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1960 January - FJR -Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM -Dr John Ray® others- diaries 1937- There are three reports of people seeing the three of you `Going Round The Town` Clacton-on-Sea- summer 1937 Josette-JO a young lady had learned this expression- & you little Miss North Pole were seen always with a happy face with Jo & Andre Malraux- sometimes you & he were put to wait under the Tree in the town centre while JO who is a young lady went round the town with shopping basket It was seen to be so different from SHEshe dragging you about scolding-pulling & punching you-on her rare visits back to her husband from her NOBLE FRIENDS- My brother Len has entries in his diary that autumn 1937 of your visits to your grandparents home Jerusalem & relating the Adventures with Andre & Jo a young lady- the 5 weeks of Summer- We became SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT - We all had our Mail/post stolen- from 1937 when ANDRE appointed GUARDIAN -he accepted to Mary Gordon upon receiving a letter from Mrs Margaret Grote-no address-he was to hear more- a legal Will in secret silence forbidden by Lindsay Earls & G.B. Government & Crown- our academic Aunt called OLD ESKIMO- by all of them- I want to open your memory/ Night Watch 1960 Colne Engaine records-

1937 `Your father (FJR) others away in SPAIN that summer rescuing our Murgatroyd cousin- the Lindsay gang were claiming the Estate now theyd got Angela in- put the boy 22 years of age in the small marmalade factory his parents retired Missionaries ran with the local community killed him horribly by boiling him to death-your poor young father 26 years of age outside what was a happy home when we were visiting- he all on his own- a Spanish night heard them pouring olive oil & lemon juice in heard the boy cry out-had no idea they were boiling him to death-the LINDSAYS claiming us as ignorant cousins-with their Noble British SCUM ! `

(` They are all Angela`s men` LORD XWZ 1960-in shock ! ) It is understood the dope they have all used since kids in the Stables & playing their horrific SUNDAY GAMES turn of 20th centuryis Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets fire blown inserted in the nose cavity & other dopes- they train as Lindsay 15 says to G.R. 1938...`FOR OUR ROLE IN LIFE`.Deus Vult ? Sales to impoverished nations KEEP THE WOLVES FROM THE DOOR- GROWN NOBLE SCOTLAND-

`HE (elder brother FJR of Dr John RAY Ransom/Gretas father) WENT DOWN THE HILL SPAIN TO GET HELP FROM OUR LAUNCH- SEAPLANES- he JFR knew there were a lot of them (19 thugs) -your father waited-midnight then burned the place down with petrol from the store- 4 LINDSAYS sleeping downstairs escaped by a small lorry parked behind a shed -he had not seen it earlier- The family decided not tell Aunt Murgatroyd & husband the horror of the boys death- Another reading- `They recovered the boys body-made him a grave beside the road where it would not be noticed-set a cross-& the local community took good care of it` - It is understood Lindsay` burn dead they murder-so no evidence of their crimes`

My mother JEAN wrote it to me - SHE WAS WINNING IN THE SPANISH COURTS 1938- getting the Estate back for the poor Murgatroyds whod lost their only child who stayed to run this Estate & he was translating the Coptic records- SPANISH IS MY MOTHERS FIRST LANGUAGE - she the grand-daughter of James Weddell THE WEDDELL SEA - he BIG CHIEF DIRTY BOOTS IMPERIAL passing it to his sonare dirtying her families Weddell - all of them up there ! Denying our hereditary-destroying all records denying we exist using the State ! Using the British State ! They are calling my mother an ape of Tierra del Fuego- Jean my mother still dancing SUMMER with you !

1938 Summer - AFTER SHE HAD TAKEN CARE OF YOU at Clacton seaside THEY POISONED HER- & tried to lose her body-my father found her-by a key ring from Argentina-her case & handbag had been emptied on the train to London by Jim & Lindsay Earl 14 an evil little pair of Jack-in-the-boxes I was in the USA - Len says they buried her in a dress of purple & lavender top & put a bunch of scarlet flowers in her hair-you saw her beautiful in her coffin- THE FIREBIRD THE FAIRY QUEEN BALLERINA-MY MOTHER JEAN WEDDELL RANSOM-still dancing at 52 years of age-THESE CREATURES ON TOP WITH SUCH KUOS ARE CRIMINALLY INSANE JR® drip blood & gore-

Dr John RAY Ransom -3 degrees/Astro-Physics/Animal Management/LAW- he was to take up employment in USA SENATE-for U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 1970- he was lured to our 1500 A.D. Ransom Montrose Farm Scotland & petrol poured down his throat-chased over the farmlands- shot by Dr.Mengele HARRINGTON called Royal Satrap-paedophile-sadistic killer of all whom know of Grote Ransom Estate-he puts his hours into a dept Whitehall-he settled for 1 million off-shore 3 Nov. 1953 to also harm ANDRE MALRAUX further-& persecute RANSOM families-branches- (Farm Montrose diaries/letters F.R 1504 2nd m to Lady Japan)

1930s Doc Mengele Harrington has Prison sentences Continent- & G.B. Asylums history/records-diaries- his evil notebooks seen by G.B. Lords & Crown-Every January 1st he expects to be a Peer- he is insane since 12 years of age-on Divinorum Salvia Scotland- as all of them who `train for their Noble role in life on purple plum`

