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Part III

1938 PLEA Part III

“ FIRST get rid of the kids…2,500 HOMES A-Z- & many schools on valuable lands we the British Noble Race can use to BECOME RICH to retrieve our Noble Empire or something or other … education for foreigners is DECREED to 12 years then they stand on their own feet IF THEY HAVE IT IN THEM - GOD DOES NOT WISH US ALL EQUAL- Oh it is an insult - old Eskimo cannot be allowed to make a WILL - ALL COMES TO BRITAIN/Crown-such an embarrassment to Britain…Noble Gentlemen raise your glasses/barrels … our BATTLE CRY is `OLD ESKIMO ALWAYS IN THE RED ` ….

1960 January/& again month of June - Report Colne Engaine

“ We are feeling a bit of SHOCK with this latest information coming into us…we used to be proud of Nation…

be proud to be British but NO MORE

Shock says Detective Arthur Malone/Politan…come over to give his 7 .30pm Report from outside the caravan `Mistral` side windows…now in my memory some days as a GHOST HOUSE TEAM The exposure of Angela & her men/ Earls of Crawford & Lindsay & branches…& a gathering list of Noble Britain & some issue…ALL KNOW OF THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE CHILDREN…& are ON THE PIN & now LSD added 1950s & Doc Mengele Harrington is often giving the MIXES . (reports/research/HEROIN in London & G.B.)

1939 - A garden Party at the Palace - Invitation to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM & family I G.R. age 6 years recall the big girl Elizabeth to be 13 years old … turning on me with a face petrified in stone `YOU NEED NOT THINK YOU ARE GETTING IT YOU APE` I Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM had just given a BBC Reporter a 10 minutes SERMON on Grote Homes Children

& the meaning of Aunt Margarethe Girl of the Snows her JOYOUS VENTURE JIM JONG Mr PONG is with Figures from a Morgue behind the girl now living in this Palace of ill-repute…the man David looks ill, frail, speaks kindly a little distance from FIGURES FROM A MORGUE…They are turning LONDINIUM into Scarlet Town !

( Nota bene : or did she say `getting it all ` ? Some several people about who know whom we are…were shocked… `she has no breeding` they said…Churchill is going to SPEAK WITH HER AGAIN & tell her …she cannot take other peoples things … )

ANDRE MALRAUX of FRANCE is my GUARDIAN, I G.R.but why is he not here with us we the RANSOM family & my grandfather Frederick Charles ? It is 1939 at a tea in Buckingham Palace Gardens.

Here to this Palace the POST/mail of ANDRE MALRAUX comes for LINDSAY EARLS& THEY ARE OPENING RANSOM POST/mail especially XMAS & 11th March the birthday of the legal heir Greta Ransom to Grote Homes Ransom Estate the World…They also lay their paws on some of Lennie`s presents too…these nasty spiteful dope-soaked SUB APES ! Some of them are hooked on ABSINTHE from Portugal…a barrel is delivered for Angela every month to the back of Buckingham Palace…It has been BANNED by Houses of Parliament/Perversions…1929...

1939 January -That winter-tide…I tell that little man who looks like Father Christmas about this He said `Well I know them the two girls…& they must be taught then that they cannot take other peoples possessionsI will have a word`/records/diaries/photos

& 1969` LUNCHEON of the table of TOMBS…a big house Windsor designed by the famous Edward Lutyens…LAND OF DOPE & TORY…lies, spiked wine & food …Mr Mengele spoof Doc Harrington paedophile Royal Satrap with Clara Malraux old bed fellow since 1938 glare at G.R.W., & they have powders potions syringes in their pockets…/Records galore/

1970 in winter - MALRAUX comes to Pillar House to say January 1970... « You did not know what it was about until the last moments before you left this house…At the end of the table you saw me… you were not sure it was me…I had a man in a white coat come to lead you to the other end of the long very long table you later liken to tombs in a row, I am told… where I did have places laid for the deadMr Mengele whom you recall from my home 50 Lancaster Gate Square was sat near to you…I did not expect this…you perhaps felt you had to be polite again to him…

