 3 Parts encircling the globe - ( most OUTSIDE the British Empire ) - we are of 14 Races and 27 Nations - their blood lines = the past 2,000 years of our accurately recorded histories as SEA TRADERS -


to care for

NB : RANSOM HISTORIES/ANCESTRY is appearing on my internet sites : / WORDPRESS = is used for assembling, the editing work, and records arising occasionally I make a TWITTER entry or two FACE BOOK if you ask & JIMDO issues smaller Files of the work - and photographs and pictures ALL WORK ON MY WEB SITES IS RELATED - it is DOVETAILING



NOTA BENE : October 2012 AD : The ABOVE 1 -14 is on and main site it is advertised on TWITTER as ANDRE MALRAUX I SWEPT IN ON A WAVE OF HATE



General Charles de GAULLE :and



1957 November : ANDRE MALRAUX tells of the BLACKMAIL from Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON, friend of aristocrats and Scandinavian Princes and other GHOULS since 1947 SUMMER


MEMORANDUM : he does not know in 1957 that it has begun 1937/1938 Christmas when these PLAYBOYS and `whores` many of them are closely in-breeds, worst of the ROARING 1920s, learned that the erudite Margaret R. Grote had made him ANDRE MALRAUX full GUARDIAN to the entire Estate of GROTE RANSOM around the globe This is the ELDORADO they envy ` they have already been killing people for money `

HARRINGTON, born 1912, a known child molester with 1936 prison sentence Austria and 1937-1938 2 years Clinic England - has been removing all his RECORDS using British Intelligence : With his simple G.P. licence 1947 Hong Kong ( a little over 2 years medicine studies) he has been passing himself off as a superior Physician in fashionable circles he cannot be challenged because he is seen about the world with Scandinavian Royal persons, Earls and Lords of Scotland and feared PIMPS with great KUDOS

ANDRE MALRAUX has no idea a legal WILL gave him full GUARDIANSHIP of the worldwide THOMAS GROTE HOMES and the RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts - when he accepted GUARDIANSHIP of Greta Ransom September-October 1937 it was assumed he knew of the Estate of Margaret Grote and her Ransom family He mistook a reference from Mary Gordon ` the child must not be left alone - she must stay with the young lady and you - yee know she inherits ` young MALRAUX assumed it was from the sisters of Mary Gordon who had run Catholic Missions until their recent retirement :

He received a letter in October from Margaret Grote saying how pleased she was he accepted Guardianship she had read all his books YOU WILL HE HEARING MORE From November 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX had all postal communications hijacked by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS they also received help from his own household (Clara and her brother Maurice friends of JIM JONG and various British Nobles In November 1944 the British Consul France sent two gunmen to kill MALRAUX and the woman Josette Clotis BUT HE WAS NOT THERE her mother arrived at the same time as the gunmen a t terrible death met Josette 9 November 1944 when she is said to have fallen on a railway line - her legs were run over - she took some hours to die - the morphine did not work for sometime MALRAUX does not begin to understand any of these tragic happenings until January 1960 then THE GATES OF HELL OPENED WIDER )

May 15th 1938 Margaret Grote is murdered by JIM JONG who slit a vein beside her ear after knocking her out with something medicinal : JIM is a nasty little RAT to her family and to the family of her son they all dead - she feared him as did many other people : but he travels the globe with a woman called ANGELA now a Duchess they ROB MARGARET GROTE and the GROTE HOMES Banks where they can :




1947 JUNE : This sadist HARRINGTON a sentenced 1930s imprisoned child molester and from 1938 ANOTHER MOONLIGHT WORKER for NOBLE BRITAIN and SCANDINAVIA got hold of letters addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX sent to his FRENCH ADDRESS :

Nota bene : Colonel MALRAUX is legally divorced from the older Clara of the marriage 1921 and he is now granted by VATICAN status of WIDOWER of JOSETTE CLOTIS the mother of his two sons born 1940 and 1944 : BUT HE IS NOT TO KNOW HE IS GUARDIAN TO THIS GREAT ESTATE heirs GRETA RANSOM and her young uncle LEN Immanuel RANSOM

Good folk assume the popular in Clacton-on-Sea Frenchman of LETTERS, now asked to assist in French Government matters, knows of his GUARDIANSHIP to GROTE HOMES and the RANSOM ESTATE worldwide :

and it MUST BE a matter of discretion for he and the father of Greta, 2nd World War Army Captain FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM and the FRENCHMAN General Charles de GAULLE : people do not speak out clearly on what they are certain others know and what they believe is under control :

THE SURPRISE : 1947 February : ANDRE MALRAUX HAS BEEN GIVEN PERMISSION for `Early Wedding` to his Ward Greta Ransom

(See WEDDING of GRACE on )

MEMO : PACELLI now POPE PIUS 12 from 1959 knows the RANSOM families and the GORDON families from his extreme youth

Known as `young Pacelli` to the older families, he POPE PIUS XII, is sad that Mary Helena Gordon born 1870 died 1944 (she was poisoned by Noble Britain - she was awaiting a DOCUMENT to allow her to take her granddaughter to Southern Ireland and then to ROME or to the USA ) is overjoyed that GUARDIAN and senior HEIR Greetah wish to marry

