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…    The attitude of BRITAIN RULES THE SEAS claimed in semi-silence the lands/bank accounts - investments - homes - furniture - art works -etc/ records of everything & the vast recorded documents from antiquity of Gaius REDEMPTIO = RANSOM 77 AD Londinium … retiring  in 92 AD  Dunwich via Jutland… RECORDS of the DARK AGES East Coast and TRADING PALESTINE and Mediterranean … These coin less NOBLES of GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA sniggered in their drink that all was to `be thrown 2 miles out`…

The Estate is always in the name of the legal owners & heirs-RANSOM families - There are many  RANSOM heirs to this Estate - should the chosen (all in training) be killed-framed- mutilated the more- by G. B. NOBLE Fraudsters-Vagrants-pimps-ponces & paupers- dope fiends-perverts - all penniless from 1870s -  one Albert is put in a wet carriage because he could read & write at a high standard  - & spoke German … THE BRITISH GOVERNMENTS & their LORDS and CROWNS cannot legally BROKER A PENNY …


so they began with


violence by moonlight …

1938/39 winter … NOBLE BRITAIN begin to remove Capital from our banks around world … they in names of Margarethe Ransom Grote - Len Immanuel Ransom - Greta Ransom - Andre Malraux- Massive diplomatic co-operation ordered  (they can be shot for Treason/or pushed overboard etc etc. if they disobey…) : down the Whitehall Hall Centre of GROSS BRITISH Government …  they are reported coming from their drinking Clubs ` IN THE RED-OLD ESKIMO - Yah know - APES - James Weddell a drunk - bred with an Ape-Inca … You will see …  British Empire to have another name on that SEA ! `   They spitefully hee-haw outside St Stephens Tavern too … such phrases are recorded faithfully …


1937 October into Christmastide … when with joy Andre Malraux’s Guardianship was agreed by the RANSOM families & GROTE Brokers - premises  off Wall Street from 1830-New York USA-administer our 19 acres bought by Fred Ransom 1801-N.Y.

ANDRE MALRAUX’S ancient British sea-fishing traders ancestral lines verified by Colchester & Essex Museum 1953/54-  Mr Harold W. Poulter of Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchestre Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis-

ANDRE MALRAUX’S mother‘s lines branch into East Anglia-. to Histon on the Cambridgeshire coast-  Contact of families only becoming lost in the mid-19th century England & Continent when SAIL was losing to STEAM shipping-   Malraux’s mother’s father & families could tell her all the histories & gave her documents letters- they had owned some properties lands along  the East Coast from Dunwich up to The Wash … Her ancestral lines reached back nearly 900 years :   we will go to see places where Andre’s roots are during SUMMER 1937 of happiness-5 weeks & then to Lincoln- Andre-Jo-Greta make A JOYOUS VENTURE away from the Wars of Spain…

… The Little Doomsday Book- has villages towns that hath slipped into the sea of Oceanus Germanicus-become tales-legends as `Cathèdral angloutie` a prelude by Claude Debussy-played to me by Philip Silverlee 1930s as I tell him of Len Flyer our Tour Poles Nord-Sud-

MALRAUX-RANSOM & Thomas Immanuel (Tiggy) Grote HOMES educating orphans to 18 years of age-  Independent  nations A to Z-  The Homes  begun  with their permission in 1864 - History of the founding of GROTE HOMES-a girdle twice round the earth-The Joyous Venture-

1938/9 winter began a well organised ‘genocide’ the children slain for money under cover of  2nd World War- in name of  G.B. Government & Crown- a dying Empire -Plans to destroy  HOMES 1929/agreed to kill all children 1939/41-  Meetings overheard -

1937 SUMMER -A chance meeting of Andre MALRAUX with families GORDON RANSOM GROTE -leads to death of JO November 1944- & Mai 196l their two sons- Josette dead age 32 years Roman Catholic wife to ANDRE MALRAUX-

THE HAPPINESS of our SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937 BEGINS SOME PAGES ON- & IS INTERLEAVED IT CAN BE EXTRACTED AS JUST THAT TIME- With so many dead in Rivers of Blood about our feet-& having lived it all with Josette & ANDRE MALRAUX until his death it is difficult to give only the 5 weeks of happiness -

Reader may turn the pages - finding just 1937 Summer Holiday Clacton-on-Sea … & enjoy happiness with humour - meet good company - enjoy lovely situations seaside & country pursuits - FOOD - places to go & kind people - delightful settings - Arts & Crafts - Walk with two young people, and me Greetah, finding a path in life after experiencing Spain`s Civil War to-gether-intelligent reasoning about life without GREED -  Round the kitchen table in discussion they decide to make a life together- Andre George saying how he must provide for them all - I can see their young faces the expressions of the eyes - they are so young - & I with the 2,000 years of RANSOM grandfathers behind me …  that I tell Lennie I can call up when times are drear with danger (he has drawn them for me sailing down the seas… )

I am politely keeping quiet,  myself a young person learning my role … and with good manners expected by them our guests … THEY FIND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT - young people gathering hope after SPAIN & WAR - making sense of life - a future to-gether - he has written a fairly true novel `MAN’s HOPE` 1937Andre MALRAUX  tells people about the town when we are all discussing the fears about another War coming so soon after The Great War …

Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX-JOSETTE-`JOJoh&Jo` & Greetha

(Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM)

1937 THE HOLIDAY OF 5 WEEKS & THEN TO LINCOLN - doth show the quality of happiness & growth of young people’s understanding of the world about them-finding a  ‘soul’ & the society of good people- humanists- & where THE GOSPELS ARE ACTED OUT…

