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1944 end October to 9th November - `THE TWO GUNMEN TO SHOOT ANDRE MALRAUX & JO

& STEAL the POST/mail for the BRITISH Government & Crown arrived at the same time as her mother- It is reported she had two British gunmen at the door one afternoon - one said he could remove her children as she not legally married to Malraux- she was very upset- archives/records-vast- 1944/1960 Detectives & Colleagues of Andre Malraux

??????? ` ONE of the gunmen could be DoctorVagrant Harrington-or Jimmie Jong vagrant-a Major using MANY-NAMES - both speak excellent French & Mengele has been squatting on the Malraux families since 1938 MAY- for dough. `

`Its known MrVagrant Harrington ( paedophile with a Prison sentence on the Continent/transferred to England 2 years psychiatric prison/ released 1937-8) met Clara Malraux in Paris 1944 - the Liberation -he would get all the news-he took a good holiday with Clara in 1938 & knows her brother Maurice-the-Mouse as JIM does- (Maurice USA Citizenship 1941/1948 ? possibly) ????????????????

1953 Maurice-the-mouse - as WHITES Club called him Xmas 1953 when he accused Greta Ransom of ruining his sister Claras marriage! I legal heir 20 years of age had no idea whom he was- or a Clara ! ~ I said its Christmas & wondered if he was drunk-

I Miss Greta Ransom am uneasy about being brought in WHITES CLUB this early lunchtime when I had come up to go & buy an evening frock with ANDRE MALRAUX. He seemed to disappear at a corner ! It is pink net very full skirt in a box- & I want to get back to Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis ! All spirits in this VICE Club WHITES-up the steps are spiked with dopes-`dirty Jimmie` owns it-

1. tell me more

2. you wont remember anything


4. `YOU WILL GROW OLD IN WEEKS- failure all organs`

XMASTIDE 1953 - This again 18th century decadence style-Club taken over by JIM JONG 1950s has prostitution round corner in FLAT where dirty JIMs Kenya blonde runs it- its a VICE Club - he a fat-FAT person is bar tender & makes up the sandwiches(with DOPE IN THEM) I do not recognise he IS the evil little sadist imp Mr Pong 1930s - now co-Steward WHITES- made CUR JAMES 1.1.1954...

Nota Bene : ~ he was frightened of Teresa Gordon we hear-he saw that Greetah Ransom whom he had spoken to at Clacton since she was 3 years old did not know him- he had no idea Teresa Gordon had such skill removing the memory`

1953/1954 XMASTIDE - WHITES Clubthe old gentle-man took Greetha Ransoms arm & said ANDRE IS A VERY GOOD MANI married my wife she was 14 in our Catholic Church ...I had to go in the Armywe have great-grandchildren & are very happy…‘ & turning on a spiteful Jimmie ex-Kenya he fiercely said.

KEEP OUT OF THE CLUB JIM in the morningsTHIS IS THE 3RD time this week YOU HAVE LOST YOUR TEMPERWe prefer your partnerI come in here for a cup of coffee & to read the newspaper before I go to my son in the CITY (Mr Pong Jimmie Jong whom I do not recognise from the Pre-War went aubergine colour & swore later he would get even & pull down them & families-& their respectability ) WHITES XMAS 1953

1937 Summer afternoons & evenings - Mary Gordon is talking to ANDRE MALRAUX - perhaps the visit includes Josette with him- or he told her what he had heard about Teresas prison sentence when theyd all sponged on the old rich man Hill-drop Crescent Highgate(I Greetha Ransom put to sleep upstairsor on his folded jacket at his feetAsian style)

1920s - Records/Diaries/ ` ANGELA & JIM COMING IN TO THE BIG PARTIES & rather smart gatherings at Hill-drop Crescent Highgate for the kindly old man they kept DOPED taught them a great deal about CIVILIZED LIVING