THE FAMILIES ARE TO HIM, PACELLI, OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY he and Mary Gordon would speak upon the telephone 1930s about her grandchild Greta Ransom :

MEMO : 1935 in ROME : he `young Pacelli` had a meeting with the child in ROME - her father introduced her and left her to speak with him for a half hour - it was most satisfactory on both sides : I Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM invited the tall sensible man to tea in ROME but he was busy that afternoon :

A LETTER to Mary Gordon said that he awaits her granddaughter for TEA - he writes he knows where there is a HURDY GURDY in ROME and they will go there and have their TEA next time she comes to ROME : an Irish-American cousin of Mary Gordon and her sisters lives in the VATICAN = and the grandson of Margaret Ransom Grote, whom he knows well, is a Priest in Rome :

BUT MALRAUX is a victim from 1938 of HIGH IMPERIAL LORDLY FRAUD by the criminally insane of GROSS BRITAIN and some inbreeds they have in SCANDINAVIA - PIMPS of violence and very low intellect :


1957 NOVEMBER - ANDRE MALRAUX is explaining at 50 Lancaster Gate Square

the Roman CATHOLIC Mission he runs with General Charles de GAULLE, Diocese of Westminster and the FRENCH EMBASSY in LONDON that he has actually spoken with the Pope yesterday in ROME : and The Pope said I never cancelled the marriage to Mary Gordon`s granddaughter I have a busy day go and see the Bishops agree with them you can take up the marriage again …”

MALRAUX says `The Pope was impatient with me, so I did not like to ask him more : But how does he know your grandmother Mary Gordon I must find out when Aunt Bessie (her sister) is coming up to the Oblate for tea I will ask her ` : see the other Files for this ongoing TRAGEDY )

MALRAUX is confiding to a young colleague and Greta Ransom - he speaks discretely to us on the matter of Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON entering this Catholic Mission and Hostel every time he knows MALRAUX is here from France - roughly every week for 2 or 4 days : Andre Malraux says he has just GIVEN ORDERS that Mr and Mrs `Mengele` are not to be allowed to enter the building in the evenings :

Greta Ransom age 24 years has told him that Mengele of the expensive Blue Car` jumps out with a needle some early evenings - he hides upstairs near my door - and that he has strode in after midnight getting the hotel type door key from the Housekeeper …”

((( BUT : The housekeeper is a friend of ex wife-Clara Malraux - they knew one another in Paris in the wartime It is Clara, mother of his daughter same age as Greta, that has ENGAGED this housekeeper : it is learned in the 1960s that the housekeeper `Auntie` ran messages for the Paris Gestapo `as a girl` This housekeeper was poisoned in the mid 1960s in her London flat she has to allow JIM Sir JAMES, old pre-war PARIS PIMP, into the lovely house he and wives use it as their TOWN HOUSE weekends

ANDRE MALRAUX can do nothing here : JIM JONG Sir/CUR JAMES Steward of WHITES = is known as pre-war chum to Mengele HARRINGTON and both are now corrupting young men in WHITES Club and have some `dicey` blackmail on older persons IT IS A VICE CLUB since 1953 : But the HONOUR of FRANCE is at stake we gather

At 50 Lancaster Gate Square : we are young people who know that `ANDRE - GOV - SIR` is a very good and clever man still very young in his soul : WE MUST DO AS HE SAYS :

Incidentally, I call him GEORGES since 1937 and since 1945 : his mother and his Aunt Marie called him Georges his grandmother, part Italian, `Adrianna`/Adriennne called him ANDRE when he was a child :

1957 November : There was perhaps 2 weeks without interference from Mengele Harrington and his wife who is likened 1953/54 to a Nazi woman Camp Commandent with 2 invisible Alsatians always on leads …” : ( description by The Theo-Pompous crowd on the Hill )

1957 December - The French housekeeper took on a woman to help her - it is learned later this woman was working for Doc Mengele she tried later object to what he and his wife were up to with dirty JIMMIE of WHITES : she dies by their hands


1957 November



given to his young colleague & Greta Ransom = why this insane child molester Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON is tolerated :

He has called us into his room at 50 Lancaster Gate Square : he begins to talk to his young colleague and to me, Greta Ransom : he does not wish to disturb the other young staff, all of us in our 20s, with private and unpleasant matters :


((((( I the child who had 6 weeks with he and Josette that happy SUMMER 1937 - and THEN TO LINCOLN to see the lands where the ancestors of his mother lived, farmed, fished from the 9th century where the first recorded name is HISTON = Castle Rising/the seas edges where the Thorpes are but much lost in erosion since the 9th century across to Kings Lynn and they arrive 19th century to Saxmundham Suffolk