… Try to remember it like this … We had a luncheon last year in a house Mr Poulter had spoken upon when we were at Colchester in the Castle…it was with our relatives friends & our children at our kneeI myself did not feel too well sometimes…I should have COVERED MY CUP…MY GOBLETS…& warned you too…I am come here to try to explain matters…if Peter will allow me to read from my notebooks ` Andre Malraux 1970 January …he continues

` I would prefer to begin with SUMMER he, Peter, appears to have misunderstandings about our SUMMER HOLIDAY…when you & I first met…& there was a young woman with us…who later died…

I do not TRUST certain people now appearing about us in Blewbury village…& from Oxford… Some from abroad have woeful misunderstanding thrust at them…I fear they are being robbed…THAT IS THEIR SMALL NATIONS ARE BEING ROBBED… I propose to journey through the years from 1937...if Peter will allow me…will allow you to accompany me…again… I believe sometimes you were forbidden to recall my name … it is MALRAUX … Georges-ANDRE…MALRAUX…

I have had a very busy life…sometimes with you at my side…Greetah Maureen Ransom… I hope Peter will allow me time to read, to speak a little…» MALRAUX /Records of WINTER 1970 The Pillar House, Harwell, where the immortal books for children were drawn by LLB…

1960 JanuaryArthur Malone/Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux - December 17th 1959 An heir takes shape

He is trying to tell G.R. the danger… ` a man is to come from USA - they wish to know WHO WILL COME OUT HERE to Colne Engaine at night BELIEVING G.R. is ALL ALONE ! They will want to kill the heir perhaps…? `

1960 January - 1939 in the New Year - Greta RANSOM & Len Immanuel RANSOM learn, & hear JIM JONG Mr Pong himself saying, that he has a JOB in the Palace…& he is boasting to Teresa & Lindsay 14 Earl to be soon…

“ put powders of memory LOSS in the KING`S TEA…so he won`t be able to recognise very much of what he is reading…a precaution in case PAPERS come to him about dead children overseas ! ” MR PONG ! JIM ! 1939... & again in 1940 at BULFORD ARMY CAMP the little house…I hear him say the same & that “… they are ALL READY TO HANDLE IT IF NEWS GETS TO DAVID…from Admiralty or Whitehall…IT GOES IN HIS TEA…we rest him a few days if necessary…I have to stay at my POST…no hunting BIG GAME for me … they are all to be got rid of … dump them offshore … we must have the lands Teresa … ”

1960 January - It is JIM & thugs who are likely to come at night…they the Grote Homes Ransom Weddell families killers will come here to Colne Engayne near Colchester to kill heir & others…especially Arthur Malone Detective in the Lawyers Gown employed by MALRAUX since October 1957 & resident at 50 Lancaster Gate Square when Malraux away. Here to a tiny meadow with a 900 years old hedge I have come with my own little new Sprite 350 pounds worth of caravan home/Malraux calls it Mistral a grey acquamarine shade outside…IT IS JIM dirty JIMMIE Cur JAMES who fears G.R. & LIR always. Doc Mengele H. from 1953 has said that `THEY CAN NEVER BE CERTAIN the Ape WILL NOT REMEMBER ALL …before the WAR…& since the 2nd W. War War…& the last years at No 50 the Malraux London Home & Catholic Charity in Lancaster Gate Square…` XMAS DAY 1959 the NOBLE CRIMINALLY INSANE now know that MALRAUX has discovered his GUARDIANSHIP ! & that means General de Gaulle too …

So … 1959 CHRISTMAS - Hooting Noble Britain & Scandinavia Nobles have to STOP the 3 WILLS reaching them…especially the Will of Margaret Ransom Grote 1937/`1938 which has the name of ANDRE MALRAUX WRITTEN AS GUARDIAN to the HEIRS & ESTATE, THAT IS GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 Parts…The Joyous Venture … some lands held since 11th century Palestine shores & Brittany coast !

