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SUMMER 1937..

Josette Clotis + Greta Ransom

Clacton-on-Sea +






`Our Seaplanesgoing up for a beerGeorges-Andre`




Please read this document 30-40 minutes before you take your main sleep of the 24 hoursit is to learn from about THE 20TH century& HUMANITAS

`Satteus laetus` `I am joyful with sufficient`

Osbert RANSOM 936 AD969 AD




1937 SUMMER -




Josette Clotis,

Greta Ransom …

6 weeks



… and






Continuing all our lives …


journey through the 20th century …


1937 summer - ANDRE MALRAUX

& JOSETTE CLOTIS `JOJo&Joh` Miss Elliot - 5 weeks Clacton-on-Sea-East Anglia - then to LINCOLN - his mother’s line is 9thcentury A.D -  HISTON is the first known name - they were fishing and Sea traders - some farming … as Medieval SEA peoples of that time-

… The Wash edging  East-Anglian coasts …  around to The Thorpes - some lands gone in sea erosion here … Andre walked out to the very edge of the crumbling land 1937 because he had RECORDS that they lived here long ago … They were sometimes sailing either side the Channel, over the North Sea (Oceanus Germanicus of Rome its Republic its Empire … ) coming & going about the Dark Ages North-East Coast of Britain … MALRAUX line fishing trading The Netherlands to France - His ancestors are first 9th century at and about CASTLE RISING … then at Kings Lynn sometime -  His mother’s line reach a more prosperous period 18th-19th centuries at  Saxmundham SUFFOLK

… Those who live & support themselves by harvesting the SEA inevitably make marriages & have mixed their blood - it was healthy- (Greece & Rome) As RANSOM family-14 races & 27 nations from 92 AD Dunwich when it reaches Lennie & Greetah RANSOM children - Aunt Mag, her legal heirs - Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts A-Z globe - 1938 is the year of the PRESENTATION of the HEIRS in Great Britain and off-shore … we met wonderful supportive people … and hideous violence from the ill bred ill educated at the top of the pyramid or those clambering up … or let out of SCOTLAND …

The HOMES an American Institution for Orphans A-Z the globe educating to 18/22 years & always the HOME of the former students who will return, perhaps with families, & some stay home, going on with the good work in their HOME and in the countryside, the villages and towns about … = HUMANITAS you may call it … the children worldwide speak 3 or 4 languages and they are travelled to other nations to the HOMES beginning when they are 12 years of age … thus Ecuador has pen friends in China when we call 1936 & sit in the hills with ladies who knew TIGGY who gave them HOMES - did not leave them to chance

…  SEA TRADERS on marriage acquire a dowry & bride-   (Aurora Ransom pure Berber-Castile Town Council father-com`th with plum & Caserina trees & the land 6-7th cents)  - Andre Malraux … had heard of a visit 19th century to relatives at The Hall  -  his mother has photos - letters …  he knew as a child 7/8 years … when Berthe` began to tell him of his ancestry both sides SEA PEOPLES …

Nota bene: ANDRE MALRAUX - histories - information from his mother & her kin when he a child & listened to Tales of yore & yonder sagas of his ancestors at SEA- MALRAUX-his father’s line which we will verify 1937 seeing Monuments-records-His father’s line Malraux sailed  with RANSOM from Bordeaux 1600 to 1630- “not much after that we could gather from the records- say`th Frederick John RANSOM British Army captain 2nd World War- in March 1962 - attacked for meeting with Malraux-

1937 SUMMER CLACTON-ON-SEA - ANDRE & JO - Josette a young lady come for 2 weeks - they stay 5 WEEKS - then to Lincoln we go - we Sea peoples …

“ We became a unit-a family Peter - & here in East Anglia I  Andre Malraux come from Spain found The Gospels Acted Out …  I BEGAN TO UNDERSTAND WHAT I WANTED TO DO IN  my own LIFE … ”

1937 SUMMER HOLIDAY OF HAPPINESS - BACKGROUND -COMING DECADES - GOOD kindly PEOPLE … nice instincts … all HUMANISTS … at Clacton-on-sea & about the seashores, small towns and villages of Ancient East Anglia …

