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NIGHT….JOSETTE HAS DIED 1944- BECAUSE THIS FRAUD WITH VIOLENCE BROKEN LOOSE 1937 MAY when MADNESS GRASPED MASSIVE KUDOS in Great Britain…Racism raged using the British State & Armed Services in secrecy against Nations A-Z the globe where GROTE HOMES had existed since 1860s producing young HUMANISTS…all whom ACTED THE GOSPELS OUT…

1960 January   Mr Mengele Doc Harrington’s  team of 200 upped to 600 in 1960 & it joined another earlier Team appointed by the criminally insane Scandinavian Crows RN to search out & remove bank accounts & tumble the Ransom Estate- 2,000 or so…

1960 COLNE ENGAINE-July- Summer nights about midnight came scum of Noble Britain- boasting they were pouring acid in the Grote children death pits- depth charging off-shore where the children 5 years to 18 years were drowned in nets-  these  children speaking 3/4 languages-musicians-some to be scientists-some stay home-farm- craftwork-teach-some skilled administrators in the towns or countryside of their nations -HUMANISTS all- they make good marriages & produce 3 children on average-2 Gipsy students France… Ages 5 to 18 years they were dumped off the shores of their own nations- or brutally hit with guns-knifed-some had arms pulled off for fun-burned in pits or on seashores some seen to be not dead…Report-  boasting- a 20 years old Lindsay from a female line July 1945-  Reports/ FULL REPORTS ARE ABOUT THE GLOBE- Children taken at night from THEIR HOMES 2nd World War- Amongst all the Nations of the globe only Gross Britain disapproved of the Grote Homes

& Aunt Magarethe Ransom Grote having this piece of philanthropy & HEIRS-  when Noble Britain have no money for the big time- & here were all these seashore lands A-Z the world…oh what a lot of money could be got running ruin on them…

1929 meeting- British Nobles decided the Estate of an old Eskimo would pay all their debts-   they could be HIGH CLASS SIN as ever- nobody need find out- kill all who know- (meetings-letters-records)

1940s Did the USA allow Grote Brokers to be tumbled by the Fraud of Earls Lindsaybuggarhs & Gross Britain ? No.  When ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE were shown by the 3 Ransom brothers the WILL of  MRG 1937/8 the WILL of  TIG 1904 Aunt Mag’s parents Will F & G RANSOM in March 1962- President Kennedy had already a 3 man team of investigation-they had many dead in the seashores homes & settlements-

1960 end February/March - Courier delivery to FRANCE- Documents & these Wills- stolen on journey with other papers in a cunning G.B. RN Intelligence fraud- fake messages sent to Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux working with so many other good people to STOP this murdering theft going on-by Noble Gross Britain gone insane 1920s on GREED dope-licentious living-& their divinity-

President Kennedy was given permission 1961 by Senate to put a 3 - 4 man Team `laying it bare`- his parents would pay to expose this horrible slaying of the Grote children for the theft of moneys from 19 acres under New York-using a faceless woman Angela- The settlements & Estates with thousands slain- logging A to Z little nations-putting big RN ships offshore-all the tricks of intimidation-by the dope-fiends & criminally insane of the British penniless Noble Class whose debts were known to USA where they‘d had to borrow moneys from 1920s-1960 the horror of finding WEDDELL families all missing-talk of a change of name on the SEA was spoken of  by some RN -in shock from discovery of what the Navy had been used for in the War-1948 Augusta Frobisher RN wartime duties- Alfred Charles Ransom RN other top RN had been on their knees praying as the numbers of children slain rose A-Z globe…

FRAUD by Noble Britain & Crown went on- attacking in secret silence the rest of the ESTATE Grote RANSOM- old dope-fiends mouthing

` An old Eskimo gave it to Angela when she was a child ` No legal claim was made the globe-for Angela-it would have be found unlawful by the world’s PressThe ruthless search for documents proving the existence of the GROTE HOMES the QUALITY went on so they might be destroyed & all persons given early death-Mr Mengele was said to be good destroying the liver in men-  he later takes Commissions

1963 President Kennedy died - the INVESTIGATION was progressing well- he was taking back many Ransom Grote properties in secret silencehis parents knew Tiggy Grote & Margarethe who have a bridal house by the water New York- a delightful place to be invited to- I TELL JOSETTE OF IT- SUMMER 1937-

1936 April  Lennie & Greta Ransom stayed there after our horrendous attack & escape in March on my 3rd birthday- in Mexico - Len Flyer 15 years old drove 2 days- we fell at feet of Mrs Albeqerqe near Monterey she a Saint in disguise…Records/diaries/  (Grote heir recognised 1988- thank you everyone for kindness-)

JEAN is recovering in New York Hospital March-April 1936- & the staff were determined TO HAVE HER LEAVE DANCING AGAIN after the terrible attack on she & Greta who stout child recovered miraculously in 5 days.   JEAN she did dance again grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL the Antarctica SEA- daughter of his eldest son James married MINERVA Song writer “Evensongs”  (a book for piano organ went into several editions 1880s onwards) she is Olivea Hesketh Wyoming USA-next door to a Shakers Community- Their two daughters are first cousins to the very many offspring of their father’s younger brother John Weddell who married when very young & when his wife died took a second wife & had more children-Cousin Clarke Gable line of John has just made a film 1936 called “SAN FRANCISCO”

& Greta Ransom carried Cousin Clarke’s oil-drums to his car for the journey back to USA-he approved the strong heir ! We meet the WEDDELL CLAN of 72 persons   1935/36 - Records/diaries/photos…

1935 October we have fled Gross Brit in our seaplanes to our Island Jacopsholmen West Greenland for the attacks on Greta & all of the families have become so very savage-gang rape on a 2 year old by Lindsay-buggarhs claiming  “the child was a deaf-dumb-Ape & Eskimo offspring & could be ‘a changeling-from the Devil ”-

Nota Bene   Late 19th century-early 20th - Angela & others have parents who go in for witchcraft Scotland’s harsh winters- when they have no dough to go abroad- (ref. Macbeth-Will Shakespeare !)

1957 Mr Mengele Harrington I hear was penetrating the last of the Saint Michael witch cults in France in the 1940s-50s-

November- a phrase he had, especially at midnight “I AM SAINT MICHAEL FALLING & FALLEN- you-you-YOU get WHICH ONE YOU DESERVE …” - Waking to this one midnight he with a key to my room in this Catholic Hostel Workplace- known to ANDRE MALRAUX as `my London HOME` I asked Mengele `was that in the play-did you have a good supper ? `   The brute of the dead fish eyes said he had a good supper & lots of champagne & he VANISHED down the great stairs of 50 Lancaster Gate Square London- to harm others you can be sure…

1957 October - man called Macmillan -banned from Greece for LIFE in 1934 by the ATHENS Parliament for trying to steal Art Works from the GROTE HOME on the little island -he masquerading as an American representative from GROTE Brokers New York -art works taken off him-

He has reportedly said October 1957  “he wants ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM killed”   This was foiled December by MI5 & 6 working away all one Friday evening to midnight- Report given July 1969 PJPW & GRW & others- (Information about Whitehall)

Scary perhaps when the criminally insane are in charge of a Nation & that Nation is DECLINING from ITS FALL-

This Retired Noble MacMillan got hold of our RANSOM Estate Grote Homes etc. Uruguay-he kept 2 young women with a child each by him- Mengele said he would kill them when MacMillan died- He is a ruthless dope user- Has used this dangerous dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland since his youth- One of several Reports reaching Arthur Malone Detective & others-he employed by Andre Malraux-October 1957-

1957 November - I have woken last week & Mengele has been methodically going through my clothes my handbag my books-I did not give away I was awake- IT WAS MOST UN-NERVINGANDRE MALRAUX IS IN GAUL- I will be 25 years of age March 11th next year 1958-

I HAVE NO POST/mail that is not intercepted by THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & Crown-since XMAS 1933 the year of my birth-

Mengele Doctor not allowed to touch a patient Harrington is employed by G.B. Gov & Crown & knows ANDRE MALRAUX is GUARDIAN to the Estate Greta & Len legal heirsAngela has has told him to help himself every month to a bank in The Midlands- It is in my name-& Dr L.I. Ransom too- records/etc/ Angela has East Anglian bank accounts Ransom draining off into a Disused Apothecary & Stables Wales-it goes to her evil TOWER (See Lord of the Ring by Tolkien- he explains EVIL of this nature rather well )

Mengele Doc Harrington paedophile sadist & the other crooks know it is only a matter of time before somebody tells ANDRE MALRAUX WHAT  HE  DOES  NOT  KNOW- unfortunately a lot of people think he does know & it is a matter for ANDRE & General de Gaulle-so they feel it would be impertinent to ask anything of heroes…

Killings have started again-the records are tragic/weird happenings/abductions/  & big money is being earned by these criminally insane from the criminally insane to STOP THE TRUTH BEING KNOWN-

1957 Oct-Dec- It was getting scary- but I have paid my rent for a month 4 times over ! Telling ANDRE MALRAUX - AFTER AWFUL UPSETS- he threw Mengele out-asked the housekeeper about 80 pounds in some shock ! He now knew why I pulled myself up to his height & gave him cool looks…He also FORBADE CLARA ENTRY as well…

I was told by the Vic & Bert Museum staff this should not happen in a Catholic Hostel & WorkplaceThey helped-

“  We have asked Paddington Rent Tribunal & you do not have to pay again for FOUR months- & they have to give you a year’s notice nowbecause you pay by the month they have to give you 3 months notice for each RENT you have paid the first month !   Any problems-call & see them- They may send somebody round there to ask questions-

1941-1954 Lindsaybuggarhs other Earls- Jimmie Jong ( Cur James 1954 ) all were  employing criminals - learning of details/rents etc of the  RANSOM 19 acres under New York administered by GROTE BROKERS off Wall Street-since 1830s- preparing to fraudulently sell in silence-tumble Grote Brokers in silence…

“ 1801 to-day I purchased a parcil of 19 Acres NEW YORK…  ”

Diary with drawings of Fred RANSOM- father of Frederick RANSOM  (Greta’s grandpa 3 times back)

Nightwatch 1960 -  Dr John RAY Ransom `I want to remind you of Fred Ransom Sea Trader…Oranges were very much our Cargo-…he keeps a diary I have seen it-copied it USA…

1802- he built the Chalet with a Verandah on the NORTH SIDE-New York- GOT SNOWED IN THE FIRST WINTER…`

`The family had to leave Antigua & CAIN their second son …pirates disturbances had had two of his friends husband & wife killed-heads cut off-left in a swamp` Diaries possibly stolen by G.B. Gov & Crown to sell later-or they may have destroyed them-copies were made-

1937 SUMMER HOLIDAY Clacton on Sea

ANDRE MALRAUX a young lady Andre calls to as ``OJO&Joh- They have invited to share their holiday Greta Ransom-heir kidnapped from loving high intelligence A-Z the world by IMPERIAL GREED penniless stoking up their greed on DOPES & booze 1920s G.B. decadence- the HEIR grabbed for  more violence… Greetah heir with Lennie her heir & co-heir to their Aunt the girl of the snows Jacopsholmen Island Greenland-Margarethe Ransom Grote our ancestry 92 AD Britain Traders the globe…owning vast seashore lands outside IMPERIAL Britain fallen penniless at the top-

Because of this chance meeting- SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT - if ANDRE MALRAUX had not been a kindly young man & listened to a 4 years old the first day upon Holland-on-sea beach-July 1937 Greta Ransom would have died & Len & other Ransom heirs been proclaimed-   I cried when he stepped on my Sand Banquet made for them- & sobbing told him that ALSO I am to die in September & go up to Manchester to be buried with my Grandmother Gordon’s mother-Teresa Carroll a girl Platonist-Harmonist- BUT THEY COULD NOT FIND A PHOTO OF HER-& I Greta Ransom did not want to go into a grave with somebody I did not know what they looked like-

We three have much misery ahead- Andre & Josette they have collected it because they have come here on a Summer Holiday- & met a town full of good folk- & the little clean seaside Town took them to its heart- then again when  he Colonel Andre Malraux WIDOWER arrives May 1945 -

1937 September -Andre & Josette MALRAUX departed saying-& writing “HERE WE FOUND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT…we will come again soon ”  Greta returned to the Convent of Poor Saint Clares` & was an Angel in the Xmas pantomime we take to the Retirement Homes the Hospital the Apprentices Hostel Holland-on-Sea…which she & Lennie Ransom have a 51 percent share in-putting our profit back into their further assistance-maintenance-  Building torn down 1946 casting them out for it was found to be `Crown lands`…JIM & Lindsaybuggarhs got some dough…The PLAQUE stating it was a gift from Mrs Thomas I. GROTE was photographed before it was smashed by pick axes…

1948- reference to year 1801 `The Parcil of 19 Acres that I Fred RANSOM PURCHASED 1801 New York …diaries/

Andre Malraux is wound into this FRAUD-THEFT without any understanding until 1960...Clara Malraux’s brother Maurice-the-mouse who insists for 40 years ANDRE MALRAUX OWES HIM MONEY-belonging to Clara…see biographies-& foxing-Maurice was asked by JIM Jong whom he has known in Paris pre- 2nd World War…to help deceive ANDRE…

Information from MALRAUX to PJPW 1970- Greta Ransom W. invited to take shorthand notes- The Pillar House Harwell Village the house where the immortal childrens stories were drawn-  Fredk. WARNE-