1982 BMA dismiss him- no work in NHS hospitals-divorce 1981- DocMengele HARRINGTON b 1912 mother at Gross Brit Imperial Court / foreign & G.B. press/4 years later Law Report `he would have gone to Prison if it had not been the Judges Last Case- `

1938 Harrington /sentenced paedophile/2 years to squat spy on ANDRE MALRAUX -investigate all relatives-kith kin-full diplomatic help can discretely be asked-

1938 BRITISH GOVERNMENT-LORDS-CROWN steal Andre MALRAUXs LEGAL COPY WILL of Margarethe girl of the SNOWS Ransom Mrs Thomas ImmanueL GROTE/Tiggy GROTE of the HOMES - he October 1937 GUARDIAN worlds biggest Estate-philanthropy- & steal letter to French President -May/July 1938-

The Will was in an envelope addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX-inside a Letter handwritten by Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grote to the French President- young Malraux to hand this to him- MRG knew Leon Blum & they had philanthropy together-he was no longer President of France 1937 so she did not telephone or visit in France-she waited for Andre Malraux to contact her through Grote BrokersHe never received the lawful documents sent to him- Vulgar nobles stole- many citizens the globe were now threatened with death-including our Hostess summer 1937 should she learn of his GUARDIANSHIP & speak upon it-

1938 May - Large envelope addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX-letter inside addressed to FRENCH PRESIDENT withheld by British Ambassador Phipps Paris from 17 Mai 1938 to July 1938 when he hands it to Angela who insists `when she was a child an old Eskimo gave her this Estate` The Will I threw in the British Museum- an old Eskimo gave it all to me when I was a child…”

(They are all on Lysergic Acid by the 1950s as well as Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up the snout since childhood-family habit-

Everlasting jeers come from Mountbatten mutton dressed as lamb damning education to 18 years for orphans-the others join him booze

& dope- Yells 1937 ` & Angela is a blazing/brazen cow`

1938/9 IN WINTER BEGAN THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE HOMES ORPHANS ROUND THE GLOBE OUTSIDE GROSS BRITAIN- by very Noble Gross Britain & Scandinavia - they used Navy & Army -

Not until 1956 ADELAIDE fell/ they fought the British Empire to have a GROTE HOME- A million children fatherless educating to 18 years so offended G. B. Lords & Crown they had used the Pacific Homes as sport from 1880s- Imperial might of the seas claimed in semi-silence the lands/bank accounts-investments-homes-furniture-art works-etc/records of everything & the vast antiquity of RANSOM 92 AD Dunwich via Jutland-they sniggered in drink was to `be thrown 2 miles out`

The Estate is always in the name of the legal owners & heirs-RANSOM families- There are many RANSOM heirs to this Estate-should the chosen (all in training) be killed-framed- mutilated the more- by G. B. NOBLE Fraudsters-Vagrants-pimps-ponces & paupers- dope fiends-perverts-all penniless from 1870s - they put one Albert in a wet carriage because he could read & write-& spoke German

1939 - they begin to remove Capital from banks around world in names of Margarethe Ransom Grote- Len Immanuel Ransom-Greta Ransom-Andre Malraux- diplomatic co-operation available- down the Whitehall Halls they cry coming from their Clubs `IN THE RED-OLD ESKIMO-Yah know- APES-Weddell a drunk- bred with an Ape-Inca-British Empire - another name on that SEA !

1937 October into Christmastide when with joy Andre Malrauxs Guardianship was agreed by the RANSOM families & GROTE Brokers -premises off Wall Street from 1830-New York USA-administer our 19 acres bought by Fred Ransom 1801-N.Y.

1953/1954 winter - ANDRE MALRAUXS ancient British sea-fishing traders ancestral lines verified by Colchester & Essex Museum 1953/54- Mr Harold W. Poulter of Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchestre Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis-

ANDRE MALRAUXS mothers lines branch into East Anglia-. to Histon on the Cambridgeshire coast- Contact of families only becoming lost in the mid-19th century England & Continent when SAIL was losing to STEAM shipping- Malrauxs mothers father & families could tell her all the histories & gave her documents & letters- they had owned some properties lands along the East Coast from Dunwich up to The Wash- Her ancestral lines reached back nearly 900 years : we will go to see places where Andres roots are during SUMMER 1937 of happiness-5 weeks & then to Lincoln- Andre-Jo-Greta make A JOYOUS VENTURE away from the Wars of Spain

Little Doomsday Book- villages towns that hath slipped into the sea of Oceanus Germanicus-become tales-legends conjured up by `Cathèdral angloutie` prelude Claude Debussy- played to GR by Philip Silverlee 1930s as I tell of Len Flyer our Tour Poles Nord-Sud-

MALRAUX-RANSOM & Thomas Immanuel (Tiggy) Grote HOMES educating orphans to 18 years of age- Independent nations A to Z- The Homes begun with their permission in 1864 - Histories of the founding of GROTE HOMES-a girdle twice round the earth- The Joyous Venture SET UPON RANSOM ancient LANDS-

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