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Archives/Geoffrey The Norman 11th century-Lindsay Earls 1900s/ Young early Christian holy people can be found in Butler’s 12 Vols Saints the months -travellers-not without good education & own moneys-the references were very useful 19th century- 1940s- Information well known early 20th century on RANSOM but increasingly knowledge of it did mean entering perilous waters for Humanists- Earls of Lindsay & Crawford had been robbing the G.B. Treasury a number of years-big amounts- The thunder from the drunken-doped top High Class Sin say`th `You cannot prosecute an Earl-& not Premier Earls…You are instructed to say this horrendous robbery of the Treasury is only that `they had too much beer`-& they must hush-up Ransom-Frobisher Fraud-violence much more..`

1900s Lindsay Earl demanded after they had murdered Mill Frobisher skater & little Academy of Ancient Arts with her young friends from school…WE Earls of Lindsay & Crawford REQUIRE HALF-Millie LINDSAY`s fortune- The old Eskimo cannot have all this NOW we have murdered Tiggy Grote`1904 Thomas I. Grote’s Murder Arran afterwards Lindsay Earls approached GROTE BROKERS New York with threats of British Navy shelling its waterfront…This Lindsay Earl is known as `HIGH POOP`- cannot make Insurance Fraud sinking hulks easy anymore - Respectable USA citizens Grote Brokers knew the British Aristocracy were ill educated & insane on narcotics & said NO- but they took pity & paid school fees…(``they should have done them in`-Onassis-others of intelligence )Nota bene:  to the ReaderDo not lose sight of Mill Frobisher Mrs JOHN RANSOM widowed age 25 years murdered age 32 in 1897-Greta Ransom’s great grandma & her father & bros. sister their grandma…whose sweet ghost sits on the stairs that tiny house by Deptford Park `Jerusalem` with her skating boots 1890s… 1930s Len & Greta talk to her & take her outMillie who gave us life was murdered 1897 her young body handed in a blanket to her 14 years old son by Lindsay 2nd cousins from a coach- Greta Ransom’s grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom…Sea families…Husband of Jean Weddell ballerina & parents of FJR-Ivy Ransom- JRR-Thomas died infant-Len I.R.-Bettina d infant(6 children 4 reach adulthood-of high intelligence & WORLD WIDE EDUCATION-all murdered 1969-1981 except Ivy perhaps-persecuted by Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington `I work for The Crown`- Known as INFIDEL-Royal Satrap-Golum-Mengele goes abroad private visits with Philip Mountbatten & chumscaught by Belgium Police burning books of GRONLANDER-Frobisher-Ransom beside a Belgium River 1970s…They all take dope-Mr Mengele Doc Harrington (pretends often he is a worthy Doc Harrington of Edinbur`) prescribes personal dopes-  In 1958 account of eye witness of Doc Mengele The Infidel harming little boys in Paris Parks- blue car prominentIt is asked WHY this INFIDEL is allowed to enter the Homes of ANDRE MALRAUX-& why he is not arrested for paedophilia & suspected taking Commissions to destroy health of middle-aged men…1958-1960s…1970s…

GROTE BROKERS off  Wall Street  Established 1830-

Identical twin b 1930 Kenya Dr Peter James Palmer Whitehead’s cousin Palmer Sparkman (New York Yacht Club archives-family records-poems Oglebay Rhymers Club- the 725 poems of JCP II should find USA Archives-ask me ) goes to work 1960s as a young man for GROTE Wall Street N.Y. amalgamated into another firm-  GROTE suffered the horrendous FRAUD in secrecy on this respectable firm- THE RANSOM 19 acres were removed in silence by telling LIES-  said to be property of Angela who got it as a child from `AN OLD ESKIMO`- No documents would be necessary as she was Divine - The British Crown & Lindsay Crawford Earls tumbled GROTE BROKERS without any warning on the distinguished firm slithering about the New York Underworld 1941-1954 -by using Angela’s name & her noble MEN some of Scandinavia-crows-they kept it silent-

Lindsay Earl 14 evening of 31. 12. 1953/4  was reading out to a 40 Lindsay mob how many GOLD BARS they would getafter the Supper nosh-up with dopes that night of murder by poisoning at 9.20pm  of a relative we share - a family who had saved the LIFE OF Greta Ransom’s Grandfather FC RANSOM 1897 after the LINDSAY monsters had murdered his little young mother Millie Frobisher Ransom….

31. 12. 1953 Problem -neither the Lindsaybuggarhs nor ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM NOT knowing why we were present-but we saw the murderers come down the stairs- LINDSAY thugs seated at the trough panic at 9.20pm- And quickly poison the old relative who with her husband was to phone Police & cry FRAUD- this kind old couple on a far blood line in their 20s 1890s had travelled with Tiggy Grote his GROTE HOMES A-Z- & knew Margarethe’s Estate & HOMES were desperately needed in a savage world that had 2 great Wars erupt 20th century…

THAT New Year’s EVE 1953 The LINDSAY MOB in panic called ANGELA IN AT MIDNIGHT& divided the spoils(records galore) -they also called in JIM JONG & toasted him-he to be made CUR/Sir James next day New Year’s Day 1st January 1954-  They gave him some dough too… Since 1953 Mr Pong is corrupt co-Steward of WHITES CLUB of supposed Gents…a Vice & dope bar…Saint James` West End London…JIM ON THE PIN-TRAVELLING COMPANION OF ANGELA- The persecutors of the Gordon Ransom families since 1919...

`Read the records & you too will be able to climb up the wall & over the ceiling said Lord XYZX who now lived with Retainers about him 1960- wondering each afternoon how he had woken alive-  He saw to his household- rather as JOHN GORDON did with his Retainers 1990s when they found hours before the wedding the cut off FACE of 21 years old Marjorie CAMERON by the gate-done by her evil relatives- IT WAS THIS ATMOSPHERE Summer 1937 that JOSETTE CLOTIS could fathom & she makes some notes-ideas about human nature… later becomes Mrs George-Andre Malraux Roman Catholic wedding in heaven- given by `young Paccelli` watercolourist humanist- he goes on high in Rome…A young writer JO a young Lady- a first visit become happiness for we three SUMMER Holiday 1937 Clacton-on-Sea-East Anglia where Andre Malraux’s ancestral lines both sides come traced with documentation & buildings back to 9th century AD- Why have you not all of this on the Internet ?  Scum ~

FJR (Greta’s father 22 when she born) schoolboy WORK assisted by retired Heralds` persons-some scholars France…`Geoffrey The Norman-no not Geoff of Monmouth daughter-  This writer makes a reference to us in his notes for himself `my pottage now comes from Palestine` - Only US- RANSOM were trading out there- our straight line verified`…(11th-12th century RANSOM Palestine marriages- Rose-Anne Roxanna Hebithiayah poetess half Greek & Arab- & `Gold Locks` niece of a good friend Arab scholar & Trader-he did his arithmetic from his head-a very honest man-a high mind…) `We make here marriages & they are Arab- some Greek & Italian on one side…Geoffrey the Norman -he has a fine mind-he goes to NOROWAY-we think he was intending to go to Iceland but he comments `…a harsh land of winters & men-cold of nature-I drew back…`  He returns to France. He knows RANSOM-we Trade Palestine-only us out there- & hold our Estate Brittanny…come & go-all humanists & good men helping their fellow creatures…`

FJR & Dr John Ray R. (1938/9 & 1960) ` LINDSAY barbarians Scotland claim all our honest Estate-Margarethe is called the richest person in the world-this is the problem-these creatures CROWS & Cocktail parties should never have seen our Documents-they have stolen them & from ANDRE MALRAUX- I want to step back- a marriage 1883 was allowed by Earl Lindsay claiming kinship to Miss Millicent Frobisher of a brave decent line… marriage to our grandfather JOHN RANSOM widowed- Sylvia had died after 14 years probably a slow cancer-we are checking Montreal- ( Henshaw-Mengele went to savage this line remove all photos-papers-memories 1954-he was paid big money for this by Crown Office…) They were helping Japan with education 1870s onwards…After the marriage-the honeymoon Halicarnassus visiting kin Japan-then round the globe to our Island Jacopsholmen off  West Greenland-to open up theatre get the University building-no money worries at all-it is all set aside… 1884 Earl Lindsay tried take everything off  Thomas Grote & Margarethe his wife & her brothers- killed her brotherssavaged Millie widow CLAIMED SHE WAS A HALF-WIT A WHORE & WAS TO BE PUT IN AN ASYLUM ESTATE TO HIM-Margarethe an Eskimo & not allowed to hold properties……& then tried kill our father Frederick Charles…THE LINDSAY Earls ARE INSANEIt was a distant Frobisher connection got him (FCR)  to safety- changed his name to Weldon Frobisher- finished his education on the hilltops Derbyshire…he then got to Aunt Margarethe & became her accountant with her son in France…they got to safety ROME-  Then Dad went up to Greenland to his cousins…& got the education of a high principled MAN-these creatures are NOT men- The island they have coveted since 1884 Earls of LINDSAY but fight with Denmark- they wish to use it as a dumping ground-  They will not give Greenland Independence…in their silly heads is only GET A HEAP OF GOLD & FLASH ABOUT AT THE RACESAll of them are mad…

1938/9 & 1960 FJR & Dr JR® `1900s Lindsay Premier Earls came to France with shears-they took two finger lengths of the MSS on Geoffrey The Norman-he wrote of us-RANSOM of Palestine- They then attacked our tapestry that Millie & JOHN had put in the Workshop to be restored-they cut two panels out of it- Osbert Ransom & wife Alice- Alexia sister-in-law a shrew` (10th-century-Satteus Laetus is the RANSOM motto then)  (13th century we marry Family of SILLITOE girl & this motto may still be used-I do not know)…

` Lindsay Earl & the others boasted they will sell bits to Monasteries in Asia-where it will be believed perhaps it has holy powers…` (Lennie & I as heirs have lessons weekends & holidays-a curriculum set by the most humanist minds OFF SHORE of Gross Brit…)

FJR ( who has saved his father-Len-Greta daughter from a savage attack on us by this noble scum 1938) `LINDSAY EARLS-you can   smell them on the stairs-they do not wash from birth to death-their women appear alongside them with a nostril dripping-it is the purple-stuff  (Divinorum Salvia Scotland) They LIVE BY THEFT- they kill so they can swank AT THE RACES…they have now vowed to take the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE off us-   We have no blood line except that of Millie Frobisher & that from one grandparent-  IT IS FAR  TOO WAY OFF…Scandinavia now steps in- The Norway moneys are vast & it is these they are after- Crows we are told by an authority are now flying in-scavenging- WAR IS COMING- they could have stopped Hitler ranting- if the GREED had stopped…`1960 FJR & JR®

1937 October Andre Malraux appointed legal GUARDIAN to The World’s biggest ESTATE of HUMANISM-philanthropy

Nota bene:  a vast amount of the world’s history destroyed so that Gross Britain buggarhs can have big time-

Staged CAR ACCIDENTS feature -from 1928 Desborough/Clarke Gable`s first wife-he was to be driving back with her-he said he would catch her up-she was pregnant 1938/ hit & run Ivy Ransom’s son in Switzerland-records others/2 sons of Josette & Andre Malraux- Employment of Mengele Dr Harrington full time from 1953 November had sadistic crimes soar-with Jong & the others-often they went abroad bragging of HUNTING BIG GAME-human beings:  They claim  Diplomatic privilege as Earls & Lords-Counts !