1960 February - The Wills are quickly got by late February from the Argentine, with carbon copies of many documents & letters showing the criminal intentions & crimes already taking place upon the Estate by Gross Britain & Scandinavia ! BUT THEY DO NOT REACH MALRAUX & GENERAL DE GAULLE until March 1962...Philip Silverlees daughter is murdered May 1960 in the Argentine for getting a startling package together/this can be followed in diaries-records-archives/ The correspondence shows that the secret silence Policy of the British Government & Crown was to remove Capital & moneys coming in in the heir & sub-heirs names from all Banks - empty all & SCREECH IN THE RED…it had begun by 1937/1938 …

Nota bene : The reader is to be reminded of Sir Rowland Edward Whitehead invited on a small Committee from 1939 to give the Crown & British Government the OPINION that it could go ahead taking this big Estate of Philanthropy He is to notify by telephone & 2 letters colleagues & family and also pass information to New Yorkhis grandsons have a marriage line of the Elders into GROTE family


For this lawful & honest opinion from his legal training & after he has examined the documents allowed to the sub-committee he is attacked on the tow path Wallingford by JIM Jong Mr Pong (now called Major Carew/James/Captain Hartlepool/Major O`Carroll etc etc…) on his early morning walk winter 1940/1941 & loses his life a little later A letter to his son dead late winter 1968 was not received in the WAR, but spoken of in 1968 summer/

1960 late January - ANDRE MALRAUX says he must “ return to Gaul later in the day ` … hence he takes DAWNWATCH on his 48 hours release from FRANCE … he now a Minister - THE TEAM Malraux detectives, colleagues, DISCOVER VAST DESTRUCTION OF RECORDS AS THE RESEARCH GOES ON …

1961 - Kennedy & team (President USA) begins to collect things up North America & take off these Noble monsters what they have stolensimply using their own technique ( one Noble sails down from a tall New York building he has stolen - this apartment was bought by Margaret Ransom Grote`s FATHER as this famous building was on the drawing board or going up in the skies )

… The parents of young John KENNEDY knew Margarethe & Tiggy Grote & their friends … GROTE BROKERS had built the young bride in 1864 the splendid all white home on the Waterfront … KENNEDYS are a good Catholic Family & they knew `young Paccelli` too …he is dead in 1958 after giving ANDRE & GREETHA permission to re-vow…« THE MARRIAGE to MARY GORDON`S GRAND-DAUGHTER NEVER ANNULLED HE INFORMS ANDRE MALRAUX NOVEMBER 1957...

The detectives & colleagues - Uncle Harry - show me no photos, & write no calendar Ah ! Malone the 2nd week of January put some lists in a book at my post box by the entrance before dawn - his envelope of notes went missing twice ! It was only there about 2 hours he said ! Photographs were not easy to find for they have all been destroyed pre-war, wartime & big money was given down WHITEHALL for any found & handed in 1950s ! - Dr John Ray & others had masses of photographs, magazines, newspaper cuttings hidden in USA & South America - I gather some 1990s from a source not known -

My fathers photo album of us & the Ransom family, our visits, our Escape to Greenland 1935 October then our tours Grote Homes hed kept from my birth a photo-album & he loaned it to ANDRE MALRAUX end of October 1957 - it was stolen from MALRAUX that evening, he placing it on his desk, rushing up to speak to me not even 2 minutes - had gone in that time! Accounts are given from Archives of this loss/& many other records coming to ANDRE MALRAUX 19 38-1976.../ Life at Lancaster Gate Square 1957-1959 is especially revealing of the greed & madness directed at us by the Nobles of Gross Britain & Scandinavia who drip with blood & gore from their murders of the GROTE HOMES children during the 2nd World War…

1970 - Mengele Harrington Royal Satrap-paedophile-Gollum is boasting to PJPW & others that he has this photo album & he will probably burn it -

Why did not somebody present HIT HIM WITH A BIG STONE-throw him under a train- have him suffer as JO did ! ?

