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1949 A Court Martial JIM dismissed Army- in 1960s he is back in Army Uniform on a horse alongside the Sovereign-City of London make a protest ! `Realm dripping in blood & gore discovered- from the slaying of the Grote Children to make Nobles rich- death pits & nets full of children sunk at sea…` Peoples of the Ransom Estate A to Z the globe are missing the lands trashed-turned to poverty-stripped of all woodlands- Many human beings of the Ransom Weddell Gronlander branches of the families are missing-

Not a Weddell descendant an be found 1960 alive South America

from the marriage 1824 of JAMES WEDDELL Quaker-Weddell Sea-to daughter-only child of the INCA Nobleman Roman Catholic `marriage of the ICE WHITE BRIDE`-  James Weddell offered Post as Full Governor of his father-in-law Ice breakers owner-Mathematician-Astronomer-Philosopher-historian-Visitor to Rome- Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel Acting Governor Tierra del Fuego 1830s- James Weddell his mother of a respected London Quaker family Pierce- refused permission to return to his two sons James San Julian Weddell 1825 & John 1826his young wife dead from an attack in the countryside outside the town at age 21 years- She Aelovedmah-Maria granted a Sainthood by South American Catholic Church - her grave under the Altar was a Pilgrimage-Ransom-Weddell family visit made 1936-

NOTA BENE : December 1946 Alfred C. Ransom Rear Admiral/ 2 Admirals …Sea Scouts/Ocean Scouts…there is every intention of opening this matter- stopping the Ringleaders continuing more havoc & madness…That is Lindsay clan & JIM in Kenya- The evidence in this document points to Du Cann organised the attack on FJR so he & his Party of relatives did not attend & MEET ANDRE MALRAUX-

Miss Winnie Gordon tells on phone ANDRE MALRAUX he is wanted in France…That du Canns` Teresa Gordon R mother of Edward du Cann., & Miss Winnie Gordon under orders have Greta Ransom kept from The Ball & gatherings that weekend where Alfred Charles Ransom Rear Admiral & extended family including Frobisher & Poulsen will expect to meet  ANDRE & GRETA… IN SHORT- here we have Du Cann DOING THEIR OWN THING-not expecting too much from Lindsay EarlsThe list of Weddell families PUT INTO ANGELA is for her to SEND TO JIM overseas…Kenya… Clearly Teresa does not have an address…  or they wish to include Angela as `PACK HORSE FOR THE CRIMES`….

1962 March -  `JIM & all of them have spent 16 years removing entirely the existence of the 4 Italian families- he is aiming his daughter Jane as Queen- Angela knows what he is up to & won‘t fall for that-` (Information had been put off-shore by good citizens on these bereaved & then abused Italian families)….

1953 November 3rd - the insane sadistic paedophile criminal Doc Mengele Harrington takes over as royal Satrap- `JIM still a role as Regent of All Britain- & mine host dope-prostitution WHITES Club-a low bar-` Reports/accounts/histories/Secret Service reports several nations-

19th/20th centuries - Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote travelled with a Surrogate several years-

` Aunt Mag took lesser cabin alongside- she had known her since her teens- an American girl- she taught her to recognise quality in people-  Miss X played the role well- attending coffee mid-morning meeting on deck- never speaking of the Estate but blossoming with up to date information on cultural matters of every nation- especially the United States… Margarethe was waiting for her nephew FCR’s young family to grow up-  she was happy about the marriage 1909 to The Weddell Sea- The Great War intervened-

She sent Mr Winston Churchill a note from time to time on travels-wrote not Estate matters but cultural- peoples & customs-  A note of good people trustworthy- whose interests lay with people of the entire earth- A mention of paintings-music attended-her own playing-

`He says  of the 1920s- in 1960 `Mrs Grote had an ever expanding mind-  an expansive mind-she can not be claimed by the Lindsay pack- they can barely read or write-`

1960 January -Two meetings with Philip Silverlee /notes/-also conversation by phone to ANDRE MALRAUX Minister of France… Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux Colne Engaine…Churchill dies March 1962- The Estate FRAUD the slaying of the GROTE HOMES Children-  using the 2nd World War  had been unveiled to ANDRE MALRAUX whom he admired- & General de GAULLE whom he did not like- nevertheless his judgement was fair-

He took from Earl no 14 Lindsay  (that evil little jack-in-box) 98 thousand pounds English currency- stuck it in a Swiss Bank- Malraux’s name on it as Guardian- he to draw for Greta & Lennie as their Guardian-

Churchill now tackled 2 crooks & one got free of Devils-  & they put  stolen moneys into a good work-   Mrs Churchill did harm to WSC by speaking to relatives without his permission within 3 days of he knowing of the obscene FRAUD- she was worried about `the party`-

She had not read the Reports-seen photographs-of the slain Grote children the globe-did she ever ? Philip Silverlee on the second meeting January was to get himself out hurriedly ! `I got out` he telephoned to Detective Arthur Malone January 1960 ! “… when I  was ushered into a small room to take from me the briefcase before I went in to see Churchill…It was FULL OF VITAL DOCUMENTS FOR CHURCHILL ALONE TO SEE- reports/Colne Engaine 1960 Jan/

1962 MARCH - Winston CHURCHILL died- the month Andre MALRAUX & General de GAULLE held in their hands THE THREE LEGAL WILLS of the Estate- all documents stolen February 1960 from The Courier for France…came from USA again-

They saw that GROSS BRITAIN HAD NO LEGAL CLAIM- no claim of the Crown via Lindsay Earls was legal- Churchill was dead-

Greta Ransom stood in the funeral crowds at the foot of Saint Paul’s Cathedral City of London-it was shown on the news-`my exotic foreign face`-   Mr Mengele Doc Harrington now at the height of his evil swore the Ape would be cut out of the film ~ I hear that people saw & saved - one with a camera ~

1962 ANDRE MALRAUX could not draw the wages for the detectives from the Swiss moneys placed for him by Churchill 1960 - Arthur Malone used his SAVINGS up protecting us all Philip Silverlee working as Insurance Agent London/Argentine kept he & Patrick MacDrew with funds all the 1960s-  Greta Ransom never had a penny of the Estate all her life (…2008 AD) (Angela had 2 fine black horses 1938/9 out of Greta/s cheque for school fees until she is 18 years)

1952 November  - G.R. went work in Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis Colchester Museums 1952 & after recovering from violence 1956/1961 went 24th January 1962 to the British Museum Natural History- until life made so nasty again by Mengele-Treasa-others- August 1962...

