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Grote Homes - Dr Harrington


1864-1950s worldwide :

real homes for orphans and

unwanted children -

educating them to 18/22 years of age -

with several languages, world history, all religions, having them travel across the globe from age 12 years to stay with their fellow pupils of all races and creeds Tiggy Grote began this project age 22 years of age - after marrying Margareth Ransom 1863 in her family chapel Jacopsholmen Island off Xristensharb

The Island is the dowry of the mother of the bride from her father & her two Poulsen brothers - father is JACOP POULSEN elder son of POUL GRONLANDER and Margaret Yates his wife : see letter written by JACOP `on the death of father` History of Greenland author FINN GAD 1968/1970s 4 volumes :

The family of POUL GRONLANDER have a Decree from Denmark from 1770 AD to raise a University to 18th century POUL GRONLANDER polymath :

but sour Imperial GREED of late 19th century to 1970s has set about a slaughtering of the related families, especially 1930s-1940s, to halt GREENLAND enlightenment :

Colleges, becoming a University, will funded by RANSOM `Joyous Venture` and GUIDED by THOMAS I. GROTE the HOMES for CHILDREN worldwide :

AN IDEA - gathered 1850s - by THOMAS

Immanuel GROTE - wondering how to make a

contribution of HUMANISM to the globe :

USA citizen born 1841 New York during his Education from age 11 years the school on Jacopsholmen Island, West Greenland

& travelling the world some part of the year as WARD to the Family of FRED RANSOM & his wife Gertrud Poulsen she grand-daughter of 18th century POUL GRONLANDER - he POUL made an orphan at 8 years of age from a West Greenland seashores plague caused by callous Scandinavian profiteers -

POUL who grows to 6` 5 inches is of Northern Chinese Eskimo & French parentage

1601 came ancestor Chinese Scholar to GREENLAND = body exhumed 1920s from area for development and re-buried after measurements taken - over 6 feet tall =

NB: Margareth Ransom Grote conversation with a scholar shipboard soon after this re-internment : light on her feet, she over 80 years, we danced a woman delightful speaks many languages

GROTE HOMES for orphans worldwide 1864 - 1954

designed by THOMAS Immanuel GROTE b 1841- killed by G.B. Aristocrats 1904 Arran Western Hebrides : Tiggy began the first HOME in OHIO plastering the windows and walls with printed posters of what he was doing and why He soon had several Homes in America, keeping near to the seashores where his in-laws RANSOM family owned lands : TIG then raced across The Pacific went round the globe putting HOMES A to Z RANSOM FAMILIES were shoeless at first but he got intelligent supporters and funding from the rich ones : money for the project began to flutter from the skies as enlightened nations saw how well educated young people would raise standards in literacy/music/the arts/science/medicine everything needed to have a more comfortable life

Tiggy is slain 1904 on Arran the 98 acres of his wife Margaret Ransom Grote, The Grange, West Hebrides - where he & she stopped 1880s the growing of the dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland by Scotland Aristocrats

1883 - after a marriage at St Magnus the Martyr, City of London, River Thames, by his brother-in-law JOHN RANSOM to Millie FROBISHER the Premier Earl of Gross Britain & Scotland LINDSAY swiftly demanded all the ESTATE for himself Millie has a mother born a Miss Lindsay !

The two brothers of the wife of Tiggy, Margareth nee Ransom Grote, JOHN and POUL were murdered late night in Hithergreen School playground John 1890 and c 1891 Poul is last traced to Circle of Gavernie then to Mount Eiger -



1893/4 - MILLIE FROBISHER widow Mrs JOHN RANSOM ( m 1883-widowed 1890 a horrible crime, LINDSAYbuggarhs ripped out his liver - left him in the Hither-green London school playground for the children to find )

Millie had a JAW with Margareth about the inheritance & said she, Margaret must tell TIGGY - told her she would not accept the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate for her only son Frederick Charles their nephew

The LINDSAY had threatened to drag him behind their carriage if she did not sign ALL THE ESTATE, including GROTE HOMES, over to them

Millie, she told Margareth her sister-in-law much more about the horror she, Millie, had endured from The Earl of Lindsay since she married John her brother :

Told her how they had sent a well known evil nurse they employed to drown in his bath her 3 months old son

the neighbours Deptford knew what was going on when they saw this fat drunken nurse arrive in the Earl of LINDSAY carriage the Police could do nothing this was the EARL and he claimed the family as his RELATIVES

