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1937 SUMMER JO says she wants to return to Paris in time to  see Jack Teagarden (hear the jazz group) -by now I know that if Clara sees JO & Andre she is going to shoot both or just JO-  Clara has been seen waving a gun & threatening this.   I hear that IN FRANCE Clara could get away with it…In 1945 I will hear from Mr Professor Winnclemann that Clara was on cocaine/heroin when she was 12 years of age-/& more things-Hhmm…sounds very much ‘Berlin-1900s style of life’…

Early the next week I tell him Saint George Andre he should marry JO soon & I hope they will come & live in the Orford house & if he misses his little girl in France then I could come & live with them & go to another Convent perhaps- until they have some children…I would have to come back each week or two weeks to Clacton to see Daddy & Lennie when he comes down from Jerusalem…I was not sure if I would go-but the thought of living in peace was dwelling more & more within my soul- JO had been told the first day not to upset him  “not to row with him whatever she does & not to give him any unhappiness.   The trouble is he cannot stop talking when he is with other people-…” Harmony ruled & reigned in 4 days time- 5 weeks we hath had & now to Lincoln his mother’s SEA lines-& a monument Lincoln to the Malraux line-

1976 September - was to be ANDRE MALRAUX’s last visit…`I have put a book in Greetha’s head Peter- when she reaches maturity-I must leave it to you- I think in about 20 years you could begin-I do not think they can keep me going much longer…” Visit September evening 1976 to The Pillar House HARWELL…Victoria plays piano for him- Greta & George-Andre of The Wedding of Grace by accident given  3 minutes to speak-before we go to eternity & LIBRARIES UPON THE STARS…

1937 SUMMER We young people shall be driven all our lives by British Nobles & Crown  violence into satisfying their OBSCENE GREED JO dead 1944- so the sordid obscene BRITISH HIGH CLASS SIN may go on killing the Grote children in their HOMES & grabbing this Estate of pure philanthropy (administered New York-Argentine-A to Z the globe legal teams of the free nations)- It is necessary for them they are not stopped slaying for GREED- SO THAT THEIR CLASS MAY WEAR BIG BOOTS ABOUT THE WORLD-all cunningly planned as War strategy from 1938 & done under cover of 2nd World war…

Let us go back to happiness of we young people a unit-three four-sometimes 5 of us-a family -

ANDRE MALRAUX has spoken on that happiness that he & JO enjoyed-SUMMER 1937 throughout the decades ahead -& he visit’s the Clacton town & Holland-on-sea beach every 2 or 3 years for the rest of his life- by French helicopter or friends with little fast plane bring him safely from the evil about him…he vanishes-as he used to play Scarlet Pimpernel Britain & Gaul 1950s…

1960 diary- Dr Len I. Ransom THE HOLIDAY OF THE LAST FALL- Len was able to tell the boys from his diary October 1937  -THE THINGS THEY DID THAT SUMMER 1937-when they were all so young…`how they laughed-they had never known their mother & father as young people-or Greetha…now there had been planned a holiday August to Wales with Annie-& then another place…I, Len would share the driving-Greetha was to come & Arthur Malone POLITAN…That is  ‘the holiday of the Last Fall 1960’- then at 21 & 18 years of age they are in a non-accident Mai 1961-organised by Jimmie Cur James Mr Pong & Mengele Harrington & his evil Teams-usual strategy-they‘ve a pattern book for this-

1960/61 The World was waiting to demand

‘where are the Grote children -Mother England-

where are all the seashores, Reserves,settlements-

The parts of this greatest piece of philanthropy the world has ever known -why are banks emptied from 1939-why records destroyed-robberies, murders, Post/mail taken;

Lies-lies-lies- As reported to you 1940/41 “ the British Government has embarked upon FRAUD ”

1937 SUMMER “They want to get JO out of Paris Freddie- Clara will kill her ! (they talk on-I recall hearing & solemnly telling Len & Jean ballerina his mother my grandmother for we have to help all good people&- try convert evil ones-)….out East…he owes Clara money- her brother is in charge-he says he is owed it too-lots of interest…she is inclined to get too domineering & lead him on…it may not be as bad as they say she & Maurice…He sees she has all the money she asks for…Josette keeps herself she has always earned money from her writing…We will see if we can talk about it & help them…Clara has always upset him- living her has her own life sometimes…he is still very young-but clever…if he is left to do his work…” (THUS WE WILL SIT ROUND THE KITCHEN TABLE WITH THEM FOR A TALK…on their future) There is a phrase I hath heard in these years-but think it refers to the bed linen- `some women keep a dirty bed…`

1953 December Colchester Castle- Harold W. Poulter  “ Its come back with Wheeler-Paris Child- all the top Diplomatic force-Vatican Corp as well know it- He’s been kept like this-ANDRE-our young hero….

Out East a clever woman can always find a wily Chinese to teach her how to keep hold of a man losing interest-especially a younger man-  Now this is serious-Its been done to him since he went out EAST- He’s got to have help-you knew him as a Child-but we are not saying too much about that just now-BECAUSE OF YOUR AMNESIA- Oh young people often get it I’m told-  They have got hold of his two sons by this other woman who died…they should be over here at school with the sons of his intellectual equals- Ampleforth is spoken of-we hath had a word with a word with Master Greene…(scribbles in Castle dark winter days-a book called Brighton Book-Mr Poulter says Graham Greene travels with a suitcase of Seaside pink rock for every pretty girl-throw it in the bin Child..I’ll have him on the carpet in Hollytrees Study …! I am well chaperoned-one young suitor will come from Vinci- PJPW had a word with him 1970s-he had risen to the top of the Engineering Department Italy…but his mother had been helped by Margarethe Grote…we did not grasp this until 1960s- he lived !  His mother we think knew of the slaying of the Grote Children Italy-she raised her son herself & put him late 20s into College…We hear his mother had worshipped Margaretha Grote who gave her a position of dignity… IN 1954 I had no idea-he had a little English & French -Poulter spoke with him-`had a hard time he & his mother…but now got this chance…I gave him some advice…he’s about 29 years old…` HWP

Mr Poulter went on this freezing winter day-unheated Castle Museum…` HE Andre-young Emperor is CRÈME DE LA CRÈME Child- you cannot go any higher- intellectually. He’s a good heart Andre-still a young man-its rare to get two birds like you two together-you dovetail together-you will keep one another safe…it’s a harsh world…` HWP Colchester Castle-

Go & see where he is living.   I have been up.   A nice place young staff

all R.Cs.  He can’t work with this going on- what has come back from Paris…that is why he has FLED TO ENGLAND -Hamlet & all that- Child- Nice place-young RC staff-its up in Lancaster Gate Gardens by the Park…

The abode in Paris has a peculiar Doctor going in & out-generally disapproved of by the Medical World we have heard-without wanting to fall foul of the LIBEL laws people have opened up a lot on this…The Place is unhealthy for young boys who are not so as to speak born the right side of the blanket…

This Cat (Clara) the first one is older than him & should have known better about that Temple & Tomb robbing OUT EAST- she comes from a higher class-should have known better-not let him do it-  Wooley UR (Sir Leonard Woole y archaeologist)  forgave him after waving a gun about Paris…THAT OLD WINNCLEMANN is very highly thought of in Medical circles-they’d send a chauffeured car for him from London- he could have told us a lot that has been going on…he died about 2 years ago…” Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums Dec 1953-