MY YOUNG FATHER and members of the RANSOM FAMILY had to leave for SPAIN to rescue a young cousin he had the mob of the Earl of LINDSAY-Lindsey and others BOOT IN on the little Estate he manages for his Missionary parents - he was translating rare Ethiopian documents 900 years of Trading papers and family letters given to his parents to take to a safe place they are to go to safety in America the LINDSAY buried them in the earth Lindsay-Lindsey also destroy paintings of the ages if they do not care for them they steal I have one great great grandmother a Lindsay and she and her son Martin Frobisher and daughter Millie Frobisher were not like the rest of the criminally insane RATS )))))


1957 November - ANDRE MALRAUX : I have given orders that Doctor and Mrs `Mengele` will not be allowed to enter this building in the evenings :

I lost custody of my two boys after he `Mengele` played a trick on me - he spiked me with a substance - he then called in Physicians and told them I was quite an unsuitable persons to be in charge of these boys - their identity was not legal - it was in dispute

the PROBLEM is that I do NOT KNOW who these people are NEITHER does General de GAULLE

He after the War 1845/1946 (Harrington) was taking a Medical course Summer 1947 he was living sometimes in my house in PARIS - especially when I was not there : He gave out that he had evidence of my making what he called a crazy marriage in England to a schoolgirl insisting they were a family of no standing the mother had a long prison sentence, then another This marriage was only legal in the eyes of the Catholic church he insisted He cunningly spoke about the safety of FRANCE ~

He, = a G.P. licence only in 1947 =

` Mengele` insisted he was anxious to stop any knowledge of the MADNESS of his PATIENT getting to the public not offend General de Gaulle this matter could harm his work in French politics harm the reputation of France :

He began to offer his medical diagnosis of me calling me HIS PATIENT I was unbalanced given to wildness it could harm FRANCE in the eyes of the world he would like me committed I DO NOT KNOW WHO HIS CONNEXIONS ARE He has stopped the boys coming to school - I wanted them to be in school over here (they were to go to Ampleforth) I WAS IN DANGER OF BEING LOCKED UP IN AN ASYLUM he used my families they had known him before I knew him before the War

THE PROBLEM IS that I do NOT KNOW exactly who supports him in FRANCE and also who is SUPPORTING HIM OVER HERE : neither does the General

ANDRE MALRAUX continues to us : I am lately being told I am an illegal immigrant in LONDON and that I should not be allowed in the country :

So you see we must live quietly He has control with others, some I know - others I do NOT KNOW - of my sons : But this ends when they come of age I believe : I am hoping that the jeers behind my back in WHITES will stop once they see we are living quietly here ANDRE MALRAUX Nov 1957


NO we will never be left along ! WHITES under JIMMIE JONG Cur JAMES and other BIG SCUM are thieving from the RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` Estate many of these `upper crust` criminally insane have joined in the horrendous slayings of the worldwide THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN during the 2nd World War

children ages 3 years to 22 years of age speaking 3 or 4 languages and entering into work in everything civilized medicine/farming/sciences/music/and some just staying HOME taking up employment near their happy HOMES The children of the HOMES return home every 2 years some have grandchildren, great-grandchildren, by the 1950s they were becoming increasingly VICTIMS too I am told 1988 in Central America that nobody ever speaks the name THOMAS GROTE you will die :



Nota Bene : Georges-ANDRE also gave an example of the time wasting of Mengele Harrington He explained the madness of his blackmail over the boys and towards he and that meant blackmail against he and General de GAULLE : I may find a note of this Mengele spiteful un-playful `GOBBO` ~ When he spat it at me I would keep calm and say things like ` now, have you had a good supper when you work hard you must remember to eat the proper things and go to a nice film or theatre `

WHOOOH ~ He scared me always I know some things about his vile mad tricks told me 1953 and he has been BOOTING IN on Colchester Museums since 1953 he was still at this in 1960 - 1962 and involved in the collapses March-April and death of Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator


I will have him with his FOUL MOUTH at Blewbury Village and HARWELL Village and OXORD 1967 onwards through the years to the death of ANDRE MALRAUX NOVEMBER 1976 : and with threats at us, young people raising Charity Funds, with The SEALED KNOTT Society, Lanes Barn Wantage our events 1970s-1980s

He MENGELE was breaking in to The Pillar House 1970-1971 he was refused entry to my renaissance evening 19th March 1972 -

ANDRE MALRAUX, just back from talking with President NIXON in Washington, attended the evening MALRAUX CALLED ME A `FUNARY ANGEL` in my white pink frock I shall now have some PICS taken on the APPLE phone by a friend we will try illustrate GATES OF HELL and the atmosphere about us in our lives from creatures who slew the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN to get ` DOUGH ` Greta Ransom


((( 1940s - `Mengele` HARRINGTON had begun to have it known he studied CHILDREN at RISK He boasted that he had even got himself ARRESTED years ago to study the system of abuse by talking to those imprisoned He got howled out of a symposium 1950s by saying he could prove that the child enticed the adult and he could tell from the expression in the eyes of a baby if it was born with this evil intention to lure adult men )))



NOTA BENE : October 2012 AD - the above is on two sites : the main site and

TWITTER has a note for the above piece GENERAL de GAULLE -BLACKMAIL - by ARISTOCRAT BRITAIN :



TAIL-LIGHT - above 22 pages :

November 1957 - LONDON-PARIS :