Open him up & stitch white mice inside himas he and PONG did to the Swedish girl 1953 ... This was in newspapers in Gross Britain & Continent… but the monsters were not namedIT WAS ABOUT THE TOWN WHO THEY WEREthe right-hand to the British CONSUL Sweden would NOT give the information which would have had JIM Jong CUR James Mr Pong arrested & put away for lifeor hung when the girl died (Reports 1953/1954 Hampstead MEDICS intellectuals…others educated…WHO FEARED JIM of the pre-war days & spoof Doc MENGELE Harrington being together…& their long time over familiarity with 3 broads & a Greek ( as dirty JIM called them down the Road …) at a Pub the educated young called ` Saint Lizzie`s HEAD` …

1938 - JEAN Martyr (Spanish-Inca grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL THE SEA sub-arctic) Lindsaybuggarh EARL 12 of Crawford & LINDSAY & the pickled Zulli Sultans head -

Earl No `12 took the money from Greta Ransoms XMAS fund/Hospital Fund, Bryants Garage, Clacton-on-sea- to PAY HIS DEBTS-HIS GAMBLING & his Lindsay prostitute women had not brought in so much it is summer 1938 - I hear 1948 how he terrified the Co-OWNER of this Clacton business -

Lindsay Earl 12 calling upon him 1937 & saying I GR was of his family & that `Greta Ransom was the great-grandchild from a fallen woman Millie FROBISHER … m JOHN RANSOM 1883...she

of his EVIL NOBLE Family has a Miss Lindsay mother ...`

He took our RANSOM monies for his MOB-including the little Xmas & Hospital Funds that my PROFIT goes into. I GR have to say that both sexes Lindsay Earls may be called PROSTITUTES UPON THE 20th century.& he took my 49 percent investment for himself - HE CLAIMED I WAS GRETA of his LINDSAY family - Autumn 1938 he advanced upon me by the Pier waving streamers of papers… “ Sign here Greetah Lindsay & I will be your Guardian …” I with Len beside me told him to “ PACK YOUR CASE & LEAVE ` - They have just killed JEAN Firebird ballerina, Len`s mother & my Grandmother… /Reports/Archives/

1938 after they have MURDERED J E A N the Inca Firebird I will in my grief at JEAN Ballerina poisoned… tell this monster

`PACK YOUR CASE AND LEAVE - decent people cannot walk on this Seafront when you and yours are over there in that GRAND -` I had told him he was NOT my Guardian- they have just murdered with poison JEAN WEDDELL RANSOM ballerina my grandmother !

They should all be AXED or put on an iceberg and left !-

Len & I have these little investments to learn our HUMANISM- PROFIT DOTH NOT COME FIRST- but OUR PEOPLES & LANDS -

See Court of LAW- destroyed records/-newspapers - Mengele was re-writing some of their crimes - putting spoof records about -1950s - for dough !

This Earl No 12 & his brother Earl 13 put the 12 year old heir whom they claimed was doo-lah-li-tat having raised him to be a fool down a hole at sea/ 19th century Maritime Observation Chamber/ & TRIED CLAIM THE INSURANCE c 1910...goes to Court over 2 years but Great War/W.War I is coming 1914...matter gets lost in the War years…but existed 1930s/1940s in kept collections of newspapers/diaries/text-photos/scrap books ….

1938 winter com`th - I can see my young Father Frederick John RANSOM & his very tragic face - a LINDSAYbuggarh wearing a Great War Prussian steel Helmet the kind with a spike on the top like you see German Kaiser Willi wearing in early cine film Newsreels… came into our beloved Old Road house the rear of it a farmhouse that stood there 1600s- This creature with acid porridge shade of face & dead fish eyes ON THE PIN straddled our hearth and Pontificated about HIS MOB LINDSAYBUGGARHS claiming all GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL Estate because the British CROWN would NOT have fatherless educated to 18 ... Offshore ... !

