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Nota bene: I am informed by the elder daughter of Angela at the architect Edwin Lutyens house near Windsor 1969 `that luncheon of the tombs` I recall PHOEBE RANSOM with her Japanese eyes in a portrait when I am a child …”

The speaker had `her crown in her handbag` many people present said (Information RANSOM BROTHERS & families present with ANDRE MALRAUX ) “… places are laid for the dead …”

RECORDS report c 1981 onwards are DESTROYED by RONALD REGAN Hollywood actor president USA - INFORMATION 1988 dove-tails into REPORTS UPON CRIMINAL VIOLENCE against the WORLD by a CLASS of dope-hedonism-ill bred IMPERIAL BRUTES of an education to make them CRIMINALLY INSANE now turned into chocolate box figures THEY DRIP BLOOD & GORE from endless crimes & the GENOCIDE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN educating to 20 years - orphan children of the WORLD a horrible crime carried out mainly during the British 2nd World War LETTERS to ARGENTINA 1944-1945 by those putting on record that they never DID THIS HORRIBLE EXTERMINATION OF GROTE CHILDREN

you really had to know them to understand THE EVIL INFLUENCE THEY HAD ON THE YOUNG …” ( British Irish artist & gardener & philosopher 1989/2 Oxford & University )

Dr John Ray R. & other RANSOM FAMILY members JIM JONG PIMP

(made Sir/Cur/James 1954) BURNED EVERYTHING ALL THE RECORDS writings drawings books archaeological visits notes drawings they made of San JULIAN & James WEDDELL AFTER WE LEFT the house down there 1936 - our Tour of NORD SUD & Grote Homes & Estate for Aunt Mag & Grote Brokers & our good solicitors Argentine ( Tierra del Fuego) & took the library from the old high born lady Spanish-Welsh who took care of them for us he threatened the good community with the IMPERIAL POWER of Great Britain

( Separate files NORD SUD POLES TOUR October 1935-June 1936 Greta Ransom June 1936 illegally kidnapped back by LINDSAY & FILTH using British Embassies everywhere/much is written up (from records & observations from their diaries) in this Document SUMMER 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX & GREENLAND )


KENNEDY - John F. & parents, USA/ Chairman MAO & China Estate Grote Homes/1950s Chinese Legation London & Embassy Paris/President R. NIXON/F. CASTRO/PERU/ COLOMBIA/& many nations A-Z outside The British & Scandinavian Empires of Norway & Denmark - Afghanistan/Palestine/Egypt A-Z globe

INFORMATION - upon FALLING EMPIRES & imperialism GREED Figures from a Morgue

1969 - British Museum NATURAL HISTORY

(famous woman Scientist) Margaret Grote had NO ENEMIES, Peter EXCEPT a woman called ANGELA & her travelling companion a half Chinese Jim Jong - He heard the LINDSAY Premier Earls were cunningly claiming this Estate & felt he & she, Angela, SHOULD HAVE THEIR SHARE he had known her since they were children they insulted Mrs Margaret Ransom Grote behind her back with their noble friends - often calling her AN OLD ESKIMO ( speaking with Peter J.P. Whitehead

b 1930 - d 1992, Dept FISHES )

NB: IMPORTANT : The following 4 pages added after 2011 31 January:

1969 - SAD SOUR happenings - OBSCENE POWER displayed: (seldom did/does corruption appear in the world of Museums but now it is revealed & is to CONTINUE in its full horrors! Our ELDERS in the Sciences had to observe the evil behaviour 1920s, 1930s by IMPERIAL BRITAIN & its SCANDINAVIAN relatives & connections committing FRAUD with VIOLENCE upon the worldwide GROTE HOMES - & their foul tongues & ever on-going murder attempts upon Mrs Margaret Ransom GROTE & her young family RANSOM the descendants of her brother JOHN RANSOM, whom she has legally chosen to be her heirs & they/we are all raised in the GOSPELS ACTED OUT ...

March 1969 - After the killing of Fred John RANSOM whom they have known since a young boy British Museum NATURAL HISTORY women scientists & friends , the retired Miss Doctor E. Trevawvas - possibly she the great Miss Cheeseman, & the lady of the Medusae & Red Cranes ( she is a good friend of Polly Rathbone Furze (cousin to father of W. twins) & her husband the Botanical Admiral she, Lady of Medusae, has tried November 1966 speak to me G.R. about James Weddell but I had no memory )

There is also working in the BMNH the brilliant but hard working & sometimes noisy Miss Bunty DR GRANDISON (who is a cousin to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM the grandfather that Greta Ransom has NO IDEA EXISTED from 1939-1940 ! Dr Grandison who shares a flat with Miss A. Clarke (both BMNH scientists) is visited 1968 by a Doctor HARRINGTON for The Crown & he brings various females of the ROARING 20s with him - she is hospitalized & dies too quickly/her name is on a list known to worldwide SCIENCE circles early 1980s