1947 onwards Mengele Doc Harrington is using cunningly some dopes on ANDRE MALRAUX-destroying his health- we learn this 1957 onwards- 1960/61 it was believed there was evidence- Doctor Harrington Mengele destroys the health of older men- that he took commissions-received payments-  It is said February 1992 by PJPW & others at last privately investigating Mengele Harrington  `& he is responsible for killing your father- he was not to go to hospital but for a check-up with his Surgeon-madness was allowed to go on-nobody able to challenge Mengele because of his high noble connections-his social life in this country & abroad with noble figures…Nothing can be done-it has all been cleverly covered up…Graham Greene has died-I am sorry…

/reports/archives/Colne Engaine/Poulter himself/Rex Hull Colchester Museums/others )

1937 SUMMER JO had gone to London to research- see a friend- see a big fashionable shop or two have some peace…I took ANDRE George or Andrew to Soccer-football that is- on our little Clacton pitch by the Gas-o-meter..& we went to the Cinema the great big CENTURY opposite the Grey-Green coaches bus depo. This is in depth ahead in this BOOK of SUMMER 1937 to both of them from Greetah Frobisher Weddell RANSOM. JO can make lovely hats from newspapers & other things-we are glad of them on the beach-  She can make fans & handbags wallets-so many things a homestead/ heimat needs…

I tell ANDRE-George “Daddy has had to go to finish some work-

Harry said he may be back soon- Daddy says ‘remember 7 words

after I leave’ ‘I love you-I young Fred Ransom’ The eldest in the family is always Fred-then John-its been so since the 12th century - they all have numbers-sailing down the centuries & the seas-Sometimes Lennie draws them for me in a Procession-  We dug up the graves at Montrose last year-the Lady Japan & her daughter who stayed home for she was fragile & writes she loves life at home & sailing off with her parents to sunny shores-& the very clever girl who never grew-so her father fearing she would not get a husband educated her very highly…

Lennie says` Well-they are MISTY when we get back to Old Silver Goblet 7the century-they may have had to carry an Axe to defend themselves from monsters of the deep-as we should-  Aunt Mag thinks it’s a Chalice with its big R on the side-

Yes it may have become so-but Lennie & I think he drank his good Ale in it when it was new & he was of two faiths…well preferring to be a Christian of course because the Church was nice & solid & warm in winter & at Christmas-but liking to drink a toast on Valhalla day too-& another quaff on Woden’s Day the day of fighting-if you have to- & that is Wednesday George-ANDRE if you are wondering…’ LIR & GR-

1937 SUMMER- I trot or skip beside Saint George ANDRE & by the end of week two he says ` we are friends- good friends & will always be able to write letters to one another- letters from one friend to another . You here at the seaside growing up & I do not know where I shall be-I Andre Malraux `

1976 November- ANDRE MALRAUX dead at just age 75 years & never to see another CHRISTMAS or SUMMER - his health harmed by Mengele Harrington a filthy insane insect-paedophile-criminal-sadistic murderer- to get himself a Peerage we begin to here 1958...

Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM says  ‘I would like to put Mengele Harrington in a metal chair & lower him into a furnace

calling to him he is GOING TO HELL -he has killed my wife my daughter my brothers our sons-  When he came out of the Prison & the Asylum before 1938 it was found he had been with a Witch Cult of Saint Michael in France on the Continent- He may have begun his role of extreme evil they felt 1930s ‘acting Saint Michael Falling & Saint Michael Fallen-he has been encouraged by them !

He has harmed ANDRE’s health & a number of other men by getting in their kitchens their bathrooms & even syringing poisons into things mixing in powders as he was doing to you & Andre at Lancaster Gate Square- in that holy Catholic house…I came in to try & help-nobody KNEW THAT ANDRE HAD NEVER GOT THE WILL !

`It was like a brush-off for us-my brother your father attacked after the meeting October 1957-ANDRE coming to call at last-all those years no post-no telephone calls…Ivy could only protect her brothers-JIM was always about waving a halter at her after dark in the street…she’d been raised away from the family to get her an advanced education-then you called March 1962...SHE KNEW YOU DID NOT KNOW~ at last we got to de Gaulle & Malraux (1962 March)…but the monsters had got the upper hand…destroyed the death pits-poured acid in-depth charged off shores…yet still our children are found…shaft sunk for a new building ! A net full of children offshore here-there…..

We- (RANSOM family lines) & Andre-some advice from his General- set about securing what was left of the vast philanthropy that these Crows-scavengers- had eaten into-their foul mouths were everywhere-ANDRE & his General were going to write about it- they had begun-after the retirement-  We were all helping-my latest book is out-hidden-we only hope it survives now two of my brothers are dead-its murder…John went up to Montrose our Farm only to pass over the doorstep-then he was due back USA a job with the State-Senate work…

Dr LEN I. RANSOM  is Greetah’s heir- & co-heir- in this the globe’s biggest Estate 19th/20th century- All RANSOMS are heirs after us-ANDRE MALRAUX the chosen Guardian-he has accepted again -

LIR “My brother FJR- who never recovered when he returned to Europe & knew where to find the GROTE CHILDREN…in France too-the sight of them in the death pits-what Alfred (Rear Admiral A.C. Ransom) & the Navy comrades found out about those dumped at sea & were going to tell ANDRE-that is what the meeting was about December 1946...but ANDRE was sent away…your father never recovered- he was told I would be dumped a corpse on his doorstep or sent by parcel-  These threats to keep me from GROTE (New York off Wall Street) who were desperate THAT I TAKE UP TRANSPORT as they had educated me to do-since a child (at 12 years he began) -  Everybody was waiting for direction- then LINDSAY (to be Earl 15) calling me Cousin Len announced that Angela & his father insisted he take my role- he was sent into Canada by his father  (Earl no. 14)  & this woman who began it ordering the GROTE HOMES emptied 1938 when she stole the Will -my Cousin Lindsay wrecked it all-& went as mad as them & his father & JIM Mr Pong-they  protected by a Class who had stolen our Post since you were born…Margarethe’s father started the first railway in Canada with friends-that little railway- (1830s)  We had always investment in everything there-then LINDSAY got it changed to their names !

Angela gave it to them !  So they paid her bills !  They got hold of our airline-Turkey…Nobody was getting any POST/mail- I feel ill with it all-my son-my children-murdered by them-as Ivy‘s son…”

We were always told General de Gaulle told ANDRE what to do over the Guardianship…These messages-telegrams-written sometimes were false- Fraud- as began to happen to Malone & colleagues 1960 when they were told Malraux & de Gaulle were `considering` the Will-the 3 Wills…I feel ill with it all-my son 12 years…my daughter-my wife…All the Weddell families missing in South America-I have spoken with the man who saved our lives Rio- he found he had been watching them disappear…

I had to flee 1957 from the house-Jimmie came to know it had been me under another name  (1957 autumn 50 Lancaster Gate Square)

Mengele Harrington-theft-doping people-killing by harming the health of so many good people who knew what was happening- I do not accept all of them could not stop this criminal behaviour after reading the Raffles books !