REPORTS upon EVIL & HAPPINESS : the GREED of a Class, many of them become criminally insane, especially two Tribes out of Scotland …. and the Scandinavian Royal in-laws when a marriage is made 1923 to the younger son of a King = George V of Britain and the British Empire colouring the world PINK in the school atlases we use in education …

Their lawless IMPERIAL violence and GENOCIDE 1930s-1950s is to harm-hinder the GLOBE A to Z - TO MAKE BRITAIN RICH : We RANSOM families and relatives, the GROTE CHILDREN, are to be nameless … and are to be sent to nameless Cathedrals under the seas =

…  A CLASS BELIEVING THEMSELVES DIVINE are COIN-LESS … without dough … they use excessive dope & over-drink liquors … many of them are fiends  bred up from their teen years on the dangerous narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland it produces violence and a sense of POWER if fire-blown pellets are inserted up their snouts -

Diaries 1937 on / JO should have another name, says Unity’s mother- unless she is going to the bank-  it was decided to call her again JO ELLIOT…Greta Ransom b 1933 tells grandmother Jean Weddell Ransom ballerina-& LIR b 1921 her young son & Fred.Charles RANSOM grandpa at ‘Jerusalem’ the tiny home Deptford Park-October 1937-of happiness SUMMER 1937 with ANDRE & JOSETTE-Clacton-on-Sea-escapees-

Greetha neice of  Margarethe Gronlander-RANSOM-GROTE Holder of the Independent Democracy Jacopsholmen Island

off Xristenshab by agreement GREENLANDERS the Eskimo-where we are to erect the university-POUL GRONLANDER-  …

we are committed by DECREE 1770- `KEEP A HOLY PLACE & to build the University to POUL GRONLANDER genius polymath catechist when you will` 1933 REFUSED by Gross Britain-Denmark Nobles of massive dope GREED … killings begin …

Imperial claws by 1860s refused GREENLAND Independence -

“ it should have had  Independence 1790s-1800 the latest

Reports/great 20th cent. Seamen/ “one sail Margarethe gave us the key - Utopia  -hope for the world - THEY BOMBED IT 1960 Denmark & Britain Shame Peter !  Shame !  Tall ships not safe until I took the MAYFLOWER across 1953- before we were used as Sunday sport by Royal Navies-` Alan V illiers …

` Got a jump ahead of MALRAUX & General de Gaulle- … used the State to carry out HIGH CLASS SIN …`  Newspapers reported this crime - but were visited by Noble thugs tearing out the files …

19thcent. GREENLAND Archives/reports/records off shore/ Late 1850s HIGH CLASS SIN of Gross Britain & Denmark sailed to West Greenland) greedy penniless nobles objecting to THE PLAY Season in the theatre on the Holm Shakespeare Racine etc. Schiller/ Classics first Season  184Os ran 7 months not 6 weeks as planned-  Intelligentzia the globe sailed in-  Orchestra was 60/40 often Greenlanders/Eskimo-all depart to USA when Independence Refused 1862 by Danmark/ libraries-ARCHIVES-art works-craft- Jacopsholmen Island-destroyed by G.B. & Scandinavia/Incunabula sold off to fund their BIG TIME 1930s- 1980s & on by Imperial fists-big boots: Greenlanders get full  education when an Imperial God gave sign- ANDRE MALRAUX IS GUARDIAN JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND OF HUMANITAS = Gronlander - Ransom Estate - October 1937 - eternity …

1960 January - FJR - Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM - Dr John Ray/ ® others - diaries 1937 - “ There are three reports of people seeing the three of you  `Going Round The Town`     Clacton-on-Sea- summer 1937 Josette-JO a young lady had learned this expression- & you little Miss North Pole were seen always with a happy face with Jo & Andre Malraux-  sometimes you & he were put to wait under the Tree in the town centre while JO  “who is a young lady”  went round the town with shopping basket … It was seen to be so different from SHEshe dragging you about scolding-pulling & punching you - on her rare visits back to her husband from her NOBLE FRIENDS … My brother Len has entries in his diary that autumn 1937 of your visits to your grandparents home ’Jerusalem’  & relating the Adventures with Andre & Jo a young lady- the 5 weeks of Summer … We became SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT -`