1937 SUMMER- Andre & Josette two young people with civilized upbringing- entered without knowing into this violent obscene criminal insanity organised by GREAT BRITAIN penniless Nobles in name of Gross Britain Government & Crown- plans begin 1921-by bad blood families penniless-living by theft…

1860s-1934 Edgar Gordon born 1881 the youngest of the 6 sons of  John Frederick Gordon & Matilda nee Kellow Edinburgh raised at The Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich- Father JFG was Mine Host to the Whitebait suppers-Houses of Parliament-a traditional Annual visit by State barges…Father JFG dies 1891 leaving a family between ages 10 & 30- Edgar & his brothers had an excellent education at Dr Bell’s Academy Greenwich-where Anna Siam put the Crown prince & brother for two years-the class mates always kept the SIAM (Thailand) National Day yearly- Edgar spoke Continental languages & was an aesthete-He worked as Valet to a Sackville family member & travelled widely with his Master- Edgar would be invited into the drawing room after dinner-he read intelligently-went to Plays-lectures-he had travelled in USA-he may die 1939 & too soon- a victim of Lindsay 14 & Jim Jong…

JIM Jong first contact with Gordon family Ceremonial & Horse Training Ground outside London-Teresa was going to be a good horsewoman-it showed by 6 years of age-born 24 November 1906- IT IS SAID MR JONG GOT HOLD OF GIRLS WITH PROSPECTS….

1954 January ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom our Account “Uncle Edgar’s Hat-” when we visit EDGAR GORDON’s cottage to get some paintings  he has left the family- they are mostly his brother George’s paintings & their eldest brother Frederick Henry Gordon who had a painting in an R.A. Summer Exhibition of Betty his daughter.

F. Henry Gordon can be found briefly in a friend’s BOOK-

`THE CASK`1920- the first modern Detective Novel/Penguin

`I needed another character last night Henry-so I have had to write you in- Hope you don’t mind` - They work for the RAILWAYS-

1937 SUMMER- I TELL JOSETTE-Of last year 1935/36

while we are at household tasks-Unity’s mother goes to see her father every morning at the Convalescent Home-help get him up for the day-we to the breakfast table-washing up-make beds tidy house-put things in the cupboards-clothes tidy-wash small things & rest can go to the Laundry of the Clacton Town-I tell Jo of tall strange pink-lavender flowers by the Laundry…

JAMES WEDDELL Quaker-Master Mariner-WEDDELL SEA-Born Ostend-mother of well known Quaker family London PIERCE-brother Charles 9 years older in RN- 1824 Catholic Quaker marriage to the highly educated Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian  he her father’s  friend Ice Breakers Owner goes to SEA-owning title INCA Mathmatician Astronomer Priest Ruler line-scholar-educated  by San Julian Monks- goes to ROME-

1936 January LENNIE SAID 1972- do you remember the Weddell Billy Goat- how he was in the household & came in at supper time-helped move a couch to arrange the room with the children-when we had just arrived eventide- They had him since he was a few hours old-his mother died-he had perfect manners never a dropping in the home-took care of the goats but had his own apartment alongside them- my kind cousin-I am going to marry her-soft brown hair-she wants to be a nurse-we had a son-they killed him age 12-electrocuted him-made 2 attempts to get us all…”

1960-77- Dr Len I. Ransom NEVER AGAIN SHALL WE SEE  A WEDDELL on a snowy morning come along the lane with a

billi-can full of milk coming down the hill & Billy Goat Weddell happily beside him.   Remember how he was sent to the hospital when young & how the children all got better with him so fast !  He had his duties the hours of the day were orderly & no strife about him- My mother’s Weddell kin always a great natural humanist branch-Cousin Clarke had come for 2 weeks with a friend taking a rest-now they’d drive back- `you stout child `carried his oil cans to his car-he approved Aunt Mag’s heir & said  `with Len we were a tough pair-going to keep everything running-everyone happy-

he had a film called San Francisco at that time-`

Young men at the Manor-I think of the drawing for Kipling’s Puck of Pook’s Hill Tales-now all Weddell slain-no graves-  G. R.

`1936 The Argentine-The Weddell Billy was amongst the children the family the evening we arrived-he looked at us with kind interest as all the others- they had not seen Greetah new great-great grandchild of the SEA before- fair hair-blue eyes- The family was now half & half- The INCA features not dominating all the time as with Cousin Clarke Gable…”

1948 I arrived- I hear the Weddell Cousins were visited one long weekend- they were said to have been taken off in a truck but they were all dead...   The black smoke went on for 2 days-not a scrap remained of the Estate-the main house the other homes of their relatives farm hands all gone…A murmur of Crown properties-

A modest place would not fetch much money-just a living to be got by careful husbandry-good sense- ACTING THE GOSPELS OUT-

`They acting for the Owners G. B. Gov & Crown burned all the furniture-every scrap- no gravestones could be found-no records-it had clearly been a big Operation to remove all evidence this branch of JAMES WEDDELL THE SEA had ever existed.   The place lay desolate 2 years then went To Sale for a pittance- the ashes could still be seen.

We hear now that there is `a matter of James Weddell not having all that SEA-` we read he was a drunk who never married could barely read & write & could not have written that book-

Of his brother 9 years older Charles RN & his many children & descendants we hear not a word-I have their names in my earlier address books- Of their Quaker London family their mother a Miss Pierce of a respectable household not a word is spoke- I have a little left of our Silver with JW engraved on it for his marriage-a very little-for it is missing in the Argentine in London tooI am told I may not give it to you-I have some earlier from his mother’s kin-

The Crown & Lords employee Mr Mengele is frothing at the mouth & spouting our bodies are to be burned so we do not have any Weddell DNA- Mr Mengele friend of Imperial Britain & Scandinavia too has been at the graves in London- Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington is rich now from this Genocide he has joined in & still we hear it has been done for the British Government & Crown-  who disapproved GROTE HOMES for educating children to 18-HUMANISTS-world citizens- & the settled communities arts & crafts about them- Umbrellas of protection to meet the needs of civilized people Aunt Mag has established around the world have mainly been emptied banks raided- cries of IN THE RED from fine suited piping British Nobles & entourage-the whole Estate so terribly unfair we hear-  Filthy mouths upper crust speak lies about the nature of THE GROTE HOMES & thus they had to slay the children & take the lands the buildings the DOUGH away from Nations A to Z Independent Nations OUTSIDE IMPERIAL BRITAIN & its Figures from a Morgue-  It is said Grote Ransom were all in the way of British Trade. It is the century of gross greed- by Noble Britain…(ref. Jos. Chamberlain 1910-14 on British Trade/ there is none-the nation is broke from greed on top-) notes -Dr John RAY R. & Dr L I R.,

`ANDRE HAS DIED OF GRIEF- before his time-

Do you recall our hearing the letter read- written 1938 with a blood curdling sentence & instruction-

“   the heirs to Grote have proved they are able to cope very well- & it is about that Mrs Grote has been killed BEFORE HER TIME -  we must therefore PROCEED IN SILENCE-  ”

Nota bene A letter 1938 to a Norwegian Prince from a person of  importance in Gross Britain - The receiver of the letter has no male heir- his illegitimate son acting as his secretary-

This young man says 1960 he did not believe his father agreed with this…The young man (under 40 years in 1960-clearly the one that Uncle Harry Gordon calls  `Henry Hall- Oh he came to see Father- his grandfather when you were 2 years young `Un ) Henry Hall adds that as a child a young person he had been raised without stigma but from 1948 the family visitors from Gross Britain treated him as ‘an odd job lot’ - what to do with him

He felt now he was in their way- he was not expected to marry he had heard them say- nevertheless he had a 4 years old daughter in 1960 -now she had just been killed-before her time- He did not like Mr Mengele Harrington 1960 summer hanging about the team at Colne Engaine- or about ANDRE MALRAUX- He had a tale about Jimmie Jong CUR James-who had come to his father when he was a small boy & offered to be `his unfortunate son’s Tutor`

The little guy’s reputation was foul & his father had refused- but it was known he was the constant companion of 2 women- (others do not mince words- say from 1920s about dirty Jim `satin & lace-crowns & gowns-M. Teck & Angela-a monthly tea party the 3-where Mr Jong pours the tea & has something in his hessian sack…Ettie’s last son a car accident… )


Families kindly with an orderly household can often raise an animal so-& having them from birth- CAIN Ransom our 2nd son Antigua a crocodile-they adopted him at 12-inches old-  He had a cart with his toys a bed a hammock a jewelled collar for parties under the moon went to church on Sundays & 2 servant girls who adored him- He kept himself spotlessly clean in the river night & day-kept the hours of the day as if wearing a pocket-watch-  He loved evening when the family would dine & sat with them & any guests- loved to hear  music readings of poems & conversation-  The family tried teach him to read signs- & were sure Cain `our second son`  could write a poem about his happiness if only they could discover how to have him do this- adjust his eyes to letters in a book…Cain Ransom was born about 1791 but he never killed his brother-  The original idea was to have him a pet & he would keep the river clear-  but Cain had no idea these other creatures were anything to do with him- After the hurricane came it was Cain who began to clear up the house  garden the balcony- dragging things back to their places-  His family RANSOM (Margarethe Ransom Grote’s father is his elder brother) felt so ashamed of themselves moaning & groaning at the wreckage they joined in restoring order-  That first night a supper was held-some music-& everyone had a bed-  It took two weeks to restore order to the Estate…diary-drawings/readings-

They did not  bring 2nd son CAIN Ransom up to NEW YORK when we bought in 1801 -19 Acres-

‘a parcil of land 19 acres-I put the veranda on the north side when I built the chalet- & that first winter A SNOWFALL & I had to dig myself out` - drawing-Diaries F. Ransom 1790-1820- Margarethe’s grandmother has a half-Dutch Uncle who helped negotiate the purchase of the `a parcil of 19 Acres` for fear of antagonizing the Dutch Monopoly New York…

`1830s we had GROTE Brokers handle our properties-& Solicitors Argentine-2 old men proud of the JOYOUS VENTURE to be murdered March 1960- they were discovered when Courier for ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE intercepted by Naval Intelligence-Lindsay Earls-for Gross Britain Imperial-who put their snouts in Ransom Grote Malraux Weddell Frobisher Mannering/Mainwarring our kith & kin POST/mail since 1920s-using the Realm as Law from 1933 in secrecy…