General Charles de GAULLE &

Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX unknowingly

receive massive deceit from

1937/1938 XMAS :

Obscene deceit and violence from British Government Lords, Scandinavian ghouls, and Crowns

These two good men do not know of the WILL to the Estate of Margareth RANSOM Mrs THOMAS Immanuel GROTE TIGGY whose idea 1964 began the real HOMES for orphans worldwide set upon the centuries of RANSOM LANDS :

Keep in mind that we RANSOM are 14 races and 27 nations thus called by the British Crown & its Scandinavian GHOULS and Scotland Tribes `APES and ESKIMOS`

1958/1959 - Republic of China Workers saved the lives of ANDRE MALRAUX and Greta Ransom =

They report de Gaulle and Andre are two good men - surrounded by TRICKSTERS - in the British Government & The Whitehall & some in the French Government `scaffolding` Document in 3 parts : SUMMER 1937 etc to 1876 : = 1937 features the most happy seaside holiday for Andre Malraux and Josette Clotis and Greta Ransom at Clacton-on-Sea This site also has RANSOM ANCESTRY and short pieces so very relevant to this work featuring 20th century history :

another web site used is and this has finer work in small pieces

1957 NOVEMBER - Malraux and de Gaulle are being jeered at by British Aristocrats and their many Crowns

they are cunningly blaming their long time chum the superb horsewoman Teresa Gordon (Mrs FJR 1932) and her Ape-Eskimo kid (legal heir with LIR) Greta Ransom are `ENDANGERING GREAT BRITAIN and its RESPECTABILITY ` and also endangering the beloved Roman CATHOLIC FRANCE of GENERAL de GAULLE & so forth

1957 November Yet 1920s private jockey who always WINS their `Teresa dear` is drinking mornings with them all in the private office WHITES CLUB of SIR JAMES - the former Jimmie Jong Pimp now called dirty Jimmie by an older worried generation who find the VICE in this Club for GENTS and around the corner in the 2 BROTHELS run by JIM and Gang rather disturbing

1958 - ANDRE MALRAUX Gov - Sir . announces at 50 Lancaster Gate Square to a young staff member and Greta Ransom that he must go out in a dinner jacket that evening : HAROLD MACMILLAN THROWS PRIVATE DINNER AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE

and we hear the next days that at the dinner Harold MacMillan and others were very anxious to persuade ANDRE MALRAUX to not take French Government Post with General de Gaulle ` BUT GO and be HEAD of the FRENCH ARMY somewhere take an ARMY POST of some sort then blah blah blah `

READERS should note : ` THESE ARE ALL the British & Scandinavian CROOKS WHO TOOK PART &/or now DRAW MONEYS FROM that RIVER OF BLOOD THEY HAVE PUT AROUND THE EARTH by their GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and the RANSOM Settlements The deal for MacMillan is he can have URUGUAY our lands our investments and philanthropy to be demolished :

((((( Yes - so they can get him MALRAUX assassinated in Algiers or somewhere )))))

( SLIMEY & SOAPY are the GLITZY NOBLES of GROSS Britain high on heroin, Divinorum Salvia Scotland, and adding LSD the nasty little runts & slags GLOW ACID GREEN in the DARK : 1950s and the 1960s opinions of City of London/various other Institutions England and overseas )

NOTA BENE : October 1957 - OFFICE of the PRIME MINISTER of GROSS BRITAIN a Nation welcoming very cheap labour from its EMPIRE fringes but denying the GENOCIDE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and the 1938-1950s VIOLENT THEFT of the RANSOM LANDS and the smashing of the `Grote Ransom delicate philanthropic FLOWER GARDEN AROUND THE EARTH

Our RANSOM Grote Homes Estate in 3 Parts, a source that can never run dry because of its 18th-19th century HUMANIST investment in advancing technology - TRANSPORT - farming These criminally insane are thieving all this using their BRITISH GOVERNMENT of ARISTOCRATS and SCOTS TRIBES including at the forefront LINDSAY-buggars and the Glamis BLOODY LIARS

and cunningly removing our GRANTS to medical research/the arts/education/mining/fresh water and electricity in South America and Asia since the late 19th century : Using the British Diplomatic workers to empty BANKS in little nations making they and so many sections of British Government and Administration become THE NATIONAL INDUSTRY OF MOONLIGHT OBSCENE sadistic FUN for those at the top RAISED to be criminally insane

NB : Research workers can give you political economy FACTS here : Intelligent HUMANISTS do not need me to extract more from the decades of the 20th century RECORDS :

persons about HAROLD MACMILLAN Prime Minister relay to a senior member staff of ANDRE MALRAUX that aristocrat MACMILLAN finding Greetah and ANDRE are with many supporters of distinction England and France has said with solemnity one morning October 1957

IT WOULD BE BETTER IF ANDRE and GREETAH WERE DEAD …” ( Harold Macmillan, his office, October 1957 )