REPORTS : 1915-1917-19 Deptford Police/some householders/ warnings told seriously to Jean nee Weddell Mrs Frederick Charles F. Ransom after her first encounters with the criminally insane LINDSAY relatives of her deceased mother-in-law Millie nee Frobisher Ransom : LINDSAY make visits unexpectedly, a basket of poisoned fruits arrives, on-going LINDSAY verbal violence is experienced by Jean ballerina now mother of 3 healthy RANSOM children of her marriage 1909 : My (GR) future grandmother Jean received warnings, some straight talking, after requesting Police help because her husband Frederick Charles RANSOM had gone to WAR :

NB : 1914-1919 = her husband FCFR is in the British Navy during 1st World War : 1957 October-November some records are available/especially of a submarine called `PICARDY`, are checked October 1957 by The IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, Greenwich, for Visitor Miss Greta Ransom who has worked at Colchester Museums 1952-1956 = in two weeks copies were sent to Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums, Hollytrees Mansion Museum, East Hill, Colchester :

1920s - Warnings from many sources against Earl LINDSAY & tribe continue & surface again 1933 to the mother of young Mrs FCF RANSOM NB: her mother is USA citizen Olivea Minerva nee Hesketh (widow Bussy) Mrs James Weddell II - issue 2 daughters Jean & `Aunt Baxter` :

1933 - in late March 1933 the INHERITANCE is swiftly agreed by GROTE BROKERS, other administrators, Mrs Margaret nee RANSOM widow of TIGGY GROTE and her cousins and distant relatives RANSOM, that the child Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM born 11th March 1933 is her HEIR

( I Greetah RANSOM daughter of Frederick John RANSOM elder son of FCFR and Jean , am grand-daughter of FCFR and great-great niece of the active healthy Margaret Grote = `Aunt MAG` as LIR calls her )

1933 end of March : The intelligent PLAN is that I Greta Ransom will be trained in Estate Management by everybody concerned with this philanthropic miracle : In 1936 youngest son of FCFR Len Immanuel Ransom is made co-sub-heir after glowing reports received of our intelligent behaviour and responses upon the 8 months NORD SUD Tour of GROTE HOMES and parts of the Estate `Joyous Venture` : MEMO : RANSOM Estate owns the lands of the worldwide HOMES and officially funds them since their founding in 1864 by Ransom son-in-law TIGGY GROTE :

1897 Millie murdered by two 2nd cousins LINDSAY - they arrogantly said they had found her in the road - they had a few weeks before stabbed her in the eye with a steel pen, blinding her somewhat, to make her sign away the FLORIDA lands she inherited with her brother who had escaped to CANADA :

1897 late at night, her 32/33 years old body wrapped in a blanket put in the arms of her 14 years old son at the door of the little home `Jerusalem` Deptford by the little Park this was all she had been left with by the criminally insane LINDSAY-Lindsey He had been terrified at not finding his mother at home when he returned from lessons - they had to barricade the back of the house that winter to stop break-ins and theft - her clothes had been stolen from the house and the wall safe ripped open and emptied of its meagre savings :

MEMORANDUM : Her only living son Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM is father of Frederick John Ransom : they grandfather & father to me GRETA `Greetah` Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM assembling our vast family RECORDS for a worldwide Readership :


1933 March - GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA - Aristocrats scarlet gowns & crowns `on hold` embark upon serious DESTRUCTION of BRITISH HISTORIES DOCUMENTS

it is noted by the LINDSAY-Lindsey Premier Earls of Scotland and Gross Britain that they are not TOP of the LADDER anymore in the theft-obscene fraud with deaths-and RACISM over GROTE HOMES worldwide for CHILDREN and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts = All these big booting glitzy ROBBERS are aware of the LEGALITY of the RANSOM FAMILIES enterprise secured to RANSOM FAMILIES :

RANSOM ESTATE, addition of GROTE HOMES 1864, is a piece of social engineering perfected down the centuries 19th-20th centuries become heavy with PHILANTHROPY which its HONEST RANSOM TRADING methods and HONEST INVESTMENTS can afford for the GLOBE entire : These scavenging crows cost it up in Racing Stables, new diamonds and togs, gambling into the dawns, and marble halls where the world `apes and eskimo` bend the knee and the rich live for ever :

(As the Albert Hall ARENA music students sang 1980s to `Land of Hope and Glory` Land of DOPE and TORY …” and other meaningful lines )

