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… ANDRE MALRAUX called on him, Pope Pius 12,  at the VATICAN November 1957 to ask PERMISSION for us to re-wed … `Young Pacelli` said  `  GRRR … !!! `     I NEVER CANCELLED THE MARRIAGE TO the GRAND-DAUGHTER of MARY GORDON … ” they talked at cross purposes … they did not discover that ANDRE does not know of the existence of THE ESTATE … MALRAUX still does not know that he married not a penniless young Catholic Miss but a GIRL of the SNOWS like Aunt MAG … It is CHRISTMAS 1959 that the treachery & the terrible the GENOCIDE of the British Government and Norway,  its Nobles and Crowns is discovered  : The Pope,  our  `young Pacelli`   is just dead   …

1957 October  - CHARLES MAGOWAN wrote a second time to ANDRE,  but he did not get the letter … Mengele HARRINGTON was back from overseas chasing tiny boys for sex … he and his chums kill some of them after harming them badly REPORTS-records :

1957 early October -  a short letter reached Greta from Mr McGowan … & a telephone call to me Greta & ANDRE MALRAUX October 1957  … “ so glad yee are together … ”   in his Glaswegian accent …

THEN HE WAS SUDDENLY DEAD ! Exeter -where they had moved at their retirement from Clacton-on-sea where they had lived from 1934 running the best Photographers shop of the area … ANDRE MALRAUX HAD OFTEN STAYED WITH THEM 1947/48 during difficult times - they have 3 grand pianos & Charles Magowan & friends played modern French music

1957 October-early November  - harassment by dirty JIM of Whites vice Club-  The telephone was now removed from my room at the top of 50 Lancaster Gate Square ORDERS Mr Mengele Harrington paedophile in France as well as G.B. & globe … He cannot be arrested :   Says he is the MALRAUX Physician “  for the Malraux family ”

1937 SUMMER - Andre & JO Greta - we in happiness-

at the seaside Clacton & about East Anglia-

RANSOMS away SPAIN : ANDRE NOT TOLD … but perhaps only Harry Gordon knows this mission … or part of it …

The family RANSOM & branches had the rescue of the Murgatroyd boy from the Lindsaybuggarhs -   If this had not been necessary

ANDRE & JO would have learned enough of the Estate to guard themselves … & Malraux able to help guard the Estate

In 1970, ex-Minister of GAUL … ANDRE MALRAUX … he makes it clear …  “  I WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED …” I have been deceived by the Government & Crown of GREAT BRITAIN & its relatives  …  :

(  MALRAUX would have called me ELEANOR of Aquitaine … who inherited a third of France age 15/mother of Richard Lionheart & King John and others … )

ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN … he would have been directed to the vast French HUMANISM connections of Aunt Mag & Tiggy and her parents …  He could have perhaps saved the mature students of the five FRENCH GROTE HOMES … ORDERS are operating to discover ALL ex-GROTE students and KILL THEM … to save ARISTOCRAT BRITAIN & CROWNS of BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA …

Reports : “ … we used to meet about 15 or so … then we were being killed off … now we dare only meet in 2s or 3s with care …” Report, I am present 1966 BM NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM LONDON … A man of ASIA - A SCIENTIST … protected by his Embassy when he travels … he has a family, grandchildren … he managed to die naturally …

1937 May - indsay/Lindsey Earls told by Angela they could grab the Murgatroyd ESTATE -  the cousin Murgatroyd was boiled in marmalade/ the Ransoms et al were ill with grief … & did not return to England until October-November 1937...

1937 December - ANDRE MALRAUX’s POST/mail stolen by THE BRITISH Government & Crown - & to his death when they could

1933 Xmas = without any RANSOM Family being legally informed & not knowing of this crime -

Gross Britain Imperial has ordered all our Post/mail to be stolen-and delivered to them at the back of Buckingham Palace-at Xmas & on Greta’s birthday 1 or 2 trestle tables have them tear at gifts-they are criminally insane-dope-booze -City London call them `royal bootleggers` 1960s…

1938 This USA Argentine administered ESTATE with legal WILLS has been given by Angela to THEM - Lindsaybuggarhs-in Noble secret silence…to give her half … Angela has JIM the half-Chinese racist ever at her elbow since she is age 12 years Glamis Castle Scotland  - & JIM is also hanging about Teresa Gordon again at this time - he picks up girls whose parents have lands and prospects     … Thus arises   Ange & Tree’  of the Roaring 20s  as their contemporaries call them - cine film :   two `gals`  of JIM Jong  … in the most fairy-like frocks -   early 1920s ...

1938 -  British Crown debts : Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs will now pay all the Crown bills on the borrowing abroad - The debts are horrific from gambling when Mary Teck Queen Mary spent the entire Grant from the Government a year before it was due from the British Parliament - the Royal Family had to GO TO MONEYLENDERS and they not kind for fear of not being paid back  :

“ … she, Queen Mary,   known as Auntie Mary to the young my mother goes about with 1920s,  was stuck on raw opium - opium/brandy & mixes … she was depressed & would rather have married a German Texan millionaire … but her GERMAN family insisted on this match … Mary Teck Queen of England began to live alone in the big Marlborough House … She became obsessed collecting small antiques … it is diagnosed in British newspapers as kleptomania … In the 1960s the Royal family were not very popular … this could be found in newsprint …

THEFT of GROTE RANSOM ESTATE : Lindsaybuggarhs will also pay bills of some relatives too  … Lindsays are allowed to LOG … fell and sell off all RANSOM forests …  demolish all RANSOM Reserves supporting settlements of civilized intelligent human beings … they know where these are in natural countryside and leading down to seashores … =    In Nations not part of the British Empire … All can be cunningly  SOLD off that is the seashores and other lands … & they are to give to Angela a PORTION of what they make …

… they will get assistance from the BRITISH BUSINESS WORLD … some will know the ESTATE is legal and is being ROBBED and that there are dead children in pits to hide … others of this new trendy cut-throat business world will not know too much … some will have to be kept quite ignorant of matters … A list should be made of those in the way of making BRITAIN RICH  : accounts/reports/photos/

1939 - to this year my father & grandparents others in the families had a system of all Overseas Post coming to the foreign Embassies  - they were trustworthy - Collection was advised -  or a delivery by hand arranged to `Jerusalem` Deptford, or Clacton-on-Sea … or elsewhere …  Documents from GROTE BROKERS Wall Street, Argentina our old Solicitors from the 1830s, and other parts of the globe for the Family GUARDIANS of the two young heirs Greta & Lennie Ransom were not only sent to my Grandpa Frederick Charles RANSOM  but a complete set sent to my father Frederick John RANSOM …

…  BUT my young ex-Army father FJR never knew this until 1938 after the savage murder of Margareth GIRL of the SNOWS = it is the second identical packages that are STOLEN in the name of THE GOVERNMENT of GROSS BRITAIN & THE CROWN …    These packages from GROTE BROKERS are  sent every three months to FJR legal guardian to his daughter Greetha heir …  and his youngest brother Lennie I. Ransom …

…  by putting a BRITISH CROWN spy into GROTE BROKERS Wall street USA staff …  the EARLS of LINDSAY/LINDSEY EARLS laid paws and claws illegally on our legal post/mail … and they began a bargaining with ANGELA former Miss Bloody Liar (Bowes Lyon) and her CROWNS & GHOULS of NORWAY  … These criminally insane killers (including a USA line Tucker-Lindsey are intending to be in a position to give ANGELA & her CROWNS and Scandinavian IN-LAWS a SHARE … but not let them be in charge of the smashing up of the great GROTE RANSOM Philanthropy Estate !

