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1935/36 LIR my book gathering - I had been collecting for a long time I was foolish enough to tell Cousin ELEPHANT EARS Lindsay They waited for me to come off the train they threw me in the ditch and took my book gathering from my satchel. I never saw the work again - I believe they spat on it & burned it on the seafront

( 1986 - a pleasant luncheon for a birthday I hear of `razoring` = removal of Records : the speaker takes his holidays in VATICAN libraries he has retired as Librarian of a world known LIBRARY I am a member since the 1981 death of dirty JIMMIE JONG Cur-Lewd JAMES )

( NB: Len Immanuel Ransom born 1921 collects the ancestry of his mother her forebears WEDDELL SEA & INCA etc 1965 a Stop Press Evening British newspaper reported ` records got by a scholar from his bank on James Weddell were found to be soaked in his Greenwich flat in the bath, shampoo and hot water Police investigation it did not continue )


Mary Gordon mother of Teresa had to be told : it made her realise her daughter could be mad, insane : she said it was

THEM the UNHOLY on the SEAFRONT EARLS of LINDSAY GANG were offering her Invitations over Christmastide if she would do it …”

: Mary Gordon, had Angela & Jim a nasty problem 1919 onwards - they began wanting free Irish horses & 8 pieces of Gordon lands Scotland - & now, the devils, are at uneasy dialogue with Earls of LINDSAY-Lindsey to see who gets biggest share out the holy HOMES and the Estate …” ( she speaks on the telephone with PACELLI about matters - as everyone does , visit & write about the greatest piece of PHILANTHROPY in the world to keep it safe now they have killed Margaret`s son - her grandson a Priest at Rome : an Irish American cousin DOMINICAN lives in a room in Vatican writing )

The matter : LIR 1930s diaries/& Arthur Malone detectives colleagues for ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 on

CHRISTMAS 1936/1937 - we found she had put paraffin on your head

( I Greetha heir, and Lennie my co-sub-heir - we in training young PACELLI and all intelligent human beings know our training programme & approve )

We caught her she swore in the name of GOD ALMIGHTY to us that it made the hair to curl - she said she could not afford to send you to the hairdressers because she had to save money her husband was mean : But you were to be in the St Clare Convent School play as a Pink Fairy that Christmas if she burned your head and face you would not appear ! YOU SAID THAT SHE WANTED TO LIGHT A CANDLE to dry your hair off - she had wound your hair around some rags and you were to light the match but you would not

We knew now she could not be left alone with you !