Nota bene : The 98 acres ARRAN owned by RANSOM : 1938 the solicitors for Duke of Montrose and Estate telephoned and put in writing to RANSOM heirs `they know that the island is owned by Miss Margaret - there is no problem - they were satisfied of the true ownership by the widow Margaret nee Ransom of TIGGY GROTE : they had just received a visitor saying he had been given the Island by the Montrose family for services - they dismissed this `

TIG has his grandparents in West Saxony, the family are related to 18th century GROTE philanthropists = Faced with all the RANSOM ancestry worldwide Tiggy would recall that his GROTE ANCESTORS ` had a skirmish with the WENS in historic times

The mother of Tiggy is a great-niece of Frederick Immanuel KANT philosopher : It is TIGGY who `Talks to the Animals see newspapers New York advertising him, with drawings, BOSTON ZOO c 1850/1851 )

1841 TIGGY is born a USA citizen - his father & Uncles & cousins are the family GROTE BROKERS off muddy Wall Street : he is murdered Arran Island W. Hebrides 1904



Nota bene: Tiggy loses his parents to death before he is an adult - he comes as WARD to Fred & Gertrud (Poulsen) RANSOM & families because of getting Ringworm (from talking to the animals in Boston Zoo

We are the RANSOM family the direct descendants of he `GAIUS `RANSOM out of Jutland-Egypt-Mediterranean come 77 AD Londinium river Thames (Roman Britain) after experiencing a dreadful WEDDING of relatives JUTLAND -

LATIN they drank for 7 days - ALL OF THEM ARE SO FAT from over-eating rich meats & oaten cakes enriched with lards & honey I wonder how they get their winter stores ? I suspect they take them from neighbours in local skirmishes or go marauding off shore they do not have a library as we consider a necessity yet they can fashion fair craftwork I FLED - I cannot return to my roots & our life the Mediterranean has become full of anxieties

(MEMO : first translations often from Latin originals = LIFE BOOKS/ have travelled down the centuries to RANSOM 19th century & especially from 9th century AD /ref. Heligoland RANSOM & Osbert RANSOM `Satteus laetus`= I am joyful with sufficient )

RECORDS - clearly established : RANSOM families EAST COAST BRITAIN from 92 AD - his line comes to settle SUFFOLK 92 AD from job 77 AD Londinium - This job is to interview all boats coming up the river to trade - and see that no pirates get past Gravesend - he is REDEMPTIO :

For a 2nd marriage by the head of the mainline RANSOM Family F. Ransom-Lady Japan Bruges 1504 by 1500 we have purchased a farmhouse at Montrose 2 miles from the Basin & own lands - sheep raising will provide an income - especially when Religious disputes, disagreements and Wars are about the Continent : We can pull our Trading ships into the Montrose Basin & we run a ship repair yard :

19th century - We are Sea Traders, transport investors, and philanthropists RANSOM : our main line from 77 AD LONDINIUM has first postal address REDEMPTIO c/o The Mithraeum, Wall Brook, Waterfront - from 92 AD we are retired to Dunwich Suffolk :

1820s - our RANSOM 19th century `heimat` homestead is JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND, inner circle ARCTIC, off XRISTENSHARB, WEST GREENLAND 1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis & Greta Ransom - Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND…” the `scaffolding` of our centuries :

Island of Jacopsholmen = JACOP POULSEN is name of eldest son of POUL GRONLANDER and his lawful wife Margaret nee Yates, Shipping/Carlisle, parents of Jacop & 2 brothers & 2 sisters : Island granted 1770 by Danish King and Ministers for death of genius polymath POUL GRONLANDER and his family to keep as a Holy Place and erect when you may Colleges to become a UNIVERSITY to POUL our Servant `


20th century the RANSOM families & all branches enter A Reign of TERROR given to us by the ARISTOCRATS of Gross BRITAIN & Scandinavia using their Governments & Crowns :

1938 - THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE & the CHILDREN of the GROTE HOMES worldwide for QUICK MONEY and to MAKE TOP CLASS BRITAIN and its relatives RICH :


1770 - The inner circle Arctic Island off West Greenland granted to JACOP POULSEN FOR THE DEATH OF FATHER Young Jacop begins to build a Church first it is intended to erect two Colleges & then later raise funds for a GREENLAND UNIVERSITY (DEED 1700 AD to Jacop Poulsen eldest son of POUL GRONLANDER & Margaret Yates/see genealogy)

