Greta Ransom

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Destruction of early British History :

1 - 6 reports : CRUCIAL to an understanding of the GREATEST CRIME UPON EARTH : The Reader will swiftly grasp the significance of Numbers 1 & 6 therefore 1 - 6 are given first


( Information from Teresa Eliz. Gordon born Nov 24 1906 she to be mother of three RANSOM children Greta Frobisher Weddell, John Gordon, Colin Frederick, by her 1932 marriage to `young` Frederick John RANSOM b Nov 1911 ...

Speaker 1953 ? /but heard in snips late 1930s/1940s/ 1960/1961 Notes of Arthur Malone `Politan- ` Detective with colleagues to Andre Malraux 1957 onwards :

ASK YOUR MOTHER She could not quite recall the date but I have not had any of this money Ask your mother

( NB: Because of the GORDON name she is in very Noble circles age 14 years onwards - short career as a Jockey for Lord Athlone had her reckless & nearly lose a foot : Jockey Club RESTED TG now on )

She said she heard about the destruction of the name RANSOM in 1921 or 1922 she could not immediately quite clearly recall ` but there was an AFTERNOON only EXHIBITION in WESTMORLAND of documents, books, letters, papers, drawings & photographs of the RANSOM Families and some on show were the originals the families, she heard, were only too ready to help him with his work `

She did not think she saw the man who had organised it

a man called CHRISTOPHER ELWOOD (?) an Academic perhaps - but he did not have full time duties ? - he had spent his life collecting information on this Family RANSOM . The documents on show were copies, or loaned by the families RANSOM, and he had copied out some there were many of them ( persons of this name ? )

He borrowed documents and copied them. A Book ? Yes ! A book he could not trace. 1) It showed they had been on the East Coast and up to Northumbria from ROMAN TIMES

She your mother was told it was interesting & she had not known this

She heard there were many of these families who reached back to ROMAN times Northumbria but they all had to keep quiet, keep things hidden it excited ENVY at the TOP of the Government & Crown of Great Britain ` she was told this ( earlier thundering came from Alexandra of Denmark to Edward VII - reports )