These IMPERIAL MORONS and MORGUE FIGURES are all short of DOUGHand scared the British Empire will turn into a REPUBLIC …

1924 - Angela is Duchess of something …  then 1937 as Consort to the delicate health King George 6, is criminally insane in her secret silence illegal GRABBING of parts of the GROTE HOMES LANDS and the RANSOM Estate lands worldwide … She also packs a lot of liquor … bucketfuls - REPORTS : various posh Public schools, she supported by Mr JIM Jong and there is a powerful perfume of `APPLEJUICE`   =  polite for BRANDY … they drink it all thru the meal and that means getting going with the 8 AM tea and toast !   I know `em ! They have all three,  with LINDSAY-LINDSEY buggarhs,   given me physical violence since I am one week old … Angela gave  DECREE  to her chum Teresa Gordon mother of bastards including nasty little Ed du Cann (Mrs FJR 1932) that she was to  “  LOCK  IN  A  DARK  CUPBOARD  the APE ESKIMO Greetah … and they would share the ESTATE between them … kicking LINDSAY-LINDSEY overboard at SEA  …

Nota bene: this pair, my future Mum, Teresa Gordon then, and her OLDER friend/fiend ANGELA are known as `THE GIRLS` … they have been fighting on ball room floors since 1919 ! And touring the globe with JIM JONG robbing this Estate they are known to be quite MAD …

They know young German Flyers, aristocrats, soldiers long before HITLER poor Art Student comes along … one dishy young FLYER, good German middle class,  is Herman Goering … … they are taught by JIM JONG how to act - he did 2 years Course at Pekin Opera in the 19-teens … They are the worst of THE ROARING 20s …

It is Herman Goering PARIS November 1935 on steps of German Embassy, meeting me GR after we have left the violence of ANGELA & JIM and  ((Lords/Earls etc )) LINDSEY-Bethune in Gross Britain directed at me especially, and all of us …   (I fast coming 3 years)  … who writes to his elder sister … “ … little Greeta … with Lennie … I saw a child WHOSE SOUL HAD FLED IN FEAR … they have suffered  violence I said get to North America or Argentina and DO NOT GO BACK …

( his family have a GROTE orphan rescued 1860s …Tiggy begans the HOMES 1864 USA, crossing Pacific … coming back across Germania and Europe, up to the POLES arctic & sub-arctic, up and down S. N. America then went round again - A to Z … Margareth young bride had to follow on building settlements about the HOMES on her family ANCESTRAL LANDS … All nations helped with all their hearts - BUT NOT THE SOUR THUGGISH GREEDY IMPERIAL BRITAIN … the top of the pyramid had tremendous DEBTS from its ignorant greedy grasping GLITZY display … its woeful LACK of an education … its big booting on  H U M A N I T A S …  )

1933 March - Fearing they could lose CONTROL of the ESTATE at the birth of the heir proclaimed Greta Ransom … the LINDSAYBUGGARHS Premier Earls of Scotland and Gross Britain … cunningly & illegally called all RANSOM and family Post/correspondence to be DELIVERED to the BACK of BUCKINGHAM PALACE … where at XMAS and Greta Ransom her birthday March it was ripped open by savages … 3 men in grey suits from THE WHITEHALL Centre of British GOVERNMENT assisted by taking all correspondence away with them … A MOST DREADFUL GENOCIDE is now well in the PLANNING stage

ANGELA wants it all … she got her marriage by telling lies - she is expected to pay all THE CROWN BILLS & these are interest upon interest from early 20th century when Mary Teck (Queen Mary to George V) went GAMBLING in DEPRESSION …   ANGELA  & JIM JONG  told Mary Teck Queen that the OLD ESKIMO Margaret Ransom Grote,  had given ANGELA everything in 1910 for her 10th birthday !!!

ANGELA got engaged end January 1924 and married by the April 1924 … The Roaring 20s young did not want to marry `Bertie` … a nice enough delicate health man … they were only interested in NED … Neddy … Edward 8 …   JIM Jong saw advantages for his coin-less self :   His respectable CHINESE FAMILY China have kicked him out … for many crimes against them  … even gas filled rubber cushions … he fancied the moneys of old Chinese Indonesian aunts …

THE HIGH CLASS SIN  Figures From a Morgue dope-fiends-boozers-ignorant-obscene-greedy creatures-

Should never have known what THE GROTE RANSOM Estate owned around the globe it was by agreement with those

Independent & free Nations  …

ONASSIS an INTERNATIONAL Shipping figure :   he found out who had killed Greek orphans & staff  2nd World War “  wanted to do the lot of them in  ” 1960 onwards : he may have given the British Territorial Army help getting some monsters given the similar deaths (Lindsey et al were seen burning some children alive in the pits) …  he took care of the GREEK shore settlements & the Estate peoples of GROTE HOMES and RANSOM ESTATE  when he could - ONASSIS knew Margaret GROTE and admired her HUMANISM her kindness her great intelligence

1864 founding of GROTE HOMES - GROTE HOMES WERE ALWAYS DISAPPROVED OF BY THE BRITISH EMPIRE at the top of the pyramid of high class sin - Figures from a Morgue- The HOMES were never at all a matter for the fallen declining Empire of the British Nobles & Crown to know about- GROTE HOMES is an AMERICAN institution of intelligent human beings !

The LOUD MOUTH of Earl Lindsay & other British Nobles from 1879 expressed disapproval of EDUCATING FOREIGNERS who are fatherless to 18 years-RULERS SONS were to educate to 18 -

1920s- Noble penniless Vagrants-poverty of intellect-sharp gamblers-luxury lives `on tic` G.B. Government Lords & those on a rung of the ladder-Crown & Scandinavian branches with holes in the roof sneered at RANSOM-WEDDELL-Gronlander-San Julian human beings- & called our Branch of the family & of  Margarethe Ransom Grote ‘Apes & Eskimos’ to our faces 1920s- into the 1950s-

By killing the Grote children-settlement families-kith & kin all foreign peoples these criminally insane Noble British & Scandinavians were able to flash-glitter-stomp about in big boots again upon the Worlds stage-logging-gutting our lands -  The killing went on  -  to cover up the slain Grote children for so many people knew-  `Hunting Big Game` was regarded as holiday time off-shore  -  secret numbers Whitehall gave funding  - tills swung open when these criminally bestial insane walked by

The Noble establishment figures had the Post/mail stolen as ever-& stuck their snouts in it- their Racism the most lethal the globe has ever known…

BESTIAL GREED-using the LAW As soon as Noble Britain had killed all the GROTE HOMES children 2nd World War they knew they need never be caught- the crime is so obscene no Nation could face up to it-  GROSS BRITAIN as they ran it at the top became rich-paid its debts-went on the big spend-splash-dope-booze-BIG TIME-Casino time-cashing cheques on Banks in name of Greta & Len Ransom-Grote Brokers- & running mainly a most unhelpful to the globe crass Trade-The 2nd World War made it possible for them to SAIL IN Navy ships-go ashore smaller craft & slay the childrenreports/photos/pits found/offshore nets of children are round the globe-RN report December 1946/others into 1960s-1990s…


did not meet any RANSOM family except Greetah whose life ANDRE saved- he spotted on my hip needle marks-he knew the signs of heroin used on children from ASIA- eyes & edges of the teeth-& he knew why I Greta Ransom insisted the first day of his arrival that I was to die in September- & go to be buried with Teresa Carroll mother of Granny Gordon- she the Plato & Harmonist Studies girl who died when Great Aunt Annie Agnes artist was 2 years old 1882-


ANDRE MALRAUX took the medicine away that was being spooned into me daily by Unity’s mother-this was perhaps 10 days later- which I objected to- describing how I felt !  What it did to me!   He had noticed things after the spoonful she put in me in the mornings !

ANDRE went to see Archie(his wife was a schoolgirl with Esther)

in Clacton Boots the Chemists-  Archie said  ‘it does not do much good-a proper diet is best’ -  I cried when the danger was over-& got picked up on his breast & patted…  He describes this to PJPW 1970...

1937 MAY - SHEshe took off to LONDON TOWN-a change of Rulers/ Teresa Gordon Ransom had laced this medicine again with heroin plus something else-   Lindsaybuggarh 14 & Jimmie Mr Pong “two evil little Jack-in-boxes” got her INVITATIONS May onwards FOR SLOW POISONING GRETA RANSOM- SHEshe RECEIVED INVITATIONS TO ALL THE KNEES-UPS AT THE TOP or with others unacceptable gate-crashed-  Except the Abbey Ceremony-even though they called her  Mrs Gordon-Gordon de Cann to get her in-  She had promises of properties overseas-moneys from Angela‘s MEN for harming her husband & daughter-they give her much free dope too-

If there was one scrap of intelligence in her at all then


In this noble Class at the top of the British pyramid of Class they are all bestially insane on these dope mixtures from age 12/13 years onwards-Sunday afternoons they turn the Church Service upside down & 10 Commandments- culling is easy to them- hunting heirs as “big game”.   The most hideous dope they use is fire-blown pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland either up their snouts or under a fold of skin on the forehead- it hit’s a 12 years old brain in 2 seconds- creating   “determination to WIN”  Their parents pay the house hold bills a year with a crop of this plant-shipped to nations using slave labour of tiny children to 30 year old who do not reach 40 years….

1921 end of Winter up North- many of the HIGH CLASS SIN stood watching a man being burned in petrol at their feet-  Teresa Gordon was not there-she was told & said ‘not my taste’ - Angela was in the front row in Wellington Boots (rubber boots)…The man would have got the wrong heiress or would not sell his lands- They see grisly performance as toughening them up -Purple Plum pellets gangs- many have parents-relatives who grow this NOBLES DRUG-Ed du Cann’s uncle Feb 1954 is boasting he has just got 20-thousand pounds Soho for the Crop of 2 years-he & 5 Partners…report/witnesses/G.R.