JACOP Poulsen allowed his only daughter Gertrud to marry young FRED RANSOM c - he helps Jacop immediately - says an income necessary to Fund the Colleges - work needed for

Islanders and good housing : begins a furniture factory from all the oaken ballast littering the shores, good wood cast out for 1 or 2 centuries by ships Fred told his father-in-law CHRIST WAS A CARPENTER : Swiftly the Church was finished, a great bell cast, friend Delacroix painted the door with JACOP and ANGEL

The Theatre began for great Plays of all centuries back to Greece the first experimental building for a College begun Goodwill came from USA and even from Ethiopia Orchestra mainly Greenlanders (Esquimo) and guest artists came to play

the School is reckoned to have been `the best in the world` by Captain Alan Villiers December 1967 = ` ONE SAIL Margareth GAVE US THE KEY house on the 19th century American plan the biggest house ever put up in Greenland he built it for the grand-daughter of that mighty intellect THE GRONLANDER knew what he was doing theatre gilded inside `

` here Tiggy GROTE got his ideas about education came to be RANSOM Ward at 11 years of age ` :


PLANS for further education from 1840s into the 1960s are brutally objected to by IMPERIAL DENMARK, NORWAY - & IMPERIAL Gross BRITAIN adding its weight from 1879 & having cunning PLOTS with Premier Earls of Crawford LINDSAY-Lindsey from 1883 - Intention late 19th century is to get slave factories on the island & ruin the reputations of the Families of Norwegian Count POULSEN ( = great-grandson of 18TH CENTURY `THE GRONLANDER` the 6`5 inches Northern Chinese & Eskimo = has correspondence with the HUMANIST Pope Benedict 14 in four languages )

early 20th century the Aristocrat-Imperial madness began savaging the REPUTATIONS of the worldwide philanthropic RANSOM FAMILIES = invested in transport & RAIL from 1830 ... we are known to have great concern for SAFETY STANDARDS = this is alarming to a British upper class : many are come from the DOPE GROWING aristocrats of Scotland : LINDSAY specialised in INSURANCE FRAUD and money exchange around the Continental Ports from the 1790s

1820s a marriage is made by Fred RANSOM of MONTROSE Scotland to Gertrud daughter of JACOP POULSEN & Monica his sensible wife of French-Norwegian parents (her mother is French Marianne also a very sensible agreeable woman - and she knows her ancestry too ! ) :

Gertrud and her brothers, eldest is made Count POULSEN of Norway, are grandchildren of Margaret Yates of Shipping-Carlisle and her husband the most handsome very tall POUL Catechist/Trader/polymath = he of Eskimo and N. Chinese educated families = and they know their ancestry too !

( Nota bene : my pointed remarks above about OUR ancestry are to combat the wicked foul mouths directed at us by IMPERIAL coin-less 20th century FIGURES from A MORGUE :

NNB : I quote one who got away from THEM & lived abroad FEW OF US KNOW OUR FATHERS FOR SURE some of us not our mothers )

` THE GRONLANDER a man of MIGHTY INTELLECT ` (Alan Villiers et al ) died in gun accident Gotharb 1765 ... ISLAND granted in DECREE 1770 from Denmark King and Ministers to JACOP POULSEN eldest son of great POUL & Margaret - to keep as a Holy Place and erect College, University when you may ( MEMO : in the 20th century Denmark begins to call this King and his Ministers schizophrenics OF COURSE )


1820s : After the MARRIAGE ( they had 4 ceremonies Greenland, France, at SEA, to make it LEGAL in the eyes of THE BRITISH Pretty and exotic looking, Gertrud she got 4 frocks 4 wedding rings )

Fred and Gertrud & FAMILIES are eyed by IMPERIAL FIGURES of primitive outlook who begin using their IMPERIAL STATE `Workers` to obey silent-secret IMPERIAL DECREES to commit FRAUD-PERSECUTION-MURDER to get hold of RANSOM and families their BANKED MONEYS - LANDS - INVESTMENTS : DESTRUCTION of tomb stones & all evidence of these FAMILIES RANSOM & GRONLANDER becomes a savage obscene madness by the 1900s

NOTA BENE : 1920s onwards : EARLS of LINDSAY Crawford and Bethune-LINDSEY and adhering scum began to `nick` cunningly POULSEN-RANSOM GRANTS into RESEARCH medicine/technology/SCIENCES/monastic & convent establishments institutions and groups of people who engaged in the Arts