` …  We all had our Mail/post stolen - from 1937 when ANDRE appointed GUARDIAN - he accepted to Mary Gordon upon receiving a letter from Mrs Margaret Grote … he says no address but in her handwriting it says `he will be hearing more ` … he was to hear more ! Copy her legal Will in secret silence forbidden to reach ANDRE …   by Lindsay Earls & G.B. Government & Crown-our academic Aunt called OLD ESKIMO - by  all  of  them - I want to open your memory …` 1960 Colne Engaine records :

1937 July-September ` … Your father (FJR) others away in SPAIN that summer rescuing our Murgatroyd cousin-the Lindsay gang were claiming the Estate now they’d got Angela in-put the boy 22 years of age in the small marmalade factory his parents retired Missionaries ran with the local community … They killed him horribly by boiling him to death - your poor young father 26 years of age outside what was a happy home when we were visiting- he all on his own a Spanish night heard them pouring olive oil & lemon juice in heard the boy cry out - had no idea they were boiling him to death  - the LINDSAYS claiming us as ignorant cousins - & their Noble British SCUM giving them a free hand to rob … BIG CHIEF DIRTY BOOTS has been robbing us since the War … !  ”

( Kennedy family are assisting - they knew Tiggy & Margaret Grote … Young Kennedy wrote ANGELA a letter telling her to KEEP OUT of his NATION … this before he died in 1963 … he had, of course, known her mad spiteful jibes when his father was American Ambassador to England …

READER should understand that all the persons in this knew one another from 1900s onwards - especially the Roaring 20s and greedy 1930s …1920s PARIS Clara Malraux and her brother knew ANGELA, JIM JONG who has a rich western educated Chinese mother with an Apartment - the assortment of sponging EARLS - LORDS & those with a leg up on the ladder to the top of the IMPERIAL pyramid  … there was a nice kind girl richer than anyone called Margaret Sweeting who would try educate them by having MUSEUMS kept open for her after she had taken these IMPERIAL SAVAGES for a paid day out in the delightful countryside outside PARIS at that time   …  And there is the ex-jockey banned by the Jockey Club at 16 years Teresa Gordon with 3 bastard sons - her mother a Roman Catholic -

…  She is my legal mother in 1932 ANGELA & JIM at Frinton-on-sea got thrown out of the GRAND HOTEL Xmas 1932 … they were insisting dear Teresa their dear friend just out of Prison for them, made the MARRIAGE OF THOUSAND YEARS money and property wise, ABORT ME !

…  They were crazy with greed taunting she and my young father, born 1911, that she, dear friend Teresa, had married AN APE and an ESKIMO … The Manager at Frinton told her “ YOU ARE NO DUCHESS UNTIL YOU BEHAVE LIKE ONE - GET OUT ! ” In their usual drunken jeering manner they did - they took Teresa Mrs Frederick John RANSOM with them - and THEY  TOOK  ME  with  them … !

I present myself here, in my assembly of the vast RECORDS, my work for my RANSOM family and others, as the ROYAL ANGELA (former Miss Bloody Liar)  MOONLIGHT  IMPERIAL DECREED ABORTION of 1932 - not quite !  … Teresa Gordon-Gordon RANSOM was now guarded to the birth in March OF ME by BRITISH NAVY FIGURES including my future grandpa Alfred Charles RANSOM, his cousin Alfie Charles REAR ADMIRAL RANSOM, and Herbert Charles RANSOM,  and their cousin Count Gronlander-POULSEN of NORWAY … my relatives and I got born in COLCHESTER … history tells you that Boudi`cea-Boudicca slew a Roman Colony of retired Roman Army men, many with British wives and families … WE ARE CHANCE …