It was in & around the neat tidy seaside town of CLACTON-ON-SEA 1937 that ANDRE MALRAUX found what he thought best to do in life-a sense of direction - he kept some of the friendships he made to the end of his life - but the great honour of the Guardianship of GROTE HOMES brought him hideous sorrows for all his life - it will be necessary to interleave the whole of this work entitled SUMMER 1937 with this tragedy advancing upon us all - Killings begin to make a Class rich-using the state & divine kudos-

1937 Summer - Clacton-on-Sea - We are able to give JoJo&Joh some time to herself to write her work to see to her correspondence & to take a hair appointment buy some young girl things ‘for foul winter doth come’ she learns the phrase- George-ANDRE & Greetah may load the old push chair with our needs of some hours & go along the seashores out into the countryside into the marshlands-giving JO a young lady some peace !   He likes landscapes-seascapes - landshaft - people-chatting-helping put the beer barrels down the cellar under the pavement the corner by the town Tree-




to see so bright …


dawns to race to the Seafront - so we are first steps upon the sands & first newspapers to get still hot in the bundles in the middle come on the train from Liverpool Street Station.   Our ritual is 1st the Railway newspapers-we arrive from a quick dawn exchange of quiet voiced words with the young Co-op Manager opening on the corner then to the Front- Andre gives order to the Tea Urn man just opening by the War Memorial  ‘a cup of plain tea & a cup of almost milk with dash of tea-no sugar for  ‘little Miss North Pole’ says the man a half-awake smile & nod.  More newspapers will appear on the Front -Colonel Andre must have them all-I  call him George to people we do not know.  On the way down to the sea from the first shop past the Railway as they untie the newspaper bundles rough hessian string I pull at his hand to hurry & see first light of rising sun if we are late that morning-I impatient but polite if he lingers to talk upon the early dawn air.





my ambition but rarely were we first to be with Dawn in her first cloak of pearly grey; the rare holidaymaker dawn risen turns with gentle happy glow rather than a smile to bid us `Goodmorning`- lost in his own thoughts about the peace of a silent beach a murmuring sea - Then a recognizable dour figure the man whose been fishing at very late night or 3 o`the Clock as Annie Artist my great-aunt says with a quote from the Ingoldsby Legends … here he com`th before us trudging with sack & tackle sometimes with a dog … no greeting but a determined look of fishes fished & shell -fishes for his breakfast or dinner … has my father with friend yet bought the tiny green boat - is it pulled up on the beach - it has my name GRETA on the side …

What a pity there is no invention to project from our memories all these things as a film for screen - Science should get on with so many things - we put money into it - Aunt Mag does in so many useful and necessary things especially in medicine … for our dear Thomas Tiggy …in his name … and for him she got into FLIGHT immediately after his death in 1904 … All the HOMES have their own planes and seaplanes …

We three, Jo, Andre, me,  take photographs mid-morning of Saint George Andre Colonel gathering the saladings in the garden for our early or late luncheons or our picnic sandwiches - I watch his marsh reeds body with grace sweep an arc in the air bending from his torso to gather things growing we may eat  … a beautiful movement as he gathers for our needs -

…  I must notice these things for JEAN Weddell ballerina my grandmother Ransom I hath seen dance Sud America … she stands on one toe in her blue-silver-lavender-or pink ballet shoes & puts the other leg beside her ear…I try but am a dwarf of coming 5 years -

… With George Saint Andre & JOjo&Joh … Harry my Uncle sometimes as driver in one car and Freddy Theatre and our Hostess …  we charge about East Anglia to see landscapes of the painters-pictures in private collections & of course it is the 100th year since the death of JOHN CONSTABLE. …

… I advise Georges-Andre that he is the world’s greatest painter;  he disput’th as we visit Dedham where Uncle Harry Gordon has friends - one gave him drawings by a M. Eiffel rather than pay money for restoring his early Rolls/or Daimler-explaining he was short of cash just then. George-Andre knows Eiffel has a Tower in Paris - it may fall down if the metal is not good quality -  I know this -  I won’t go near it - Harry’s  Eiffelx’ were stolen 1939 - probably by Mr Jong … or Lindsaybuggarhs & sold in the last quarter 20th- century… In Paris I had an early supper with Walter Benjamin … he tells me what I really like is technology and he is glad …

1937 March “ …. at the home at the corner of the road across from the Church across from the Co-op Clacton-on-Sea where the side has the Co-op MANS Clothes shop …  ” I planted  the rows of spring onions & radishes, some lettuce,  for this holiday   `if two young people come` :   no names yet to me a Convent school child and Aunt Mag’s heir in training … they are to be spoken of as merely friends of Unity’s mother  ‘ they might like a rest from the  Wars  of  Spain  ’ …

… Com`th a young man raised by 3 Graces but lost some of his Grace … perhaps with the years he has entered with Clara … she who we are told is chasing him with a gun and going to shoot Josette but she may shoot them both I notice in my soul & stress here the beauty of his movements - they are ballet & modern dance like Isadora In September I recommend him in my prayers in our Great Our Lady Church Clacton-on-Sea for Sainthood but hope he never dies …  he will appear in this Document of Summer 1937 from masses of records as sometimes `Saint George Andre … `


In 1990/92 I took FE College Oxford History of Dance & practical … & heard of JEAN Weddell South America but hath no memory - OXFORD two years had some surprise & talk around me -  the past  began to float about me but there was a concrete Wall beyond 50 Lancaster Gate Square and Colchester Museums …  not that I any longer recalled there was anything to look for - until some photographs were given me & then I had come to GAUL 1993 - I did tell him in my prayers he should GET UP and not lie in a tomb … we have much to do :

1967 OXFORD University gave Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX an Hon. LAW Degree - I have 2 Hon degrees in Jurisprudence when I am 3 years old but I had to SPEAK AWAY for them to South American Academics … My very young Uncle Len Ransom FLYER has the details in his diaries of our Nord-Sud Poles tour of the GROTE HOMES for Aunt Margareth