1930s and onwards (Reports Denmark 1969/others from Malaya, then the world, 1950s-1970s) - in Norway and Denmark IMPERIAL playboys and kin were living on, or topping up with, illegal withdrawals of RANSOM-GROTE banked moneys - many of them set about the SLAUGHTER of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide from 1938 onwards, under cover of 2nd World War, and into the early 1950s =

then went `BIG & Little GAME HUNTING` where their crimes were known where mature GROTE CHILDREN and their families, children, grandchildren, could be traced : Reports note that one or two persons are attached to British Embassies and consuls for this purpose called State Security & various other names indicating Secret Service work for British Government and Crowns

1946 the Aristocratic criminally insane begin heavily these TRICKS on the WEDDELL families of JAMES for whom the WEDDELL SEA is named sub-Arctic LINDSEY Earl no 14 boasts from 1940s that he is completing for Spain the WAR with the INCA …” By 1960 in SOUTH AMERICA there were 72 Weddell family missing plus blood-line branches = the total is later found to be near 150 missing :

MEMO : A marriage is made 1909 Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM to JEAN Minerva Weddell ballerina (a young widow)

her first marriage c 1904 to a young Rancher SMITH of Argentina - he dies in a year of appendicitis in the BASQUELANDS Spain c 1905 : they visited the families of her great-grandmother Aquida-SAN JULIAN we RANSOM-Weddell families call on them 1936 - I Greetha Ransom last see them 1938/1939 - RECORDS : )


NB: ` 2 signed copies legal Will

of Margaret nee RANSOM widow

Mrs Thomas I. GROTE by XMAS

1967/68 `


Dr `Mengele` HARRINGTON b 1912 : Called by himself PHYSICIAN to ANDRE MALRAUX :

Given G.P. license 1947 Hong Kong - dismissed by BMA London in 1982 : notorious divorce case London 1981 :

Insists from July 1947- November 1976 that he is appointed by CLARA nee Goldsmidt MALRAUX, divorced wife to be Physician to ANDRE MALRAUX - Man of Letters, French Minister of State in the Government of General de GAULLE 1959-1969 :



His father a medical man/mother `a member of the British Court` : Knows the DOPE growing Nobles of Scotland - Divinorum Salvia Scotland - pellets fire blown are worn in snout - create determination and greed = in 2 seconds hit the brain = big profit supplying British Empire overseas :

born 1912 - HARRINGTON has some schooling Scotland & Norway : GP license obtained 1947 Hong Kong JULY 1947 appoints himself `PHYSICIAN to ANDRE MALRAUX b 1901 ... for the divorced wife CLARA nee Goldsmidt b 1895 : `Mengele` is a friend of Royalty Scandinavia and titled persons Scotland :

He has a prison sentence 1936 Austria for sexual attacks 2 months on a baby of about 6-7 months - he was giving the babe morphine : transferred to a Psychiatric CLINIC Britain he is released in 2 years : he has relapses and is placed in various NUT HOUSES … until he assumes role 1953 of great Physician and sometimes has a sign on his infamous slinky blue car `member of Royal Household` :

DISMISSED 1982 by BMA (British Medical Association) he continues to use persons of British NAVAL Intelligence, and British Government Administration until his death February 1992 :


GENOCIDE 1938-1950s -

& the PROGRESS by cunning destruction of the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` Estate worldwide in 3 Parts : thus removing a worldwide GENOCIDE of children & staff :

1930s : MOONLIGHT agreement with Great Britain Lords & Crowns & tribal connexions of Scandinavia to lay waste the Estate :

1938 try remember these are

people who have spent all their lives in close

contact with crooks

( above advice young Fred John RANSOM & Uncle Mainwarring RN, Clacton-on-Sea Essex - late 1930s )

criminally insane British-Scandinavian IMPERIAL snarling comes at our modest families because of the miracle Estate worldwide with its high quality philanthropy = FIGURES from A MORGUE brag they want to break it up - share it out to make Imperial Britain and Imperial Scandinavia rich they mouth threats at us - we are invited to places of enlightenment - they come without invitation : A remark they have is `that God has not yet given permission for Eskimos & Apes to make WILLS` :

1930s - GROTE HOMES TEACHING : The heirs Greta Ransom born 1933 March and uncle Len Immanuel Ransom born 1921, are having lessons, as all the worldwide GROTE CHILDREN have, upon the making of our RANSOM MIRACLE ESTATE and the help received by TIGGY who created their HOMES .