1965 City of London Elders The former Miss Bloody Liar-has put a River of Blood around your feet young woman Miss Ransom go & see your father … ” (Arthur Malone works alongside me in some fashion-agreed by the employers& Philip Silverlee of the murdered 28 years old daughter com-th & go-th from Argentinesoon a young Murgatroyd cousin aged 28 years is killed after returning to Argentinahe had worked in The London Chamber Pot (London Chamber of Commerce) … during his apprenticeship to Money matters he spoke to G.R. and handed me the photo-copy of a man called Mr F.C. Ransom making an acclaimed speech to Royal Exchange 1939 ... the congregation stunned by the death of his Argentine wife `a young woman still .`

1965 Winter - it disappeared from my handbag that evening when Teresa Gordon R., David Brown rnvr had called , & Mengele had his blue car outside the Lambeth flat of Miss Rose Holder a little later that night … causing me great FEAR ~ Rose locked the door inside with the big bolt & said we should have a good sleep … TGR & DB had left earlier … The photo copy of the SPEECH BY Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM was missing…I had no idea he was my grandfather…in my memory WAS NO MEMORY OF HE or Jean or a sweet home called ` Jerusalem ` by Deptford sloping little Park ….

FIGURES FROM A MORGUE-NOBLE BRITAIN- put a river of blood around the world about the feet of every Nation A-to-Z with the JOYOUS VENTURE & GROTE HOMES philanthropy functioning since 6th-7th century Castile /Aurora RANSOM, dau of Farmer/Trader/Dignitary on Town Council/a pure Berber ) … & 1864 when Thomas Immanuel GROTE/Tiggy/sets his HOMES for orphans educating to 18/19 years of age upon the ancient RANSOM lands…two girdles around the globe…`a delicate flower garden we carefully tend … ` our old `19th century Argentine Solicitors call it in 1960 …


1945 LINDSAYbuggarhs INVASION July - Clacton-on-Sea , 112 Vista Road … in the back garden by my rockery, the summer house the lawn & the tiny fish pond with the bridge - they have come in from the REC/Recreation Groundabout 15 of them or so - women in 1920s beach clothes-flared cotton trousers, Art Deco design materials A youth quite tall fairish haired, green eyes - its a Lindsay but with another surname - has a 20th Birthday to be celebrated in the GRAND a place built by Lindsay Earls 1910 from Scots granite too heavy for the design/ It is pulled down winter 1945/46 Orders Clacton Council as found to be in a dangerous condition/could harm passers-bye on the seafront road … I describe the youth to 2 school teachers an hour later as ` a Rearing Tom Cat come with Family Lindsay with green eyes like steel points & it has been gazing into space above its head describing how they/Lindsay relatives took it to kill these girls over 14 years of age at one HOME … in FRANCE - A REARING TOM CAT WITH GREEN EYES … of Earls of Lindsay family19 YEARS OLDcome to celebrate its 20th birthday - 1945

1945 July - last year - we ripped their arms off as they were standing in line - then pushed them in the pit & set fire- they have no fathers- ` (NB : Britain won the 2nd World War 1945 April)

1945 July a Saturday morning - A middle aged man from Scotland called LINDSAY-CLARKE said Silly boy-Silly boy - we are here to celebrate his birthday 20 years old - got too excited ! WE ARE GOING TO GET THE DOCTOR TO GIVE HIM A SHOT TO CALM HIM DOWN & TAKE HIS MEMORY AWAY

` … but Teresa we have got the lands & the cash … `

records/archives/interview with him the Rearing Green eyed Cat 1960/ on account of his youth at the time, he will be watched by some ex-Army & Navy who are out to get the slayers & give them it back

Saturday morning July 1945 I Greta Ransom age 12 years the companion of George Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX … he arrived May 1945 a WIDOWER of November 1944 in shockstumbled out in shock almost turned to stone in horror forcing my legs in my Wellington Boots to move-Teresa Gordon WILL NOT BUY ME SHOES - I ran into the 2 University educated teachers in the Old Road - Verbatim reports/Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux 1960/1961...

