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1939 December - PARIS - WEST GREENLAND - 2 LETTERS arrive 23 Dec 1939 to Warrant Officer Frederick John Ransom Clacton-on-Sea, brought by chance by a Skipper on his way to Wartime Shetlands - XMAS a family of 6, M. de Salle wife & children - related to RANSOM GRONLANDER/Poulsen - ordered out of big warm Ransom home WEST GREENLAND, Jacopsholmen Island inner Arctic, for XMAS 1939 -

“… we were just making the cake we always make for Christmas when JIM & 7 British Army men came stomping in with guns saying it was CROWN PROPERTY they came in by launch from a big RN ship letter received via Shetlands 23/12/1939 written 2 weeks before

Heard spoken by JIM Jong Pimp now called Major O`Carroll Carew-James, with a 2 room apartment Buckingham Palace since 1923 - he at Palace Christmas party 1939 heard boasting of

“… put them in a big hut on the shores they will be dead by now…” Reported 1960 to Andre Malraux/diary-2 people present/read to Greta Ransom that day 23 December XMASTIDE 1939- tapes-text-diaries-

1770 - JACOP POULSEN elder son of POUL & Margaret Yates Gronlander above given 1770 by documents Denmark King & Ministers the Island `JACOPSHOLM` WEST GREENLAND `to keep a Holy place & erect when you can a College a University to POUL GRONLANDER polymath…`… thus his families Count Poulsen, de Salle Paris & Weddell-Ransom …

Nota bene : Jacop`s letter `ON FATHER`s DEATH` is printed in Finn GAD (a schoolteacher W. Greenland told NOT TO WRITE ON JACOPSHOLMEN by DENMARK top inbred IMPERIAL THUGS - his 4 volumes HISTORY of GREENLAND 1969 onwards -

ARISTOCRATS/nobles … of Gross Britain & Scandinavia & branches … SYPHILIS … late 19th-20th century - criminally insane & use of Divinorum Salvia Scotland torch-blown pellets up their snouts - hits their un-educated & uncivilized brains in 2 seconds - ALL HAVE MASSIVE GAMBLING DEBTS …

20th century ARISTOCRATS of WITCHCRAFT & POISONINGS -Scottish/English/ & in France `one had a helping of the trifle … & crawled under the table & died …` ( 1938 reports…)

LINDSAY Premier Earls G.B. - claiming kinship to (& at Westminster outside the Law) all moneys properties of the RANSOM & GROTE Wall Street New York families -

Nota bene: a Miss Millie FROBISHER 1883 marries JOHN RANSOM educationalist, young widower, she having a mother descended from the LINDSAY Crawford Earls from a marriage in 1830 ` too far out - no claim - Lindsay a bloody nuisance since the planet began ` says Winston S. Churchill January 1960 …

1883 - 2,000 AD & on - DESTRUCTION of the greatest Estate of Philanthropy A-Z the globe outside GROSS BRITAIN IMPERIAL EMPIRE - RANSOM `JOYOUS VENTURE` & THOMAS GROTE HOMES educating to 20 years with several languages & all religions … `HUMANITAS` - The GOSPELS acted out … a delicate flower garden around the earth - MAN`S HOPE & the HOPE OF LIFE UPON EARTH … DESTROYED 1937 into the 1990s … destroyed by IMPERIAL OBSCENE GREED …

GENEALOGY - some relevant family histories RANSOM & other branches over 2,000 years are given in this 3 part document AN INTRODUCTION entitled Summer 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX & GREENLAND ( Nota bene : RANSOM FAMILY are of 14 Races & 27 nations often choosing Ransom Brides overseas )

SEASHORES the world : Often family lands owned by permission nations OUTSIDE the British Empire by RANSOM from 11th century AD ( Seward Ransom Brittany & Italian-Palestinian wife & 5 children/monument Accra 1st Crusade victims- died of thirst- erased by `Count` Earl` LINDSAY No 15 in vile temper 1948 ) with GROTE HOMES for orphans from 1864 who are educating to 20 years of age in many languages & are young people who ACT the GOSPELS OUT LANDS properties art works ETC. STOLEN by BRITISH GOVERNMENT for NOBLE BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA & its CROWNS since 1939 slaying of the GROTE orphans begins Norway XMASTIDE 1938 & continues A-Z the world all the 2nd World War

VATICAN - 1750s - the Greenland letters Poul Gronlander writes in four languages-Pope Benedict 14/ histories to 1957 November/1960/1961-1965/1968 1920s/1940s

PACELLI young Pacelli gone on high …” /Pope Pius 12/

|Grote Homes & Ransom Estate in 3 Parts A-Z the globe

(Ransom-Gordon Williams O`Brien Carroll Murphy families-baronetcies)