Fled to Kent where it was felt safe for the caravan with other young people-  Arthur Malone came too 1962/64-  a highly educated man he made good friends locally-  In 1964 Greta returned to London- work in The City- lodging again as 1962 with Miss Rose Holder- Malone & Silverlee glad of the return for it made their lives easier- Arthur Malone again lodged across the lift shaft close to Miss Holder’s flat 18 Gabriel House Lambeth she in her mid-50s & of Hugenot lines-

PHILIP SILVERLEE very highly educated came to Kent some days 1962/1964 to give Arthur Malone a break- did DAY NIGHT WATCH running his City/Argentine work secretly from somewhere  -I Greta took a job Canterbury for I have always earned my living-they had no idea I was not receiving 50 pounds a week as Dr JOHN RAY ® had arranged for me in March 1960...& we hear years on money was sent to me but I never received it-  & neither did these HEROES guarding me in silence- I had become a fragile young person just 30 years (looking 23 years old say BMNH in 1966 glad I have returned-their Spirit girl from Camulodunum) -

1960s…Brown rnvr always sympathetic came with threats from dirty JIM CUR JAMES Mr Pong- Mengele was hovering about & various thugs-  I had little memory & was loaded with savage blame by Clytemnestra Mad Mother Kali Teresa Gordon R. who was determined nothing of my early life should be understood & she was at Tango & Dinner with Mr Mengele & others all on Expenses Gross Britain Whitehall as in their Roaring 20s onwards-

(Papers/diaries/accounts/ I never got any Post/mail-I weighed 8 stone & wore size 8 & 10 Miss Jaeger clothes-I look neat & tidy for work-lived a lonely life-saw ancient places by bus Malone following-both of us writing poems- I aware evil descended on people I made friends with-nevertheless  people did stand guard…

1960s…In the City of London horror was being exposed- they were seeing in situ off-shore the dead Grote children-

IF ONLY A DEPUTATION HAD COME WITH PHOTOS DOCUMENTS OF MY EARLY LIFE-that would open doors of memory- get me out of black tunnels where the only daylight came from memory ~it was believed I had become too fragile to hear more of murders-& AMNESIA had descended again ~

1965/1967 Nota bene : Chairman Mao’s good common sense  also President Nixon- both knew the DOPE TRICKSTERS world…(in this Document AMx & LIR JR®…) I think the Chairman of the Long March did not know the extent of the British Government & Crown`s stealing of everybody’s Post/mail- & the tricky-evil-professional FALSE notes-messages sent- His London Chinese Legation/Embassy helped us 1950s stay alive - report 1986/1988

1966 October 5th -  I  Greta Ransom returned to the BM Natural History Museum-  having gained some self-esteem going July-September 1966 with my 6 Gordon branch cousins to Greek-in-laws in Athens- I did realise my mind was slow in dealing with the modern world about me-  I preferred things WRITTEN DOWN ! Philip Silverlee arrived in 2 days- 2 weeks later Arthur Malone Detective - he wrote & published on the Temple of Sunium & the Greek landschaft- I  wondered at being alive-I did not dare think upon The Burgermeister of Paris- I was a pauper & had no learning- G. R. photographs -

1966 Malone wrote/spoke `… a path of gold across a silver sea that night- All the cousins I knew by sight & their ancestry- I made myself known to one & to some older people of standing in the community… I even fished up some Greek from school & Law studies-they understood - We would have got ANDRE to come to us but he was abroad round the world- that she Greetah got away was a miracle-

And a miracle Miss Holder got her the passport up-dated using the Main Post office Saint Martin le Grande…We saw all the greatness of Greece in monuments & Museums…the cousins went Disco evenings so slept afternoons- Greta Ransom & I saw everything in the heat…I followed on like the frog…it should have been Andre-  I even went Disco with the cousins… for Andre- `

`Still it was dangerous around us-  & we could not follow her state of mind-  the dramatic weight loss had Mengele boasting she was dying-her mother agreed too…I LOOKED AT THAT SEA & thought of those children from the orphanages GROTE HOMEShow they’d been slain so a group of people I found myself related to- male side-could have dough- All now become too powerful - It had become a Mission- the way of life- I began to sign myself not Arthur but Politan-Detective in the Lawyer`s Gown-  `A.M. diaries/photos/

1964 Mr Mengele came to Lambeth & did a War Dance outside Miss Holder’s flat when Greta Ransom came back to London.    Doc Mengele Harrington royal Satrap is criminally insane-as insane as it is possible to be- he is an addict to pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up his snout- & other vicious substances mixed in LSD-lysergic Acid- Doc Mengele is still awaiting every January to be a PEER of the Gross Brit Realm for fraud-murder-theft-bestial behaviour-

Winston Churchill - A man usually fair in his judgement of people…was perhaps too unaware of the sheer evil of modern man on fashionable dopes- & could not grasp the EVIL of this pack with Noble power-  Super Roaring 1920s high dope users- Pimps & their women with little education after 12 years of age all launched into dope booze-parties at 14 years of age… & at nasty games on those who had money & a balanced approach & ACTED THE GOSPELS OUT-

1936 Old Road house by Labour Club- Clacton-on-Sea-

Cocktails dopes MOUNTBATTEN & the blazing Cow- G.R. I in my Recreation Ground clothes- Teresa Gordon Ransom opens  door & in thrusts tall man dark hair with gun-  He demanded money & knocked me to the floor in the sitting-room when I said we had spent it on the shopping-  He waves gun at her- she owed him money from a Yacht trip long ago he shouted- he has been drinking with Lindsaybuggarhs at their GRAND on the seafront next Royal Hotel- 

Hot in drink-dope from the LINDSAYbuggarhs PEN their GRAND Clacton seafront he rummaged- pulled everything in drawers- shelves to the floor- called the house a rat den & shouted I had no fine clothes- I said I did for Sundays- he could have been drawn by Lennie as a big tall rat with stripes-he yelled I Greetah should be a Ward of Court-

I said `the Joyous Venture will go overseas then- I want you to leave ` -his eyes mad- like an animal just caged from the Wilds-  He rushed upstairs shouting his name- she said it was Dickie-bird- She had a bump- she went to her coat & may have said she was getting the Policeman on the corner- but he shouted he’d shoot her if she left- She may have been having a sane day-

He found no money except my money-box & ripped it open & took every coin- Aunt Win bought it for me it is a red Pillar box & when full I put its coins in the bank for buying my Christmas presents to the family- then it is filled up again- people put half-pennies sometimes a piece of silver in if they  `have had a saving week` -

He shouted down the stairs ` & Angela is a blazing penniless cow` (I heard later they thought he said `brazen cow` so I probably asked about this word )- Then he tossed out Daddy’s wardrobe too- he did not touch the famous Spanish Cross in my room where Aunt Murgatroyd had put it on the wall -

He jeered at the embroidered waistcoat that Daddy’s friend had given him- His friend got it from a mad great-Uncle who went in for those things- but it is beautiful & fine embroidery-  Daddy wears it on Sundays or when we go to Ettie’s (Taplow court) or Grandpa’s other relatives- a white house with a lovely name Clouds… & other places-where I met the lady in the rose-silk gown who lives in New York & has a daughter grown up in New Zealand  (she may be a Mrs Henney-& I found her so very beautiful & kind like a Fairy Godmother…she & Aunt Mag buy their cosmetics in New York )

Dickie Bird stole the waistcoat… as well as the money from my money-box- This hoodlum Mountbatten went to the upstairs lavatory & he did it on the floor- a nasty smell came down- he said what he had done in nasty words ….& that she Teresa Gordon owed him this money & he now wanted twice as much as he loaned her for her friends & du Cann when they were on some yacht- I wonder is he bankrupt as we hear from the Police in Scotland and Norfolk that Lindsaybuggarhs are often- I must have run into the back garden-I have a hole hidden in the fence-to our neighbour who expects these things happening 1930s…