1948 there was a USA Agent’s report of 1948 circulating into 1950s Scarlet Town- on his recent encounters in Scotland-a colleague went missing-

1937 ANDRE MALRAUX-says he half believed somebody had added something to this bottle of medicine for a child said to have anaemia & too excitement about grown-up matters said the mother -but he had seen the needle marks on Greta’s hip-heroin injected-& for some weeks perhaps months-he had seen it in The East on children-

ANDRE MALRAUX - `he was sure it was in the medicine 1937 after proving this was so in April 1947- He reads from his notebooks the account of Greta in the Church Sunday morning April 20th 1947...

1947 SUMMER- In 1970 Malraux reads his notes The Pillar house Harwell to PJPW- GRW allowed take shorthand notes-at first at the table opposite him-then from the little kitchen dining-room hatch-he was distressed looking into my eyes- he calls her  `My wife Peter…after Jo whom I chose as my wife-when she was dead I & my next Catholic wife chose our future path-I had responsibilities to the living-`

1945 Noble High Class Sin & Figures from a Morgue-

The cunning brutes were out to blame my father- Frederick John RANSOM Army Captain -whom they’d tried kill Philippines (but useful he speaks Japanese) then in Kenya-saved by some humanists-hidden-got back September 1945 to Gross Brit- FJR in shock from learning of the slaying of all the GROTE HOMES children-staff-settlers-Trying to give his big family Ransom-Weddell-Poulsen the thumbs up`  we must save what we can of the Joyous Venture-

1949 Dr Len Immanuel Ransom co-heir says he knew extent of the slaughter GROTE HOMES children-Japan hid their  orphans- he is a Master in Japanese- Len’s shock had no words at first- It is confirmed RN  ships used-Alfred Charles RANSOM Rear Admiral other HIGH RANKING RN confirmed in horror 1946- records-eye witnesses-

1946 Augusta Frobisher discovers all children slain- She & Alf. Charles 1948 “on their knees praying”

1953 to kinsman Ettrick/Napier `Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men`- Augusta murdered Norway 1954 by JIM-


There are hundreds of accounts of the slaying of the children A to Z-nations of the globe outside the British

Empire who exhibited HATRED at the Estate, its heirs, its families….  heard, seen, photos…it was not until the 1960s that some of the bestial murderers were caught & exterminated- this was after MALRAUX & de Gaulle proved the Will had never been received-AND THAT MALRAUX, & the General HAD THEIR POST/mail stolen by G.B. Government & Crown ruthlessly-

1937 SUMMER Clacton-on-Sea the house with the rectangle garden the garage at the end by the remains of an ancient hamlet 17th century….over from the Church, into Marine Parade-advancing upon Pier Avenue-

& GEORGIE-ANDRE MALRAUX goes popping into  The CO-OP  for this & that -

he suddenly notices HOME/HEIMAT/Maison

‘Doth hath the need for-Well wee-mee-think`th Iiiiia`h-some brown sug`arrhh  for the custard tarts….’

17th century Nonconformist speech from East Anglia-  which I Greetah, at school in my pram from 14 months, QUAKER SCHOOL- doth retain-until end of 2nd World War & now we hath to all be smart with Scarlet Town speech-or mocked are wee-& get no jobs-except in the Museum world where we are valued…

1937 GHOSTS-Angels-demons, devils, witches….

Sitting in the garden one evening after a busy day on our feet seeing churches, buildings, villages our talk came to ghosts & ghostly matters…Josette very level headed here.  I saying you perhaps can see them if you can step back in their time-perhaps by thinking-but I am not sure-there are ahead inventions-mankind may learn more-I ask about such matters of family & friends.      I do not think ANDRE believed in ghosts at all-only memories having to be upheld-he may hath seen too much of blood & gore in SPAIN- but our thoughts spoken got to THE STARS & TIME-& we will go-we have to….

I knew of Old Professor DUNN & his dimensions- it’s a blue school book- I tell them that my Father says  “IT IS NOW OLD HAT, daughter- but he was pushing at  matters at least…”  ……..

Nota bene:   My father born Nov 1911 is younger than ANDRE MALRAUX- born November 1901...THAT SUMMER 1937 OF THE RESCUE IN SPAIN of the 22 years old Murgatroyd cousin…Frederick John RANSOM eldest son is only 26 years of age…at least he stood with his INCA ancestors spirits atop of Macchu Pichuu in 1936...while LENNIE & I fumed below!

You would not know he is 10 years younger-in 1957 October Andre say’th ‘your father-could run a small Republic-like France-better than me- this was why you were able to talk to me in 1937 & I could learn things from you…a little boy-girl, a stout walker who could make Fairy Cakes…and took such care of me the day I was ill-from not putting on my warm jersey that morning before…it ws not My Nerves…!…”

In 1945 we had a book in the `Pearly` library by Old Fred Hoyle-somebody told me in the 1980s he was only 21 when he wrote it-sorry Young Fred Hoyle !

1937 SUMMER The night was comfortable warm, fresh air from the SEA now a blackness out there from the shores-I do not love it the SEA as all the Ransoms do-I prefer to FLY with Lennie Flyer-& when we go to GREENLAND next June 1938 to take Aunt Mag’s SPIRIT to the Island & we are to say “we have been to Greenland FOR A BEER” I plan that I will always fly everywhere-with Len if I can- Some of these matters I hath passed two words upon -when something stirs the memory in our hours the day & night-

GHOSTS & a possible other world-Heaven was not considered-it was separate-at least for me from Ghosties & things-dead walking-science-I had the stars-& we would go !

1937 THAT EVENING- I was allowed to speak on a party, queer that SHEshe gave (Unity’s mother was in the kitchen seeing to this & that-  glad to have us out of the way)….

SHEshe said it was a party for MEN TOO HOLY…it was last winter-some Salvation Army men & some Bookmakers came thinking my father a man of WISDOM would be there-she gave them a drink from a jug…& they began to take their clothes off-

I did not hear what SHEshe was saying as they drank the pint POTS…I crept away on all fours & out by my secret way & went to the kindly neighbour who is half-Jewish & has the sick husband who needs nourishing foods so we have her help us for money-and she is pleased-  She went to the other neighbour who has no fear of SHEshe & they called the POLICE-men-

They took her off  “to the Cooler”  & the poor men were taken to the hospital after they had their clothes put back on- they never remembered anything- we could all protect them hereafter-

The POLICE-men kept her hidden in a cell for 5 nights-she’d gone mad again-they would not let her have a Solicitor & Dr Clarke her Family doctor as she brags (he is not mine)  was told  “ little matter about your conduct in Canada before you came over here Sir…”  He went to his Surgery & dropped the matter-he’ll not be taken to THE RACES anymore by SHEshe who is often GOT OUT by phone calls from her friends Mr Pong & Angela & the Lindsaybuggarhs who want her destroying our lives…


I thought ANDRE-George looked placid at my finishing sentence- When I had just begun his eyes were like two big moons- Josette is much more level headed-& knows life is difficult…

ANDRE MALRAUX has known SHEshe since winter 1924/5 when he & friends helped her & Miss Plunket Greene who were in Deauville & had come to CALAIS with Jim JONG Mr Pong & he had robbed them-he has the KEY to the  “dusty Mansion France of the Bloody Liars”-Angela‘s place-

1937 Summer The House on the Corner Clacton-on-Sea

Our hostess Unity’s mother came out with her apron still on-she likes to do some things on her own…Just as I added   “The POLICE-men went to Grandpa Gordon but he and Granny were away seeing his brother JOHN…….”

She explained   ‘….George & Mary Gordon they go up to see his brother in Scotland- he has A SEAT & lives alone with his servants-she died just before the wedding-he does not want to forget….”