1954 summer FRAUD- by G.B. Government & Crown-who allowed the Lindsaybuggarhs claim this estate with violence & secrecy : This is the 19 acres stolen in secret silence (Clara Malraux’s brother having some small part in the Fraud from 1948- records- because he knew JIM JONG in Paris Pre- 2nd W. War)

THEFT from RANSOM FAMILY & GROTE BROKERS by Lindsaybuggarhs EARLS in the name of Angela-they had to give her a big share when they almost got stopped 31st December 1953 records/detectives/Malraux-Ransom others/ Nethrington Hall towards Slough- They escaped having the Police called in by poisoning the old relative they share with Ransom-Frobisher-Weldon etc.  /witnesses & 2 detectives give reports-Imperial Power had it covered up-

1936 Argentine Diary LIR- Lennie continues-  “Do you remember the Flood ?  You were not inured to everything at that time-But everyone had their duties their appointed tasks-no life or livestock need be lost if everyone is prepared-  After the Flood everybody took a day to sit & discuss how we had all coped-what could be improved- for the next time…

Nord - Sud Poles Tour 1935 October-1936 June-

Greetah Ransom is got to safety A to Z outside Gross Britain with her loving families Ransom-Grote-Weddell-San Julian-Aquida our Basque line- using our planes transport & shipping-  After horrific attacks on 2 years old Greta Ransom-me- by Lindsaybuggarhs Jong & SHEShe-Angela calling me an Ape & Eskimo - the Weddells are called South American Apes by British noble scum…

`British Nobles…THEY ARE DETERMINED TO DESTROY BY ORGANISED VIOLENCE & THEIR LONG BLACK TONGUES reaching to their boots `the old Eskimo’s Eldorado `

Imperial Britain can pay their vast debts- FIX the problem of their Vagrant status by stopping the education of poor orphan children A to Z the globe-they are certain- & take from banks A-Z with official violence-

1945 June Here is Colonel ANDRE X - I see him ABOUT THE TOWN- & I noth spake for he is upon grown-up matters & I shall reach towards him when I am older & hath that learning that she & Angela hath ordered stopped because I am an Ape-  My Aunt Miss Winnie has told me to dismiss matters to do with my Father from my head-not worry George Andre-my Father will speak with him September…

I do not wish to shake hands with Generals & a fashionable world until I have my education- I shall make mistakes ! When the permission to marry February 1947 has arrived PERMISSION of  young Paccelli I am relieved of this Ceremonial- there are ladies France & England who will stand in for me until I am 22 years or so-  The Pope is sending a wedding present to Andre-2 watercolours-he says they are two of his best-  I now in some fear of being called Mrs Malraux at school say to The Blessed Andre-George ` When we are married I shall call myself Madame X `   He contemplated awhile-moved his fag from one side of his pretty mouth to the other & said slowly “ I shall smack you if you say such things- YOU CANNOT SAY SUCH THINGS TO MY GENERAL…”

We would not be able to marry if he George Colonel Andre was not a Roman Catholic…& his General is too-

I have called Colonel Andre Totem Pole when he is too high & mighty- but I do know I am IN TRAINING ~

I am fragile from these years 1939-1945 with SHEshe & her monsters in Scarlet Town-they come down in big cars & drink brandy hiding in empty roads-one has a Standard on its bonnet- reports winters 1943-1944-45- Teresa Gordon & her nobles-

Political Economy & science-technology can surge into my mind from that early learning I hath no memory of before the WAR when I had loving grandparents & hoards of RANSOM family-the other ancestral lines visiting-  I so often experience that sinking of spirit & soul as I hear in my mind all SHEshe says-& feel her blows-boiling water thrown at me-thrown down stairs & a hole in my head not discovered until I am 20 years-the dead baby & the Cat stew 1944-

I go for walks where there is only landscape-trees-seas to watch-play in the Rec with the younger children- This last winter it has been `In enemy Country` in the dark & Ancient Britain & Boudicea…Cops & Robbers if there are a number of small boys waiting for parents to get home at 6pm- Sliding on ice is fun-the cold house At The End of The Rec is not fun…

I do not go to lonely places for ANDRE Colonel George has warned me ‘ young girls must not go too far alone- Keep away from the Martello Towers-take a dog with you on the beaches ’

I do not tell him the past years- he has his terrible dead constantly in his mind- He has 2 dead half-brothers & JO mother of his 2 baby boys but they have to be `HIDDEN UNDER THE VIOLET LEAVES ` When  permission from Vatican comes February 1947 it is `early wedding allowed` for 2 persons raised from childhood as Roman Catholics-  Consideration has included many local humanists & educated people speaking on the sense of it- As Andre says 1970 `I think that Old Winnclemann had this in mind the moment he knew I was not dead- She had grown on me-she had no future with Teresa & her kind-the penniless nobles of the Races- I WAS NOT TOLD OF THE INHERITANCE-I had accepted Guardianship October 1937-When the old cottage was bought Holland-on-Sea & I told we could choose a Manor house- two would be available in 4 or 5 years-I accepted that she & the family were not as I was-I had responsibilities-expenses in France-I was assured no moneys would be require of me-everything was easily to be taken care of-her Father would be speaking to me-he had given his PERMISSION-`Andre Malraux

Nota bene: The young lady Josette dead November 1944 is given a husband in 1947 described as ` WIDOWER- Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX`  JO is accepted as his Roman Catholic wife by Pope Pius 12 & VATICAN- We had 6 BANNs read on Sundays to the Congregation in  Church & he is spoken of as `Widower George Andre Malrow- the notice pinned up spells his name correctly MALRAUX & the names of his parents were spoken in full-

1945 October-  Widower Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX is nearly hit in the back with two bullets October dark evening 8pm walking the Winnclemann dog Clacton Recreation Ground Vista Road-I came to meet him from the big Edwardian house 112 Vista Road at end of the Rec-  He was in some shock by the tennis courts-I helped him search-some other people came with dogs…report from he-Greta-& later years…

It had to be Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra Teresa Gordon R or a monster with her-TO GET RID OF THE GUARDIAN TO THE ESTATE-in a London bank will be about 5,000 pounds deposited by Imperial  Britain she can have if she kills MALRAUX Guardian-my Father has his Army guns on his bed ready to TURN IN at Colchester Barracks-she tried get Colin’s fingerprints on them 2 days before…

1941-1945 during 2nd World War Gross Britain-Clytemnestra Mad Mother Kali Teresa Gordon Ransom is still jeering things at me  `You You-YOU are to do nothing-I-I-I am in charge-you are an Ape-God-God-God knows what I have had to suffer-having you-I- I- I - only wanted BOYS-SONS-Sons-sons- you bitch you -Oh you bloody bitch-I could have married a rich man-but for my mother making me marry HIM-Him-him…I-I-I- was BORN to be somebody !  I should not have had HER my mother- MY FATHER was caught by her-Irish-gutter gutter gutter- ’ (human biology ?)

The booze talk of her noble true-blues using her to harm her own families so they have nobody objecting to their violent crimes against the Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts the globe… Sounds as if Uncle Sir John Edmond O’Brien has given her the thumbs down at that lunch he gave her at the Savoy 1944- expecting her to bring Greetha & Colin RANSOM…

And this Nobles` Cocktails talk can go on & on- late at night-before I leave for school-when I am invited to a birthday party-or there is a school End of term exam !  1943 I came TOP in Science-she roared & kicked me `You will not do those things-only my sons-my sons-my sons- you are a bloody bloody bloody girl -I am told what you are by my my my friends in London…MY MY FRIENDS-who are somebody somebody-YOU ARE GUTTER-a RANSOM ”

If I can I flee to the REC- no good saying to her `shall I make you a cup of tea`- She’s got sedatives/dope/poisons in the big kitchen cupboard THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC 1940s-

1957 autumn-winter- She carries her beverages about with her in her big black bag- she squats on Andre & Greta 50 Lancaster Gate Square Mr Mengele Doc Harrington & his entourage dirty Jim’s bar WHITES Club supply her with all the updated narcotics she needs-to use on her only live daughter heir to Aunt Margarethe-girl-of-the-Snows-  Mad Mother Kali she prefers criminally insane of true-blue Gross Britain-who supply her with Divinorum Salvia Scotland-

A pellet up her snout & SHE WILL TURN INTO MAD MOTHER KALI waving 50 arms-seizing anything heavy & advancing on me & little Colin-even Johnny Gordon R.  in 1945 when her noble dope-fiends all so noble titled were not giving her big moneys-but they were spending & boasting- Milford Haven others-coarse purple-plum narcotic monsters who all behave as she on this dope…THUS they have slain the Grote Children the globe…

She as THEY are insane from these drugs since they were in their early teens first quarter of the 20th century-Angela’s parents grow it-JIM always has it to tempt where he can get DOUGH…Treasa`s noble friends all with titles are no more use to the globe than those piles of dirty dog turds you see in the streets- fly blown- they the highest in the land-Scotland Nobles have the monopoly growing this dangerous narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland- `it pays the yearly bills`…

Nota bene: the 21 years old heiress bride of the to-morrow Morning Wedding in 1890 Scotland is a Marjorie Cameron to be Mrs JOHN GORDON at the bridal table breakfast- JOHN GORDON who the morrow would bring her back to the comfortable home- he & faithful retainers had the Place adorned for the coming of the bride-a marriage of love. The Cameron branch had laid her FACE by his gate- by the door- they then took all her Fortune. She was born of a branch of Cameron : they grow Divinorum Salvia Scotland & stuff it up their SNOUTS to go robbing others-She would be on the morrow sister-in-law to Mary Gordon nee Mary Helena Murphy O-Brien Carroll Williams born 12/13 Sackville Street 1870 to John Williams & Teresa Carroll she a graduate of studies in PLATO & HARMONY-Dublin- records further on- Jim & Angela were still saying disgusting things about the families of the heir- Greta’s grandparents to Peter J.P. Whitehead BMNH in 1968 & onwards…Peter has ``walked into all this`- All Post to The Pillar House was stolen 3 years-so he never got 1968 copy of the legal WILLS-other documents-letters- which lead to the murders of several more people-family & innocents who knew of GROTE HOMES children & the great value to the world-some also knew of the slaying by IMPERIAL BRITAIN`s penniless noble thugs-

This B0OK of SUMMER 1937 is for ANDRE MALRAUX & his Roman Catholic wife JOSETTE Clotis Malraux-they  found 4 years of happiness & have 2 sons- to be killed in a fake car accident 23 Mai 1961 ages 21 & 18- Criminally insane Lindsay-Jong-Imperial Britain responsible- frightened of exposure now that Malraux has the evidence 1960 he was the accepted GUARDIAN to this vast Estate of philanthropy ( from October 1937 & immediately the THEFT of his Post/mail began organised by kudos the British Realm…) Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues Colne Engaine 1960 January onwards RESEARCH- Book I

