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New York Sparkmans/Yacht Club/ Palmer-Ostrander-Waugh etc families West Virginia Wheeling family of the WHITEHEAD TWINS see Debretts Peerage

Connections from 19th century to RANSOM & GROTE families

Teresa Elizabeth Gordon b 1906 Nov 24th d 9 Sept 2001 AD - friend of Nobles & Angela & JIM PIMP has 3 bastard sons because the family is Catholic & her mother saved them, one with help from its noble Norwegian father she Teresa is quite mad on this DOPE the nobles all use DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND they wear it in fire blown pellets up their snouts IT HITS THE BRAIN IN 2 SECONDS

Married 1932 Frederick John RANSOM b Nov 1911 eldest son of Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom scholar & seaman & Jean Minerva Weddell ballerina (eldest daughter of James Weddell II & Minerva Olivea Hesketh Bussy Weddell ) m 1909 ( she the young widow Aquida-Smith Argentine/Basquelands Spain ) -

FJR (biography) persecuted 1960s & cunningly abused in British Hospital March 1969 by the paedophile criminally insane Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON not dismissed by British medical Association until 1982 in spite of frequent complaints about this friend of Philip Mountbatten & his Uncle `No Dicky Bird` & Lindsay Premier Earls & Jim Jong PIMP/Sir James 1954-

CLACTON TENNIS CLUB & CLACTON PIER - KINGSMAN family who built the Pier/Nurse Connie NAPPER & son Ernie & daughter-in-law Beatrice & sons, & the daughter of Connie at the Wedding of Grace 1947 who caught Greta`s bouquet with some white bluebells in the centre

Clacton shops & tradesmen & professional people & the old & retired, the Clacton choir, school teachers, hospital staff so many who were friends to ANDRE MALRAUX when he & Josette came SUMMER 1937 & again when he arrived A WIDOW bearing in his arms his two dead brothers Roland & young Claude as well as JO mother of his two tiny sons Pierre & Vincent to be killed in ~ “… an accident just waiting to happen say MI5 July 1969 explaining the HORROR of 23 May 1961

FIONA FUNNULA FAITH MacDONALD b 1930, heiress to the CLACTON Ironmongers & seed merchants etc. by the WALPOLE TOWERS HOTEL & the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady on the Clacton Seafront towards Holland-on-Sea, Essex Becomes a Matron of Hospital/lives in Great Clacton Manor/BOOTED IN ON BY Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON after 1960 whom she at first believed to be an eminent physician sent by Philip Mountbatten & Uncle ( Mengele paedophile ex-prisoner & countless KRANKY HOUSES since age 12 years pretends to be the noble doctor HARRINGTON of Edinburgh b 1914 - see reference book Who is Who) Fiona-Funnula 1960s began to object to Doctor Harrington`s vindictiveness against ANDRE MALRAUX whom she insisted was a good friend a wonderful PURE ROMAN CATHOLIC MAN she had sung in the choir with him, as Greta had SHE DIES MARTYR Reports Detectives friends for Andre Malraux - “… she should never have had Mengele getting in her door or near her family he was giving out his old line that he was A PEER IN WAITING

Mr Professor R. WINNCLEMANN & wife a Shropshire woman/MARTYRS/ Resides at CLACTON ON SEA & opened 1945 `MURRAY`S chemist` near the Walpole Towers Hotel, the Catholic Church & Saint Clare`s Convent School 1940s - friend of ANDRE MALRAUX from his boyhood - they showed kindness to everyone /1 son Germany 2 grandaughters/

a chauffeured car came down from London to take him to help with difficult cases until his death in 1950 child …”

says Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator COLCHESTER MUSEUMS (web site COLCHESTER - CAMULONDUM Colonia Victricensis ) records 1952 onwards

HARWELL Village & area 1960s onwards some receiving ANDRE MALRAUX as friend & a pure man of honour & giving him SANCTUARY

ROME/VATICAN - Priests related to RANSOM GRONLANDER - Benedictine Order the USA born Father Stephen Foster (sends G.R. sweets for CHRISTMAS 1945 - `thank you dear cousin ` )

