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1948 Maurice is used by JIM JONG Mr Pong called Kubla Khan in New York to search out as much as he can on the lay-out of the RANSOM 19 acres under New York bought in 1801 & also the 4 acres almost that Tiggy Grote‘s father (NOW UNDER  CENTRAL PARK) gave him in 1860s when he was so embarrassed at Tig leaving the Ransom families SHOELESS while he rushed round the globe setting up the HOMES-

WHEN when Grote Brokers were tumbled without any warning 1954

there was talk later of this Maurice going to Prison in the USA & his family being evicted-this information rises up again 1960...

(these almost 4 acres were sold a few years ago to the New

York City Administration-they are under Central Park-

Unless in the 1960s the Ransom Brothers & Andre Malraux Guardian parted with these then here maybe another theft- who received moneys for our Grote 4 acres- ?

It is known from 1954  who received the moneys for our 19 Ransom acres New York- Earls Lindsaybuggarhs 40 of them heard of their share Nethrington Hall New Year’s Eve 1953-& they had to give Angela a share. There were NEVER any debts on this vast Estate until The British Gov. & Crown Earls of Lindsay & other scum withdrew using  authority of  G.B. Gov & Crown- vast sums of moneys from banks in the names of the heirsFirst the Grote Children were slain a million round the globe staff settlers-then  theft of the lands could begin-for a woman who’s identity had to be kept secretThe rise of VAGRANTS began using our Estate moneys- THEY BOXED IT CLEVER- Lindsays Pong Scandinavian Crows & noble scum-

MURDER OF GOOD OLD MEN-Early British Wartime-follows…

Reports USA State investigations 1940s-50s concern over the dead children Grote Homes reported by returning USA armed forces- ( ref. Sicily children taken to safety-found shot knifed 2 days later-frightened villagers spoke of British)- HERE ARE 3 OLD EMINENT MEN of ENGLAND ON A COMMISSION 1939-1940- given a little information they are to Report the G.B. Government & Crown may take this Estate-but REW has a marriage connection USA to GROTE…

Reports of Dr John Ray ® worker for USA State Dept.  & brother Dr Len Im. Ransom- & Andre Malraux his sons dead-fake car accident 1961- (Reports 1960 & again 1968/1970s-tapes-oral-text-)

`Huntingdon Parva we will call it- you can get there on a bike or walk-in the garage is a muzzle-a man’s jaw nailed up-he spoke in great favour of GROTE HOMES- they came at him by moonlight-not in daylight- smashed him with their boots-whips-fists-riding crups-picked up anything in his study they could lay hands on & hit-hit-hit cursing him- FOR DEFENDING GROTE HOMES-`

`Nothing of his body they left him- a burning occurred- his face gone but they prized out his jaw nose piece & nailed it up in a garage nearby-` 

`ANOTHER nearer home- Commission- not large-found at the Onset of WAR- they Government Lords & Crown…`COULD  NOT BROKER A  PENNY ` OF THE GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 Parts…`

the Will was legal & administered off-shore-Great Britain had no legal hold on this Estate- & no Right to forbid its heirs to leave the shores-`

(another) REW- Sir R.E. Whitehead  ex MP.,  JP.,  K.C. on this Commission above (2 persons fate)

(His Father Sir James Whitehead 1888 QUAKER Lord Mayor of LONDON -see biography Bob Walker on his great-great Uncle  “JAMES WHITEHEAD LORD MAYOR EXTRAORDINARY 1888”- good Nonconformist British families/

1940/41 REW writes   “I fear the British Government has Embarked upon Fraud- he was attacked early morn by Jim Jong beside river Wallingford-described as `A SWAG MAN-had a small sack he swung beside him-small burly-grunted at a Goodmorning in the mists of early Winter morning` to a man walking a dog-  This man heard REW cry out…rushed back organised REW taken to hospital- He died later 1941... records/archives/accounts/grandfather of the Whitehead identical twins USA mother/ Rowland & Peter- have issue

‘A DIRECTORY IF YOU COULD GET HOLD OF IT- ORPHANAGES-an insert on GROTE HOMES says `an unacceptable system to Great Britain-children are taught to be ungodly- THEY DO NOT FEAR GOD- they are raised not to find satisfaction in the poor man’s Cot-on the Factory floor-at the domestic level-serving the God-fearing of the Nation but to rise above their station as the offspring of FALLEN WOMEN & enter our Society rising to levels of responsibility- WITH NO BACKGROUND scarcely any right to LIFE the world is now being flooded with the deformed spineless mistakes of unfortunate fallen women- FALLEN WOMEN- In a Vicarage a CREATURE has dared praise this scheme- Grote Homes-


-Put the writer on Wilkins Ice Shelf with an empty bottle of gin…

The account was hidden by calling in ALL OF THE BOOKS-& having them destroyed-1950s- Nevertheless the murders of the GROTE children the Grote ex-students went on-   Creatures non-human in the Institutions of GROSS BRITAIN put to SEARCH THEM OUT given a lot of payment for the work…` TO SAVE THE REALM `

A BASTARD-raised to Admiral RN etc had an important Post in the Houses of  Lords-also the Parliament -  A SILENT DECREE WAS BRAGGED OF- he was to report on anyone who knew or objected to the slaying of the GROTE HOMES children round the entire earth A-Z using Royal Navy ships to take the thugs organised by Earls Lindsay Crawford/ JIM/ Scots Earls/& issue…other noble penniless SCUM ashore to SLAY everyone- They would all then be rich-  Any person knowing of the whereabouts of GROTE students of any age must Report to Whitehall & this person Ed du Cann MP twice failed 1950s in the House of Perversions-   He is one of the bastards of Teresa Gordon Mad mother Kali -Clytemnestra Old Mother Ransom Riley….given life because of Mary Gordon her mother a Roman Catholic- Angela’s parents aborted two-they are Protestants…

THE RANSOM  LANDS WERE BEING SOLD GROTE HOMES BUILDINGS DEMOLISHED & Settlements-craftworks-small farms-Reserves of land-forests also SOLD- trashed first & all persons killed- All evidence of the common-sense Engineering Miracle of Philanthropy where THE GOSPELS WERE ALWAYS ACTED OUT to be destroyed- GROTE HOMES took in orphans gave life & raised humanists A-Z the first world citizens-they did not FIGHT-  educated with 3-4 languages in all that needs to be in place for civilized people- Records/histories/documents/letters tell the PURITY OF THIS SCHEME-  LIFE given by a kind young man & his in-laws-

TIG a victim of RING WORM from his 11th year- he was not cured until in his 50s-  TIGGY GROTE of 100 languages  & `no religion but every religion the globe)  put his HOMES ON HIS WIFE MARGARETHE RANSOM’s ancient FAMILY LANDS-& others her parents had bought & TURNED INTO RESERVES AROUND THE WORLD…19th century…..

All logged- trashed- degraded by GROSS BRIT from 1945 & CLAIMED AS CROWN LANDS- later in `teeney-wheeny `writing-change of occupier & all previous  documents of ownership could be destroyed-This was made  the law of Vagrants Noble-in slimy silence & abuse-the killings never stopped called `HUNTING BIG GAME` by the most noble in the land…

The worst poverty in the world was seen in the Camera crew’s filming 1957 on the immaculate Grote RANSOM Reserves up to 1939 the globe-

Private & USA investigation of HOW the British Government had got all this money to PAY THE CROWN & LORDS OF HIGH CLASS SIN  D E B T S - is an investigation carried out by USA Official circles who had had the kindly & honest GROTE BROKERS off Wall Street 1830s supplying them with masses of documentation- & the Argentine who have from early 19th century administered the RANSOM 19 Acres UNDER NEW YORK-  When this was removed under their noses 1954 without ANY WARNING by GROSS BRITAIN HIGH CLASS SIN in the name of a faceless female Angela they have PUT IN THE HOT SEAT many good folk set about recovery-research- & depositing safely THE PROGRESS OF THIS MASSIVE VIOLENT FRAUD by a Nation that had claimed as BRITISH EMPIRE TO LOOK AFTER its conquered peoples & their lands…This was all recovered 1960-  In 1961 the LEGAL Guardian’s two sons were slain in yet another faked car crash…as happened to many…remember Ettie’s last son….THE USUAL VILE INTIMMIDATION BY BRITISH NOBLE SCUM-

19 acres RANSOM under New York- moneys shared by the Earl LINDSAYBUGGARHS at Nethrington Hall nosh-up New Year’s Eve 1953- The presence of ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM had them panic for an hour & after that time they murdered with poison an old lady a relative we all share 19th century- SOULS Movement-aesthetes meaning to be humanists…`

New Year’s Eve Murder-dollop of poison put in her glass swiftly given to Lindsay no 15- by  `the second one in FILMS`  “oh somebody dragged her under a boat later I think…” (The world of trendy Scarlet Town…after 2nd World War was no different to the first years 20th century)…

No 15 Earl who practiced on Purple Dope up his Snout from AGE 11 years- has orders to begin training 1937 from Mr Jim JONG & his DAD heir- Earl no 14 if not culled -they are drenched in years of obscene & bestial crimes roaming freely as NOBLES of Gross Britain -Referred to as  `two evil little Jack-in-the-Boxes` they are  claw-in-claw with the EVIL old EARL 12 & his Brother to be No 13 briefly-they stuck their heir down a hole in the SEA age 12 years for the Insurance-press reports c 1910...( 19th century Maritime experimental holes perhaps to see if possible to erect Piers-jettys) In 1942 LINDSAY almost Earl 14 to recover from his bankruptcy 1938/9 MURDERED with 2 others the 9 years old Newfoundland heiress niece of Patrick MacDrew family home Castle-Sible Hedingham- Miss M.  d`Uff MacDrew  9 years of age was in the same class with Greta Ransom the Grote- Ransom heir 1942 at Clacton-on-Sea (Records further on `the big black car left the back of Buckingham Palace pre-dawn…& other Books-research-eye witnesses) This Bankrupt Earl (no14 almost) already a violent slayer of GROTE CHILDREN from 1939 with others all Nobles on Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts - records Castle-Sible Hedingham-