… my Father had taught me well and I was receiving a GROTE Education although I am not an orphan we have left GROSS BRITAIN because of the terrible violence from the Nobility and Angela to get a Crown and her dreadful Scandinavian in-laws … Violence at me since I am born,  and indeed to all of us  … but I got kidnapped back illegally by the LINDSAYBUGGARHS killers of Scotland We will meet all this as our RECORDS are used …

…  My Guardian ANDRE MALRAUX the ex-Burgermeister of GAUL  eventually learned of my Degrees long before his … In 1960 Len is reading his diaries to he and his sons of Josette … I collected another Hon Degree for my 5th birthday … but I do have to speak away … not just write things … he played with soldiers and things as boys do … I joined in Grote classes about the globe … and was always making craftwork …  :


1937 SUMMER In the garden for the hee & shee who now have names-George-ANDRE & JO-Cassiopia are growing nicely tall slender spring onions-radishes red & white-round & long & baby lettuces with yellowy-green hearts tightly budded-  Autumn-winter cabbage is coming on & `potatoes to dig a plant if we want them`    I think seriously `WHAT A NICE YOUNG MAN HE IS TO HAVE ABOUT THE HOME…I have helped plant the `summer things to eat ` in late February & March for them coming- I am 4 years 6 months since March  1937…

1960 January Colne Engaine : Arthur Malone/Politan came over about 9.oopm  “detective Malone reporting … (Book/1960-61 ANDRE MALRAUX his detectives - colleagues - Essex Manchester Southern Ireland families … and loyal friends of 1937 onwards and the time of his WIDOWHOOD 1945 when he RETURNED to the SEASHORES of the ancestors of his mother …


‘  you have been born


on a hearse -


trouble is you keep


getting off `

“ … There will be a Night Watch in the next hour-he carries a gun-stay inside keep the windows screwed down-not even a half inch open.  You can use the skylight an inch-  wait a minute I had better check this with my Colleague … ”

“ … Andre will be over in a few days he thinks - when he has permission to LEAVE Gaul …

And there’s another coming down to help-

`That girl has had to die in all this ` but we may not say anything to Andre yet-he has got to work- over the water-Gaul-   Goodnight…” …

Book of Malraux’s Detectives-colleagues-Colne Engaine 1960/1961  : They have swiftly uncovered the truth - questioning-receiving help from institutions & retired people-& they warn them to beware…    For 23 years fraud & violent murders have been endless- The stealing of the post-1937-1960-has made these gangster activities so easy - 2nd W. War gave cover to them the criminally insane-nobles of G.B. who have used easily the authority of G.B. Government & Crown-

1960 ANDRE MALRAUX Minister of Gaul came to take Night Watch waking me by knocking on the caravan tiny window & said he had a gun & would take a walk around the meadow-the Farm was alerted & local people ‘who know Harry’  I fell asleep-quite unable to understand the danger !

We do not know yet that the nightlights the candles in the Caravan have been changed - Dr Mengele Golum Royal Satrap HARRINGTON has a little manufacturing chemist  runs up nasty things to hasten old people’s death or for use in the Prostitution all these HIGH CLASS SIN have a share somewhere- upper-class lamp light 19th -20th century- of the increasingly coin-less Aristocratic MOBS and TRIBES out of SCOTLAND … as LINDSAY et al

George-ANDRE MALRAUX Minister of France began to speak later that night he had a stool got for the Night or Dawn Watch.   It was put at the back of the caravan outside-they felt an attack would come from entrance & not over the farmland beyond the hedges (photo/drawing) …

… “ … it’s the Burgermeister of Paris-   STARS … above me are STARS …

I want to go back & start again-  You can see it all in your head-listen to me-for we were there- with JO- that summer-


1937 SUMMER -


for we were there-  with JO…

1947-1953/54-1957-59 we have attempted have a life but I have often had tricks played on my memory- & Andre Malraux given coarse insults in Gross Britain-threats to ruin his career in France-which would mean disfiguring General de Gaulle- Gross Brit nobles have  squalid obscene blackmailing tricks-& are using the State Institutions to hide the slaying of the Grote children under cover of 2nd World War being examined by the Nations A to Z who approved the Grote

Homes …

… our lands held some for centuries-our settlements-our careful only useful to civilized societies investments-our honesty-our consulting with them-  Mrs Grote was invited by the King to take up Shares in Arabian ventures-she speaks Arabic as Tiggy did- The King & his family do not object to her having a Greenland great-grandfather…& being bred from 14 races 24 nations since 92 AD Dunwich-when Ransom left Jutland-to live as Sea Traders the world …

The death pits are known - & nets full of dead children 5-18 years have been located - France has a cemetery of unknown children - girls with name bracelets - & a village that will not speak for fear of British thugs-  Malone others hear `her daughter a teacher is also down there ` where little grey hands come out of the earth on a  cold winter wet morning- soaked in kerosene-  The dawn came too soon`   Lindsay thugs responsible -reports 2 who got away/other reports-& G.R. July 1945 Lindsay Clarke & 20 year old-

1960 Andre MALRAUX continues speaking- on Nightwatch January 1960- ` I’M INSULTED BEYOND BELIEF - they have all known all these years- We have been in danger terrible He  Andre Malraux Burgermeister of PARIS-Gaul…returns from a tour of the night-the lanes-the farm-the fields of barley-a landscape of Sam Palmer…

… Why do I Greta Ransom not let Andre MALRAUX in-he is on Night Watch & he makes this quite clear-I may then see the Burgermeister of Paris to-morrow when he has had a sleep, and he has to go about ESSEX to talk with other- I need to try explain the dangers of 50 Lancaster Gate Square … his London Home and Charity… with madness able to get in when he went to GAUL - its like being pulled backwards into a blood soaked plaid - in time lost - which is all DREAR

in time I do not know I can remember if I see photos-iconography- ITS AN OLD GAME of the British Upper Mobs especially SCOTLAND to dope your Granny your great aunt and rob her jewellery box, her larder, her Trust Funds get her/them when in a MIST from what you dope with to sign cheques treat old men in the family the same too : Problem here is the previous generations have done same … taught the next generation to go out `IN THE SADDLE` and bring back saddle bags full of gold … you can follow it back to time of King John of Magna Carta -

