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( 1970 - Note from Greta Ransom Whitehead :

Gathered in some ways from his words and above :

A NIGHTMARE remembered in the daylight, lingering for some hours, came twice or three times in September after the birth of little Peter 21st August 1970 (Peter Rathbone Gordon Palmer Ransom Whitehead 1970-1998)

The words of MALRAUX about the possessions of those he had lost had risen from January 1970 : I think this had me with a NIGHTMARE when we were given the complete Pillar House 28th July 1970 I awoke with unusual bright coloured imagery a dream that had become a Nightmare

I knew in my sleep that our house was extended over the East Gate and it stretched into a single story extension of 4 rooms they were dusty I had to go in but it was dreadful and I had to put my hands over my head in one room One room I entered was still but it was with deep grey sadnesss the next was terrible and I could not enter because of a roaring sound descending from the ceiling and the air of the room but I knew I MUST enter and try calm the anger in there I felt the blows at my head, my brain really, and then a horrible hovering whine noise a buzzing it became but it HOVERED IN THE AIR OF THE ROOM the air was turbulent :

I was frightened but went in and began to dust the room not removing anything of the possessions I said to the SPIRIT that I would come every day and bring flowers put them on the windowsill which I had dusted now but I felt I could not enter that room on my own again I said to the VIOLENT SPIRIT I must enter the two other rooms and dust them the sounds began to lessen as I closed the door on this room : I went on to a room at the end it was silent and with a baby cot - I knew that nothing could be done here we must be brave another room, the fourth, I did not understand I dusted the rooms I would return every day and perhaps read stories and poems I WOKE UP

I had the same nightmare here in GAUL in the 1990s I felt now, with the RECORDS to be assembled, that the angry room was perhaps that of Pierre the eldest son of JOSETTE he was 4 when she died

Arthur Malone LAW Detective to us 1957 October to 1971 had said January 1960 `THAT GIRL Jo HAD TO DIE BECAUSE OF THIS in the wartime 1944 Andre was away Orders came to kill them both discovered she had got some POST from America it tells her about the GUARDIANSHIP the ESTATE she could not get a proper message to Andre `

Arthur Malone born c 1901/2 called himself POLITAN = Tutor to the Medici children several of us would not have lived if he had not been so very caring of us He was an illegitimate son of Arthur Duke of Connaught but he did not know whom his father was until Christmas 1959 when his mother and families, his LAW friends, decided to tell him

THEY SO SHOCKED by the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN now revealed in his work for ANDRE MALRAUX Arthur Malone said January 1960 You can call me KING ARTHUR I am pushing 60 and I am told who my father was I never thought about it had a happy childhood and good schooling and afterwards LAW studies The old man came to INSPECT us when I was in the RAF 1941 he knew who I was I think

.GRETA RANSOM who does not know her full names her ancestry : 1966 November onwards : Yet again insane jealousy is wrapped about me from creatures who only wish for HEDONISM and HATE everyone who had DOUGH


1970 January at The Pillar House PJPW and his TWIN Sir RJRW are having fun, getting dough, by demolishing the great RANSOM ESTATE I am to be kept ignorant of many things : the trend is to blame ANDRE and GRETA and insist we have NO BACKGROUND are without RESPECTABLE ANCESTORS then the old and new GANGS can go on with their HEDONISM and their dope growing and trading GAMBLING SPIRIT they have decided to BANISH GOD and retain the DEVIL :

THIS TEXT, taken in shorthand, IS OF ANDRE MALRAUX, a HUMANIST, speaking in grief of his two sons Pierre and Vincent ages 21 and 18 killed 23rd Mai 1961 ( in a car `DARE DEVIL style old 1920s Brooklands Racing crowd lead by JIM Jong James, Lindsaybuggarhs, and sadist Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON ) :

as a threat against he and General de GAULLE saying anything about the horrendous GROTE SLAYINGS of the CHILDREN worldwide by the British Nobles & Norwegian-Danish Ghouls under cover of the 2nd World War