1938 EARL Lindsaybuggarh No 12 came at Greta Ransom waving reams of PAPERS on the Clacton Seafront saying  “Greetah…I WILL BE YOUR GUARDIAN-sign-sign…little Greetah…” It is legend how Young Fred Ransom’s daughter spake forth   “PACK YOUR CASE & LEAVE- DECENT PEOPLE CANNOT WALK ON THIS FRONT WHEN YOU & YOURS ARE IN THAT PLACE-  SAINT GEORGE IS MY GUARDIAN…” I am sure I was told not to speak the Guardian’s name ANDRE MALRAUX-

Lindsay & scum have murdered JEAN WEDDELL Mrs Charles Frederick Ransom-Ballerina-Firebird of The INCA- she of their blood -as we her children & grandchildren-

1938 - Len’s Mother- Greetha’s Grandmother JEAN WEDDELL Ransom ballerina has been killed by them ALL end of summer- & also May 15 1938 MARGARETHE RANSOM  Mrs Tiggy Grote-  & so many others back to the slaying of TIGGY on ARRAN 1904-  & LEN & I have so often had to protect our own LIVES from these FIGURES FROM A MORGUE & their SCUM… MONSTERS OF THE DEEP-Scandinavian CROWS…

Earl no 15-  `SPADE WHEELING BOY Clacton 1930s`  intending to kill or cut off tiny feet of Greetah Ransom on the beach 1936-1938 -   He had made a Catholic marriage 1953 after he was heard by Secret Services the World in their leisure time hours planning “CARRIAGE ACCIDENTS- for GUESS WHO - her sister at the dinner table…”

`LINDSAYS KINGS OF ENGLAND ` Kubla Khan JIMMIE Jong the Regent- The intake of extra dopes was horrific-  they grow as staple Divinorum Salvia Scotland- pays British Noble household bills year in year out- divorce 1968-found with kith-kin robbing Vatican archives 1960s & thrown out-  After MALRAUX RANSOM GRONLANDER SAN Julian Records…

1958 Paccelli dead- he denied speech on GROTE HOMES children’s fate- & what he had come upon- The evil of Noble Gross Britain 1920s-1930s-1940s towards Grote Homes Ransom Estate-half of it in Roman Catholic Nations-

G.B. NOBLE SCUM intend from 1953 to REMOVE ALL EVIDENCE of  `early Wedding Of Grace 17 April 1947 The GROTE-RANSOM heiress to the Estate GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX… records/archives-

Dangerous dope use Lindsay Earls & others- The training in Noble Families who grow Divinorum Salvia Scotland had children show violence-Lindsay 15 is not unique- from ‘big boy metal spade killer if he can catch little Greetha` he makes splatter movies early in his 20s with Mr Jim Jong (Cur James 1954) in South America-  No 15 Earl burned the Paris Grote Home Xmas evening 1953 with friends-the children were out to an entertainment-records

1959 December- Lindsay 15 (always in need of money to keep his households -women) & with other Lindsaybuggarhs wanted to tear down the old GROTE Home in ROME -claim & sell the land…These creeps waited until Paccelli Pope Pius 12 died 1958-  A quite Priest was sent to ask Harry Gordon if his niece would give her Permission for this-  It was this Visit that had Aunt Terry Butler `hit the roof`….She now gave all information on the FRAUD MURDERS VIOLENCE suffered by her families from 1933 First trying to explain to Greta Ransom her niece but found she  could not follow-felt she was writing a novel…  Arthur Malone went to see her as Greta left her that late afternoon -Andre Malraux was now called immediately to Thorpe-le-Soken 17 December 1959-Permission given by General de Gaulle-    Arthur Malone-Politan Detective for Malraux knew he had solved here the matter of the VIOLENCE PERSECUTION of Andre & Greta that he had been employed upon since October 1957…Records are in detail in this Book of Summer 1937 & other work-

Lindsay 15 gave concern to townsfolk Clacton -  An Asylum team was called in when he was 13 years of age- to access & try help-reports/ his behaviour frightening-talking to himself about nasty weird sadistic matters-threatening others as well as Ransom heir-pleading poverty in small shops where only one old person was on duty-Mr Jong & his father were blamed-also the use of `frog spawn` (Divinorum Salvia Scotland) as the Police called it when they warned young people not to enter the Lindsay GRAND or take a drink with them-not to get in a car with them-or Mr Jong & others-

A school in Ireland 1939 could not keep his father & JIM away-

THE DOPE IS VERY ADDICTIVE-THE USER IS ENTHRALLED BY THE POWER FELT- it hit’s the brain in 2 seconds/they will kill maim-it is addictive & causes sores in the nose if used for more than 6 months-A craving is known to be felt- Nobles are taught to inherit power-to use this dope to do so…Trials-1970 Reports- 2 famous Institutions-

Lindsay 15 is an example of the TRAINING FOR THEIR ROLE IN LIFE of the British Noble-penniless until 1940s when they could rob GROTE RANSOM ESTATE-sharing with Angela et al…`Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men` writes Augusta Frobisher 1953 to a Noble Kinsman-it was known by many persons Institutions how the Crown had cleared its massive debts of the first half of the 20th century…

1953 31st December- Earls Lindsaybuggarhs & Crawford   ordered Greta & Andre killed if they dared try claim the Estate- Lindsay 15 paid David Brown rnvr a monthly sum of money to `keep Greetha from knowing anything-run her reputation down-watch her mother too-see all connections to her father’s family are severed-tell me & I & JIM will have them beaten up…Records/witnesses/

Mr Mengele-Golum Harrington -JIM & thugs to be in charge `For the new Reign` FJR & sister now harmed-others of the Ransom families-Weddells suffered hate & some disappeared in Argentine1954 April attempt to kidnap Greta Ransom from Colchester Castle Museum-foiled by Curators calling to the telephones to speak with JIM & a gang with guns 1.45pm persons called  `big guns in London Child in our world of Museums & Institutions of Science & Learning `…MALRAUX at this time  was shut up in a Clinic doped by Mengele Harrington who again has control of the Malraux women- even though his step-mother a medical woman has angrily told them TO KEEP HIM AWAY FROM ANDRE-he is jealous-do not let him in our Paris house !

It was this step-mother locked up Mengele twice 1936 & 1949 for paedophilia & violence over money-threats to her daughter his step-sister were a nasty matter…

Lindsay & Lords & Crown WERE NOT PAYING MENGELE HARRINGTON enough dough-or giving him a big Estate-or a Curship- He knew if he killed off his golden geese he would have no WORK! So he began to negotiate for a million pounds down-got it- & expected a Peerage- They kept him with a Carrot on a string in front of his snout…ALL   WERE ON THE PURPLE STUFF-Divinorum Salvia Scotland-

`Mengele Harrington- Doctor for HIGH CLASS SIN`

“OH Angela got a share-they had to bring her in- by 11 pm they were sweating with fear-she and Jim sat at the head of the table near midnight….

1953 New Year’s Eve- There were 2 Detectives dressed as WAITERS-they could not fathom WHY Fred’s kid & ANDRE MALRAUX

did not do something- call Police themselves-

ANSWER ?  We do not know- but Brown rnvr does - ALL POST/mail stolen from MALRAUX- & Families RANSOM-Poulsen-Weddell-Mainwarring- 1933 onwards- 1990s…

1937 Summer holiday Clacton-on-sea- years ahead-

“Poulenc 1938 Paris had them round him-  He said `Yes he had written a Concerto for Grote Homes schoolchildren` … & he was not going to change the dedication for a floozy’s visit & if his Nation a Republic wished to let itself down it could ask someone else to write something…”

Margarethe girl-of-the-Snows had UMBRELLAS for the ARTS children adults in every nation of the world- They had the Funding taken & the young Ransoms were blamed after the 2nd World War-  It was a carefully planned operation by Gross Brit using State thugs to get massive moneys for themselves- THIS THEFT OF OUR RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` PHILANTHROPY became the National Industry of Gross Britain from 1945- & `for the new reign`…

1959 It was April when I knew I could not risk staying at 50 Lancaster Gate Square-I felt I had not seen GEORGE-Andre Malraux new Minister of France since the January - OH but I had -records-& his notebooks-    I was too frightened to leave him a note when I left June 2nd for it would be taken by Mengele & thugs- never given to ANDRE-

I was aware false messages signatures had been used by the EVIL in the past to incriminate Andre & I-  I had to earn some money-it was proved unsafe to try take a job in the Museums- Mengele had followed me to the Geological Museum one morning & threatened violence-he had harmed Colchester Museum staff-made them nervous but they stuck by Miss Ransom & had admired Colonel Andre whom they hoped to see again & that he & Miss Ransom would `make a match` again- Brown was about & they did not think he was anything but supportive of us…THE HIGH CLASS SIN were terrified MALRAUX & Greta would be told of the Estate- Years later I am told ‘ANDRE broke down when he found you gone ’

I did a lot of studying those winters 1957/8 & 1958/9- aspects of history-always staying back in other centuries-Old Vic-Opera-Art galleries-5 different productions for Saint Joan of Arc whose anniversary it was 1957...Harold W. Poulter Colchester Museums had strongly advised autumn 1957  “ Do not comment on anything in the News Child- it could be miss-construed amongst his circles- keep back in 18th-19th centuries further back if you like- you might be able to say things from another age…” Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square records- & diaries-accounts of others-Malraux notebooks too-

-1957/59- The weird tricks were horrible-to tell of one-my books taken back to Paddington Library by Mengele -my tickets cancelled-Mengele in his hand-made 7 inch boots & his diseased sub-ape greedy employers knowing I HEIR to richest woman the globe…he who sails the globe dropping in by Queens Fright (`Margarethe always more than Aga Khan- & me… Onassis he says to Ransom brothers, New York & Andre Malraux 1960 & began to take a care of the Greek seashore homesteads/heimats sponsored by Fred & Gertrude RANSOM who sailed in to ancient lands of a grandmother 12th century Palestine in the Family Ship THE MARY ROSE a 4 master sunk in The Basin Montrose by spiteful creatures with a dustbin on one ear 1935… ) 1957 MALRAUX FORTRESS Lancaster Gate Square -That winter at Paddington Library the staff were brave & knew the Nutters were SHEshe & Mengele peculiar physician-friend of Scandinavian crows-Vagrants-all on dope-loose living-spending blood & gore dripping moneys from murders of children orphans abroad…(We report the talk about the TOWN Scarlet Town-Whitehall-City of London-no hearsay but people perplexed at a world after THAT War so crass-immoral-ignorant-unable to put educated humanists in charge of important matters that a civilized society requires…it was already known WE MUST GET OUT TO THE STARS…or we fail as a species…France now let the young down by letting off bombs in Pacific- the science on all this is done- this was massive ignorance-more than red wine…)

SHEshe from October 1957 also got money  to rip ANDRE & I apart-she drank mornings in CUR JAMES private office WHITES-they all had tremendous meals paid by `Crown Office` or whatever it called itself by then…George-Andre & Greta have `our children the spaces between our intentions-our persecution increased by creatures who to this day drip in blood & gore moneys-Jo dead 1944-then the sons of Jo & Andre 1961...when again GROTE HOMES slaughter for DOUGH by these crass monsters was to be put on the newspapers of the world who had Grote Homes March 1960.…

JIM is Angela & Teresa’s old chum from 1913 ! Treasa Gordon R.  became so insane at 50 Lancaster Gate Square ANDRE hit her on the jaw more than once & dragged her up to the steps beside the Kent Hotel near midnight - Jimmie Jong Mr Pong of violence at me with Sheshe & keeping me from school-all those horrors in my first 7 years- they joined by the Lindsaybuggarhs! THE PACK OF THEM ARE STIFF ON HORRIBLE DRUGS-they have blown their brains age 11-12-13 years as Nobles !