( Accounts to ANDRE MALRAUX - by Mrs Lady ASTOR December 1957 before JIM & LINDSAYBUGGARHS & Mengele Harrington SILENCED HERShe has known Margaret Ransom Grote too )

1920s - JIM & Angela/ Teresa & THE GANGTHEY EVEN WENT TO TEA WITH MRS BAXwhere they`d been before..she has a son she is proud of whom will suddenly appear & play PIANO like his Autumn Rouge-very modern piano music at that time IT IS TO THIS PLACE ANDRE MALRAUX will take Greetha November a wet cold night 1957 if you wanted to write a novel you could begin…”…

but memories of pre-war Teresa speaking to PONG on PAST GLORIES was as if SHADOWS arising from Greetha`s UNKNOWN TIME| I was a child in single - figures then (records/notes/become vast as we reach 1960)

1937 SUMMER - JIM - A LITTLE PIECE OF VERMIN - brought trouble to the family - to our children from The Great Warshe Angela not engaged yetthen he got down here on the Frontwith themshe has warned yeeh-Yea of themthey are away…”

. warns Mary Helena Gordon just a widow`if only Granny Gordon had known he ANDRE MALRAUX did not understand `Greetha heir to Margaret Ransom Grote THE GROTE HOMES the greatest piece of philanthropy the globe& half in Roman Catholic landswith their help in some directions`

1937 Summer - THIS IS A CATHOLIC YOUNG MAN Andre-MalrauxMary Helena says ` You know the child inherits she must not be left alonebut stay with you & the young lady all the time…” OH- SHIPS PASSING IN THE NIGHT`About the Town` sea mists at lavender dusk the fog horn warning `Oh stay OFF` Clacton-on-Sea 1930s. Greetha Frobisher Weddell RANSOM is called coming November cold & fears of the rough seas

Little Miss North Pole…”

1953 December /1954 coming The New Year - A crafty non-scheduled 1 pm visit WHITES a Vice Club St James`Lieutenant Commander David S. Brown rnvr/wrote ballad AMYTHYST MARCH/ being paid MONEY & DOPES by LINDSAY Earl 15/spade-wheeling boy of the 1930swho nearly chopped off Greetha Ransom`s tiny foot while he TRAINING WITH Divinorum Salvia Scotland UP HIS SNOUT

Grown by his Family Crawford-Lindsayto export to British Empire & any nations they can bamboozle using SLAVE LABOUR in horrible conditions

For my role in life …” (He laughed & slowly nodding his head in secrecy said `it was sometimes called Santa Maria - Mr Jong had told himin South Americahe might tell Miss Annie Agneswho took him walks & explained drawings & how to look at art) (She youngest daughter of Teresa Carroll Platonist/harmonist degree/Dublin)


in 10 minutes at WHITES a nasty set-up began insulting the HEIR - BUT SHE HATH NO MEMORY (you obscene coarse sub-sub-apes of Noble Britain) after Greta Ransom being exhibited to Maurice The Mouse Traitor to his adopted Nation USA she was able to get to the train Liverpool Street & back to Colchester- its the Saturday after Xmas day-1953/54...

Notes given to ANDRE MALRAUX 1970... I, Greta Ransom, rushed across the Drawer Bridge of Colchester Castle Keep George-Andre - entered sanity- kind Guides who guard me at work as you noticed - Mr Harold W. Poulter says to us separately & to your Detectives Colleagues 1960/ & to me 28th December 1961...

