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I could get in the caravan

( Summer 1961)

(Yes, suddenly the catch did not close - not just not lock I could sometimes remember to tie the door up inside & their was a tiny bolt Brown had put on in February - but a heavy thud from outside could probably take it off GR )

You were asleep Greetah I know your form so well little feet a mole on chin long hair AH ! AH ! A ROW OF PEARLS ON ONE ARM ! Pin pricks ! You could not wake up !

I, myself, was slow no memory it was same ( but I could recall the times we met at the seaside )

Your hip 1937 SHEshe - SHE SLOW SLOW I am slow - a string of pearls = I could recall SUMMER 1937

I HIT HER ! HIT HER AGAIN ! And told her rotten son John and that runt (bastard brother) Edward Grey (du Cann MP) the grey pool Annie spoke of him as a grey pool

( this Imperial MOB 20th century are on heroin/plus a fearful dope grown in Scotland : now they play about with LSD Mengele Dr HARRINGTON mixes them cocktails of DOPES he says he is experimenting for the British National Health Service )

(It is he finds Teresa hiding in the lane at midnight Summer 1961 I had thought this was the man come back from USA Dr John RAY Malone Detective spoke upon it one NIGHTWATCH but he was alone & had to dismiss his hired detective who was being corrupted & this threatening the Agency he worked for )

Sheshe had a go at Frank removal of memory and DEATH

??? ( I do not remember a Frank it could be Captain Frank GRANDISON to whom we sold our PIRN MILL ARRAN 1939 because he had the expertise to run it He is a RANSOM blood line ? )

I, ANDRE MALRAUX, will quote Teresa to you, Peter, Greetha (my mother & 1924 mother of Ed du Cann and ? 1921 Norway son of a Prince also the tragic Jack Gordon ? 1923 )

we live in the past my dear we don`t know modern ways

her fawning lying way the madness of her cunning

SHEshe (says Clacton town 1937-1961) HEROIN ADDICT !

( Edward du Cann a 3rd bastard 1924 of Teresa Gordon he has been reporting on good old BRITISH NAVY gold ring men who know of the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN he earns money he and his father have robbed our Estate in Malaya and Philippines they have cleared in moneys and investments and sales of our lands near 4 and a quarter million pounds for their murdering selves : they grow this dangerous narcotic SCOTLAND :

Winston Churchill told them to STOP but knew they & TRIBES of Angela would NOT stop - she has got a leg up to the summit of Imperial Britain and its Empire : She is the older woman who with JIM PIMP picked up the 7-8 years old Teresa Gordon already a good horse woman their interest in her was the 8 pieces of GORDON LANDS in Scotland & some in New Zealand :

( POISONS this is the dirty criminal murderer work of Expensive Clinics Nurse Mrs Mengele Harrington who PIMPS for him - bringing in rich patients to him from her Clinics - they do not know she, 20 years his junior, is married to him this fashionable Doctor HARRINGTON friend of Philip Mountbatten PHIL Greek a Playboy from Norway and Cosmopolitan circles `down on their shoe leathers` is it his mother who is the sister of Louis `no Dicky Bird` Mountbatten ? She has to live in a Nunnery she knew quite well Mrs Margaret Ransom GROTE until Aunt Mag is murdered by JIM for the IMPERIALS of Norway and Britain in May 1938 : )

ANDRE MALRAUX continues (on) 1961

I am not good at this I need help

( the job created for ANDRE MALRAUX is 1st Cultural Minister of France ( of the world ) - Amongst his Museum friends careful thought has ideas sent to SAFE HOUSE of Harold Poulter Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums who lives in the top floor of Hollytrees Mansion Museum

a file in the old Doctor`s Library is kept for MALRAUX to climb the stairs to at any time HE DOES SO ! Arriving by plane or helicopter to the small airfields Essex Suffolk of persons, farmers-local administrators-collectors of art- CHAVS & fisher folk - escaping with help in GAUL from nasty little vermin :

1937 MALRAUX spoke with Laurence Binyon 1937 about Museums and meanings he will have told JOSETTE a grown-up more I, Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM do not recollect hearing anything more on this matter at that time : if my father and his families had not had to leave morning of the arrival of MALRAUX for a tragic matter in blood drenched SPAIN the decades ahead of slaughter of thousands, millions, around the globe outside BRITISH EMPIRE would not, of course, have occurred : Such is chance in our lives :