I was a little upset & felt fear about Scotland & said

“NO!  Granny & Grandpa Gordon never go into Scotland because of what happened to John’s little Bride-to-be-hours before she was to put on her wedding finery…We say prayers in church…

THEY ALL MEET IN MANCHESTER- with Granny’s families & have a happy time…sometimes he pops over to Southern Ireland to see them, all Granny’s cousins…”

I was allowed to go on - “He has had to wait 20 years to send them to Hell, all of his Retainers & the neighbours helping-they caught them one by one-everybody helped-

Great-uncle JOHN, he grows the best tomatoes in Scotland-Oh before anybody could grow them…BUT HE DOES THESE THINGS FOR THE LIFE THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD-

She is not a ghost but he & all the servants go on living there as if the Wedding had happened-

Or they would all have gone insane or at least got nerves-

AT CHRISTMAS THE HOUSE IS LIT decorated presents-

The table laid for a Christmas feast as it should have been-

They pretend she & the children they would have had

all come down from Heaven-all the rooms are prepared as they were when she was coming a Bride-& the childrens rooms as well-he buys some toys-then he gives them to the poor the next year & goes shopping for some more-

1890 `HE HAD EVERYTHING READY & SHE HAD HER WEDDING DRESS- then hours before they should go to the Kirk he found her beautiful young face cut off & laid before his door.   They never found her body…

So they built her a lovely tomb in the garden & decided everything must go on as planned- but they would let THEM forget-then they would SEND THEM TO  HELL. She may have been called Marjorie…but I am not sure…Great Uncle John is still there-…(She is a Marjorie Cameron-parents had a factory-were killed-she kidnapped by this Branch-)

When she was born she was kept hidden by them-then a MAIL Robbery had all the big Places searched for it was known ALL THAT LOT were penniless…Groat-lessSo the Police & the Insurance people found her & they took her OFF THEM  & put her with an old Aunt- & she was very happy to have a companion.   She dressed her very nicely & they went out to many Church matters & teas & things- SHE MUST NEVER GO ANYWHERE ALONE-

They may have killed her parents then got hold of her…

THESE-THEY had not let her ‘have a schoolroom about her’ but they had to have employed 1 or 2  Tutors- SHE WAS NEEDED TO SIGN HER NAME WELL-& be presented at this & that- Solicitors & Courts from time to time-so they were not cruel to her-BUT SHE WAS NEVER TO GO FREE-she had moneys-they were ever in debt from debauchery…

THEY had the POWER to stop her marrying but at 21 years old they could not & as she lived with the old Aunt & she had been taken OFF THEM she could marry at 21 years.

She met Grandpa’s brother JOHN GORDON ‘at a church meeting & a nice friendly TEA afterwards-she was old fashioned by not quaint….’

& they ‘made a match’….Grandpa’s brother, John, he was a great reader & she knew a lot.   He got a lovely home ready & he’d even take her overseas visiting Ruins & lovely Cities-

THIS DREADFUL MATTER HAPPENED…there was no money found for a Charity, or to set up a school…

Or for her poor old Aunt- because THESE THEY now claimed she had never existed & they got ALL HER MONEYS….

But to stay SANE everybody with Great-Uncle JOHN GORDON decided while waiting to SEND THEM TO HELL they would go on with the LIFE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN…

If she was IN HEAVEN-if there was a Heaven-then she looked down & was happy….& perhaps God  let her have the children as they had planned…


but really common-sense says everyone to go on as if she had not died just before the Wedding-  for what could you do  having to live all that…NOBODY COULD JUST FORGET HER- Majorie Cameron locked up from a baby-released at 18 years-to marry for love at 21 years- murdered horribly by another of these evil dope-filled dope growers of Scotland-

JOHN GORDON & the retainers & friends all knew they would have to wait sometime to SEND THEM TO HELLAfter THEY the demons had got the money they went abroad but soon they had to creep back full of debts- & THESE-THEY fight amongst themselves when the money is running out….

Uncle Harry Gordon says there should NOT BE KNOWN SUCH DRUGS…that can do this to people-make them so cruel…

JOSETTE said when at first ANDRE-George gave interpretations…thinking it was part my imagination & listening to family tales at night with my door open-


She made her notes- her titles, sub-titles across the Exercise book pages-this is her IDEAS-archives…

JOSETTE she may write a story or use ideas from this TRUE TALE of A BARBARIC SCOTLAND where Earls & the powerful could take all moneys from young people & then kill them, remove all records & say the person had never existed…`


2nd World WAR- the entire 20th century-

lackeys like Mengele Harrington were paid astronomical sums of moneys from the Nation/Crown Office etc employed secretly to kill & destroy all the Paperwork-order graves removed-endowments philanthropic JOYOUS VENTURES & all moneys transferred to the criminally insane for their noble Memorials- Moneys stolen by their massive fraud & massive violence from this Estate owned by a highly educated gentle humanist woman speaking 20 languages whose husband they hath slain justifying their crime by calling her `AN OLD ESKIMO` - Margarethe Ransom Mrs Grote daughter of FRED RANSOM polymath-craftsman-musician-    From the 1880s GROTE HOMES & the flower-garden Estate twice round the globe was acknowledged by educated  persons of HIGH DEGREE INTELLIGENCE as pure REASON…be they poor as Church mice or in positions where they help all mankind- & Act the Gospels Out….

Sea Traders hath experience of the powerful noble monsters used by Gross Britain to eye their goodly Estates offshore. Up to the end of the 19th century we could sail away from their narcotic greed…

JUSTICE would put Lindsaybuggarhs & The Figures from a Morgue on chains to build our Universities Nord Pole-South Poleto Poul Gronlander & family & James Weddell his wife & his father-in-law the INCA nobleman mathmatician-astronomer-humanist a Roman Catholic family surname SAN JULIAN -

1937 Summer Clacton-on-Sea - One evening sitting in the garden at night I began a Tale of the Cabbage Fairy-she comes in November & skates upon the leaves of the dark green cabbages-their hearts enclosed tightly from the frosts & bitter winds for they know we want them for the winter dinners for XMAS-tide & to keep us all healthy & wise until the spring garden plants are back again-

JOSETTE was sad & ANDRE tired I think- They have not yet had their DISCUSSION round the kitchen table with Unity’s mother Freddie Theatre & me a listener if they wish -but able to come & go from making this & that with what we hath collected about the landshaft-landscape- It is about what they are to do now they have decided they want to make a life a long life together…THEY ARE APPROVED OF ABOUT THE TOWN-

When we go about the town and out to something nice

JO is always treated as  `his young lady-& when will they wed`& she looks happy-& other good people knowing there is an impediment show there approval of them AS A PAIR-

Josette went to bed & Andre & I were sitting there under the diamonds in the sky the other worlds- & I can remember I tried be cheerful going on with Flower Fairies stories for wintertime-but feeling a bit little & silly & not sure if I should go & sleep at Granny Gordon’s house…

ANDRE shakes his hair from his forehead then shakes it back again-I see him now 2008 AD- he reaches for some of the garden chairs as he rises his sea serpent movements that are graceful but swift- I feel lost & do not want to go to sleep at the bottom of their bed if they are unhappy.

“I shall go to bed” say’th hee-& lifts the white cup he brought out earlier for himself with tea-turns on the spot & says “I am going”

& a very high sloping figure he makes stretching from putting a chair back in place - & he goes ! I near tears at being left all night perhaps-I am quite alone under the BLACK SKY- THE DIAMONDS those other worlds scattered so thickly upon the blackness above everywhere I look- I can see it as I write this-feel the emptiness of being alone-only my dead grandpas & grandmas behind me stretching back into the sea mists of the shores of the world…It was a very still night no sound of the sea pounding which is always comforting & I know I am alive.

I was here in the vegetable garden quite alone at midnight & realised I had to expect to be alone & often it could not be avoided-perhaps I should creep out & go up to the Cemetery & sit beside Grandpa’s grave & Auntie Kitty who died in 1929 she was very pretty with real curly hair- Being alone did bring unhappiness-but I must always be prepared for I am me with a million children a quarter million grownups to take care of with Lennie & we are in training a curriculum worked out by intelligent peoples of the globe-

Mr Pong & SHEshe sometimes have shut me under the stairs in the dark cupboard saying “NO SCHOOL FOR APES..”  & I cannot go to school for she will say “no clothes”    Mr Pong may come early morning when Daddy has left & they set about frying bacon for sandwiches & drinking brandy-other things- cleaning out all the Port bottles-Mr Pong tells her “you will not have satin & lace Teresa like Angela-unless you do as we say…”

SUDDENLY HAPPINESS sweeps my small coming 5 years body- ANDRE-Saint George strode gracefully from the dark house noiselessly coming to me saying  “you are coming to bed as well-we all have another day-it will soon be another day…”

& he said a few other things I cannot clearly remember but happiness descended from the vast black night above-I will not go to the Cemetery-perhaps they would like let me go with Granny Gordon on Sunday afternoon…

1957 November-December Andre Malraux will begin to give me back all this lost time from his notebooks his memories- 1937 the night of being all alone under

the black sky-then joy his return-I was placed kindly at the foot of their bed & we all had a good night’s sleep the

SEA AIR coming in the window- another to-morrow happily together & I hear he went at 8 am for his newspapers-

“ We became a unit-a family, Peter ” Andre Malraux retired Minister Culture France will say 1970 in winter-reading from his notebooks of the SUMMER holiday 1937-