ANDRE MALRAUX says 1970 :




I am (the) only one with light



and you Greetha go blithely by A blank Princess A DEAD DREAM …”

( there are photos of me Greetha Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM Summer 1961 1960s I am said to be CHILDLIKE )

The Uncle James in Whites Club has his favourite pit of SNAKES in and they PLOT YOUR DEATH

( MEANING IS : ` to his DENS does he still have the 2 room apartment back of Buckingham Palace given him 1921 ? so that AN OLD ESKIMO the highly educated, 12 languages speaking, MARGARET nee Ransom widow of THOMAS Immanuel GROTE can be robbed of the THOMAS GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN worldwide ??? NB: Mary of Teck has dreadful debts and cannot stop her gambling opium and brandy from 1923 he comes to tea with her once a month with her daughter-in-law ANGELA )

( to WHITES CLUB & his Palace apartment ? )



Oh there !

. I have broken the RULER AGAIN


Nota bene : ANDRE MALRAUX readings his Notebooks continues after some explanation/reminders for Readers of Document in 3 parts ` 1937 SUMMER`

( for the last two phrases Reader, turn to his 1957 November when we seem for a few days to have GOT FREE of SADISTIC MANIACS who are PIMPING on this great GROTE RANSOM Estate

ANDRE MALRAUX is composing delightful joyful work based on his life and ` Matthew PARIS Medieval monk & scholar medieval drawings from Gospels and later recorders A SET OF SEPIA POSTCARDS HE GAVE TO ME FROM THE BRITISH MUSEUM : ` It was to shape up as a beautiful little work of truth showing his early years and how he manages to look forward and try keep holy households : he understands that was how he is raised by THREE GRACES, his mother Berthe, her sister Marie, and their mother Adrienne

( whom I call BERTHA - MARY - and ADRIANNA but not long ago is 1946 when somebody opens a door on this stolen past : 1946 when I am listing out NAMES for the 15 children we will have when we are married = He said 1946 Summer I give up I knew you would happen to me ! I am going to make an honest marriage as my mother and her family expected me to do !

And 1946 he set about mornings at `Stella Maris` home of Bessie-Martha and Annie-Agnes Carroll Williams, turning through the little 12 volumes of the months of BUTLERS SAINTS mid-19th century and listed out his choices for our coming children - he preferred the Gaelic and Celtic names but he still was hesitant about a BOUDICEA & he suggested we limit the family to 9 or even 7 children or he might be laughed at in PARIS )

And I have put our recollections of 1957 autumn, of his work with drawings and text, that he began November 1957 at `The Gate` before it was STOLEN from us by December 1957 (50 Lancaster Gate Square St Edmund House) AND ALL HELL BEGAN TO BREAK ABOUT US

and attacks with dope & needles, powders on pillows, were now really intended to KILL to stop him going to GUYANAS for General de GAULLE But a Miss CHINA BIOLOGIST came in and saved my life and that is recorded I meet her 1986 in CHINA a photograph of her is on FACEBOOK

( NB: The Rules of FACEBOOK are you must send E-mail to my site for permission - and I give it rather defeats the purpose for this work but it is free site : )

WORDPRESS does not take photos : I should put more on TWITTER Now there is J I M D O and photos - pictures etc - will be posted on this as the work continues

She is on TWITTER this afternoon - 28th December 2011 AD she and I together she held my hand and showed me about her University CHINA 1986 you can read of her miracle overriding the monster `Mengele` Doctor Harrington January 1959 Her brave visit & sending a real Doctor in to me had both ANDRE MALRAUX in Paris and me released from DEATH by poisons :

Reader will find Andre Malraux and MATTHEW PARIS given in 1937 SUMMER 3 Parts (a scaffolding for the work ahead)

I believe it is in Part 3 I am very sorry no fine index :

1970 in winter - January/February : ANDRE MALRAUX continues at The Pillar House, Harwell