1962 History shows Andre Malraux & Mona Lisa painting visiting the USA- he has had his sons killed 1961- In 1944 November the evil noble Class of Gross Britain had Josette lose her young life because Andre Malraux Guardian-


George COLONEL ANDRE MALRAUX enters upon SHEshe again- whom he was not impressed by at Christmastide 1924/5 Deauville & Paris met with a Miss Plunket-Greene -  They had been robbed by JIMMIE Jong at Calais-on his way to The Bloody Liar Dusty Mansion France-to deposit a sack full of money & things from a robbery he’d made in England-  He made another robbery CALAIS in the early hours of the morning December 1924- leaving them very ill from drinks he had bought them !  He in 1924 has a 2-room apartment at the back of Buckingham Palace- until 1956-lost it for hitting a woman with a spade in the backyard there-but has several woman friends in private apartments & slips in & out as he has done since 1924- records-

1924 December at Deauville Race Course FRANCE ANDRE was just back from The East & a fearful adventure (caught for tomb & Temple robbing-prison sentence-Clara did not know better !) records

1957 October ANDRE MALRAUX age 55 years tells Greta Ransom age 24 years about meeting SHEshe aged 19 years of age-he 23 years of age in December 1924 at the Races- The two girls were without any money-he & friends loaned some & it was repaid by Teresa with a polite letter in January 1925.   They took them to PARIS found them an apartment & showed them the City for 2 weeks.  Saw them safely on the train back to England. Andre & friends going into Italy- Clara to catch up with them.

ANDRE MALRAUX speaks one cold autumn evening at Saint Edmund’s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square- “A man of distinction put his arm about your future mother’s shoulders- Teresa Gordon was her name- & -they began to talk about horses-in a spiritual way-they all were able to stay at Cliveden (say Clifton) the Astor place- a group of young & older people- a cult ” … I Greta Ransom was glad to learn he was not her boyfriend-I can remember almost fainting as he began his novel like tale from his notebooks…


1945 May- Mr Professor Winncleman warns Andre from his arrival 1945 May ` & the house at the end of the REC Andre-

I want you to walk the dog there with Mrs Winncleman if she is free-see that the three children are safe- the woman is a Virago-

Miss Gordon her sister just from the ATS is not aware perhaps- I am waiting for Elsa‘s father to return-I think we should get her into a school on the Continent `  (Elsa=Lohengrin-I like to hear Richard Wagner on the gramophone Mr Winncleman has)-

Colonel Andre widower is to meet Greta Ransom that week-& when I am introduced as `Greetah Miss Gordon’s niece` Malraux picks me up by my elbows & laughs-  ` She was with us-before the War- I had hoped to find Mary Gordon- I am saddened she has died…` extensive records/added to 1960/61 Andre Malraux Detectives & Colleagues Colne Engaine Colchester.


1945 October -Clacton-on-Sea REC-

ANDRE MALRAUX reads his notebooks in 1970-

`I was shot at in the Recreation ground- it was past 8 pm Clacton-dark but there were a few dim lights-& much blue light from the Railway where they work all night over-haul on the trains-some of the famous trains come…

I came to walk the dog for the Winnclemanns Greetah would come out of The House at the End of the REC to join me perhaps-

1. I  wished to know if Greta’s Father had returned-&

2 . Mr WINNCLEMANN was anxious to speak with him-

We had a Convent School in Magdeburg felt to be right for Greetha- They taught partly in English-a tradition-there were no Finishing Schools now until girls reached 16-17 years of age-it was felt that we should get her away- The Convent had suffered in the War but were getting on their feet-pupils helped with the chores-collected eggs tended a vegetable garden-it was felt to be a happy place-

Mild objections came from Miss Gordon-it was Protestant-that it was German she did not mind-but she was anxious for her niece’s SOUL-especially as she came from a home where her parents were unsettled in the marriage.  We could assure her Greetha would attend a Catholic Church once a month on Sundays to begin with- I still feel I want to explode-after the research of Arthur Malone & the others-what we came upon-my detectives Earls Colne 1960-1961`

I correct him- `its Colne Engaine/Engayne-very ancient-the Gallows was there` Malraux adds ` Ah I did not know it was called that- Yes I know it is Gallows Corner- you described what you felt to me one night I took the NIGHTWATCH- & said something to your Detective Malone-I hired him for you-at Lancaster Gate Square-when you came to live in my home `…(I Greetha-Greta was quaking Feb 1970 as he spoke-a door opened on a world I had not been allowed to remember-a second of MY mind in WINTER mists saying `you are in the wrong life`…& realisation `evil wins-it doth`…) George-ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister of GAUL spake on thus-October evening after 8pm 1945 Clacton-on-Sea Recreation Ground Vista Road to Valley Road leading to Josette’s Beach Holland-Holland-on-Sea- the REC bordering the railway lines to the globe-` THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC ` `IT WAS A STILL NIGHT there were some electric lights in the Rec- but on the paths- people came for a walk with dogs-I had a shortcut

from the Boating Lakes to the paths by the Tennis Courts leading

to the broad Avenue lined with small trees & shrubs- (The Royal Way for our Wartime games I am telling him June-July 1945 as I lassoo him Colonel Andre X) I stopped by the Tennis courts with the dog -& I might light a cigarette- I had behind me the Railways & the big Shed where the trains came for a re-fit an overhaul…I turned at a sound-a cloud of steam with a great noise hissed into the night air-blue lights lit the great shed-  As I did so I HEARD THE CRACK OF A

BULLET HITTING THE WIRE-a close mesh net so the balls could not fly-then I thought I heard another as I dropped to the ground !

I crawled slowly towards the paths-then I heard the sounds of

voices coming from the other direction-I got up-found the old dog`s lead he had been with the Winnclemans in their Internment the Race Course Epsom-Oh a piece of failure-someone in panic Whitehall-  I quickly went towards the people 5 or so- then another couple with their dogs & said to them what had happened- I did not know them- I walked with them…Greetha came across from THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC…her father’s Army guns were all laid out on his bed Peter…He Captain Frederick John RANSOM intended taking them to Colchester (Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis)   to have them checked in-Army rules-  He also had a collection of ancient guns he had made in Kenya-he trained in Gunnery as a teenager-  Greta’s mother we years later heard had tried get little Colin’s fingerprints on some of the guns that day…She was still giving signatures to her noble friends-they promised her a fortune…they came down in big cars after dark 1943 & 1944-the town had rows of houses shut because of the War-fearing Invasion-…You know about the plane crash that first year of the War…on the Holland cliffs…I spoke with him in Germany & his family-he came back to the Clacton-they had saved his life by directing him with search lights towards the beaches the sea…THEY GAVE HIM LIFE…Greetah saw the plane caught in the searchlights from her bed the tiny room facing East in THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC…It has stayed with her because she learned there was not total loss of life-

1945 `That October evening It was about 10 minutes later after the two shots at my back that Greetha came quietly & found me- I had crawled to the end of the heavy metal nets & got up very slowly when I heard their voices-otherwise I was going to crawl on hands & knees to the entrance of the REC-or perhaps the other way to the ancient Farm House friends of Esther’s husband Fred Potter….Greta came in her school raincoat & Wellington boots all she had to wear that summer 1945-until she was given some shoes that fitted   -She came like a wraith called no greeting only a calm smile to me & a bow of the head… but this was her LANDS & here she played her games of what I was told 1945 June by Miss Win was MAKE-BELIEVE…she stood a little distance from the people I had gone to to stand amongst- (I age 12 years am shy & he Colonel Andre is clearly a NOBLE MAN)I called to her (Greta)  & said quietly I wished to go quickly to the Rec Entrance in Vista Road & return to the Winnclemanns-she should go home-I can see her face obedient but saddened that we had to part so early evening-she did as I said when we stood outside the Rec big GATES- I was anxious to get away with the old dog-  I said to her as we walked to the Gates what had occurred- later she found this blurred in her memory & I did not like to disturb a very young Maiden-who clearly had fallen in love with me- I- October 1945 returned at 7.45 am & found the first bullet-returned again before mid-day & found the second bullet-Greetah again came to me her Aunt Miss Winnie had said what I thought had occurred & that I was upset & gone to The Rec -  Harry came that evening & he had been told by Teresa & Miss Win it might have been boys with a pop gun- `having a lark`…their was some talk of Ben Brittan & new work `Peter Grimes`…I did not want to know-I was a WIDOWER & my brothers-two-were dead of WAR-  If I had been more sociable I should have learned what I was being kept from knowing by a very few-When I began to work with General de Gaulle it was felt by so many people they should not approach me upon the Guardianship matters…I try to avoid thinking I have failed the girl-of-the-Snows & her brilliant companions sailing down the centuriesI=Malraux 1946 -entered into work for France…`  (notebooks of the years read 1970 by Andre Malraux)

1957 ` I SHOWED A BULLET TO GRETA IN 1957 November- I kept one in my pen & pencil tray at 50 Lancaster Gate Square-I also make little drawings now & then…I had decided to take up the marriage-she agreed- & her grandmother’s friend `young Paccelli` had given me his time in Rome…NOW I LEARNED THE MARRIAGE HAD NEVER BEEN DISSOLVED-the Vatican had put it ON HOLD…deceit by Teresa & Nurse Connie Napper September 1947...I signed something & believed myself an unmarried man… IT HAD BEEN A MOST HUMILIATING EXPERIENCEI kept my promise & remained Greta’s GUARDIAN all the following years-I have come here in that role- 1948 she seemed to think that I had `married my sister`…No 18 The Prayer Book-FORBID…` George-Andre Colonel Malraux

ANDRE MALRAUX reading his notebooks `about 5 people came long the paths with dogs- we walked along with them

I said to Greetha I must return to the Winnclemanns when we got to the main Recreation Gates…& she should return home but by the Vista Road a dozen houses to her home-   I said she SHOULD NOT GO BACK IN THE REC- I saw Greetha off watched her go to her home-I turning to watch her as I hastened down the Vista Road knowing where I might turn off & hide-call on people in the few houses lived in…She Greta had said her Father was not at home-she had come that evening to tell me this-she had been told I would be in the Recreation ground at that time…Her father had gone to London…he had to see to a damaged house…I now weep…`