`Every nook and cranny, the very small, the tiny pieces that form this Estate and the roles, assistance, of whom gave advice whether big or small So they learn of every nook and cranny that contributes to the enlarging in the 18th-19th-early 20th They explore, by visits about the world, how all nations agree with the Estate, regarded as a delicate flower garden, passing into their lands, along their seashores : and how we are all in touch and see that it is agreeable to everyone : The Grote Homes begun 1864 educate orphans to 18/22/25 years of age - some have a mother or a father, grandparents, and some have no parents at all

1850s - 1900s - the GREAT ARISTOCRATIC BOOTS of the often coin less luxury living MORGUE FIGURES of GROSS BRITAIN and SCANDINAVIA are trying to stamp upon the world and have it remain THE BRITISH EMPIRE and all other nations outside are to do as the IMPERIAL SYSTEM tells it to The great Nonconformist & Quaker families that made the technology advances by their common sense and humanism, non-racism, that made Britain rich , have been undermined - their enterprises corrupted for quick money for a top Class - their Philanthropy cunningly mocked

1937-1939 : Young Frederick John RANSOM tells his daughter Greta and his youngest brother Lennie THE TEACHING to the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN We will take Georges Clemenceau of France for our lesson to-morrow morning We felt it better to show you every nook and cranny, however small that contributes to the enlarging in the 19th-20th century of our Estate YOU WILL MEET KIND PEOPLE who wish to help all other peoples you have met many abroad, and enjoyed

the hospitality of the GROTE HOMES children and staff

1979-1981 : Especial references : 1967 November/December - 1968-1969 - 1970 January - 1981/82

Mengele had 2 signed copies of the legal

WILL by 1967/1968

NB : It is natural that the Research worker will come upon evidence to be noted, considered, as they proceed with their investigation :

1967 November - ` MURDERS are PLOTTED of the 3 RANSOM brothers & daughter & niece Greta Ransom, all heirs --- & ANDRE MALRAUX Estate GUARDIAN, and all who have known since Christmas 1959 of the legal GUARDIANSHIP of MALRAUX French citizen - kept from him since 1938/39 and after the 2nd World War by The Imperial & Commonwealt h BRITISH GOVERNMENT for Aristocrats and Crowns - the Realm authorized and organised theft-persecution-blackmail and murders so it might be rich and rule the globe :

1969 March & early SUMMER 1969 : BARBARIC SLAYINGS of F.J. RANSOM killed by his attackers March 1969/his brother Dr John RAY Ransom USA CITIZEN killed with petrol poured down his throat at former RANSOM Farmhouse of 1500 near Montrose Basin - at first `missing` early Summer 1969 - 1970s - hunting, persecution, of remaining brother, Ransom heir, Dr Len Immanuel Ransom - tricked after theft of his Passport, personal Papers, possessions, left only sparse clothing, back broken and dragged in the seas off Scotland - died in a few hours A tug boat skipper had debts and was promised 400 pounds by paedophile HARRINGTON known to call himself ESTERHAZY too in Scotland - saved by crew - they listened - knew he spoke truth - he died recovering from their shock they reported the Skipper - he was found in Seas dead : 1982-1987 the truth comes out :

MEMORANDUM : Mr Doctor `MENGELE` HARRINGTON carries out all 3 slayings - injects FJR after having him beaten up in an ambulance he and JIM JONG Cur JAMES run `for Noble persons` : Lures Dr RAY to the RANSOM 1500 farmhouse Montrose Basin, called CROWN LANDS since 1941 - a present from Major JIM JONG says WHITEHALL : then appears and shoots with gun at the petrol filled head and stomach of JRR :

1968 onwards : HARRINGTON b 1912, a hideous sentenced prisoner 1936 and lunatic Psychiatric clinic commitments into 1951, known as Royal Satrap, but better known as the very rich paedophile who savages babies and very tiny children overseas holds Court at BLEWBURY VILLAGE Oxfordshire from Summer 1968 & uses foul mouth at ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom W. from that summer :

After organising with JIM JONG and LINDSAY-Lindsey EARLS the killings and early deaths of RANSOM families and branches, advisors and friends, he now accuses LIR born 1921 of being a paedophile :