MEMORANDUM : This is the old 19-teens and 1920s randy CHUM of Angela former Miss Bloody Liar, Teresa Gordon = HER father and Uncles and Aunts have 8 pieces of GORDON LANDS SCOTLAND and a Peninsula lands in NEW ZEALAND and long time MOONLIGHT worker with JIM JONG - thrown out of China by a good family : And the dope growing & CULLING of HEIRS the Premier Earls of LINDSAY-Lindseybuggahrs GANG

JOINED with THEM by the early 1930s is the child-baby-molester (G.P. only - 1947) known by 1950 as `Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON` :

This is that HAROLD MACMILLAN given a LIFE BAN 1934 by the GREEK PARLIAMENT :

his wife is some kind of FUTURIST = having trouble from all this GANG the Italian philosopher etc. MARINETTI has labelled as picking fag ends from cosmopolitan gutters and they emerge from holes in the ground

1934 GREEK PARLIAMENT DECREE: a penniless aristocrat trying to rob our GROTE HOMES of ART WORKS, lying that he was a Representative from USA OF Grote Brokers - also tried sexually abuse the Greek orphans of 17-18 years of age …” )

MEMORANDUM : 1960 autumn France

`The Holiday of the Last Fall`

Len Immanuel (Ransom) said to ANDRE MALRAUX

I could stand beside my niece, in her room, 1958 late winter, your home, 50 Lancaster Gate Square, and SHE DID NOT EVEN KNOW I WAS THERE

We were told by that queer Doctor that she was stubborn did not wish to confess her sins It was me who grabbed a NEEDLE from him as he came up the stairs to her room I pushed it into him, emptied it into him I then grabbed his hands behind his back and jerked him down the stairs and threw him out into the Square - I have described him as `a BAG of BONES in HIGH HEELS - HE STANK ` : I could do this as I always keep in training with my friends in the Argentine Police the nation of our ballerina mother JEAN nee WEDDELL



I had no idea that YOU and General de GAULLE did not know of the full GUARDIANSHIP you agreed to in October 1937 and wrote a letter to Mary Gordon saying so (and she informed Pacelli of THE VATICAN ) You did not know that it included the THOMAS GROTE HOMES worldwide for CHILDREN and our family worldwide RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` Estate in 3 Parts : I and my brothers, others of our families HAD NO IDEA THAT YOU HAD NEVER RECEIVED the WILL and the CORRESPONDENCE sent you since 1938 =

there was also the matter of big sums of money drawn on a cheque book sent you from New York ? Replies to our polite correspondence received short answers `busy just now` `will get back to you` and so on …”

You did not whom I, Len, was - I came in because we were worried about Greetha I was allowed to use the name of a friend who worked in The Whitehall our family RANSOM were very concerned disappointed that Greetah Ransom had never been able, or interested enough, to take up her position as HEIR the education she had received pre-war had proved she was not born mentally deficient as her mother and her very NOBLE CHUMS insisted : and I am her heir the matter of administration of the Estate was very carefully worked out pre-war

REPLYING : MALRAUX said that ` 1957 November he felt he lost the way when SHE Teresa came in - put herself to live and sleep in the room he had given to Greetha HE PANICED OVER THE REPUTATION OF HE AND GENERAL de GAULLE the GENERAL and he, MALRAUX, had no other reason than SHE Teresa had a well known long Prison Sentence in the 1920s - a 6 years sentence Holloway Women Prison (1926-1931 release for kidney problems `

( in 1932 she married young FRED JOHN RANSOM father of 1933 Greta, 1935 John, and 1938 Colin - 3 healthy Ransom children )

MALRAUX continues : `He and General de GAULLE were threatened since 1947 summer over the Catholic Marriage 1957 November he ordered Teresa OUT of the building he even packed her case early morning when she refused to go she stayed out some weeks then came back in He constantly heard from she and Doctor Harrington that Greta was insane and a danger to everyone : he did not find this to be true but he found her forgetful :

Reports to General de Gaulle bore out her quiet nature and her interest in the world of Museums She had been working in Colchester Castle Museum 1952-1955 and kept her friends there He Malraux knew them Mr Poulter Deputy Curator of Essex and Colchester Museums had been up twice to stay in the building they had gone out to dine in places well known at the turn of the century Poulter had been 20 years out East - travelling in CHINA before the BOXER troubles `

That month November 1957 he had just learned that the marriage was never dissolved by POPE PIUS 12 HE HAD BEEN TO SEE THE POPE And he had said before dismissing him, Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX

POPE PIUS 12 = I NEVER DISSOLVED THE MARRIAGE TO THE GRANDDAUGHTER OF MARY GORDON Yes - take up the marriage again go and see the Bishops clear it with them I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO

(((( 1957 November : And the friend known as `young PACELLI` to the Southern Irish families of Mary Helena Gordon, and Margaret nee Ransom MRS THOMAS GROTE BOOTED OUT `young MALRAUX` ? )))))

MALRAUX CONTINUES 1970 NO WILLS or WILL that WE KNEW OF if de Gaulle had known of the inheritance in 1947 he would either have dismissed me or had me joyfully take it up depending upon circumstances He has said when we examined the WILLS March 1962 that he would have urged me to take up the GUARDIANSHIP and help these poor people who HAD otherwise NOWHERE TO GO