1937 SUMMER Discourses ANDRE-JOSETTE-Greetha

We were UNDER THE GREAT BLACK SKY with DIAMONDS set in its vast spaces- & we have all agreed with discussions that WE ARE TO GO TO THE STARS…

(& I know from my family histories that Gertruid Great POUL’s grand-daughter had eyes like “diamonds in the Black Northern skies” when FREDERICK RANSOM came sailing in with his brother JOHN RANSOM & began his courtship of a Maid in Eskimo clothes with her girlfriends    She can be seen my father’s  Great-Grandma Gertruid 2-times-back for Greetah in the painting by their old friend Delacroix Sardanapulas-she wears an indigo veil-  it is in the PARIS Louvre- Delacroix liked painting her exotic presence listening to her Greenlandic lore-she spoke several languages well having been in Finishing School Norway…(The British Nobles made obscene drawings  in the 1930s of an educated woman- & of her daughter Margarethe the richest person in the globe to their CRASS bestial envious understanding-they the Vagrants sailing about the globe)

“The RANSOM BROTHERS late 1820s borrowed a skiff at Frederickstown & went to look at a new harbour site called JOHNSTOWN but it would not do-not deep enough-they sailed along & eyed the girls for it was time they had brides & got some good blood coming in-their mother a Miss Keiller had died at 32 years of age from an Apothecary insisting she could not go to church with this little lump on her neck-autopsy done by FR 19 years old who took his young mother’s body to near Edinburgh in shawls & blankets & learned with the doctors-lump not at all going to her brain directed by the Devil- ignorant older family members her side persuaded to bow to pressure- Because of this he wrecked his ship channel-sat talking with young friend Gericault about wrecks…bought 3 paintings-ANDRE MALRAUX SAW photographs & article in a magazine 1920s on these- `Property of a woman who lived on a barren Scots Hebrides Island` A Weeping Andre Malraux in winter 1970 said he had nothing to connect in SUMMER 1937 when Greetah spoke of an ancestor helping `paint a Raft`…The RANSOM family were away in Spain on a rescue-a terrible tragedy happened-JEAN WEDDELL ballerina was soon Winning in the Spanish Courts for the bereaved Murgatroyd Missionaries-   Jean grandmother Ransom to Greta- her first languages Spanish-Portuguese-French-American-some Peru & Tierra dialects-she always spoke English with South American accent-so British Nobles called her an Ape…

1820s West Greenland - FRED RANSOM  spoke to this Maid in GREENLANDIC-she answered him in NORWEGIAN-he tried that & she answered him in FRENCH-He tried GERMAN & she knew that- & LATIN-she tossed her head & gave him a Sermon on the Mount in GREENLANDIC stressing the teaching of JOHN a favourite in Greenlandic Christian teaching-  She did not have Ethiopian to her tongue-  Frederick RANSOM was fluent- from putting himself in the COPTIC school 6 months when he was 12 years old & went to stay with a widowed Aunt for 2 years: his Aunt was told to stay living in the Residence-her husband had been the Consul ( USA or G.B. ?)

GERTRUID POULSEN- she is Jacop’s only daughter  ( Jacop Gronlander-POULSEN eldest son of POUL GRONLANDER & Margaret nee Yates his wife ) & HER DOWRY WAS GREAT POUL GRONLANDER’S ISLAND agreement with her brother Count Poulsen Norway- SHE  WAS THUS COMMITTED TO  BUILD  A UNIVERSITY to her Grandfather POUL on the island Jacopsholmen- a big island off Xristenshab-   Decree 1770 Danmark-

FRED RANSOM he records the first meeting “her eyes were like diamonds in the Northern Skies” its in Jacop’s Ladder an autobiography by J.R after her death & their life of miraculous achievements-the Theatre Jacopsholmen Island going up & that world of intelligent civilized humanism visiting an Island of happiness- craftwork-hospital-school of outstanding intelligence- modern houses superior to Europe-hygiene-diet-Island able to provide for itself always 5 years ahead from the Ice Caves everybody had…

“ Old Fred Ransom up within the Arctic circle had the first metal re-cycling Unit in the world” says Captain Alan Villiers “THE FIRST BELL CAST IN GREENLAND, 7 feet or so tall”

Fred & Gertruid Ransom had the four children- lst Frederick age 7 years to fall down a crevass with cousins Gronlander bodies never recovered- then Margarethe- John  & Poul “the school the highest standard in the globe” adds Captain Alan Villiers Dec 1967 Oxford-

“Utopia-democracy but they kept stopping them putting up the University- BOMBED IT- Peter-  7 years ago !   SHAME - SHAME - SHAME !” bombed by Gross Britain & Denmark 1960 June onwards-& Captain Alan Villiers named gormless big spenders of violent fraud-December 1967 Oxford- All Hell broke out around us again snooping wretches with long black tongues sadistic brutes who drip blood & gore from the slaying of the Grote Homes children so they could get DOUGH- Greta being blamed by ice blobs on a mud puddlefor living at 50 Lancaster Gate Square invited by ANDRE MALRAUX April 17th 1957

at 24 years of age-10 years after our Catholic Wedding of Grace-in happiness we both now strode tall while-Diaries/accounts

1937 January - Nota Bene : `have nothing to do with Courts & Kings young woman-we once found an enlightened Ruler-down in San Salvador` Captain Liam RANSOM…

1937 SUMMER HOLIDAY-nearly midnight after sad hours of they-

I begin to describe to JOJo&Joh & ANDRE-George what it is like to be the Cabbage Fairy & SHE IS SKATING ON THE BLUE-GREEN LEAVES encrusted with frost FOUL WINTER HATH COME to seacoasts the globe-

Did I attempt to tell of Millicent Frobisher Mrs JOHN RANSOM my grandpa Ransom’s tragic tiny mother & why we always keep the house ’Jerusalem’ at Deptford-  & speak of true happenings…

“Mill sits on the stairs-  We say Lennie & I-  `going skating Mill ? `    Wait a moment & we will come…& we can all call in at the Ice Cream Makers Soho & go into the Park where you take little Frederick Charles in this push-chair I am happy to have-  We can go talk with JEAN’s Grandpa Weddell sitting on the Deptford waterfront-give him some hope- say WE ARE ALL HERE & HEALTHY-& determined to survive-& its thanks to you & all of them our lines sailing down the years of the centuries- & you came a bride because you loved us all so…`    I must have said some sentences of family histories while relating ` a FAIRY SKATING-IN WINTER-

I always finish personal matters the family with A CHEERFUL ADVICE-how to deal with grief & this is learned from both lines my grandparents-   Lennie & I are unable to avoid sad lives lived or being lived but they must never be forgotten & trash put in their places-

we show to others  PATHS OF HOPE…It is my father FJR his brothers JR & LIR who will pass written work on the RANSOM et al family histories to ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 on…

1937 NEXT MORNING DAWNED & ROSY FINGERED DAWN WAS WEARING HER CLOAK OF SAFFRON for we seem to have slept longer- & we three rose from our beds our natural chosen times /our beds are tied together &  I  because of the nightmare am welcomed to sleep at the bottom of their tied beds as “the little lion the little Palestine Crusaders dog at the foot of our tombs” -  We were all very happy more than before- & Andre Saint GEORGE was especially kind & attentive to JOSETTE at the breakfast table the next days- & the happy holiday routine went on…


…an American Gentleman saves the Grote Homes Ransom heirs- April 1936 -NEW YORK City- I did mention his duck-billed platypus now & then-but Andre felt this was beyond his comprehension-even though he speaks English from Joseph Conrad’s translated books- I expect the 17th century Quaker was perplexing & coffee ice cream in Tierra del Fuego & how to get out of our INCA cousins mound- Jean dancing Debussy’s Iberia for the Basque cousins-we have arrived by seaplanes & launch 1936…

1937 SUMMER Unity’s mother goes to help get her father get up for the hours of the day at the white painted Convalescent Home towards Holland beach JO’s beach-  & she looks after this sweet little house & us & our laundry & things. One morning JO said we would make a broth as they do at home in France- & she has seen cooking in Spain-& we will go ‘round the Town’ for broth makings-so with baskets on our arms we left the key under the back garden mat for Saint George ANDREW…Unity’s mother has shown us the Spanish wine she has got in 6 bottles- but she says we will go to other Towns ancient Towns for more varied selection other lands- in Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis is a one man shop that has rare things-even Oozu-its Greek I am informed-  I will pass this information on-the artistic peoples of Essex will know of this- I do not know of Retzina yet-but its only meaningful to those who hath  ‘lain upon those shores-& heard the THUNDER & THE SURGE OF THE ODYSSEY- `the surge & thunder of the Odyssey` Andrew Lang writer poet-coloured Fairy Books-

