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Part III

DUNWICH Suffolk, East-Anglia, EAST Britain - once an important PORT documented 5th/4th B.C. on that bulk of EAST ANGLIA sweeping into The North Sea it began to silt up 1st century AD, but was still of use in the 10th/15th centuriesITS HEYDAY WAS PRE-WILLIAM CONQUEROR & his DOOMSDAY SURVEY/ much had slipped away into the NORD SEAS … by the time Harold Godwin & William of NORMANDY had their FISTS UP over who was BIG DOGGIE in ENGLAND TO-DAY 21st century, it is offshore, UNDER THE SEAS , the last crumbling farmlands can be visited/ a moving report by a GI American returning to write for a book of East-Anglia photos is `a HOMAGE to humanists …`

1500 AD - RANSOM the main line from 92 AD , hold a homestead East Coast BRITAIN & move up over the centuries to the farm Montrose bought 1500 as principal residence for his 2nd marriage in Brugese to The Lady Japan/her dowry 2 islets end of Lusans-held until 1948 ... F. RANSOM first wife & 2 sons dead in shipwreck 1499 ARCTIC has himself commissioned & painted by JOEST/& young Joos van Cleve as LAZARUS in the KALKAR Altar Piece …These people were very holy humanists …`

1933 - Teresa Gordon married Frederick John RANSOM

Her 1920s Noble chums, Angela a Countess of Misbehaving , & JIM a PIMP who worked for LINDSAY EARLS by moonlight … set about making TERESA their friend again … They insisted SHE HAD MARRIED AN APE & an ESKIMO … she must take this DOPE or medicine & that would have her able to PAY THEM BACK & bring to her friends of the Noble class … SHARES in the DOUGH… They insisted that they were so unhappy at her DOWNFALL marrying a RANSOM … ( “… the richest family in the world 0 Margarethe always more than me ” says Onassis “ … rich…if you are so VULGAR as to cost up this great piece of PHILANTRHOPY encircling the globe …” …. )

1933-1930s ever onwards - THESE NOBLE BRITISH SCANDINAVIAN PIMPS VAGRANTS SCAVENDERS of the purple narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their SNOUTS, set about keeping TERESA mad… welcoming her back after her stay in Holloway prison . ` SHE WAS THEIR DEAR OLD CHUM … IN THEIR 1920S gang … WHO HAD NOW MARRIED INTO RICHES … ` somehow got hold of by these Apes Eskimos & lowest working Class British OH OH OH - Teresa had access to BIG DOUGH … THEY WOULD NEVER LET HER GO … Their kids, future kids, will be weaned on PURPLE NARCOTIC pellets up their snouts … hits brain in 2 seconds- GIVES FEELINGS OF VIOLENCE & determination to WIN … BRITAIN RULES THE SEAS … & its EMPIRE HAS FALLEN …

1933/1934 - DIARY Frederick John RANSOM - EXTRACTS given to ANDRE MALRAUX late October 1957 visit/photo album FJR kept of Greta Ransom with his family & Nord-Sud Tour is STOLEN from ANDRE MALRAUX within 2 minutes of him returning to 50 Lancaster Gate Square, the great house that General de GAULLE & MALRAUX call … “ Andre`s London home ”

FJR DIARY 1933 … “…she has been spending 150 pounds a week & cannot account for it … I learn she is sending it to AUNT NETTIE…an old witch friend of the early 1920s where ANGELA & SHE, OTHERS, USED TO GO VISITING … Nettie had holes in roof… it was not mended…JIM & ANGELA WERE TAKING THE MONEY ” …

1934 - FJR DIARY THE SURGEON SAID they had SEVERED THEIR NERVOUS SYSTEM … with these powerful heathen drugs … they could crawl up walls, over roofs… SHUT YOUR DOOR WHEN YOU SEE THEM COMING - his daughter had got caught by them a very short time/ he had to nail her down for 6 months in a Clinic & then it took 5 years to put her right … HE HAD TO KEEP THEM AWAY ! She had gone to New Zealand got a husband & children … the community gave protection … the combination of JIM & Angela was a nettle-bed they would kick you in … for any money or property you owned …`

1939 DIARY FJR - ` Mr JIM Jong/ Earls of Crawford Lindsay & thugs, who sidled up & called him COUSIN Fred ` /& big Ships/

` They were seen wearing USA Army uniforms -This is before the declaration of WAR with JAPAN … seen in these AMERICAN uniforms in PALESTINE 1948 /selling off the Grote Home seashore & the RANSOM LANDS … to USA Jewish visitors .