I will hear his name is Mountbatten- he did shout it more than once… but I was too shaking at first & knocked down on the floor & he had the gun & she called him dicky birdHe wore a striped shirt & a sailor cap & was old mutton dressed as young lamb- Years later I hear he is called Lavatory Louis for attacking girls at parties-  She Treasa was now crying & I felt sorry for her- she began to clean the lavatory bathroom up- then telephoned Uncle Harry her brother- he could not come until after work- but he’d try & look in lunchtime test a car out & come over from Thorpe-

I had bruises but was taken out by  neighbour to the Recreation Ground to play- I knew I must tell someone what had happened before I forgot so I telephoned LEN  -LennieI was allowed to do this for everybody about us knows we have troubles from the Lindsaybuggarhs in their GRAND- they make trouble for lots of other people too- & they do not pay in shops or for petrol either- steal & are as rude as can be-

After my phone call to `Jerusalem` we all then knew what had happened & someone told Harry the full Saga- but not to tell Winnie or Esther- or Granny & Grandpa- although Granny Gordon comes to know- I wonder if she warned ANDRE MALRAUX next year 1937 how coarse & vile are these creatures at the top of the pyramid of Great Britain…they need a Grote Homes Education…I SAID NOTHING TO ANDRE & JO about Dicky Bird-unaware he would know of him .

Diaries 1936/1938/1960/1978- This Saga has been told all over London town since 1960...

1938 - I GO WITH AUNT MURGATROYD now childless-  she is to receive a decoration for her dead son who `Stood by his Post-` British property in Spain- They do not seem to know it was the Lindsaybuggarhs did this to him- or perhaps they do not care for they want the JOYOUS VENTURE of Thomas & Aunt Margarethe Ransom GROTE- ? JIM may have been with the Lindsays in that farmhouse Spain- my father had to burn it down when he knew they had burned Aunt Murgatroyd’s only child alive in marmalade because he would not sign the property to them 1937 Summer - this was why ANDRE & JO did not meet the Ransom family & why nothing was said - they had gone to SPAIN-

1938 I saw this Dicky Bird at the Award Giving- He glared at me. I did not curtsey but let him think I did not remember the last year -

My father had said sadly  `that’s no dicky-bird` when he saw the mess in our little ancient 17th century- Victorian house at the front- which we love when it is candlelit & intend make it a Museum of Great Clacton & to the seacoast Clacton when we have another house- it is in my name- she & Mr Pong began selling off her wedding presents…

I learned this man `no Dicky-bird` Mountbatten is often drunk because he spends until he is penniless gambling-he pays no rent no hotel bills he gives his name loudly & sails off- he is the man that threatens me 1946 & jeers at me 1948 but I had school friends round me & one girl whose father is acting my Detective for Colonel Andre Malraux -

1946 My father has had to go abroad saving what he can of the Estate now they have slain the Grote children & taken the buildings & some of the lands which are Ransom- The HIGH CLASS SIN has no money- (all this is being kept from me by SHEshe Mad Mother Kali who still goes up to London parties & marble halls-when I do hear things I can do nothing- I feel I am dead now they are told not to speak upon our Wedding of Grace- soon I really have forgotten it- but at the College Colchester 1950 some kind people try to help & put half memories back…George in his USA raincoat in the mists-

1951 George Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX came to Colchester & took me to the cinema in APRIL & spoke with the College Elders - Uncle Potter was allowing it my father being abroad…

I did not know him other than a figure of long ago- or hear that he will very soon live a separate life from the Empress M-his sister… 

I am called a pauper by Sheshe & 2 nasty Lindsay old menwhose name I do not know anymore who come & glare at me in Colchester when I come from the College with my two friends Pat & Mary- & sometimes Monica comes with us too- We are all 17 years of age- )

1940s as the War was ending the Russian Navy said `get him off the Seas-  (Dicky Bird) Mountbatten- or we will torpedo-  he is an insult to every good seaman at sea` One day Sunday newspapers had news 1979- a bomb blows up this ugly old Centaur of the Seas he had killed a school friend when he was 14 years of age-pushed the boy on a railway or tram line-NOBODY WAS ALLOWED TO TELL HIM OFF-

1979/1980s The rural Tories Oxfordshire said they were glad he was dead -  I remember a curious Sunday morning 1979 & PJPW asked to Private Meetings /a number of cars/it was all unusual to have PJPW disappear on a Sunday morning…The end of Dicky Bird who stole my money box contents 1937...G.R.  had no memory-

IRA said always they did not do it- then years on they said `they did not know`…perhaps others blew him up for his bestial crimes against good citizens- & allowing RN ships to be sailed in to kill the Grote children round the globe- he should not be allowed near young children- they might get like him….

Greta Ransom born 11 March 1933 - I forgot by 1941 or was made to forget my ancestry- my father’s family- I did not even know the name Weddell was related to me- Sheshe was using with others heavy dopes-They learned about memory remove powders & potions during the Great War- drugs used on shell-shock soldiers- All my memory was obliterated in the the 2nd world wartime but it took until 1951 to completely remove it -

1953/1954 ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom tried to be together but the massive evil fastened claws-jaws to us- Georges-Andre has Mr Mengele Harrington paedophile sadist Royal Satrap paid to harm him-I was reminded 1960 by good men & women- Evil is to WIN again- They have made the globe a charnel house- I hear 1960s City London-

ANDRE MALRAUX is asking 1970.…


SHE WAS NOT TO BE TOLD I HAD BEEN WITH HER FAMILY THAT SUMMER 1937-  I agreed this with her mother MARY GORDONthis was agreed because of her association with JIM & a woman who had received an illicit crown-


( 2008 AD  Reply : `She had to have told her drinking companions LINDSAY Premier Earls who have the GRAND Clacton seafront, George-Andre- they used Mr Pong Jimmie Jong to get information from her & promised her a big share…

LINDSAY - they once dismissed The Treasury for refusing to give them money to travel to Places they had invented & put on a Map…They as Premier Earls used the State institutions so easily how they wished…records from 19th century showed this…PEOPLE FEARED THEMGreta Ransom answering you- X )


`Bela Lugosi would have made a good Lawyer-he was always a fair man & so kind…Do you recall the Buxtehude ? `   LIR is speaking the time of the death of ANDRE MALRAUX November 1976 `ANDRE -too early for that strong body to die- `

`When I knew what they‘d done to John I wanted to pour petrol over all of them too ! & my beautiful little mother JEAN- she will never dance again-They all did it- she was winning in Spain for Aunt Murgatroyd--in the Spanish Courts-it is her first language- Lindsay all of them were flung out- Estate given back to the Murgatroyd Missionaries-

I think of my son- nearing 12- a birthday party to come- We had just come from the Weddell funeral Cairo- that was their doing-to try to put another name on the SEA- push us out to a few odd miles- crush Weddell some more-

That coarse brute they have won over was calling at me over the Motorway- ` EM-ovedah-EM-moved- Oh there’s my friend the Ape boy Len` (brute knows Dicky Bird -wanted G.R. dead 10 years old- THEY PIN THEMSELVES-  MANIACS IN TREACLE…. ) L I R