1960 -We found Mengele Harrington was harming many people for money-a lot of money came to him-   He received invitations to join in the play of evil men & women-  Sadistic violence & madness  of Great Britain & Scandinavia- spreading around the globe because they had been told to help themselves after the killing of Aunt Margarethe-  I must go & pray at my parents graves-Mengele is seeking them to tear them up & burn their bodies-he is insane about DNA proving identity & is removing bones …..& putting other bodies in place- ’

FCR in Argentina- JEAN in a family tomb New York State of people who knew Tiggy & Mag & Minerva

The grand-daughter of James Weddell- age 52 years, ballerina Greta’s grandmother- in the coffin in her dress of purple & lavender with velvet scarlet flowers in her hair-mother of Frederick Ivy John & Lennie- still dancing- called The Firebird in her homelands South America…

Poisoned-murdered by three of them- 1938 end of summer as she left our little Old Road house Clacton-on-sea to go back to Grandpa Frederick Charles at Deptford ‘Jerusalem’  & they were to go immediately off to France-Spain- to New York & the Argentine- She has relatives in many nations.  My grandparents were to stay with relatives & visit our GROTE HOMES where they are visitors since their marriage 1909- are known & cherished by the children as their own family- Still dancing she was-we had to bury her-I had seen her do her 2 hours ballet workout every day that summer-

Later investigation after 2nd World War/ report -

1937 November Unity’s mother would have been killed-

1. If she had known it was the Guardianship to the Estate

& not just Guardian to Greetah accepted by ANDRE MALRAUX


by British Government & Crown THUGS/Mr Pong et al

Services paid from British Crown Office & the poor…

3. - lead them to  ANDRE MALRAUX-To kill him

4. -They began to cash big cheques on

Grote Ransom Estate- forging his name-France & offshore-

5. RANSOM- MALRAUX post/mail stolen- G.B.Gov.

Our families are waiting for a formal reply from ANDRE or


6. ANDRE has accepted in  letter to Mary Gordon  Guardianship of Greta/ letter from Margarethe Ransom Grote- October 1937-

7. Aunt Mag murdered May 15 1938 by Jim Jong-takes Greta Ransom doped up with Teresa…O’Neills taken by surprise early morning Ayrshire…(many accounts-including 8 years old O’Neill boy with red gold hair & freckles-probably murdered by them after he opens a pig farm on Southend green fields-goes to Australia-disappears-Margarethe gave him a Grant for when he is 18 years-he loved piggies & he talked about them that morning day of her birthday…JONG slit a vein behind her ear-doped her first-tried say Greta did it with hair ornament-he got challenged-got offshore-

8.       JIM Mr Jong Mr PONG -Did this killing again to a woman called `Angela’s aunt` 1938/39 when she cries out `HOW CAN YOU DESTROY Tommy Grote’s HOMES…` London-2 reports with paperwork 1960 to ANDRE MALRAUX Detectives Colleagues-)

9.        1938 It was all horrific-LEN & I the figureheads & thank goodness we have been in training since we were born-they try kill us  !

10. A big girl nearly 13 years 1938 calls out at me at a tea-party Scarlet Town `You need not think you are having it you Ape`…She needed a slap & putting in a Grote Homes for education-she is learning her mother & her men their GREED-  She is getting a bad education- `Owls calling in the dark-up to a lark…cads up there…`

11. Report a widow 1981 Berks/Oxon-reports from those present) Her husband taught her 1930s to recognise quality in people -his business was often abroad- he says `they are cads at the top-they would tumble me-they are broke…& calling Mrs Grote an old Eskimo & hoping to gorge on her Estate…they have got a hold on it by taking passports off the heirs…dirty talk is going about about the families who are famous AT SEA all over the world…`In this world his negotiations often descended into a world not quite of Mafia but  verging on gangsters perhaps…difficult…I felt it was because it hit the very poor…but they were always kind & smiling especially in New York…We met the Ransom family-some Weddell too…round the world…they were quality-I was young & the world new-I an heiress-

My husband guided me-we valued our country home…I have been telling Len about his parents…his father (FCR) so jolly so serious too…she a holy woman (JWR) & dour at first you felt-then I saw her dance…on tip toe she stood-she had children-& danced Giselle…she was JAMES WEDDELL’s grand-daughter…but they’d suffered down there…Her mother was a holy woman too…both aesthetes (Olivea Minerva Hesketh Mrs James Weddell II)THEN YOU HEARD HER MOTHER HIT THE KEYS IN NEW YORK…she had written all these songs…& some hymns too…I was learning who the good people are…people should be serious & jolly…doing useful things…I hope my children keep our country home…I don’t want to think what might happen when I am with my husband…dead…in Heaven I hope…` Tapes LIR-a humanist delicate but tough woman…clutched at by circles who do not have her aestheticsShe is R.C- Little Pete RGPW likes her very much- “she comes from another age Mother Greta…she knew all our grandparents  & the families~


12. ORDERS from British Government & Crown & Nobles-

to find & KILL the Guardian ANDRE MALRAUX to Grote Ransom   Estate Grote Homes & Guardian to the heirs Len & Greetha

13. 1937/38 XMAS -Post/mail stolen-orders find KILL MALRAUX

14. 1944 End of October “THE BRITISH CONSUL FRANCE  sent 2 gunmen with Orders to shoot Malraux & this woman-she Josette from New York had an enquiry about Jacopsholmen Island Greenland & imprisonment of De Salle Family of Paris there-thrown out of the great warm RANSOM HOME…by British Gov. & Crown…

MALRAUX in envelopes addressed to him had been sent Papers from New York Grote Brokers”

15.    Reports/1960-Colne Engaine/Detectives, Colleagues/ AMx.

16. Concerning 1957 December/Report given July 1969

MI5 British Intelligence- to Peter J.P. Whitehead & wife GR.W.

ANDRE & Greta-an assassination planned-to go off a cliff in a car-we stopped it working half the night- We’d know on the Monday!    Murder is not in our Terms of Employment-but nobody knows what‘s out there- Ex-Army/Navy/gaseous groups floating about between us & `6` (MI6)….It was not them-matter of green-eyed women-dough…could have left them alone…`

1938 With ANDRE MALRAUX of France The GUARDIAN-


Grote-Ransom-the greatest Estate in the world-Seashores Reserves transport Welfare-health-Research-Arts-technology-science/air-land-sea/ Nations A to Z-the globe -

1938 Lennie & I Greetha knowing more than the Family wanted us to know about Aunt Margarethe girl of the Snows her killing-


& to take Aunt Mag’s spirit back to our Island HOME Jacopsholmen Island off Xristenshab where EVIL CROWNS- NOBLES have stopped us building the University to POUL genius polymath Catechist- POUL GRONLANDER Len’s great-great-great-grandpa ….We had a mature PILOT in charge in a bigger plane & various HUMANISTS helped us flee-including Ireland --not one of our Pilots for we’d not put them at risk from GROSS Britain maniacal GREED-this Old FLYER had been in Aviation since 1910- /records/archives/photos/Lennie made me a hammock in the cabin this time-no 1935 October seaplanes & slatted seats & grownups taking my eiderdown ! WE SAID WE WERE GOING UP TO THE LIGHT-did not mention the BEER- TO SOME FOLK- we are underage…

1938 summer-JEAN had come to protect her son FJR & Greetha GFWR her grand-daughter -Jean’s eldest son is young Fred Ransom- That summer we found happiness & spoke with Philip Silverlee of the Argentine on the Sea Front- I said to Jean ballerina `he plays music called the Cathedral Under the Sea when he goes to tea at Crail- before Grandpa died March 1937`