The grandson of Margareth girl of the SNOWS Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE he a priest in ROMA…” She dashes to see him November 1935 from Paris - leaving us her young RANSOM family, FCFR her nephew, his sons FJR & LIR & nearly 3 years Greetah … all her heirs … GR & LIR already chosen to head the Family JOYOUS VENTURE & happily in training for it … WE ARE bred in honour of 14 Races & 27 nations from 77 AD Roman Britain metropolis of Londinium …

19th century-20th - Reverend Mother Marjorie Mainwaring (Church of Scotland) related to RANSOM & MacMurray & Mainwarring - HER WORK IN JAPAN/holy yes, & that of a good DETECTIVE - with 40 Nuns managed the 2 Ransom dowry islands end of the LUSHANS CHAIN given in 1512 marriage 1504 Bruges of F. RANSOM of Montrose Scotland to Lady Japan/Okinawa an older Royal Family than Hirohito & his father /

written in `TRUE HISTORIES THE GROTE BROKERS SAILED IN` VICTIMS saved by she touring PACIFIC GROTE HOMES “… & walking around the town then calling in GROTE & RANSOM by ships to cope with difficult persons…”

Cousin Marjorie, a 10 years old HEIR in SCOTLAND she was PUT IN A COFFIN & BURIED ALIVE for 10 minutes before the horrible crime discovered She decided to become a NUN & hunt out EVIL - they put `em on a raft etc etc. There was once a boy we will call him Artinuous & some evil relatives had cut out his tongue …” etc etc

WEDDELL John b 1826 in a ` humanist HOLY `well-to-do` household with stout walls & good gardens` Tierra del Fuego , the very big family of John (2 marriages with issue) younger son of JAMES WEDDELL Quaker Mariner & the INCA AELOVEDAH-Maria only child of the Roman Catholic scholar San JULIAN F. San Miguel sometime Acting Governor of Tierra del Fuego his son-in-law Quaker JAMES WEDDELL Weddell Sea is to take the post as full GOVERNOR ( together he & his father-in-law his long time friend, have already done good works getting rid of RACISM & appalling conditions in Mines & fishing by Gross BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA & HOLLAND ( Netherlands )

THE WORLD OF HOLLYWOOD & film, stage, theatre, & all entertainments no matter how MODEST : a grandson of JOHN WEDDELL is young CLARK GABLE - a few GROTE children have taken up careers HOLLYWOOD Anthony QUINN ACTOR went in & out when times were difficult in the family it organised my mind …”

the old CATHOLIC VINE is a safety net ` as CHARLES BRONSON says 1948, bringing messages from old-young Edgar VARESE composer in USA (see great book on him 21st century) ... he is commenting at MANCHESTER & CLACTON 1948 to BUTLER OUR BILL MAYOR OF MANCHESTER GORDON & WILLIAMS families `on GOOD HUMANIST MEN & WOMEN

Noble British MONTAGUE Catholic family had a nasty paedophile 1920s -

IT attacked countless Roman Catholic children put to CONVALESENCE in his family home & grounds result a 12 years old impregnated/never recovered/a male child born is NEUTERED as is the MANNER in IMPERIAL CRIME/ BUT on the insistence of the ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST who is with visits & letters EXPOSING THESE YEARS OF MONTAGUE CRIMES he managed to insist this MOB MONTAGUE educate it as their own they pushed it out to a distant branch

He grown to a kindly burly man ex-Army & schoolteacher wife (no children) are brought to The Pillar House HARWELL 1971 to tea Greta Ransom W. has no idea whom they are

Nota bene : 1967 - MASSIVE IMPERIAL FRAUD with VIOLENCE OFFSHORE has BEGUN AGAIN & they, kindly law-abiding , victims of this IMPERIAL BRUTALITY, are to be used as silent MOUTHPIECES against the families BUTLER-WILLIAMS -RANSOM-GROTE-WEDDELL by MONSTERS of HIGH Imperial bloody gore boots POWER & GREED THE ESTATE from 1945 is MANAGED by the RANSOM BROTHERS & persons of HIGH RANK in SOUTH AMERICAN NATIONS & ASIA & is being cunningly disgustingly DESTROYED AGAIN `BY THE CRIMINALLY INSANE` all moneys stolen are shared with BRITISH & SCANDINAVIAN IMPERIAL FAMILIES who do not pay INCOME TAX & pass it to their relatives and CLASSrecords are mentioned in this Document ( SUMMER 1937 ANDRE MALRAUX Josette Greta & GREENLAND ) that have had strong persons weep at this massive ignorance inflicted upon the world by persons of low education & bred in marble halls of debauchery