`Around SCARLET TOWN` 3 decades…Records/oral/texts/ Maurice -`Whites Club called him Maurice the Mouse…1950s…Goldsmit -brother of CLARA Malraux- acquaintance- PARIS 1920s-30s of Jim Jong- squats 1950s/60s when MALRAUX is not in PARIS-France-`Jan STEEN Tavern…` rise of  LSD-they are fat barrels round our knees-a few Akhenatons` through the mangle-they kill for money-JO is dead because of them-her sons-sons of ANDRE MALRAUX-she the Roman Catholic wife of he who chose her Georges-Andre Malraux…1947 Then a Wedding of Grace WE THREE of SUMMER 1937 holding hands with JOSETTE between us I his Ward- I the pauper so called by Gross Britain penniless Noble scum- Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom-

Records/tapes- Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM `Lennie says   ‘they took cousin Lindsay out of Canada-I   was asked to come in-it would be handled so discretely- BUT- we did not know- YOUR MAIL was now given to a Guardian appointed for you by your mother & Angela outside the LAW- Miss Winnie Gordon-used as a religion front- bastard nephew at the back door…they were only concerned with getting dough-

It was given to him-YOUR MAIL-the bastard Ed du Cann-he has no idea of World Economics-other than grabbing for a system of Decline- ANDRE MALRAUX is your Guardian- & MINE ! You will NEVER know what has been going on- Peter has been hoodwinked by Mengele & his G.B. Naval Intelligence mob-

All your post here at Pillar House HAS BEEN GOING TO THEM ! I  Len who you do not know-they took your memory out when we went to fight THEIR War- She is insane my poor eldest brother’s wife-& they keep her so- do not let her in your door ! Teresa Gordon R is as mad as them-

I fear you never hear these tapes-from a dead man-L.I.R.  Remember the sweet home ‘Jerusalem’ by the Park the sloping little Park Deptford- how we would go & sit in the dusk beside JEAN’s grave (1938) -they poisoned our mother to death- she still dancing-we had these plans to take us all with Uncle Mainwarring RN to see her DANCE upon her grandfather’s WEDDELL SEA…We buried with the velvet scarlet flowers in her hair as she always had when she danced her Spanish choreography…` (she is painted ballerina scarlet flowers in her hair-turned away from the painter…another shows her in a line with the dancers at the barre`…this is probably the painting bought by MINERVA of her daughter Jeanthe artist a nice old man`… stolen from `Jerusalem` 1937 - We were followed by a hooting Lindsay mob Clacton front the middle Promenade- Mr Pong too…they demanded all we had to come to them…given them by an old Eskimo they‘d jeer…I was 4 years coming 5...I saw them as ugly little shiney faced gnomes-they drank from bottles on the Seafront-  We kept away when the Police said `They got the Bailiffs in again-Lindsaybuggarhs`…

L.I.R `The Firebird of Argentina- INCA- ballerina-you saw her dance in her magnificence-  the Island of the Nugget of Gold- Tierra del Fuego-& your poor young father only 22 when you are born acted for the male dancer-handled the lifts -all records histories destroyed -so madness that grasped a State could have dough….

With Kennedy killed- I think ANDRE could not go on-his health suffering & Mengele trying to follow him spy on him…the boys dead- Andre with no home- then you at the British MUSEUM- Natural History-you found another man of the SEAS-`  LIR…

(Greetha with  famous names Ransom Weddell Frobisher a christening on Jacopsholmen Island November 1933.. go to work Fishes Section  BMNH-24th January 1962 -BYRON POET- his birthday- then again I return-5 October 1966-I hath been to ATHENS-cousins live there-we went by road to the Great Goddess Athena/photos-text-) Sir Terence Morrison Scot saw me in the BMNH Bird Gallery one morning & beamed…I knew his face…he was helping move a case…I had no memory of 1938 & 1939...He was pleased I was so tall & strong-he had felt I could not live at 6 years of age…A famous scientist talking to me about Orphanages that were real Homes overseas had the Museums realise the memory loss was total…I only had to see photos-text- & it would have been back !

I would be able to identify the Lindsaybuggarhs Mr Pong & relate the killings the meetings overheard-the visits to Jacopsholmen island…to Jean’s island of the Sun…All the RANSOM families & branches would be back in my knowledge ~  Why do not clever people realise speech cannot raise the dead-but the pictorial…iconography CAN…~  NOT WHAT THE VIOLENT KILLERS-THIEVES-FRAUDSTERS…dope growers & dealers wanted at all of course….

Peter J. P. Whitehead father of Amanda Oonagh-Paul James -Victoria-Augusta Gordon-Peter Rathbone Ransom-WHITEHEAD …& we found some refuge in The Pillar House Harwell `Johnny Crow‘s Garden`- albeit Pong- Mengele- Naval intelligence-old noble dog piles & slags with bottles in their handbags appeared…all maniacs of 1920s-30s dope-booze FRAUD THEFT LSD madness were clustered about us-with key to get in…I ordered Mengele away one midnight as he tried enter-I slid the bolt in time-he slithered away threatening…he had got in twice before-he is inspecting for The Crown-& for Cur James banned from coming within 5 miles of Harwell by Oxford Police-  He is that little murderer dirty Jim Mr Jong Mr Pong of the 1920s - about me all my life until he was eaten alive by worms  1981...

Here in fair France- GAUL- We hath work to do-good people to reinstate-& the GROTE CHILDREN of 5 Homes France-  Children who took my hands on the Basque shores 1935...January 1936 children speaking English  showed me their lovely HOME Montevideo & said `WHEN YOU ARE 5 YEARS YOU ARE COMING TO SCHOOL WITH US`…Jean‘s lands…` …& thus so many in South America did the same 1935 1936... the CRIMINALLY INSANE NOBLES gross Britain use the nation to kill with & get themselves diamonds & dough- Records/diaries/letters/photographs…& continued 1940s…

The scientific Staff BMNH 1962-1967 called Miss Greta Ransom   ‘the spirit girl in the Spirit Building-but Morrison Scott beamed at me-he was so glad the girl of 6 years he felt was dying 1938/39 Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom‘s grand-daughter heir- was alive- Soon Hell fell about he & his wife-records-

1960 Lennie says `A MAN OF THE SEAS…try recall…

(Dr Len I. Ransom b 1921 Oct. murdered 1980s after hideous persecution of his brothers then he by Dr Mengele Harrington & SCUM RN…LIR is Keeper of the Family RANSOM records-& WEDDELL…Len FLYER age 15 years wings us up to West Greenland `for a Beer` 1930s…Its our home from our Grandpa POUL GRONLANDER…Eskimo & Northern Chinese 18th century…genius-polymath-catechist-Trader…corresponds with Vatican…did the greatest swim on earth…Records/diaries/papers/Hamlet for the Greenland Mind-musician/ his Eskimo mother the first Astro-physicist of Greenland-) `try recall a morning Deptford-we two Ransom children to go call on Jean’s Holy work…then you say `can we see the Lavender ponds…` …. (the weekends Deptford & visiting good people in what is called `Jean’s Holy Work` was so instructive in recognizing QUALITY OF PEOPLE…& understanding the SCUM brazenly calling Aunt Margarethe `old Eskimo` to our faces…a 12/13 year old girl sharp faced (has Mr Pong about her) calling out at me 5 years `you need not think you are having it you Ape…` Lindsaybuggarhs evil doth show…when you go about good people( some accounts in this Document Summer 1937-much more in Book of JEAN-Ransom Records etc- Book of LEN…)-Deptford Records 1930s

Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM-my heir my co-heir my best friend-  He took ANDRE & JO’s boys on the holiday OF THE LAST FALL-TO Jo’s place-into Spain-back to San Bertrande de Comminge.LIR they were killed in a fake accident Jo’s boys- remember I kept a diary & recorded what you told us when you visited October 1937 to ’Jerusalem’ your grandparents home-

Where Mill our grandmother was returned into her 14 years old son’s arms by two 2nd- Cousins Lindsay…dead 1897- 32 years old…never to skate again…or ride a chariot with her little `Academy of Ancient Arts`…the little house we have always kept…Mill sitting on the stairs…never looked more than 17 years old…with her skating boots…unable to go out because of her Lindsay cousins waiting to attack her to make her sign away the Frobisher lands…We respected my father’s wishes to dwell here when we were free of Grote Homes duties & our islands & lands for Aunt Mag…`

1961 spring- Colne Engaine…. ` you could not follow- Mengele & his Teams began to speak of your low intelligence- your lack of warmth-Mengele had all your little kitchen contents in the Caravan filled with memory loss…& things that stunned….Your detective Arthur Malone found Mrs Mengele & a friend outside your door with a key…he saw hate…Mengele was living off our Estate drawing big amounts from Banks in our names…Then you began to read aloud across the Meadow SEFRIS…we could not do this…YOU HAD PERFECT UNDERSTANDING OF THIS GREEK POET…Mr Mengele went insane earlier when you began to read poetry aloud…he took some quite dangerous dopes…stripped all his clothes off & one night roamed near the Caravan with a weapon determined to smash the windows in … THEY HAD TAKEN ALL YOUR POST- & mine-for years…your father’s poems he wrote you every birthday-remember he writes in the manner of Walt Whitman-we have a family connexion there….”   LIR records/globe/diaries/& Dr John RAY ® USA State Department employee-Astro-Physicist/Animal management/LAW/ 3 degrees-invited to `do Senate Work` 1969-to be back 1970 for work-murdered by Mengele Harrington for The G.B. Crown our Montrose Farmhouse the BASIN stolen 1939…petrol poured down his throat & shot…2 witnesses…information got OFF SHORE in 4 days…”

1946 The Place in the Wood  called `THE JAN STEEN Tavern` by people who value ANDRE & want he & boys away.  The Paris Dutch style rented home of ANDRE MALRAUX - he took a Lease in 1946/he chose a Paris house that pleased him- he had given his sister-in-law permission to use his Bank Account - he cleared him OUT-her father told her to do so- He has Clara & daughter to support-Clacton supported him-the Winnclemanns…I paid his `Flicks` (Cinema)…

Nota bene:   These sub-humans could have had such lovely lives if they had not been bred to GREED….helping with our JOYOUS VENTURE Ransom…with us, if GROTE HOMES children had not been bestially slain & OUR estate of philanthropy savaged by the British Gov & Crown-Scandinavian CROWS- Lords of very criminal insanity-for luxury-debts paid-debauch- THEY LACK QUALITY-HUMANITAS-EDUCATION…they use many dopes -

1944 At Clacton-on-Sea & district everyone looked to his well-being…Georges-Colonel ANDRE… a penniless most kind & gentle  man still young- THE CATHOLIC WIDOWER OF JOSETTE since her hideous death- November 1944- the morphine did not work for hours…she knew she was dying leaving 2 tiny boys…

Mr Professor Winclemann gave him a little INCOME to have him feel secure…-he has known him since he was a boy-& Clara & family of Magdeburg-

But MONSTROUS British Noble APPARITIONS began to use the household PARIS- Andre is not to know-or Saint Charles General de Gaulle- Instructions IN ANDRE MALRAUX’s Paris household needed to be `drink or eat nothing when the insane spoof Dr Mengele Harrington has come in the door- a powder a needle full of `FORGET ALL except what I tell you ` will be stirred in-`  1946 ever more British Nobles stick their snouts about the doorstep & wish to slither into the Parlour of  ANDRE MALRAUX - The criminally insane have a WATCH-then a listening system every second of the days & nights…They are preparing to removing in secret 19 acres from USA GROTE Brokers Portfolio- those RANSOM LANDS-bought NEW  YORK 1801 -Fred Ransom father of Margarethe’s father Fred Ransom…his `19 acres-a parcil` …now very lucrative UNDER NEW YORKIT IS FRAUD THEFT WITH VIOLENCE IN THE NAME OF ANGELA…using the British State Armed Forces-Institutions  “…& Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men…” letter Augusta Frobisher RN-to a Kinsman Ettrick & Napier-dying out fast…

1953 31st December 9.20pm -an old relative murdered so the FRAUD-theft of 19 acres under NEW  YORK can go ahead- moneys to come summer 1954 -divided between 40 Lindsays says Earl 14 covered in medals mistaken for a Cinema Manager on a Saturday night…

ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom  at Netherington Hall New Year’s EVE- outside Scarlet Town - they ran into  OLD ANIMAL PACK- of the 1930s-  Earls of Lindsay Crawford- Premier Earls Gross Britain- put a 12 years old heir down a Maritime Chamber at sea c 1910 to get Insurance-newspaper coverage 2 pages-  (scrap books East Anglia)-

Neither ANDRE MALRAUX or Greta Ransom  knew what this event was about  Records/text/reports/ - I had no memory of my first 7 years of life- I am 20 years old 1953- & have not (I think ) seen my RANSOM father since 1945-  I HAVE RECEIVED NO POST/mail- neither has ANDRE MALRAUX -no indication of a WILL-Wills-duties under three Wills….No letters-no documents-no requests to visit…1948 from foreign Embassies London came letters invitations addressed to both of us…even Uzbekistan saying they had to turn the Orphanage into Teacher Training desperately needed but they were able to take care of all orphans…funding was still coming from the Argentine…NOTHING REACHED US…About us people were told preposterous lies-threats-some deaths occur & humiliations…  AGAIN WE ARE IN TERRIBLE DANGER because we do not know of this violent Fraud-theft-by criminally insane Nobles using The British Government & Crown - Lindsaybuggarhs play a dirty seedy game-  now they & others have personally taken part in the slaying of the  GROTE CHILDREN round the globe…reports/photos/accounts of killing of the children staff/