1945 I think upon George COLONEL ANDRE MALRAUX singing beside me that first summer of the return of the Widower… suddenly a gentle smile upon his moonlight face- his voice so surprising as he soars up beyond the soprano like an Angel- Malraux has a boy’s voice in the Our Lady Church  that summer IN HIS GRIEF- THE KILLING OF HIS BROTHERS- & JOSETTE who is their victim these obscene with GREED Nobles of Gross Britain-Scandinavia-  (It is known that to sing thus do not eat for 2 days performance-& drink little the handful of hours before…)…

George ANDRE sings to the STARS to find some meaning to his Widowhood- At Convent School the class say  `he may take the robe- HE IS PERHAPS EVERY INCH A PRIEST` I G.R. think  ` Then I shall never marry- but become a Missionary- even if I hath to change my faith- ` DEEP TERRIBLE PROBLEMS HATH WE SUMMER 1945.…We who know the stars are there for us-the civilized- THE EVIL SCUM I G.R. & good people HAVE REVEALED IN THIS DOCUMENT- BOOK OF SUMMER 1937 - believe in 21st century they can be deep-frozen at death & in a hundred years got up & deep-fried back alive- THEIR EVIL WILL WALK UPON THE EARTH THEN AGAIN-   Lindsay Earls- Mr Jim Jong & Mengele Harrington are the evil leading others…they use such APLOMB of their class & all put pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts…  Nobody questions- many are frightened…Mr Jimmie was forced out of the Palace 1943 then got to Africa & said `Special Mission for the Palace`… He hunted FJR hearing he had not been killed in the Philippines as JIM had ordered January 1940...he shot 4 good Italians in the back for a watch…tried play nasty tricks of several soldiers… Forced to leave Kenya 1952 or be arrested he was penniless almost & took the Army Stores man as partner Co-Stewards Whites…  Vice there & in City got going… He has known Angela since she was 13 & Teresa probably from age 6-7 years at the Riding Grounds…

1945 NovemberAndre Malraux doth make a WALK to enter from the sea… into Summer 1937- HE WILL ACCEPT HIS RESPONSIBILITIES-  ENTER LIFE- JO SHE SHALL WALK AGAIN with all of we in our memory & raising their sons- in spring 1947 JO will walk with Andre & Greetha to the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady to The Wedding of Grace-records/tape/text/

Commenting upon the Wedding a guest said years later looking back 17 April 1947...  `A big strong girl married a reliable clever still young Fella…the age difference was not really noticed because she had the Convent ways & took care of him…They had a lot to do & some travelling to take care of the Orphanages & other things…`

1972 `renaissance party` March 19th The Pillar House Harwell

Notes LIR-ANDRE MALRAUX- 19th century JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND held by Gronlander-Ransom family-a democracy-Utopia WEST GREENLAND- (granted 1770 for the early death of POUL GRONLANDER his wife Margaret Yates to Jacop their eldest son `to keep as a holy place- & erect when you can the University to POUL polymath-genius-catechist…)

I G.R.  should have been able to remember myself hearing this family history-  they are speaking on the island life- I am coming & going at our Party of 60 people at this time…

I HAVE NO MEMORY OF MY FIRST YEARS 1933-1940s….I ought to have recalled Margarethe speaking to me- how her father found all the Greenland (Eskimo) ladies on the island were in the wintertime when the snow would shimmer attired in long frocks trailing over the snow in the dark- they had made themselves copies of clothes in the paintings- the now famous PLAY Season had them at this ! Her father Fred Ransom Greta’s grandpa twice back was attending his Ox in its stall- his church bell- his winter duties harbour & workshops-his writings-his designs-& his correspondence…  They all lead busy lives…

1850s - Fred Ransom Aunt Mag `s  father said one night  as he came in to the great house… `THIS WILL HAVE TO STOP- CANNOT TELL WHO IS WHO in the dark- I CANNOT FIND MY OWN WIFE-  THEY ARE ALL OUT IN THE SNOWS TRAILING FROM ONE HOME TO ANOTHER SHOWING OFF THE STICHING- all dressed as paintings in organza & satin & damask - I have just passed a Titian in gold cloth- a Van Eyck- a Velasquez- a lady of Versailles - & WHO is that with the big picture hat & yards of ribbon under her chin- (he had seen this lady one night  alone in the dark on her way to her in-laws home) I SHALL GO DOWN TO OUR FORESTS  (Brazil & Argentine)  GET SOME WOOD- & BUILD THEM A SEWING ROOM…

( Aunt Mag`s father was the most tolerant of men - photos show him fair haired sturdy not tall,  his soft American trilby hat always back of his head a white shirt with sleeves rolled up proudly beside something he’s invented- HIS BELL- was work with Greenlanders who achieve something meaningful- a Wreck they turned into a Skiff-  TO SEE IF IT COULD BE DONE- it raced out into the Atlantic 150 miles- they’d learned something-  `Not do it again- ` A man who never stopped working at all that did mean intelligent comfort progress happiness for ALL HUMAN KIND- this his wife’s dowry Island-

Here they Acted the Gospels Out…G.R.   )

LIR/diary/tapes 1970s/renaissance party March 1972... `The great family history- we had it an Opera- folk opera on the Island one year 1850s- it swept intelligent America & Germany- RANSOM…we come sailing down the ages- each one holding his worth his contribution to mankind- fair traders & explorers of mankind & peace-t hen OUT EAST & our eyes slope 3 marriages we into great philosophy-  On to the 17th century when we are world figures of ancient & modern men even changing religion to Rome…PEN FRED who had me learn the Dutch tongue- `

(LIR came with us 1979 `MAURITZ A Humanist Prince 300 years celebrations ` The Hague- He spoke to us in the Bookshop in the Avenue of the Medusae…he spoke to little Peter telling him he had learned Dutch when a boy so he could read something written by an ancestor…I DID NOT KNOW HIM…other than a nice looking small man- the kind you see in bookshops…)

`Into the 18th century when we are forefront in our needs of technology & science- arts- medicine- welfare-   On to the 19th century when we are Holders of the Utopia democracy Jacopsholmen to erect the University West Greenland -all of us now have refined the music to personal skills all playing at concert standard 6 instruments- THE PLAY season BEGINS 1940s…`

` We gathered playbills- programmes but the great bulk was on The Holm-we suspect it was got by Mr PONG- burned- he works for barnacles who should have swastikas tattooed on them- they have used the Navy to sail in & slay the children of the Homes for doughI have reconstructed the music of the RANSOM OPERA- a little Bach-Brahms- a flair of Wagner & some of your Pretorius- I will improve now we have given the renaissance party-ANDRE SO MUCH APPROVED-he wanted to lay down his head and never leave a haven of sanity The Pillar House…where he might remember in peace JO & his boys…& he had made friends with Victoria from a few months old -& looked forward to holding ` the most beautiful thing upon your god‘s earth Madam…little Peter…Pete` LIR tapes…

(Malraux speaking 1972 The North Star Steventon a lunch of lots of people & Josette`s French friend a woman…The Whitehead twins mother has said I can go- Beryl will call for me & the children…She may come I am sitting next to him in my pink Young Jaeger coat…so it has to be cold weather…he has a navy blue heavy overcoat on…not his romantic raincoat…Victoria is being sociable as usual wearing her white fur Polar bear coat… Andre holds Pete`s reins & says `The most beautiful thing on your God`s earth Madam…` He is drawing me something & speaking about `Old Winnclemann`…He tells me he is going down to Clacton on a visit….Records/photos/