Not entitled to wear AMERICAN ARMY UNIFORMSall this was checked by his brother USA with the USA State department workers …

1939 DIARY FJR - his youngest brother LIR/ & Greta Ransom daughter of FJR / “ … we were there at Walton-on-Naze early 1939 & Norfolk /we see 4 American uniforms on the evil little jack-in-boxes palatial Army Tent beds/ I Greetha Ransom showed Lennie Ransom how to climb down a vertical cliff holding on to flints & tough grasses - Uncle Gimlet Eyes Mainwarring had let his grand-daughter & I do it the year beforeHe won`t have nampi-pampi girls in the family& WE ARE TO SHAPE UP FOR A TRIP TO THE WEDDELL SEA & Jean is to DANCE on her Grandpas SEA

diaries-accounts- published Papers/

1950s onwards - I hath followed none too well as a young woman how ANDRE MALRAUX & the Government of Gaul were being threatened by exposure the WEDDING OF GRACE 17th April 1947 & that it failed to Georges Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX - Roman Catholic WIDOWER OF JOSETTE- marriage allowed by The Vatican/Paccelli/ POPE PIUS XII, & elders of the Irish families OBrien/Murphy/Carroll/ Williams & Ransom/ Weddell/ Murgatroyd families to his WardMALRAUX Guardian to the biggest Estate the globe hath knownpure philanthropy & he believes he is only GUARDIAN TO GRETA RANSOM & this was what he accepted in his understanding October 1937 when he received a letter from a MARGARET GROTE pleased he had accepted GUARDIANSHIP TO GREETAH RANSOM her niece but it had no address She M.G. said “ YOU WILL BE HEARING MORE ”

But the British Government Lords & Crown penniless & ON THE PIN gave orders to STEAL ALL the Post/mail of ANDRE MALRAUX from winter 1937/1938.

1937 - 1962 MARCH … UNKNOWN during these years & NOT SEEN by ANDRE MALRAUX/& General de GAULLE/ ARE THE 3 WILLS sent to him by USA New York Brokers, Overseas Agents & the Ransom caring old Solicitor first employed in the Estate 1830s Argentine

1937 XMAS - MALRAUX - post/mail stolen by Gross Britain Government & Crown who are criminally insane from 1920s on DOPES creating GREED & VIOLENCE - & there will be over the years CUNNING MESSAGES to delay any investigation/The GROSS BRITAIN NATIONAL INDUSTRY OF CRIMINAL INSANITY RISES By 1939 the G.B. Noble scum system is fostering UNREST … by blaming ANDRE MALRAUX & FRANCE for not being finding the TIME to be interested in dead GROTE HOMES children, & any PASTORAL CARE of the vast Estate … NOTHING IS RECEIVED IN WRITING by the FRENCH GOVERNMENT … !

1942-1943 winter - 2nd World War - The woman mad witchcraft Wales Angela sent me a message by TG Mad Mother Kali as the class call her. I was to call myself PEARL BARLEY at school, & not use my disgraceful Ransom name … my mother was to call herself Mrs Gordon-Gordon again . SHEshe Mad Mother Kali-CLYTEMNESTRA was very violent & insane & Spring 1943 the Town authorities tried get her locked up in the local Asylum. Greta & little Colin were with terrible bruises & cuts on them, Greta with them near her eyes…especially on Mondays.

People walking dogs in the REC learned how mad Teresa Gordon R. had become … they saw her charging about with weapons at us … heavy tools & garden implements & cursing us as APES & ESKIMOS ! The Railway Booking Clerks gave full information on her ticket buying to LONDON during the week, & the Platform staff could always say the time late night when she had arrived back … THUS it had the WAR OFFICE issue the above ORDER … for what it was worth ! The LIARS said HE DID NOT WISH TO RETURN !