1959 At the end of May 1959 I told the housekeeper & her husband a quite famous Violin teacher who have the lower ground floor the domestic quarters of the building  (She to be called ‘Auntie’ & engaged by Clara Malraux from PARIS 1952/3) that I would go to the seashore to help my mother run the Holiday Shops Jaywick for Mr Pritchard & his wife-as he had said he expected me to help again &  ANDRE had told Mr & Mrs Pritchard  when he called at their Enfield house last year (once the home of CHARLES LAMB writer & sister Mary) that he would come down for a fortnight at least- in August & give a hand-he did but it went weird/a poisoning of him & Harold W. Poulter got Colchester doctors to save his life- records Camulodunum

1958 December -ANDRE-George says anxiously `when we have the flat finished they (Clara & Messalina) may let Vincent-  (son of JO killed 1944 for blood & gore moneys going to British Nobles & Crown…& Andre-) come to school-have a home with us` We have now taken up a re-vowing allowed by Pope Pius 12 `young Paccelli` who informed Andre `he had never annulled the Catholic marriage-but put it on hold…`

(Andre did not know how much Mengele for his Masters dictated over the boys-with CUR JAMES Mr Pong).

MALRAUX wanted his youngest son amongst quality people-he had in mind Colchester East Anglia & the world of  Museums-science-& connexions- He had some friends of past years in East Anglia-people who had known JOSETTE

a young lady mother of  Pierre & Vincent-

The housekeeper was highly efficient & ran 50 Lancaster Gate Square as a comfortable home as far as she could-she often provided a good supper well cooked for Andre Malraux & quality friends-many came from Institutions & Museums of South Kensington-`Albertopolis`…Malraux’s intellectual equals…

It should be noted that Mengele Harrington had stolen bedding- eiderdowns sheets blankets from this Catholic Hostel & Charity-visitors saw it in his flat !  It was the very best quality that could be bought !  This sordid paedophile of the highest Royal Noble circles was being paid blood & gore moneys & had acquired 2 million pounds sterling over the 1950s for his CRIMINAL VIOLENCE against human beings-mainly so the crime of slaying the GROTE HOMES children the globe could be hidden- & the HOMES abused in verbal ribaldry Palace of Westminster when candles lit-shutters drawn & heroin booze flowed- & on a yacht of Vagrants stealing moneys RANSOM the world-

One supper November 1957 had scientists from the South Kensington Museums-I will meet them 1960s !  They could not follow the SAGA of miseries until 1968 when RANSOM brothers Dr JR & Dr LIR came to explain to them the dangers everywhere…

1968 Then the killings began again/reports/archives/ Museums  had records stripped of Ransom & Weddell earlier were again ordered searched by Mengele Harrington KUDOS of Gov-Lords & scum & Crown- big Teams-

Director Terence Morrison-Scot & Peter J.P. Whitehead now had thugs trying to push them into cars at night outside the Museums-

The Director BMNH had to pay for private detective for his wife at home- finally reluctant CID cover was got !

James Weddell SEA his jellyfish- the furthest found south-sub-arctic was missing- I was told December 1967-the lady scientist knew he was my great-great grandpa ! She was soon visited by thugs calling themselves  ‘a special branch’/naval intelligence- creeps-fools-dope addictsReferences Rathbone/Furze/Whistler/Rex Warner…Polly-Lettie-Marian-via Bolton-Paget- Holmes -Studio Art Magazine…all persons known to us 1930s Ransom families & Lennie & Greetah…SOULS & humanists who suffered early deaths-

Nota bene: these Museums Galleries men & women work for G.B. Government & were faced with Whitehall authority !  No Pensions -property British Crown…`You will be keeping faceless as usual in this Greatest Crime of Mankind ! For THE REALM…`

British HIGH CLASS SIN was very much in control where this matter of the GROTE children SLAIN might surface ! The Director of the BMNH had received my grandfather  Fred C. RANSOM & I Greetah 5 & 6 years old in 1938/39 & showed us records PLANS in the Science Museum- RANSOM WEDDELL  JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND  West Greenland- these were all missing 1967 but evidence THEY HAD BEEN IN THE COLLECTIONS had not always been removed - (Doctor Morrison Scot ex-Science Museum comments `the child told me of Poul Gronlander & the Island-Independence failed-she had to see the University went up with Len-here I was able to show them the Plans of the first experimental building of FR-it had been used with modifications in Norway 1920…I felt she had not long to live-I thought I saw the signs of consumption-white yellow complexion too bright eyes-clearly they were feeling the loss of the ballerina Weddell’s grand-daughter…WAR COMES…I was overjoyed to see her here BMNH 1966 so tall so strong & with the ancestry on her face…`)

We have dealt with this & others have in their works/ reports 1970s `they have been killing people Peter to get this money- we knew about it when I was in the City- you are too young to be in charge- they always stopped Greta getting to her father…`  One of many people trying to help & stop this crime going on-an Agnes Gordon-a sister of a Monarch-a famous writing family-artists-institutions…Nonconformist families…who could see through the dirty talk of the British Noble Scum…& never knew where they got the moneys from to pay those horrendous debts…added to by many of them-

1959 April 50 Lancaster Gate Square-  I was shaken & nervous when alone in the house after the horrible invasion a Saturday in April by this monstrous fat tiny grotesque gnome CUR JAMES dirty Jimmie dope addict-vice Steward WHITES Club- he had announced to the housekeeper he was running a business weekend in the Catholic house & it might go on into the evening-the foul Mengele Harrington paedophile would be snaking in I did not doubt-I shut myself in my room at the top-  Andre George had fitted January a safety chain-& had the door to the other room blocked up-the bullet mark now gone-a gun fired to show me how to shoot these disgusting men when Andre was in GAUL-  the USA General Nevada-Nebraska (one of my Red Indian Grandmothers straight line) he almost woke my memory up-then had to go- Mrs Mengele got the letter & parcel he left Andre-all POST/mail is opened Orders Naval intelligence & other Noble scum-

I must have been left a phone number to George-ANDRE in Gaul but would not have been allowed to know-

1959 Cur dirty JIM & his gang knew they were going to lay hands on the building 50 Lancaster Gate Square-  They had begun fixing the Lease etc in 1953 we will hear- when ANDRE MALRAUX began to take charge of the Charity for General de Gaulle-& there’s a connection of de Gaulle down Whitehall-I do not yet follow this-

British HIGH CLASS SIN could not fathom human beings who lived in civilized & lawful & humanist fashion- they had expected to encourage MALRAUX to have their kind of parties-

A Hollywood film star 1950s reports on  “the shocks some film units had in Scotland-where the nobility could only go in for lewd unnatural parties-  USA was more homespun & preferred girls & boys dancing & planning a future…” AG etc-CG others-

1950s - It was clear to educated & humanist Gross Britain that the very worst kind of sadistic useless dirty life-style was AT THE TOP- called earlier years HIGH CLASS SIN-

It should be remembered that Mr Mengele Doc Harrington  killed a 12 years old boy November 5th/6th 1957 with a scarlet poisoned lolly-pop-The Catholic boy whose parents look after the Kent Hotel the end of our terrace-he jumped off a bus in traffic & was killed/reports…This lollypop was intended Guy Fawkes night for Greta Ransom-some staff members got other colours-one a 2nd cousin of Peter J.P. Whitehead on `sabbatical` Glasgow Zoology/ichthyology…Jenny Brett…

1958/59 `Dirty Jimmie` He poisoned oranges with a syringe Xmas in my room-instructed dope in my beverages went on-I was followed when I did not jump a bus suddenly-I must return to sleep-the young staff tried protect-MALRAUX is MINISTER OF GAUL…


He has permission from General Charles de Gaulle to

restore the FLAT on the top of the buildings- work to begin in October 1959- Roof  buildings of the whole Terrace Lancaster Gate Square had not been used since 1938- abandoned because of the WAR 1939-1945- JIM & scum intended the flat go ahead-France pay for the building work- The restoration work was delayed 2 years-Some began December 1958- February 1959 Andre took me up on top of 50 & 51 Lancaster Gate Square to view premises-suddenly shouted `BE CAREFUL-YOU COULD FALL`…otherwise I would have had NO MEMORY of this-although I lost the memory OF WHERE IT WAS…

(The joke for BRITISH HIGH CLASS SIN is Greta Ransom could buy the whole Square easily with what is left of RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` profits round the globe without disturbing any part of the girdle round the earth twice- the delicate flower garden…)