1968 Victoria had been to her first Private View at 6 weeks-  & Annual General meetings etc.  Linnean Society-  Natural History-  her first year- she never howled- but when ANDRE MALRAUX put her down in her cot she rose on tip-toe & got him back- & they spent another hour going round & round he talking singing- I hear all this after his death…` I remember this happening when she was 10 months- At just 4 years of age in April 1972 she rushes down Pillar House East drive calling happily `Its Andre-Andre…I love Andre…he makes me laugh…` They went round the lawn of   `Johnny Crow`s Garden` where the immortal childrens stories were drawn & written…he with bent head talking to Victoria-Augusta 2nd Legion Rome- visited Camulodunum C.V. holding her hand- 10 minutes then he away- Beryl saying he might break-down to stay longer- we will come again…` LIR & GR

1967 Captain Alan Villiers speaking  Oxford in December -

` These men of the 18th century early 19th century were genius status-polymaths Peter- they had to know everything to survive- they made no distinction in the Arts-Science-technology- Needed to know something- Old Fred Ransom had the first re-cycling metal unit up there- cast the first bell in Greenland- magnificent feat- he is photographed beside it-towering above him- Finest school in the world up there- orchestra-Plays-everybody in all languages-Shakespeare every season- they were always exploring everything- Fred Ransom he invested in all transport 1830s…that’s how Margarethe & Tiggy got started with the Homes-  her mother’s grandfather THE GRONLANDER…British wife-  When you read him the Gronlander- & it was all there in the big American style house- you knew you’d encountered one of the greatest minds on earth - ONE SAIL MARGARETHE  GAVE  US  THE  KEY.`


` POUL GRONLANDER he re-wrote Hamlet for the Greenland mind- he`d his Mission too-he‘d confronted the Norwegian church when young but he was right! All languages up there- they should have had Independence 1790s 1800 at least ! SHAME ! SHAME !  They bombed the island 1960 Britain- them- & Denmark-  tried blame France-  MALRAUX & De GAULLE had found it out…! ` Captain Alan Villiers December 1967 Oxford -he sailed the replica Mayflower 1953 to USA-

1937/38 AUNT MARGARETHE say`th to me explaining the School studies of The Holm-   ` the boys did not mind at all- Oh Greetha it was too much learning for a girl but I was glad when I got to 15 years of age-  but  my father had to educate us for INDEPENDENCE OF GREENLAND- It was our home”  (Independence refused by Denmark 1862/3-they have had a WAR)

LIR Diary/ ANDRE MALRAUX- Arthur Malone/Politan 19/20 March 1972 The Pillar House Harwell….

the renaissance party candle-lit with authentic music on long-player records- all created with our hands- understanding- fabrics of nature- authentic wines- foods- Peter’s great drawings in charcoal & gold paint-  The little kitchen a Roman taverna-  100 guests-  gilded ivy wreaths-  buffet in gold-silver-blue as a party Leonardo da Vinci designed for the Sforza family Milan 15th century- Guests made or hired costumes/  Orson Wells had to cancel the day before-he had to fly to New York-   Malone as Politan & LIR Scribe of Lorenzo da Medici`s Studiolo- ANDRE MALRAUX at 9.30pm with Lucretia Borgia had been seeing Nixon on CHINA- `in a suit that Greetah Ransom X  may recall`  fichier 1958 Feast of St Cede Bishop of Londinium & Othona 7 January-

1972 March…LIR- AMX…POLITAN & his Vikings coming & going

` the Thomas B painting went missing up there-  the island- remember the woman with the big picture hat- we bought it because we used to bring her messages- we bought them when he was broke- so we bought a number of them.   None are of our family I think.   Perhaps they were not so good looking at that time-` (Renaissance party file/can be re-created)- some more talk but it reaches me as heard-read-glimpsed upon the winter airs-the winter seas of all time - The party is a success…a feast for the eyes by candlelight…the music of the 15th century…

1934 Greetah Ransom’s first school is the old Quaker School Clacton-on-Sea by our Old Road house…A Quaker enclave that sadly was pulled down ( it would have been a present day tourists GEM) - The Way it cometh by the Old Road down from the gentle rise of Great Clacton ancient Manor Church demesnes- 1934 the school is passing to Clacton Town-  An Quaker teacher in her 80th year will continue to teach two years more & she agreed with my young Father I could come in my pram- 14 months old-  two girls 15 & 16 years of age take care of me in class- They the girls are of families who go to the the Rutland Boughton Opera Season- he has thee Opera  ` The Stone-Henge ` Thus theya`h  teach`th  meeeyh  to`o  spake thus-  17th century Nonconformist speech ….that H.W. Poulter Deputy Curator COLCHESTER MUSEUMS  was so proud of my having  in 1952-

1972 All this past history is known to MALRAUX- LIR- POLITAN…when they are at the `renaissance party` March 19th - But not to Greta Ransom- I  see it in my mind again nowadays- I do not question it…I go to their words…

The rising & falling of the vowels in this East Anglia Nonconformist speech… the lingering endings of words is very much dictated by the matter spoken- Andre & Josette liked it 1937 `FORRRH …FOUL WINTER  IT  DOTH  COMMMMH…

It was much appreciated in our erudite circles & Taplow Court -  `Clouds`   where my Grandpa Ransom`s mother Millie Frobisher hath kin &  kith- back to Lord Wentworth who had 10 daughters & one married Sir Martin Frobisher ARCTIC Mariner 16th century…We go to other Places of intelligence in G.B. & abroad…where they are delighted in my speech….1935 In South America when near to San Julian’s Bay they understood me …some are Celts Gaelic stock….I made a speech thanking the President of Argentina for the Green Train for Christmas- Lennie threatening to jerk my bib if I sayeth I would hath preferred a toy train- (my frocks have large collars I do not wear a bib ) G.R.  is to be  3 years in March 1936 in Jean`s lands-

1960/1 …ANDRE MALRAUX with LIR & brother JR® will find the train-Argentina… now retired & recover the name plate saying GRETA of an ancient tongue very pleasant to listen to- from Continental refugees 16th -19th centuries- speech now lost- pencil sketches upon the East Anglia airSummer 1937...

1968/1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX APPEARED Harwell 1968 summer brought over by a good guy who worked in PARIS the week- he say`th ` … in little room containing Mighty Men… Greta`-

he repeated it 3 times trying wake my memory…  I said slowly `Henry the 5th `…It was being spoken of… the visits to the cinema Andre & Greta had made to see the Olivier film 1946...

Nothing can come from black-silver layered graves of Greta`s memory where not even Rosy fingered dawn is allowed to be a memory` - I cannot recall in the past  20 years that thrice I have been called `MALRAUX`s WIDOW - yet again `….~

The intention was to give me G.R.  enough memory so that kind persons could combat the obscene racists at their fraud- violent theft cover up- the mindless sniggering `apes & Eskimos`

the muttered sadistic lies-  ‘   Well- it was in the way of British Trade Sir James tells us….’

