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1957 December 50 Lancaster Gate Square London, ANDRE MALRAUX says young ARAFAT he will not come out of uniform I can get him a lot of help from America if he will come out of uniform I was a young man like him long ago …” 1961 ARAFAT Report gathered for Andre Malraux on a GROTE HOME on the Palestine shores

NB : Memos` came (to 50 Lancaster Gate Square) from F. CASTRO winter 1957-1958 but MALRAUX did not grasp the cool wording it concerned `Colonel Malraux` his GUARDIANSHIP of GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 PARTS which Fidel Castro, a young man, had now some in-coming half understood information upon especially children burned in pits & dragged out in British RN nets to sea early 1940s when CASTRO is himself a child CHE` had similar understanding

NB : . after TIGGY`S murder 1904 the HOMES were kept low-key to protect children, staff & Estate, as well as mature GROTE STUDENTS out in the workplaces of the world ! THE BRITISH EMPIRE made plain its objections to the HOMES about the GLOBE in Nations that they did not OWN in their declining EMPIRE the Noble rampart at the top of the British PYRAMID of CLASS emptied BANKS illegally wherever it could do so, especially after 1936 December when its RULERS are changed for a trifling matter

ANDRE MALRAUX says in December 1957 I am going to talk with the SHAH & his wife because HOVEDAH is too old to return to Persia but he wants to do something for his nation not just be classed as a flaneur I know what they feel, little One you forget I had a life before we came to the seaside & met you SUMMER 1937... That is in my notebooks when I am not watched I will try find them & read you what we did 1937 SUMMER when we found THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT along the seashores of East Anglia where my mother has her ancestral lines says Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX December 1957 at his London Home St Edmund`s House , 50 Lancaster Gate Square, Scarlet Town

General CHARLES de GAULLE - his visits to Saint Edmund`s House winter mornings 1950s , 50 Lancaster Gate Square, London, Catholic Mission with Westminster Diocese-workshop annex French Embassy & home of Andre Malraux

1957 December came a young friend 1920s of Andre MALRAUX from AFGHANISTAN - AMx had taken his two sons that summer to this nation/photographs by Vincent born 10 March 1944 youngest son of the Catholic wife Josette/ the housekeeper No 50, a Catholic from Paris said the King is coming so I GR supposed she means Jesus & had been quaffing in The Mitre pub over the Square a neatly suited man in a flat cap raised it to me one evening & one morning I see him on TV when President Bush began a War & two young men with familiar faces who called at The Pillar House, Harwell, 1970s TIGGY GROTE had 2 HOMES for orphans educating to 20 years allowed by all the War Lords when he visited AFGANISTAN 1880s

1880s TIG sent in by request of the TIBET Monasteries 12 teenage students sending girls in dressed as boys for the Religious House of Tibet when asked why not girls ? these big children, foreign orphans, educating in Humanism in 3-4 languages speak of the PEACE learned in their YEAR in the Monastery & some returned for a second year

GROTE children enter into civilized careers-marry happily-working in Medicine/Welfare/Music/Arts/Research/Sciences

Many other human beings of the 20th century & previous centuries are in this Introduction SUMMER 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX & West Greenland

FRANCE/French records/ - Lawyer & Onion seller raised alongside a Northern French seashores GROTE HOME from 1900 His reports : (French & English) 1960 summer

“… the earth is reluctant to receive more ACID small teeth have been found in the gardens where the Thomas Immanuel (branch of KANT philosopher) GROTE HOME children were hastily thrown in pits & burned (some alive with gun & knife wounds) at the closing of the 2nd World War (1944-1945) his comments upon the MALRAUX RANSOM Wedding of Grace 17 April 1947 ... ANDRE & GREETAH of the same age really because of circumstances …”

WEDDING OF GRACE April 1947/ permission February 1947 given by the VATICAN friend of RANSOM Gronlander families : VATICAN correspondence/ & visitors 1750s onwards/ SAN JULIAN - WEDDELL families 1820s onwards/ & Mary Helena Gordon (wife of Geo.Ernest Gordon) & her relatives S. Ireland Murphy/O`Brien/Carroll - 3 baronetcies from Great Britain 19th century/see Debretts 1953 !

