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Nota bene: Tiggy loses his parents to death before he is an adult - he comes as WARD to Fred & Gertrud (Poulsen) RANSOM & families because of getting Ringworm (from talking to the animals in Boston Zoo

We are the RANSOM family the direct descendants of he `GAIUS `RANSOM out of Jutland-Egypt-Mediterranean come 77 AD Londinium river Thames (Roman Britain) after experiencing a dreadful WEDDING of relatives JUTLAND -

LATIN they drank for 7 days - ALL OF THEM ARE SO FAT from over-eating rich meats & oaten cakes enriched with lards & honey I wonder how they get their winter stores ? I suspect they take them from neighbours in local skirmishes or go marauding off shore they do not have a library as we consider a necessity yet they can fashion fair craftwork I FLED - I cannot return to my roots & our life the Mediterranean has become full of anxieties

(MEMO : first translations often from Latin originals = LIFE BOOKS/ have travelled down the centuries to RANSOM 19th century & especially from 9th century AD /ref. Heligoland RANSOM & Osbert RANSOM `Satteus laetus`= I am joyful with sufficient )

RECORDS - clearly established : RANSOM families EAST COAST BRITAIN from 92 AD - his line comes to settle SUFFOLK 92 AD from job 77 AD Londinium - This job is to interview all boats coming up the river to trade - and see that no pirates get past Gravesend - he is REDEMPTIO :

For a 2nd marriage by the head of the mainline RANSOM Family F. Ransom-Lady Japan Bruges 1504 by 1500 we have purchased a farmhouse at Montrose 2 miles from the Basin & own lands - sheep raising will provide an income - especially when Religious disputes, disagreements and Wars are about the Continent : We can pull our Trading ships into the Montrose Basin & we run a ship repair yard :

19th century - We are Sea Traders, transport investors, and philanthropists RANSOM : our main line from 77 AD LONDINIUM has first postal address REDEMPTIO c/o The Mithraeum, Wall Brook, Waterfront - from 92 AD we are retired to Dunwich Suffolk :

1820s - our RANSOM 19th century `heimat` homestead is JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND, inner circle ARCTIC, off XRISTENSHARB, WEST GREENLAND 1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX, Josette Clotis & Greta Ransom - Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND…” the `scaffolding` of our centuries :

Island of Jacopsholmen = JACOP POULSEN is name of eldest son of POUL GRONLANDER and his lawful wife Margaret nee Yates, Shipping/Carlisle, parents of Jacop & 2 brothers & 2 sisters : Island granted 1770 by Danish King and Ministers for death of genius polymath POUL GRONLANDER and his family to keep as a Holy Place and erect when you may Colleges to become a UNIVERSITY to POUL our Servant `


20th century the RANSOM families & all branches enter A Reign of TERROR given to us by the ARISTOCRATS of Gross BRITAIN & Scandinavia using their Governments & Crowns :

1938 - THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE & the CHILDREN of the GROTE HOMES worldwide for QUICK MONEY and to MAKE TOP CLASS BRITAIN and its relatives RICH :


1770 - The inner circle Arctic Island off West Greenland granted to JACOP POULSEN FOR THE DEATH OF FATHER Young Jacop begins to build a Church first it is intended to erect two Colleges & then later raise funds for a GREENLAND UNIVERSITY (DEED 1700 AD to Jacop Poulsen eldest son of POUL GRONLANDER & Margaret Yates/see genealogy)

JACOP Poulsen allowed his only daughter Gertrud to marry young FRED RANSOM c - he helps Jacop immediately - says an income necessary to Fund the Colleges - work needed for

Islanders and good housing : begins a furniture factory from all the oaken ballast littering the shores, good wood cast out for 1 or 2 centuries by ships Fred told his father-in-law CHRIST WAS A CARPENTER : Swiftly the Church was finished, a great bell cast, friend Delacroix painted the door with JACOP and ANGEL

The Theatre began for great Plays of all centuries back to Greece the first experimental building for a College begun Goodwill came from USA and even from Ethiopia Orchestra mainly Greenlanders (Esquimo) and guest artists came to play

the School is reckoned to have been `the best in the world` by Captain Alan Villiers December 1967 = ` ONE SAIL Margareth GAVE US THE KEY house on the 19th century American plan the biggest house ever put up in Greenland he built it for the grand-daughter of that mighty intellect THE GRONLANDER knew what he was doing theatre gilded inside `

` here Tiggy GROTE got his ideas about education came to be RANSOM Ward at 11 years of age ` :