Nethrington Hall- Malraux arrives alone intending to meet 20 years of age Greta Ransom-he intends taking up the Wedding of Grace… `She is distressed having met a bit of madness over a great-grandmother-s identity as she changed into the pink net gown upstairs-  An old man  with a mask of shiny enamel & a sword came to speak in distress on `A-Z travelling with Thomas after he had his terrible facial wounds from gunshot`  I could eventually follow that-  Then he said   `you are in terrible danger…where is Malraux- I must go to my wife…  We must get the POLICE….`

I sensed deceit about me especially after Brown had me pay for a ticket to this place & did not give me the change from a 5 pound note- I wished I could be attending the New Year’s gathering of about a dozen older people at Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchester to which I had been invited by H.W. Poulter & his Quaker friends- & Andre Malraux too but he did not know this-

I saw an ugly maniac face a fat short barrel with a fringe of reddish auburn hair whisps- It was Lindsay 14-  but I had no direct memory of this `EVIL LITTLE JACK IN THE BOX` He is the murderer with JIM of Miss d`Uff  Macdrew 1942- Newfoundland heiress-  It solved his bankruptcy- Age 9 years she in my class 1942...we the two SEA heiresses Clacton Llewellyn Road School- but 1953 I have no memory- & HAVE BEEN GRABBED BY TERESA GORDON & HER BASTARD ED DU CANN born 1924...& somehow these criminally insane have a document saying I am in their care but THIS WAS DEMOLISHED September 1946 by a Court ! My Father granted Custody-my Guardians to be Miss Win Gordon Mr Harry Gordon & ANDRE MALRAUX MAN OF LETTERS… However they still Mother & bastard go on with this WHIZZ-WHANG & BOTH OF THEM ARE ON HEROIN & Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up their snouts sometimes- his Uncle grows it with 4 others in North of England…THEY BREAK THE LAW-& ship it via Soho to slave labour factories abroad-Ref. Janaury & February 1954-ALL REVEALED…  They are criminally insane- Brown rnvr does not tell MALRAUX what he has gathered from Teresa Gordon R- Either these three or four…or at least two of these dirty crooks have opened the POST from my father Frederick John RANSOM & used Miss Winnie Gordon to join them in some manner… SHE Aunt Winnie then became vague for two months…puzzling her cousin who could only think she was losing her mind because she was a spinster beyond child-baring… New Year’s Eve 1953 a panic hit they- 40 Lindsaybuggarhs -  `Police might move in- & they organised the poisoning of an old relative we share- her husband (the man with facial gunshot so badly he covers it when with people he does not know well) then he poor old thing SPIKED BY A DOCTOR- he calling to the last moments  “WHERE is MALRAUX…” /accounts puzzling-then explanations years on- memory loss for G.R. by March 1954-kept from Colchester Museums 3 weeks- (horrible report accurate of what all these filthy criminally insane did to G.R. to stop her going to this Party London & to insult Ransom families…wishing to Welcome their HEIR who will be 21 years 11 March 1954- It was time the Nation dropped this evil mob in an active Volcano…)

Instructions given by LINDSAYBUGGARHS & Noble Britain- all of them- `NO BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR THE APE-Eskimo….  pretend she will come to this RANSOM evening organised by her father…for she heir & Guardian MALRAUX…LET HIM DOWN…KEEP THEM ALL APART…`   & that is what they managed to do until all explained March 1962...!   Then the killings went on-the framing-the letters still stolen- Records all in order much later…They ripped open the Presents on the usual trestle table back of Buckingham Palace (JIM has a 2 room apartment there since 1924) to Greta Ransom & went out in Mayfair sporting them…tore the Frobisher pearls to pieces in a Mayfair gutter…records in these Documents/more killings happened-

31st December 1953 Malraux was talking with Finlay Currie & came & took my arm & lead me to Finlay & his daughter-they were worried about `a hood` at the BarI Greta Ransom wanted to leave & go back to Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchester,  where I knew HAROLD W. POULTER Deputy Curator had said “ 31st seeing the Old year OUT…a nice little party coming Child-about 10pm-we shall have it in the old Doctor’s Library…the Quaker ladies are bringing some snacks of the Festive kind there will be some wine- my Tarragona which I will share on this occasion  (a sweet sherry like wine he may have after his throat problems 1940s)- & there will be a Bottle of Tokay golden & some Tiger’s Milk  (a sweetish white wine)…No doubt the others will bring some bottles-  We shall be a very select party-with CANDLES- it will all look very 18th century & stylish I have no doubt-

PITY- you & the young Emperor Andre (Andre Malraux) cannot come-we’d appreciate your company…” H. Walter Poulter- Deputy Curator Colchester Museums…to be poisoned in this violent FRAUD theft 1962 & die…begun 1929-using G.B. Gov & Crown-

1953 New Year’s Eve-  NOTA BENE : Lindsaybuggarhs whom I hath no memory of pre-War but had second sense of evil perhaps …& Treasa Gordon R. has not warned me-but as I left the doorstep to be driven by Brown rnvr he said something & she says `to do with your father…there may be a surprise for you…you may have some money to come…All her usual Racing talk…9 pm These Lindsaybuggarhs arriving for this nosh-up Nethrington Hall (I was here with my widowed Grandpa Ransom 1938-he & the woman to be poisoned this evening Dec 31 1953 were walking in the shrubbery holding hands-he had known her since a girl- they were in GRIEF ABOUT JEAN’S DEATH…diary/records) & HEAR THEIR SHARE-OUT AMOUNTS for summer 1954 when the MONEY ARRIVES…  Monsters with DSO-two of them have two DSO… Here they were dripping blood & gore from the slaying of the Grote children-2nd World War- 1939-1945... Records come later-1960s- Brown rnvr that early evening before the drive gives some explanation when forced to-I think neither of them had a clear idea of how the Evening might progress…BUT HE NEVER TOLD ANDRE MALRAUX HOW THESE MONSTERS WERE RELATED TO GRETA RANSOM-WHO WERE PUT IN TERRIBLE DANGER AGAIN… He thought I was to get a SHARE…he’d take half with Teresa-  He knew this whole matter was ILLEGAL & DIRTY- the LINDSAY gang who had a terrible reputation RN & history were claiming all this ESTATE in secrecy & for The Crown…to whom LINDSAY Earls have pledged 1938 to PAY THEIR MASSIVE DEBTS from time of M. Teck & her distraught gambling…Records arrive in detail the globe 1960s-a gathering of records occurred-especially under President Kennedy-his Team allowed by Senate his Parents pay… `

`A distant connection- a branch line to RANSOM Sea Traders of 2,000 Years…..A woman rich Christian name Clouts of Derham Park marries a Lindsay 1830- a daughter or niece marries a Frobisher & their daughter is Millicent Frobisher Mrs John RANSOM…Churchill says `The blood line is too far out-they have no claim-I know about penniless British Aristocrats…` January 1960-Philip Silverlee et al -records- THE FRAUD-THEFT IS SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE ALL OUR private POST/mail is taken Orders of G.B. Government & Crown…thus the killing goes on-

1940/1941 XMAS-Tide… Bulford Camp Salisbury Plains

I  G.R. ( nearly 8 years of age) overheard Mr Pong Jimmie Jong Major Carew James saying to Teresa Gordon R my mother “THEY ARE ALL TO BE KILLED THE GROTE KIDS” - I G.R. Heir to Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas I. GROTE… ( The richest woman in the globe these wretches of dope & greed sneer from stealing & putting their snouts into our POST/MAIL-passing it to WHITEHALL creeps & they fast become petty thieves…& will see this goes on…) In agony & fear I reported this & school teachers helped a message go to Grote Brokers New York-  A much appreciated teacher Mr Poly of the Dumb & hard of hearing & Partially sighted School locally was attacked & has died because he attended 1938 a Symposium Boston New York on GROTE HOMES & its great success from its Curriculum( A device that blew up on Mr Poly’s steering wheel in his car has harmed his chest-face-eyes- Mr Jong is about & he said `it was an enemy spy`…)…

I the messenger Greetha Ransom had to be sent after dark across Salisbury Plains for only child could get through-  a letter written by a parent not the teachers handwriting for they know how dangerous it now is…letter to be delivered to a Doctor-Dentist returning to USA-   Greta Ransom to speak with him & tell what she has heard at night when supposed to be asleep…(I had to go over 3 times starting at dusk…) records/text/letters/reminders from family & Malraux/ Mr Jong was caught & put in a hospital examined by 3 Doctors who `committed him to Asylum during duration of the War-a piece of vermin that enjoys causing physical pain to others`…Pong is ON THE PIN- the Hospital denied him THE PIN-he started to yelp & whine -out came his life history with violent threats at everybody… Immediately Angela The Palace had a 4th Doctor sent down & JIM Jong Major James-Carew etc was released & began more crimes…Jong runs a 2 Man Unit back of Buckingham Palace-& has known Angela since she was 12 years old…& Teresa Gordon…Vast records/

1957 October at Saint Edmund’s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square -  Mengele Harrington physician to Malraux- orders removal of telephone in room of Greta Ransom top floor-because Charles McGowan & his wife-Miss Win Gordon-others- have telephoned me…given information on RANSOM Families pre-war…I was now quite ill & in a trance from Mengele jabbing me with a needle- I may often be alone at weekends in this hugh house- Malraux with his General busy defending GAUL-

Mengele paedophile royal satrap sadistic murderer- addresses me as  ` YOU ` -  This West End paedophile who operates suburbia too with a PIN-a needle at night grabbing small children… is rich in payment of  blood & gore moneys from Fraud-deceit-POSTAL theft- the murders & threats-blackmail… to KEEP HOLD OF THE ESTATE OVERSEAS administered from USA & Argentine…Mengele is told by Nobles of Gross Britain- Lindsaybuggarhs-Naval Intelligence- rich noble business louts- to not let MALRAUX know he is Guardian-that there are legal heirs-RANSOM families of education- General de Gaulle is to be kept in ignorance also- hence the boast of British Naval Intelligence 1956 `it can walk all over de Gaulle’s country house`…

When alone weekends I have no protection & cannot phone out-complain-or receive a telephone call from human beings…When MALRAUX is away CUR Jim of Whites Vice Bar a cheap criminal wanted for many crimes round the globe an insane high dope user-Mengele stinking of dung in his Saville Row 40 suits…infesting Andre MALRAUX’s rooms-free electricity-telephone-meals ordered from the big hotel corner of Square & Bayswater Road-  They use this beautiful Catholic house for their dirty lives- Jim born late 1898/99  Mengele 1912- & their women use the house too !

They search  MALRAUX’s rooms- does he have private Papers -about his work-Gaul   ?  I arrive to scare them-their  wilder life cannot go on here-

1957 October- I HAD USED THE TELEPHONE -received calls-about my father NOT being a pauper-uneducated- & MALRAUX had a call from Mr Charles McGowan others had telephoned - said that MALRAUX should take us to meet Ransom relatives- records/Great-great-great Aunt Mary at Lovelace Hall 1938/Acre Ransom/photos/  Suddenly Mr McGowan was dead & Doctor Mengele Harrington had gone to Exeter & searched his photographs-negatives-for Mr McGowan he has several photos of ANDRE & Greta-

My room my clothes were now searched by Orders given rudely to my face by CUR JAMES dirty Jim ON THE PIN heroin - `Search her night & morning-she may have drugs`   & Mr Mengele took to rushing into my room at midnight-searching my things. When I did complained bitterly to ANDRE MALRAUX he said he had asked Mrs Mengele Harrington & she assured him her HUSBAND had been far away at that time- She added that she & her husband BOTH FOUND Greta Ransom HAD DREAMS-& COULD RECALL THE PAST IF SHE WISHED-BUT HAD SO MANY CRIMES- they would like her name changed to Gladys Smith-

1957 November ANDRE MALRAUX found out the truth- MALRAUX now hit Mengele -threw him out ! George-Andre said to Greta `He goes mad` -I have followed him in Paris-he has a den- down a sloping stinking alley where he takes drugs & goes mad in his cellar he rents-sometimes he takes another-I have chased him there-he slams the door…` This explains why Andre jabbed Mengele with a needle of something & shut him in the cupboard-then hauled him across to the Kensington Gardens & threw him down…Mengele now took all his clothes off & got taken away by Police…He pleaded he was testing drugs as he was a Doctor…

1957 November-50 Lancaster Gate Square London ANDRE MALRAUX seemed to lose his memory-he was taken off to a CLINIC- Mengele ordered an ambulance- ANDRE got out in a few days by giving somebody a cheque/staff said this had happened before/they heard-Paris circles-

1957 November VATICAN Rome- Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX went to see Pope Pius 12- then set about the Banns again-we only have to have 4 this time-a  Re-Vowing- ’young Paccelli’ said wedding never cancelled’ ‘ why did you give my 2 best watercolours to XQZZ ?…“  1947...? Did the young Emperor now go & muse beside the River Tiber…? I am too young to question him on such matters…

1957 November Mengele Harrington went down to Exeter to the MAGOWAN Household-there to SEARCH Charles Magowan’s  NEGATIVES - For the Government & Crown- Mr Magowan was alive on Doctor Mengele Harrington’s first visit.