Her friends/fiends in Buckingham Palace, JIM with his 2-Man UNIT INTELLIGENCE & his Apartment back of Palace held since 1923, Angela drinking 9 hours in every MESS & any Earls of Crawford Lindsay thugs not slaying the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES. It was known by schools, Church & Town Hall this old MAFIA of the LINDSAY GRAND their building on the Seafront wanted her to damage the health & education of her heir daughter Greetha, & little Colin Frederick was included in this violence now. She & her Noble Chums GAVE OUT THAT JOHN GORDON R. was a bastard !

They have all kept GR from the Convent Boarding School, & had her taken off Captain Barclay & family, Hadzor . EXPOSING GR AGAIN TO THEIR CHUM Teresa Gordon R`s criminal insanity made FAR WORSE BY THEM for they give her SUPPLIES of DOPES for the week in sweetie bags/as you get served a quarter pound of hard boiled sweets or toffees in a Confectionary Shop or a Woolworths Counter . These NOBLE BRITAIN have been carrying DOPE about like this, pinching teaspoons in cafes … since they all ROARED in the ROARING ENGLISH 1920s.

Winter 1942/1943 I am at Captain Leroys Llewellyn Road town school & there is a 14/15 years old Weddell 3rd cousin with a 6 years old sister in this school - Here we have University teachers during the war years - one marked me TOP in Science 1944 - it was recognized my mad mother rubbed powders in my mouth & nose as pre-war- Summer 1943 ORDERS issued by British War Office that `Captain Ransom to RETURN for home duties & Family matters` THUGS OF IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS sometimes wearing American Army Uniforms as disguise were in control of RANSOM lives -

1940/41 - Angela/black beetle & JIM JONG were stopped winter Bulford Camp Salisbury Plains at foul murderous tricks/ In October 1940 she & he Jim had had me Greetha Ransom put in the Deaf-Dumb-partially-sighted school & a telephone call from her or for her from Buckingham Palace said BRAZEN/blazing wicked things of the Ransom family & Greta Ape & Eskimo -

1940 - BULFORD Army Camp, Salisbury Plains & area Wiltshire… but a Mr Polly taught part-time in the deaf-dumb school & he had been at a New York GROTE HOMES SYMPOSIUM 1938 & after a few days got Greta Ransom OUT with help from Mrs MacDonald telephoning Uncle Harry Gordon at his War Work …I was taken to the normal school BULFORD in a motorcar. Mr POLLY is another MARTYR

1940 October - winter into year 1941 winter/RANSOm children leave 2nd January 1942 for CUSTODY Mary Helena Williams GORDON grandmother returning to tiny Walton Road house, Clacton-on-Sea from Manchester her sisters families/

… 1940/1941 - BULFORD Army Camp - Primary School, Salisbury Plains, Mrs MacDonald (in her early 50s) school teacher whose father lives on Arran Island, Western Isles, now protected me/she knows Mary Gordon… /records/letters/1940s on/

… 1940 autumn Oct/or Nov. - Mr Polly was soon blown up in his car-the steering wheel had been fitted with an explosive - his face, chest got it / he was recovering - BUT A DOCTOR WAS SENT FROM LONDON & he swiftly died … SENT by JIM Jong now Major- this-&-that Buckingham Palace/with 2 MAN TEAM called INTELLIGENCE/

…. ( you may if lucky find a FIRST EDITION 250 copies a LIFE OF JIM issued spring 1960 `All the Kings Men` & this 250 copies edition is very different from the next edition - it gives some queer truths ) & along the historic WAY, Centre of British Government The Whitehall , JIM JONG & Crawford Lindsay Premier EARLS have ROOMS with numbers to LAY HANDS ON THE GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE the globe in name of ANGELA a woman now GONE DIVINE -