I cannot find in the years ahead with ANDRE reminders of Annie Agnes Artist my great-aunt & JEAN my Ransom grandmother talking-but perhaps me the 5 years old is asleep…

1945 Annie Catholic Artist was ANDRE MALRAUX’s soul-mate in some religious & philosophical matters from the time of the Sea Mist Supper- June 1945 (records) - She & Bessie her sister had much Paperwork (17 April 1947 given to him at the Wedding of Grace) from visits to Aunt Margarethe at the Shetlands Lurwick & Ayrshire the O’Neills- a safe house with friends of her parents & older Ransom family- & Margarethe-girl-of-the-snows (removed from Greta’s memory Wartime) gave them the key to the Welsh cottage-They should use it when they wanted-  & please take her girlish autobiography written on Jacopsholmen Island the family Home & keep it for Greetah & the  man she marries-this is 1934-Margrethe at 15 writes of ` I lie in bed I imagine Greenland awakening..I hear the tramp of happy feet…we will have another bigger Theatre & the Island will have the University arise…` (Dr John RAY reads extracts 1960-in these Books of pure people)

1937/38 ANDRE MALRAUX & JO have all POST/mail we-OUR LAWERS-Brokers-administrators-Trustees send stolen by British Government & Crown -meaning their penniless assorted THUGS the Aristocracy at the top of a non-united Kingdom… !  So that THE BRITISH NOBLES GET THEIR SNOUTS INTO not only XMAS 1933 RANSOM Post for Greta Ransom sent to my father FJR- having it stolen by Angela & her men for Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs-VAGRANTS-sadistic thieves of moneys-properties-especially overseas-  Its all delivered to Whitehall- & brought by 3 grey suited males who place them on trestle tables at the back of Buckingham Palace- On Greta‘s birthdays & at Xmas the parcels are torn open & offerings from GROTE HOMES children spured trodden underfoot-THE BEST THINGS LAID ASIDE- RACISM RULES…Opened by Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs & Crawford-Angela’s her penniless parents & in-laws…various other hogs CROWS from Scandinavia who see they can make money-EVEN TAKE THE LOT- kill-lock up these APES & ESKIMOSthe DOPES the BOOZE flowed & 1930s the worst of the 1920s Roaringly went on-

The excuse this flashing-trash have is `old Eskimos cannot make wills-not for Eskimos & apes to inherit

Reference our ancestry RANSOM BRIDES 2,000 years Jutland via East Coast Britain-Dunwich- Aurora `with eyes the colour of the dawn ` daughter of Castile Town Councillor  pure Berberian- 1400 Asia-Japan-1500s South & North America-both Poles of course-sometimes a bride of Ireland or Gross Britain & a Marmalade factory girl Dundee carries our line on from 1790s…RACISM HAS THESE NOBLE PENNILESS VAGRANTS SCAVENGERS CROWS OF GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA SLAY-THIEVE-USE SADISTIC LIES & VIOLENCE into the 1990s-destroy- all records of RANSOM Weddell Gronlander San Julian-back to 3 brides of RANSOM Palestine shores-11-13th centuries (Roxanna-Hebithyiaea-`Goldi-locks` niece of an Arab scholar-Trader) Information restored-they again SAIL DOWN THE AGES- Suffolk Ransom branch are 2nd cousins 12th century- Greetha Frobisher Weddell RANSOM stayed with them 1936...then they hid me in the Old Peoples Home-JIM & LINDSAYBUGGARHS began stealing flowers-milk-cars-breaking the windows-& 1932 hearing of the Ransom-Gordon marriage smashed up the monument in the church-ref. HWP Colchester Museums 1952...)

1937-1938 Andre & Josette have to hide from Clara-mad again on heroin waving a gun & other irrational behaviour dope-users have-  there is also bad feeling over those who have fought in Spain for Freedom- some Noble classes-

1937 SUMMER- Andre & Greetha have instructions to meet JO in at the Clacton Railway station from the arriving about 6.30pm the train from London-  She has gone to understand matters about the Town for her writings.  She may bring something nice back-& something for ‘Foul Winter doth come’

Andre put JO on the mid-morning train.  Unity’s mother has gone out to see to this & that- household-sheets have to go to the laundry & she will call at the Convalescent Home & have an afternoon with her father & the others there as we are happy to go wandering while JO has peace from our terrible energy & STARS talk…We cannot get lost for everyone knows from Harry we are `hitting it off`…   We make a light early luncheon from the cupboard & the little vegetable garden then pack things on the push-chair- a lighter load- We will go down to the sea but not too far as our sometimes wanderings into the countryside when we turn down by the marsh-lights pond at

Holland-on-sea Cliffs.   Towels swim suits bottles filled with water umbrella warm woolly jumpers in case…We went to the Old Road house for something & I told him we could buy toffee once a week-that was the rule. We went in the little shop in the Old Road & bought a whole slab of toffee from the JAR-it cost near 2 shillings I insisted paying from my little white purse on a strap across my chest-I think he tried pay half & may have been dominant- I was already pondering it might be sinful to have a whole slab-felt I WAS LEADING HIM ON in SIN- However an ethical problem now arose- it would be noth kindly to now change the order for the shopkeeper man who was helping his wife- he had a fulltime job…& he had got it out of the jar & was surprised perhaps at such a sale-his face at first uncertain as he looked at us-then with a glow-he was making money for his wife‘s shop-We received it in a paper bag !         We turned up the sloping road by the Quaker enclave & went through the alley beside the allotments-over the Welsley road to the Railway Station then down the road before Annie & Bessie’s Granville Road- no 10 `Stella Maris` the house where he will find strength-sane purpose of life summer 1945. We miss the centre town & arrive by the Walpole Towers & so to the Seafront- Finding the beaches not full of holidaymakers it may be a Friday or a Saturday & they depart & the new arrivals are not here

We did not need to go so far as Jo’s Holland beach. We sat in the waves to eat the toffee breaking it was difficult-we were very sticky.  After an hour of talking & sucking we were surprised how sticky we were.   It was delicious. At 5 o’clock we felt sick! Home quickly to clean up but feeling unwell. It was in our hair.

George-Andre- hee panic thus  -& wondered if there was a clean shirt at home !  Some we wash-some go to the Clacton Laundry-  It had a verandah chalet house with strange tall pink-mauve flowers that

Lennie says ‘have come in with Overseas Trade-seeds caught in packing’

Not sure of clean shirt !   So Andre-George washed himself in the sea wearing the shirt at first- then took it off- scrubbed it better & put it on again to dry on the way home.   We made a cup of tea at home after we had got ourselves un-sticky washing everywhere-  We felt a bit better.   There was a clean shirt!

We will not do it again this holiday. Half a bar or less was best.   At the Railway we were on time.   JO tall & beautiful in her clothes like Esther came down the platform swinging a tiny shiny shop bag on a cord on one finger- she looked happy & pleased with us-

A present for ANDRE- a tie- or a scarf-  I am not sure this time.