NOTA BENE : 1957 October : MALRAUX met my father FJR b 1911 - FJR read 1932/1933/1934 diary events to him : then my father is seriously attacked in London - the attackers are JIM Jong/Ed du Cann/JGR/and ex-Kenya-Scots thugs : Ivy Jean RANSOM would not allow MALRAUX to see my father again - she was polite but said he had to leave for some work … SHE DID NOT SAY HE HAS BEEN TAKEN ABROAD TO A SURGEON HE CAN TRUST … It was feared damage to his liver - he recovered - only to be attacked again March 1969 and killed by Doctor HARRINGTON friend & acquaintance of Crowns and Aristocrats … RIVERS OF BLOOD FLOWED ON …


1920s TRICKS : 1957 AUTUMN - persecution of ANDRE MALRAUX : Aristocrat `SUNDAY GAMES` 1890s and continuing into the 1920s-1930s were done to ANDRE MALRAUX and a French Minister 1957 autumn :

EXAMPLE : ANDRE MALRAUX at St Edmund House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square received urgent message from French Embassy London one evening about 8 pm … ` General de Gaulle wished him to ` go urgently to a certain COFFEE BAR London and LISTEN to the conversation around you … REPORT BACK … to General de GAULLE … URGENT … `

Georges the `BLESSED ANDRE` , he returned after two or three hours or so … he knew he had been `HAD` …

… He may well have uttered as he came through the door ` I will kick MENGELE HARRINGTON up his stinking arse if he enters through this door again … when I am in need of a good night of sleep … & MUST have PEACE to think and write … `

1957 November : I had complained of MENGELE hiding in the passage beside my top of the house room and jumping out on me with a NEEDLE saying ` I will not have YOU talking with my Patient ANDRE MALRAUX ` I complained to Georges-ANDRE of this and he said he had asked Mrs NURSE Mengele Harrington and she said I imagined it … Her husband was between 6 pm - 7pm working hard in Hospitals :

I said ` HE IS NOT !!! I CAN SMELL HIM … and I have to come up the stairs without my shoes and RUN OUT when I can SMELL HIM … that is WHY I do not come home until 7.30 or later … I go to the Design Centre, the Haymarket Tea Centre, or call in at all the non-Catholic Churches where they are OPEN in the evenings !!! ` I was hot with TEARS coming - age 24 years !!!

Georgie-ANDRE MALRAUX-Colonel Gov-Sir … looked at me carefully then uttered one word `D U N G ` … …


RETURNING FROM THIS COFFEE BAR (where was it ?) perhaps Boy Wonder Dreamboat of the Asian and Western Worlds

MALRAUX said much more strong language … He had learned some fruity phrases I suppose in SPAIN from the necessarily nameless = those friends he has down the River Thames … who are known to greet him with ` ` AL`OW ANDRE OLD SOD … ow`s Yerr Aunts ? … CARRY ON … … … … `

( = The Aunts are Clara and `Messalina` known to PICK ANDRE MALRAUX UP LIKE A TANKARD OF BEER AND SLAM HIM DOWN EMPTY … Doc Mengele Child molester HARRINGTON, JIMMIE JONG chum of Angela - he now SIR JAMES , & some of the LINDSAYBUGGARHS are known to BOOT INTO THE DOOR of the 1946 - 1961 rented Dutch style PARIS HOME of ANDRE MALRAUX and they … )

these British penniless Aristocrats had a book of TRICKS : Teresa Gordon had one … found 1937 to be used by her - she tipped a great tin of yellow paint over the head of FJR damaging one eye Found by her young husband of 1932 Frederick John RANSOM … the hospital worked for 48 hours to save his sight …

After her VIOLENCE I now BEGIN to CALL MYSELF PALLAS ATHENA the Guardian of our little Clacton-on-Sea ancient CLACTUNA heimat and our GROTE CHILDREN in their REAL HOMES around the globe … GROSS BRITAIN and SCANDINAVIAN monster Aristocrats do not like the nations of the world outside their EMPIRE having education in civilized occupations to ages 18 and 20-something … WE ARE HUMANISTS and BRING PEACE and UNDERSTANDING of human lives :

… A chum of all of them from the Roaring 20s and a bit before is HAROLD MACMILLAN who creeps about influential French persons … he was banned for life from GREECE by The Greek Parliament 1934 for attempted sordid behaviour to teenage GROTE HOMES girls in the Island Home -

… and he had packed in a boat ALL THE VALUABLE ART WORKS - paintings and sculpture … GAINING ENTRY BY SAYING HE WAS A REPRESENTATIVE OF GROTE BROKERS, Wall Street, NEW YORK :

… Urgent messages to ATHENS from this HOME had the reply ` TAKE ALL ART WORK OFF HIM … help on way … He is NOT a representative of GROTE but a KNOWN penniless BRITISH ARISTOCRAT `

MEMORANDUM : This Greek Island and the HOME was bombed to smithereens in 1946 by the BRITISH … Reports :

Nota bene : `HAD NOWHERE TO GO AFTER THE GENOCIDE OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and the continual theft by IMPERIAL sordid persons from the Estate

