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1947 JUNE : This sadist HARRINGTON a sentenced 1930s imprisoned child molester and from 1938 ANOTHER MOONLIGHT WORKER for NOBLE BRITAIN and SCANDINAVIA got hold of letters addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX sent to his FRENCH ADDRESS :

Nota bene : Colonel MALRAUX is legally divorced from the older Clara of the marriage 1921 and he is now granted by VATICAN status of WIDOWER of JOSETTE CLOTIS the mother of his two sons born 1940 and 1944 : BUT HE IS NOT TO KNOW HE IS GUARDIAN TO THIS GREAT ESTATE heirs GRETA RANSOM and her young uncle LEN Immanuel RANSOM

Good folk assume the popular in Clacton-on-Sea Frenchman of LETTERS, now asked to assist in French Government matters, knows of his GUARDIANSHIP to GROTE HOMES and the RANSOM ESTATE worldwide :

and it MUST BE a matter of discretion for he and the father of Greta, 2nd World War Army Captain FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM and the FRENCHMAN General Charles de GAULLE : people do not speak out clearly on what they are certain others know and what they believe is under control :

THE SURPRISE : 1947 February : ANDRE MALRAUX HAS BEEN GIVEN PERMISSION for `Early Wedding` to his Ward Greta Ransom

(See WEDDING of GRACE on )

MEMO : PACELLI now POPE PIUS 12 from 1959 knows the RANSOM families and the GORDON families from his extreme youth

Known as `young Pacelli` to the older families, he POPE PIUS XII, is sad that Mary Helena Gordon born 1870 died 1944 (she was poisoned by Noble Britain - she was awaiting a DOCUMENT to allow her to take her granddaughter to Southern Ireland and then to ROME or to the USA ) is overjoyed that GUARDIAN and senior HEIR Greetah wish to marry

THE FAMILIES ARE TO HIM, PACELLI, OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY he and Mary Gordon would speak upon the telephone 1930s about her grandchild Greta Ransom :

MEMO : 1935 in ROME : he `young Pacelli` had a meeting with the child in ROME - her father introduced her and left her to speak with him for a half hour - it was most satisfactory on both sides : I Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM invited the tall sensible man to tea in ROME but he was busy that afternoon :

A LETTER to Mary Gordon said that he awaits her granddaughter for TEA - he writes he knows where there is a HURDY GURDY in ROME and they will go there and have their TEA next time she comes to ROME : an Irish-American cousin of Mary Gordon and her sisters lives in the VATICAN = and the grandson of Margaret Ransom Grote, whom he knows well, is a Priest in Rome :

BUT MALRAUX is a victim from 1938 of HIGH IMPERIAL LORDLY FRAUD by the criminally insane of GROSS BRITAIN and some inbreeds they have in SCANDINAVIA - PIMPS of violence and very low intellect :


1957 NOVEMBER - ANDRE MALRAUX is explaining at 50 Lancaster Gate Square

the Roman CATHOLIC Mission he runs with General Charles de GAULLE, Diocese of Westminster and the FRENCH EMBASSY in LONDON that he has actually spoken with the Pope yesterday in ROME : and The Pope said I never cancelled the marriage to Mary Gordon`s granddaughter I have a busy day go and see the Bishops agree with them you can take up the marriage again …”

MALRAUX says `The Pope was impatient with me, so I did not like to ask him more : But how does he know your grandmother Mary Gordon I must find out when Aunt Bessie (her sister) is coming up to the Oblate for tea I will ask her ` : see the other Files for this ongoing TRAGEDY )

MALRAUX is confiding to a young colleague and Greta Ransom - he speaks discretely to us on the matter of Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON entering this Catholic Mission and Hostel every time he knows MALRAUX is here from France - roughly every week for 2 or 4 days : Andre Malraux says he has just GIVEN ORDERS that Mr and Mrs `Mengele` are not to be allowed to enter the building in the evenings :

Greta Ransom age 24 years has told him that Mengele of the expensive Blue Car` jumps out with a needle some early evenings - he hides upstairs near my door - and that he has strode in after midnight getting the hotel type door key from the Housekeeper …”

((( BUT : The housekeeper is a friend of ex wife-Clara Malraux - they knew one another in Paris in the wartime It is Clara, mother of his daughter same age as Greta, that has ENGAGED this housekeeper : it is learned in the 1960s that the housekeeper `Auntie` ran messages for the Paris Gestapo `as a girl` This housekeeper was poisoned in the mid 1960s in her London flat she has to allow JIM Sir JAMES, old pre-war PARIS PIMP, into the lovely house he and wives use it as their TOWN HOUSE weekends

ANDRE MALRAUX can do nothing here : JIM JONG Sir/CUR JAMES Steward of WHITES = is known as pre-war chum to Mengele HARRINGTON and both are now corrupting young men in WHITES Club and have some `dicey` blackmail on older persons IT IS A VICE CLUB since 1953 : But the HONOUR of FRANCE is at stake we gather