1957 ANDRE MALRAUX MINISTER OF GAUL (Andre Malraux Minister of GAUL) was given permission by General de GAULLE that we could reside here- We were to quietly take up the Catholic marriage have children- & our families & friends would protect us- GENERAL DE GAULLE OF FRANCE A Republic… HAD NO IDEA THE DIRTY TRICKS BEING PLAYED BY HIGH CLASS SIN USING WHITEHALL-Lords & Earls & Scum because of the massive RANSOM Estate still in place THE GLOBE- Mengele has all the person & families as if living in a painting of HELL by Hieronymous Bosch !  He establishes  corruption everywhere but could not make ANDRE or GRETA interested in that sleazy world of Scarlet Town & anywhere-worst of lower town Alexandria & Shanghai pre-war…VATICAN notified General de Gaulle November 1957 `early marriage Andre Malraux & Greta Maureen Caecelia Ransom not dissolved 1947 but laid aside…` Paccelli Pius XII-a re-vowing may take place- 7.1.1958 Feast of St Cede Bishop of Londinium & OTHONA Roman Fort of the Saxon shores- & perhaps `young Paccelli`  sent 2 more of his watercolours…acknowledged to be skilled work-  The fate of 2 sent to Andre Malraux THE WIDOWER of JOSETTE 1947 with Permission to wed the Ransom heir were delivered to Angela in newspaper night of 17 April 1947-Paccelli received a note with a thumb mark of acknowledgement…He puzzled-perhaps prayed over this…

1939 Nota Bene - where is the HELL painting of H.Bosch that is the RANSOM property the Farm Montrose bought by us 1500-hugh carved fireplace beam & in stone at entrance-  This painting was stolen with other paintings & the incunabula/includes 16th century books of Lady of Japan & Frederick RANSOM & his families/ 1939 September

Jimmie Jong Mr PONG now an Army Major 2 man Unit back of Buckingham Palace known Angela since she was 12/13 years & her parents…He with 6  in Army gear thugs had the two old RANSOMS childless killed- It was JIM had the farmhouse chalked all summer with Rising Suns & Swastikas/Report Art dealer family DUVEEN others 1938/39 All reported to MARY GORDON by `young Duveen before he died Ada` & others- spoken of at length Xmas 1942-1943 records/text/oral/photos- Mrs Ada Pin & daughter-

1948 & 1960 The horrible true reports of 1939 September come from 2 observers/IN FEAR ALL THE YEARS for WAR came & nothing was done about this horrible crime & the burning of the contents of the Farm after the antiques had been removed by this little gnome known at the RACES as Jimmie Jong with his Asiatic eyes…the 2 old -Ransoms taken off in a lorry then brought back & their bodies burned-IN SCOTLAND THIS WAS NOT SUCH A SURPRISE- but it did belong to earlier years it was hoped of the 2Oth century-



1957/58 PLANS-WESTMINSTER Cathedral & FRENCH EMBASSY (Government) to have another Charity from the building no 50-  Building no 51 is being handed back-  Permission has been granted-General de GAULLE himself was advising (records-details were known) By 1959 the General & ANDRE MALRAUX had something planned out with Westminster-& there would be the Flat on top-

(1958-1959 Greta received horrible threats `if you have a child it will be taken & thrown from the top…you will be attacked in the Square if you DARE show a fat stomach../ Warnings of JIM-Mengele-Teresa G.R. sometimes spokes-person- Records- JIM et al have attacked hundreds in these ways-& Grote Children slain so horribly by British Nobles Lindsay Earls- JIM-others-Master of something Scotland-MacMillan 1934/1948 in records-Whitehall reports October 1957 MacMillan heard saying he wishes MALRAUX & Greta RANSOM were dead/MacMillan got our Ransom Uruguay Estate ran 2 women there-what happened to the 2 tiny children he bred ? Who took the money when the thief sold it/or was it used as Death Duties ? Records - Other Nobles who have tubs of gold off-shore-& were Slaying all  2nd World-WarPits now to have acid & landscape gardening-  & depth charging to go on where children dropped in nets at sea Admiralty has records hidden by good RN/Malraux & de Gaulle had to learn all this 1960s- Some Territorials others now began to catch some of the monsters-took coloured film of despatching 3-shown City of London Private View London Chamber of Commerce & Elsewhere-  Toasted `Scum of the Earth` at Regimental dinners for 2 years…records/

1961 In November ANDRE MALRAUX- his 2 sons killed May 1961 was rudely evicted by JIMMIE CUR JAMES Jong & thugs one winter afternoon-they had got wind Greta Ransom was returning to LONDON to a Museum job-  A young woman came to help ANDRE & got the eviction stopped that afternoon-water & electricity turned on!

THIS STYLE BRUTALITY IS USED BY PURPLE NARCOTIC SNOUT HOLDERS- who killed the Grote children staff settlers innocent families persons who knew of this Estate-  They begin their MASSIVE VIOLENT GREED in 1921- 1939 the 2nd World WAR providing them with COVER for more violence  & vast theft- 50 Lancaster Gate Square  was said to be Crown property but no documents shown-  I do not have anymore information- OTHERS DID- Building sold off used as rented rooms & became The Commadore-a hotel-  (Visit to `Auntie` housekeeper November 1962 by Greta Ransom-records/she is poisoned c 1965-) 

British HIGH CLASS SIN-foreigners- having meetings in this lovely house 50 Lancaster Gate Square & toasting `The Crown Gentlemen` (dirty Jim calls a woman living at The Saint Lizzie’s Arms by her Christian name-to intimidate people he is fraud-robbing) A toast  in whiskey before they begin his meetings in WHITES vice CLUB at 9.30am is `The Crown gentlemen` They are Earls-Lords-scum-those awaiting unholy move up on the ladder-   None are gentle- men but are coarse-obscene & used to violent crime-murders/ Jim Mr Pong whom I have no memory of spikes their drinks with 3 kinds of dopes to have them agree with his Plans- City of London records did exist 1960s ! I cannot warn Andre Malraux if I have NO pre-war memory-no photos-letters-& am jeered that my father is adoped & not my real father…Mengele is heard to say he has withdrawn Greta’s birth certificate & entered one saying illegitimate of a Henry Harper & Teresa Gordon…

Dirty JIM is running same style robberies as pre-war-  Len & I heard that meeting 1938 he chaired - present were Lindsaybuggarh Earl 14 & other murderers-fraudsters of the purple narcotic cult-list in this document- all had Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts- That Cowes meeting that Lennie & I crawled in on & reported-this criminally insane bunch of penniless-  We listened until our grown-ups could silently enter to listen other end…

1936-1939 Len & I play at being  Red Indian Scouts-Granny Nevada is Harriet-an orphan she has a RED INDIAN name-  She is 17th century- no dowry lands but raised with languages- one was Dutch-very useful in Americas that time  ! Ransom Family are Sea Traders- Portraits of all Grandmothers Ransom existed-drawings-photographs…all burned or hidden by THEM who will make money from the paintings-change names…

An American General from Nevada-Nebraska who clearly knew of Grote-Ransom Estate one evening 1957 November left the gun he showed me to fire-  He put it in envelope addressed to ANDRE with a letter- “…GIVE IT TO GREETHA when you are away in France” but Mrs Mengele opened it for Mengele Harrington November 1957- it is said the General was killed 7 years later by these thugs-

1957-1959 January I was robbed again of some few pounds- silver & copper coins- it was clearly Mengele organising this- I can live on very little- I bus- take underground drink from a milk bottle when at my studies-suck hard sweets to keep hunger away & stay thin as all young women-  I do not smoke-drink alcohol- I wash my own hair my own underclothes-darn ANDRE MALRAUX’s socks (records) Live like Chinese students 1980s-no vices-Xiamen-Shanghai-Quindao-Hohhot Inner Mongolia-Xian-etc

This is St Edmund’s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square London Home of ANDRE MALRAUX Catholic Charity with young Catholic workers some living-in 5 days of the week. One young man 1959 tried get Cur James re-pay the hundred pounds cash he had every Friday-JIM said he had not had it-with arrogance !  The young man may not have lived- This is that same Jim Jong who was a horrible problem for my grandparents GORDON in the 1920s- JIM could be seen 1930s pouring tea for Nobles penniless at the Races  “acting Page Puck Faun-all of `em know of Ransom Estate & hate Grote Homes ”

1959 March I had only a little sum in my Post Office Book- I think the Co-op Dividend Book system had finished by this year- there was not even that as emergency money.  Mengele 1957 stopped MALRAUX’s 40 pounds a month from Westminster-  I had loaned Malraux some pounds until he could divert some of his own book moneys to himself-

I HAD NO MONEY by April & had clearly been robbed of my coins when I went in the bathroom -  Every time ANDRE MALRAUX now MINISTER of FRANCE came over FROM GAUL for 2O hours I did not retain the memory of his visit !  Yet I recall getting George-ANDRE porridge in the 3 bowls I bought tht winter at the Oxford Street Co-op a basement they had for awhile-  Willow Pattern-Chinese story-I have them 2008 AD !  (1970 Malraux & PJPW reading notes put some memory back )  I could describe my physical state at this time-it took me until midday sitting in Museums to get proper balance &  know what I wanted to do…JIM Mengele Lindsay Earls-all of these evil nobles use this dope on girls they are using for prostitution…Non-MEN criminally insane they should be dropped in the Ross Sea with empty bottles of gin-

1957 onwards -Andre had the permission General Saint Charles (as old ladies in Britain called him in the Wartime) - de Gaulle  was respecting the Catholic marriage granted by Paccelli who had died last year-Descriptions-photos of the Wedding of Grace show the quality of it…..a marriage No 18 the Prayer Book was non-active agreed by bothThe intention of British noble SCUM was to part us-HUMILIATE MALRAUX & de Gaulle…call the RANSOM heirs names- & go on stealing killing FRAUD-

Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom would like to axe the lot of you for the most filthy crimes against the million and a quarter children & people Len & I took on as HEIRS to GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate 1938...which you have stolen-by mass murder-a GENOCIDE…to put your ugly carcases in luxury & abuse the worldRANSOM Britain East Coast hold a heimat/homestead Dunwich 92 ADyou are all from a ditch -rarely do you know your fathers- & your genealogy goes no further back in honesty than 17th century…

1958-1959 MENGELE Harrington & ASSISTANTS removed Greta Eskimo Ape her memory before & after ANDRE MALRAUX RETURNED or DEPARTED FOR GAUL- LEFT ME A ZOMBIE FOR DAYS- The criminally insane could draw payment from `Crown Office- a till down Whitehall` & they could go to G.B. Midlands Bank Accounts in name of Greta Ransom & Len Immanuel Ransom heirs-& offshores…They who are top of the dirty smelly dog pile were scared between their FIXES often prescribed by Doc Harrington Mr Mengele physician to Kubla Khan dirty JIM- Noble Britain if asked a question on GROTE RANSOM polished their nails on ceremonial uniforms & said `Ah I have nerves-it was the War…` FIXES were now heroin-cocaine-LSD-early crack cocaine fed in at sometime…& the ever Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their hog snouts…A rocket to Uranus with all of them on board would have stopped massive interference to the planet earth.. reports-diaries-text-oral-observers-film-photographs-