THESE British Scandinavian SUB SUB APES have one excuse they all wear a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts from when they are age 11 or 12 years of age IT MAKES THEM KNOW THEY CAN WIN IN LIFE … they love using violence to get dough…

THE 3 young HUMANISTS amongst peoples of The Gospels Acted OutEast Anglia

1937 SUMMER-ANDRE Josette & Greta - LIMPETS -

I doth saye in my QUAKER speech ... `It is a slip of a shop - thin - between the others - I like it very much in winter or on wet days - I get my best shoes there - but it makes me miserable on hot sunny days George.Well they are poor shops but very nice people - it is the older part of the town - before the Sea Front became fashionable … It is our road - the Ancient Way to the Sea shores everyone says it was - down from GREAT CLACTON of The Doomsday books - Uncle Liam Captain Ransom with 4 tall sailing ships … had the little one OUT in the Library - you dont touch it but turn the pages with glovesnot everyone does but this is best I hear them say

- This little poor shop ANDRE-George - it sells the shoes the women who gather shell fishes wear to walk on the mud flats - they have FEET 2 or 3 feet long (a joke) it is the only shop for miles and miles along the coastsyoung Fred RANSOM Daddy says`

I am troubled that he Georges ANDRE does not see this little home Old Road, an ancient farmhouse at the back, down from Great Clacton Manor & Church of Saxon-Norman French & DOOMSDAY records…. It is bought in my name in 1934…we will make it a Museum when we find another house we can restore, preserve … It is sometimes lit by candlelight - with our friends & relatives who come and speak upon the whole world upon ALL TIME - I would like to have him Andre-George Colonel Malraux linger and light candles , we all prepare a supper on the great cooking range & the old tiny range the first ever made at Birmingham - see an old great kitchen of centuries past & cast iron stoves 17th & 19th century alive with pots of good food … see them lit up - 1937 SUMMER …

I sense his misunderstandings, this MAN OF GAUL & Middle Ages BRITAIN he needs to know more of the HOURS OF THE DAY THE WEEK THE YEARS & THE CENTURIES of the GLOBE `yet he doth come our Wayperhaps he has been too long amongst the bright lightsas they say`

2, 000 AD … In my memory as happy are these days as GR the child with these two so tall young people - golden silvery days they will feel , clinging to me in deep dark passages where the only dawn comes from memories … 1930s-1960s…The SEAS are wild with the wind over Oceanus Germanicus & then the centuries can arise from knowledge of Tales-Maps-Histories of sunken ships & towns & villages gone for ever because of the coastal erosion Memories of happy times for our families that I know about from Ransom histories/some Weddell, Gronlander … & many parts of this great established ANCESTRY are my bedtime stories 1930s … Ahead in 20th CENTURY OF EVIL/coming 2nd World War/ when all is stern words & days coloured in grey shades of GLOBAL NEWS … 1930s we have our little home here The WAY TO THE SEA from Great Clacton … & there is `Jerusalem` at Deptford by the little Park with FCR & JEAN ballerina - 1937 RANSOM family now in Spain

1937 Great Clacton to Seafront … the WAY OF THE SEVEN CHURCHES TO THE SEAS … & I share it all with Josette & he Saint George ANDRE this unexpected Summer Holiday - I am told by Lennie & the family it is called aesthetics to think so Young Fred Daddy Ransom and I talk upon these things as we go`th a SUNDAY now-and-then to take me to our Church of Our Lady - that incredible piece of ROME architecture at the entrance to the Holland cliffs -

1921 - 1946 - CHURCH OF OUR LADY R.C., Clacton-on-Sea -

Earl Crawford & Lindsaybuggarhs & their Evil Fairy David Lindsay/National Gallery etc/

( D. Lindsay 1944 who poured paraffin down the old lady to get her paintings - he uses too much purple dope say the others/Court case cleared him of this horrible crime so the family of the old lady cut out his liver & hung it in front of him & he died in 3 hours for his victim had taken a month in horrible pain to die … NOBLE BRITAIN was establishing its DIVINE RIGHT to violent crime for DOUGH now the 2nd World War was ending … ) Earls of Crawford LINDSAY had tried stop this great church going up & hassled the Architect & his clients and families for they smelled the moneys

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