Mr Mengele paedophile Golum Royal Satrap Harrington was to be glimpsed by the alert in the kitchens of some well off households- discovered to be pouring the drinks- one hostess keeping the kitchen door banned- whispering who the drink was for through 2 inches of the opened guarded door…here two old people took the drink from me…Andre sometimes stays with them…

1967-1970s….A fuss was made by young people in teens early twenties ABOUT the PEDOPHILE about the countryside Berkshire/Oxfordshire…. Mr Mengele paedophile royal Satrap ex-prisoner ex-Lunatic in-mate from 12 years old with 5 commitments-Gollum… His presence &  blue car was often hidden-  but he had many places ‘bugged’ by his Naval Intelligence thugs/JIM helping… (1,600 available to him 1960-  in the 1950s he had 200 thugs)-   Post/mail stolen-examined ;   homes broken in on when lawful householders out or away-theft of documents- photos- paintings- old letters & records- often heroin or memory loss powders dumped in kitchens-

Mr Mengele Harrington is directed to destroy blood lines so nobody can be proved to have existed- he has begun, we hear, destroying the births-deaths-marriages- All DNA must be lost by burning those in graves or replacing with bones from the London unnamed poor-There must never be any evidence that Weddell Apes-Ransom Eskimos had a claim to this Estate of Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote-an American- ALL FRAUDSTERS OF NOBLE GROSS BRITAIN- Scandinavia HAVE GONE INSANE 1930s on Divinorum Salvia Scotland -other dopes- booze -kudos GREED-GREED GREED ..

1970 April-  I hear outside The Pillar House School Lane Harwell the piping pig noises of Mr dirty Jimmie CUR James rattling chains (next year Lewd-Lord James) ordering men to measure up the whole plot of the Pillar House on the corner down to the East Gate - I nearly fainted in sheer fear & horror… JIM had been attempting to buy the Jeffrey’s back half of the house with the big garden & swimming pool- for CHEAP-  He went in with 2 thugs one night…later we hear they intended cutting the roof joists our side & the floors where they could reach into them…  He would then say it was rotten get the whole & put up a block of Flats…

I told Mrs Jeffreys later that morning   `if you would like to telephone Peter’s cousin he will tell you we can buy the house soon- late Spring-` She said we want you to have it- put it back in one house- we only separated it because we got robbed in Wantage with a shop-

She described to me the house as it was built… how the West sun came in the front windows & the calm she felt entering- but they had been robbed horribly & her husband had to work full-time the garage they had opened- She said then young Derek Southall Artist came with his family-  He climbed in a window to look at the house-  He bought the front of The Pillar House-& saved their lives ~…

The Derek Southall big construction in purples he leaves 7 years on to the BMNH new owners- Greek GAMMA- he began to think of this & that as young people do as he walked a student amongst Albert Speers buildings East Berlin 1960- & saw The Pergamon remains-… ANDRE MALRAUX said he would put it in an alcove - we had it at the top of the impressive staircase…as it is here in GAUL…

The Pillar House Harwell home of 3 British Artists… We moved into the  house 4 Feb 1969... getting the back half 28th July 1970 & the house was again as it had been when the artists lived in it- Built 1852 after the village fire the family asked the Builder to put back their home so that the building is more 18th century than 19th- an impressive staircase the shutters inside floor to ceiling- floors of wood-quarry tiles-brick-& flagstones…moulded ceilings-great kitchen & bread oven -Candlelit it had a beautiful atmosphere & we knew all whom had passed over the old floors…

Here to The Pillar House Harwell came the widower of JOSETTE 1968 to his death 1976- ANDRE MALRAUX retiring Minister of FRANCE

….with summer 1937 in his soul- (histories/photos/records)

The artists are John Frederick Henry Bacon then L. Leslie Brooke-then an Architect Mr Street- The Misses Clarke with their Primary School- Dr John Fletcher & family Harwell Atomic & University of Oxford- Derek Southall Artist & his family- then the Whitehead family BM Natural History-us -The exciting artistic `At Homes` of Mary Freeman artist over in Winterbrooke House kept the village alive to art-  she‘d grown up with famous artists- Dr Peter Whitehead & family lived in the house 4 Feb 1968-30 April 1993 when Greetah widow & grown children came to France to a similar house Neo-Classical 1830 with more land- This village ANDRE MALRAUX & Jo entered & walked in perhaps when coming out of SPAIN 1936 ? MALRAUX visiting 1960s as Minister of Culture FRANCE -

1970 Harwell summer June- Rural Conservatives & others had JIM BANNED by Police -not allowed to be within 5 miles of Harwell or Didcot - Ted Lay farmer knocked him out -hit his jaw 1968 when JIM told him to Order the Whitehead twins mother OUT of Ted’s Farm Cottage Walnut Tree Cottage the Townsend-  Ted said he thought the little man said he was `Chairman of the Communist Party`…  The old cottage in question belonged to old friends of everyone- Gertrude (Teddy) Ostrander Palmer Whitehead of Wheeling West Virginia exhibited a bronze head of the owner’s daughter Margaret aged 12 with plats in the Royal Academy 1940s- JIM 1970 had been preparing to hit Victoria age 2 years old & Greta on the head as we took a walk down the Cow Lane- To be a repeat of 1936... Little Peter is born August 1970- Reports from school children & others Harwell had JIM investigated…

Divinorum Salvia Scotland is still used by these aging criminally insane : Teresa Gordon R. with two live male bastards  (bastard du Cann 1924- bastard Norway `King of Sweden`-one evil  -the other perhaps  not - their mother a Party & Travel friend of Angela & JIM since 1919 ) Sheshe Clytemnestra Mad Mother Kali Old Mother R had married my father `young Fred Ransom` 1932 he a few days aged 22 years -

She my legal mother had telephoned that morning June 1970 urging me to `take a walk-at 1 o’clock-down that Cow Lane- I expect she too like Mr Mengele Harrington was to be made a Countess !

She had sold my life again as she has done to the lives of Ransom- Gordon- Weddell families from the 1930sShe believes LINDSAY Earls & Mr Pong when they say they will give her a MILLION POUNDS- they have promised her this since 1933 - They are more likely to do her in after she has carried out their evil wishes ~

A pellet of the pretty looking Div. Salvia Scotland was seen in her Clacton flat 57 Oxford Crescent… ~

That prison she kept you in 9 years WHEN YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY WIFE…” says  ANDRE MALRAUX  November 1957- He had come in to 57 Oxford Crescent with a key from a well-wisher to try take me out & talk with me…September 1947...but been attacked by her…& she threatened FRANCE too…

1957 November we came for Saint Andrew`s day & to see many people including my great-aunts The Misses Bessie & Annie Williams whom George-Andre calls `MY INTELLECTUAL EQUALS`  - It became The Visit  to the Seaside that turned very sinister & attempted poisoning of us can be read or listened to- recorded Greta reading

1968-1972 - LIFE WAS VERY SCAREY & ANDRE MALRAUX came with LIR & Arthur Malone-POLITAN now 70 years old- to give PROTECTION ! Dr John RAY Ransom also came 1968 with them- they were terrified for the new family !  It has never been made clear to me who this Dr Ray is…he as JEAN`s middle son disappeared from my mind 1941... The secret marriage to PJPW had knocked them badly-  they had all felt I would return to ANDRE MALRAUX when I recovered my state of mind- came out of my so-called amnesia- They do not seem to understand all I need is photos to give me that memory back ALL OUR POST/mail is again STOLEN in name of British Government & Crown…false messages sent again…TRICKSTERS WITH TRICKS about us…