ANDRE- Josette Greta-& families- IN OUR TIME OF PERSECUTION THAT IS ENDLESS AHEAD-the period 4 Feb 1968-30th April 1993- then to faire France- can illustrate the GREED OF BESTIAL IDIOTS clutching at us ` a gigantic obscene piece of Statecraft by Gross Britannique ` says General de Gaulle March 1962-receiving at last the 3 Legal Wills to the Grote Ransom Estate the globe- his Courier doped 2 hours late Feb 1960 documents removed by Naval intelligence teams of bilge rats-Vagrants-all able to go to banks the globe in Ransom names-still chortling `old Eskimo gave it to Angela yah know`- They are 20th century terrorists of nations A-Z the globe- & there are our Ransom lands down the former Yugoslavia- & Russia-China-Siberia-Canada-Newfoundland & either Poles they are craftily plotting to get 1990s onwardsFrom  RANSOM BRIDES who came with their dowry- & a civilized settlement & society often a GROTE HOME flourished gently-

A one night guest  1900s at The Pillar House Harwell- the writer of the Greek lines came to stay in the big East bedroom-looking out on the croquet lawn  (where I put 21 fruit trees for shading the players 1970/1- the big east room upstairs the Whitehead family nursery-play room where Andre Malraux sleeps a night autumn 1970...  Here 1900s at The Pillar House rented for 150 pounds a year by L. Leslie Brooke he & Lang spoke of illustrations to another Coloured Fairy Book-Warne- but it did not materialize & Henry youngest child is telling Amanda-Paul-Victoria-little Peter 1970s `he felt it was because his parents did not light a fire for the night in that great room-they had to be careful of the pennies-he & his brother needed education-(you can see their mother drawn then by LLB & caption  `& what they did not eat that night the Queen next morning fried`… Here is civilized behaviour 1970s with heart warming memories of a visit to a childhood home by a man who went into Government-but got interference from Doctor Mengele Harrington & thugs who wished to cover up THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND AGAINST RANSOM Estate & GROTE HOMES…letters to W. children from another child of `Johnny Crow’s Garden`…ANDRE MALRAUX always widower of JO bereaved of his sons since 1961- hears of this life & comes to see it but madness stalks around us as always now doubly so-

ANDRE MALRAUX  Widower kneeling at JO’s tomb & then their boys ages 21 & 18 a car killing arranged by JIM-Lindsays-Mengele all experts in this -for Naval intelligence & ice & mud puddles of debauchery- It is also tomb of the Wedding of Grace

1947-made in Heaven-George Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom-

Georges-Andre Malraux of SUMMER HOLIDAY Clacton-on-Sea 1937 will sleep in this East room-of the Ransom Rathbone WHITEHEAD family 1968-1993- where you get morning sun & warm winter mornings-we plan to put up the long gallery over the Artists studios (John Henry Fredk. Bacon was here too-painted also famous men-Cardinal Vaughn Rider Haggard) Here ANDRE MALRAUX will come with Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM- & PJPW of the BM Natural History plans to help them a total of 2 months of the year-working on volumes  ALL THIS HISTORY- explaining this ignorance that has destroyed the globe-A to Z-    They will write to correct the dirty lies of Noble dope-soaks- with their sullen mutterings of `AN OLD ESKIMO GAVE ANGELA ALL THIS AS A CHILD-so we have killed the Grote children for we will not have A to Z in the way of BRITISH TRADE…Suddenly General de Gaulle was dead so soon after retirement…

1970s Harwell- Saint George ANDRE MALRAUX saw a home & my attempt at a holy house but it was sometimes impossible to keep monster Royal Satraps out when we went to the woods or activities of normal families-  In they came & searched-it was a crime to have books on Ransom-Weddell-Greenland-INCA-MALRAUX-the old sordid tricks went on- (as at Colchester Castle 1954- see burning of Donovan Bookseller Colchester & Strand his Rare Book Room)  Simple gentle scholarship & philosophy is meaningless to those `whose spirit is slave to gold-they hath never drunk of civilized wholesome knowledge` (2 lines in Willis-a book of poems-Jean Weddell had from the time of her first marriage to young Smith Argentine-married in Spain-she 18 years old-he died less than a year from appendicitis-) I am saying the poet of those lines on the power of the Odyssey,Andrew Lang slept in our house-came from Winchester on his horse to stay with the young artist illustrator L. Leslie Brooke & his wife Diana Sybil-renting the lovely house for 9 years-I am regarded as odd by the criminally insane-but not at all by ANDRE MALRAUX….L.Leslie Brooke’s wife returned to The Pillar House 30 years on-her husband had left the immortal childrens books a mark of a civilized mind- We have left our civilized contribution too- books-photographs-letters-the renaissance party March 1972- BMNH work & publications-GR is adding these Books of JO & Andre-

March 18th 1972 ANDRE is back from President Nixon USA

He comes at 9.30pm to a party Whitehead-Ransom have created with help from children & friends for families-for ladies & gentle-men-children early on-  not a rave-no dopes-Mengele Harrington dressed as The Devil & Lindsaybuggarhs arch-thugs attempted to get in-

The Crispin Inn Harwell Vikings young men & POLITAN-Arthur Malone & others fought EVIL off at the East Gate-The Pillar House School Lane- A figure in a scholar’s gown with laurel wreath was Lennie-I do not know him-Arthur Malone invited him & they kept out evil gatecrashers- `Mengele left after 3 attempts minus a thumb` Len has now had 2 brothers murdered-I am not to know ?  Or is this some devilish brain-washing of those we feel we can trust- PJPW has frequent threats to murder him in the traditional ways of the British NOBLES-burn you in Scotland-pour petrol down your throat-drop you 2 miles out no lifebeltThey still rule this massive ignorance heavy on DOPES & GREED at the top-  Politan-Arthur Malone said to my remark `I did not think Vikings were about in the renaissance`- ` The Vikings ? Oh they got left over on Lindsay Island` PJPW jumped in nervous horror-clearly I was not to hear the name LINDSAY- Without it being attacked to `buggarh` I do not think there was any possibility of remembering the attacks on my child’s body by THEM 1930s ! (I do wish I could do it all back to them-& a bit more ! ) Politan & Len & young men dressed as Brugel paintings had just driven some Lindsaybuggarhs down Harwell High Street to their cars where they wagged their black tongues to their boots `they were there to see we did not break the peace`…THEY DO NOT EXIST FOR ME-I LAST KNEW OF THEM IN THE 1940s…1953 New Year’s Eve Nethrington Hall outside London did not have me retain that name-only a bunch of posh thugs that poisoned an old lady in their family at 9.20pm because she was going to call The Police…By 1972 nothing was in my memory-  COM`TH ANDRE MALRAUX-with Lucretia Borgia an old friend from the 1920s-

These murderers Earls of Lindsay & Crawford 1938-1960s of the GROTE HOMES children for dough & our fabulous paintings-art works-investments-philanthropy settlements & seashores-Islands-lands-  were coming 1972  to destroy our renaissance evening-dope drinks-THEY WERE KEPT OUT- The Pillar House is a Holy House !  Their entry in Debretts/Burkes Peerage should be just a big black hole-& Wanted Sign- Lindsay Earls are the Monsters of the Deep-Clacton-on-Sea 1937 - not there-murdering in Spain- OUR SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937 ANDRE & JOSETTE & Greta Ransom-5 WEEKS & THEN TO LINCOLN to see the sites of the ancestors of MALRAUX- found known- Sea traders- he & me-Andre & Greta

All memories again swept away in the early 1960s-all I retained 1968 onwards was ugly faces objecting to Andre & Greta Ransom a pauper living quietly in that beautiful MISSION St Edmund’s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square- building already stolen by this SCUM- `crown property a line that appears in some documents then disappears` -sold for a hotel- At least the hotel could call itself ANDRE MALRAUX House-our happiness’s our suffering are there-his sons would come & stay…Dirty JIM Cur James-the pre-war Mr Pong Jimmie Jong travelling companion of Angela- invented this piece of FRAUD 1930s to get them all FAST DOUGH for the Races`

As with Andrew Lang others we have left our shades upon the spaces that air in these pages & works of others out there-

(the renaissance party is a file-& can be re-created-it was an entire work done by hand-with friends-19 March 1972- a M. ANDRE Marlow Malraux came too- JOSETTE & ANDRE WILL NOT COME-she has been killed with her sons in all this horrible GREED by dope-fiends of a fallen Empire-

