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CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis - COLCHESTER CASTLE & Essex MUSEUMS & Staff - Harold Walter Poulter, Deputy Curator (internet web) residing in Hollytrees Mansion Museum says December 1953 it is rare, Child, to get two birds like you two together its a harsh dishonest world out there, especially politics YOU WILL KEEP ONE ANOTHER SAFE he has got to have help his sons are held hostage in this French place he has rented for his work alongside the General they should be in education Ampleforth so they can enter the world of intelligentzia of their father Andre still a young man a young Emperor from GAUL

Loyal staff Colchester Museums: Mr Chapman chief Guide, Mr Sprack at Hollytrees Museum, & young John French dying of cancer/

COMPANIONS of Museum are Mr Donovan bookseller-Graham Greene novelist, & Quaker families

Visitors - M. Ventris Greek scholar, Macdonald of SAQQARA, Andre Malraux Man of Letters, a `Mr Rick or Nick` who had grown porridge in CASABLANCA , & many others, archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler etc etc

ROMANY Peoples/GYPSIES - 1850 Thames/7 boys 11-15 years go to Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland as official Wards to FRED RANSOM, sail swiftly away in his tall master `Mary Rose` - enter our school - emerge as 1 Norwegian MAN OF LETTERS, 2 AMERICAN SENATORS & 1 SPAINISH WINE GROWER and the other two did not do so badly either says Captain ALAN VILLIERS Oxford December 1967 confirming this & giving more information ONE SAIL MARGARETH GAVE US THE KEY TO THE ISLAND OF POUL GRONLANDER, a mighty intellect, & 6`5 tall from the Northern Chinese side, Peter, Greta ...) histories to 1952 & BOMBING 1960 June by airplanes of this `UTOPIA` BY G.B. & DENMARK for their in debt CROWNS


Extract: Y. Josef SAN JULIAN san Miguel - INCA JAMES WEDDELL

`PANN - OoUW - CHAY` - Tierra del Fuego - pre-SPANISH CONQUEST name of the Tierra del Fuego family of the heiress mother of INCA NOBLE Yahamah JOSEF San JULIAN F. San Miguel b c 1780s Peru/& her lst marriage son to the Noble AZTEC/

(see INCA/WEDDELL/Aquida Basque lands / & San JULIAN of PERU & Tierra del Fuego .

(Separate FILE Y. Josef SAN JULIAN & family, career, descendants,

1936 May - Tierra del Fuego family papers BURNED BY JIMMIE JONG made Sir James GB 1954 then Lord James 1971 is bounced into HELL by good men whose sons he had ruined City of London

c 1981 Angel & `Crack ` place ..

Extract: papers of Dr John RAY Ransom 1960 “… PANN Oouw CHAY is San Julian`s mother`s name of her family pre-CONQUEST by SPAIN SOME LANDS are right down at the tip of Tierra del Fuego THIS IS THE NEAREST YOU, WE, WILL GET TO THE NAME WE THINK .

TIERRA DEL FUEGO : “… when he came to school at the Monastery, Order of the San Julian Monks, JEAN my mother writes me, ( LETTERS FROM JEAN 1920s-1930s) her great grandfather, he was 7 years of age his Noble family mother knew he had to have a very good EDUCATION to survive the times so that was why she put him in with the SAN JULIAN MONKS her family had lost authority & lands & moneys 17th century then risen up in the 18th century & she & her brother were HEIRS to these big families of her pre-CONQUEST PEOPLES but TIMES WERE NOW DIFFICULT with GREED from Europe mounting horribly in 19th century, grasping for fishing fields, minerals, coal, wood, & using slave labour of whole families who never saw daylight died underground ate the excrement of donkeys very often to survive

( Report 1880 by a young RN killed-papers saved by his servant & handed to RANSOM DEPTFORD 1930/Whitehall centre of British Government sent a woman TO DEMAND these records=records refused by the LAW of Great Britain & South America) “… 19th century South America had children pulling carts at 2 years of age to die by 15 years of age …” ( thus 19th 20th century carriages, cars, kings & COURTS & fine clothes, gambling in London Clubs & the same in Scandinavia & the Continent )

Once she, his mother, knew he, her son Y. Josef, was interested she began to recall family historiesat first she could not remember the family name - then she did - PANN Oou Chay, the old people in the family had never forgot - she took him to see everyone - She could now recall a lot she had heard as a child - her brother, younger, could not remember anything `PANN oOuw Chay` that is the nearest we can hope to get - THE SPANISH did not take their lands but put everything in a document, then in a book the lands were vast & she retained at her marriages 200 or 300 miles of lands from Saint Julian`s Bay onwards South it reached along the coast to the bit at the tip - SHE HAD HER DEEDS IN A BOOK - this Inventory the SPANISH had made soon after the Conquest …”

They were the leaders of all this land, our ancestors from San Julian, they are Leaders, Chiefs, not Kings & Queens On his father`s side he is the direct descendant of the Ancient Mathematician Astronomer Priest Kings of the INCA - you visited them with your family in 1936 & received an honour it was felt you were suitable to grow into your great-great grandmother`s role - my mother JEAN gave it to you from her grandmother the AELOVEDAH-Maria Miss San Julian. …”

The Order of San Julian Monks running the school said he, the Inca boy, did arithmetic in the air & he was the star of the class