1940 - The weather was frosty cold as we came to school - Mr Polly died immediately from the visit of the Doctor sent by THEM from LONDON Town - (Records/etc) These are the usual tricks of the Nobles when somebody knows about GROTE or helps us heirs & families Harry Gordon was asked to comment with other top mechanics on how/who/had fitted the device-said it was not made & fitted by a German Spy- murder by persons very well known to Noble & Royal Britain/Scandinavia :

19th & 20th centuries - EXPLOSIVES USED BY NOBLE BRITAIN

See REPORTS/research/witnesses/ `Greta Ransom her 5th birthday present the OWL clock bomb GIFT from & made by Mr Pong/March 1938 Can be read in ` RANSOM True Tales/& The Grote Brokers Sailed in with Uncle Fred Mac Murray & Hollywood

1938 March - Which powerful BOMB went off at midnight, not 9.30pm. as he Jimmie Jong Mr Pong said ( the later ROYAL `uncle-friend ` CUR/sir JAMES of WHITES Club A VICE BAR ) .

5th BIRTHDAY of the HEIR GR …March 1938 -

After Mr Pong had left at nearly 9.30pm, I, Greta Ransom whose GUARDIAN is ANDRE MALRAUX OF FRANCE/GAUL … swiftly rose & carried it very , very carefully down the stairs into the long garden the Old Road house, Clacton-on-Sea. Then I had gone off to sleep / my Night Nurse had been dismissed / AT MIDNIGHTIT BLEW A HOLE THE SIZE OF THE CRATER OF SANTORIN …Ancient Greece shattering water pipes, windows all round about the old part of the Clacton-on-Sea to Great Clacton town

1938 March … The Crawford EARL LINDSAY No 12 called upon NEXT DAY said

“ they were ALL OFF SHORE UPON CROWN & GOVERNMENT LORDS matters … shady matters as usual … To the Police he was arrogant, lordly, confiding about the reputation of THIS HIS OWN LINE RANSOM Apes-Eskimos, A SAD DISAPPOINTMENT TO HIS NOBLE LINE & his kinsmen… / THE POLICE believ `th NOT ONE WORD OF THE OLD HOOKER some men went with GUNS to shoot them/some had axes & spades/ but could not get in the GRAND the LINDSAY Holiday DEN on Clacton-on-Sea SEAFRONT, squashed between the ROYAL HOTEL & The TOWERS Jim Jong Mr Pong has a rat hole in Buckingham Palace everybody knows / Greta Ransom

1957 October WHITES CLUB - now a low vice bar of stupid half criminally insane young blokes … with doped drinks etc & DIRTY PARTIES LATE Thursdays & in JIM`s flats of PROSTITUTION round the corner / Members of WHITES expected to help build up CLUB FUNDS…use these facilities & PAY FOR FUN -

JIM JONG known now as DIRTY JIM/ made CUR James 1.1. 1954 , is spouting between slurps of a whisky bottle I picked it up THE WILL OF THE OLD ESKIMO/Oh not allowed to make a WILL/all belongs to Angela ” 15 May 1938 … when I dumped her back at the ONeill place that afternoon


…. said JIM 1957 October to his cronies of a big & little FAST business world of Noble & upper Class criminals & twerps in WHITES CLUB vice bar - they had heard from their family elders how he had killed the Old Eskimo to get the Crown solvent - to pay its vast debts - & PROP UP THEIR CLASS …& have pickings for all & Dolly Mixtures etc etc - Records- by spies listening in amazement/ 2 of USA State Department Washington

THERE FOLLOWS A MOST IMPORTANT ACCURATE HISTORY OF THE EARLY 20th century in BRITAIN the behaviour of the VAST layers of penniless nobles Britain Scandinavia Continent … & harassment of law abiding human beings as criminally-INSANE NOBLES tried to GET MONEY FROM THEM Noble Britain loaded with these PIMPS by the end of the 2nd World War … The only Noble to be trusted was the heir of KING ZOG of Albania … The rest of them were DOPE SOAKS (narcotics) with nasty killer ROBBER VIOLENT PLAYBOYS to do the dirty work … THE North of England, Scotland & Wales had WITCH CULTS & these were injecting mushrooms/ or toadstools in their veins … it produced violence against others … ADD the pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts & the rest of society were easily their VICTIMS