THE NEXT MORNING as soon as it was light I went to the place beside the nets-it was just light enough to begin my search-  I found the first bullet after 15 minutes-later I returned at a quarter to 12 noon-& found the second-  I was shaken ! No- I did not think Greetha had done it.   Later I learned as the Winnclemanns did- Oh a year later-  that her Father returned & quickly departed to London & that all his Guns from Africa were spread out on his bed-he was sleeping in the Nursery- Greetha was being dragged into the double bed by her mother-have you not heard Peter ? Greta had a Virgin room of her own- Yes I saw it ! …she had a bookcase her father had made with statues of the Holy Family & fresh flowers she put in tiny vases-we collected them from the garden -YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD LIES ! This poor young man who had escaped with his life in the War found his parents home fallen down-the joists had been cut overnight- 2 eminent people had a Magistrates Order to stop the theft of family documents-a painting Joos van Cleve of him-married Japan-taken 2 days before the Document was expected ! She & JIM-with 2 cars- many things taken away- neighbours reported & an Air Raid Warden kept watch- I have told you earlier…`They are mad-since they were young-there is the use of this narcotic-I had to halt 4 of them burning fresh corpses in Scotland by a Loch- Greta & I got drawn into it that winter 1957...I had no idea WHY WE WERE BEING PERSECUTED…` Mary Gordon explained to me 1937 adequately the madness of Angela & JIM…If you are told otherwise about the Gordon households then it is LIES- these things are said to have Vagrants commit & hide from this crime using their kudosThey had no money ~ She was heard spitefully saying 1939  `People in small houses should not have works of art`…the night of the theft of the paintings…No-some have clearly been destroyed…Delacroix-others-the Gericault burned on the Island 1933...I saw them in a magazine 1920s…but did not remember the name of the owner- perhaps it was not given…`

What they owedIt was always known- I have now seen  documents of their debts-some taken with USA…it was known early in USA where they were trying to rob Grote-others…

To return to an attempt upon my life 1945 October … From what we learn later - IT WAS AGAIN HELL…I & the Winnclemanns expected he would get in touch- when he did not we wrote- there was never any reply ! We also put letters by hand into the abandoned house after Teresa had left & taken the 3 children with her-she was promised a lot of money & a house if she would do this-her friends in town-one is Angela- She now went into a rooms & a rented flat-her sons got to a school in Surrey a reward for their father`s Service in the war….her daughter clawed at by she-

It was Fred Potter got Greta away from her twice- (March 1946-June 1946) he did not know what was happening-he had to take Courses for Boots Chemists after the War & was away or deceived…Miss Gordon had told her niece Greta to stay with her mother & help her with the servants work-looking after the two boys John & Colin -later they go to boarding school- Miss Win has been told a lot of lies by her nephew a bastard du Cann-& other non-men…  Greta taken away by Fred Potter Esther’s husband now became the paying guest of the young Napper couple-nice young people-she very kind-21 years expecting her second child…The expenses were paid by the family & reimbursed by Captain Ransom…he had to rally his family to `SAVE WHAT WE CAN`…The children overseas had been murdered or were missing-` You do not know these things Peter- JIM Angela their noble friends & Scandinavia were told to destroy Greta-halt education…the curriculum of the HOMES had been begun from her birth…this is an educated family…those who committed the Fraud are not educated…They prey on others…. It is this Walton Road house close to the REC where Jim & Teresa moved Mary Gordon October 1939 when her son & daughter went away to War Service…the house I knew 1945... then in a few months Win with Julie Butler cousin moved to the very big house near the Clacton seafront-Colne Road-they began to run a Guest House with an ATS loan-  The house where Greta lodged was next door to the house where she & John- Colin- were raised by Mary Gordon January 1942 to 1944 … her daughter Teresa was forced by Police & Clacton Hospital back into THE HOUSE ON THE REC- she used her mother as her servant & was harming her health-  Greta’s Lodgings spring 1946 belonged to the young Napper couple with their first son…Greta’s room here was known to me-I saw that it was suitable for a young school girl- Mrs Napper 21 years old impressed me with her kindness & common sense-  From here Greetha walked to our marriage-she wished to say a prayer over the gate of the house `Crail`…where Jo & I entered freely 1937 to talk with Mary Gordon whom you have not known Peter…`

Miss Gordon said she had heard Greta`s father was busy in London-he had a brother-she would ask her sister for his address- Letters were given to she to write the address upon the envelope- We had no replies…February 1947 this poor young man gave his Permission for the `Early wedding` I older than he-  to THE HEIR…he knowing my FULL GUARDIANSHIP…

I HAD TO GO TO FRANCE every few days ! I was over monthly-to a community Essex who had welcomed JO & I 1937-& as I have said `where we found the Gospels acted out`…

Captain Frederick John RANSOM - I was never told he was an educated man- he was spoken of by his wife Teresa as a rough man-

I WAS A WIDOWER with 2 small boys-I had to have a home a base in Paris-my 2 brothers dead in the War-I had to leave it to the Winnclemanns- IT GETS TOO DISMAL-I WILL WEEP- The man younger than me- Greta’s father could run a small Republic-  like France-better than me-  I discovered this October 1957-I told Greta that first meeting I had with him…WE ENTERED SWIFTLY UPON HELL again-we were never left alone by their scum-every word spoken was heard by them-he FJR was attacked again-the flat broken in-the collection of histories he had out to write upon taken-some photos trodden underfoot…

The British Government & Crown  HAVE STOLEN MY POST/mail-with great skill-from 1937 onwards-they have often threatened my life…others…died…

so they could kill the children sell the lands-it has never stopped- I will weep….

Diaries/Colne Engayne 1960/61 “…where a Roman took his Grant of Land Child-stayed on with his British Family-after his Service ended-after ROME fell…”  Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums- June 1960...civilized people like HWP were robbed-attacked-abused-poisoned…records

1961 LIR  Len “do you remember having again to ‘protect your honour’- you told us at ‘Jerusalem’ YOU WOULD NOT sleep in the little Old Road House when SHEshe was there-& theyTHEY could come in- You say “I HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED BACK by the British Crown & nasty Diplomats so I can be ATTACKED again- They have now taken my Passport !   Daddy is going to LAW- yes we will win but what is the use when they kill the Judge-everyone-& we are told to START ALL OVER AGAIN…’  G.R.

LIR “ I wrote some down-you were very upset-we had no idea you could remember WHY we left…flying up to Greenland-then finding the British had given orders we were not to live on our Island-it belonged to them-the Eskimo were not to have the school again` Then we went to Canada America & into Jean’s country to call at the Grote Homes who were asking that their family come as they used to - Aunt Mag was getting on & she had been told to HIDE-for the British wished to kill her again & take all the HOMES & shut them-grab our lands- They were Vagrants these British Nobles- robbing banks with other peoples names on moneys…”

Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM born October 1921-murdered c 1981 by Mengele Doc Harrington who had FOUL messages given out on BBC naming Len whose children he & Mr Pong have had killed in spoof accidents 1952 & 1970s -he had been hunting Len RANSOM in Oxfordshire-with spoof CID-stopping him helping us at the Sealed Knot- Laine’s Barn Wantage- Mengele & his Masters threaten Len to say nothing to his niece-her children- Not whom he is-

LEN is the co-heir to much of GROTE HOMES lands Ransom Estate in 3 Parts the Globe nations A to Z a girdle a flower garden twice around the globe-his parents were murdered 1938 & 1939 by Jim Jong Lindsay 14 & scumrecords/

Doc Mengele Harrington de-frocked by BMA as a Doctor in NHS Hospitals 1982 - 1986 divorced again for persecution of wife & step-son in G. B. Reduced to some poverty-but still employed semi-secret silence by British Naval IntelligenceHarrington has since 1938 worked in the Genocide & FRAUD destruction of Grote Homes & Ransom Estate- some lands held from 11th century A.D.

ANDRE MALRAUX- Guardian-whose home in PARIS France, Mengele Harrington sentenced paedophile was able to infest- Prison sentence & 2 years psychiatric clinic in 1930s Belgium-Austria-Gross Britain-repeated attacks on baby 1st year of life-

Mengele Harrington used Andre’s name to get himself off nasty Rape of a blind young man Paris 1949-  Harringtons step-mother told the Malraux women to NOT ALLOW HIM NEAR ANDRE-he was jealous-

He was given another period in a British Mental Institution 1949

by this step-mother a medical woman- Harrington emerged after 6 months to help Angela in her weight problem etc-a son-in-law asked him to help- Harrington earned his name Mengele 1952 from botched operations he did-he was banned London hospitals from touching a patient 1953 but because of his illustrious connections in G B. hospitals could not stop him being `CONSULTANT`…he may have trained in Hong Kong records/ Joined dirty JIM 1953 who returned from Kenya to the horror of many good citizens-& penniless too-he was heard rowing with his wife because he had used her dowry-the divorce in Kenya was laid aside because of his illustrious connections G. B. - Becomes co-Steward WHITES Club in 1953 - began planned violence again against the families who legally own and run Grote Homes & Ransom Estate- namely Ransom Weddell families & lines- JIM decided the Ransom 98 acres ARRAN Island Hebrides would be his to sell on-he set about a scare in press that the Scots Islands were being destroyed-his usual connections helped him- They-he-have lived by fraud-theft-violence all 29th century-he is close chum with some Lindsaybuggarhs…records

Mengele has 2 known hit & run murders by 1953-other deaths 1951-abuse of children-a terrible trick where a girl had her neck broken- A case in the British Press 1953 the bestial crime putting mice inside the womb of an 18 years old girl SWEDEN-JIM was with Mengele-A Consul’s assistant would not give evidence-the girl was recovering after 6 months then died-It was spoken of by London Medical World 1953..It was known Mengele used horrible mixes of drugs-& LSD had come into use- Records A young man called LEO with the first Computer at Lyons Corner Houses was sickened by creatures like Jim & Mengele out with the highest in the land…LEO slept beside his Computer in sleeping bag-or it rang him up at home & he had to come in after midnight !