PLANS for further education from 1840s into the 1960s are brutally objected to by IMPERIAL DENMARK, NORWAY - & IMPERIAL Gross BRITAIN adding its weight from 1879 & having cunning PLOTS with Premier Earls of Crawford LINDSAY-Lindsey from 1883 - Intention late 19th century is to get slave factories on the island & ruin the reputations of the Families of Norwegian Count POULSEN ( = great-grandson of 18TH CENTURY `THE GRONLANDER` the 6`5 inches Northern Chinese & Eskimo = has correspondence with the HUMANIST Pope Benedict 14 in four languages )

early 20th century the Aristocrat-Imperial madness began savaging the REPUTATIONS of the worldwide philanthropic RANSOM FAMILIES = invested in transport & RAIL from 1830 ... we are known to have great concern for SAFETY STANDARDS = this is alarming to a British upper class : many are come from the DOPE GROWING aristocrats of Scotland : LINDSAY specialised in INSURANCE FRAUD and money exchange around the Continental Ports from the 1790s

1820s a marriage is made by Fred RANSOM of MONTROSE Scotland to Gertrud daughter of JACOP POULSEN & Monica his sensible wife of French-Norwegian parents (her mother is French Marianne also a very sensible agreeable woman - and she knows her ancestry too ! ) :

Gertrud and her brothers, eldest is made Count POULSEN of Norway, are grandchildren of Margaret Yates of Shipping-Carlisle and her husband the most handsome very tall POUL Catechist/Trader/polymath = he of Eskimo and N. Chinese educated families = and they know their ancestry too !

( Nota bene : my pointed remarks above about OUR ancestry are to combat the wicked foul mouths directed at us by IMPERIAL coin-less 20th century FIGURES from A MORGUE :

NNB : I quote one who got away from THEM & lived abroad FEW OF US KNOW OUR FATHERS FOR SURE some of us not our mothers )

` THE GRONLANDER a man of MIGHTY INTELLECT ` (Alan Villiers et al ) died in gun accident Gotharb 1765 ... ISLAND granted in DECREE 1770 from Denmark King and Ministers to JACOP POULSEN eldest son of great POUL & Margaret - to keep as a Holy Place and erect College, University when you may ( MEMO : in the 20th century Denmark begins to call this King and his Ministers schizophrenics OF COURSE )


1820s : After the MARRIAGE ( they had 4 ceremonies Greenland, France, at SEA, to make it LEGAL in the eyes of THE BRITISH Pretty and exotic looking, Gertrud she got 4 frocks 4 wedding rings )

Fred and Gertrud & FAMILIES are eyed by IMPERIAL FIGURES of primitive outlook who begin using their IMPERIAL STATE `Workers` to obey silent-secret IMPERIAL DECREES to commit FRAUD-PERSECUTION-MURDER to get hold of RANSOM and families their BANKED MONEYS - LANDS - INVESTMENTS : DESTRUCTION of tomb stones & all evidence of these FAMILIES RANSOM & GRONLANDER becomes a savage obscene madness by the 1900s

NOTA BENE : 1920s onwards : EARLS of LINDSAY Crawford and Bethune-LINDSEY and adhering scum began to `nick` cunningly POULSEN-RANSOM GRANTS into RESEARCH medicine/technology/SCIENCES/monastic & convent establishments institutions and groups of people who engaged in the Arts

1930s and onwards (Reports Denmark 1969/others from Malaya, then the world, 1950s-1970s) - in Norway and Denmark IMPERIAL playboys and kin were living on, or topping up with, illegal withdrawals of RANSOM-GROTE banked moneys - many of them set about the SLAUGHTER of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide from 1938 onwards, under cover of 2nd World War, and into the early 1950s =

then went `BIG & Little GAME HUNTING` where their crimes were known where mature GROTE CHILDREN and their families, children, grandchildren, could be traced : Reports note that one or two persons are attached to British Embassies and consuls for this purpose called State Security & various other names indicating Secret Service work for British Government and Crowns

1946 the Aristocratic criminally insane begin heavily these TRICKS on the WEDDELL families of JAMES for whom the WEDDELL SEA is named sub-Arctic LINDSEY Earl no 14 boasts from 1940s that he is completing for Spain the WAR with the INCA …” By 1960 in SOUTH AMERICA there were 72 Weddell family missing plus blood-line branches = the total is later found to be near 150 missing :

MEMO : A marriage is made 1909 Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM to JEAN Minerva Weddell ballerina (a young widow)

her first marriage c 1904 to a young Rancher SMITH of Argentina - he dies in a year of appendicitis in the BASQUELANDS Spain c 1905 : they visited the families of her great-grandmother Aquida-SAN JULIAN we RANSOM-Weddell families call on them 1936 - I Greetha Ransom last see them 1938/1939 - RECORDS : )


NB: ` 2 signed copies legal Will

of Margaret nee RANSOM widow

Mrs Thomas I. GROTE by XMAS

1967/68 `


Dr `Mengele` HARRINGTON b 1912 : Called by himself PHYSICIAN to ANDRE MALRAUX :

Given G.P. license 1947 Hong Kong - dismissed by BMA London in 1982 : notorious divorce case London 1981 :

Insists from July 1947- November 1976 that he is appointed by CLARA nee Goldsmidt MALRAUX, divorced wife to be Physician to ANDRE MALRAUX - Man of Letters, French Minister of State in the Government of General de GAULLE 1959-1969 :