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MEMO : Ref. etc There are many more horrendous diary etc accounts of these criminally insane British and Scandinavian coin less Nobles Beginning with 1860s the mother, a Miss nee Lindsay, of Millie Frobisher my great grandma mother of Grandpa Frederick Charles Ransom - the dangerous narcotic is sometimes mentioned Divinorum Salvia Scotland = it can used to kill old people & take their wealth and properties this young woman ( she is one of my great-great-grannies - I owned a table centre she had embroidered, mauve, lavender stitching COLOURS OF HE SOULS Group - it was STOLEN from me at 50 Lancaster Gate Square - Doc `kill the Birds` Mengele HARRINGTON spoof G.P. Hong Kong/ known to diminishing circles of ex-Quaker Nonconformist Britain as `Ah beware of the Royal Satrap - p a e d o p h I l e = paedophile ahem ! `

this young woman born within ramparts of LINDSAYBUGGARHS Tribe had escaped to marry a FROBISHER she experiences some horrors too (as her grandson she never knew Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM does and like she is killed by Lindsay & JIMMIE JONG he 1939 now with 2-man Unit-Intelligence back of Buckingham Palace the two daughters of ANGELA call him `UNCLE JAMES`

LINDSAY EARL 1884 took her house, Mrs Frobisher, pulled it down, sold off the Park lands she dies - it will have been another murder by the greedy Lindsay insane he removed the PASSPORTS from Millie and John RANSOM and highly intelligent young friends 1884 after sending 3 big Naval ships to West Greenland ordering them off our Island or he would cannon them (British newspaper with photos) - told Sir Harry Parkes to go to HELL for allowing them to go and see ancestors in Tokyo : they are received at the Court by the Empress herself RANSOM have marriage 1504 to older Royal line Okinawa - thus we descend with Japanese eyes for 2 centuries : there were newspapers of these events seen by me 1938 when my grandmother Jean Weddell Ransom told me the seriousness of what was happening about us - and our GUARDIAN Andre MALRAUX has not replied to any letters Margareth my aunt has been killed by JIM JONG stabbing her neck & he is now trying say I did it with a hair ornament He is called VERMIN by human beings :

NB : A repeat of 1 - 6 with notes, other explanations, will appear on WORDPRESS & other pieces of work/RANSOM etc :

Nota bene : RANSOM-GRONLANDER-WEDDELL out-breeding over 2,000 years has Noble Britain, Scotland, & Scandinavia wetting themselves : we, my direct line ancestors, are 14 Races and 27 Nations of BRIDES = I have some information, & a photograph taken at Stonehenge on TWITTER etc photo is likened to Leonardo da Vinci his MAN my Guardian from October 1937 Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX would perhaps agree with this ? I keep telling him to GET UP in the Paris PANTHEON & come and HELP with this vast accurate histories of GOOD PEOPLE & of the EVIL MONSTERS of GREED

\ Greetah Frobisher Weddell Ransom 2011 AD