(… his grandson of many generations forward took his seat in ABEYANCE House of Lords 1993 … again a Baron GREY of Grey`s Thurrock Essex came to be recognised - illegitimate grandson of King JOHN … At Colchester Museums 1950s when I worked there in 1950s we welcomed this on-going quest GREYS THURROCK, an ancient Essex village,  and the Heralds College could show their skills too :

The Royal College of HERALDS  were once proud of RANSOM genealogy - a printed genealogy by FOSTER etc. has been `called in` from when ANGELA got a leg on the ladder of IMPERIAL BRIT.

Any booksellers after 1920s with books on RANSOM et al are even killed if they do not render them to IMPERIAL MIGHT and the GHOULS of NORWAY that Dark Ages History tells us are no more after the French Invasion of Willi the Conqueror in 1066 AD…

… GO TO RANSOM ANCESTRY PART I - the 20th century entries will make clear matters gathered in these 3 parts … same web site … www.greta-ransom.comyou will swiftly learn of the continuing violence and theft from Scotland Tribes and GHOULS of Scandinavia …

… DOPING victims 19th/ 20th century style : the power of these substances put into candles & nightlights has a person outside of their body-I personally, and others say so too,  cannot think quickly & do not know what to do because we cannot grasp the enormity of the Estate any matters - I can only think that this is something to do with the father I do not know since 1945 & now I am told he has relatives- All of our life 1930s has been removed entirely from my mind during Wartime when they all went away to fight   (put back 1970s when LIR made tapes-with others-not to be heard until 1980s when they have slandered & murdered him-he should have been 80 years in 2001 here on this piece of Heaven in Gaul - an orchard - a West Window as we had on Jacopsholmen - a garden that grows things to eat  - (a poem by HORACE   `all this the Gods have granted`  )

How I feel 1950s … I a pauper girl who sits at the feet of King Carpetua in that painting must be calm & tell the important person of France-so-clever to put the Job in Gaul first-as I used to 1958-1959-but I do wish to be with him & think it is not possible-that is my understanding-he cannot protect me from violent creatures of crime in Gross Britain/ Records-Life at Lancaster Gate Square- Such nasty tricks have been used by G.B. & Scotland nobles since 1870s for revenge but usually to get dough-lands-/reports/ phrase s  `Ice fields`  has arisen - an old dicky bird and its duck ventured on ice fields -  they reduced to Ice puddles  as the Empire fell … & outdid the intrigues of Byzantium - Malraux’s detectives go about their work …”




1959 - Andre MALRAUX - 17th December 1959  learned his POST/mail has been stolen by Gross Britain Gov. & Crown -from Christmastide 1937/8 - when they learned his Guardianship to GROTE HOMES & Ransom Estate in 3 Parts nations outside G.B. the HOMES going twice round the globe A to Z nations outside the British Empire-begun 1864 …

1880  Thomas Tiggy Grote & Margarethe Ransom his wife had 2,500 Homes all approved of by  nations who had helped with moneys in the early stages & ever on … HOMES set upon her family RANSOM lands with settlements providing the needs,  Reserves of Nature and organised by good human beings … civilized meaningful progress goes steadily on :    Oh it is so offensive to  Gross Britain nobles  penniless from mindless debauchery - & their divinity of HIGH CLASS SIN Half the HOMES are in Roman Catholic lands from 1870s - approved by Vatican humanists 1870 onwards -

1945 end of 2nd World War - THE CHILDREN ARE MISSING - A GENOCIDE is being discovered - they have been slain by G.B. under cover of the 2nd World War-there was enough horror felt 1946 to have called a halt to this violent robbery of the rest of the Estate by G.B. Government & Crown Nobles however they use the state institutions-its war machine- Lindsay Crawford and Lindsey-Bethune Earls - Oh Premier Earls of Gross Brit-  have paid all Crown bills -  secret-silence meetings - mouthing

“Oh we are concerned about the lands … of these other Nations

which we can use for QUICK MONEYS …

1945-49 - AFTER British and Scandinavian IMPERIAL POWERS ruling the SEAS have logged the RANSOM LANDS -slain the settlers - created worst poverty outside INDIA etc  … & MEMO : burned in Spain the Murgatroyd only child 22 years of age in marmalade - he was translating the Coptic records given them   `for a place of safety` by the owner  - About an UNKNOWN 900 years old Trading Settlement where peace & common sense prevailed - family letters/bills of lading/medicine-maths-philosophy-  Lindsaybuggarhs EARLS  buried them in the raw earth-

1959 December - It is assumed 17th Dec 1959 that I understood Miss Teresa Butler daughter of my great-aunt Julia Williams    (dead sister to my grandmother Mary Gordon) Butler family eldest girl - whom I always call Aunt Terry  …. The British wartime years she is in the Land Girls Army -

… Malone Detective walked in to see her after I had left -  he had `just learned of her existence from Harry`s wife `

Miss Butler said to Arthur Malone introducing himself as Andre MALRAUX’s detective -  THE AWESOME WORDS of explanation- having him weak about the knees - staggering away to get Andre on the `hot line` -  & contacts in London … he did try tell me this January 1960 …

… We now needed half a Regiment Red Indian to protect us … We, RANSOM families, have one … we have 3 Red Indian Brides 17th 18th centuries - and one Montreal 1109 AD when we go sailing with the VINLANDERS sometimes … leaving our heimat on the East Coast of Britain …