ANGELA (former Miss B L ) now ordered I be kept in a dark cupboard, not allowed to speak and if I walked I BE KICKED DOWN … she is giving all our overseas ESTATE to her children … who is the father of her kids ?    … Dirty JIMMIE Jong sometimes got into our house and did just this … there was also acid in my shampoo, in my toothpaste … a bomb Owl Clock for my 5th birthday … and much more will interweave as we go through this most Accurate HISTORY of the 20th century & the GENOCIDE that made IMPERIAL Royal & Aristocratic Britain and Scandinavia RICH after the 2nd World War :

Nota bene: The owl clock from Mr Jim Jong Mr Pong blew up at the bottom of the garden and made a hole similar to that of SANTORIN …

I had carefully carried it down stairs to the end of the garden - it was felt by Colchester Barracks and others that my tiny hands had moved the ticking CLOCK part on a bit … it blew up at MIDNIGHT … the Earl of CRAWFORD LINDSAY swore on his ROYAL OATHS that JIM and his heir were abroad …

MEMO & RECORDS : These NOBLE BRITISH MURDERS of SPAIN summer 1937  are :   are Premier Earls of LINDSAY Crawford and LINDSEY-Bethune … they use purple narcotic up their snouts - grow it illegally in Scotland - Divinorum Salvia Scotland - unfortunately my great-grandmother Millie FROBISHER has a LINDSAY mother/she not at all as these criminally insane - her REPORTS (Lindsay-Clout line-they stole Dereham Park from her) upon them are obscene & fearful from the 186Os :

Reader will learn much more as we continue with this history of a GENOCIDE of the GROTE CHILDREN and the RANSOM-Weddell/Poulsen = Gronlander/ INCA families … all of us related and administers of the great holy ESTATE :

RECORDS : Dr JOHN RAY Ransom = NASA-USA State Department/Astra-physics/Animal Management/LAW :

…   A MOST HORRIFIC & criminally insane


MARTYRDOM : by Premier Earls of Scotland and GROSS Britain LINDSAY Crawford & LINDSEY-Bethune (see true history of Zulli Sultan his pickled head and child, 1938 autumn, Greetah RANSOM heir with Lennie Immanuel RANSOM,  locked under the stairs kept from Convent School of Saint Clare, Clacton-on-Sea,  claimed by them from a great-great-great grandma bloodline … ) ..

“ HE (elder brother FJR of Dr John RAY Ransom/Greta’s father) WENT DOWN THE HILL TO GET HELP FROM OUR LAUNCH - SEAPLANES - he knew there were a lot of them (19 thugs)-your father waited until midnight then  burned the place down with petrol from the store - but 4 LINDSAYS  sleeping downstairs escaped by a small lorry parked behind a shed - he had not seen it earlier - The family decided not to tell Aunt Murgatroyd & husband the horror of the boy‘s death- Another reading- `They recovered the boy’s body-made him a grave beside the road where it would not be noticed-set a cross-& the local community took good care of it`  It was understood Lindsay-all of them-burn our dead-then no evidence of their crimes …`

reference LETTERS from JEAN : My mother JEAN ballerina wrote it to me - SHE WAS WINNING IN THE SPANISH COURTS 1938-getting the Estate back for the poor Murgatroyds who’d lost their only child who stayed to run this Estate & he was translating the Coptic records- SPANISH IS MY MOTHER’S FIRST LANGUAGE -she the grand-daughter of James Weddell THE WEDDELL SEA-they are dirtying her families Weddell & her INCA relatives- all of them up there !  - Denying our hereditary-destroying all records denying we exist using the State !   … ”

… They are calling my mother an ape of Tierra del Fuego - Jean my mother still dancing - SUMMER 1938 AFTER SHE HAD TAKEN CARE OF YOU at Clacton seaside THEY POISONED HER- & tried to lose her body-my father found her-by a key ring from Argentina-her case & handbag had been emptied on the train to London by Jim & Lindsay

(Earl 14) “an evil little pair of Jack-in-the-boxes ”