Mengele is paid on his worksheet- for this work-

DESTROYING ALL EVIDENCE OF GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE- Ransom families & Weddell-Gronlanders-San Julian INCA- Mengele Harrington is joined on offshore forays nations A-Z  by Lindsay 15 & Jim- others -

Mengele is known to keep alive EVIL CREATURES who have terrible  crimes- `he treats some evil men from abroad at a Private Place in the countryside-`  (witnesses) I was made very very ill by him one week- & he made Andre & I very ill March-May 1954...

In the world of MUSEUMS we do not have these sordid maniacs on DOPES - but the world of Nobles/business/politics/HIGH CLASS SIN has lots of them- & special Armed Forces thugs to use…


is puzzled why these HIGH CLASS & NOBLE MEN OF SIN WHITES-other places objected to the sad tale of Andre & Greta & Josette-& sneered behind his back- George-Andre says `They lead dirty immoral lives-the highest of the high- the intake of dopes/liquor/ gambling is more than any other society around the globe- London is known as Scarlet Town ` WHY DO THEY OBJECT TO YOU & I LIVING HERE QUIETLY- General de Gaulle does not know either- YOUR MOTHER-yes` but they have her able to go in any of their doors-they have all known one another since they were children -they do not condemn Teresa…”

1957 December-The INTENTION is to kill ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM so the re-vowing of the Wedding of Grace of 1947 CANNOT TAKE PLACE- PLAN of the CRIMINALLY INSANE who have slain the Grote children & are looting the RANSOM Estate the world since 1939 under cover of 2nd World War - THEY ARE THE HIGHEST IN THE LAND-`

1957 December ` Miss X -she said she saw John Gordon Ransom’s mother put it round her daughter’s foot in the dark- John’s mother had come uninvited to the evening- Kent- she Miss X was having some friends ex-students London Polytechnic-  John’s mother came with a tough looking man who had a Van & the rope was attached to the back-t hey swung out of the Pub & drove off at a tremendous speed-scaring people in the dark-  But Miss ‘X’ had been in the Pub much earlier telling the Hosts the time her friends were coming & arranging for things to eat they might like to order-they would be paying themselves- SHE NOTICED THIS BIG ROUGH LOOKING MAN SITTING HUNCHED UP AT THE BAR-DRINKING- he looked about 50 & kept his heavy coat & flat cap on- he was still drinking when John’s mother appeared & sat beside him-they both had more drinks- THE MAN WAS NOT A REGULAR IN THIS SMALL HAMLET-

1957-the end of the month of December- Miss X `SHE HAD JUST TAKEN THE ROPE OFF-FROM AROUND GRETA’s ANKLE where she saw her mother a minute or so ago stoop to lift Greta‘s foot into it. Her mother then hurried into the Van & the man came out to get in the driving seat - Greta had said NOTHING about Andre Malraux-

`Greta was given this invitation by John Ransom & his friend Ronnie Magowan son of Charles Magowan- Ron an ex-Poly students as she-photography-& it was in order for Greta to be present…

Greta seemed a little slow that evening & perhaps was not well- she watched Greta & her mother- John’s mother had taken Greta outside & was doing something at her ankle- Miss X saw from a distance what it was -

`SHE  Miss X  went into shock-  she called on the ‘old village Bobbie’ not too soon after- but he was not in the Police Station-

Greta was put on a bus back to Lancaster Gate Square  French Legation it was called- Ron Magowan knew it was ANDRE MALRAUX’S place - he knew Mrs Ransom & John wanted Greta out of there- (money is offered-several thousand pounds)-

Miss X- She gave Greta instructions written down how to get back-  Greta said she would rather go back by bus if possible - Greta said she could not afford a taxi at all- & would prefer a ride with other people on a bus-she was a little weak she felt but a ride on a bus with others would be relaxing-they always chatted or commented on the newspapers… Greta’s mother- John’s mother & the man had left - & did not drive back again-  she Miss X looked for them returning- she was shocked- Greta did not seem to know the escape she had just had - If she Miss X had known about Andre Malraux at the time then she,  Miss X , would have insisted he be told !

Earlier Greta did not know how she was to get back - she did not remember how she had come-

Miss X said her home was a long way out of Central London-

“….John & Ron  went off & left Greta when the evening was finishing- it was about 10 pm when the group of her friends began to go home…” (I noticed a glaze in Ron’s eyes-& my real brother JGR was not nice-offhand- `you got here…` Teresa has had to drag him back to the flat 57 Oxford Crescent Clacton & GET HIM OFF HEROIN this winter…-he has been drinking with JIM & his bastard brother Ed tin-can…Greta Ransom with 2 birth certificates…legal-)

1958 February - she Miss X was not happy  with explanations from John of how his mother had had her life ruined by Greta- by then she had learned something of their lives during & before the War…there was a big inheritance overseas- Greta did not have to be poor- John was supported by his mother who had a substantial income coming in if she could attend so many functions…& why the insistance that there should be no photographic records….?….”

(Another person that night tried tell me- Greta Ransom- what I had been saved from- I remember Hilary-but my mind could not consider anything too well-it was a familiar state since a child- I have a photo taken of she & John when she is asking him about this attempt at murder February 1958 Clacton-on-Sea in Clive‘s house…I took the photograph…but had no memory of what had happened…  A person not there that evening had learned some matters…he spoke- That evening Christmas Tide 1957-1958  I felt frightened at being dumped out in the Thames countryside… & John & Ronnie not telling me how I should go back- then Ron may have said something about a taxi…I asked Hilary & another person-Hilary got instructions written down…I thought it best to take a BUS- BUSES back to 50 Lancaster Gate Square-I felt silly a pauper at not being able to afford the taxi fare…I had had those silver tunnels of light in my brain & knew I had been in a world where I was trying to GET INSIDE MY BODY- clearly I was either ILL or somebody had before I left Lancaster Gate given me something nasty in a cup !  It did not enter my head it could have come from here during the evening-I only had one drink of whatever the others were having-a long golden beer cool frothy…  I was frightened of getting on a train-  buses seemed safer-a Conductor on duty- I could tell him if I was followed-& other passengers would help…

There had been 3 abductions of me November- I was saved from one by the Catholic young Staff forcing the truth out of a man Hampstead-& they collected me 7.30am the next morning- They don’t seem to have known that it was Dr Mengele Harrington arranged it & was coming to get me for DEATH…then he will be given a Peerage & can go about calling himself COUNT offshore- as Lindsaybuggarh Earl 15 does for his dope-fiend life-he & others make splatter movies South America- Mengele goes with them ! Greta Ransom age 24 years-heir GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE A-Z globe-Guardian is ANDRE MALRAUX- Legal WILL stolen July 1938 from PARIS- for Angela- handed to her on her State Visit this date-by Phipps Ambassador G.B to France…he is knighted-no conscience over handing ANDRE MALRAUX’s Post & Letter to French President Paris to Angela & her menwho are planning to slay the GROTE HOMES children round the globe& a million a quarter human beings happy with our Estate `JOYOUS VENTURE & HOMES` in our care…Len & Greta trained from birth…& 50 RANSOM blood LINE able to inherit & carry on all this…they live OFFSHORE… Thus the slimy Lords & Crown of Gross Britain kept it in secret silence & JIBES about `old Eskimo` down Whitehall & their marble debaucheries…-all of them stoked up on heroin-cocaine-Divinorum Salvia Scotland fire blown pellets up their snouts…(gives The Morgue Look for Ceremonies) -& absinthe mixes-they with an education of gamblers quick on the gun-

1958 Miss X- She left the matter with her father & the Police- But it did not finish here -they were persecuted by this Doctor for `The Crown`-& others came…her father lost his job-she was attacked in her new red sports car at a crossroads-left unconscious in the middle of the road…she was a trained photographer with a programme of work…` John G.R. in later years insisted she used heroin-considering he had been a border line case orders dirty JIM & Mengele he should have been told to SHUT HIS FACE…. Greta Ransom never saw her, Hilary, after February 1958- I believe Mengele killed her-I think she was not able to get to ANDRE MALRAUX where there would have been some safety for her had he but known of her TRUE TALE-her Saga…I asked about her for a few years but the replies I received were as if I had committed some crime against Teresa Gordon R. & her son JGR & the unknown…bastards galore…& the former Miss Ange Bloody Liar & her parents who took Teresa aged 16 years calling her `Miss Edelwisse` & all had similar names-out on Witchcraft Venddeta trips Wales & northern England 1920/1925...who was Deadly Nightshade ?) Nota bene :  JIM a half-Chinese Racist has got hold of this pair Ange & Tree Roaring 20s just in two figures of age-  JIM Jong James sees what he can make from them…the silly cats easily take to dopes & his learning from Pekin Opera 2 year course…(JIM also has hold on the stupid heads of others who can lead him to good times)Reports Violet Artist (Lindsay-Rutland 1912-1937 November  )…


These Nobles are  Monstrosities penniless ill-educated all raring to go to the Races-& repair their fortunes…

1937/38 ANDRE MALRAUX JOSETTE from winter 1937/38 to be killed off should they learn of the Guardianship - the coming 2nd World War gave them 5 years of married life before Jo’s terrible death-

ANDRE  is a victim of this villainy all his life since 1937 & the summer holiday of happiness he recalls all his life long as we the Victims of Gross Brit IMPERIAL GREED - we the good families of Ransom-Weddell-Frobisher-De SALLE Gronlander of PARIS…all the other branches-out into  Mainwarring=Mannering- MacMurray- Clarke Gable/San Julian branches-Inca & Aztec- Basque & French- Palestine & Italy- Greenland & Northern China to Siberia… a directory of us is vastWE COME SAILING DOWN THE CENTURIES…& 1929 a silent Decree of G.B. & Scandinavia Crows-  ALL OUR RECORDS ARE TO BE DESTROYED- 92 AD Britain East coast…& Jutland 4-5th century BC…

A DECREE given Whitehall 1938 - Angela’s absinthe soaks to be in charge….So that  FALLEN PENNILESS IMPERIAL BRITAIN MAY STRUT THE GAMBLING WORLD OF THE 20TH century - ` RANSOM- NOBODY MUST BE LEFT ALIVE WITH KUDOS & ABLE TO TELL OF THIS GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND by HIGH CLASS SIN Gross Britain-dope soaks of GREED`keep some HOSTAGES…mock them dirty their lives-homes-steal in winter times…hire JIM & Mengele & their breed…paedophiles are bitter & full of queer hate & greed `yah know…` (Not one of them knows its father for sure before a tumble in a ditch & ale mug in a paw- before the 18th century…)…

1956 Teresa Gordon Ransom was a `Figure from a Morgue` who had never got her SHARE of `The Joyous Venture` 1957 JIM & Mengele said her daughter G.R. & MALRAUX should be killed- but then they could not be sure they would get their SHARE…She Clytemnestra Mad mother Kali heard from JIM winter Xmas tide 1940/41 the GROTE CHILDREN all of them were to be slain `For the Crown`  their old chum Ange ` had said when she married SHE WAS GIVEN ALL THIS BY AN OLD ESKIMO WHEN SHE WAS 10 years old….They did not believe it but mused `we put her there-on top `….The Plan of Noble Britain 1939 killing foreigners for properties was SO THEY COULD ALL HAVE THEIR SHARE FROM THE OLD ESKIMO- Teresa 1956 had not got a Mansion-a Racing stable-a team to run her AffairsSo many others she could drop in on with an Xmas gift were in Imperial big boots dripping GROTE children blood & gore- they bragged about the post-War world & how well they had done from `the old Eskimo on the run`… They were 1940s-1950s  mouthing how their lands-properties of foreign lands was gathering profit for themselves-it was easy to CHANGE THE NAMES…Ransom-Weddell-those Eskimo-those Apes South America…all evidence gone…OH THEY WERE IN THE MONEY-  & JIM had WHITES CLUB & had them & she Teresa drink mornings private Office & bragged of his VICE- 2 flats with prostitution round corner-members obliged to see JIM `was solvent` …& CLUB in good Finance…JIM got WHISKEY off back of lorries & poured it into used bottles-a detective had been dealt with sniffing about the bottles early dawns listing numbers…WHITES had to have SPICE for the YOUNG MEMBERS…JIM had a 2-tier system-if they qualified (at Vice) he allowed them MEMBERSHIP- & a reduction on the 3rd drink on Thursdays…then they should go round corner to the 2 flats where the girls would join them in a bathtub for 3 or more…INFORMATION from Royal Naval Intelligence & some on `onshore duties`……

Teresa (Treasa to the holy families good citizens she has as kin)- She & dirty JIM & the Noble true-blue chums of the 1920s when they were all young had reached A HIGH intake of heroin-purple-narcotic- & now the criminally insane get LSD- the Mengele INC. . with a market stall Scarlet Town-   1957 All that autumn CUR JAMES Jim Jong Mr Pong had been falling down from heroin etc. & his 3 body-guards had to carry 3 pairs spare trousers for him & Baby Wipes…..COUNT LINDSAY no 15 was known to be out of his mind- Canada Railways & fraud- all covered up because he used to go marauding about Mayfair with sister of one who they settled down nights with Ovaltine (Lindsay 15 spade wheeler on Clacton beach-his training on Divinorum Salvia Scotland fire blown pellets 1938 `….must practice-with this stuff up my nose-for my role in life little Greetah-sorry I was nasty yesterday`…my father says that is all MY money…`

1954-1960s… Lindsay 15 known to be out of his mind- was paying Brown rnvr-  ` KEEP GRETA & MALRAUX from knowing of the Estate- PART THEM-DAMAGE BOTH THEIR REPUTATIONS` Brown (Bacon Shipyards 19th century) was paid for this-but not enough-

it was later learned the reward for killing Greta & Andre was a few thousand pounds & the raising of Teresa Gordon again to all Invitations/informal fork NOSH-UPS/RACES & the usual dirty parties SHE to be acknowledged again in secret silence marble halls & dope parties with brandy-absinthe cocktails… ED DU CANN’s  Mater WAS TO BE PUT BACK IN HIGH CLASS SIN CIRCLES…if she would do in (poison) Malraux & Greetha- she now grown so tall & knowledgeable on Roman Britain…& GAUL- !  She & Malraux with their heads together about London gave everyone a fright…you knew they had been together a long time…they’d been seen in the Geographical Museum by the Moonstones…rambling into the Silurian…what were they up to…?