1957-1958 autumn to spring   It should be recalled that last year  October to 1958 spring Greta Ransom X  had Mengele Harrington royal Satrap paedophile hiding at the top of the building where my room is & as I came in from London winter evenings & opened the door usually 6.30 pm he would stab my wrist with a needle- to take my memory away -hissing he was `Malraux’s Physician`…  Hence George-ANDRE finding me with little memory would kiss the top of my head & say I would `recover the past wasted years when we had our own apartment`… ANDRE had been told so often by Mengele & private clinic nurse wife “that the Ransom flotsam from the beach could remember if she wished & that she had done terrible crimes as a child -etc etc etc- Andre others were perhaps early in the 1950s making an effort to have Mengele Harrington take up a normal marriage have his own children- stop hanging about the rich & vulnerable who could get wound into his personal insanity- stoked up by the KUDOS of Scandinavian Crows & JIM running WHITES CLUB a vice bar- assisted willingly by some Nobles of crimes- They would  claim this was `advance investigation of  psychology- & Mengele goes on a yacht & private visits Offshore where Grote-RANSOM Estate A-Z the world has banks full…

ANDRE did not believe Mengele & again hit him on the jaw first putting on his knuckle-duster - threw him OUT ! MALRAUX had no idea Mengele still used the house as his own mornings & when he wished to at weekends-running up meals bills at the hotel…& Mrs Pong & Mrs Mengele too…

1968 A  New York Hospital gave a Report 1968 on

WHAT THESE MONSTERS would have been using-  & said that when begun on a child & continued into adulthood the brain might take 15 years to recover- PROVIDING THE ABUSE HAD STOPPED-

These eminent people ran a Child Leukaemia Hospital N.Y.

As well as the Report  based on their work came another from a friend who’d studied the effects of such heavy sedatives-  This information did not get to PJPW until the 1980s-  the 2 people with the medical opinion were aware THAT THE VILLAGE OF HARWELL was under surveillance-post-telephones-contacts-they retired New York-their family safe…a relative was a painter & a fine watercolourist- Catholics…they invited Greta Ransom to call New York until 1991-not knowing she had no dough at all from her Aunt Margarethe Ransom Grote’s Estate…& had NO MEMORY of her first 7 years- They had known that was the KEY TO UNDERSTANDING THIS TRAGIC CRIME & MADNESS LET LOOSE BRAYING ABOUT PROFIT FOR THE BRITISH DIRTY DOG PILES….

1966 December (learning where G.R. went-she now employed again BMNH Ichthyology…) MENGELE Doc Harrington not yet a PEER & some sources of DANEGELD closed he was pimping about in his sleek BLUE little boy BAIT car & soon 1970 CUR JIMMIE was living in Oxford in a `Fort Knox`-  he & Teresa Gordon R. had a fight fisticuffs in a Sommertown Oxford alley…1973...Pong was dying of his intestines & greed…

1968 Near to Harwell & Didcot a man was living under another name who had escaped from slaying the GROTE CHILDREN in the WAR- he too knew that you did NOT drink what they gave you before these OPERATIONS-  & he was WISE to some of the ORGANISERS-

he’d seen them At The RACES 1930s

There were warnings & fears when Malraux-Ransom arrived in the area 1968 - At The Pillar House Harwell we received support from some people of intelligence & civilized qualities- The fear should have been of Whitehead identical twins born Kenya 1930 & U.S.A. Mum Gertrude Ostrander Palmer b 1907 & her remembering lovely Sports Days at GROTE HOMES West Virginia & other States…swimming Chesapeake Bay… & kind Aunt Kay Palmer Mrs Joseph Sparkman Yacht Builders New York Yacht Club Life President at this time… to suffer deaths New York to 1971- because they had known Grote family & Margarethe Ransom & her parents…& had a marriage line to GROTE….Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington non- Peer- & thugs…got their bloody paws on moneys from Whitehall Government Rooms managing furniture-art works-properties-lands-seashores of this vast RANSOM ESTATE THE GLOBE… & went in a Pack  `HUNTING BIG GAME`…ALL DOCUMENTS TO BE DESTROYED & ALL PERSON KNOWING TO BE KILLED TO SAVE THE BRITISH CROWN        …& NOBLE BRITAIN especially Lindsay scum…Mengele Harrington got Naval intelligence bugging everyone from following the Grote RANSOM heirs Greta & Len & this last Weddell-Ransom branch hitherto useful for the POST/mail CLAIMED by NOBLE BRITAIN who did not know all & had to with haste get its Noble SNOUTS in itWantage Hall/Manor/House got monsters in a gang listening in-dope dinner parties of Noble scum & business men…Reports came from Atomic Research Institute of this abuse of citizens`BIG GAME HUNTING` to save Lords & Crown magnified savage acts went on…a Frobisher in the Ocean-had come spoke with Greta & Peter Whitehead OXFORD 1971...asked if Greta had got the FROBISHER PEARLS FOR HER 21st BIRTHDAY…HIS Grandmother before she died worried she had NEVER RECEIVED A NOTE & her letters to Greta Ransom whom she had known since a tiny child had only a snub-clearly not her- come backHe dies as his uncle 1937...overboard-cousin Frobisher…LIES-  3 Examinations 1970s-80s had this crime by those known…..Records-diaries-sadness-  Ugly GREED & MONSTROUS DOPE IGNORANCE raged 20th century--Moneys shared amongst the noble scum-

1978 The NEW YORK  eminent doctors : she a niece of an artist Catholic  friend found Greta Ransom Whitehead coping with a historic village house 1978 when they visited an Aunt… & MF  asked might we have them all to a luncheon that could be lingering from midday when we would begin by looking at her collection of paintings taking a glass of sherry up… to crossing over the road to The Pillar House & taking interesting foods…enjoying the great village house where the immortal childrens books were drawn by L. Leslie Brooke-published F. WARNE 1900s onwards…`Johnny Crow’s Garden`… & not hurrying over food- lingering into the afternoon…when we might all cross the road again to Winterbrooke House & make tea & talk & go up again to the Picture room if we felt like seeing a painting again…`  Greetah who with Lennie Ransom 1930s had begun a book of `WHAT DID THE RANSOM BRIDES our Grandmothers of 92 AD onwards cook` took naturally with not knowing WHY to making a 2,000 years kitchen…being asked to come & help with Sealed Knot Civil War Society 1970s onwards- helped a lot…

Civilized Village life & all the village all levels came into house & gardens at sometime of the year Winterbrooke House & The Pillar House HARWELL- 19th 18th century books-some of the Religious Tract Novels of Clergymen are able to convey something of this Gospels Acted Out-as ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE discovered in East Anglia SUMMER 1937.… I will include in this Document Summer 1937 reproductions of some of the paintings of our friend able to study painting Paris 1920s…She suffered deaths of friends in this `Hunting Big Game` when JIM & Mengele & their Teams moved in on Berkshire Oxford 1966.…Reports-records/

1978 I Greta had cooked the Party a 17th century lunch- big joint of Pork vegetables fruits a sauce looking at John Evelyn`s dietary words…others…lots of ancient cookery books printed by 1960s… We lingered over a pudding called Mon Ami which swept Europe 17th century …Children were present & showed their delight in having the gardens of The Pillar House & Winterbrooke House…where they might so safely play…. The distinguished Doctors Belgium & USA citizens & very civilized people felt Greta-Greetah was alright & that the memory should not be forced up but directed perhaps-  and that it would recover ! But Peter JPW BM Natural History South Kensington had not been told of this mercy mission 1967 by his Aunt Sparkman & sister his mother…he puzzled why his mother had their names in her address book wartime Britain…Greetah-Greta HAD NO MEMORY…no first 7 years of life…-Peter Dr Whitehead now BMNH told not to tell Greetah by slugs bilge rats issuing out of noble side doors…he blackmailed & threatened with horrible death if he did…he was to uphold the Realm of a fallen Empire which had stooped to obscene bestial means to get itself DOUGH 20th century….The Grote RANSOM Estate heir & Lennie I.R. my heir & co-heir in many matters the miracle of philanthropy twice round the earth were not to speak- ALL KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT WAS STOLEN BY SCUM OF NOBLE BRITAIN was to go `under the expensive carpes` Monsters- Figures from a Morgue- must waddle free drenched in blood gore moneys flaunting luxury debauch & insisting `I am the big one`… That day making happiness for the visitors the family friends I do not hear perhaps ?  …  if they talked with ANDRE MALRAUX- its probable they did at sometime before his death 1976- when he dies of grief…a world 1960 onwards where he too wished to HAVE THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT had given him no opportunity in his last years to preach the DAYS OF HOPE that he might-

The distinguished doctors of medicine 1967-1978…they said IT WAS A CRIME AGAINST ALL CHILDREN & ADULTS-DOPING HEIRS- others…for moneys-lands- the monsters should be in ‘Sing Sing’ for life

1959 Christmas- Andre MALRAUX new Minister of Gaul 1st Minister of Culture- knew Greetha Ransom X had no crimes- he read her happiness of civilized days from his Notebooks Summer 1937-

1950s Mengele calling himself MALRAUX’s PHYSICIAN- has a big spy system in place in name of G. B. Government-listening equipment from Naval Intelligence…other scum departments of Lords-Crown-  Mengele usually knew when  ANDRE MALRAUX would arrive in Scarlet Town-not always-

He knew when Andre left his London home 50 Lancaster Gate Square for FRANCE-or destinations he knew not for General de Gaulle…R N. Naval intelligence had reported 1956 `they could walk all over the de Gaulle country house-search-take a drink..`  (What are they looking for ? )

The HIGH CLASS SIN Nobles gang Mengele worked for from 1938 were terrified MALRAUX would learn of the existence of a legal WILL & he GUARDIAN-stolen from him & President of France 1938- Then France as little nations had already tried do- could ask “where are our Grote Children-Mother England- ? be shown the photos ariel photos -reports of the death pits...go dredging off shore-peer under concrete…Portugal gave up its dead GROTE HOMES children at the end of the 20th century…