Mengele has other obscene crimes talked about -he uses several disguises-as JIM & Lindsay 14 did pre-War…they had wigs of different colours-it was difficult to tell them immediately-I G.R. sometimes knew them because they were so very small-like imps-pixies…

1939 violence ordered at Greta Ransom from birth by Lindsaybuggarhs & Gross Brit HIGH CLASS SIN because they intended taking this Estate in secrecy-they are described as murderers of the GROTE children by witnesses 2nd World War-records- Greetha-Greta heir to Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE -Tiggy put a girdle around the Earth twice on his wife‘s ancestral lands- her Grandmothers in direct line reach back to 7-8th century CASTILE-We hold all our Ransom lands investments projects always by invitation not conquest-

From 1890s when Lindsay Earls claimed the Estate from Mrs Grote because of an 1830 marriage to a Lindsay on the line of her sister-in-law Millie Frobisher there were enough distinguished persons to stop them-warn them off- In 1921 an organised attack began including a 21 years old woman who preferred to be called Angela-she said `an old Eskimo gave her all the Estate & the Homes when she was a child`The 1920s dopes-liquors-were known to have the British quite penniless upper class claim these impossible things-  From 1920s began the organised burning of all books on RANSOM WEDDELL GRONLANDER San Julian-Orders given to get rid of all monuments graves all mention of the names-& kill all who know of the Estate & Grote Homes- hunt to death abroad all who have come from the Homes- which are unapproved by The British Empire- It was obscene madness-but Lindsay Earls had Angela with Imperial Britain to help-they’d give half for help-records/Churchill comments further on-

1938- A bestial crime of 18 years length would have been avoided if ANDRE MALRAUX had received his post 1937 & his copy THE WILL making him GUARDIAN to this vast piece of philanthropy-then he would have spoken with M. de SALLE of PARIS (the son of Elizabeth Ransom`Pastor’s marriage` to a pure Venezulan was adopted in her 2nd marriage to the 18th century banker-letters to Jacque Necker- De SALLE-A SMALL BANKING HOUSE PARIS 18th-19th centuries- (FJR & Greta speak with him 1938  London-Clarke Gable’s cousin is with us too-some girls with a pram in the little Park Deptford ask him `are you his brother`…A delicate version of Cousin Clarke he say`th `No his cousin-we have been raised in France with his great-grandmother’s kin`…THESE GROWN-ups HAVE EVIL OF LINDSAY EARLS  behaviour to M. de Salle & family in PARIS to Report upon…Records/letters/eye witness accounts/ M. de Salle he has permission to live on the Island from Ransom Grote Administrators-Aunt Frobisher & family Canada are sending all ALL the stores-furs-helpers of good family ) (Elizabeth Ransom (1760s)  ill from childhood recovered age 26 years in the West Indies-perhaps it was the diet-she married a very tall brown educated young man-  Her letter 18th century to Madame de Stael `it is impossible to bring a man of colour to Europe in this age`…

Andre returned to PARIS October 1937 but no Post/mail reached him after November-He would have saved the De SALLE family (Ransom Gronlander Poulsen branch)-the parents & 2 tiny boys would not have died on Jacopsholmen Island just inside the Arctic circle-Sarah & her sister 13 & 10 would not have been imprisoned there 18 years by JIM Jong Major James-Carew who with Army thugs turned them out of our great warm house December 1939-help from Royal Navy… Letters/records/accounts-volume printed-offshore 1970s-

Reader may like to think a moment of the ARCTIC WINTER ! A family of 6 not allowed to take bedding anything-dressed only in their Paris day clothes- Jimmie Jong packed the Xmas presents in a sack & bowled it down to the harbour-the great warm house locked up- JIM with tiny pigs pin-prick dope eyes `Kubla Khan` had claimed it for The British Gov & Crown- Angela’s Fortune from `an old Eskimo`… IT IS Greenland Independent POUL Gronlander & family RANSOM line property-The University has been denied with massive violence-these PENNILESS SCANDINAVIAL CROWS flying in to GROSS BRITAIN KNOW THE MONEY IS DEPOSITED OFF-SHOREThey do not wish education for Greenland- they are high in their terrible dope use-liquor-togs luxuries-& have become divine…

JIM Regent of England of all Ages ON THE PIN is recorded sniggering at the Xmas party at the back of Buckingham Palace December 1939 “they will be dead in the cold by now”….some guests who knew this creature was insane wondered where he had been-2 made a private diary entry- A matter of the Easter luncheon Marquee at Ettie Desborough’s Taplow Court some months earlier was in their minds…Mr Tate Mr Wayland were dead- not suicide & an acknowledged kicking-to-death by thugs known to be drinking companions of JIM Jong…& Mr Chartris of The Souls not exactly in defiance-Anti-Republican- but more scared it was felt of what he had just witnessed-& ETTIE HAD NO SONS…JIM was to be arrested on the spot-he was talking of burning women alive !…Matter of the car accident of Ettie’s last son solved by 2 people-the woman suddenly in shock October 1957 Lovelace Hall but ANDRE MALRAUX sent with Greta Ransom by Charles Magowan retired photographer-classical pianist-dance bands too-experimental Colour Printing photography… ANDRE courteous learned that Greta Ransom did not come on her father’s side of `LOW NUMBSKULL EAST END GUTTERS WORKING CLASS STOCK` (talk hurled at Greta Ransom by JIM-Ange & Tree who can drink a pub out overnight says Lord XWW October 1957) MALRAUX learned something of Greta’s grandfather FCR dove-tailing into lines able to come at Festivals to here Lovelace Hall (via Frobisher)-   ANDRE had no idea he was GUARDIAN the greatest Estate philanthropy the Globe A-Z…The 2 people were clearly a little scared-Greta stood over by the dismal flower bed where she had been with Lennie 1938-the same blooms there- The woman at the door come from Appointment abroad was enchanted by the courtesy of ANDRE MALRAUX… she knew as she described an event 1920s that JIM was the person she described-a little half Chinese on a motor bike-had thrown papers in the air at Ettie’s only son-There was a car crash- Greta could study her face-  MAGOWAN NOW DIES- no more phone calls or letters reached Andre or Greta…Doc Mengele Harrington for The Crown went to investigate Charles Magowan’s negative collection Exeter- It is a National DECREE in silence-secrecy nothing RANSOM WEDDELL MALRAUX is to be held outside of a team of Fraudsters of the Realm-it has been made a CRIME from 1937 to hold anything that belongs to Angela from AN OLD ESKIMO-She is now divine therefore no WILL or scrap of paper need be presented to the WORLD - They are all insane on dope-especially purple plum Divinorum Salvia Scotland from 12-13 years of age- October 1957 G.R. is now 24 years of age-pauper-no memory-some money belonging to her father perhaps-whom she does not know & her birth is the fun of WHITES club thugs Reign of DIRTY CUR JIM…nothing more remained IN Greetah’s MEMORY of Islands in the Snow…a responsibility to build the  University POUL GRONLANDER- & something similar down SUD for JAMES WEDDELL & his INCA bride & her father the great mathmatician astronomer Priest Rulers line an educated Roman Catholic Ice Breakers Owner sometime Acting Governor Tierra del Fuego San Julian‘s Bay…1938 into 1990s in Scarlet Town the GREED EDUCATED VILLAINS OF THE UPPER CLASS SIN sport RANSOM Gronlander Weddell moneys in luxurious living & immoral lives…Nota bene: THE STEALING OF THE POST/MAIL by Order Crown & Government Lords of Gross Britain has enabled this obscene piece of Statecraft to continue-doped they are divine-which God would that be ?

Sunday middle of the day Dinner in the first half the 20th century in England is a very nice matter especially in winter- Colonel Andre Malraux had Sunday Dinners 1937

1945 onwards at Clacton on sea & district-Colchester East Anglia-

JOJo&Joh has learned our Quaker phrase from the old Preacher

The enclave down from Great Clacton appearing in Little Doomsday Book- `FOUL WINTER DOTH COME` church morning but very early in Summer if you want a hike or a bracing walk by the wild sea

before a nice dinner- an afternoon to Cemetery or/& the beach- visiting & a nice tea special cakes- or settling with a book… going out in the evening air perhaps- As writers both appreciated time to think & order to the day & yet exciting things to see- `To watch the world go by`…

1945 COLONEL ANDRE widower with experience of Spain & 2nd World War- & many humanist matters came to teach at Pathfields School a 10-20 minute session from June-July 1945 & to the Catholic Convent of Poor Saint Clares` Clacton seafront 1945/47-to be addressed as Colonel Andre or `George` decided girls & staff-

With Mr Armstrong Geographer  Cambridge University who has taught in Clacton wartime rushing about in his car school to school

ANDRE goes to the Oratory Suffolk-a big boys Place & to Dovercourt Girls High-big girls too- & there may have been other schools-  He was also delighting Nuns Saint Clares` with his naturalness & courtesy-& possibly elsewhere-& he sings in the Nuns Private Chapel ! Voice like Alfred Deller plus boy soprano range-well known trick is you do not eat 2 days to sing high !  He is a widower !

I am 13 years in March 1946-we are not engaged to marry until November 1946-& THEN I AM IN TRAINING as I am younger than he Saint George Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX -his name is Andrew Marlowe if nasty monsters are near- He is learning of education & has Sessions in the teachers homes- many of them are University graduates-we even have 2 Art Workers Guild members-   He will get a supper & thus Mrs Winnclemann does not have to manage something too often from `the Rations`-  His social & world of learning here is a world of  grown-ups to me-I know I have much to learn & do not expect to keep late hours with him-I shall be told what he & the Winnclemanns wish for my education-I would find it embarrassing to step alongside him too early…

Teresa-Treasa is the only monster in our families- she mixes with bad blood families whose tradition is to rob-abuse others believing they are the chosen of a God who wishes their High Class Sin extreme greed & ignorance rule the globe-

1930s many good people keep trying to make her better-to teach her she has married the most illustrious family in the globe- If she will stop the violence from the High Class Sin she has got in with from her extreme youth she can have lots of things-travel-kind people about her-fine culture-  She might like to come & do such lovely worthwhile things as we all do for this living miracle-GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts a delicate flower garden the globe, a girdle twice around it-  The founding of The Homes by TIG  & his worldwide friends -he might be called in A-Z the globe 1860s-1904 -for advice- thrown the newspapers or crafty documents by even miserable old Arabs & Russians “any ideas TIG…Gross Britain up to something ? 9 times out of 10 TIGGY got it right-& some nations they doth survive the latest persecution for profit-for the British Empire Trade is nil almost /Joseph Chamberlain comments 1900s- Tiggy Grote had 19 languages by 25 years of age-he had over 100 by 50 years of age-he was murdered Arran by Earls-records complete-gathered 1904-1960s…

“Tig had 110 languages-  he learned them because he had a GROTE HOME for orphans there & he also learned rare local speech- the Marsh Arabs others out there-  Classical languages of course…he took his degree in German but he was not brilliant in his grandfather’s tongue-  You can see TIG in a photo hunting with Kaiser Willi- Tig had ringworm so he always wore gloves in society- he was welcomed everywhere the globe as  “ humanist common-sense-but a pioneer- a man for the STARS- as his wife’s great great grandmother POUL’s mother…Oh don’t you know…this dear little Eskimo part French lass read LUCRETIUS-early 18th centuryNo !  no savages up there- only the carriage creatures who had to change clothes 5 times a day- Hell bent on getting the Island for nasty recreation-`stuff`-all gone over to Devil by 17 years old-British establishment hated The Grote Homes-Greenland for profit-the Island…educated folk up there- Wanted for dough-fishing hunting-solve the gambling debts-buy em more Crowns-old women at the start of it (20th century)…Albert educated -dies…` I say-lets have another drink…”  I feel weary & grown old…/Browning poet/Venice spent what Venice earned….Records-photos-diaries-letters- readings 1960-1961 Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues Colne Engaine Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis…1970-