REPORT 1959 December :   Teresa Mary Butler b 1899 Manchester : “ 1933 March - when my niece Greetha-Greta WAS BORN THE OLD LADY MADE GRETA Maureen Frobisher Weddell Ransom her HEIR- She was a Miss Ransom-I think her name is Margaret-Margaretha-its all over there in the papers I have kept-  She married a man who set up orphanages about the world-I forget his name-but he got the rich people in each nation involved-they agreed with his ideas & put money in at the beginning-they could see it was no brain-child idea but civilizing-the children would go out at 18 years and help others-they were not to be revolutionaries or leaders-only live a decent life-everything in these orphanages was good quality I have heard people say-so the children would expect this for others when they went out to what work they chose-they were not to be domestic servants & factory workers-this was made clear-they would help others to a decent life-  I think they were Pacifists-my brother John in Manchester & his family can tell you more-…

… 1933 I went up there to the island where she had lived … but not all the time-she had to travel abroad-but they had come from Greenland & other countries of the world - I heard on the Island he had been murdered at the beginning of the century-there-by True Blues who objected- Mr Malone has been finding a lot of it in the papers I have kept but not had time to look at for a long while- I spoke to my niece 1948 after we were told the marriage to Catholic Andre Malraux had collapsed-I felt she was taken in by her mother my cousin Teresa Gordon Ransom who had a friend called Angela who got a position by default- I have kept a lot of papers-I did not know what was happening-

… I  WROTE  TO ANDRE & NEVER GOT A REPLY over near 20 YEARS-asking him to see me or telephone- I was discreet-we are a family of some standing in Manchester-some educated above the Convent schools-& with my cousin Mayor in Manchester-others of worth in the community-my elder brother University-  I felt he had to know of us as Mary Gordon my aunt had praised him so highly 1939/40 when she came to her sisters in Manchester awhile-perhaps he felt I was a budding writer wanting to take his time…”

NOTEBOOKS Arthur Malone : He Malone learned of her existence from Peggy Gordon wife of Harry that December 1959 when she & others were amazed at Harry’s niece Greetha having to buy a caravan put it near them & her mother quite nasty- clearly mad harassing them & telling these horrible tales about Greetah & Andre & the Ransom families-& pulling down Harry’s mother & her Irish baronetcy cousins…She recalled when Treasa & the noblemen on the seafront had jumped out on her before the War & called her names-  She had given Harry back his engagement ring & gone away …

Notebooks of Arthur Malone/POLITAN (Tutor to the Medici children) GOT ANDRE MALRAUX OVER TO BRITAIN FROM GAUL WITHIN HOURS … he said  `I have the explanation of all the brutality-murderous attacks-offensive words at you Andre- Miss Greta Ransom is an heir to the world- Arabian lands too…Greenland- Sea Traders from Viking times …`

… Miss Butler Aunt Terry explained how she had tried tell her niece Greta just a half hour ago but she , her niece, seemed unable to follow her words - She now related to  Arthur Malone the brutality to the 3 months old Greta Ransom & how a dog heard a noise under the floorboards of The Grange Arran- the men had to come from the boat to get the dog-they heard a tiny whimper-  The house was shut up the Nobles having departed 2 days previously- She had been assured nobody would come until November to check for winter-it was then June 1933 she thought - the papers were all over in that pile & Arthur Malone was to go into them if he would like too. Aunt Terry Butler went up to the |Island October 1933 & sat on the shores & it was mild … `

`…  She told how she got the confidence of the Police & local people- they had wanted to prosecute the lot of them-but the Earl of Lindsay- others who lived in the big houses of Arran-  had told her 2 sisters Misses Winifred & Bessie Butler- & Miss Winnie Gordon their cousin who had received the first telephone message from the POLICE Scotland to her parents home- that exposure of this prank would harm all the families-especially his LINDSAY family Premier Earls with their DUTIES protecting the CROWN- they who were to take care of the heiress this little mixed-blood child  -see to her education of course-perhaps she could inherit-something- (Winston Churchill kicked them out of G. B. 1920s for horrible murders-fraud Scotland-`they can barely read & write Earl Lindsay & his families` )

`…  Miss Teresa Butler DID NOT KNOW her two sisters & Miss Win Gordon HAD NEVER TOLD the young father Fred Ransom of his newborn daughter’s abduction & intended murder by these distant relatives Earls of Lindsay & Crawford who claimed the old lady‘s Estate because she was an Eskimo & an Ape of South America -   He poor young clever man learned it years on …`

` WAR 1939 HAD INTERVENED … …   This was the trouble-there were no connections post or telephone because of the War - & the woman Angela had been heard to hurl in her drink that the Estate belonged to her daughters - They gathered, her families,  from insults that the failing British Empire would not allow an Eskimo & the father’s mother’s branch of The INCA & South Americans to inherit anything about the world

` … Miss Butler had found herself isolated after the War ended-she and her Manchester families were anxious to have ANDRE MALRAUX get in touch with them…a postcard had been answered by another person -  Using Vatican sources they still did not get an answer … a cousin on the Irish side was a DOMICAN Monk living in the VATICAN, a writer … `young Pacelli` acquaintance of the RANSOM and IRISH families had become POPE PIUS so the exchange of POST/MAIL with him as pre-war was not enlightening … he was a great admirer of the Orphanages … he knew the Aunt of Greetah, the aunt of her father that is … they were modern people … `

`… They asked in several ways, her Elders in the families, that he Andre come speak with them - some actors had tried-Charlie Bronson a Catholic family too came over in 1948-they had all known the old lady a Miss Margaret RANSOM before her marriage…In Manchester …  lowly though they were cunningly made to feel … as the great spending spree went on … by TRUE BLUES & Angela and her Crowns …  as soon as the terrible WAR the second such WAR had ended- she, Miss Butler felt it was a hoax …`