1957 November ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM have permission from “young Paccelli” Pius XII to re-vow- he tells The Guardian Archangel to GROTE HOMES “Marriage NEVER annulled-dissolved…to Mary Gordon’s grand-daughter…go & see the Bishops-I have enough to do- Yes have a re-vowing…yes !    In the Church of Saint Cede Bishop of Londinium-Ancient Rome - a good idea !  I sent you two of my best watercolours before…1947...Grrr !  ”

ANDRE whom Greta calls `George` can add to the 7th century Bishop Cede (2 brothers) his full title “of Londinium & OTHONA- Ancient Rome’s Fort of the  Saxon Shores ”  -

GROTE HOMES 1864-1940s- all children murdered-mature students in hiding the globe from end of 2nd World War evermore-  The much bigger RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 PARTS- the biggest piece of philanthropy- Investments Reserves Settlements Grants to all that is needed for a civilized life-Margarethe’s GREEN & GOLD PEACE the globe - IT IS being robbed officially by secret permission Gross Britian Government Lords & Crown-  & used for private fortunes mending the life-style - of the Upper Class-Nobles of SIN ignorance- & they blather about ` HELP BRITISH TRADE-` (this is dried blood colour print)

The BIG BOOTS at the top are given to debauching on tropical islands, Casinos & going about globe ‘to rest after their arduous duties- getting the JUMPS OUT OF THEM Dope-Booze & the other thing-Formula 1`

MISS X -Mr Doctor Mengele paedophile Royal Satrap Golum blue car Harrington now persecuted Miss X & her father at work places-she was attacked at a crossroads in her new little red Mini-left in the road-found by passing motorist & in hospital she recovered-it will not end there…late 1950s into 1960s…

`Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM - a school taught Greta’s future Grandpa not to bear a grudge-he learned `Conversational French` Latin Greek & Early English speech-a poem PEARL- lectured well on BOEWULF-he also sailed tall masters & knew his ancestry & we all had it on the wall as well as in Learned books & Papers-   He travelled with Aunt Margarethe Ransom GROTE his Aunt & did her accounts of a quarter of the globe for 2 years- her son did a lot of the Accounts too-  both Basil Ransom Grote & F-C Ransom assisting Grote Brokers & Argentine- Grote Brokers & old Ransom solicitors Argentine & the Asian ones had it at their fingertips- & taught the apprentices well…THE DELICATE FLOWER GARDEN ROUND THE WORLD-THE JOYOUS VENTURE-the Gospels Acted Out- was the joy of all nations who discovered how it raised standards & brought stability-progress…to all citizens…

All of our families on board the Joyous Venture were always in training-learning what more could be done or how to improve…but it was the Icon of the Family at the centre of Life that showed the way of progress was possible without greed & violence- It was this gentle humanism the gloating IMPERIAL penniless monsters attacked…& they sneered at we RANSOM et al who can fly to Greenland in boy-scout clothes in seaplanes- We who could escape their filthy physical attacks on young children & men & women in the dark…& GO OFF TO GREENLAND FOR A BEER. Our great warm house is there- on Jacopsholmen Island-& we hath Gronlander kith-kin everywhere-1936/37   `THE CULLING HATH BEGUN`- I hear Liam Ransom & ‘young Fred’ (FJR) (my father 22 years when I am born) say many things- records/Captain Liam Ransom 4 tall ships-Doomsday books-& a film Goodbye Mr Chips…Jan 1937 Clacton-on-Sea-

Grandpa Frederick Charles & Jean away in France-Spain-Argentine-they have their duties Ransom Estate as well as Grote Homes…

We have to sail the globe to our Estates in secret-silence now-THE BRITISH GOV LORDS & CROWN have no money-& many pay interest upon the interest their debts-Vagrants they have become-in arrogance getting moneys from our banks-using British Diplo-dipsomaniac circles-

1937 SUMMER luncheon-London- JOJo&Joh never said the name-RANSOM-again SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE DARK- we saw her on the train- we meet her in at 6.30pm Clacton Railway station-Andre & Greta clean & tidy hair brushed…he holding my hand-

1944 November Perigord Chateau Charente near Tulle - 2 GUNMEN CAME TO CLAIM THE DOCUMENTS of Post/mail from USA addressed to Andre Malraux- `The British Consul sent 2 gunmen to kill Malraux & the woman-get the documents- Orders G.B. Government & Crown…`

Records/witnesses- `ORDERS-  `TO SHOOT ANDRE MALRAUX & WOMAN-`

the gunmen sent by The British Consul for FRANCE/Paris liberated 2nd World War- records-globe/ Jo & friend try get help-

1944 The paedophile ex-prisoner-lunatic asylums inmate 3 times- Mr Harrington meets Clara Malraux in PARIS-France-report- Andre Malraux 1960 `Clara found Harrington in Paris 1944 after the Liberation…she came upon him in a Café…`  It was said he had been running a Scientific Establishment in G.B. He had no qualifications but was an Administrater Director we heard-`

1944 end October/early November/Perigord

JOSETTE MADE AN ENQUIRY- To the BRITISH AUTHORITIES (?) as asked by GROTE BROKERS New York America (& the Argentine Solicitors for RANSOM) - Did she make enquiry of the British Consul France ?  Paris is liberated- not Vichy France at first-

The USA Grote Brokers & Argentine solicitors loyal good people lawfully administering this delicate flower garden twice round the Globe-had written a request to The GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX-

` Could he enquire why the British would not allow a search Jacopsholmen the Ransom arctic island (owned from 1770) off Xristensharb- for the family of M. de SALLE of Paris had been isolated there since December 1939- he wife & 4 children under 13 years-

2 Letters told how they were ordered out of the big Ransom warm house December 1939 into the Arctic winter- by a man they knew- he had with him 6-7 men  of the British Army-they came in to the harbour by launch- (man is Jim Jong) & ordered the family out in the Arctic Winter to a cold hut-house wired with explosives…allowed take no bedding or stores- A miracle that a boat called at the disused workshop-Skipper took letters to Shetlands & posted them…`

(Records Dr J.R ® & others 1958 onwards-an account of the sordid cruelty used to remove all evidence of this Estate the property of RANSOM & families- & grab it for British Noble scum & Crown…)

1944 summer-sent to Andre Malraux Paris by Grote Brokers USA- letters-documents-collected by JOSETTE end October 1944 (carbon copies got 1960) …`It was feared the parents de Salle were dead- but the two girls had been seen-& there were also 2 small brothers-it was doubtful they had survived the cold winters…The girls were not allowed to leave they had been chased off 1942 when asking help of a man sent by Mr JIM Jong to throw the soil of the Reserve in the sea-he had been told it was rich in coal…it had nothing worth mining-a skim of coal not worth the work at all….This Ransom Reserve was famous to Greenlanders & known as `Summer Town` ...The British had a blockade there from 1941… `Some information received from 2 frightened people-who did not find any coal under the Ransom Reserve-a profusion of Flowers-bushes- appeared some years & Visitors came from all over Greenland to see them…The girls were not allowed in the great house-it was said to be property of the British Crown & Danmark ! ` Grote-New York

Nota bene : lists of nobles Britain & Denmark/ photos by 2 Greenlanders not seen/ Noble adults misbehaving on Jacopsholmen island c 1956/1958-stealing contents of  Ransom house packing it in 2 yachts-abuse of the 2 girls-their summer Camp destroyed by a drunken doped up evil mob leering the Island belonged to them-  Accounts were prolific 1960s - from records/City of London & round the globe)  House theatre harbour workshops church stripped-paintings-books-a collection of theatre clothes made in France & Italy-MSS good quality household goods-collections of documents intended for GREENLAND historical Institute when allowed to establish one in safety…BEHAVIOUR OF BARBARIANS-ALL OF THEM BRITISH & SCANDINAVIAN NOBLES- Reports USA 1960s….Island after violent theft was  bombed June 1960 before ANDRE MALRAUX & Ransom families could get there…Planes of Gross Britain & Denmark !

Disgust of Captain Alan Villiers others expressed 1960s…

1944 last days October THE BRITISH CONSUL FRANCE learning of the enquiry-that POST/mail had been delivered to ANDRE MALRAUX & a woman sent 2 gunmen- `GET THOSE DOCUMENTS -SHOOT THEM BOTH `

Josette’s mother arrived same time as the British Government & Crown murderers -records/

Orders G.B. `All DOCUMENTS to be destroyed/Mail/birth-death-marriage certificates/all monuments graves grants /written & oral records-    From 1939-1956  the most violent sordid killing-children-families-settlers the world was going on - Voiced in City of London 1965 `they have got the money-& done the world in ! records/City of London 1965...~`She has put a river of blood around your ankles young woman…that’s no Queen-it’s a shark wrapped in satin…`

Detectives Colleagues for Andre Malraux-Research 1960- `1944 JOSETTE had opened the Post/Mail as instructed by ANDRE MALRAUX when she returned from Paris-perhaps on the train journey back to Tulle- The last time they were together end October before her hideous unnecessary death because of GROSS BRITAIN greed-her legs crushed under the train 9 November 1944...because of the filthy narcotic induced greed of the High Class Sin-Government Gross Britain Nobles & Crown-who have plotted planned this horrible slaying of GROTE HOMES children…employed JIM with thugs-given he others as viciously insane the freedom to find thugs in Armed Forces-get them out of prisons- & Mengele Harrington paedophile ex prisoner Asylum inmate several times-a sadistic monster on mixtures of dopes…records-globe

The CRIMINALLY INSANE have destroyed this greatest piece of philanthropy the Globe ever had-

A girl of 32 years of age Josette Catholic wife of Andre Malraux with 2 sons under 4 years dies falling/or pushed- on a railway line-reports-2 Whitehall workers Xmas 1945

having received Post/mail to ANDRE MALRAUX arriving 1944 Summer PARIS- his lawful property-he appointed GUARDIAN Christmas 1937 `GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts A-Z the globe` - November 1937 & all his life long all Andre’s Post/mail STOLEN in name of Earls Lindsaybuggarhs- using THE CROWN & Lindsay contracting to pay Crown`s massive debts (gambling-luxury-wantonness) from 1890s in exchange for allowing in secrecy their CLAIM to this Estate as Family property 1830...-the uglies in the House of Lords got their big boots in- & an assortment of seedy Gross Britain nobles looting too- The Scandinavian Noble carrion crows (see letter 1938 `the Grote heirs have proved they can run the Estate- & it is around that Mrs Grote has been killed BEFORE HER TIME- We must therefore proceed in silence…`) Noble privilege used the Noble Lordly G.B. GOVERNMENT authority to kill-

The destruction of the Estate can be called `a genocide A-Z globe` which enabled them to pay massive bills & continue a pucker luxury life-  Sharing of the loot became necessary but a crafty scheme was to boast about putting it into `charity`…Imperial Britain was BROKE 20th century- its Figures from a Morgue had eyed this Eldorado & spouted its foul mouthed RACISM at it since 1879...records- Greta is addressed as `ape Eskimo` by Nobles 1930s…Noble has become a very dirty word perhaps-

1944 ANDRE MALRAUX was to return to Alsace-Lorraine end October 1944 & left Paris before JO left for Tulles/Charente the little Chateau where she lives with their 4 years old son Pierre & Vincent born 6 months ago March 10th 1944.    Her mother comes on a visit some hours after Jo’s return-Paris -records/visits-1960 detectives-colleagues to Malraux-

1944 `THE TWO GUNMEN TO SHOOT MALRAUX & JO & STEAL the POST/mail for the BRITISH Government & Crown arrived at the same time as her mother- It is reported she had the two men at the door one afternoon-  one said he could remove her children as she not legally married to Malraux- she was very upset- archives/records-vast- 1944/1960/

Could ONE of the gunmen could be DoctorVagrant Harrington-or Jimmie Jong vagrant-a Major using MANY-NAMES - both speak excellent French & Mengele has been squatting on the Malraux families since 1938 MAY- for dough.