1932 a young priest known to Family Gordon-Southern Irish & Manchester branches as “young Paccelli ” - had a dilemma-- a choice between two evils… He knew the Nazis would not destroy Grote Homes- It seemed the worst of them (letters-cards-oral to 1936) valued everything young Margarethe Ransom had given them from when she found a widow & 2 tiny children in the street 1856 Dusseldorf & with her father set up the first sheltered Home for the Industrial accidents families- She was 15 years of age. She was being educated for her 2nd nation’s Independence West Greenland-& her home was her Family Owned big Island Jacopshomen off Xristensharb- Descended of a line of English SEA TRADERS dating back to the First centuries AD Ransom held lands German coast from Hanseatic League times.  A wall painting of `the Maniac of Mainz` shows Aunt Mag`s  grandparents of the time of Kingdom of Otto…This 15 years old girl took an axe to defend her brother on the Castle steps- She married young JACQUE (Jack) RANSOM he with gold curls is with her in the painting- This wall painting has been restored -  It had their names on 1880s-photograph that time- Her father Fred Ransom’s forebears in a straight line had often married foreign girls & held a piece of dowry land around the globe. Paccelli had spoken with her when she came to call on the Pope an open invitation- Gronlander-Ransom Families had a link to the Vatican since POUL Gronlander catechist-polymath-genius-trader-multi linguist swum a half mile in the sea off Gotharb & taking a line wrapped round the mace rescued 5O-odd Italians cat & dog bringing them in along the line in wild seas…

`On shore everyone tying more line in a hurry as POUL began the swim- 20 minutes left before the ship might begin to break up…`

Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas Grote of the Homes the Estate of Humanism world wide she came into lunch tea to tell the Vatican of Grote Homes & the world.  As Tiggy her husband had from 1870 when the Grote Homes began in Italy & South America.   He was murdered on his wife’s 98 acres ARRAN Hebrides by greedy British Scots Earls 1904- some dissolving into Wales territory.  Her parents had visited the Popes- her mother is Great Poul’s grand-daughter by his legal marriage wife Margaret Yates of Carlisle only daughter of a Ship owner-trader by his first wife who died…

Margarethe who had a house Rome `by a Fairy temple-a big mouth at the foot of the stairs-by a big Gate` & young Paccelli had a matter under discussion from 1920s & Grote Brokers New York, were also to be informed…

She had written to the Goerings 1934 saying she would not enter Germany because she did not agree with the Jewish hatred.

The young brother of her acquaintance Miss Goering the elder Herman had earlier said he had a plan to put a Jewish homeland/heimat in Tanjanika- but the British & Dutch would not agree. Margarethe Ransom Mrs Grote escaped meeting Hitler by leaving one of her German Residences a half hour before she was told he was coming on horseback across the fields-  The Goering family she had known since a Miss Goering began to help with the HOMES at the turn of the century. She received no future animosity. Or her cousin Captain Liam Ransom 1936 gone over with The Norwegian Mission- a rather demented Hitler saying ‘IF there were ANY orphans in the HOMES half Jewish-get them out if they looked Jewish or not- Yes take them off- have you your Ship ? No !  Well so long as Count Poulsen is over in 2 weeks- Yes-yes take them off to South or North America- It could make TROUBLE for the others in the Homes-` Ransoms` speak German Japanese Spanish French Greenlandic etc - records/

Captain Liam Ransom continues/letters/diary/ Hitler said `we would like to retain the HOMES-they are all that is worthy in traditional German life-Goethe-all of that-No they need not fight-we no the tradition…` “Goering stood at his elbow the whole time Young Fred- he will see he keeps his word…they fill that area of teaching administration science technologythey know their worth- clear thinking- not tied to any families or politics-

I did not add that…LR !

Uncle Liam goes on to say how he is helping a young fellow called  Gogel-Kurt…at Birmingham-taking in his STAR CHARTS…`maths & all that- you know I like it` Xmas 1936/7 New Year Old Road house Clacton/records)

Margarethe’s heimat had been raided by persons of the British Diplomatic Force with Vassals-a big wig was found directing the removal of her furniture paintings to England 1934 ! There is a ROOM Whitehall 1957 where a thug sits in charge of Greta & Len Ransom `furniture` round the world- 7 harpsichords amongst many early musical instruments we have educated musicians able to use- This department run for Lords & Crown figures sells-wheels & deals with our possessions Legal Will & the loot is divided up with no Income Tax paid…

1934 The British Gov & Crown in silence & semi-secrecy had decided

to remove `AN OLD ESKIMO’s art works & antiques ! A penniless aristocrat MacMillan tried to steal a Greek Island Grote Homes Art works- W. Churchill stopped Lindsay Earls Crawford locking in an Asylum this erudite woman 1920s-records-he threw them out of Gross Britain-/

1940/41 winter Wartime persecution of Ransoms -The woman Angela in a school class room threw rude remarks at the heir of Margarethe Ransom Grote-sounded just like her friends JIM & Tree- Records -Teachers

“AN OLD ESKIMO GAVE ME 19 acres under New York & all her Estate when I was a child- I need no Will…” Nearly 8 years old Greta Ransom Bulford Salisbury Plains saw a short fat woman in a tight black skirt with glaring eyes-  She said “describe to me Mrs MacDonald-the Old Eskimo’s child..“ Later Mrs MacDonald called her to her face you scum-get out-you scum……/& more…” (Cats of Kilkenny) The report from the Bulford ARMY MESS was that the drinking went on for 9 hours- Jimmie Jong at her elbow all the time-they left to-gether…

JIM Jong James Major this-that has a 2 man Unit Intelligence at the back of Ange’s new address Buckingham Palace Scarlet Town.    Angela Teresa Lindsaybuggarhs Jim have been private plane to a Hitler party 1934-1936- Hitler stays 20 minutes-archives/diaries

1934 Germany- The British criminally insane diplomat was ordered off the property the paintings were removed to a store & the TICKET FOR THEM SENT TO NEW YORK-GROTE BROKERS . By Herman Goering.  He also arranged payment for storage from another of Mrs Grote Margarethe her concerns.  He writes a letter explaining to Grote brokers Argentine Solicitors & the family Ransom-Miss Winifred Gordon Roman Catholic had Grote’s letter of explanation 1938-& polite letters with photographs of Carine Hall from the elder sister-  Aunt Mag had several Umbrellas in every nation for the Arts & for children studying & to assist adults.  Her Estate was well thought out & recognised as humanism. The surplus profits it was known were to build a university to Poul Gronlander on her family Island considered the RANSOM HOME  Jacopsholmen a large Island off Xristenshab given them for Poul’s death & to keep as a holy place & make a University when they might. Meetings overheard note 1938/39 the GREED of those attending-Lords-Earl Lindsaybuggarhs-Angela represented-Scandinavia…all BROKE-

1938 JANUARY A courtesy copy THE WILL of Margarethe Ransom Grote was sent to the German GROTE HOMES-& to the Government from the USA-  This was sent to all nations having a part of the Estate especially when big lands & buildings-investments are held- In Germany we have holdings from Hanseatic League times.

ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN- would be seen & noted by the German Government-no objections were raised in 1938 to GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK or the Argentine Solicitors-The nations outside Gross Britain could have objected if they did not agree with The Guardian- MALRAUX was judged on his written works- a young humanist-

It was the British Government & Crown who greedily eyed this Estate-the 150 islands or so we held round the globe (One was in the Caspian Sea-how did they get the ship in ?) Investments-Homes-lands-Settlements with full Welfare birth-death-Transport-Metals & minerals (our Volcano in Guatamala)-seashores-farms with tenants holding 49 percent or 51-depending if they needed added protection…But Lindsaybuggarhs had been after the Island Jacopshomen with some Danish swines- Decree is for a holy place of living-work-the incredible theatre SEASON-the orchestra-a democracy & these Vagrants-penniless nobles- knew of the moneys available to build Colleges immediately- The British Imperial SN0UT had from 1933 XMAS been STEALING THE POST/mail- it had Scandinavian connections demanding their share of `old Eskimo’s fortune`-All these criminally insane had debts-used money-lenders from 1890s-IMPERIAL BRITAIN WAS BROKE-

1920s `Young Paccelli` learned of hatred towards Grote Homes from penniless British Upper Classes- they had harmed-killed some bright students destined for University in small independent nations-Using Diplomatic swagger special thugs were sent to remove art works-log & destroy lands-take moneys in banks-pay Embassy bills where they could- Claim British Empire Diplomatic enclave protection for this NOTHING IN WRITING violent theft-

Many bright students nations A to Z were missing & some found dead in the street !  Filthy criticism was voiced in Noble Britain-

Big purple Imperial boots kicked at Grote Homes Ransom Estate-

lay hands on an Estate of Intelligence- It raised gently civilized standards of life for the globe A to Z outside a fallen British Empire in obscene violent murderous decline at the top-JIM with a role-

1935/36 -attacks at night robberies aggressive behaviour by impeccably dressed creatures representing the Establishment of Britain stole paintings-insulted teachers-made foul mouth charges (Prostitution moneys from abroad often paid their family school fees) The Term `Prostitution Grote Homes`  was hurled in public at RANSOM family about this great piece of philanthropy…

Mrs Grote was referred to as `old Eskimo in the way of British Trade` (have a look at statistics)

The Estate was eyed not as a great civilizing contribution to the nations of the globe but as A FORTUNE- Eldorado- something that British Government & Crown had a RIGHT to take- they disagreed with education for the fatherless to 18-with bestial violence after nightfall ! `Young Paccelli` was getting Reports from GROTE HOMES which were half the 2,500- Catholic Nations…


Josette Malraux R.C. wife had been insulted & threatened by 2 gunmen sent by British Consul France late October 1944 demanding papers letters collected by she in Paris for ANDRE MALRAUX a few days earlier- Ships that Pass in the night- `If they had ONLY gone together to collect this mail-but ANDRE had just left Paris-War work-she did not know where-did she read the GROTE Brokers & Argentine Solicitors letters-study documents on the train back to the chateau ?   She had to be back to the children-her mother arriving in 2/3 days to stay 2 weeks-` Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux-Colne Engaine1960 late winter gather information-

` She fell from train-her legs were run over-the morphine at the hospital did not work for hours-she knew she was dying-leaving two sons 4 years Pierre-Vincent a few months-ANDRE away-War- Message she sent him about THIS ESTATE she was learning of in his Correspondence she had collected after they parted in PARIS had to go word of mouth 3 resistance agents-they would not risk carrying written message- the last courier could only remember she was worried about an Island- a little more was gathered months later the courier before him-at that time it did not mean very much-` Detective Arthur Malone `JOSETTE reading this correspondence knew that all the child (Greetah) had said was true-Thomas & his orphans round the world-an island in the snow-her visit N & S Pole relatives the year before-months away-

`SHE & ANDRE- THEY HAD NOT HAD ANY WRITTEN CORRESPONDENCE BEFORE-or from the Child‘s father’s family- Andre‘s correspondence after they left September 1937 had been with Mary Gordon-there had been messages brought by their hostess from Greetah written for her by an Aunt  Winnie Gordon`  (They go to see Win)


she said she had made him Guardian to her niece-HE REPLIED TO MARY GORDON HE ACCEPTED- there was no address-this was before the Christmas parcel had gone missing-they had intended returning in 1938- (Perhaps this was Harrington’s first evil Commission from Lords & Earls of Gross Britain-SEE MALRAUX DOES NOT RETURN 1938...)