` …  She knew her Aunt Mary Gordon had tried help the woman ANGELA a terrible weight around her young family … and a man called JIM Jong … Angela after her Coronation would telephone Aunt Mary at lunchtimes and TAUNT HER about the inheritance of young Greetah Ransom - She insisted she had given all THE OLD ESKIMO ESTATE to her two daughters listening to ANGELA you knew she was `in drink` … and could be coarse … vulgar … with the small puppet man JIM you knew the pair were ruthless … they came from terrible TRIBES … Scotland … they had earlier plagued the GORDON 6 young men and a sister trying to get hold of their ancestral GORDON lands … they had other relatives who did not do well when noticed by this pair … Grantley Booth Kellow … she could not recall the others … GORDON had land in New Zealand stolen - she did hear this from the family of Uncle George Gordon :   a brother called EDGAR GORDON who worked for a SACKVILLE family member …”

` …  What intelligent people felt in the country was that a perfectly decent King had been driven overseas … his American wife, intelligent, had no desire to be Queen … she would have progressive things to do … IT WAS KNOWN NEITHER HE OR SHE INTENDED DEMOLISHING THE ORPHANAGES around the world … the high education given the children had them of use to the whole world … not so an aristocrat nation that made the 1st World War with relatives IMPERIAL =  they were all short of money and did nothing useful … their education was woeful … but they could insist that the EMPIRE would arise and that they RULED THE SEAS … she sat amongst them, unknown because she was plain and liked books, and listened to their speaking … they drank far too much and they took all the powders they could get from the CHEMISTS …”

“ … it was fraud, later developments had the families realise so … her cousin Teresa Gordon had a troublesome older friend ANGELA and a half CHINESE, a PIMP, and they had persecuted the families both RANSOM and GORDON and those in Ireland … Miss Butler had observed the `true blues` at Cliveden (Astor country house) & in London pre-war … they were penniless and outside the law … Her aunt Mary Gordon had so praised this young Frenchman & writer just come from the terrible troubles of SPAIN…”

MEMO: His first visit to us 1937 SUMMER visit with a young lady called JOSETTE CLOTIS a sensible young writer - they hope to marry …

Georges-Andre, he spends evenings, afternoons, talking with Mary Helena the Southern Irish grandmother of Greta Ransom … she, just widowed in March,  could tell him of Irish troubles - she is born 12/13 Sackville Street, her mother is the Classicist Teresa Murphy Carroll Mrs John Williams. Newspapers of other nations came to the seashores of Clacton - summer workers came from the Continent, some had married and settled … many were Roman Catholics … He Georges-ANDRE is raised a Catholic in France …

ANDRE MALRAUX accepting GUARDIANSHIP Greetah Ransom heir October 1937 will be scorned by the BRITISH & Norwegian IMPERIAL brutes his entire life - he will be persecuted, attempts upon his life, destruction of his career, foulness spoken upon his character - all his post/mail, communications investigated by British Intelligence THUGS … working for a slice of the Thomas GROTE HOMES RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` Estate in 3 Parts encircling as a delicate flower garden the globe A to Z … and then A to Z again the GOSPELS Acted Out, all religions = HUMANITAS =

1960 2nd week January at Colne Engaine Colchester cum Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis - hence ARTHUR MALONE’S phrase from his notebooks - he in much shock-






trouble is you keep getting off-


ANDRE WILL BE OVER AS SOON AS HE CAN LEAVE GAUL - he’s got `Saint Charles` permission to again play Scarlet Pimpernel - I‘ve been up on the Island after Xmas day-got a scare - got warned off -

… CUR JAMES has his boots all over it with another he takes about a Greek ... more on him - he entered your home when you were a child of 10/11 years and was already helping himself to your inheritance making trouble for your father … His Uncle should have been dumped in the middle of an Ocean for this crime … nearly all these children have been slain and the seashore sites of their Homes taken to make the British Crown rich … Andre will be over … and another we do not know … GOODNIGHT -  I will be over once a night with my notes to read you what comes in-  KEEP YOUR DOOR LOCKED FROM WELL BEFORE DUSK UNTIL IT IS 9 THE NEXT MORNING -  I’VE GOT A HELPER COMING… I`m applying to carry guns … ` Arthur Malone January 1960 …

(Arthur Malone is the illegitimate son of Arthur Duke of Connaught … he did not know his father until this January 1960 - his mother and her family so shocked at the killings worldwide, the greed, decided to tell him :  he had been looked after and his education paid for - He is called THE DETECTIVE in the LAWYER`S GOWN …

… In shock he says “ You can call me King Arthur ~ That woman in that Palace should telephone you and apologise for what her mother has done … We used to be proud of our British nationality … not now … NO ONE IS GOING TO GET OVER THIS … THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED OUT OF SCOTLAND or SCANDINAVIA … My old LAW friends say it has been known for a long time that some of them are criminally insane … they seem to exclude `my old Dad … here I am hitting 60 & now I know who my father was ” (  Arthur last Duke of Connaught  is a grandchild of VIC & BERT = Queen Victoria and intelligent Prince Albert … ) We begin to call him POLITAN - tutor to the 15th century Medici children … Arthur Malone is also a writer - whether a musician I do not recollect  ? … Greta Ransom  born CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis 11 March 1933 -

Nota bene: the sadist paedophile ROYAL SATRAP Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON has told me he has had my birth certificate destroyed and entered a false one saying born to HENRY HARPER & unknown woman … Mengele goes on world trips with PHIL UP THE CREEK = he has always been greedy about our great Estate of Philanthropy and means us all ILL … I did try put him on a straight course when I was 10/11 years of age … they appear to have shut his mother up in a Convent when she protested about the deaths of the GROTE children - told her to pray ?