`Its known MrVagrant Harrington ( paedophile with a Prison sentence on the Continent/transferred to England 2 years psychiatric prison/ released 1937-8) met Clara Malraux in Paris 1944 - the Liberation -he would get all the news-he took a good holiday with Clara in 1938 & knows her brother Maurice-the-Mouse as JIM does-  (Maurice USA Citizenship  1941 possibly)

1953 Maurice-the-mouse - as WHITES Club called him Xmas 1953 when he accused Greta Ransom of ruining his sister Clara’s marriage!   I now 20 years of age had no idea wholm he was-or a Clara! I said  ‘its Christmas’ & wondered if he was drunk-  I am uneasy about being brought in here this early lunchtime when I had come up to go & buy an evening frock with ANDRE MALRAUX.  He seemed to disappear at a corner !  It is pink net very full in a box- & I want to get back to Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis ! All spirits in this VICE Club WHITES-up the steps are spiked with dopes-`dirty Jimmie` owns it-

1.    tell me more…

2.    you won’t remember anything

3.    SIGN HERE!…

4.    `YOU WILL GROW OLD IN WEEKS- failure all organs`

This 18th century decadence Club 1950s has prostitution round corner in FLAT where dirty JIM’s Kenya blonde runs it- a VICE Club-he a fat fat person-I do not know he the evil little sadist imp Mr Pong 1930s-now co-Steward-CUR JAMES-he was frightened of Teresa Gordon we hear-he saw that Greetah did not know him-he had no idea Teresa had such skill removing memory`

1937 Summer- Mary Gordon to ANDRE MALRAUX-perhaps to Josette with him- or he told her what he had heard about Teresa’s prison sentence when they’d all sponged on the old rich man Hilldrop Crescent Highgate…where he will take Greetha November 1957 `if you wanted to write a novel you could begin`…(records/notes-)

JIM- brought trouble to the family- to the children” (19 teens-1930s)

1953 Nov-Dec /1954 The New Year - A crafty 1 pm visit WHITES a Vice Club St James`…Brown rnvr being paid….`in 10 minutes after being exhibited to Maurice The Mouse Traitor to his adopted Nation USA… & I was able to get to the train Liverpool Street & back to Colchester- its the Saturday after Xmas day- I rushed across the Drawer Bridge of Colchester Castle Keep- entered sanity-kind Guides who guard me at work-  Mr Harold W. Poulter `aware Child, queer happenings from a peculiar physician hanging about-got an expensive young mans` blue car-  The kind a rich parent buys an eldest son or a much favoured one… at 21 years of age…`   `Arrogant to the valued Castle Guides- Master Graham Greene hid himself away- (mixture of information from a distressed good ex-soldier citizen of the Borough Mr Sprack Hollytrees Mansion Museum valued Guide 1962 & HWP‘s `little man of virtue & surprising kindness he & his wife-cheers the soul that in a world of mischievous greed arisen from this last War his kind survive-they have been within our WALLS Colcestre Child since the Roman Empire made a mess of it…` It is he gives a message from HWP‘s death bed to Greta Ransom & Andre Malraux Colchester hospital April 1962-he was poisoned `for The Crown`- I entered upon Limbo-drenched in loss of the Man of Gaul-too crushed to have faith in me the Pauper…I saved my understanding by striding about all Ages when monsters sent messages & Mengele appeared to threaten me from time to time-he uses the brown car too-it has a history of crime…)… 1954 onwards- The former Guide Har….. ? at Hollytrees threatened & made very ill with dopes-  it is later learned-`The Jail Bird put in` then transferred when learned he `dismissed Prison Service for misdemeanour`  The man of the expensive blue motor car- now giving Police problems- insists he on CROWN business & can call in CID- wants to take away certain books- JIM with 3 armed men appears 1954 trying to get hold of Greta Ransom with a signed Paper by someone in family (Teresa or Ed du Cann ?  Who are Criminals ! Dope addicts-his Uncle grows it ! ) & `Child YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE LIVED`.. Its been about money & properties all the time- the Young Emperor Andre- has not known-HWP` December 28th 1961- Harold W. Poulter a very great HUMANIST- 19 years out East a well-heeled young man a geologist…2 years at own expense (his mother) with colleague studying Bronze Making across the whole of China…`learn a little Mandarin Child-you get past from one good family to the other`…Rex Hull working away at Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis - I would find him at the drawing board 9 am some winter mornings in the Great KEEP Colcestre-he had worked late & now rushed in on early bus from Elmstead…inspiration- MRH is having a private talk down at his East Hill ancient medieval house July 1967 with PETER JAMES PALMER WHITEHEAD BMNH Ichthyology mother West Virginia father Whitehead-Rathbone Shipping -  BM Natural History is embarked upon the 200 Years Celebrations JAMES COOK RN- an attempt is being made worldwide by scientists to RECOVER the scholarship of the Voyages…now we will embark upon Voyage 1 TRANSIT OF VENUS…1767...

Mr Hull Retired is explaining that `Poulter dead 5 years would have had so much to contribute` & warnings-   it entered REGIONS of Poulter’s unnecessary death-ANDRE MALRAUX General de Gaulle-properties-islands-seashores-a family educated who knew the leading archaeologists-technologists of the age`… November 1966 PJPW age 36 years old to GR 33 years (looking 23 say BMNH & South Kensington Institutes young staff inviting me to Speleology trips etc) had insisted as a rationalist upon laying GHOSTS… One wet misty cold November night 1966 Greta Ransom took him after their Work BMNH to see the house 50 Lancaster Gate Square & on the way he learned of Andre Malraux from Richard Carrington to whom he delivered some references for his book The Sea… I agreed 1962 my few months working there to swop poems with  PJPW & another…normal in the Museums world- PJPW said Stark Lines hit him like raw brandy & where did I get this experience- I said Geo. SEFRIS poems gave me a framework…PJPW has gathered some mysteries from where the beginnings of  `STARK LINES` came-those  written phrases Colne Engaine 1960/1961..Older scientists are not saying anything about ANDRE MALRAUX & a spirit girl who came from one side of the Park to the other BMNH…The name RANSOM is known in humanist educated circles… I was using a framework of SEFRIS to relate a world I did not have speech for-only inner landscapes where THE ONLY DAWNS CAME FROM MEMORY- PJPW writes poems-his ` OJEWAHRAE- A call early dawn Lake Victoria` is that of a young man experiencing AFRICA land of his birth (identical twin)… REX HULL & PJPW July 1967 a first meeting are in Asphodel Regions (Classical world) over Poulter’s TOO SOON DEATH- both trying to speak of the dead humanist & late Deputy Curator Colchester Museums- PJPW having read phrases G.R‘s stark lines…MRHull giving this young scientist some warnings & what they could understand-& how they had to protect ANDRE MALRAUX working with de GAULLE…then the unveiling of an Estate overseas-around the world…` We who work in a Museum know it is work not with the dead but we are alongside with the dead who we must help to live to help the WAY AHEADsomething like that-

It was in my first 6 years of life that world of pre-2nd World War when I could look to the good family RANSOM SAILING DOWN THE SEAS from 92 AD-  know what some of the Grannies cooked & what they wore for their weddings-know their children-still visit their graves & talk to them bringing flowers telling them we had not wasted their moneys-  Here were the lessons of HUMANITAS-  The slaying of our GROTE HOMES children had shock to everyone…I Greta Ransom subjected to hideous abuse as soon as RANSOM left for WAR- & my father’s parents murdered by JIM & LINDSAY 14 involving Teresa Gordon R their alibi…1938 & 1939  (vast records)   During the War years I suffered from loss of clear speech-first the condemnation of my QUAKER Nonconformist rhetoric-some sounds-the extension of the vowels-the spreading upon a winter air of the ideas…BUT I BELIEVE THE TANGLE OF WORDS WAS THE THREATS RECEIVED THE JIBES JEERS reaching back to `Ape-Eskimo`Pauper`…Reading SEFRIS June 1960 I SUDDENLY HAD A VOCABULARY I COULD UNDERSTAND… I have recorded from the Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 their & my appreciation of the good teachers at the schools who helped me survive…Armstrong Geographer who spotted SHE Teresa was clearly sending me to school with dope in my system so I scarcely could recall my name- He also knew her chums Angela & JIM-Earls of Lindsay Crawford insane creatures of this hideous purple DOPE who were by 1942 summer under great suspicion for the murder of the 2nd SEA HEIRESS in the same Clacton school class strangled on her way to Choir practice 1942 Patrick MacDrew‘s niece 9 years old Miss `d UFF MacDrew heir to NEWFOUNDLAND lands, bay, settlement their own Church the 900 years old Essex family that Colchester was proud of-the longest documented Family of ESSEX Child…HWP...This murder was confirmed 1960 (USA State Workers) by Records from Buckingham Palace kept methodically for cars leaving at the back gates Wartime- collected 1948 (before Mr Mengele Harrington got his Teams on removing records of the Essex years) (Records all the way) ~ 1953 November -AN ALERT- ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM ARE WALKING OUT TALL LONDINIUM & CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis ! JO is dead-these criminally insane know why-MALRAUX GUARDIAN Grote Ransom Estate doth not- I am kept with no memory !  He has called a meeting `of the Family at the Seaside going with friend of former years in his car` Nota bene: Miss Win Gordon did not hand Andre the WILL her courtesy copy of January 1938-The families do not know she has it-only her sister Teresa-& she is at this Family meeting December 1953- Greetha the subject of it not present (Greetha not yet 21 years old- he Andre Malraux Guardian until I am 25 years but he doth not know that- all his POST stolen by British Gov & Crown for Lindsaybuggarhs Earls-the whole pack of them PENNILESS 1938 !!!   ) - The family have no idea that Greta Ransom has no memory day by day & that Teresa Gordon R. is not telling her daughter anything at all- but she is on the telephone to JIM- & Lindsaybuggarhs are gathering about us as if for an Unholy WAR…. Malraux January 1954 has announced his `sister wife no 18 the Prayer Book Forbid` wishes for a divorce & he can then take up the Marriage of Grace to Greta who is suited to him- he to she` & he would like several children as this would be best for them both & for the two boys of JOSETTEIt will all be very discrete & Saint Charles wife is knitting baby clothes for us… & Greta whol is shy he has realised now-  will not have to shake hands with rows of Generals-there are lots of ladies & persons can do this for him….` Mengele is about us swiftly-JIM is running VICE Whites Club (Cur James 1954) & Lindsaybuggarhs are swelling with dough & up to bestial entertainments offshore…THE NATION AT THE VERY TOP IS HEAVY ON DOPE & big spend from killing the Grote children & mouthing still about `old Eskimos not allowed make Wills`…- you’d not think there had been a War-

IF Greta Ransom is handed her post/mail (& ANDRE MALRAUX given his too) -given her photographs the first 7 years of her life then she will have a memory & call for Len LIR her heir & co-heir to come to the meeting…We can inform on the slayings of the Grote children the globe- & where the moneys have gone- the missing art works (a Raphael too-its got a broken vase -a Degas with JEAN in the chorus line Minerva bought it- JEAN has always a bunch of scarlet velvet flowers in her hair to show she is the Spanish dancer choreographer-very thin-Len her 3rd son can pick her up on one arm when he is 12 years old-I Greta saw her dance several times before the War…she is called to dance `3 Cornered hat` very often & the INCA relatives call her `Firebird`…JEAN WEDDELL grand daughter of he the SEA sub-arctic…by his Quaker Roman Catholic marriage to the Inca scholar San Julian’s daughter -she died age 21 leaving James & John…From 1939 these penniless monsters of G.B. have abused our lands & tenants-settlements- logged mined rented…They are aristocrats of no education-religions-over the limit with dope & booze all sportingthis blood & gore dripping wealth & all their massive debts of the pre-War paid by a Genocide-  by stealing everyone’s Post/mail & slaying the Grote children the globe…a million a quarter children & tenants-settlers-staff are now missing 1953-slain- The criminally insane with pre-war Lindsaybuggarhs & ILK have used the institutions of a nation & 2nd World War to carry out The Biggest Crime of Mankind (ref. Lord XWZ speaking 1960) & newspapers told to spout that the top of the pyramid is divine…

I Greta Ransom will have no 21st birthday presents post/mail- 11.3.1954- all post examined by men from Whitehall after the ripping open of presents to Greetah-Greta…new names are visited by thugs in name of Realm-all photos-documents-archives removed `for The Government & Crown of G. B .`

My post/mail it always goes to the back of Buckingham Palace-is opened on trestle tables-from XMAS 1933- (Several Reports-1936 it got out of hand…) LINDSAYS EARLS claiming this Estate from a marriage made to them in 1830 by a woman called Clouts of Dereham Park…the legal WILL for Malraux stolen PARIS 1938- `Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men`…

1960 comment on Palace life- `to go to the back in the reign of Jim Jong 1920s onwards- them-  you needed a Travel Visa for dangerous regions-` (Wartime- JIM helped himself to a Vase & things to sell off in New York when he went over `Queen’s flight`…records)

1952- A Master Graham Greene who comes in & writes reviews-novels-ideas… away in spooky corners of the Colchester Castle Keep is very worried with his friend Donovan Bookseller-about Greta Ransom heir being in the same School class 1942 as the murdered Newfoundland heiress of Castle/Sible Hedingham a 900 years Old Essex family now extinct- both of us are Sea heirs- we were 9 years of age 1942- Roman Catholic Soldier Patrick MacDrew‘s niece (records ghost team Colne Engaine 1960)-

1945 “ Referring to this tragedy- a child murdered for land & money- a murder by persons known- a highly educated person said  “No child heir is safe in Essex or Britain to-day Andre..” Malraux did not know Greta Ransom was an heir of importance as this child Miss M d`UFF MacDrew… Members of the Humperdinck family are rehearsing his family’s Hansel & Gretel/reports-globe/

1945-48 ANDRE MALRAUX has no idea Greta is an heir- Or that BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS EARLS & CROWN have been stealing all his Post/Mail since December 1937. The good people of Essex who know of the legal WILL  assume it is a matter for MALRAUX & General de Gaulle-

1960/1944- CARBON COPIES-LETTERS (written on typewriters 1944-it was easy to take 5 copies with carbon paper…thin paper would have 9 copies readable…POST/mail delivered this vital correspondence  round the Globe A to Z….)