The DECEIT & MADNESS has put little Peter Rathbone Whitehead in Harwell cemetery Photographer-philosophy-he the essence of goodness-1970-1998-  He was drawn in about age 11 years trying to inform the family of what was ABOUT THE DOOR- & Dad could not cope…` Pete drawn into the grief given us by Imperial Monsters cunningly getting more & more-

& denying the Grote Children they have killed recognition-in the vast Ransom JOYOUS VENTURE-yet waddling about in blood gore money all their lives -- More & more slurs upon our Estate were heaped thick & high from the 4th February 1968 when we all entered upon NOUVEAU TIME-& again there were DAYS OF HOPE-

1937 SUMMER 3 young people…


THE CORNER Clacton-on-Sea over from Marine Parade another summer evening 1937- three young people with life ahead-and a million GROTE CHILDREN a quarter of a million others to TAKE THE CARE OF- Our Estate  hated by penniless Vagrants top of the Class Pyramid of Gross Britain noble scum & other scum climbing up-

Andre Malraux-of FRANCE- by late October 1937 is accepted the globe Elders as GUARDIAN Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts-

1937 SUMMER `I think YES- it would be a good idea to show him Andre-Saint George that she can cook-not that she will need to every day-for she has to write too-but she will need a care of the kitchen the stores- up on Jacopsholm our Arctic Island we have the Ice Caves with doors-& I am learning how we budget for 2 & 5 years Poles Nord- Sud…Lennie is surprised I am interested in WHAT the Grannies back in history cooked-as well as what were their Bridal gowns like- but he has become used to it- and we already have 3 books on the go-surprising Frederick Charles who is writing only one book - `On The Sea-` Grandpa Ransom he is told to write anything- it will be good- Publishers MacMillan-we know a John a big boy-who is coming to help with GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate-did Mr Pong kill him ? MSS disappeared 1939 after Lindsay 14 & Mr Pong killed Frederick Charles Ransom October- Suffolk-reports 3 medical staff who put away the truth & handed it to ANDRE MALRAUX Detectives-family `1960/61...

1937 SUMMER Holiday Clacton-on-Sea-

I  tell  JOSETTE when she tells me to talk on as I like of our Ransom brides in the families & what Lennie & everyone did last summer-New York-Greenland-Peru-Tierra del Fuego-the visit to Paris-the Basques in Spain where we came in our seaplanes-AQUIDO family of the wife of San Julian the Inca boy-he does arithmetic in the air…the monks said…

The girl in the Russet Silk Gown-Aunt Murgatroyd Missionary Ethiopia-Sudan early 20th Century & the UNIVERSITY OF THE SANDS -destroyed c 1947 - `The bride in scarlet against the snow Greenland -her father wanted to see a scarlet frock against the snows-& had it made in Spain- The girl in the Scarlet Gown of Spain with a collar of bracken diamonds a gift from the De Beer ladies-a Marriage in the Snows 1863 Margarethe & Thomas-We have recovered some of her autobiography…

All the above I am telling JOSETTE as I talk of her wedding to come & what will she have for her wedding gown ?  & we will make a BROTH to-day for dinner-supper at home this eventide-for we keep an energetic week-

JOSETTE WILL MAKE A BROTH-as they do in her home-I inform a shop where we know them well- We went shopping in the Clacton pale morning sun not too hot for August at this hour & bought what she felt would make a nice taste a pleasing sight on the plate. ANDRE Saint George had ‘other fish to fry’ & likes to `talk all over the town-`  he is learning about how people live in East Anglia & in Spain-and France…he likes some parts of America-not the low life.

We are to use the carrots in the garden with the salad plants & the spring onions as there is no garlic easily found-only Covent Garden can we think of talking last night when this BROTH WAS PLANNED- so if JO likes she could bring some back from London-next time…the spring onions will give a delicate taste if we use the green leaves- I think she put some yellow dried peas in as well-& perhaps baby turnips-I see Unity’s mother holding something up `I have only got these` & Andre will buy some meat when he Goes Round the Town again- some to cook- we shall leave it to him ‘the man about the house’ whom we do not tie to our apron strings-

I was telling JO as we shelled the shiny green pea pods to begin the broth for the even-time -how when Lennie & I had got away from Mr PONG & his gang of The Empire

we were hidden by a well-educated man New York- he had a duck billed platypus in a glass case a very tall glass case with water- & a man came from the Zoo every day to tend the rare duck from Australia-which is to go home on a boat-

The Bridal house was all dark when we came back that night-Len & I walked backwards ran so softly along the waterfront to the men in the blue light kiosk & they got us a taxi- We were woken up the first morning in his nice big Apartment in the Sky by a Mr Paul Whiteman saying “Goodmorning Savages-welcome to Tittle Tattle Land-there is a man coming to fry you for breakfast unless you get up & wash the pots & pans-I am sorry we cannot roast you a pig or a Mustang- but my Manservant is here & he will get you a breakfast-fruit-Flakes-eggs…

Ah one of you is a blue-eyed charmer- I will send a lady’s maid up by the lift- Well !  We will go to luncheon & dinner with my Band-I have to go & wake them out of the Hay at 12 noon-” (they work until dawn !) Mr PAUL WHITEMAN musician bandleader educated man of Boston New York-

Where is my magic baton ?  It can take away bumps & bruises scratches & bites-& I have to conduct the Band with it-& keep them in tune… We will call on JEAN in the hospital & see if she would come and dance-we will play her favourite March-Oh it’s the 3 Cornered Hat…Ah I will get out my sombrero-my Manservant will now direct & get you breakfast & by Carriage you will come to Carnegie Hall…

By the way-I have opened your bank-you may collect a windfall on the way-if you again have too much then you may deposit with the Manager of Carnegie Hall-he will hand you a tub full every day-to go shopping all over New York…” He knows Minerva-Olivea Len’s Gran just died 1934-her book EVENSONGS-printed in USA & in several editions-

` WINDFALL/Tub full/ a reference to our forgetting the amount of money that JEAN said to get out in RIO-& getting a fortune out-We have our secret names & numbers-we Grote Ransom Weddell children-we were being hunted by STUFFED ANIMALS FROM A BRITISH MUSEUM- Diary Uncle Dr Hebedie RIO December 1935  Account in 2 Parts/ we were safe in RIO High Street  with this money in my little white bag on a strap worn across my chest for we are known to be Aunt Margaretha’s children-& are being trained to run GROTE- care of orphans, Umbrellas for all families-arts, education, horticulture-a respected system which gave DAYS OF HOPE- & we are of mixed blood 14 races & 27 nations over the last 1,500 years…

`OPENED YOUR BANK …a more serious reference:   Paul Whiteman has got Important People USA to allow us to use our New York Bank- STOP the British Ambassador & enclave using our Bank & forbidding US to use it- They had Orders from Gross Brit to use Banks in the names of GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL to pay their Embassy bills-

Gross Britain High Class Diplomatic world : It was said in the usual secret silence that it is all property of Earls of LINDSAYBUGGARHS & Crawford-  & some belongs to Angela- “given her by an old Eskimo when she was a child…” This ugly stark RACISM is used by these Vagrants & outright thieves- & was not appreciated by intelligentzia in New York-where Margarethe Ransom Grote  is known for her high intelligence her kindness- She has created with Thomas Grote her husband the greatest piece of philanthropy the globe-A to Z.  a river a source that can never run dry- honesty is Tig’s lore-law the Estate A-Z -

To well educated principled Americans these British opium ravished nobles were the  `scum of the earth-` An Empire falling-fallen not giving them the vast wealth to waste anymore-while they the dope-addicts jealousy interfered with all good husbandry A to Z the earth: (& they stole my pretty frocks bought on 5th Avenue by Mrs Varese & others who are Margarethe’s friends)

To JOSETTE - I TALK ABOUT LAST YEAR-1935/1936- if she wants me to-it gives her ideas for stories & she is learning her English-or rather some Quaker from meeeeh-  when we travelled from Greenland to Tierra-del- Fuego calling at dear Thomas’s Homes-they do like the family to keep popping in for the children are all our big family-

1936 April `LIR Lennie says Mr Paul Whiteman was given a very good education by his father- he tells the grown-ups how his father then went off to the tropics to drink moonlight-  Well he did feel it was a certain amount of dope-it was the age they were in-his band did not touch it-if anyone got into trouble they helped-  It was felt the attack on us - Jean Len & me in Mexico was because these monsters of the deep were all on dope- He would pass it around the town the ring-leaders were two women & Mr Pong & the Noble Earls-who expect Len to call them `Uncle Lindsay`…

The hospital were keeping JEAN in until she could dance-

2 months-  I had been in 5 days & recovered-they got the glass out of me- Len told them of the Report Salpetrie`re Hospital Paris (Nov-Dec 1935)- `nothing wrong with Aunt Margarethe’s heir-a very strong heart`… (They are all coming up to Jacopsholmen Island & going round the HOMES to help when they have a holiday-I remember sitting on a high white bed a dismal window long a cold light-then they all came in-& I began to talk-Lennie translating…I HAVE A STRONG HEART-& am so many Races…)

Len said  `Mr Whiteman was very angry when he got the hospital report that morning-he was going to have Senators tell the Embassy of the British to KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF OUR BANKS-& that was why we could not go & get what we needed from banks where Aunt Mag had arranged funds in our names for the travelling-in New York we were told we could only have two pounds a day- but they thought we were children of these Monsters of the Deep- they had been told so- but like everybody else they could not get anything in writing from a falling Empire- hum ! `

`As we were travelling as Thomas did-with Jesus on one shoulder & LUCRETIUS on the other we needed some money even though we have little planes & Uncle Alfred Charles RN & Grandpa use the launch- Daddy went off in the hills Minas Geras & found a new orchid…G. R.