… My mother Teresa Gordon, she used to ROAR in the `Roaring 20s` with his awful greedy coarse debauching Uncle, has his kind in our house and smart places in the wartime near Clacton-Frinton-on-Sea. He told me he was a `penniless Prince` … I felt he would like to help with the ESTATE then … the great work I am going to do with my families … But he was already paying his bills from our Estate without our permission … by 1947 he will SAIL A YACHT over dead children in nets worldwide = he does not seem to have found it wrong what his Uncle is doing … BUT THEN THEY HAVE ALL GONE CRIMINALLY INSANE … They fear a republic & Neddy (King Edward 8) was not going to demolish out Estate administered in USA, South America and Asia!     NO !  They use a dangerous dope grown in Scotland - DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND & stuff pellets up the snout … it gives them MANIAC DESIRES without a conscience !    And they have NO GOOD BREEDING as we … their nature is coarse, ruthless, they drink and dope and gamble … A GROTE EDUCATION would have saved the globe , the GROTE HOMES, the `JOYOUS VENTURE` from his gathering KUDOS - KUDOS

Unfortunately in Great Britain our Estate includes  : 98 acres Arran Western Hebrides where the Estate Grote Homes RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts the globe- own 98 acres & JIM & Brown rnvr have been working FRAUD- they have taken 21 thousand pounds given the heir Greta Ransom for her 21st birthday 11.3. 1954 by the Solicitors & Islanders grateful for Tiggy & Margarethe & the families of the globe-who stopped the growing of the filthy dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland by the Nobles who sometimes infest Arran-they sold to Margarethe Ransom Grote because they were penniless late 19th century-diseased-debauched-uncouth-full of venom to anyone who would not grow this narcotic which paid family bills-  `purple-snow/purple plum/pellets torch blown are worn in the snout-it hit’s the brain in 2 seconds-LOOK AT THE CONTENTS OF THEIR BRAINS ~

Faithful Politan Detective Arthur Malone had ANDRE MALRAUX OVER in a few hours to speak with Miss Teresa Butler - She said   “ Enter my dear Andre I have been wishing to speak with you for near 20 years about my niece Greta & the heir ship- which I think is with her father‘s young brother in some parts- She was a Margaret Ransom her husband ran Orphanages round the world-I have written you before & after the War-but discreetly- I have kept papers but not looked at them for many years- they are here-Mr Malone is going through them over there ”

1959 17 December at Thorpe-le-Soken Essex

Arthur Malone says `An heir now began to take shape-

It solved all the persecution of them in London-at Andre’s home Lancaster Gate Square ` Employed by Malraux October 1957 the pre-war friend of the Gordon family Philip Silverlee Argentine/London Broker-musician-academic-had come along to help-asked by Harry Gordon others-Andre Malraux 1952-1961 runs a Catholic Mission with Westminster Diocese & General Charles de Gaulle-MALRAUX occupies 2 rooms & it is regarded as his London Home where his sons may come-Madeline may use the piano in the great drawing room …  & Clara comes to complain when Andre opens his mouth or writes something… Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square July 1957-June 1959 -

This area is vast in the RECORDS of several persons … some can be learned in RANSOM Ancestry Part I … and on WordPress GROTE HOMES etc …/ some edited and editing Records appear  here …

1960 January ANDRE MALRAUX’s Detectives Colleagues others were most fearfully the death of  `that girl- Andre’s Catholic wife caused by all of this`  They did not wish to involve him because of the Job he had in France

1959 XMAS -but nobody had a Will-Wills yet-

1957 October Miss Winifred Gordon had put her courtesy copy of the Will of Magarethe Ransom Grote received January 1938 by she & her younger brother (& read by her mother Mary Gordon) into the ROYAL MAIL/post addressed to Andre Malraux c/o her niece Miss Greta Ransom at `Saint Edmund‘s House ` 50 Lancaster Gate Square London  (she & her brother Harry Gordon had been blackmailed-threatened by JIM & Lindsay family men into saying nothing from 1940-upon her mother’s death she decided the Inheritance disputed by Angela & Lindsays-JIM must be left to the RANSOM families when the War ended) Win Gordon ex ATS did know Grote children had been slain from 1944- a letter from wife of an Officer shot for refusing to slay the

children- “ they were said to be DISEASED by a Major Lindsay…”

1938 autumn Miss Winifred Gordon had been told by Angela (calling herself Mrs MacMurphy) come down for a day to the LINDSAY Pen called The GRAND on Clacton Sea Front “I am giving it all to my daughters Miss Gordon-I knew you by your fat Irish face” Lord XYZ says  Oct. 1957 “ ….your mother & Angela can drink a pub out overnight-I know them…Andre is a good man….” An intelligent man who received a rude snub from Angela replied to another man‘s sympathetic comment  ` I saw & heard nothing- Oh there was a woman with a big behind…`

1957 autumn-winter/1952-1961 anything addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX even with PERSONAL on the envelope was taken by Doc & Mrs Mengele Harrington-others taking their hours of criminal duty- Mr Mengele once a month drives to the Midlands & collects the month’s household expenses from a Bank Account in names of Greta Ransom-Len Immanuel Ransom-he is heard boasting Angela told him to- He agreed 3 November to submit his hours to Whitehall for payment of his part in this obscene FRAUD-THEFT-mass murder- & is paid very generously with bonuses abroad for the persecution of ANDRE MALRAUX to see he does not learn of this Estate & his Guardianship- He & other State privately employed thugs organise killings of those who try to speak with Malraux-often having received no answer to written enquiries- Count Poulsen Norway 1957 tried telephoning twice-  Mengele when agitated boasts arrogantly of his work for  G.B. Government-Crown & Lords- Mengele paedophile ex-prisoner Continent 1930s had a nasty case 1949 Paris (it put him in an Asylum some months Gross Britain) He often boasts of Malraux being a fool & that he is acting for the Malraux Family France- He opens all  Andre Malraux’s Post/mail-