Mary Gordon tells ANDRE MALRAUX -…GREETAH RANSOM is resting above, drifting off to sleep but sometimes listening to some part of their soft voices … Then I will hear it again as Granny tells Uncle Harry & telephones to Arthur her eldest … he is Insurance, CITY…his Uncle Arthur Gordon took him into his firm after the Great War …

Nota bene : Arthur Gordon RN shot in the Royal Navy 1st World War, has shrapnel in his bodyMengele Harrington ( friend of Phil the Duck/ P. Mountbatten since childhood ) wishes to KILL Uncle Arthur Gordon October 1957 TO STOP ANDRE MALRAUX GRETA RANSOM his niece with her Roman Catholic husband Georges-Andre Malraux visiting himDoc MENGELE HAS GOT HOLD OF ALL LETTERS MESSAGES COMING TO MALRAUX & General de GAULLE to 50 Lancaster Gate Square …

Mary Gordon to ANDRE MALRAUX Summer 1937 :

“ Jim & Angela … they have been chums since start of this last War ( 1914/1919 ) - a nuisance to all our families - her parents were having Witchcraft up there in their big Place - took Teresa out with them she 10-11 years old & got her off a Visit to cousins in the North …

… the GORDON name was known to have money up in Scotland & I have cousins IRELAND … I was born Sackville Street ( heart of Dublin) my mother Classics/tried teach PLATO & Harmony … ` never earned a living from her Trade ` - 1919 … this Great War finished, they, JIM & ANGELA, were baiting me for information on my Irish cousins … try in` to call them ` AT TREASON `

WE HAD THEM , JIM VERMIN & some others, AT THE GARDEN GATE BEFORE the WAR … on good horses George would go & talk them away … they were on THESE POWDERS THEY GET FROM THE CHEMISTS … » … 3 baronetcies Murphy-OBrien & Carroll with a castle-sometimes raise horses - (Mary Gordon)

… ` It never left off , the pair of them … JIM & ANGELA … when she got the marriage there were objections at the top But after she married it went on … persecuting us, & others had it … SHE & JIM … they thought theyd learn things about our peaceful work for Southern IrelandI have some little charities with my sisters over there … THIS PAIR , they would rob your pockets if you took your coat off & make out we were about the revolution matters … !

… The D`ivils I have her ANGELA on the phone baiting me about the child & an inheritance - they were EVER after getting at their properties over there, mee Irish family, & they knew they sometimes raise horses a bit They were all at the parties in that house where I put her as Acting Housekeeper, Teresa … All of `em were taking the old man`s moneys tah go shopping with … It was all of them … ANGELA was in with her husband David three times at evening things they were putting on , the old man was given SEDATIVES & would not know very much of it THE NEXT MORNING …`( Mary Gordon to Andre Malraux & others 1937/1943 )

`… That got her TERESA into trouble … & all those years put away we engaged a leading Barrister (Lord Grey ? ) it cost us a fortune even though he only took half his fees IT ALL GOES BACK TO THE WITCHCRAFT THE PACK OF `EM ARE UP TO IN THE NORTH … they have no BRASS … NONE OF THEM … so they pick on hard working folk & persecute them… drive some to SUICIDE … NOW GEORGE IS DEAD BECAUSE OF ALL THIS… they were all hanging about in the road in their cars that night … saying Teresa & all of us OWED THEM MONEYS … `


JO & ANDRE MALRAUX Summer 1937 are offered a nice house at Orford/Orford Nessno rent to pay - Owners going to America -they will stay if WAR comes to Europe - JO & ANDRE could have lost their lives very soonNoble Britain violence & destruction of character is directed at them because they have been with us & now he is Guardian- On the other hand, if he lived he would meet General de GAULLE much sooner 1940/1941... CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE … our lives often ….