We did not tell her JO- of our toffee eating. We were not too hungry for supper but say`th nought-  Perhaps we were cured of very sweet things-  He will make reference to these small matters in the decades ahead- he the Widower & then bridegroom of the 1947 Wedding of Grace-a wedding as he explains to the families

“ as my mother- my grandmother & aunt would have wished me make- A CATHOLIC WEDDING- to last for a lifetime-

our sons to have the life I wished to give them-  ”

1960 & 1970- ‘Do you remember-when we were young so young we did not feel embarrassment at the young things we did-that holiday ’


1937 Summer - AN AFTERNOON- we are on our own again-

Jo is to rest from last night & we will be out later at dark- but I may stay in this evening & sleep if Unity’s mother is staying in after visiting her father- I can go with her to see him then return about 8 pm. ANDRE said we would go to the REC-he loves it- 1970 `every town should have one-a recreation ground like this Peter-now they have destroyed it-cut the cost of gardeners-grounds-men-made ugliness-

1973 ANDRE MALRAUX comes to tell Greetha The Pillar House Harwell & Peter of his Last Visit to Clacton-on-Sea& he has already asked Victoria  when he walks her around The Pillar House lawn from when she is 2 years if she has seen the Rec at Clacton where her mother took him when she was a little girl…?

“ I have been my last visit to the REC-the seaside the beach at the end Holland-on-sea- the Rec is not the same-it makes my heart ache-it had such an important role in the town & local life-they have taken parts from it-”

ANDRE MALRAUX advances on 72 years of age-

1937 “THE GUARDIAN is chosen”  we with happiness

over their visit ` as JEAN ballerina- James Weddell the SEA his grand-daughter writes to her son Dr John RAY Ransom- before she is poisoned to death 1938 end of summer-

THE GUARDIAN IS CHOSEN for A to Z independent nations the world-& they have agreed- The heirs they know & have pleased them for they are in the mould of Tiggy & Margarethe Ransom Grote-

GREED MAGNIFIED in Gross Britain 1930s- Under cover of 2nd World War the GROTE HOMES children are slain-the disgusting theft following the rape of the lands by G.B. Gov & Crown & nobles swept forward  -records-archives- “ A Great Britain National Industry is destroying evidence of the Estate & the families are never to have existed- Plans are laid to make statements when all are dead-filthy accusations made against the character of the Ransom-Weddell-& other family lines…it is being said in secret meetings Whitehall that the British Crown had to destroy the worldwide Estate because IT COST THEM MONEY-  Many of the families are dead before their time…` Witnesses RN-etc-

1973 ANDRE MALRAUX describes how he went to Josette’s beach Holland-on-Sea & stayed alone 2 hours one morning-he had been helped by friends with small planes to escape the WATCH kept on him.  Then he visited the Recreation Ground.   He wore his grey hair wig & an old raincoat.

1937 they knew such happiness in this town-

1976 Doctor LIR- Len Ransom says `Andre could not stay away from that happiness-he came again three more times-he managed to get free-to come to Pillar House & Clacton-on-Sea-That last Visit- we all helped- was October 1976-

We all helped several times- took ANDRE to the beach- her beach-to those roads the places still intact- we drove him about-  Left him alone when he asked-  He wondered could you Greta ever remember how you & he all of your friends- could find her JO -at her beach with her swimming things her notebooks at that beach-  If she was not in the house or had left a note then that’s where she would be-SUMMER 1937- `

`1970s ANDRE  had nothing now-

no young men as she JO had given him- Pierre & Vincent-

I think nothing made sense at times for him- Andre-

They were taking every 3rd page he wrote from him -

AROUND him he could trust nobody ! They were intent upon getting at moneys & the Estate of Aunt Mag & Tig that we had all recovered & put in order 1960 - Now we learned what had been happening -ALL NAMES information EVIDENCE to be destroyed or kept for the future when they make a million bucks from our archives-& condemn us-in the distant future- NOBODY ALIVE WHO CAN SAY THE TRUTH-  ` LIR

1970s LIR `my brother John murdered so horribly-

petrol poured down his throat at Montrose where they had invited him to call- last year 1975 they did the same to his 17 years old son to stop him claiming his Canada Estate..records/

We tried to keep this from ANDRE but he came to hear-

1937 SUMMER Clacton-on-Sea

ANDRE Saint George &  I- we have got my yacht the Fortuna from the Old Road little house a small yacht of greengage green yellow Plimsoll line-it needs some rigging.  I explain we did not own the Fortuna but sometimes took a share.   It is rather a shabby little yacht well used but we will sail it on the shallow bigger end of the boating lake not through the arched bridge to the deep end for great yachts & bigger children with grown-ups.  We do not need to take the old pushchair but a basket a bag-our woolies tied round our waists-its not a hot afternoon & there might be a too fresh wind off the sea-We lock our little Old road house I hugging my little yacht-  The sweet little house looks so drear without a fire soft lamps the wireless on- Daddy or a kind helper cooking-I make some apologies to Andre-aware he does not know what a vast interesting place it is when we are at home here with good people-humanists…How perhaps Lennie will suddenly come down if SHEshe is away at the Races. We lock the door & I try tell him of the happy times here for I do think he has heard too much of problems- Unity’s mother has had to say some things ! Across the Old Road & up the first road before the Quaker Enclave begins we go- Andre looking carefully either way on the Old Road which is the main road heading to the town-& I explain Road Drill to him as well-but do not risk his wild Moon Eyes stare by saying `in New York Lennie & I…In Santa Fe…in Frederickstown Greenland…` He believes I have dreams as he did when he was my young years !

When the Anabaptists-Nonconformists-the Quakers came & began their white wooden buildings they were tucked under the Rise from this Old Road which is sloping up gently to the flat cliff lands leading to the Holland Cliffs- & ahead from this Old Road they could walk to the seashores a few buildings-a Packet Boat came in- but no town of Clacton yet.   The farms hamlets spreading over towards Saint Osyth Priory had fields in between.

I tell him she was a Princess Osyth & did not wish to marry!   So her father built her a Convent with a Church.  I say that must be nice to have a Convent but I have a lot to do when I am grown & I think I want to marry someone like POUL who was 6 feet & 5 inches tall- ANDRE becoming Saint George nods in understanding.

1970 I hear ANDRE MALRAUX telling Peter J.P.Whitehead The Pillar House Harwell Village-

‘Paul of Tarsus was all I could think she mean’t- there was Thomas who went round the world with Jesus & Lucretius- She was 4 years- 6-7 months- She was in love with POUL-she gave me the spelling-  (Yes there is a van that has Poulsen on in Essex-)

I did not connect a real island in the SNOW…it was bombed 1960 to stop us all- the families- opening it- I would as Legal Guardian have been able to get immediate help to defend it ! He was told arrogantly by Denmark  ‘he could rent it’   They began denying the Charters-1770.` says Andre Malraux

Meaning - Dr Len I. RANSOM heir & co-heir to Greta Ransom- Len tackled Noble CROWS-Vagrants-scavengers-on their disgusting debauchery 1950s-60s on our Island-& not letting the de Salle Poulsen girls go free-of keeping them out of our great warm house ! -PJPW insists Andre Malraux does not use the names of Greta Ransom`s family-ANDRE MALRAUX wishes to give me my memory back-photographs-notebooks-visits with the family members still alive !   He is told I am not to have a memory back-only carefully some things if it is possible-Peter has monstrous creatures about him from December 1967 !  Some well dressed thugs his Class (see Debrett-Burkes Peerage) outside BM Natural History Museum in the dark have promised him death-he can‘t find out who is RUNNING THEM ! `1960 the criminally insane Of Scandinavia-Gross Britain began denying the Charters had any relevance-Denmark & The Lindsay Earls owned the Island ! ` They are all dirty liars-high on DOPES-