His mother`s people we find are more like early MORMON - but only took one bride & there is a code of chivalry before the SPANISH come in the name begins to change first to `MAN- oh- lay` something like that she did not have the skill of her mother in MEDICINE for that is the role the most important woman of the Tribe had the care of - folk healing medicine But he had & it suited his Catholic philosophy & his knowledge of the vastness of the globe - he has written much on being out in the sub-arctic seas - & his book would have been better than the Weddell book, we have to say …”

When JOSEF first appeared in the classroom at the Saint Julian monks monastery he was rather like this ancient family - led a simple life & had a direct concern for all his families , all the group he came from as they displayed before the CONQUEST by SPAIN & afterwards He is pure of heart & soul - but with a leaning towards philosophy welfare & medicine The family were Catholic - she began to collect records & the old people were glad & he her young son heard much oral history but the most important to him were the letters the documents the names of the people, some his people on his mother`s side he could realise they had given him LIFE …”

JAMES WEDDELL was his friend of many years - they did much Welfare work down there - this QUAKER of good families & a Roman Catholic leading family of the INCA He is the son of the direct line survivor & the Monks & his Peruvian families trained him well he came to school with exceptional mathematics & an interest in the STARS - this was passed to my mother JEAN & her sister - they had the use of his library for 2 years after their father James elder son of J.W. & The Aelovedahm died JEAN your grandmother ballerina is 10 years old MINERVA takes to writing poems ballads, philosophy after midnight into the early hours JEAN & her sister would sometimes wake & go sit with her Our Mother was rather mystic, spiritual, a fairy figure to us as children we did not understand she had now to provide for us & the FUTURE she was stressed & put us to learn ballet - but we also read in great-Grandpa San Julian`s library - he told you how to proceed - & gave us so many interests in everything in the world …”

WEDDELL, our great-grandfather: your father & Len & I am John who had to be hidden in the USA for this family related to our grandmother Millie Frobisher Ransom had claimed from the marriage 1883 ALL our GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate - The LINDSAY attacked me at 1 month old & are known to be criminally insane on a dope they grow & use But James Weddell was to return from Gross Britain as full GOVERNOR down there - he & his father-in-law Y. Josef San Julian as Acting Governor had got improved conditions for mines workers & families & for the BLACKS who all Traders used as a form of sub-life …”

This Office Acting Governor had no salary but it had expenses from Spain - San Julian did not need money as he had become rich with his 3 ICE BREAKERS his travel bureau & his productive gardens around his great home She, the only child, had grown up with Weddell around her comments upon him after her marriage are so endearing & motherly but the good ship JANE fell to pieces on the way back to Great Britain 1829 he did not see his wife & sons again …”

“… They made a TOUR to ROME but expected James Weddell might come with them, meet them there Here curiously was a LINDSAY with other penniless aristocrats & they had a PORT WATCH on travellers coming in we think their TRICK was finding rich people & muddling them over the currency the GIFT that SAN JULIAN MAKES TO THE VATICAN may not be at all what these British noble crooks took off him in the matter of EXCHANGE He returned to his Ventures very broke & soon had to sell the big house - we have photographs of it & of a hugh gathering in the gardens when he was at his job of Acting Governor & at the marriage OF THE ICE WHITE BRIDE his only child to JAMES WEDDELL a newspaper exists yet we hear now that Weddell was a low seaman who NEVER married & by chance got the SEA named after him & it should be removed & given to other names ! (Dr John RAY R. working for USA Washington Department of State was in WHITES CLUB St James 1958 hearing ugly crimes planned)

It is the GOOD QUAKERS who presented a case for the sub-arctic SEA to receive his name after the publication of his book & after his death in that little house Deptford waterfront where JEAN my mother, ballerina, first met my father 1907, she a young widow of spain , Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM & she marry in 1909 & the LINDSAY INTERFERENCE BEGAN she thought of buying the little house where her grandfather JAMES WEDDELL a great Mariner lived his last dismal years

1820s-30s - THE ADMIRALTY & their TRADING PARTNERS would NOT let JAMES WEDDELL BACK he is imprisoned in the little house DEPTFORD that we bought he had to raise a FLAG every morning so an old retired ADMIRAL across the River Thames could see it, he must lower the FLAG at sundown so this old monster could see he had not left - they threatened his family in South America - all of them - IT WAS SPOKEN UPON, WRITTEN UPON in Gross Britain, that he Weddell & his APE father-in-law would interfere with their PROFIT - profits from a ghastly inhuman TRADE in slaves & natural history 1800s & onwards - we have records made by a young RN in 1880, he so shocked at what his nation could do & with other white nations

Reports : Colne Engaine cum Camulodunum & diaries/ Dr John RAY Ransom 3 Degrees USA citizen returning 1969 for SENATE WORK by INVITATION murdered by petrol poured down his throat 1969 when he entered by invitation the farm MONTROSE Basin bought 1500 by his direct ancestor F. RANSOM marrying the Lady of Japan - It was illegally given to BRITISH CROWN 1939 October by JIMMIE JONG the travelling companion of ANGELA - Jim called now Major this or that -Buck.Palace Intelligence Unit 1939-44/ who killed the old childless RANSOM couple - killed with petrol in this way & the house robbed of paintings & Incunabula from the Ransom BRUGES library brought to this home upon the marriage of 1504 Bruges Cathedral -

A daughter PHOEBE RANSOM 1530s marries Sir Lionel MAINWARRING, issue 2 children …”

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