ANDRE MALRAUX    `Andre has no sons` says Great Aunt Annie artist Carroll Williams in her 90s as she hold Victoria 2 months old 1968...the Roman Catholic marriage they felt would be taken up…

( G.R. is not a bigamist- 1967 was a legal State marriage - The 1947 marriage to ANDRE MALRAUX should have had us fill in G.B. forms in 1948- when some idiot  MP in Houses of Perversions made bastards of the upper-class & Nobles who had made Roman Catholic Church early weddings  `some  BRIDES  age 12  years when a War might take a young son & heir  to death I hear about this from an honourable old man in his  80s XMAS-tide 1953 WHITES Club- now become a low bar with JIM there- This old man had great-grandchildren from a very happy marriage to his 13 years old bride- they never regretted it- )

JIMMIE- a half-breed British Chinese- who calls RANSOM family Apes & Eskimos- THIS PIMP on the PIN is insane with weird Chinese history knife revenge PLAY in his head perhaps from his 2 years training Chinese OPERA Peking- Jimmie Jong Mr Pong Sir James 1953- Lord James 1971... has been harming my families from the The Great War/ 1st WORLD WAR - before I was born in March 1933 - I have recorded how he 1936/1939 on his unexpected early morning visits to Teresa kept me G.R. from school-  I had attacks from him until 1941 with Earls Lindsaybuggarhs his companions at the seaside & elsewhere… & other noble thugs hung about with them- Scandinavia gave out threats from 1937- All documented/records/diaries/ official papers/

1937 Autumn…`JIMMIE- he was not a nice child- I was sorry for his mother-  At the tea table he whispered behind his hand- had mischief- rushed off with another-he was 11-12 years-  They had to send him to a school in Wales to learn English- he spoke perfect French & Chinese--` She & his mother went to a London Magistrate November 1937 to get a document to lock him up in an Asylum- there was another son to think about- VIOLET ARTIST was poisoned with heroin December 1937-  It was known to be murder by  persons known-

1939 Easter -Thus to Mr Tate-Mr Chartris-Mr Wayland at Ettie’s (Lady Desborough bereaved of all her 3 sons- the last 1928 a car accident arranged by JIM Jong ) The three men at Taplow Court tried get JIM `left arm & elbow  of Angela` arrested- Mr Tate was dead in 48 hours- Mr Wayland kicked to death & died in a month- & Mr Chartris dies 1944 his wife worried about visits from some men-  She had married him late in life & did not know his SOULS connections when young- THEY WERE NOT SOULS VISITING AT NIGHT-

1919- onwardsJIM taking Angela with him to Ireland 1919/1920 savaged the cousins of Mary Gordon SOUTHERN IRISH Murphys/O’Briens/Carrolls with 3 Baronetcies-raising some RACE HORSES- The mad bullying plan was to accuse them of Treason & get horses- JIM  knows Teresa 13 years old 24th November 1919 - she had come to stay with the Carroll cousins on their farm…Jim had probably known Teresa Gordon from when she was  about age 6 to 9 years… Young people went to riding lessons the Horse training-Ceremonial ground outside London-   The actress Paulette Goddard has a lot of information here-she had lost a parent at 2 years of age & been taken care of by Mary Gordon & others for a time- she wrote an Xmas letter to Mary Gordon every year after she became a film star- ANDRE MALRAUX knew Paulette too…

1937 Summer Mary Gordon confides to Andre of matters concerning Teresa’s FALL- ` JIM a piece of vermin who goes for young girls with prospects` - JIM was responsible with others for the burning of the Murphy young couple’s home Ireland- only cousin Brian 6 years of age was saved dropped out of a window 1919- JIM has known ANGELA since she was 12/13 yeas of age -( Information in Andre Malraux’s notebooks given here- PJPW was allowed to make photo-copy of parts of them & LIR & others have the same information…)

2 Nannies to Jim 1900s report on JIM when he is 7-8 years- he was found to be using heroin- told lies-& was selling others or himself-  They do not blame the Chinese side- but comment on the Scots nobles at this time-& life in Northumberland & about Hadrian`s Wall…

1920s1920s JIM got the use of the Lindsaybuggarhs  P E N their GRAND on Clacton-on-sea Seafront - a low crouching building of dark grey Scots granite between the Royal Hotel & the Towers Hotel Clacton seafront - they got a piece of land cheap where the horses & dogs would be put when visitors came in carriages- It was built 1910 & began to crack & slip-  The builder had said he did not wish to go on with the building as the stone was too heavy- he was forced to by A Court that Lindsay Earls knew-  In 1944 the schools were told not to walk on the pavement that side & wooden bars were nailed on the door-

1945 July - The Earls of Crawford & LINDSAY mob were back from the killings of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & boasting of it … (I have given in this BOOK of SUMMER 1937-what I & others heard-) were allowed to enter in the daytime- not to sleep-  It was pulled down early 1946-  Andre Malraux remembered it very well 1937 Summer…& in his Widowerhood 1945... The LINDSAY Earls now frantically began tearing out all references to themselves in Essex- a woman worker in the Town Hall reported - some documents were put away-  Lindsay as usual were breaking the LAW-  1940s-1960s using the G.B. Government & Crown authority LINDSAYbuggarhs called in all Clacton Hospital Carnival photographs with announcements to organizations they were wanted for a Project… Womens Institute-newspapers etc.  The Lindsay mob & JIM, others,  could be seen in photos- & with 2 collecting tins- one for them- the fullest one- HISTORY OF THEIR VIOLENCE IS RECORDED by several hands-

1953 New year’s Eve 31st December 9.30pm -

40 LINDSAY at Netherington Hall for nosh-up had their SHARE of the stolen 19 Acres money from FRAUD Sale in secret criminal negotiations 1941-1953 claimed in name of Angela…all under New York, Manhatten/Long Island… read out to them- THE  RANSOM stolen acres GIVE ALL of the criminally insane crooks MONEY OF VIOLENCE which DRIPS BLOOD & GORE of GROTE HOMES children A-Z globe 1938-1954-

`to-day I bought a  parcil of 19 acres  New York…`1801`

Diary written by & Documents from my 3-times back Grandfather Frederick RANSOM of Montrose & all the other nations of his  ancestors Ransom Brides dowry lands…in a straight line back for 1,500 years-

This theft in secret tumbled Grote Brokers New York 1954- from 1941 Kubla Khan JIM headed it with team in the name of a faceless woman Angela…her Rank was used to impress the importance of SILENCE … to the gullible…  Diplomatic penniless mobs-& underworld-pull it off- Lies were spouted about a dead Millie Lindsay having inherited it not Margarethe Ransom Grote-

AT THIS NOSH-UP ….many Lindsaybuggarhs panic when they see Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom present-  notes/reports/eye witnesses/

Lindsay 15 Earl to be was sent upstairs with a dope for the drink of an old relative we all share & this handed to him by the 2nd woman in films- the victim is the old lady of 1938 December comforting my grandpa RANSOM in woodlands that are now gone lands sold off for profit & heavy traffic drear- Her husband who had spoken with Greta Ransom earlier was calling out `MALRAUX-WHERE IS MALRAUX` Andre Malraux was snaffled away by film woman trying lure him for dirty weekend he reports-  (  He was shocked- he does not do those things…)