1961 I  MALRAUX as a Minister of FRANCE came to London to represent General de Gaulle President of France-

A greeting by Nobles at the top was to occur- I was side-stepped by an ugly woman’s son-in-law- he meant to insult me- My two boys  dead that year- because of this violent robbery of a woman of high erudition-She in 1937 October appointed me GUARDIAN HER ESTATE- She held USA citizenship from her marriage many years ago-    These men & women your countrymen-some from Scandinavia- are on DOPE-one dope in particular which has them believe they are divine-they grow it in Scotland-I have seen it growing-we were taken to look by a family who did not agree with this crop` This man -his Court… knew that I & the President of France were having our Post/mail stolen in his name- He was used to insulting the legal owners of this Estate- & their vast ancestry- RACISM had been used to justify the FRAUD-theft… He was using your Nation to commit Fraud-he did not begin it-he was too young-but often he had the opportunity to halt it-  His dope consumption is too high-he had little education- as those about him quite often- `

THEY KNEW PETER THAT MY GENERAL & I DID NOT HAVE THE PAPERS THE WILLS SENT TO USviolence went on from them- They had used their enormous kudos to employ criminals- & others from Naval Intelligence- to deceive & remove documents- & continue their obscene lies about the Properties-for orphans-Homes-you do not know these things ?  I am surprised…  ` 1970 Andre Malraux-Harwell The Pillar House…(The Pillar House post/mail stolen for 3 years- 1968-1971...PJPW stopped it-it went missing 2 or 3 times again-report PJPW 1981-he had tried get it all directed to BM Natural History…)

NB: GROTE HOMES educating to 18 years-in humanism nations A-Z outside the British Empire-Great Britain-it was Fraud-violence from the beginning-deceit using the nation-against the legal owners)

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX “ STUFFED ANIMALS IN A BRITISH MUSEUM  -he has called them this-he was told by them to catch the girl & boy-the boy to be killed-the girl to be returned to THEM

No-Teresa she did not want her returned- a Q.C. & Team set to get her divorce & a good Settlement- custody child to the two sets of  grandparents- They arranged kidnap back- summer 1936-a woman employed by Whitehall & the usual Diplomats-I interviewed her 1960-  Passports taken child & father-the Argentine & other nations would not allow the passports of other family members removed-  They some of them had duel citizenship here- Argentine-USA -one grandmother also USA- You know that Mary Gordon is an Irish Citizen-she held an Irish passport from 1932-there was to be help later there-1944-she was poisoned- (1939 first-see records) A woman calling herself Mrs A. MacMurphy had been sailing about the shores-with JIM-a drunken sail-she owned all from an old Eskimo…`

1935 - RIO de Janeiro  (December/records-Dr Hebedie-2 parts)

He is still alive- grandchildren-the President of the Argentine gave him a new identity immediately-they Presidents of these smaller nations had all had violence to the HOMES & the philanthropic settlements-investments of a highly revered woman of mixed ancestry… 1936 he was told to go off for 6 months-a year- given funds & to lose his identity- Geology surveys mainly-only one relative he did not have to know- It is he who realised the Weddell branch were being murdered-destroyed- He first noticed them disappearing 1950 or so-   It was known in Naval circles abroad they had a fixation on getting their name on the  Sea down there- ”

`Yes says Peter- “Its known about scientific circles-hive him off to a few miles-they’ve been running him down for a long time-our records in the BMNH have disappeared from pre-War…however the Science Museum was able to trace some & prove they had existed-  The connection here by coincidence was Morrison Scott- (Director BM Natural History-began career Science Museum-went in Royal Navy 2nd World War) before the War- visits made a man & his grand-daughter…I have found no trace in her memory-

` I can only add what I have said before-surely Socialism is the answer-some form of it…you did not think so…`  PJPW

MALRAUX goes on…& they had been giving away properties- you heard about NASA- as their gifts (Crown Properties stolen back from an Old Eskimo-who could not read or write ! ) -JIM at first leading them on-with the branch we have spoken of claiming silently legal unlawful control ` ( LINDSAYBUGGARHS who go culling 19th-20th centuries) /records/Greta Ransom is taking shorthand notes-with Malraux’s blessing-

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX says- 1960 WE WERE NOT GETTING OUR MAIL- 1960 winter-onwards- without it having been searched-things removed-  I had no idea our Courier could be searched-

The matter is they should never have known the Estate-  Summer 1960 I was found very ill in Rome-it had been done with dope-things in food & drink-old game…they had been taking the mail sent to her young father since 1933- His father had his own set of documents-he had his mail delivered from the various Embassies…

In 1960 March-  WE (General de Gaulle & Malraux) did not receive the crucial mail-it  was to come by a trusted courier-   We received some information

PJPW asks  `Who ?`  Andre Malraux  `Yeahh ! he & I- the General- President of a….”   They both nodded & hands made gestures of   `Oh-clearly France was a 3rd world nations as far as they were concerned…`Greta  Ransom shorthand verbatim-they both nod at me when I am to record- The Pillar House dining-room before all Hell broke out-4 days later-Malraux now had to hide-getting help from people astonished this was still going on…FRAUD…

Nota bene- briefly : they the dope-fiends HIGH CLASS SIN of Gross Brit the very top of the pyramid have got their SNOUTS in our letters-documents sent- even presents for birthdays & Xmas from the children GROTE HOMES -craftwork-things made with their little hands- a drawing from a child who is studying the ARTS- even a piece of music- OLD-VARESE YOUNG-VARESE goes down South America & slings a hammock with Ransom-Weddell families- & scholars some of Hollywood-they create- choirs- musicians artists-dancers-with the children in THE HOMES- there is NO IMMORALITY as the filthy British Nobles & CROWN are mouthing in their dopes-booze-1945 onwards- calling themselves Business men !They sit their big bums on this piece of pure philanthropy- They run a horrible violent piece of FRAUD began with the 1920s criminally insane amongst them able to use the Nation of Great Britain-they are uneducated by our standards & do not represent the great Nonconformist Families that with invention-creation-philanthropy made Britain’s humanism-useful technology-Welfare & science…These are CROWS VAGRANTS Playboys & prostitutes using their foul racist mouths against other nations when they hath lost in the Casinos- moneys they steal from the Banks they can threaten- who hold RANSOM WEDDELL Grote Gronlander San Julian Accounts…..

In & about THE GROTE HOMES 1864-1954 The children & Teachers of crème-de-la-crème the world of HUMANISTS happily create explore together HUMANITAS !