Mengele paedophile Harrington Golum royal Satrap- Kill-the-Birds- Blue car small boy lure-IS FULLY ENGAGED DIRECTING VIOLENT CRIME TO STOP THE FATE OF THE GROTE CHILDREN BEING QUESTIONED AGAIN…or a rising of memory amongst many families…& TO ENABLE THESE NOBLE CRIMINALLY INSANE TO CONTINUE THE FRAUD & VIOLENT THEFT OF THE RANSOM ESTATE….He makes private visits to our Ransom properties with  dope-fiends of high degree. It is muttered 1980s ‘Mengele had them all on a narcotic lead - (records/archives-photos/letters /

1960 ANDRE MALRAUX January taking A Night Watch Colne Engayne Gallows corner outside the caravan `Mistral` A FREEZING WINTER NIGHT….Greta has bought this complete little home from her wages that summer helping her mother at the `Old Curiosity Shops` Jaywick-  Here it is  in that tiny triangular meadow where Greta has fled with this complete home of shades of dawn grey & primrose yellow- MALRAUX BURGERMEISTER OF PARIS ( ref. The Goodman of Paris/translation Eileen Powell 1928) has official permission to leave Gaul-  Malraux speaks to Greta Ransom- knowing not enough about the HIGH CLASS SIN that goes in & out of that lovely home he tried make for us all 50 Lancaster Gate Square-  for his boys & the young Catholic Charity Workers & good people-  A King of Afghanistan came-Mr Hoveda-`young Arafat`…people of theatre-music-films-some trying to help us have a quiet marriage- Some knowing something of Ransom Grote Estate but not wishing to tread upon matters of `Andre dear` & General de Gaulle with his fearful responsibilities GAUL -upon his shouldersThe two sons of Andre & Josette are alive winters 1957-61-killed in a non-accident May 1961-

1957-1959 a Chinese woman in her late 20s- in training zoology took on a task for the Chinese Legation nearby-  appearing very lowly she on occasions entered Malraux’s Catholic household- The Chinese Legation were worried about General de Gaulle & Andre Malraux… (A young hero for China who wrote the book `STORM IN SHANGHAI` La Condition Humaine` 1933 -standard reading for all 1st year students- Greta Ransom Whitehead is told this 1986...  With Dr PJPW she is assisting him on BM Natural History 2 month Tour ichthyology & lecturing on 17th-18th century Natural History reaching Europe from China…`A surprising meeting came about…) 1950s The Chinese diplomats London knew ` MALRAUX & General de Gaulle good men were exposed to TWISTERS TWISTERS in British & French Governments- some down Whitehallsome down Whitehall -& it was felt neither of them could follow easily the tricks of very EVIL MEN…`

This young scientist was asked to see if Miss Ransom Mrs Ransom Grote’s heir was safe in this building when MALRAUX had to be away in France or elsewhere-they had heard such devilish things…` (in 50 Lancaster Gate Square-Malraux fortress of MI5)

1986 China BMNH Fishery Colleges-Universities- PJPW & GRW…

I Greta was introduced to a woman who would rather speak in French & Peter said he would meet her later-smiling scientists seemed to know the matter…Head of her department with her students about her she put an arm round me & we had our photograph taken together- she had cancer but the hospital kept her going & her students-she lived another 2 or 3 years…I had no memory & was told nothing. This is her account translated later from the French-  `She could not stay too long without attracting attention…she found Greta in bed & was sure she was drugged-she sat by her an hour in the top room & spoke-perhaps one day she might recall…She said everyone was so sorry about the marriage being attacked- Andre had to go to work in France-be away-but THERE WAS AN APARTMENT IN ROME…there it was felt we should be safe- if we could get there- (they knew of Margarethe’s house in Rome she left her heir- her stage clothes from the Theatre Jacopsholmen when she was a young girl-woman there…the yellow silk gold edged Imogen frock she wore by request at some events into her old age-they would have been sent copies The Will 1938 January…) `…She said Andre was a man who had tried again & again to help keep Greta safe…SHE SOMETIMES FOUND ANDRE MALRAUX HAD NO SOUL…she was certain he too was being drugged…The Chinese Legation said THE FAULT WAS A MR JONG-whose grandparents were known in China- & a queer doctor- She saw Mengele Harrington in the building & outside & describes him as `a sinister man who seemed to think he was a doctor of importance`…She came another night & Greta was asleep too deeply- she was loaned key to enter-  She stayed again- nobody came up…She left closing the door locking it from the outside but She reports the doors were of the hotel type-a key could be got from the housekeeper’s apartment on the ground floor & anyone enter a room- there were no locks on the inside of the doors…`  She had to return to her studies & go overseas…She & others heard of the Triumphs & the terrible Tragedy of Andre’s sons…killed before their time- Her deepest sympathy went out to both Andre & Greta…she felt it was not Greta’s mother that was in control…it was MR JONG & the man who fancied himself AS ANDRE MALRAUX’s PHYSICIAN…` In China the Will was known- properties were held & the family Ransom had several Chinese brides in early centuries  -also the the Greenlander POUL got his height 6` 5 inches from his North Chinese forebears… Nobody understood that ANDRE MALRAUX had never received The WILL…it was felt it was a matter to do with Faith & General de Gaulle…` - `She recognised you-she knew your name Greta- she knew you might have forgotten it all… ` I think she came from a Chinese Catholic family background-early 20th century- SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE DARK again…

1937 ANDRE MALRAUX- his singing voice of 1937 I remember-he singing in my ear when I am to sleep…

his voice honey-counter tenor could rise to boy soprano when he was in his grief from deaths- 1937 Clacton-on-Sea he sang old French songs he knew as a child or popular lovely tunes of our age 1930s dance music -I did not hear his pure high voice the madrigal voice until 1945 June-

1937 SUMMER HOLIDAY 5 weeks- then to LINCOLN- George Andre heard some phrases of RANSOM WEDDELL GRONLANDER FAMILY HISTORIES

but when I said tearfully ‘OUR DEAR THOMAS goes round the globe with LUCRETIUS on one shoulder & JESUS on the other…’ He solemnly told me- “Yes I know them-THEY DID NOT LIVE IN THE SAME AGE …`

Doth I say I played the spoons in Memphis where they know MINERVA & daughter Jean the Firebird as our INCA kin call her-she grand-daughter of Aelovemdah Maria Miss San Julian ?   I doubt it-they are to have a nice restful happy holiday…

I say no more of Lennie & I are giving them more grants under Aunt Mag’s Umbrella- last year 1935-36...before I am kidnapped back to suffer more violence by the penniless criminally insane of Noble Britain…

`I did not add we went to San Antonio-Len had his hair cut- I was so good waiting the barber gave me a BROOCH CALLED  ‘FAIRY’ that had been his daughter’s but now she was too big- he had it in a drawer for another good little girl…

Thank you SAN ANTONIO barber Mexican looking-I was so pleased with it & wore it in England at Ettie’s Taplow Court- at CLOUDS where Grandpa Frederick Charles is telling them he has called his latest grandson COLIN after the dear little boy a distant cousin called COLIN who lost his life at 3 years -The SOULS shadowy society -

In SAN ANTONIO we are safe awhile & people do not want Figures from a Morgue smashing their GROTE HOMES- thieving Aunt Magaretha`s UMBRELLAS-

WE WEDDELL RANSOMS are now 14 races & 27 Nations- RANSOM Sea Traders marrying GIRLS off-shore a 1,000 years- usually getting a little land as dowry whre we can sail in & visit the in-laws-bring the grand-children home…ROUND THE GLOBE-

1936 JEAN ballerina had her hair washed-set in San Antonio-at our friend the barber San Antonio in the broad street where nice people came & chatted & Lennie speaks Spanish too…

MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP caught up with us again early March 1936- some important people hid us & said “there is NO JUSTICE

for young heirs to an American miracle- these stuffed pigs  complain that Cabinet Ministers are SHOCKED at you heirs being with decent folk- They know you are to go to Hollywood & make the film with Uncle Fred (MacMurray Broker Wall Street & filmstar) on THOMAS  GROTE HOMES- young JUDY has done her Introduction-

1937 Summer Andre Saint George looks scared when I tell him solemnly these matters-he doth believe I doth sleep with my door open-but he is a good beautiful soul boy-young man- JO- did she hear the counter-tenor which Andre could use up into a Soprano range ?

1945 July Church of Our Lady-Clacton-on-Sea-he will sing the 1610 Mass Claudio Monteverdi for her JOSETTE dead young mother of   their two young sons- 1953 he sang with Colchester Madrigal Society- Harold W. Poulter Deputy Curator Colchester Museums was present that Quaker gathering evening- he related in the Castle keep next day-I had been expected to attend…“ when the Madrigal Society had picked itself up off the floor Child they set about using The VOICE- not been heard in England since 16th century- they began with ‘A Frog he Would a Wooing Go’ -he got the joke kindly mean’t- he’s a lad still a young man a young Emperor of good breeding- Take him again Child-you’ll be happy-its rare to get two birds like you two together” Harold W. Poulter January 1954-

`PARIS had the English counter-tenor Alfred Deller in the 1920s living there- all the young men tried to sing like him-it was a fashion’…said Mrs Taylor choir-mistress organist understudy Milan one Season-  Clacton-on-Sea Church of Our Lady by our Convent School of the Poor Saint Clares- she has just said June 1945    `with that voice that fellah Greetha knew before the War is taking the Veil-not the Robe` in his widowhood…We are going to do the full 1610 Monteverdi ! Its a music experience that will keep him alive-going on…`

1959 17th December - MALRAUX LEGAL GUARDIAN 1937/38- Exposure of theft-deceit- & AGAIN-violence-deaths-theft-tricks by TWISTERS…Whitehall Government Lords Nobles all- WILL (3 Wills operate the whole Estate ) not seen by Andre MALRAUX- General de Gaulle until March 1962 - Stolen from French Parliament Courier 1960 end February New York Airport-direct France to President de Gaulle-TWISTERS set up Team work Naval Intelligence- heroin wing…

1960 January- NOBLE criminally insane learn fast  MALRAUX & Gen. de GAULLE now know of their GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND-Awaiting the Will-documents-evidence…