“ She died - I received no notification … I was in the USA - Len says they buried her in a dress of purple & lavender top & put a bunch of scarlet flowers in her hair-you saw her beautiful in her coffin  - THE FIREBIRD … THE FAIRY QUEEN BALLERINA  - MY MOTHER JEAN WEDDELL RANSOM -  still dancing at 52 years of age  … THESE CREATURES ON TOP WITH SUCH

KUOS ARE CRIMINALLY INSANE … ” JR®   (drip blood & gore)

Dr John RAY Ransom = REDEMPTIO - Gaius lands at Tower Hill Londinium 77 Ad and begins our line, retiring to SUFFOLK his direct descendant in a straight line has 3 degrees/Astro-Physics/Animal Management/LAW- he was to take up employment in USA SENATE - for U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 1969 spring - he was lured to our 1500 A.D.  Ransom Montrose Farm Scotland & petrol poured down his throat-chased over the farmlands - shot by Dr Mengele HARRINGTON called Royal Satrap-paedophile-sadistic killer, friend from school days of PHIL the Greek … Mengele Harrington is to put under investigation, to kill quick or slow, all whom know of Grote Ransom Estate - he puts his hours into a dept Whitehall - he settled for 1 million off-shore 3 Nov. 1953 given the OPEN DOOR to use the entire British administration - say he is PROTECTING THE CROWN …

He has been spying and harm ANDRE MALRAUX from 1938 - his employer is the Lords of the British Government : Clara Malraux goes for holidays with Mengele HARRINGTON - they have both been harming and deceiving ANDRE since 1938 = they also harm his two sons by JOSETTE CLOTIS - the two boys die in a car crash May 1961, age 21 years and 18 years Mr Hollis of MI5 called it AN ACCIDENT JUST WAITING TO HAPPEN “ … it had us unable to begin work each morning for two years … it still upsets us … You cannot tell what is out there, between us and MI6 … all sorts … ex-ARMY Kenya, groups of this that … you cannot touch him JIM once he got into WHITES Club …” RECORDS Hollis 1969 July … he dies suddenly in 1970 :

The sadistic GP only, Dr Mengele HARRINGTON  and Jim and Lindsay mob with their TEAMS persecute RANSOM families -branches - rob where they may … They have all known one another since the 1920s - His Employer is PHIL the Greek = He is protecting his Mother-in-Law ANGELA … he could, of course, lock her up in a Convent as his mother is … but Angela an ex-Queen is left loose to use spies upon RANSOM et al she and they use my numbskull mother Teresa Gordon R. They charge or slither about Gross BRITAIN removing RECORDS of all kinds …

1930s he HARRINGTON a PIMP has Prison sentences Continent - & G.B. Asylums history/he makes blackmail records-diaries- his evil notebooks seen by G.B. Lords & Crown  … every January 1 he expects to be a Peer - he is insane since 12 years of age - on Divinorum Salvia Scotland & cocktails of DRUGS which he pretends he is investigating for the British National Health

Service -

1982 BMA dismiss him   - no work in NHS hospitals - fashionable divorce coverage in newspapers exposures him somewhat in 1981 - Doc Mengele HARRINGTON b 1912  had a mother at Gross Britain Imperial Court - (ref. foreign & G.B. press) - Judge’s Last Case - 4 years later Law reports say  `he would have gone to Prison if it had not been the Judge’s Last Case - `

1938 - Harrington for British Government and Crown to squat/spy on ANDRE MALRAUX -investigate all relatives - kith kin - full diplomatic help can discretely be asked and will be given immediately … Mengele HARRINGTON  developed a HATRED and ENVY of MALRAUX & wished to maim him … Malraux is a healthy minded young man - Mengele HARRINGTON is a sadistic monster …  N B: He does not get a GP license until 1946-47 in Hong Kong and they were reluctant to give it to him !