ALL IS HAPPINESS- The HOMEs are agreed by every Nation A to Z- OUTSIDE of Figures of a Morgue that howl of The British Empire & their divinity…


These Gross Brit nobles have their fat behinds on a PIN 2 miles above their heads- with Scandinavian Crows- GREED RULES HIGH CLASS SIN & THEY CREATE EVERYTHING UNNATURAL- (ref. Shakespeare-Henry V)

1937 SUMMER - ANDRE makes notes in his small rectangle books-he is interested in peaceful people & listens to them. He took me to the Rec one day & had got me a bucket & wooden spade for beach & the Rec sandpit- & Saint George Andrew said with dignity ` You will play-I will make some notes`

This sandpit is for babies & toddlers under supervision- I do make a mention of this- Andre has settled himself in an important way with his notebook-I am very polite-

I only dig for something to collect & make something with-

I have made a Castle a Fort with him once or twice, Andre-George -on the beach-when no more serious matters-or he is showing JO how he built things when a little boy-

When Len comes he does make things in the sand like islands & harbour & landing strip for his planes-but he has real ones & is working out some knotty matter as he is training for Head of Transport Grote Homes & Ransom Estate-he will have a team some family old & some young like him. The pilots are pleased with Lennie-

I tried to dig the dry sand- but the garden of the house opposite with a summer house an Oak Tree drew my attention because it was all old fashioned-a woman with her hair in a low bun at her neck an old-fashioned frock picked roses from a miniature trellis work area…

It is `The house at the end of the REC- we move here spring 1939- & the RANSOM Gronlander Grotius 18th-19th century Greenland library came here- shelves & shelves in the drawing room- Noble & Crown robbers came as soon as my poor young father December 1939  was sent to the Philippines to die-but he was so useful-speaking Japanese- records/diaries/1939-1970s-

THIS HOUSE Purleigh/Pearly 112 Vista Road Clacton-on-sea

In the years ahead it will be in our memories as a fragile meeting place of summer 1945- Memories remain in shadows in the ruins of our lives-reminding us of others killed & dragged into this vile Fraud-violent theft by the British UPPER HIGH CLASS SIN- Our drear memories those of ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom begin from January 1946-for GR all the life there- 1939-1945 is some fragile happiness-  Pages of life with kind people trying to help the criminally insane Teresa Gordon R. kept so by her visits to Scarlet Town to `her noble friends`…big cars one with a Standard that come in the dark of 1943-1944 & await her to come- they are driven quietly into an empty housed lay-by off the Old Road-or the Valley Road… accounts by Andre & Greta

1945/46 winter Andre Malraux ` THE HOUSE IS AS SILENT AS THE GRAVE-tapes AMx & LIR/G.R life- & with Andre At that time it was as if a whole lifetime for me has been lived there-the war years-the terrible destruction & robbery of this beautiful house its contents by SHEshe & her noble scum harming Colin & me because her noble friends extract signatures from her-give her invitations & this most dangerous dope- Lindsays & Angela & mob all of them old horsey chums from childhood- they have no intention of giving her Teresa half this Estate which is what JIM told her 1930s & that he would share with her- ! A Social Calendar 2nd World War Gross Britain- shows SHEshe Teresa Gordon R. goes to a party on Aircraft Carrier- Clifton/Cliveden Christmas 1942-3 with Top Brass-usual parties-takes tea at Holloway Prison with Mosley- `gave his wife a chance to go out shopping` -they used to give little Johnny Gordon R. some nice toddler clothes in the 1930s-/Accounts-Life of-Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra-Old Mother Ransom Riley/

Medusa/jelly fish of 3 feet long- stung me Clacton sea

SHEshe Old Mother Ransom-Clytemnestra let me be in a coma 2 days-  Little Colin & friend told Auntie Win ex ATS- Still SHEshe insisted I had made it up- the scars used to rise in hot or cold water until I was in my 30s-I showed them to ANDRE MALRAUX December 1957 !   He wanted to bathe me in the kitchen sink again !   I said I can pick YOU up-he let me try & I did-next time I sit him on my knee-he is so comely-

1943-44-45 Accounts of throwing me out two winters-no blanket hissing with JG “we will call the Police have you locked up as mad you Ape if you complain..” I am 10 & 11 years old. Account for Andre Malraux ‘Winter-Clacton Seafront-2 policemen meet at 2 am-discuss-have ham sandwiches/flask-cycle off-I hide` 1944-

I have made a written record of this cruelty for nations A to Z who had Grote Children slain. It shows the power of this narcotic grown by British Nobles in Scotland-abroad-& worn as pellets fire blown up their snouts- Arthur Malone/Politan- got written confirmation from Clacton Police Hospital & schools- `nobody is allowed to lock up SHE Teresa Gordon R with noble bastards & fiend-friends-` Andre Malraux will make extracts from my Father’s Diaries FJR autumn 1957 before attacks on us all by top scum-Mengele a leading role-

An Estate the globe is being robbed in official secrecy by CROWS & VAGRANTS- noble scum of Britain-

1945 May & -June - here entered he again to Clacton-on-Sea now a Widower Colonel ANDRE again to be called George-Andre or Andrew…I have written him the diary pages of Summer 1945-47-to add to his notebooks…

1948 Earl No 14 & heir 15 Lindsaybuggarhs-stole our Canadian Transport Investments-Grote Brokers USA were waiting for Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM to come & take over to New York from 1946-  NO POST-& his big brother FJR threatened ALL OF YOU WILL BE BURNED IN SCOTLAND-  Margarethe’s father FRED RANSOM began all this CANADA infra-structure with friends 1830s onwards- 1948 onwards our ZINC Shares-EMI-many transport investments the globe-Norwegian bank moneys-Capital stolen for Angela-Lindsay Premier Earls of Gross B.  Kudos of British Realm-all in silence & secrecy-tame Press- divinities do not pay tax-

1960 Colne Engaine June-July Earl heir No 15 on his dope says (recorded by Territorials & some of their own mercenaries who came over to Malraux)   “& I did not want Canadian Railways-I wanted to go round & round like Uncle Thomas-it was my father & Angela who told me to take Canada-they were breaking up the Estate & sharing…” (Nota bene:  they have murdered the Grote children 2nd World War to get the lands-remove art works-burn books-papers-threaten-continue with the kudos of the British Realm STEAL post-attack after dark good citizens- & these nobles  all live in luxury on blood-gore dripping moneys…)

In his Roman Catholic divorce 1968 Lindsay heir Earl No 15-had his solicitors swop these stolen investments-transport etc - Thus the GROTE RANSOM- Weddell-Gronlander names could be lost in the paperwork hereafter-another change & the rightful owners are removed from history-  It was the talk of Scarlet Town- `now all the Law will look at this-names are lost…We are off to New Zealand … ! `

12-13 years old David Lindsay (Earl 15)  whirled a metal big boys spade at me Greetha Ransom 1936-1938 “give me THAT money you Ape-my father says it is MY money” / Some people we are not related to cut his Uncle’s liver out 1946- he had poured paraffin down the throat of an old lady as she tried telephone to get Police to stop him taking paintings he had no right to-She took a month to die painfully-he in 3 hours watching his liver-/he was at my 2nd christening 1933  (I have 4) seeing the names Frobisher Weddell were not added-He wars Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up his SNOUT`/ records written up for Andre Malraux-who heard some of this Summer 1937- MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP-in their GRAND-

1940s - diarys-records-tapes /GR-AMx-colleagues-families/ A Man about the House/The Gas Masks in the Corner/The Hotspur-Biggles & other books/ The Greengrocer on the Corner/A walk in from the Sea/High Tide on the Lincolnshire Coast-Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX teaches us at school/ SEAWEED-Salvage/-then 1946- The Bramble Patch-to the Gallows/The House as Quiet as the Grave/Ghost Train-tunnel of Love/Xmas Eve 1946 Charpentier Mass /Letters one Friend to Another/Wedding of Grace/etc etc.  I  have read these diary accounts on tape/CD-