TOP COPY correspondence sent to ANDRE MALRAUX from December 1937- also retrieved CARBON COPIES CORRESPONDENCE sent from New York- Argentine- Asia 1944-  gathered February 1960 Philip Silverlee & his educated daughter from Argentine lawfully & given with grace NOT THE BREAK-IN ENTRY 1920s-1990s…for BRITISH CROWN & some Scandinavian CROWS with dustbins on one ear….

What was it written from New York Grote Brokers-others- to ANDRE MALRAUX that JOSETTE read & was disturbed by ? One paragraph is `Will he please not say whom the Asian Agents are as it endangers their lives- & COULD HE ANDRE MALRAUX ACCOUNT FOR THE SUMS OF MONEY DRAWN ON HIS CHEQUE BOOK SENT 1938...JOSETTE’s mother records that JO was walking up & down saying to the air- the first days of her visit `…but he has not had a cheque book`She Madame Clotis felt it was a story she had to finish for her daughter Josette was earning the money to keep them in this big Chateau….`(say a prayer for Madame Clotis to see her daughter on the Railway line that early morning 9 November 1944-her legs run over by the train…)….The two GUNMEN for Gross Britain suddenly disappeared ??? They did not !!! Why were not her legs amputated ? Why was it reported `Oh there was no surgeon near`…WHY WITH THIS POWER FROM THE BRITISH CONSUL BRITAIN TO FRANCE could they not get an Army Surgeon fast ~   A SURGEON TO SAVE HER ~  OF COURSE THEY COULD ! Detectives Colleagues for Andre Malraux now knew February 1960.…(Reports Feb-March 1960 Colne Engaine) `she had to know it was dangerous-that girl JO Andre’s Catholic Wife…`then the British Consul to France October 1944 sent 2 gunmen to kill she & Andre…& RETRIEVE THE CORRESPONDENCE which told him ANDRE MALRAUX Citizen of France that he WAS THE GUARDIAN TO THE WORLD’s GREATEST PIECE OF PHILANTHROPY…& NO DIRTY BRITISH NOBLE SCUMBALLS COULD LEGALLY KILL THE GROTE CHILDREN & CLAIM IT AS THEIR OWNDIVIDE IT UP TO PAY CROWNS & NOBLES DEBTS & BILLS from lascivious livingGross Britain & the Scandinavian Carrion CROWS- ALL OF THEM ARE ON THE PIN…

The end October-early November 1944 Josette is reading correspondence to ANDRE that tells her of a great ESTATE the globe to which he is GUARDIAN-for the Child with them SUMMER 1937... ACCEPTANCE Confirmed by him 1970- `I would have accepted immediately the FULL GUARDIANSHIP-it was what I was looking for-what I had come to UNDERSTAND Peter…`This Joyous Venture`….

WILL of Margarethe RANSOM girl-of-the-snows & WILL of Thomas Grote her husband- copies have been sent round the Globe- & MALRAUX was sent copy Thomas Grote‘s Will & Will of the parents of Margarethe RANSOM Mrs THOMAS GROTE after she had informed him of the GUARDIANSHIP & then she had received his LETTER to MARY GORDON saying he ACCEPTED GUARDIANSHIP TO GREETHA RANSOM…October 1937THEN ALL POST/MAIL WAS STOLEN BY ORDERS BRITISH GOVERNMENT LINDSAY EARLS & THE BRITISH CROWN…Scandinavian CROWS related sending letters approving MURDER…

1960 month of MAY -retaliation from Gross Britain- PHILIP SILVERLEE’s DAUGHTER MURDERED IN ARGENTINE (old Ransom solicitors killed Buenos Aries- office ransacked- Philip’s grandchildren son-in-law his parents have British CID etc Naval Intelligence Diplomatic dipsomaniacs storming in on them ARGENTINE…They are told all this paperwork & information is the POSSESSION OF THE BRITISH CROWN…(Arthur Malone others in the law-London-Colne Engaine receive accounts/records from MAY 1960 onwards-Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux-)because Philip’s daughter has retrieved lawfully February 1960 this correspondence for Andre Malraux & the now concerned General Charles de Gaulle….

Nota bene: All copies correspondence through the past years on typewriters of the lawful information sent to ANDRE MALRAUX were obtained by Philip Silverlee’s daughter in the Argentine Offices of the 2 old Solicitors who look after the Estate RANSOM GROTE as a delicate flower garden twice round the globe were employed by Fred Ransom father of Margarethe from 1830s to take care of his global possessions of land from his RANSOM brides his ancestors in a straight line- Philip‘s daughter then took a plane to New York late February 1960 -met her father-

1960 late February (Arthur Malone reading his notebook Colne Engaine) `The next day together they went to GROTE BROKERS- amalgamated with another firm after the CRASH caused by the THEFT OF  YOUR 19 ACRES RANSOM under New York 1954- `they found more carbon copies correspondence & documents which showed the on-going FRAUD on the Grote RANSOM Estate by Earls Lindsay-Crawford & other branches since 1900s- these were sent to Malraux & General de Gaulle special courier… ` The filth of British Intelligence did not know of the old RANSOM solicitors in Buenos Aries 1960 until they STOLE from the briefcase of the French Courier sent from GAUL to covey this ALL IMPORTANT INFORMATION in original documents to The President of France…& the abused    mocked ANDRE MALRAUX…Widower of JOSETTE…Next year MAY 1961 the British IMPERIAL SCUM of GREED has Andre & JO’s sons 21 & 18 years of age in a spoof car accident…apart from something in a drink we are told another car had to have driven at them & had them swerve…

1960 In May DEATH to another young woman with children- Evil about us ordered for big wads of DOUGH to keep the lid on this GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND which has paid debts- bills of Nobles & Crown of Gross Britain-& SCANDINAVIAN crows too…It was just over 2 months since she went with her father Philip Silverlee to lawfully get copies of MALRAUX’s  Post/mail NEW  YORK & copies the 2 WILLS which lawfully operate with Margarethe’s the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE-

“ She got a windfall ! Phil has said on the phone he can’t believe it-the FRAUD is all there…that woman in that Palace should phone you & apologise for what her mother has done…You can call me KING ARTHUR…! We have heard some of these little nations do not want that Yacht sailing in again-it costs them too much…anyway…` Arthur Malone Politan the Detective in the lawyer’s Gown`

PHILIP SILVERLEE’S daughter 28 years old-an educated professional woman happily married with 2 small children was murdered in the Argentine ! Orders G.B. Government & Crown Earls & Lords- Lindsay still being used in secret-silence to CLAIM THE ESTATEbut dirty mouthing had arisen about RANSOM Frobisher Weddell & GRONLANDER -where big wealth can be got although Denmark hold Jacopsholmen Island by claws & disgusting LIES- (hot seats for some !)

“ They came out of the New York Offices & were amazed at what they had got- went to a place for lunch…felt weakPhil felt it was not safe to go back to his hotel where she’d booked him…he wanted to get the stuff copied & on the way to ANDRE & de Gaulle fast…I will hear…” (Report Arthur Malone from phone call from New York to his LAW friends in London late February 1960)…

1960 May Philip left London/Colne Engaine/Colchester to return to his nation-Argentine - he was educated at Radley College et al-

His daughter’s husband & his parents the two grandchildren were threatened-  !  Thugs for Gross Britain Government in searching their homes Argentine. Rudely searching every cranny every crack~ It was quite clear it came from Nobles of Gross Britain & Crown & certain nobles in Government-& their State sponsored teams/ ALL PAPERWORK TO THIS ESTATE WERE DEMANDED  AS PROPERTY OF THE G.B. GOVERNMENT & CROWN- in this independent Nation Argentina !

`One old Solicitor killed in March 1960 immediately-the other retired to die-he dies in a few months…both had their homes torn to pieces…

THE OFFICES WERE THEN TAKEN OVER BY G.B. GOV & Crown quasi-diplomatic staff- name of Earls Lindsaybuggarhs was bandied about- this filth was speaking in plumy tones about `immortality```…Ah I think we mean `immorality`…Now for the true state of the IMMORALITY of the Nobles at the Peak of the Pyramid of Gross Brit much is available…all ON THE PIN-bar one- said the Prime Minister (1960s)….

Philip Silverlee got some protection for his family in the Argentine after a month !   The matter could not be got in writing as usual from the G.B. Government & Crown who are the criminally insane-as in the 1930s -

1962 PHILIP SILVERLEE 1900-1976- Philip returns to London-Insurance Broker scholar-musician & is taking part in protecting heirs & Guardian from 1957- & after the legal Wills etc are given at last to Andre Malraux & Gen. de GAULLE March 1962 - Philip Silverlee’s daughter a victim with the sons of MALRAUX- many other murders now occur- Philip Silverlee (born 1900) & family are murdered 1976- Argentine….the usual big black diplomatic car with the 5 men had been seen…records extensive/tapes/this document/

1930s The attacks made by aristocrats with employed thugs upon the isolated GROTE HOMES in the 1930s- (several records) caused much concern to PACCELLI at ROME (half the Grote Homes are in Roman Catholic nations) & other people- The British Government & Crown were definitely embarked into MASSIVE GREED WITH VIOLENCE & nothing could be got in writing from overseas Diplomats or Whitehall - The Imperial Empire was at embezzlement/fraud/removal of documents/destruction of monuments graves & Plaques of Grote & Ransom philanthropy/  G. Britain Government (Lords in charge) were refusing to commit to writing what they mouthed arrogantly that there was a claim by a faceless woman called Angela that  “she had been given all this when a child by AN OLD ESKIMO…”    Her parents had assured her husband she had all this Fortune secured to her- they grew Divinorum Salvia Scotland crops with Noble neighbours-Mr Jimmie Jong was a friend-visitor-from 1913- an advisor upon monetary matters-his Chinese grandfather had been a Trader Broker sometime in Shanghai… The Sassoon family did nicely from China trade & had two big Homes for Entertainment on the Shanghai Waterfront (later The Peace hotel) …

1937 Summer Clacton-on-Sea - Enter in innocence-

two young people ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette his Roman Catholic chosen wife- HUMANISTS- This document-Book of a happy summer is for them-& the good people-real good human beings I told them about now & then our 5 weeks- & then to LINCOLN to see his mother’s ancestral monuments homes seashores where her ancestors a 1,000  years ago fished traded the East Coast Britain-Netherlands-Brittany-GAUL- SEA TRADERS marry foreign girls-keep records-write- are remembered in some sculpture-painting-inscriptions-usually have a little dowry lands AROUND THE GLOBE -

1960 There has RISEN for Andre Malraux information on Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts- End of February early March from New York & Argentine these important Estate documents sent to MALRAUX & GENERAL De GAULLE immediately/  The 3 Wills that operate the Estate- carbon copies letters- the copies of letters sent to Andre Malraux summer 1944 & read by Josette when she collected them in Paris end October 1944 after seeing him off  to where she knew not- WARTIME FRANCE-     Josette then returned to Tulles/Charente where the children are safe- Pierre 4 years & Vincent born March 10th that year…& a visit from her mother was to happen in days- Records Detectives & Colleagues of Andre Malraux-  Arthur Malone/Politan- Team ghost house Colne Engaine/London & Colchester 1960-reports from France in Hollytrees Mansion Museum- Gaul to Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis-


1960 end February/early March-  It was arranged a Courier for General de Gaulle stepping off one Plane from Paris would receive the package in a brief case & return on the next plane…

(it is unclear to G.R. from the reports whether Philip Silverlee sent a first package from New York ? ) This package had carbon copies letters over the years 1920s-40s/1950s- the 3 WILLS operating the Estate/witness accounts to deaths & squalid persecution blackmail to those running the GROTE HOMES-lies & distortion on the curriculum (children learned easily 3-4 languages from 5 years Grote system- & the QUALITY of the HOMES clothes-equipment-holidays by Ransom ships all over the globe to the other Homes howled at by NOBLE BRITAIN who showed savage violence to RANSOM families in public …) In the dark attacks on the settlements on seashores islands-using RN boats at sea & thugs coming ashore in launches are recorded /to this had been added the most graphic accounts with photos of slain children- In the 1960s more Records were found & visits made to death  pits… Tivoli/Venezuela/Colombia/Greece/Peru/Uruguay/Spain/France/Norway/Iceland/A to Z- & mention of others-the Pacific island Homes Asia/

1939 The slaying of the LUSAN islanders Pacific-summer by Jimmie Jong-Lindsay-Earl 14 /et al wearing USA Army uniforms-reports/also Len & Greta Ransom saw them- ( being Red Indian scouts ! ) Four- 4 uniforms on their beds in the palatial Army marquee-   -Diary LIR et al/  Our distant kin-kith-marriage 1504 Bruges Cathedral-Lady N. Yuss- of Okinawa

All Islanders slain except 3 persons- WAR HAD NOT YET BROKEN OUT with Germany & NOT WITH JAPAN ! (Reports)