1944 Correspondence from Grote Brokers New York- ANDRE is asked to enquire matter of the De SALLE family of PARIS - 1939 December turned out of the Ransom big warm house Jacopsholmen Island by British Army -in charge a man they knew called JIM- 2 Letters received from them 23rd December 1939- SINCE THEN NOTHING- it was said the two daughters in their early teens had been seen living rough-stranded there on Greetah‘s Island in the snow…& the British Government has a blockade will not allow anybody to land on the 78 miles & get them off-it was feared the parents & 2 younger children were dead- `


Two GUNMEN TURNED UP-& demanded the Papers-they wanted to know whom she had told-where was MALRAUX ?

Her mother arrived hours later (or at the same time ?)

ANDRE MALRAUX had never had his lawful POST/mail since winter 1937 BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN- learn he Guardian- stole in Paris the WILL SENT TO HIM- letter to French President for Andre Malraux to deliver-hand-written by the owner of the Estate Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grote-   Her  lawful Will she had signed for Malraux 1 of 7 signed Wills sent & delivered N. & S. America-Asia- Aunt Mag had heard of the SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937- many  people found he was most perfect for  role of The Guardian- A reading of Andre’s books by the Brokers-Solicitors-trustees & families about the globe had everybody  satisfied that here indeed was THE GUARDIAN they had been looking for-& he came of Sea Families too-Greetah is her heir & Lennie is Greta’s heir but they are also co-heirs in the Estate- if a death deaths then the Ransom family can provide other heirs- The whole miracle piece of philanthropy is to remain run by the Family Ransom & kin-many of them aready help with the delightful work & responsibilities & have ALL SKILLS REQUIRED-

THE ESTATE  from 1938 was being cunningly robbed- criminal creatures at top of British Pyramid HIGH CLASS SIN were seen in luxury they could never afford with their terrific debts many from the generation before & also there own big spend-

It is the most foul bloody crime in any century -

The plans were made 1938/9 to kill all the children-

I Greta Ransom sent the messsage across the Atlantic/teachers helped 1940/41 Christmastide after hearing Jim Jong Mr Pong telling Treasa-Teresa SHEshe ‘we have a big table screen big room here Wiltshire…another the same near London- it is being carefully planned-they will all be killed at the Homes-we shall say the nations rose up against them-it was immorality going on-some will be sunk in nets-then the lands can be logged mined sold off…`  He asked if the 3 children were asleep-she assured him they were…

SHEshe only said   ‘huh-huh-some money to come then at last…’ JIM & Lindsaybuggarhs give her this dope plum pickle- Divinorum Salvia Scotland which nobles grow-Angela’s parents grow it tooJIM He has a 2-man Unit Intelligence back of Buckingham Palace & works for Angela & Noble family-his close friend is Lindsay-soon Earl 14- those “2 evil little jack-in-boxes” of Clacton town & district-operate all over East Anglia-theft-fraud-violence-do not have them pour the tea or dish the soup-they also put poison in tooth powder-

1937 SUMMER - I remember telling JOJo&Joh of

The Cathedral Santa Fe`XMAS DAY Jean’s lands `last year`

Lennie diaries (read 1961) `do you remember the Evening Service in The Cathedral of Santa Fe` December 1935- it was after you had gone to the Christmas Morning Mass with Drusilla so we all came with you that Christmastime because of your happy descriptions- It was very youth orientated-a concern for their having a happy life & a place of employment worthwhile- We were impressed with the Catholic Church there -of course we all speak the languages- ` (Yes Lennie- I was learning in South America it is Weddell family who are important alongside Thomas’s Grote Homes-we do not tell so much RANSOM history down here- At Xmas Mass there was a mouse with 3 boys in the row in front of me-& the half-German boy put it down a hole in the seat…I began to cry-but Drusilla told me `Greetah-the mouse can get out…& I am 3 years in early March so I must not cry` So that when you all came with me to the Evening Service we went into the Conservatory & Jean was talking with the Priests-there was a water garden-I remember the colours of clothes in the Cathedral were black-fawns-beige-& some brilliant red-the half German boy had a emerald-turquoise shirt on-everybody would have a talk & wave at others as they entered for the Xmas Mass-the lots Priests did not mind-everyone was singing chanting- & all very jolly Christmas morning-  Drusilla short &  very plump in black to her ankles-we walked to the Cathedral from leaving the Embassy house- I only have to look in my head & it runs like a coloured cine film-I see & hear ”  G.R.     Diaries Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM


A KING- We stayed to hear great simple philosophy-Andre & Greta

from a young man who had been in Welsh Mines-other things & now had 2 acres a white cottage a wife a toddler a babe in a pram-he described & she nodded agreement of the skies all day sea mists winter frosts & SEABIRDS of many kinds…Ducks to shoot early indigo blue dawn misty morns with friends-rowing boats quietly amongst the reeds…his own earth sky & over there THE SEA all weathers…

& after 2 pints or so of that clear pale gold Suffolk Ale- primroses in a large glass with a handle - Tea time under the Willow tree they had just bought for the little natural pond the sun lowering itself- the talk reached from late afternoon to near Supper time-& beyond…

Saint George became ANDRE MALRAUX-

Writer-    `Storm Over Shanghai 1933- Man’s Hope 1936...

( `la Condition humain` `Le Espoir` `Temptation of the West` )

Two young men were talking about life

a summer afternoon 1937 out on the Holland-on-sea marshes the lowlands where the Refugees from the Continent came in 16th-19th centuries & East Anglia- They will be friends always & go on a holiday to Rome 1963 with this family of 4...Andre Widower 1944 & sons killed 1961 - I think LIR Len must have gone as driver perhaps pilot…

1937 `  THE MAN NOW A KING ` spoke on the seabirds of Essex-Suffolk & he had been interested in birds since a child-he made notes photographs did drawings- Years ahead he writes a little very useful book say BMNH on the birds he is describing & pointing out to us.   I now took a sleep on our rug under their  Willow tree.   I felt that the confident young hero of JO did not need my Prophet’s words- I do know when not to use ‘the razor sharp mind’ sometimes !

I am certain my sleep was needed ~already I can outwalk JO’s hero of Spain- & she does not want him to return excited by any comments I may make upon Nord Sud Poles birds she has to have a rest from MALRAUX of Spain…& she has said he can do far far far more staying alive- we have wisely talked of this over the kitchen table at our sewing & making things-or when I again made Fairy Cakes…

At nearly 8 pm Saint George ANDRE MALRAUX was hurtling the pushchair- me clutching at the safety bar  sat on top of our long walk & beach things-We flew-on one wheel sometimes-or were airborne- JO’s TRAIN HAD GOT IN AT 6.30pm Clacton-on-Sea Railway station- I did not drink Ale yet so I could steer him home- we were some miles away out on the marshes down a lane off another lane with brambles- but not any blackberries yet then a climb up a broader road to the Marsh-gases pool Holland-on-sea cliffs then miles still to go!  As we approached the town I yelled at him YOU MUST NOT GO PAST THE SEA MONSTERS PLACE- (I `noth spake Lindsaybuggarhs) - they could be come down to the sea ! He yelled back  ‘I have to go the quickest route’ Then a` Mercy ! He swung suddenly towards the Catholic Church my Convent School to zig zag across the town to home - Shouted he felt he could get lost & said  ‘we have to risk it’ !  He charged past The Towers & their crouching Jurassic GRAND - past The Royal Hotel tossing his hair then doubling over the pushchair-   I tried keep my head down-  perhaps I put one of our swimming towels over my head ! NO LINDSAYBUGGARHS charged after the Grote heir

shouting  `all that money is ours- you Ape-you Eskimo..`

Our philosopher did not have a car or a telephone yet-but a nice wife a toddler of 2 years & a baby just come-& the sweetest homestead with 2 acres- We, ANDRE & Greta HAD DRANK ALL OUR WATER from the glass lemonade bottle & my Nord-Sud Poles water bottle. We would have to retreat to the seafront all the way back-  along the second lane where we had taken a rest & he had written some things-I looked for blackberries FOR FOUL WINTER DOTH COME-but only the pink flowers & some tight green berries 2-3 weeks away- He Saint George advised we should go on & see if a heimat appeared- then finding the white house he doubted anyone was at home.  But knocking a woman looked out & he being polite in clear English so correct- no Essex slips & slurs or my Quaker- he got the bottle filled & an invite to call in on our way back- they had heard from Harry Gordon who we were… AT 6.30pm after tea & philosophy & some Suffolk Ale it was suggested we wait for the man on a bike to come by & he would be able to telephone Harry at the Thorpe-le-Soken garage & say we would be late-perhaps Harry could go & fetch JO & our hostess-whom they knew slightly-& the evening of philosophy could go on & we could make some sort of supper-Yes-that would be a good idea. Harry would come over by the car at 7 pm.  I forget how it went & I knew that our household would bring some supper things in a basket to help the philosophy-I have taken part in such gatherings with Ransoms of our many branches down the centuries-young people are bidden listen then fall asleep when they find it boring-but it did not according to plan. S0- while waiting for an appearance of somebody they had some more Ale-like spring primroses pale yellow the evening light catching the glass tankard-

& if I had not gone to help in the kitchen & with the babes to their bed I would have heard great philosophy-

but this Man who is a King can speak French !

When we got back in `our drunken state-as perhaps MALRAUX ancestors did along rolling reeling lanes of the East Britain coasts `- somehow a message had been delivered to them at home-

JO had made her own way back from the Station-

We were forgiven- but from now on she will be firm-

When we are in The Town with her she will SIT US UNDER THE TREE & say “ STAY-  while I `GO ROUND THE TOWN ! `  We were now referred to as `youuu two`& `you two monkeys`-

We had set out for a long walk midday & he wished to think

& write ideas -I made a mental note NOT to speak too often- JO we had put on the mid-morning train to Londonit is such an opportunity for her to see places-she would go to The British Museum-a girlfriend would meet her but not one who knew she was with ANDREW-Georgie X-

He MALRAUX was becoming quite calm & happy for her to see the monuments the landmarks-now they have settled their future. But the dreaded Clara waving a gun was in all of our minds even if it had slipped out of his now & then- & money orientated Maurice-

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