GREAT ROMAN CATHOLIC FAMILIES 19th-20th centuries related to RANSOM-GORDON-MALRAUX (Irish Murphy - O`Brien - Carroll - Williams-Butler etc = GORDON ) GRONLANDER/Poulsen/Frobisher/WEDDELL San JULIAN

SEA TRADERS the globe - histories BC Jutland to 19th/20th century tall ships - Capt. Alan Villiers & other seamen of note -

NORD to SUD POLES TOUR October 1935 to June 1936

& AMERICAN GENTLE-MEN & their ladies Ransom Weddell Poulsen families visit their GROTE HOMES & JOYOUS VENTURE because figures of British & Scandinavian Crowns & Lindsay Premier Earls - with Mr JIM Carew James Jong PIMP half-Chinese - are using British DIPLOMATS to help in emptying our GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL Banks & are threatening the staff & children educating to 18-20 years of age in their HOMES A-Z the globe outside The BRITISH EMPIRE !

20th century Official secret LAW of NOBLE Gross Britain is that ` orphans are NOT TO BE EDUCATED BEYOND 12 or 14 years`

IT INTERFERES WITH BRITISH TRADE / 1921-1939 Deputations from USA to WESTMINSTER London can receive NOTHING IN WRITING of the claim by `ANGELA` that an old ESKIMO gave her all this Estate upon her marriage to a delicate often sick younger son of a KING

XMASTIDE 1940/41 - Sir Rowland E. Whitehead KC JP retired MP for North Essex, & friends on a so-called Government discrete sub-committee issue their findings the British Crown cannot broker a penny of this estate (Grote Homes & Ransom Estate outside the British Empire in nations A-Z ) OR THE Lindsay premier Earls we/I ` fear the British Government has embarked upon FRAUD …”

WALTER BENJAMIN & early supper PARIS November 1935

a tall sloping young figure lost in his writings of ruins & La condition humaine passes our table by the restaurant window 1937 with JO he comes to Clacton-on-sea, & finds THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT in Essex East Anglia

GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 PARTS - legal WILL 1937/1938 signed copy sent to ANDRE MALRAUX, Paris, enclosing a handwritten letter to President of FRANCE from Margaret Ransom GROTE & her legal USA Trustees & lawyers STOLEN by British Imperial Class May-July 1938

NB: 3 overseas Wills are thus required to operate this Estate Thomas Grote, his wife Margareth Ransom, her parents FRED RANSOM & his wife Gertrud Poulsen of Greenland & Norway ( lives of these MARTYRS & others, including some GROTE CHILDREN, are given in this learning document)

British Museum NATURAL HISTORY & Science Museum/South Kensington London - 20th century figures & archives

XHENG HE` b 1371-d 1433 Chinese Muslim Admiral - gives RANSOM brothers East coast Britain permission to use his personal FLAG (white with red stars) after coming aboard & finding their Chinese wives had taught them philosophy Diary 1500s `14OO we went East again made 3 marriages we are allowed to trade in a little Porcelain for making arrangements for him to trade with India he is every inch a man `

HIROHETO & family/Marine biologist & Emperor Japan/ OKINAWA 1512 to Japan 1948 .../& to 1986

CLACTON ON SEA, Thorpe-le-Soken, Colchester, Colne Engaine, ESSEX & EAST ANGLIA to LINCOLN 19th/20th centuries

GROTE Thomas Immanuel b1841 USA/father & family Grote Brokers off Wall Street established 1830/begins his HOMES worldwide 1864-educating to 18/22 years of age in humanism, all religions, & 3-4 languages the abandoned babies & children of the globe (Tiggy Grote is murdered ARRAN West Hebrides 1904 by noble Britain- his wife Margarethe RANSOM owns 98 acres of the island by 1880s & has stopped Noble Britain growing the DOPE Divinorum Salvia Scotland a plant torch-blown to dangerous pellets for insertion in nose, under the skin, or adding to food drinks it HITS THE BRAIN IN 2 SECONDS exported to the BRITISH EMPIRE warmer climes example : factories employing tiny children from 4 years onwards to early death /records)

KANT Frederick Immanuel, philosopher gross-gross Uncle to TIGGY Thomas Immanuel GROTE

1870s-1940s/ Herman GOERING, Paris November 1935, Flyer & families -

Letter HG 1936 “… I saw a child, little Greetah, whose SOUL had fled in fear I advised they do not go back to Gross Britain but make a heimat in South America, Argentine or WE SHALL SEE THEM IN VALHALLA .