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? Clara Malraux will undoubtedly have been shown WILL by JIM Jong - her brother Maurice Malraux helps JIM 1941-1948 by cunningly searching out the properties on the RANSOM 19 acres under New York - bought 1801 administered by the loyal family GROTE BROKERS Wall Street-

Angela, a friend of JIM from 1912 has got a CROWN May 1937 = her brother-in-law Ned (Edward 8) has abdicated : she will make her first State Visit to FRANCE July 1938 - she was handed with witnesses by Ambassador Phipps the WILL & letter to French President - NB: Keep in mind that all these persons when young 1920s met Paris, other fashionable places, and abroad :

1960s - Angela (now an old Queen) learning of revelations to ANDRE MALRAUX & General de Gaulle 1960-March 1962, she says 1962 she threw it in the British Museum - the OLD ESKIMO Mrs Grote not allowed make a WILL & she had given her all the Estate when she was a child & she ANGELA did not need a WILL now

NNB : The friendship formed 1919 between young Teresa Eliz. Gordon & the 6 years older Elizabeth ANGELA Margurite Bowes Lyon was disapproved of by Gordon parents & an invitation from the Parents of Angela refused `Teresa was too young to go into Society` : ( This branch is Frederick John Gordon Mine Host White Bait Suppers `Trafalgar Tavern` Greenwich, his 6 sons and 2 daughters own 8 pieces of GORDON land in SCOTLAND the madness that Sir Walter Scot could not write continues ) Teresa went without her parents permission 1920 to Bowes Lyon Glamis Castle - & with ANGELA & JIM to France 1920/1921 with the KEY to The B-L Dusty Mansion France