1938 - BRITISH GOVERNMENT & its LORDS & CROWN steal Andre MALRAUX’s LEGAL COPY WILL sent by Margarethe girl of the SNOWS Ransom = she is murdered Ayrshire 1938 MayMrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE Widow of Tiggy GROTE of the HOMES - Malraux is to be stopped finding out he is not just Guardian to Greta Ransom, but GUARDIAN the world to the biggest Estate the globe - philanthropy - all his correspondence, his communications are to be examined … he is to be killed if he finds out … theft of his letters is helped by the spiteful behaviour of the brother of his wife Clara … she is a Paris associate of Angela … The British Embassy Paris assist in theft of letter to French President - May/July 1938 -

… The Will was in an envelope addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX-inside a Letter handwritten by Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grote to the French President - young Malraux to hand this to him - MRG knew Leon Blum & they had philanthropy together - he was no longer President of France 1937 so she did not telephone or visit in France - she waited for Andre Malraux to contact her through Grote Brokers … She expected to be in ROME late spring early summer visiting her grandson a Priest, and she would come to FRANCE  so she could talk with young Malraux … My lovely Girl of the SNOWS Aunt was slain by JIM JONG for his Masters and Mistresses 15 May 1938 … he then tried say I, age 5 years, was a spiteful child and had stuck a hair ornament in her neck … HE SLIT A VEIN BEHIND HER EAR … he is well known for this …

… He will do it again to an old aunt/or aunt removed/ of ANGELA … This old lady travelled the North America HOMES took presents to the children at Christmas … She stood up at a small Buckingham Palace supper and said  “ HOW CAN YOU DESTROY THE HOMES OF TOMMY GROTE …” … “ … Mr Jim Jong leapt at her the old lady tried defend herself with a plate … he slit a vein behind her ear … there was a cry for SEDATIVES … NOT PHYSICIANS … ” Records 2 persons present : `  it was a frightening experience - these men had come in with ANGELA who they knew to be mad when she was with Mr JIM …`

ANDRE MALRAUX Free citizen of FRANCE, never received the lawful documents sent to him - Vulgar British - Norwegian - Danish nobles had all communications to ANDRE MALRAUX stolen =  many citizens the globe were now threatened with death and met it =  often used as BIG & LITTLE GAME SPORT by LINDSAY mobs, JIM JONG, and many other penniless … their women were all acting MARTA HARI, Medusa and Witches : give them a broom and they will FLY IT … a saying as ANGELA THREW HER WEIGHT ABOUT as Empress of the Universe … DEATH = including our Hostess summer 1937 should she learn of his FULL GUARDIANSHIP to heirs and ESTATE encircling the globe  …

Large envelope addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX-letter inside addressed to FRENCH PRESIDENT handwritten by Margaret Ransom Grote …  withheld by British Ambassador Phipps Paris from 17 Mai 1937 …   to July 1938 when he hands it to Angela … she on her STATE VISIT with her delicate husband now George VI … She insists  `when she was a child an old Eskimo gave her this Estate` …

“ … The Will …  I threw in the British Museum - an old Eskimo gave it all to me when I was a child …` THIS MUST NOT GO IN A NEWSPAPER in Gross Britain … not until everyone who knows of her FRAUD is dead … unfortunately she lives to be 102 having access to superior medical care …

They are all on Lysergic Acid by the 1950s … as well as Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up the snout since childhood - family habit - and heroin and liquors … they drink bucketfuls …

Everlasting jeers came from a Mountbatten damning education to 18 years & more for orphans -  the others join him in booze & dope -


Scandinavia - Norwegian children put on low lying ground to be left and swept out to seas … news came from Berlin, with photos taken from a rowing boat … saw children swept away … rescued two it was felt … over 300 children from 5 years to 17 murdered … to get MONEY from the sale of lands and the investments in transport etc.

The last HOME surviving is probably 1956 ADELAIDE - they fought the British Empire to have a GROTE HOME - A million children fatherless educating to 18/22 years so offended G. B. Lords & Crown … they had ordered the British Navy to use the Pacific Homes as sport from 1880s - Fat Scandinavian Imperial women and Aristocrats had debts and wanted more and more luxury … all wanted to be TOP DOGS …


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