This friend is known as `YOUNG PACELLI` Pope Pius 12 1939-1958, ( & he is familiar with the 14 races & 27 nations of the RANSOM FAMILY & knows their Ancestral lines very often the Berber family of Aurora Ransom married 7th century AD Castile sent XMAS GREETINGS in 1929

` The Pope`s PERMISSION to wed resulting in The 5 Days of PEACE for Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX & Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM files/tapes/CD)

( Permission the GROTE HEIR b 1933 shall make an `EARLY WEDDING` to the GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX appointed October 1937 (now distressed young persons) to keep them both safe …”

NB: Pope Pius 12 has behind `a dreadful door` a mounting pile of reports upon the slaying 1939-1945 of the GROTE HOMES children A-Z the globe & always Great Britain RN ships stood out at sea (reports Rear Admiral Alfred Charles RANSOM RN 1st & 2nd World Wars & other gold ringed SAILORS It is known LINDSAY Premier Earls et al have been raiding this Estate in name of old childhood chum ANGELA (prefers this name - not her official name of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon ) aided by her travelling companion a half Chinese NB: joined in Southern Ireland by Teresa E. Gordon from 1919 age 12 years of age THEY NOW ALL ENTER THE ROARING `1920s dope-liquor & penniless noble circles & EMPIRE FALLING DOWN from 1870s

. /a few reports are given in this document SUMMER 1937 in 3 Parts/ other contemporary reports are given in GROTE HOMES & RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate - & other relevant documents/

( General de Gaulle has been sent a Report by the British controlled Government of Egypt they receive an answer `looking into the matter` Nota Bene: this answer did not come from the General or Malraux /they report upon this 1960 & 1962 onwards: intending to write upon this TRAGIC GUARDIANSHIP of GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE when they retire from the French Government ( both retire 1969 ... De Gaulle dies in November 1970 - Dr Mengele Harrington called by the General`s country home an evening in November 1970 to see if you are both cheerful in retirement reports ) see records of the short Presidency of FRANCE 1945/46 etc Andre Malraux is appointed MINISTER of INFORMATION for a few weeks )

1947 17th April 3.15pm `Early Wedding` in The Church of Our Lady, beside the Convent of Poor Saint Clares` with `kindergarten` School educating to 18 years of age Malraux has been singing in the Roman Catholic choir since June 1945 1610 MASS of Claudio Monteverdi performed by us in July for the death of JOSETTE CLOTIS mother of his two tiny sons Pierre & Vincent He now felt he could enter again upon life

NOTA BENE : 1947 June - the official-unofficial persecution of MALRAUX, de Gaulle & Ransom families begins in France/Britain - headed by `Mengele` Mr/Dr (psychology) HARRINGTON b. 1912, (prison sentence Continent 1936 for savage acts against a baby of 6 months - transferred for 2 years to a CLINIC Great Britain for compulsory psychiatric treatment- he is of the ennobled class) Harrington is a PARIS acquaintance of Clara Malraux & her brother Maurice Goldsmidt 1938 until Andre Malraux`s death in 1976

`Dr` HARRINGTON is appointed by LINDSAY Premier Earls & the British Government to investigate MALRAUX & RANSOM families/ payment is abroad & Whitehall - 1982 Dr Harrington is DISMISSED by BMA (British Medical Association) & may not enter a DHS Hospital - short entries in 2 British newspapers conveyed this important information )

1936 onwards - The ESTATE & GROTE HOMES must not appear in newspapers - Official Premier Earls of Lindsay Westminster secret-silence Decree from 1937 when Britain begins THE NEW REIGN after the Abdication of Ned VIII he a popular man

1945 - Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX a WIDOWER returns to CLACTON-ON-SEA East Anglia

he is amongst friends he & JO made SUMMER 1937 ... when Greta Ransom coming 5 years was allowed by her grandmother Mary Gordon, new widow, to stay with them the 5 weeks & THEN TO LINCOLN to find his mother`s SEA TRADERS ANCESTORS from Histon 9th century onwards THE GUARDIAN ACCEPTED OCTOBER 1937 … WORLD-WIDE the GROTE RANSOM ESTATE was pleased & had read his books … especially a very young work by him dialogue East-West

& of course `La condition humaine` 1933 & the 1937 work ` MAN`S HOPE ` the Spanish Civil War just finishing …