Greta Ransom

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( NB : Teresa Gordon & Miss Plunket-Green spend two weeks Christmas 1924/1925 in France - at Deauville where they met ANDRE MALRAUX and friends (Clara Malraux not with him) - they were seen at the Races with very distinguished Racing figures - on to PARIS :

Malraux & friends heard of the two girls being robbed at Calais by JIMMIE `Jong` ( he is well known to 1920s-1930s Paris - his Chinese heiress mother & her sister having an Apartment ) - and of a Warehouse robbery they were certain he had carried out - in fact the Police traced the two girls to PARIS & questioned young MALRAUX and friends - by then they had seen them off to England.

JIMMIE JONG had the key to the `dusty French Mansion Bowes Lyon` as he was a friend of the family at Glamis Castle ( now a big French Museum = here JIM and Lindsay et al stored their loot) The girls had been heading for Monte Carlo Kind Malraux and his friends ( they are all between 17 years and 22 years of age ) took the two girls age 17 & 19 up to PARIS & found them a tiny apartment Central, all sometimes went out on the town together as young people do

they may have met his mother Berthe and Aunt Marie now living in an apartment : the corner grocery shop given up MALRAUX is very much `the boy next door with a good heart` Malraux and friends loaned the two girls some money and to their surprise had it returned swiftly in January 1925 with a polite letter from Teresa Gordon thanking them for a delightful time and coming to their aid ( He tells me Greta Ransom 1957 money returned, a polite letter well written from your mother, thanking us all for a delightful time I was now going out East again I heard nothing of her until 1934 and more of her tragic years ahead talking with your grandmother Mary Gordon when we came for the SUMMER 1937 …” )

MEMO : But Clara Malraux was not with them = she and Teresa do not meet until July 1947 at the Clacton-on-Sea Colne Road seafront house of Miss Win Gordon and cousin Julie Butler ex ATS - Teresa & Clara spoke alone for 2 hours this pair are not to be trusted 1957 Georges-ANDRE assures me that he was NOT an old boyfriend of my future mother - apparently my face resembled a RUSSIAN NOVEL as he told me this Greta Ransom

READER can turn to ANDRE MALRAUX biographies , where it can be read that 1924 he has just got out of PRISON in Asia for Temple & Tomb robbing : as the Museums world will ever after recall with fun ! They blamed `the older wife calling her ` that Cat who insisted she came from a higher class than him therefore should have known better ` )

CONSIDER : 15th May 1938 JIM JONG, Ayrshire Farmhouse of O`Niell family, picked up beside her dead body her personal copy her legal WILL - Margareth nee Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE had sent to ANDRE MALRAUX c/o British Ambassador Phipps, PARIS, that month a signed WILL for MALRAUX the GUARDIAN, & courtesy letter to French President : Her letter to Ambassador Phipps says would he kindly deliver this to ANDRE MALRAUX, or to him at his publishers . We, RANSOM, FROBISHER, WEDDELL, POULSEN families were all waiting for MALRAUX to call or write - but his Post had been stolen Orders British Government and Crown XMAS 1937/1938 :