1972 Mr MENGELE Harrington, pseudo Doc - that blue car is little boy bait HE WOULD GO NOWHERE WITHOUT GROTE RANSOM & MALRAUX Saw he could help them ! In cover-up this horrible crime …”

All Greta Ransom Whitehead`s post/mail, presents, communications are severed Xmas 1933 & again 1939 WARTIME onwards by THE EVIL Lindsay Earls et al - this is continued from an agreement November 1967 with the WHITEHEAD TWINS RANSOM family are insulted, threatened & kept from the new family - false messages as usual, & the telephone into The Pillar House Harwell does not ring in the daytime - it is generally believed we are X-directory )

1969 - these distinguished scientists at a gathering 1969 BM Natural History, London, are not now pleased with Peter J.P. Whitehead Zoology & his twin brother Sir Rowland but curious why the recently former Miss Greta Ransom says nothing beyond she does not know her father since the Wartime. NB : They are subject to cunning deliberately spread MALICE & hearsay by Noble MONSTERS of the DEEP & their lackeys always about us at GATHERINGS & with SNOUTS into our post/mail-telephones !

IF YOU SPEAK WITH GRETA RANSOM or family RANSOM et al then YOU ARE UNDER SEVERE INVESTIGATION FOR GOVERNMENTS & CROWNS (You should immediately lock up your rare books & paintings & watch your Bank balances ) -

That greatest crime of mankind, the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN, is not to be revealed “… it would harm British Trade

There was an intention 1946 at Nuremburg to shift it so-so on to the German Army Navy & Air Force clearly this was not going to work - Herman Go`ring was to read a short statement at the TRIALS the USA were willing he should do so upon the FATE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN XMAS 1938 Norway places where the German Armed Forces WERE NOT the British representative(s) refused that he say a few words (“… so he is allowed to poison himself ? . )

It is reported 1970s but the BUNDERSREPUBLIC keep on falling down over the matter of GROTE RANSOM MALRAUX when they pick themselves up (?????) ~ NB: I GR do not understand this phrase used here falling down even after putting together these 4,000 pages !

BUT do try

pick yourselves up BUNDERSREPUBLIC - please note I am carrying all these innocent DEAD in my arms my mind my soul my spirit - I , Greta Ransom, can say most definitely you did not do it ~ slay the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - Upper-class G. Britain & its ghouls Scandinavia did - for quick DOUGH

Sometimes I GR feel I should sharpen that axe of Granny Ransom `Maniac of Mainz` who slew the greedy upon the steps of the castle of her brother - Restored wall painting can be seen of she & JACQUES/Jack RANSOM c time of the Kingdom of Otto/check dates /

Nota bene: Mainz Tourists: In 1900s she & he have their names on this wall painting MAINZ - She is Granny in a straight line to my great-great grandpa FRED RANSOM the father of my Girl of the SNOWS my Aunt Margareth Mrs GROTE therefore my `Maniac of Mainz` Grandmother too we both have long hair We thank them for our lives, as with the others back to 77 AD & we know them from family records (many destroyed by the Gross Brit & Norway Imperial EVIL) & the great work of genius done by my father young Frederick John Ransom & all his family branches joining in

NNB: 1969 - the SOUR SAD continuation - display of OBSCENE POWER to accomplish further violent FRAUD: the identical twin to PJPW is Sir Rowland R.J. Whitehead b 1930 - but unknown to families Ransom-Whitehead-Sparkman New York at this time he has a debt of 30,000 pounds owing to a British Bank ! He has done a deal with the EVIL over the Grote Ransom Estate FRAUD by Earls Lindsay & Crowns of Britain & Scandinavia He is independently in secret silence not telling the RANSOM brothers, Brokers, Solicitors, connected families: Yes, that old game of Westminster centre of Government & The Whitehall=Houses of Perversions/1920s onwards ) ASSUMING AUTHORITY for Greta Ransom Whitehead (m October 1967 to PJPW) ! `Master Row` can pay his debts by rewards for helping the `nicking` of this great Estate, especially those seashore RESERVES, big transport investments etc etc which will fill British noble coffers & carry on so that this noble CLASS stays RICH albeit here DRIPPING BLOOD & GORE of the GROTE CHILDREN & the good families who take care of them !

His debt is from illegally taking money from Trust Funds 1962 WITHOUT permission his uncleshis mother knew & had a grasp of him over this since 1964 ( You need a criminal mind to follow the CRIMINAL INSANITY of them all ! )