At 50 Lancaster Gate Square : we are young people who know that `ANDRE - GOV - SIR` is a very good and clever man still very young in his soul : WE MUST DO AS HE SAYS :

Incidentally, I call him GEORGES since 1937 and since 1945 : his mother and his Aunt Marie called him Georges his grandmother, part Italian, `Adrianna`/Adriennne called him ANDRE when he was a child :

1957 November : There was perhaps 2 weeks without interference from Mengele Harrington and his wife who is likened 1953/54 to a Nazi woman Camp Commandent with 2 invisible Alsatians always on leads …” : ( description by The Theo-Pompous crowd on the Hill )

1957 December - The French housekeeper took on a woman to help her - it is learned later this woman was working for Doc Mengele she tried later object to what he and his wife were up to with dirty JIMMIE of WHITES : she dies by their hands


1957 November



given to his young colleague & Greta Ransom = why this insane child molester Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON is tolerated :

He has called us into his room at 50 Lancaster Gate Square : he begins to talk to his young colleague and to me, Greta Ransom : he does not wish to disturb the other young staff, all of us in our 20s, with private and unpleasant matters :


((((( I the child who had 6 weeks with he and Josette that happy SUMMER 1937 - and THEN TO LINCOLN to see the lands where the ancestors of his mother lived, farmed, fished from the 9th century where the first recorded name is HISTON = Castle Rising/the seas edges where the Thorpes are but much lost in erosion since the 9th century across to Kings Lynn and they arrive 19th century to Saxmundham Suffolk

MY YOUNG FATHER and members of the RANSOM FAMILY had to leave for SPAIN to rescue a young cousin he had the mob of the Earl of LINDSAY-Lindsey and others BOOT IN on the little Estate he manages for his Missionary parents - he was translating rare Ethiopian documents 900 years of Trading papers and family letters given to his parents to take to a safe place they are to go to safety in America the LINDSAY buried them in the earth Lindsay-Lindsey also destroy paintings of the ages if they do not care for them they steal I have one great great grandmother a Lindsay and she and her son Martin Frobisher and daughter Millie Frobisher were not like the rest of the criminally insane RATS )))))


1957 November - ANDRE MALRAUX : I have given orders that Doctor and Mrs `Mengele` will not be allowed to enter this building in the evenings :

I lost custody of my two boys after he `Mengele` played a trick on me - he spiked me with a substance - he then called in Physicians and told them I was quite an unsuitable persons to be in charge of these boys - their identity was not legal - it was in dispute

the PROBLEM is that I do NOT KNOW who these people are NEITHER does General de GAULLE

He after the War 1845/1946 (Harrington) was taking a Medical course Summer 1947 he was living sometimes in my house in PARIS - especially when I was not there : He gave out that he had evidence of my making what he called a crazy marriage in England to a schoolgirl insisting they were a family of no standing the mother had a long prison sentence, then another This marriage was only legal in the eyes of the Catholic church he insisted He cunningly spoke about the safety of FRANCE ~

He, = a G.P. licence only in 1947 =

` Mengele` insisted he was anxious to stop any knowledge of the MADNESS of his PATIENT getting to the public not offend General de Gaulle this matter could harm his work in French politics harm the reputation of France :

He began to offer his medical diagnosis of me calling me HIS PATIENT I was unbalanced given to wildness it could harm FRANCE in the eyes of the world he would like me committed I DO NOT KNOW WHO HIS CONNEXIONS ARE He has stopped the boys coming to school - I wanted them to be in school over here (they were to go to Ampleforth) I WAS IN DANGER OF BEING LOCKED UP IN AN ASYLUM he used my families they had known him before I knew him before the War

THE PROBLEM IS that I do NOT KNOW exactly who supports him in FRANCE and also who is SUPPORTING HIM OVER HERE : neither does the General

ANDRE MALRAUX continues to us : I am lately being told I am an illegal immigrant in LONDON and that I should not be allowed in the country :

So you see we must live quietly He has control with others, some I know - others I do NOT KNOW - of my sons : But this ends when they come of age I believe : I am hoping that the jeers behind my back in WHITES will stop once they see we are living quietly here ANDRE MALRAUX Nov 1957


NO we will never be left along ! WHITES under JIMMIE JONG Cur JAMES and other BIG SCUM are thieving from the RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` Estate many of these `upper crust` criminally insane have joined in the horrendous slayings of the worldwide THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN during the 2nd World War

children ages 3 years to 22 years of age speaking 3 or 4 languages and entering into work in everything civilized medicine/farming/sciences/music/and some just staying HOME taking up employment near their happy HOMES The children of the HOMES return home every 2 years some have grandchildren, great-grandchildren, by the 1950s they were becoming increasingly VICTIMS too I am told 1988 in Central America that nobody ever speaks the name THOMAS GROTE you will die :