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to this work named `SUMMER 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis & Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & West GREENLAND  

A work in 3 parts - HUMANISM - 20th century history for good citizens everywhere of every nation - for the Historian the Scientist, Geographers, Sociologist, scholars, the Man/Woman of LETTERS - here is accurate valuable information on the world & its inhabitants animal vegetable mineral. 1945 a vile crime shocking men & women returned from 2nd World War has advice come from a privileged ruling Class & its high society & its departments of aristocratic government & Law that they have committed the greatest crime of mankind - the LAW cannot deal with it - you must despatch where you may

My colour code is designed to help readers locate information

& to assist understanding I sometimes use big headings with appropriate colours : for instance the Weddell homestead in the Argentine diary LIR ` HOUSE with the windows of LAVENDER PEARLS ` - cousin Clarke Gable is leaving for Hollywood having finished a film called SAN FRANCISCO

- I suggest that everyone (all Races of the globe) begin with SUMMER 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX Clacton-on-Sea & West Greenland a holiday of mounting happiness of 5 weeks but the early morning newspapers bring fear of another WAR with Germany SPAIN & its bloody Civil War have brought to this English seaside town two young people shocked by their experiences in that Civil war of Spain- they are Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX young man of action & of LETTERS & Josette Clotis a young writer. So happy they became in this town & ESSEX-EAST ANGLIA where he found THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT, that in October 1937 he gave written acceptance to GUARDIANSHIP of Greta Ransom coming 5 years of age

MALRAUX did not understand that she was Aunt Mag Grote`s heir with LIR her young uncle sub-heir to the greatest piece of PHILANTHROPY of the globe & that he Andre is offered GUARDIANSHIP to all the Estate Aunt Margaret`s letter says he will hear more This Estate, begun 1864 GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN & RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts has been offered him by the owner Margaret Ransom Grote who is familiar with his books & his good nature - The British Government & Crown waylaid his post/mail from Christmas 1937 & stole copy THE WILL to him MALRAUX, & a letter to The President of FRANCE from Mrs Grote herself  

The half Chinese-British JIM Jong born 1898 killed her 15th May 1938 Ayrshire ( the Old Eskimo as Noble racist Britain calls this brilliantly clever & saintly woman of great fortune ) & for some days Jimmie Jong a worker by moonlight for certain Scots Earls is attempting blame the heir, the heirs then savaging the whole family of Mrs Margaret Ransom Grote`s brother the deceased JOHN RANSOM with his wife Millie FROBISHER families of the SEA

(in 1909 we RANSOM marry into the WEDDELL SEA via a Roman Catholic marriage of THE ICE WHITE BRIDE the highly educated Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian of the Noble INCA (her grandmother of Tierra del Fuego) to the Quaker JAMES WEDDELL MARINER )

1937 Summer - the RANSOM family were at a rescue of a Missionary Coptic scholar young cousin 22 years old in SPAIN - The Premier Earl of Lindsay Crawford sent his family to claim their Estate We have every hairpin & matchbox claimed by the insane LINDSAY unfortunately Greta has a great-great-great grandmother Lindsay ! The Lindsay burned him alive in a marmalade Vat saying this young Pacifist fought on the wrong side - (diaries) they jeered, all 19 of them, ` a woman called `ANGELA` had given them this Estate at her Coronation 1937 ( 1936 her brother-in-law engaged to an American was found UNSUITABLE for the delicate British public )

1945 Paris writer Ernest Hemmingway offers Malraux a disused Jam factory North America for revenge - but MALRAUX tragic Catholic Widower of November 1944 thought he was being made a joke of & fled Paris HE HAD RECEIVED NO POST/MAIL from AMERICA, BRITAIN, ARGENTINE all opened, stolen, by secret-silence Decree of British Government & Crown JOSETTE received the communications of 1944 GROTE USA -she died  

The GROTE HOMES are set upon lands collected for nearly 2,000 years by RANSOM mainline marrying foreign girls A-Z nations OUTSIDE the British Empire. These Ransom brides often had a dowry of a small piece of land where we, SEA TRADERS, can PULL the SHIP IN We are all in touch 1930s - we exchange Xmas cards with everyone - families had disappeared by 1945 & those surviving had horror to relate

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