1512-1939- (2 islands very end Lusan Islands are Ransom- dowry Lady of JAPAN/Okinawa family of YUSS etc 1512 marriage 1504 to F. Ransom widower/ her brother sailed his ships/ Ransom families visited every year-sailed in up to 1936- some were our kin-kith from the 16th century-diary reports/letters/ marriage made winter 1939 Greta attends `I am come for Aunt Margarethe who has had to go to Heaven`- ceremony in the old Masonic Temple Old Road Clacton-on-Sea-

1939 January CLACTON-ON-SEA Wedding- ….Attempting KIDNAP of Greetha Ransom the creature Mr Jimmie Jong-Mr Pong Regent of England…lead to him kicking biting cursing being arrested by Clacton POLICE about 6.30pm & taken off laid out in back of truck in LEG IRONS ! Full reports-

1956only the Adelaide Home seemed to be holding out until 1955 against the G.B. Government & Crown dirty cunning smutty violent blackmail-   `A fat little guy Asian eyes named Major Carew had been demanding half the funding from New York for a Queen Angela for a number of years or he would see the British Government & Crown CLOSED IT  -burning all records/books/killing ex Grote orphans-removing the Art works`     The funding was coming from the Argentine Solicitors who could easily support all the Grote Homes when GROTE BROKERS were robbed by Lindsay Earls etc 1954...These Argentine old Solicitors seem to have escaped the G. B. IMPERIAL VAGRANTS & THIEVES…But a report 1988 tells of the HOMES no longer standing by 1945 except for a few not easy for the British Government & thugs to storm into… lands sold or rented & THE CHILDREN BURIED IN PITS NEAR THEM-OR SUNK AT SEA IN NETS beyond the 2 mile limit…`

(further reports here/visitors)

1960 early March - Lindsaybuggarhs featured in Reports-ghost house team Colne Engaine- Ref. Book of 1960/61- Detectives & colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX Arthur Malone calls them ‘the Noble branch-who cull in the family’ -others were given names-Master of somewhere in Scotland/other titles/ (Greta Ransom had no memory of 1930s-very little of the 40s-& not a memory of RANSOM families at all- )

Arthur Malone detective/LAW studies 2 years/  late February early March 1960 Colne Engaine came & read his notes to me & spoke on a hired hand taking Night Watch-all have permission to carry guns now-

1960 early March “Detective Malone reporting- (gives date)- to-day telephone call from Phil- New York- the kids all slain everywhere- he is getting more Ariel photos done & has help- They will go & tell Andre to investigate the pits in France- Report from a farmer ‘little grey hands come out of that sloping part of the field in wintertime- they did not burn them but soaked them in kerosene- no time to light the pit- the village does not say a word-or they will get blamed !  The grounds are claimed by somebody-over here…`

1960 March- THE BRIEF CASE GOT TO ANDRE MALRAUX-General de GAULLE -its contents had been heavily culled-

G.B. Naval Intelligence teams were upped to 600 for Mr Mengele paedophile Doc Harrington-/who expects to be a Peer for judicious theft-fraud-murders by PIN etc. to hide fate of GROTE CHILDREN-

Mengele could draw from a Team already operating in secret-silence-pretending to be WORRIED OVER THE ESTATE-

This Estate of pure philanthropy gets up the Divinorum Salvia Scotland Noble SNOUTS-   since 1879 when a Millie Frobisher age 15 years went with School friends on a GROTE HOMES TOUR across Mesopotamia to Japan…(Sepia Magazine article-might be in German)  “They were met on the journey from one GROTE HOMES to another by `PRELATES-PRINCES-GOVERNORS-PERSONS OF ELEVATED INTELLIGENCE-RURAL & SEASHORES LANDOWNERS OF HUMAN QUALITIES…All the Nations of these lands they travelled across…1879- Including Palestine where Tiggy GROTE’s wife MARGARETHE GIRL OF THE SNOWS RANSOM with her Father Fred Ransom & her brothers now held lands their Grandmothers had brought in Dowry 11th-12th centuries…  They (histories) RANSOM BRIDES Arab-Italian-Greek mixed intelligent parentage… Late 19th century LITTLE PIN PRICK EYES OF GROSS BRITANNIA IMPERIAL NOBLE BRUTES eye this Estate with the LORDLY Gross British Government & Crown of intelligence low from DOPE breeding massive GREED- The poorly educated Noble Britain-poorly educated for their ROLES should have had no documents of the globe‘s biggest piece of pure philanthropy- They stole-thieved from Xmas 1933 ever on- from POST/mail addressed to Frederick John RANSOM-elder son Frederick Charles RANSOM-son of JOHN RANSOM- born Jacopsholmen Island democracy -West Greenland- He & lst wife Sylvia (Henshaw Canada) have work in education Montreal-the globe-Japan…(`WHO IS SYLVIA` -a recovery of a true history Greta Ransom has achieved with LIR others 1960s- `dear girl took 14 years to die-leukaemia-no issue…THUS EXIST WE from the marriage of MILLIE FROBISHER to JOHN RANSOM-she ran with school friends an Academy of Ancient Arts-they rode Chariots-Magazine Germany…`)

& Family RANSOM inheriting dowry lands 1,400 years  A-Z-globe- & THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS-Nobles ….OF COURSE-  THEY STOLE THE POST/Mail of ANDRE MALRAUX FRENCH CITIZEN…from November 1937...Unlawful DECREE of British Government & CROWN & LINDSAYbuggarhs PREMIER EARLS OF GROSS BRIT- &  SCOTLAND…

JOHN RANSOM murdered by Earls Lindsay-especially hated by the Earl called `High Poop` a dirty villain who removed Capital from JOHN & POUL RANSOM after the marriage to Millie Frobisher 1883- he had their passports removed-  POUL fled to France-Circle of Gavenie/Mount Eiger/made a magnificent CLIMB the Memorial pulled down by GROSS BRITAIN SCUM employed by state 1960s… 1890 he taught at  Hithergreen School ( JOHN RANSOM his name seen on gate October 1957 by Greta Ransom-she traced the letters only half knocked off- ANDRE MALRAUX being attacked physically intellectually by JIM & Mengele SCUM…who drink down a Pub known to swinging upper-crust West End as `Saint Lizzies`   Buck Road…) -1897 after horrible persecution by LINDSAY EARLS his wife Millie Frobisher Ransom murdered by 2 Lindsay 2nd-cousins 1897-her body put into her 14 years old son’s arms in a blanket- (Greta Ransom’s grandpa- Frederick Charles Ransom) Millie & her only surviving child FCR they live at ’Jerusalem’- by the sloping park Deptford- (Extensive records/diaries/Police/photographs their Tomb London Cemetery demolished 1961 by JIM grovelling in it for `the Greenland trophies of the heathens for a Museum`…ALL LIES….)

FCR his wife 1909 is JEAN WEDDELL-grand-daughter of JAMES-THE SEA sub-arctic (issue 4 children live to adulthood-some sons murdered…records extensive)

1933 -birth of GRETA Frobisher Weddell Maureen  RANSOM-  Proclaimed HEIR to Margarethe RANSOM Grote by agreement the GLOBE…

They the criminally insane Nobles of GROSS BRITAIN ` screeched & wet themselves about their marble debauching Halls` - agreed to allow EARLS OF LINDSAY  claim the child Greta Ransom was an Ape-Eskimo- these criminally insane Scots sheep-stealers have one blood line to Greta Ransom-a female marrying 1830- THEREFORE THEY WOULD CLAIM ALL THE ESTATE  A to Z THE WORLD - IN SECRET SILENCE !

They contracted to Pay the Crown massive debts- advance moneys for bills/& HELP THEMSELVES-  Other nobles helped & demanded

‘ A LEG UP’  - giving to the criminal insane Imperial Divine secret unlawful help- 1938 A POINT OF UNLAWFUL LAW discovered by them & passed to Whitehall some ROOMS…`It would be necessary to kill A-Z the globe-especially Apes-Eskimos- TO KEEP  NOBLE BRITAIN SAFE FROM EXPOSURE OF THIS CRIME…

1953 COLCHESTER KEEP Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis

Harold W. Poulter Deputy Curator Colchester Museums says 1953 December `…you don’t understand Child…you dovetail together you & the young Emperor Andre…its rare to get two birds like you two together…YOU HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO…Greene & Donavan say so…the young beggars will not let me in on something they know…I’ve gone & hid behind the book stacks in the corner shop but they shut up when they know I am near…` HWP Hollytrees-

`1957...( 1960 Report) We began to see YOU WERE AN ESCAPE ROUTE TO SANITY FOR ANDRE MALRAUX…perhaps he was for you in SUMMER 1937- you kidnapped back to a nation GONE INSANE AT THE TOP…Your poor young father insisting upon going to LAW…not allowing you to be taken out by the Half a Regiment of Red Indians that came across to save their heirsimple good souls but full of a deep knowledge of the planet from birth to grave…and out to THE STARS…` A woman in a Rollo-Man suit with floral vivid display (beach suits of ruched elasticated cotton)  pushed out of the GRAND the Lindsay Clacton seaside PEN had to sit 2 hours on the beach recovering her alcoholic bad temper…a treat for holidaymakers…who knew her name…Box Brownies had been invented-   It was a matter of DOPE…the booze washing it down-the PINS poised every 48 hours-` `Desperate for DOUGH they plotted `hunting big game`… a bottle of strong spirits in each paw giving Orders whom to rob for `The Realm`…Exhausted am I…EVIL WINS…`

ANOTHER Report 1970s tape/oral - `He took to coming with us after the accident…he had to be told so much- warned again & again he’d lose his life if he dared say a name or swagger into these realms…  He asked on distant shores about a girl called `Rita Wainwright`…he did not get the name Greetha Ransom from anyone…if they knew they feared by then…The President of Bolivia had run things very nicely-it had got him a homestead in the countryside but he could understand the intelligence of what he had a care toTHEY STORMED IN Gross Britain -the tricks are marvellous… you would not think the British Noble Scum could think on such a HIGH cunning dirty dogs level…but they can…Goodbye Bolivian gentle progress…`Ghost House Team Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX & several SO VERY GOOD SOULS coming to help & not understanding that `you never take a drink a cup a plate FROM THEM`….ALL PHOTOGRAPHS TO BE DESTROYED -the obscene Carnival of Hieronymus Bosch rushes on…

NOBLE BRITAIN STOLE the POST/mail-tearing it open 1933 Xmas addressed to the heir Greta Ransom & they did this upon the young  heir’s birthdays 11 March ever onwards…Including  her 21st 1954- Reports eye-witnesses 1936 show the disgusting oafish-barbarism of this UPPER CLASS SIN ! “ Two trestle tables were set out at the back of the PALACE…it got out of hand- these two girls should not be exposed to this-they could not FAIL to see the parcels from many lands were addressed to a child called GRETA…simple things were crushed underfoot-expensive things laid aside…all greetings all correspondence was LAID ASIDE BY 3 grey suited men from WHITEHALL…That year 2 BINS FULL WENT DOWN THE THAMES TO THE ROYAL INCINERATOR…”

Murders of many kin-kith now took place from the documentation carefully removed to ROOMS of WHITEHALL-  This continued into 1950s-1960s-1980s….The WEDDELL branch (James Weddell The SEA- legal marriage Quaker-Roman Catholic 1824 to the highly educated AELOVEDMAH-Maria Miss San Julian-issue 2 sons… had 150 family members in the 1940s- not one could be found alive by 1960-

then a few hidden- frightened-in the hills of the  Argentine-  In 1942-43 a branch of WEDDELL was at the School Llewellyn Road Clacton-on- Sea-  3rd cousins to Greta Ransom there…`We came over to do our bit in the WAR for the Old Country`All dead by 1947...3 children too !

A genocide had been going on- In G. B.  talk of a change of name on the Weddell Sea…The barbarism of the North & Scotland Gross Britain was ON THE PIN all the 20th century & there was money to be clawed in…

ATLAS PRINTED GREAT BRITAIN 1953 with no WEDDELL SEA-  extensive records/

1970 Records/Meetings/ James Weddell- THE SEA sub-arctic- & his Catholic-Quaker marriage & his family & many descendants were confirmed as had existed round the globe. Weddell’s brother Charles RN 9 years older than he also had children- with issue.

The highly educated wife of JAMES WEDDELL Roman Catholic INCA father was mocked- at the Opening of a British Motorway 1960s- rude Catcall of a crow dope-fiend- togged up-

Her name is AELOVEMDAH-Maria Miss San Julian -

She has an hereditary title as the daughter of the line of maths-astronomers Priest-Rulers INCA- see Ice White Bride-her wedding-San Julian-Weddell 1824 Tierra del Fuego-2 sons- THE ICE WHITE BRIDE newspapersIn 1936 JEAN ballerina refused this Title on our Visit to our Aztec blood brother line & our blood line INCA… & had it bestowed upon her grand-daughter heir to Margarethe Holy Woman Ransom Grote…it is a holy title because of its responsibilities which are pure HUMANISM…JEAN grand-daughter of Aelovemdah-Maria was satisfied to be from her dancing the INCA `Firebird`…BOOK OF JEAN-ballerina WEDDELL SEA `Firebird` poisoned age 52 by Noble SCUM `our mother still dancing`  Dr. JRR

Earls LINDSAYBUGGARHS Angela & her MEN call us Apes & Eskimos-

they the sub-sub-sub APES of barbarism & obscene crimes…

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