If ANDRE & JOSETTE had received the Grote Brokers Post/mail or met other Administrators of the Estate, then A UNITED FRONT LINE could be established against THESE EVIL CRIMINALLY INSANE destroying this great ESTATE - FRANCE WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD OF THE GUARDIANSHIP by its Citizen MALRAUX . It could have stood up to Noble criminal Gross Britain & its fallen Empire from 1938 onwards …

… or 1938/39 … Andre & Josette could swiftly have been given an accident by Noble Britain & Scandinavia & perhaps bodies burned in Scotland as is often done to remove EVIDENCE of presence or EXISTENCE/ the last a bit difficult to achieve for Author MALRAUX the barbaric sadistic hate would descend upon them from the Noble British/Scandinavian penniless ON THE PIN & Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up their snouts

SNEERING & low jibes is ALWAYS DIRECTED at ANDRE MALRAUX by these British Scandinavian BESTIAL INSANE PIMPS … who kill all their lives for money …

There would be HATE from the criminally insane if he managed to take up the Guardianship pre -WAR … because he is so clearly a real man of humanism MALRAUX IS A REAL MAN ( & they are not/but nearer to Jurassic predators )

Nota bene : ANDRE MALRAUX HAS FOUGHT ON THE WRONG SIDE IN SPAIN - say Noble scum Reports/Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/1961

1960 (Jan/Feb/summer time ) Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux Colne Engaine/Colchester/gather documents & speak with witnesses of the times between 1939-1954 & ABUSE of Greta & Colin Frederick RANSOM her youngest brother, both HEIRS to the Estate … MALONE - faithful Detective begins speaking … Report early February 1960 11.30 am …

`A CASE OF SEVERE CHILD ABUSE BY THE NOBLE CLASSES its in my notebook - I`m keeping them hidden in the oak tree well somewhere they cannot be stolen again ` Arthur Malone/POLITAN…Detective from October 1957 for ANDRE MALRAUX …/

1943 February - Clacton-on-Sea/Holland-on-Sea

Report Chief Medical Officer retired-retired-retired

(In 1960 this report is gathered by Arthur Malone Detective )

… “ Im always trying to RETIRE I came upon one of the worst scenes of cruelty to a child - an attempt to cripple Greta Ransom nearly 10 years of age - Early freezing morning on our seafront the Holland end - stop her going to school/ her grandmother Mary Gordon a very intelligent woman taken to hospital that week - fiendish violence done by her mother & noble chums since the WAR began because these children had an inheritancefrom the Far North

… ‘ 1939 December when the father rushed out to Philippines - no sense in it - his training was needed in Britain…Gunnery-Stores/

The WAR OFFICE beginning summer 1943 sent to North Africa & Kenya an Order for Officer/1943 Captain Frederick. J. Ransom to RETURN FOR HOME DUTIES.This ORDER was stopped by the mothers noble chums a branch anxious to claim the Inheritance…to harm the Ransom children - girl senior heir, her young Uncle RAF, & the young Colin born 1938 - It was more than threats before the WAR…made by the Noble Earl & a woman to be known as ANGELA to have the young children put in an Asylum as bred from INCA Apes & Greenland Eskimo not unusual to have these beliefs amongst the upper classes … living on investment income from overseas - It was believed the middle child JGR was a bastard although the father said not so at the Marital Court 1946 & produced photographs of his side of the family as proof`

… ` Intention from the Great War (1st World War) was to pull a big ESTATE OFF … discredit the families - It was about WHITEHALL the CROWN was to claim it all as CROWN LANDS in spite of the bulk of it in nations NOT UNDER THE BRITISH EMPIRE RULE - A Mafia/ a Scots Earl & his extended family been on our seafront since 1910 in their GRAND … ( Oh pulled down 1946, slipping inwardly - a dangerous construction … Scots granite too heavy at the start … but they won a Court Case after taking the Builder to taskhe did not want to go on with its construction(1910) A lot of them Noble Britain wanted their share of this Estate if the British Government & Crown were going to be USED in secret to commit this FRAUD Id retired twice by the commencement of the last War walked my dog & learned of these things ROUND THE TOWN …`

... the previous year … ANOTHER Sea Heiress is in Miss Greta Ransoms class at Captain Leroy`s School …1942... a 9 years oldPatrick MacDrew`s niece you know him …

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