GRETA Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM for our worldwide dead






Gates of HELL photos October 2012 AD GRETA RANSOM


A girl in the air blue gown/ Thomas Hardy voices PHOTO OCTOBER 2012 AD GRETA RANSOM


Postscript = 1957 November




VISIT by General de GAULLE to St Edmund House 50 Lancaster Gate Square London …

( NB: full Report - FILE `Grote Homes & worldwide RANSOM Estate` - Chateau of young Gertrud bought 1830 by her husband Fred Ransom - parents of Margareth, John, and Poul RANSOM of Jacopsholmen West Greenland & Montrose Scotland : HORRENDOUS BLAZE PYRENEES early 1920s many young British Aristocrats die - caused by those who had no lawful authority to have the KEY …

1957 November - Urgent matter for General de Gaulle Visit is his concern over Teresa Elizabeth Gordon b.1906 Nov. (Mrs FJR 1932) who has moved herself into this house … and into the room of Greta Ransom of the Roman Catholic marriage 1947 =

The bridegroom Colonel Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX has just returned from a visit to ROME to speak with POPE PIUS 12 himself and heard the Pope say to him


( NNB: `Young Pacelli and the Irish families of MARY HELENA GORDON (cousins and parents MURPHY-CARROLL-OBRIEN families Southern Ireland) and the RANSOM families have a long association here with VATICAN ROME = but MALRAUX and General de GAULLE do not get their postal communications and DOCUMENTS and are UNDER GROSS BRITAIN and SCANDINAVIAN eagle eyes from CHRISTMAS 1937/1938 :::

MALRAUX October 1937 accepts willingly GUARDIANSHIP to Greta Ransom … this included the worldwide Estate of THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE ESTATE … he was kept from knowing this … the SLAYING-GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN worldwide by the BRITISH and SCANDINAVIAN ARISTOCRATS has to be HIDDEN … :

1957 November Visit : General de Gaulle arrives with worries - and tells how he has just learned of `a most terrible tragedy - a remote Chateau in the PYRENEES early 1920s - many young titled British Aristocrats lost their lives … he is to learn more in WHITES CLUB St James … … …

… he, de GAULLE, has seen the Papers of the early 1920s from the local PYRENEES Magistrates Court of that time …

On the list is TERESA GORDON born November 1906 the mother of Greta Ransom = now acknowledged by ROME as legal ROMAN CATHOLIC bride of 1947 special permission given by THE POPE :::: ((( Yes they can go ahead and have their 15 children - all with ancient Classical world & early Saints names)))

1957 November - General de GAULLE continued with sorrow and anxiety : “ … even now the DIPLOMATIC WORLD of Great Britain expresses HORROR at this happening to their Aristocrats in FRANCE

( … We know that is this Fair France of the dear General = known to old Catholic ladies Britain as SAINT CHARLES when they were charmed by he and his wife during their SANCTUARY in ENGLAND and the home in Suffolk … )

1957 November Lancaster Gate Square : in this Catholic British-French household doth ANDRE MALRAUX in his most quiet thoughtful HOLY SPEECH MANNER ask if General de Gaulle has seen the LIST and read through it ??? He will notice a woman marched into the little rural Magistrates Court without a name … but described as `A LADY of PARIS` …

MALRAUX then doth spake her name … saying that it was SHE born 1900 who had WITHOUT PERMISSION the KEY to this remote very primitive CHATEAU of their MOST SACRED HISTORIC FRANCE …

MEMORANDUM : ( sadly illegally pulled down between 1954 - 1957 and NOT property of the BRITISH CROWN but part of the RANSOM ESTATE bought in 1830 for GERTRUD nee PAULSEN wife of FRED RANSOM … both highly educated and RICH and into much PHILANTHROPY worldwide and in FAIR FRANCE … November 1935 we the RANSOM-Gronlander Frobisher Weddell family are talking at early supper PARIS with a kind man called WALTER BENJAMIN … “ ARCADES … IF ONLY THESE TWO HONEST MEN de GAULLE and MALRAUX could receive their POSTAL COMMUNICATIONS … and NOT be surrounded by TRICKSTERS of the LORDS of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT and CROWNS and some planted IN WHITEHALL … unfortunately in the French Government too : Thank you sweet Workers of the CHINESE LEGATION in LONDON these years 1950s for saving the lives of GRETA RANSOM ANDRE MALRAUX and General de GAULLE …

( READERS can go to / … and WORDPRESS carries finished and unedited Records … some references go on TWITTER … and other sites … THIS IS ACCURATE HISTORY

Greta Ransom for the victims of the LINDSAY Gang & other thugs and the former `Miss Bloody Liar` … = quotes from City of London 1960s …)

MALRAUX announces slowly … “ HER NAME IS … The Former Ms/Lady Elizabeth ANGELA Marguerite BOWES LYON … in APRIL 1923 she married the younger son of a KING of BRITAIN … Mon General will have met her during his years in SUFFOLK or LONDON … she became a Queen … the Records stated that she had NO AUTHORITY to have the KEY to this primitive historic Chateau in a remote part of the PYRENEES … … … …