FRED MACMURRAY Broker Wall Street sometimes ACTOR HOLLYWOOD acts PIED PIPER taking a MANSION when he is filming - they all make RANSOM HISTORIES allowed by Studios at the END OF A good FILM …” “… WEDDELL FAMILIES ALL SLAIN BY 1960 yap dirty Jim & LINDSAY Premier EARLS FRAUDSTERS of VIOLENT FUN MURDERS for the DOUGH from world-wide banks

1960 - 3-4 Weddell family are hiding in the Argentine hills

GENOCIDE 1938-1954 of the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES 1864 onwards by agreement nations OUTSIDE the Empires of Gross Britain & Scandinavia educating to 20 years A-Z the globe ORGANISED & CARRIED OUT BY FIGURES FROM A MORGUE of the falling EMPIRES OF GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA allowing the PREMIER EARLS OF GROSS BRITAIN L I N D S A Y from 1904 to be THE FRONT in secret silence WESTMINSTER MEETINGS ` with candles lit & shutters drawn claiming to RULE the 7 seas RECORDS/

Ronald Regan USA films/President - it is said 1980s He ordered the destruction of American history records kept safely including GROTE HOMES-RANSOM Estate - he of little understanding-seemed to often play Hollywood B film roles …”

QUAKER Families BRITAIN & America/records - East Anglia etc known to COLCHESTER MUSEUMS - Quaker families Rathbone Liverpool/Greg & lines/Whitehead RANSOM-WEDDELL & PIECE family a well known London Quaker family-mother of James Weddell of the sub-arctic SEA Quaker & Baptist families, Nonconformists, ARMISH settlement

( “… & treacle tart for tea & Greta will come to school a term when over 5 years we always ask them what they think about this & that )

SHAKERS - holidays with them & Melony allowed to come through the hedge She Melony lst daughter of Olivea MINERVA Hesketh b 1840s (1st m Mrs Bussy 2nd m Mrs James Weddell II 2 daughters Jean ballerina widow then 1909 Mrs FCF Ransom & younger sister marries BAXTER main line 17th century Dissenters, he a bookbinder/ Argentine & Blackpool - violence from LINDSAY & Nobles against he & two sons 1930s-1953 ... sons murdered in Australia

RECORDS Violence Australia & New Zealand, CANADA against ALL related to GROTE RANSOM Estate )

pre-Conquest SPAIN Tierra del Fuego & to 20th century pre-conquest INCA Peru & into 20th century 1988 = USA STATE DEPARTMENT RECORDS & Workers the tragic fate of their employee Dr John RAY Ransom murdered MONTROSE Farm Scotland 1969 summer (claimed fraudulently to be CROWN LANDS 1939) by Lindsay Premier Earls of G.B. , Jim Jong Cur James & Mengele spoof Doctor HARRINGTON pouring petrol down his throat, he Dr John RAY R. a USA citizen - 3 degrees: Astra- physics/Animal Management & LAW ... Families persecuted related by ancestry & blood lines to RANSOM & WEDDELL

Nota bene: RONALD REGAN actor President USA may have ordered burned/pulped/ many of these historic humanism records, especially upon the young VICTIMS GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - perhaps he did not COVER HIS CUP ? )

This document SUMMER 1937 THE HOUSE 1936 WITH THE LAVENDER PEARLS WINDOWS Argentine - when the wind came once a year with the dew the girl distant cousin Lennie Imm. Ransom will marry in 1940 after their parents have been killed, carries me, Greetah now 3 years, around the house in the morning to see the miracle that will last a few hours she planted these flowers around the house she has the kindly BILLY GOAT WEDDELL raised from his first hours when his mother died they go to the hospital to make the sick children better he has perfect MANNERS & believes he is one of the Weddell children COUSIN CLARKE GABLE has made a new film called SAN FRANCISCO Greta lifts his oil cans to his car for the long drive back to USA & he approves of the strong GREENLAND HEIR to the family miracle …” DIARIES RANSOM BROTHERS & others of the families of the NORD & SUD POLES ~ and weep for the loss of MANS HOPE the HOPE of the GLOBE