They rose up the more on their hind legs-using the State institutions-& the usual thugs by moonlight- & twisters (as the Chinese say) Whitehall- there continued Killing-framing-blackmail-CUNNING theft-attacks in the dark-threats-dopes-removal of bank accounts-public records- Records-archives-camera work-

1930s-50s-60s on - Why are not the criminal qualifications of Mr Mengele Harrington public knowledge-on the BBC & Web -& the size of the Teams RN twisters etc  he can draw upon for this FRAUD with violence- 1953/4 Mengele Harrington with Jim Jong got sentenced prisoners out on Parole because they had special skills needed to help hide this Fraud ‘the greatest crime of mankind’-

The killing of citizens independent nations A to Z British Empire fallen went on-the old reasons still often given-  The Gross Britain Government & Crown disapproved of educating children fatherless to 18 in independent nations not under the British Empire…IT WOULD HARM BRITISH TRADE…  They disapproved the Ransom-Weddell-Gronlander families holding lands in these nations-having investments with WELFARE FACILITIES-a piece of philanthropy that could never fail-THE JOYOUS VENTURE…if tumbled under The Crown & silently using LINDSAY Earls Premier Earls…IT WOULD PAY ALL THEIR HORRIFIC DEBTS AND ENABLE THEM TO GO ON WITH THEIR HIGH CLASS SIN…GREED EXCESSIVE…as before..IGNORANCE massive as ever…& NEVER ACTING THE GOSPELS OUT…of tremendous cunning they were possessed on Divinorum Salvia Scotland- & perhaps Mr JONG gave them all lessons as he had from THE CHINESE OPERA PEKIN 19 teens…

1950s London it would be easy for the Chinese Legation members to slip about Scarlet Town gathering information on TWISTERS…& the history of Mr JONG of an old Chinese family some trading-finance- 19th century…some sudden deathswould have records in mainland China…

1953 NovemberMengele Harrington sentenced paedophile submit’s a worksheet to the G.B. Government & Crown monthly for his WORK-maiming-framing-murdering human beings-with Jong & Earl Lindsaybuggarhs-  There must be a department Twisters down Whitehall… We hear of the sinister “ 5 men in the big black diplomatic style car”… Doctor Mengele Harrington 4rd November 1953 agreed to the following procedure- that he would be paid a large lump sum immediately from the Grote Ransom Estate- some monies would have to be off-shore-with privileges & use of Ransom properties all left to Angela by an old Eskimo when she was a child in Wales…

Mengele HARRINGTON  (I never knew his first name)…He is a sinister creature smelling heavily of dung very often-with needles in his pocket filled with dopes to take the memory away-& other things-

he follows MALRAUX about spying on him-threatening people who will not tell of their private matters with MALRAUX- he has been threatening MALRAUX with exposure of the April 1947 ‘early wedding` since summer 1947 when with Clara Malraux they came to Clacton on Sea & persecuted the Winnclemanns making the Professor so ill he was in bed…

1948 Mr Winnclemann never recovered his health but loyally went on helping Andre and telling Greta `He will need you Elsa-you must see to your own education and get to him by 20 years…they will send him mad…he has so much to offer the world…He will always come & see you are safe-he will not neglect his Vows…try get to him by 24 years the latest…he will need you as he gets older…you suit one another…you can only be safe to  gether…This doctor has been threatening us & my work is to be destroyed…I know persons so evil & THEY HAVE BECOME MAD…INSANE…You must never get in the hands of persons called psychiatrists & that branch…THEY WILL ONLY WANT TO LOCK YOU UP & LEARN ABOUT ANDRE MALRAUX…THEY ARE JEALOUS OF HIM…HE IS A MAN…HE TELLS THE TRUTH…`   The Winnclemanns soon had Mad Mother Kali in the door…he dies 1949 ?..1950 ?  A Service at Holland-on-Sea had me made too ill to go…

1950s Mengele insists he has the PERMISSION OF FRANCE the MALRAUX FAMILY to lock Andre up- Mengele persecuted the Winnclemanns summer 1947 to 1951 Mrs Winnclemann widow calling her uneducated & THE BRITISH CROWN WAS TO HAVE ALL HER HUSBAND‘S WRITTEN WORK or he would have her locked up in an Asylum  -  When Mr Professor Winnclemann was alive he made him very ill- began searching their home when they wre out with a thug called CID-& the Chemist Shop at Clacton-on-Sea-Mr Winclemann & she ran…Murrays…closed all the 2nd World War…so that he died too early- as so many people who can expose this GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND-   The Winnclemanns`  (an Estate in Austria too perhaps ) knew Clara Malraux her family before she was born…Magdeburg N. German…

1952-1961- Mengele Harrington intercepts all POST for MALRAUX to the Catholic Charity 50 Lancaster Gate Square-employing spies- he is heard insisting “Malraux is my patient for the Family” Mengele Harrington works for British Nobles-employs Naval Intelligence-employs thugs & the criminally insane-

1950s - It is heard from intelligent folk about Andre Malraux

“those boys should be in school-they were booked for Ampleforth-with the sons of the intellectual equals of Malraux-Tolkien boys- he author of THE LORD OF THE RING-The Hobbit etc… SAGA OF EVIL… AND HOPE…HUMANISM….

1946 INTELLIGENCE dept- Republic of France…`Malraux had one chance here…on his desk an afternoon spread out were in-coming papers-a pile of paper-letters…he looked at the desk & told his assistant to manage it…He went off to find General de Gaulle & to speak about matters of organising GAUL which he understood perhaps above all- The Papers were from GROTE BROKERS & The Argentine Solicitors for RANSOM…The assistant relates they were put away-filed-then given 1948 to those who knew what they mean’t…USA…they had been read by staff -but at this time a document came from EGYPT to FRANCE…`they had had children murdered-a massacre-& it was done by the BRITISH…what did it mean…they heard they had suffered the same…?` THESE PAPERS WERE NEVER HANDED TO GENERAL DE GAULLE or MALRAUX…a Fall of Power…& swiftly the British Government were demanding Papers in such names…The Papers had been filed & a hesitancy occurred in the staff…they left them where they werethey doth speak nonothing they decided to reveal…TIME PAST…`It is as if THIS WAS THE LAST CHANCE …the children slain so horribly so an evil Set-a Class-could pay its debts & again drag down the globe…Purveyors of trash these G.B. Nobles they now became…No understanding of the globe as the only place THEY HAD TO GO…` (1960 Colne Engaine & tapes 1970s sent to PJPW Department of Fishes BMNH…recovered 1982...copies made…)

`Your father came from War into a world he found only wanting useless luxury-SHE took you three away in her madness from THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC- he had to go & take a rest a month in a Monastery at Port Said (we give it a grant) - the children slain round the globe-asking himself `why did not MALRAUX Guardian answer post-telegrams-messages on the telephone`LINDSAY money-grubbers who had slain his grandparents Frobisher Ransom for this Estate were awarding themselves double DSOs…Before the WAR these illiterates raised on a dangerous dope had abused every word he JFR wrote-every hope he had for civilized society…insisting the Estate was for them & The Crown…  He FJR was in such shock after the murder of his parents we feel he did not recover until he did the SWIM to speak with our Japanese kin 1941…General X…& the shelling of the hilltop was stopped while they got the aged people-children-hospital patients out…Phillippines..   When he got to Kenya where he was not to be alive orders Lindsays & JIM-Crown scum-other nobles-some Scandinavia he tried again REMOVE ANIMOSITY & BELIEVED IN A NEW WORLD COMING FROM THE ENDING OF THE WAR….his return to THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC September 1945 dismal for he heard before he left MOMBASA all the Grote Homes children worldwide had been slain…  He arrived in such shock-she who’d written such quaint almost balanced letters to him Wartime was brutish & clearly on dope… 2 days later he went to Deptford & saw `Jerusalem` with joists cut the family home fallen in-   Neighbours very scared  related how Angela & JONG & other men had come & raided the house first winter of the War…A Magistrates DECREE was expected in 2 days to STOP THEM BREAKING IN after they had had his father killed in Suffolk 1939...All night an ARP Worker said he heard the sawing…he did not question it…next day the house had fallen down… YOUR FATHER FJR did not cry his agony but tried to shield his brothers his sister -if he had gone to GROTE New York it might have been best…but there was IVY with a 9 years son slain in a fake car hit on a Swiss lane by her own Estate she managed with good tenants…He tries to look after everyone…