… SHE born 1900 IS THE MOTHER of the present Ruler the Queen of GREAT BRITAIN … and was well known to 1920s PARIS and certain WITCHCRAFT parts of FRANCE near to the dusty Mansion of BOWES LYON in France - she had the KEY officially here …”

her lifetime friend is Sir James who is barman (Steward) in WHITES CLUB Saint JAMES` : they can go for a goblet, aperitif, there … this morning …

( Nota Bene : Dusty Mansion France now a French Museum - with robbed RANSOM-GRONLANDER etc properties in it … )

( 1957 Speaker/reports … `perhaps General de GAULLE fell through the FLOOR here … hearing the name of the mother of the

present British Queen … )

NB: A known quote from a fashionable GB diplomat `A diplomat is a man who goes abroad to LIE for his Government … ` … … …

1957 November - Teresa Eliz. Gordon (Mrs Frederick John RANSOM) rode a black horse mid-morning from one Barracks to another - across London - Policemen stopped traffic for her …

… Perhaps she told them, as in the 1920s, that she was RICHARD 1st returned from The CRUSADES - she rode that big black horse into WESTMINSTER HALL : 1957 November - the news of this RIDE must have spoilt lunch and supper of several persons … perhaps …

1957 NOVEMBER = has several unusual `happenings` for this month/some on this and other sites/

REMEMBER : … the 4 ABDUCTIONS of the legal 1933 onwards heir Greta Ransom and the curious illness spells of ANDRE MALRAUX her legal GUARDIAN of her body-spirit-and worldwide ESTATE

( in attendance Doc `Mengele` HARRINGTON child abuser - a friend of Phil the Greek and his Uncle Louis Dicky-Bird Mountbatten RN ) …

the worldwide Estate of RANSOM includes THOMAS Immanuel GROTE HOMES = our million worldwide children burned in pits and off-shores in nets …

done by the BRITISH & Scandinavian ARISTOCRATS so cunningly in the 2nd World War :

1957 NOVEMBER : A MINISTER of FRANCE telephoning MALRAUX quite early one November morning to say `he had gone MAD or ANDRE had … what was the significance of this box of decaying FROGS LEGS with a most HORRIBLE EYE in the middle … ??? ` …

1957 NOVEMBER : SIR JAMES (the pre-War Jimmie Jong Mr Pong/suddenly a Major with INTELLIGENCE 2 Man Unit back of Buckingham Palace 1939-1944...) now Steward of WHITES Club ( 2 brothels around the corner to be patronized by young members to help CLUB FUNDS = DOPES on sale in CLUB kept bottom shelf in Jim`s Private Office - HERE DRINK SOME MORNINGS Clara Malraux/Messalina/Mrs Jimmie/Mrs Nurse Mengele HARRINGTON - a blonde with 2 invisible Alsatian dogs she patrols MALRAUX and does WATCH sometimes in PARIS on the 2 sons of Andre Malraux - not allowed to come to Ampleforth School by some kind of DECREE got by `Mengele` in FRANCE in 1947 … he and they discovered the legal Roman Catholic Wedding to the HEIR - an ESTATE TO WHICH MALRAUX IS LEGAL GUARDIAN … RECORDS/Reports/letters/tapes-oral … of these frightening sadistic DOPES FUNDED crimes … )

JIM JONG Cur JAMES collects 100 pounds in a paper bag every Friday night from the young Worker on `duty late evening` …

1957 NOVEMBER : Greta Ransom age 24 years has her clothes missing day by day - she is searched Orders Jim and Mengele HARRINGTON … her mother BOOTS IN and calls Andre MALRAUX `old fossil` = he and young friends helped she and Miss Plunket Green December 1924 Deauville-Paris … they had been ROBBED by dirty JIMMIE JONG … & other web sites :

1957 NOVEMBER : MANY UNCIVILIZED FRIGHTENING THINGS HAPPEN 1957 November - and the years the months from my birth 11th March 1933 and to ANDRE born November 1901 and JOSETTE CLOTIS MALRAUX from Christmas 1937/1938 :

he gladly taking GUARDIANSHIP of Greta Ransom in October 1937 … a letter from Margaret Grote received by him says she is very happy he accepts and “ … you will be hearing more … ” … HE NEVER DID … Records explain throughout this Work why he did not and WHY he and General de GAULLE are DECEIVED … until March 1962 :

FRANCE RECEIVED SUCH AN HONOUR - Young MAN of LETTERS ANDRE MALRAUX made the legal GUARDIAN to a most civilized agreed worldwide Estate outside British Empire =

… … … many Records are collected throughout the initial web site work launched January 1911 (100 years anniversary of the birth of my young father, polymath, great humanist, good soldier, who has had to take the full weight of the violence from COIN-LESS IMPERIAL MONSTERS those FIGURES FROM A MORGUE … gone mad from upbringing and given such KUDOS too … LESSON to be LEARNED here …

Greta F. W. M. Cae. RANSOM = October 2012 AD …

NB : the photos of me posed as in the past - same clothes - are taken September October 2012 AD … they are appearing on