1982 dismissed by BMA : pressure from nameless Medical world 1982 - small newspaper article from BMA says he may not work in G.B. National Heath Hospitals - the Public can rest assured : although they cannot stop him taking Private Consulting Work : A MANIAC KILLER was left free He continued to dine about the countryside with his former noble criminals He is not PUT DOWN until February 1992 REPORTS entered Oxford circles 1992/early 1993

1982 : he has 1982 earlier that year married a very rich naive widow woman in her mid-40s, she has a 12 years old son : He now applies for his PEERSHIP promised him by the British Aristocrats and relatives for his criminal work since 1938 - did not get it - his glitzy publicity Divorce went wrong 1981 = he was exposed somewhat by the foreign Press :

1978/1980 : conversations with Mrs Nurse `Mengele` Harrington - she born c 1930 - she has been told by him that he is divorcing her :

he `Mengele` had 2 signed copies of the legal WILL to the worldwide GROTE RANSOM ESTATE one in 1953 the second he may have taken from Mr F.J. Ransom 1967-1968 when he obtained ACCESS to his modest London accommodation

MEMO : ABOVE STATEMENT is by Mrs Nurse Harrington to a sympathetic observer : She is in shock at being cast off suddenly by Harrington - 1976 after the too early death of ANDRE MALRAUX he had acknowledged to a very rich naïve widow of 39/ 40 that they could be a team : This cold blooded KILLER reasoned that if he had such a rich fairly well connected wife he would be given the PEERSHIP promised him for his filthy barbaric killer work for his employers the British and Scandinavian Aristocrats So he soon booted the 20 years younger wife of 1953 out - ended the Lease on their classy very expensive Mayfair 2-rooms kitchen & bathroom hole-in-the-wall : She had no home a good solicitor took up the matter for her : )

MEMORANDUM : Mengele HARRINGTON is a sentenced paedophile Austria 1936 for 2 months or more of full sexual attacks on a baby of a few months - he was using morphine on the baby : in 1947 age 35/36 he took a medical course Hong Kong & obtained a GP certificate - 1954 he was banned from operating on patients by 3 London hospitals - killing a patient & 3 operations looked as if `a screwdriver taken to patient - had to be done again …” He is seen to be a companion of Phil the Greek Mountbatten and various bad blood Aristocrats & JIM Jong the PIMP 1953 the steward-barman at WHITES Club St James`


1930s - `Mengele` Harrington b 1912, is a pre-war acquaintance of ANGELA (born 1900)

( Angela is to be known on ceremonial occasions as Duchess Elizabeth and then as a Queen the wife of George VI May 1937 - after the booting out of her brother-in-law ) From 1920 ANGELA has Continental chums, especially in PARIS -

In 1938 HARRINGTON is introduced to Clara Malraux and her brother Maurice by JIMMIE JONG (whose Chinese mother and aunt have a pleasant Apartment in Paris from 1920, possibly much earlier ) HARRINGTON, prison & NUT HOUSES now to be forgotten, is given a salary for SPYING on ANDRE MALRAUX for the British Government & Crown :

1967 November - marriage of 12 October 1967 by G.R. and PJPW of BMNH, twin to Sir Rowland Whitehead : discovered by EARL LINDSAY-Lindsey, dirty JIM Cur James, Angela and Doc Mengele Harrington, and other criminally insane scum responsible for worldwide GENOCIDE Grote Homes Children and theft of a 3rd of the RANSOM Estate by 1945 during 2nd World War to make themselves RICH ( hence their togs-new diamonds-horses and big gambling and SCARLET LILAC TIME )

1958/59 - ANDRE MALRAUX living half the week at 50 Lancaster Gate Square ( the Catholic Charity run by he and General de Gaulle with Westminster Catholic Diocese ) had to ask French and other Secret Services to get a report on the London persecution and violence against him for 4-5 years - included dirty remarks behind his back at WHITES CLUB, lately to his face and attempts of maiming and murder at he and Miss Greta Ransom

REPORTS : some of these men have dirty lives and a few of their women too He did not read more to me, Greta Ransom, but he went one Sunday January 1954 morning WHITES CLUB St James, a Vice Bar now, jumped up on a chair one Sunday morning and gave them `A SERMON ON THE MOUNT`

it did result in a few giving dirty JIM the sack - but he did not leave Club until May 1970 - pleading and wheedling he had the Club Finances tied up with his City `Empire`

( Full report on this given to Greta Ransom Whitehead, December 1970 in The Ashmolean Museum - Boyd Alexander - et al )


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