LIR Len `Mr Whiteman said he’d get a Red Indian Regiment for us- well he knows we have one from the Red Indian Granny 17th century but I cannot remember if its Nevada or Nebraska- reports/visits/newspapers/

I am learning them -the Granny I like best is Hebithiyea Greek & Palestine- she is a poetess & that young Ransom married her because he played a lute-but he had ships at sea (11-12th century-they sent Xmas cards until 1929) I now have an interest in what they had to eat as well as their bridal gowns- ` & so I go on if Jo will have me so-

JO has some things to say about her home-

but she is happy letting me bubble on a bit for George-Andre will say ‘it is her dreams-after she has have been listening to the grown-ups with her bedroom door open at night` & once or twice I looked sad & might have shed a tear- but they are on holiday….Andre George has said that its things I have had read to me & then use my imagination- he says he used to imagine when he was a child- his grandmother Adriana-Adrienne used to read to him & tell him old tales…

1960- Andre Malraux learns Greta Ransom never had any imagination in her life-only careful fact cold fact -

1960 Lennie Diaries- tells ANDRE MALRAUX of the

British Noble Gangsters-Figures from a Morgue out to harm us all in New York March April 1936  (letters to Greta Ransom 1950s-stolen)

‘do you remember Georgiano-he’d do anything clean your shoes, write an Affidavit-a Will- he had no mother but a father who’d brought him up well-educated him-Georgiano was interested in anything, everybody- he’d go in and out of Grote Homes solving questions, talking about Life, about all peoples- any occupation..

He said  “ They are committing TREASON-but they cannot be caught-you must never go out at night-go places in a truck never an official car-say not your programme-eat not where they are ”

If they caught him talking with us he knew he was booking an early GRAVE- I was learning how serious is the problem of a penniless nation at the top- taking by moonlight what others have got…” (LIR 16 years New York-he saved our lives driving a truck over Mexican desert 2 days-we fell at the feet of Mrs Albqerke Monterrey-we found Jean was not dead- Diaries/& a friendship until death…)

1937 SUMMER Josette so tall slim sitting on the Holland-on-sea beach now known as JO’s Beach-

we can find her there-sitting with her notebooks taking a swim waiting for us to come to she- or collect her in the car-I see the calm water tide still going out-a grey-green glassy gentle swell-clean sand & shells-  She says she has had her swim but Andre should go in-she has to forget THE WASTED BLOOD OF SPAIN- & sits with long legs stretched out a notebook on a board on her lap-she says she has been quite happy on her own & smiles softly…

We two St George-Andre & meeeh may have been forced to take a nap- Unity’s mother hath taken to explaining when we go out  “they are all worn out STAR WATCHING-they are now up before dawn-`  I politely try keep JO from feeling she has to join the DAWN voyage to the SEA- George Colonel Andre has to have all the newspapers-  Unity’s mother says cheerfully `they were out with the vegetables talking all night- STAR WATCHING ` We are known sometimes to yawn but not polite JO-& we did all of us take to sleeps in the afternoons if a late night was planned-

We have come to the beach from the Convalescence Home What a long time ago seems the first day-days when they were strangers & I remember hearing about  `Mary Butts-I went to see her before she died-I’m so glad I went-she was in a terrible state really-since he left- but still writing…Oh don’t you know her work -I thought living in Paris you would have read some ANDRE- -its very delicate-she lived in Paris-was there when we came-then to Cornwall…always had a difficult life…” Talk on the beach Holland-on-sea first day they arrive-

A LATE LUNCHEON- I see ANDRE MALRAUX follow Unity’s mother into the garden-the wireless is on all the time low or loud-he needs all the news broadcasts- A late lunch with meats & he may dash & get some more from the Coop if they decide there is not quite enough-he is picking the spring onions she & I have sown February-March-April-there‘s lettuce & radishes-he can choose-& tomatoes we have bought that morning at dawn in the town-  Sometimes we buy him the unsalted kippers a pale deep yellow shade more expensive but he prefers them-  & we may return before 6-00 pm to buy fishes from amongst the iced boxes if we eat at home- we usually do & they prefer this-  He Andre Saint George advises on my diet & I to him-  Fruit in the morning a half orange or apple- then my Force Flakes or porridge-a half an egg for I cannot eat more…I share with somebody-Hovis brown bread & light salted butter or unsalted I like-  I like salad things too as he & JO…

Wireless in the home is new-I was born two years after the BBC began its Home & Light programme-every household has the wireless on now-listening or just a pleasant background-perhaps at first it kept burglars away !  It is wonderful for music loving households-there is a Radio Times newspaper for every day’s programmes-Annie artist listens to the Welsh programme-she learned it with a girl cousin-

That evening we are to all go out to a late supper at the best place on the Seafront the town with an orchestra of 7-9 or even 10 players- the great windows will be folded back & the balcony & room open to the SEA the Pier & ships sequin lights far out-  Before the meal he made a pillow for me from his jacket & put me under the table at his feet-I had had a good HIGH TEA & I agreed I could not eat a full meal-Later we dance they together…then all three he picking me up in one arm holding Josette & away we go- I did not ask-it was Saint George Andre his idea-perhaps he thinks I am his Teddy bear- Jo’s long frock dull brick a swirl & red straps cross over her back-she explains to my disappointed look she has to have something easy to pack for the travelling-Unity’s mother is talking with some people on the curving stairs…


it was   “A TREAT”   from Unity’s mother- our summer holiday 1937 only 8 years ago-

Colonel ANDRE & Greta Ransom-without Josette- We are standing outside the closed doors-windows of the best restaurant in town 1937-  it’s a cool June day- whisps of rain-I have come from school midday-I must be back for nearly 2pm to the St Clare’s Convent the other direction towards Holland-on-sea set back a few houses from the seafront- I am 12 years since March- We are entered upon A STATE OF DREAR  from early SUMMER 1945-

We turn from The Clacton Pier the Seafront & ENTER AGAIN UPON THAT TIME 1937 the paving stones the same no noticeable change only places shut from 1939 the outbreak of War- We are  in raincoats-mine navy blue bought by a young soldier Jack Gordon- Colonel Andre Widower wears the  Glenn Miller USA fawn raincoat-a romantic garment- the wearer can look like an Angel-Archangel of  WAR-or Peace perhaps-

Colonel Andre-George his face now matured from War years & JO‘s death-his two younger brothers-  still the trace of that boy-man of his mid-1930s upon his brow his solemn movements sometimes…

1970 The Pillar House in winter…Andre Malraux retired Minister of France… `We made crosses from drift woods on the beach Peter- for my brothers- & our DEAD-  We set them upon the outgoing tide- winter  1945 & 1946...”

ANDRE MALRAUX knows of JACK GORDON by 1960/1961...that he is Greta Ransom’s dead brother of May 1945 & SHEshe with these-they are under suspicion- He had Stirling 60,000 thousand pounds from his father’s aunts when he was made a Ward of Court in the mid-1920s aged 3 years-then his father A MEDICAL NAVAL MAN was said to have FALLEN OVERBOARD- THE MONEYS  had been spent by 1941 when JACK GORDON married the heir & niece of Mrs Augusta Jay of Birmingham/their histories are recorded abroad- Jack at 3 years of age was confined to a Marine Home for “biting people” HIS FATHER DEAD !  Jack a WARD OF COURT !   With the money 60`000 pounds sterling from his great Aunts … It was my father Frederick John Ransom & his Commanding Officer got JACK GORDON out of this place 1938/9 - & he became A SOLDIER-you should say a Prayer for JACK at War Memorials-& BANN the criminally insane of greed-

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