( Laurence Binyon is a cousin to Ethel Rathbone Lady Whitehead, grandmother to the Whitehead twins these families 17th-19th centuries are all good QUAKER and Nonconformist families with high principles especially their matters of business and TRADE (they intermarry into DARBY (Iron bridges etc) GREG Water wheel etc/Reynolds Philanthropy/Darwin-Ball- etc His cousin Ethel she received a copy of his poem book published 1941 NORTHERN LIGHTS time of his death British Museum career with his son-in-law Basil Grey CHINA et al )


ANDRE MALRAUX continues : ( 1961 - related 1970 )

I HAVE FRANCE to care for

NB : MALRAUX spoke with Edward du Cann the 3rd bastard son of Teresa Gordon 1924 - MP at the 3rd attempt : JIM & thugs organised he get in for ANGELA

Records : ANDRE asked him Ed du Cann MP to GET HIS MOTHER Teresa Gordon IN AN ASYLUM that she was dangerous Cann reply is given below `he had his Constituency` THE REPLY of MALRAUX is civilized


MEMO : RANSOM families - he ANDRE MALRAUX our GUARDIAN to GROTE HOMES and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` ESTATE in 3 Parts encircling the globe - ( most OUTSIDE the British Empire ) - we are of 14 Races and 27 Nations - their blood lines = the past 2,000 years of our accurately recorded histories as SEA TRADERS -


to care for

NB : RANSOM HISTORIES/ANCESTRY is appearing on my internet sites : / WORDPRESS = is used for assembling, the editing work, and records arising occasionally I make a TWITTER entry or two FACE BOOK if you ask & JIMDO issues smaller Files of the work - and photographs and pictures ALL WORK ON MY WEB SITES IS RELATED - it is DOVETAILING



NOTA BENE : October 2012 AD : The ABOVE 1 -14 is on and main site it is advertised on TWITTER as ANDRE MALRAUX I SWEPT IN ON A WAVE OF HATE



General Charles de GAULLE :and



1957 November : ANDRE MALRAUX tells of the BLACKMAIL from Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON, friend of aristocrats and Scandinavian Princes and other GHOULS since 1947 SUMMER


MEMORANDUM : he does not know in 1957 that it has begun 1937/1938 Christmas when these PLAYBOYS and `whores` many of them are closely in-breeds, worst of the ROARING 1920s, learned that the erudite Margaret R. Grote had made him ANDRE MALRAUX full GUARDIAN to the entire Estate of GROTE RANSOM around the globe This is the ELDORADO they envy ` they have already been killing people for money `

HARRINGTON, born 1912, a known child molester with 1936 prison sentence Austria and 1937-1938 2 years Clinic England - has been removing all his RECORDS using British Intelligence : With his simple G.P. licence 1947 Hong Kong ( a little over 2 years medicine studies) he has been passing himself off as a superior Physician in fashionable circles he cannot be challenged because he is seen about the world with Scandinavian Royal persons, Earls and Lords of Scotland and feared PIMPS with great KUDOS

ANDRE MALRAUX has no idea a legal WILL gave him full GUARDIANSHIP of the worldwide THOMAS GROTE HOMES and the RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts - when he accepted GUARDIANSHIP of Greta Ransom September-October 1937 it was assumed he knew of the Estate of Margaret Grote and her Ransom family He mistook a reference from Mary Gordon ` the child must not be left alone - she must stay with the young lady and you - yee know she inherits ` young MALRAUX assumed it was from the sisters of Mary Gordon who had run Catholic Missions until their recent retirement :

He received a letter in October from Margaret Grote saying how pleased she was he accepted Guardianship she had read all his books YOU WILL HE HEARING MORE From November 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX had all postal communications hijacked by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT LORDS they also received help from his own household (Clara and her brother Maurice friends of JIM JONG and various British Nobles In November 1944 the British Consul France sent two gunmen to kill MALRAUX and the woman Josette Clotis BUT HE WAS NOT THERE her mother arrived at the same time as the gunmen a t terrible death met Josette 9 November 1944 when she is said to have fallen on a railway line - her legs were run over - she took some hours to die - the morphine did not work for sometime MALRAUX does not begin to understand any of these tragic happenings until January 1960 then THE GATES OF HELL OPENED WIDER )

May 15th 1938 Margaret Grote is murdered by JIM JONG who slit a vein beside her ear after knocking her out with something medicinal : JIM is a nasty little RAT to her family and to the family of her son they all dead - she feared him as did many other people : but he travels the globe with a woman called ANGELA now a Duchess they ROB MARGARET GROTE and the GROTE HOMES Banks where they can :