We have retrieved the Papers on DEPTS owed by the British Crown & Noble scum-where did they get the moneys to pay themit is THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND…a woman a companion for a long time of those WHO ABUSE THOSE WHO HAVE MONEYS PROPERTIES & DO NOT COMMIT VIOLENT CRIMES…She demanded 1938 ` I want the Grote HOMES CLEARED-the lands sold- THE MONEYS GIVEN TO ME…` She is addressed off duty as `Angela`  & is insane as they all are-a narcotic may be to blame…& the age they have come from- `  We will relate to you what happened winter 1945-46...Len with no family home a nurse wife a distant Weddell cousin & a son of 6 years took a rented accommodation in France…he had his own money from the Argentine- SHE Teresa Gordon in a Gordon kilt with a massive safety pin appeared…  She had come with a man with a launch across the Channel-  no passport has she but this KUDOS as the mother of the bastards du Cann & another in Norway-  She began demanding in the language of the 1920s `her half of the Fortune`…`she she she had had to look after his Ransom ape kids all the war-she now wanted her share…`  She had tossed back most of a bottle of GIN- the man who’d brought her over saw another side & left…dumping her in France-  LEN broke down then rose up recalling her manic behaviour with Mr Jong & Uncles Lindsay before the War & Angela kicking at him as a boy trying to have him leave gatherings where we were invited but she a gatecrasher with them……when his 6 years old son began to cry at this apparition hooting straddling the room that (as they did at their end of the party 1920s)… now her friend ANGELA would see them dead if they did not give her half of the fortune…Len heard the language of the 1920s of his first years as a child-  HE BEGAN TO SHOUT THAT IT HAD ALL PAST AWAY & THEY HAD FOOLED HER TAKEN ALL THEY COULD GRASP & THEY DID NOT WANT HER-A FOOL TO HAVE DONE THIS TO HER HUSBAND’s FAMILIES…TO HER OWN FAMILIES…she did not realise it had past away- ` Len had been near dead at the fate of his parents & the Grote children which he was learning about fast although his brother FJR did hope to shield him from this…SHE BEGAN HOOTING AS AN OWL A WOLF…they had done this in the 1920s on dope…at Clifton…all on their backs at sex & stupid jokesLen called a telephone number & got a doctor who knocked her out…then an Army person who had her put on a lorry & delivered back to Gross Britain…` She did not realise her age had gone…BUT SHE HAD BEEN FOOLED BY THEM noble Britain…THEY WITH THEIR CONNECTIONS THEIR PRETENCE AT EDUCATION HAD TAKEN IT ALL OFF HER with their KUDOS to use the British State- Back at Clacton-on-Sea where she was delivered to Colchester by army truck she knew was a down & out… She takes 3 children out of THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC- she had abused the Family Gronlander library…she had torn up carpets thrown bookcases off the walls-sold-sold-sold in her tempers her rages…SHE WAS SUPPLIED WITH THIS NARCOTIC FROM PARTIES…some back of that Palace…where her narrow-minded older friend of the 19 teens held authority with her men….They had used her since her marriage 1932 for information to make mischief to persecute RANSOM families calling us Apes-  She is told by Angela when you were born  `she had given birth to an Ape then` & this was the joke at the absinthe cocktail parties…Angela is a woman who sniggers behind the back of Aunt Margarethe that she is an old Eskimo & was discovered in Rome to be an unpleasant racist young woman…` & Weddell destruction was underway…to remove our name from the Weddell Sea…claim it should not have the name of a drunk…but the name of them…THE PLANETS SHOULD CLASH AT SUCH ABUSE OF THE UNIVERSE…` Her madness (TGR) her filthy temper did not at all disappear…her sister Win allowing her to bring the three of you just before Xmas 1945...You were to sing in Choir that Christmas morning- you had taken practice with Andre the autumn-you are 12 years old… but were too upset & stunned-Miss Win was annoyed at you & said it was your lack of commitment to your lessons that was showing…she had been told this by her bastard nephew Ed du Cann & his 2 man legal TEAM who came to take TEA when she was alone…the rest of the family had no idea of this…ALL THESE MISERABLE NOBLE SCUM ARE HIGH ON DOPE…You had been moved overnight nearly XMAS Eve from The   House at the End of the Rec that became so meaningful to ANDRE MALRAUX…to The dismal narrow house Walton Road where their mother Mary Gordon an intelligent woman who had delighted ANDRE MALRAUX summer 1937 here doped she had been transported by Teresa & JIM October she was close to THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC & could be used as a servant to the 3 children… `they were to have a good time…JIM rose where he’d no idea he could…She (Mad Mother Kali Old Mother Ransom Riley Teresa Gordon) was left supplying them with more information on the ESTATE all the Wartime…  1946 she TGR was as  in 1944 `GIVING IT AWAY IN YOUR NAME…& Len your heir…` With the help of NOBLE SCUM she got a Court Document to BE YOUR GUARDIANnow you lose vast Aluminium shares…Arab Emirates…Oh so much more…We were able to recover this because a GOOD SERVANT of the Republic of France had filed things away…`

You survived because of your `early learning`…& about you in East Anglia some good people Acting the Gospels Out…  The 9 years imprisonment as her servant…you getting yourself to Colchester MuseumsAndre wanting desperately to take up the Catholic alliance again…agony suffered by him-then we learn by you-you never show it on your face on your brow…polite-stoutly looking after yourself…We received snipes & some fairly nasty remarks attributed to you…We are at fault….ANDRE BEGAN TO UNDERSTAND 1960...but we had to keep feeding it into him- The women in Gaul had become objects providing a well padded luxury retreat for the sinister Mengele- & JIM who’d followed Clara about & her brother Paris from time to time-French is his most useful tool-a first language perhaps alongside his Chinese…

A word on POUL BOWLES…you may recall your father calling out to you & Len 1939 `he has let us down-let the evil Jack-in-the-boxes in`… Bowles wife & musician friends were allowed to use the GROTE students for music experimentsTimbuktu comes into it…We had all invited you & your brothers & Gordon younger relatives to come with us 1948...a visit…WE GIVE A GRANT TO HELP WITH CATALOGUING OF DOCUMENTS…it has been a source of pride to us to have this connection since the early 19th century- Margarethe’s father…Fred Ransom at 12-13 years of age fluent in Arabic & Coptic documents…` Malraux & his family might come too….

From 1947 ANDRE WAS BEING GIVEN DOPE TO MAKE HIM HAZY-to remove what he had heard-  To remove him from Public life they did not desire-he was to useful-for dough & fun- mocking him or fawning round him…`

`ANDRE will die in honour-a man who wanted a home-hearth-as old Mr Poulter early 1950s  explains to you-Graham Greene-Len- a man from VINCI- (whose mother was saved by Aunt Magarethe) 1950s-Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis….`The young Emperor needs to do his work A HEARTH the pot put on-the cradle rocked-a garden growing things to eat…then MALRAUX CAN DO HIS WORK…` says Mr  Poulter…

1950s- the little half-Chinese racist `dirty` JIM at WHITES runs vice as usual- `for the recreation of the Club` & `able to give instructions  G.B. Government & Crown that the 2 sons of ANDRE MALRAUX ( & his dead Catholic wife ) are not to be educated away from the household France where Mengele comes with evil creatures all British to see that MALRAUX DOES NOT LEARN OF THE GUARDIANSHIP- or the on-going robbery with violence all the  fun in `hunting big game`  - (dried blood colour)

These G.B. & Scottish criminally insane squat when MALRAUX is away. Notebooks Andre Malraux-1960s- MI5 & 6 - others/records-

Andre Malraux left Paris household 1961 after the deaths of his sons/- PJPW November 1967-interview Paris-3 witnesses

Mr Mengele Dr Harrington orders G.B. Naval Intelligence to fix listening equipment anywhere the globe A to Z-nations Investigate ex-GROTE CHILDREN… search them out-investigate remainder of the Estate of Philanthropy -cunningly advise where it can be siphoned off-etc.  Thefts go on from this Estate & many people who complain killed given accidents non-accidental-blackmailed & threatened their children will die- hit & run had been heavily used from 1930s-

1960-62- MALRAUX & Ransom brothers & others tend the Estate-leave it a stream pure a flower garden running round the globe- Again the system that cannot fail-the source that never runs dry- was in operatin….HOWEVER THE NAMES  GROTE & RANSOM WEDDELL GRONLANDER  never used in public places  - All Weddells are missing-150 or so missing by 1960-South America/

1940s/1992 Mengele Harrington & RN et al Teams very active destroying records of the families-Lindsay 15 goes for `hunting big game`…others of this dope mentality raised thus from kids….RANSOM the legal owners of 19 acres under New York to be destroyed-mocked-threatened - a further near 4 acres given Tiggy by his father Mr Grote Wall Street Broker - Destruction pattern as pre-war-graves to go/monuments/books etc/gifts/paintings/music donations/documents to Seashores-reserves-forests-waterways-all planes/boats/pilots records etc …

Break-in entry where photo albums suspected/deaths as before-Mengele sadism allowed full play/5 men in the big black car-Jong-Mengele-Lindsay 15 often (report Canada press 1975-over Poul Ray Ransom-murdered with petrol poured down him by the 5 men in the black car-age 17 years-his Canadian Estate in 2 years sacked-broken up/records burned-FRAUD with violence-Gross Brit. Gov. -

Aunt Veronica & Uncle Paul Frobisher Canada 1950s & her brother are slain- records/the files massive from Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960s-help-Territorials etc. Human beings horrified at the slain Grote children-pits- nets off shore- photos- accounts- school books- the few who got away reporting- having to be hidden…

Mengele with foul violent zeal destroying the histories of those that MADE THE GREATEST PIECE OF PHILANTHROPY THE GLOBE HAS EVER HAD- Mengele’s teams are allowed PERKS & PICKINGS- anything they come upon that they can LIFT…

1930s/& ever on-FRAUD theft of RANSOM Grote Estate globe- nations A-Z will have BIG BOOTS IMPERIAL BRITAIN & Sons Inc. striding & creeping in- not Green Peace-

TEAMS DEVELOPED A LIFE OF THEIR OWN-it was inevitable with this Greatest Crime of Mankind-this vast FRAUD using RACISM as  justification for violent theft fraud-removing moneys from other Nations banks-STRIDING IN GREAT IMPERIAL BOOTS TO FOREIGN MONEYS as begun by Scandinavia-quickly half of all was milked off to obscene `British Captains of Industry`…7 seas over…

A nasty lucrative trick - insert a line saying  “Crown Property”

on one document in  very small letters- fairly well lost in the text-

( Jimmie Jong has worked this fraud pre-war from 1930s…he is said to have invented it for his Kubla Khan role tumbling 19 RANSOM acres etc under New York -our Documents 1801 !  Owned 2008 AD by RANSOM family but stolen by Noble Britain on absinthe & dope 1953…)

this line will disappear-`Crown property`- as the money is removed & blame laid on the MARGARETHE RANSOM GROTE Estate -families & heirs- & ANDRE MALRAUX & employers of GAUL….(General de Gaulle 1962 says `An obscene gigantic piece of Statecraft by Gross Britain…` ) `ANDRE MALRAUX had another chance to know he was GUARDIAN TO GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate at his Ministry of Intelligence 1946...its brief existence- A Report of grief had also come in from EGYPT to FRANCE….`They had children murdered in their GROTE HOMES by British Army persons…they knew France had suffered this loss too…WHY HAD IT BEEN ALLOWED TO HAPPEN ? It was addressed to Andre Malraux MINISTER OF INFORMATION FRANCE…He did not read the Report-it was carefully filed when it was swiftly understood his POST/mail WAS NEVER TO BE OPENED BY HIM…but examined by persons they did not at all trust….` NEITHER GENERAL DE GAULLE OR ANDRE MALRAUX WERE ABLE TO READ THE TERRIBLE ANNUNCIATION OF THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE CHILDREN BY THE CRIMINALLY INSANE PENNILESS NOBLES OF GREAT BRITAIN…who had no moneys to pay their debts & live in luxury again… SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE

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