CROCODILE - our second son CAIN RANSOM…” see 1801 RANSOM diary & life the decade before in Antigua & with Sea peoples in TRADING SHIPS “… Cain had no idea he was a crocodile & liked supper, music & poems read, went to church on Sundays, & to suppers under the Moon wearing his jewelled collar 7 kept his toys in a cart which he towed about with him when he left his hammock or his bed in the family house perfect manners & he had two servant girls & delicate table manners they tried teach him to read they felt he could write a poem MONUMENT ANTIGUA TO CAIN RANSOM is seen by A SCIENTIST 1950s - Report BM NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM SOUTH KENSINGTON LONDON 1966 November-December- a scientist of jelly fishes etc speaks with Greta Ransom /further reports Andre Malraux detectives colleagues 1960 onwards /her death ? Ref. Rathbone-Furse families=Whitehead/

ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN says several times during the decades 1947-1976 to GRETA RANSOM his Ward when matters are falling to pieces over our Wedding of GRACE


French phrase of endearment, no doubt ? Well, better , I suppose, than whispering to his tragic bride of eternity

`I am going to chop your head off

Signed Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia Ransom - his tragic MADAM X of April 1947

OTHERS : Maggie RANSOM Carew widow take another Carew Carew RANSOM 16th century MONTROSE SCOTLAND a boatyard with inventions - family knew parents of Henry VIII

18th century GREENLAND - 1st astra-physicist West Greenland early 18th century Little white fox soft paws-MARIA - as a child travels with family to Venice (they are Eskimo & a quarter French) She reads LUCRETIUS in French translation of 1720 - MOTHER OF GREAT POUL GRONLANDER 6` 5 polymath genius Catechist trained Norwegian Mission Pastor Hans Egede & wife Gertrud - their sons at wedding of their fellow scholar POUL GRONLANDER (has N. Chinese-Eskimo names) to Margaret Yates Ship owners eldest daughter of Carlisle at Fredericktown West Greenland 1749 - issue 3 sons 2 daughters See Finn Gad History of Greenland 4 vols.

WINSTON S. CHURCHILL & some family members kith kin-associations with RANSOM/Grote to 1960 - & Letters occasionally exchanged on arts & literature between he WSC & Margaret Ransom GROTE from 1922 to her murder 15 May 1938 by JIMMIE JONG pimp companion of LINDSAY EARLS & Angela, Teresa, & young of 19-teens & robberies of 1920s-1990s Churchill went to Mrs Ransom Grote`s assistance 1920-22 finding LINDSAY a bloody nuisance since the world began murdering for lands & money Scotland Also father of Margaret SWEETING who tells her some of this history when she a young woman - PARIS/with Teresa Gordon/ Margaret (no evil Duchess) to PJPW & others 1980s `tragic life of MALRAUX & Greta` tried help 1957-1958 - had her own troubles too` Reference December 1957 `woman in red turban & Malraux`

NB: Teresa Gordon R. to Miss Rose Holder, 18 Gabriel House, Paradise Street, opposite Lambeth Palace 1960s she always got the wrong men married her for her money kind girl 1923/4 took us all out in Paris hired coaches days out liked museums could have them kept open for her bought me a dress long trailing, faile, dull fawn colours, I did not want it but I treasured it & wore it until it fell to pieces I preferred suits & horses a girl you could trust not noble background had a kind father she looked for a man like him NOT EVIL …” ( newspapers were at their lurid slants)

This document SUMMER 1937 in 3 Parts - Greetha Ransom

is instructed by Andre Malraux 1957 to 1976 to begin in 20 years or so you can type well enough

RECORDS given by LIR, JRR & FJR - RANSOM families & persons of good nations outside of Imperial Powers - et al & for Andre Malraux & the especial work by his detectives colleagues & families 1960 onwards

NB : The colour code & type-faces used in this work will be found useful - & the dates set out at the commencement of pieces of information GR - 2010 AD Gaul

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