The Music many times played on the Wireless 1944/45 is Pavane for a Dead Princess-Ravel-  Also much Debussy-Hindemith-Glenn Miller of course-all the big bands- & at Church Monteverdi-Gounod- Victoria-Palestrina…At home of Professor & Mrs Winclemann (The Chemist Murray) Debussy-Richard Wagner-Brahms-Schoenberg-Dallapiccola-  At Charles Magowan’s home with his 2 then 3 Grand pianos-Dallapiccola-modern French composers…  At Pathfields school Ben Britten-Vaughn Williams-Villa Lobos-Elgar-Debussy-Schoenburg-Dallapiccola-  I have some records of Mossolov-Paul Whiteman-Glenn Miller-jazz & Debussy…None of us consciously divide Classical & Jazz-folk music-early historic music up…I think this was because so many people played piano or an instrument-the Saturday Dance band had the trumpeter playing/swinging 1610 Mass Monteverdi Sundays ! Fred Ransom & Gertrud my great-great grandparents began a HOME for retired Musicians Italy-beyond Rome.. It was well funded-it may have failed 1970s- IF SO SOME CREEP STOLE THE FUNDING- & CREEP or CREEPS would be British Noble Scum-

1937 SUMMER George-Andre…sometimes he turns his head swiftly towards me & asks a question then he is this other person ANDRE MALRAUX…his face very solemn his lovely eyes too- Now no magic- just REASON- I am used to the grown-ups being grown-up & do not get in the way.   Len & I speak when spoken to or if we have something to contribute that would be expected- Len is now a young man of 16- 17 years in October 1937-   You do not talk light heartedly in New York to old-young Varese composing buildings in sounds & thoughts but you could say a remark on the household to his nice wife-  Lennie & I & Grandpa Frederick Charles we had them to Luncheon at Margarethe’s all white inside Bridal house by the waterfront for they are her friends-not old like so many we met-but then we met some of her young friends too-ANDRE MALRAUX is not photographed in New York with Varese until March 1937...

1936 New York- in April 1936 just over a year ago...

Lennie & I are to learn to be civilized after trekking from the North Pole to the Sud Pole the sub-arctic.  This must be why Paul Whiteman called us `Savages` (of Tittle Tattle Land)   The Mexico attack the near escape in RIO from the STUFFED ANIMALS IN A BRITISH MUSEUM catching up with us-  Our misery at not being taken up Macchu Picchuu with our INCA kith & kin - Paul Whiteman hiding us in his apartment with his live duckbill platypus New York April- the midnight Opera The Trojans in German when old-young Varese & his wife came too & others who are Aunt Mag’s friends or are studying under one of her green UMBRELLAS…

I did not know that ANDRE George as ANDRE MALRAUX had met old-young VARESE in New York in March 1937 this very year !  Neither ANDRE MALRAUX or Saint George Andre spoke this in our conversations all that SUMMER 1937-I would have risked truth from last year-even though he will say `it is your dreams`…

What a lot I could have told Saint George…he would have needed a cup of tea & 2 Asprin & a rest wrapped up in a warm car rug-for awhile ! & his  ANDRE MALRAUX self too !

Poor JO would have stopped him saying  “ Greetah sleeps with her door open at night & hears snatches from downstairs..” Ships that Pass in the Night…

But the RANSOMS are in SPAIN this summer

a rescue that is to fail. And I do not know. They would have been with us on this holiday-three cars full & even more to see-to Deptford to ‘Jerusalem’ where YOU ENTER UPON TIME- The Joos van Cleve painting of F. RANSOM who married 2ndly the Lady of Japan 1504 in Bruges where she had been educated in a Convent after her father died & then her mother died- The Lady Nihalah Yuss-shampoo  an old Okinawa Royal line before young Hiroheto’s Father’s line-

Andre & JO would have seen Lennie’s Processions drawings RANSOMS from 92 AD-misty when we reach silver Goblet 7th century AD- This Father Ransom said `ALL OF YOUR WILL USE MY NAME RANSOM-or I will leave you nothing from my treasury-

1960 One day in 1960 ANDRE MALRAUX will see the

RANSOM Genealogy-the one at our Wedding of Grace was not unrolled & was burned by Treasa Gordon Gordon R that night on Holland-on--Sea Jo’s beach- He will see the diary entries-lots of precious Papers that Dr John Ray  brother of my father FJR & others have guarded-

My poor father’s vast collection he carried about to stop destruction further-as LIR- break-in & Entry in name of G.B. Government & Crown had vast paperwork & ancient records burned-as Earl Lindsay 1938 in front of Augusta Frobisher & Greta Ransom ! My father took such care of our Records- `to write upon  ‘IN MY LAMPLIGHT YEARS Daughter` From 1953 Ivy took care of our papers-books-they were destroying things we had placed in the great Collections of the world-or putting their foul names on- IVY Ransom March 1962 says-`they took everything-I had it hidden in my drawers-your Dad was about to begin work writing more up- It was after MALRAUX came here with a staff worker one evening 1957- They left a framed photo of you on the floor-crushed beneath a boot- I have not told your Dad-he cannot take much more…he had to return from the War & see what they had done to our family home-cut the joists so the upper floor fell in-the neighbours reported who they were taking our property out of the little home 2 days before…1940...They could not wait to destroy our family after robbing us of our work-our property…`

1968 a woman at a South Kensington Museums gathering says to Peter J.P. Whitehead “MARGARET GROTE HAD NO ENEMIES Peter- except a woman called Angela & her travelling companion a half Chinese- he heard that the LINDSAYS were going to claim this Estate because a Frobisher woman had married Mrs Grote’s brother- he felt Angela & he should have their share ! You should find out more- it is a travesty what they have done- to do it they had to kill all the children-no one stood up to them after that-you should not be in charge knowing so little ! ”  ……………

1957 November Report- G.B. Naval Intelligence thugs-JIM-this queer no-doctor- broke in & stole this collection- Ivy was at work-  They took all photographs- IVY did not tell her brother-she said he could not take anymore.  His health would give way again- then the attacks began again on him-after this he was given Police protection in the local library & told not to be out at night- MALRAUX a public figure-name in Press-work with General de Gaulle-was blamed for this casual attitude to a great Estate…No post was answered by MALRAUX-no telephone calls answered-Various members of the Ransom families were called obscene names from WHITES CLUB a vice bar running 2 flats of prostitution close by & dopes-JIM now CUR JAMES Steward…Angela sent message `Greta did not have to straighten her hair anymore-this came via Whitehall-

1940s-1950s- LINDSAYS-insisting on calling Ivy `cousin` in public- men now drinking in that CLUB WHITES had come at her parents so often before the War with their filthy mouths- & she had to be guarded outside the school when a child - going to school & returning home to ‘Jerusalem ’ by Deptford the little sloping Park-  1940 the joists of the sweet house were cut overnight when 2 ex-Lord Mayors of London were getting a Magistrates Document to STOP Jimmie Jong & his dope-fiend chums breaking in- paintings were again claimed by he & the woman Angela-but Lindsaybuggarhs raided & got some off them- & some they had stolen from Montrose Ransom Farm too Sept. 1939-

Before 2nd W. War-afterwards- JIMMIE JONG-Cur James put his loot in `the Bloody Liar Dusty Mansion` France-ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 Cultural Minister of France officially emptied it of  RANSOM documents-to which he was GUARDIAN-  !

“… but R.N. thugs-Mengele & JIM broke into  D’Orsay Paris & got it back-  Its in G.B. now-where they finger it now & then-nothing like Ransom genealogy-some of them do not know their father’s for sure…”

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