The poor Widower of a few minutes went about calling out `she has been murdered`a doctor came swiftly of course & sedated him-

THE EARL no 14  (the Evil little Jack in box chum of JIM) READ OUT blood & gore moneys from sale of the 19 Acres & there was another 4 Acres they would try and get sold in the years ahead…Under Central Parkrecords/reports/)

Millie Lindsay hey !…There is no such person- she is Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom Greta’s Grandpa Ransom’s mother the skating Ancient Arts tiny blonde blue-eyed girl of a Lindsay mother who married FROBISHER- m 1883 age 18 years to a family whose Ancestry swept her off her feet- an Island in the SNOW- Japan etc etc etc -  Widowed 1890 her husband murdered orders Earl Lindsay she is murdered by 2 Lindsay 2nd cousins 1897 for her Frobisher Florida lands-  her mother was unfortunately a Miss Lindsay & the blood line is from a Miss CLOUTS by Christian name… of  Dereham Park - she had lots of dough - marriage 1830 -

This Lindsay 14 (Earl) one of the 3 murderers 1942 of the 9 years old Newfoundland heiress at Castle/Sible Hedingham as she biked at 8 am a Saturday to her choir practice- a nasty paedophile too he will be castrated 1960/61 by Territorials et al -` Reports `the big black car left the back of Buckingham Palace pre-dawn…it was seen at Castle Hedingham before 8 am by 2 War workers returning from overnight duties-  the occupants of the car did not see them`….

1960 January - Winston Churchill says of Earl 14 - `so he’s been playing Richard Strauss & Finzi has he- well I’m Goldhanger-` Churchill  `made him dig it up` -took 98 thousand off him-  he is one of the two evil little jack-in-the boxes 1930s-

This monster Earl Lindsay No 14 …in 1953 upon New Year’s EVE read out to the 40 Lindsay` that night after the dinner the following instructions :  …(2 detectives dressed as Waiters present they did not know about…)

` EARL’s ORDERS`  take the piece which suits you best…

(a pellet torch-blown of Divinorum Salvia Scotland to put their snout from this punch bowl)

…And get out there- find these names & REPORT TO THE HEAD OF YOUR BRANCH OF THE FAMILY- RANSOM & these creatures are trying take from YOU the FORTUNE OF MILLIE LINDSAY…

(FCR`s mother murdered by them 1897 her body delivered at night into his arms…Grandpa Ransom was 14 years old -The Earl gave orders ALL PHOTOS & all mention of the woman to be destroyed)

list of names read- RANSOM-Grote-Weddell-Poulsen-Gronlander-Mainwarring/Mannering-MacMurray-Gable-San Julian of course-  A dozen names who are off main Ransom line-but known to be active in Grote Homes pre-War-  They have use of the 2,500 HOMES world-wide & the attached homes for the big family to use when they come with their children-relatives-  ALL part of educating these world-citizens the GROTE children- who think of themselves as part of this vast RANSOM GRONLANDER family…

EASY FOR SEA PEOPLES TO BE FRIENDS FOR WE HAVE KEPT UP WITH OUR ANCESTORS- PALESTINE 11th-12th century were sending us XMAS cards 1929 then they were said to have all been killed by G.B. nobles-who now felt they could log the Olive Trees-Cedar Trees that we protect This barrel-like creature Earl 14 - `looks like a Railway Office booking Clerk- can you recall him New year`s Eve ? Ask Andre Malraux and PJPW 1970 - NOTEBOOKS ANDRE MALRAUX…

No 14 Earl  (dies 1985) is a named Leader in Grote children killings-he & Jimmie Jong are those 1930s `two evil little Jack-in-boxes` Reports/eyewitnesses/diaries/Nations A-Z photos/hospitals-police-others-reports given 1960 to Arthur Malone-

Files/records/diaries-much evidence destroyed but nevertheless the evil ones make mistakes- A place in France called 1950s by professional people London  `the bloody liar dusty mansion France` was where Jimmie Jong & Lindsaybuggarhs hide their booty from 1921-

1960s ANDRE MALRAUX had this Chateau raided & recovered much RANSOM etc records-  he being the 1st Cultural Minister of France…But a raid soon organised by soapy-slimy bilge rats of R.N. Naval Intelligence plus Kenya ex-Army broke into a Paris Institution & stole The Ransom Collection again- Britain Rules the Waves ON THE PIN…

…..`Land of Dope & Tory` ….the front row of the Arena Albert Hall Proms sang 1980s…as a French president looking like Napoleon entered for La MER` We grant him TASTE-

but France drips blood & gore with 5 GROTE HOMES children slain- & ANDRE MALRAUX & his Catholic wife JOSETTE their two sons killed deliberately- & all the others given early grave-  Weddell branch lines towards Spain on the Atlantic coast…a Basque family line AQUIDA- I  recall  we have them visit when I am 5 years old… JEAN`S RELATIVES…they know it is she the ballerina in the Degas painting…with the customary scarlet flowers in her hair…She is dancing her Spanish-ballet choreography she began to invent after losing her first husband and then their stillborn child before she was 22 years of age…

I remember the Basque GROTE HOME 1935 November … & the pride of the fishermen in the Home that afternoon as we arrived by seaplanes…JEAN WEDDELL RANSOM speaking Spanish as one of them- Lennie too-  I introduced as newest Ransom-Weddell &  `being trained by Aunt Margaretha Mrs Grote with Lennie as heirs to look after you all round the globe`

These seacoast peoples France-Spain sometimes sail up to the ISLAND IN THE SNOW & are anxious we OPEN THE ISLAND UP AGAIN- In 1996 an aged woman in the market Atlantic coast nearly to Spain asked `where from ? ` as she put her hands either side of my high cheek bones &  tugged my long plat- I said Greenland-Groenland- she smiled saying her family had sailed there from Bordeaux years ago- I had not Occitan or French language to tell her of ANDRE MALRAUX’s seafaring lines- how they’d sailed with RANSOM from Bordeaux 1600-1633-

FIGURES FROM A MORGUE- FIGURES OF INSANE IGNORANT GREED sub-sub-Apes… stole our collections- burning mutilating- Famous letters written to Families RANSOM- Weddell GRONLANDER-SAN JULIAN by other human-beings- many ancient letters & modern from those we fund in the Arts- architecture-music-education-science-technology-Welfare-NASA…  around the entire globe we go A to Z… for we are 14 Races & 27 Nations bred this past 1,500 years… Lennie & Greetah & all of us since the Weddell-Ransom marriage of 1909...

Pray the dope-fiends descend to HELL-lowest levels of DANTE- I G.R. recall that the old Clacton dog-walkers 1930s called Lindsay & scum `piles of dog’s dirt along our seafront`…

To remember these human beings slain the 2 Universities of Poul Gronlander & James Weddell & wife her father his father-in-law Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN f. San Miguel must be built near Poles Nord & SUD…  we had the moneys to build with in 1937 ! Put the evil thieves on chains & get them building……………

Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia Ransom set this out on the Computer…for Ransom & all our kith & kin -for the Estate Ransom & GROTE HOMES children staff settlers…for ANDRE & JOSETTE & Pierre & Vincent…this  Document SUMMER 1937 is compiled from all their records/accounts/their lives- June 2008 - January 2009 AD

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