If he thinks something has slipped through he creeps behind Malraux & sticks him with a Needle from his Medical case- & has Andre in collapse-or shaky & with a bad memory- records/accounts-eye witnesses/

1960 January- Malone-Politan has tried give Greta Ransom some papers in a book-putting it “in your postal arrangements by the entrance to this delightful little meadow” -   It went missing in the hour & a half after 7.30 am.   Malone said  “Well damn !   I borrowed that book in London-from friends-it is rare-well who has taken that-I will consult…”

1960 late FEBRUARY-  Philip Silverlee telephones from New York USA to say he & his daughter have all carbon copies Argentine & Wall Street of the POST/mail  JOSETTE received for ANDRE & opened about 2 weeks before her death-& the 3 Wills needed to operate the whole Estate-

Margarethe Ransom Mrs Grote-TIGGY her American husband`s Will/& The Will of her father FRED RANSOM/

1960 February - Arthur Malone has further information come from France “ 1944 late October-early November  THE BRITISH CONSUL SENT 2 GUNMEN TO KILL SHE & MALRAUX- but he was not there-they stood on the door step & tried get the documents off her- ”  Malone comments  “as we feared-she has died because of this-we may not tell ANDRE at first-he has a job to do over there & is now having to be careful of his movements…”

1960 MAY Philip Silverlee’s daughter aged 28 who went to the Ransom Solicitors Buenos Aries & got documents the property of RANSOM families late February 1960 was murdered in the Argentine by Lindsay 14 & 15-Mengele-Mr Jimmie Jong Sir-Cur James/ all able to command Air transport anywhere ` to go & hung BIG GAME` to stop the Greatest Crime of Mankind being unveiled- They all use Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets to WIN in life-

Philip Silverlee Argentine citizen 3 generations-had a term of music with Butterfield before he was killed 1916 1st World War/played clarinet June1972 at Down Ampney Church-  Vaughn Williams “Summer Reverie/wrote a book  in French at 29 years which had the Continent sit up & think/Insurance Broker in London & Argentine/

… 1936/37 he would play Greta Ransom on Win’s piano Claude Debussy’s Prelude Cathedral Under the Sea -he &  wife with  this daughter & her brother came for visits staying often at Frinton & I Greetah told them of our Nord-Sud Poles Grote Homes tour October 1935-spring 1936 - all the true things that ANDRE will say SUMMER 1937 “are your dreams”..

1976 - Philip & second family will be all murdered in 1976 Argentine-they were hiding after persecution in Buenos Aries -tape received British Museum Natural History detailing the persecution finishing  “you will not hear from me again”    The tape arrived after news of his death had reached England- death by persons known-

1944 Nov 9th  JOSETTE HAS BEEN KILLED she was distraught that morning & for 2 weeks previously  She fell from a train & it ran over her long legs as she put her mother on with her luggage at about 9 o-clock that morning…

She had learned from POST/Mail coming to ANDRE from New York that what Greet`ah had told them was true-an Island in the Snow-HOMES for children with no parents & that she really had been to Greenland & to Tierra-del-Fuego-the year before they came to Clacton-on-sea Summer 1937-ANDRE SAID IT WAS A CHILD‘S DREAMS- that he used to imagine such things when a small boy from the books his Grandmother Adrienne read him or things seen & heard-

1944-  JOSETTE the days before her death  she knew ANDRE had woefully misunderstood  some things said SUMMER 1937 by Clacton-on-Sea residents & friends they made, & the Gordon family-

1944 1st week of November -    She JOSETTE


in her handwriting-it would not be taken by the resistance courier (arranged by 2 people) so he tried to memorize it-JO did not know who the resistance first courier was-it was dangerous times-he did not want to take the message (information got by Malone detectives & colleagues working for Andre Malraux 1960)

JO’s message had to go by 3 couriers before it reached ANDRE-AFTER HER DEATH-the last courier had had a worrying (dangerous ?) time-all he could recall clearly was something about …

‘she was worried about an island…’

1960-  (Re-checked Information-LIR-JR® et al )

1960-it is only 16 years since Jo’s death,  1944

(I am called little Miss North Pole by some people whose grown children are training to come up & help us run Jacopsholmen)

Mary Gordon having been widowed in March 1937 ANDRE did not dwell upon the present time but got her talking about her early life, especially the 2 years in Ireland with her husband after the marriage 1890, her first child Arthur Gordon born there-he RN then in INSURANCE City of London lived at Woodford Green with his family perhaps was away on holiday…..ships that pass in the night

1937 RANSOMs were away -SPAIN-

at a rescue-Lindsaybuggarhs on our properties

By Xmas 1937 I am sure my Father FJR would write ANDRE &  ‘Miss Jo Elliot’ a personal letter of thanks-hearing his daughter speak on the SUMMER OF HAPPINESS

& kind words  approving the Guardianship for Aunt Magarethe, her Estate & Grote Homes, me & Len-

& my grandfather Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom would certainly write- 

(records/reports) ANDRE MALRAUX did not get this correspondance & it was stolen by G.B.Government & Crown & Lords….

Grandpa FCFR gives speech to Royal Exchange 1939/

I am shown this 1966 City of London-we hear 2 years later the young man who gave it me, Murgatroyd kith killed in his nation-The Argentine!  Papers with Speech & programme an evening in 1939 disappeared in hours from my handbag at Miss Rose Holder‘s flat, 18 Gabriel House, Lambeth- Teresa Gordon R. & Doc Mengele-Golum-Royal Satrap-paedophile HARRINGTON can enter when Rose is out- I may be sent on an errand by TGR-(who has 2 prominent bastards)

I am told she & Mengele are to report on me to Police-

I earn my living-I have no income as all these violent thieves do from the authority of G.B. Gov. & Crown…


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