1961 28th December 6.30pm - entrance Hollytrees Mansion Museum- a cold night some light rain/records/ -

. The CASTLE STAFF had become aware Child (1953 November to 1961...) queer happenings from a peculiar physician hanging about - got an expensive young mans` blue car TOO YOUNG FOR HIM - The kind a rich parent buys an eldest son or a much favoured one at 21 years of ageHE WAS BEING VERY ARROGANT to our valued Castle Guides - respectable men retired from National Services - IT WAS DISGRACEFUL FOR THE MIGHTY IMPERIAL FORCES TO TREAT THEM LIKE THAT

Master Graham Greene hid himself away - he & DONOVAN our corner bookseller KNEW SERIOUS MATTERS

Concerned unnecessary death of a young heir over at Castle Hedingham - brutal death by ambitious menYOU HAD BEEN IN SAME CLASS AT SCHOOL WITH HERWartimeEssex Oldest FAMILY900 yearswell known to US IN THE MUSEUMS.1942...I was here in the Museums`child at 9 years of age left helpless with sick mother expecting another infant who would also be heir- the father just killed at WARAll very murkythey were scared what was said up & down the County, Child she left HEIR with ALL MALE LINES KILLED UNEXPECTEDLY- The child then inherited vast Estate NEWFOUNDLAND-rather philanthropic humanistworked welltook care of them all out there& some more in Canadasome in Yugoslavia as it is now Come from SEA TRADINGlike the young Emperor`s lineANDRE MALRAUX ITS ABOUT GREEDwhen I was a young man in the 1890s we saw it coming Harold Walter POULTERDeputy Curator The Colchester & Essex Museums from 1934/poisoned Feb/April 1962-

HWP Mr Poulter polymath will add & to others the boys dead & certain circles about Andre in his work all the time they have not left much sense in him ANDREabout his workhe was a young man still when he came in Bride-Groom clothes to woo the British maid in our Castlewe had no idea it was not amnesiabut done with STUFFI had seen it out Eastwhere they work them to about 29 yearsthen kill them offLife was cheap in CHINA STUFF ! STUFF ! old trick came in with the Vienna CROWDpsycho-analysts` & all of thatused for extortion to get money off old relativestip them in the Nut Housecall them wandering in their minds A WORLD WITH NO HEART HAS ARISEN IN THIS COUNTRY, Childdestruction of our towns & countryside, craftsfor a bag of gold…”…

December 1961/early January 1962...

1960/1962...mixture of information from a distressed good ex-soldier citizen of the Borough Mr Sprack Hollytrees Mansion Museum valued Guide 1955-196os/ & called by H. W. P. `little man of virtue & surprising kindness he & his wife-cheers the soul that in a world of mischievous greed arisen from this last War his kind survive- his kind, Child, they have been within our WALLS CamulodunumColcestreChild since the Roman Empire made a mess of it`

1962 April : It is our Museums Guide Mr Sprack gives a message from H W Ps death bed that month to Greta Ransom & Andre Malraux. Colchester hospital (Poulter was poisoned `for The Crown`/clearly crime of Mengele with Teresa as she is reporting ALL SHE CAN so as to EARN MONEY & BIG TIME DINING /THEY ARE ALL ON THE PIN - & go in Noble backdoors with the othersMengele has treated Angela for weight & liquor & fits of anger 1951/53they were heavy dope-users 1920s

- With Mr H. W. Poulter`s death, I Greta Ransom, entered upon Limbo - feeling I was the dead & made of shadowstoo crushed to even allow feelings of loss for the Man of Gaul- January 1962 I had refused offers of Poulter & Malone, Uncle Potter & Harry `to get you both in a Place of your ownnow he has nobody & no home…”

What they, sad well meaning good citizens said had no meaning

1950s/1960sThey were all being told by Teresa that I had an income of 50 Pounds a weekI HAD NOTHINGany INCOME GIVEN TERESA was spent on going out with her BIGWIGSI had never had support from the Estatehad gone to work at the Museum a very modest wage because IT WAS THE OCCUPATION I WISHED TO HAVE-intelligent & amongst human beingsJanuary 1962 I began work at the British Museum NATURAL HISTORY Department of Fishes

ALL POST/mail to me GR was still STOLEN as from my first CHRISTMAS 1933...It is taken by LINDSAY EARLS for THE CROWNa woman called Angela breaking THE LAW in secret-silence has given all my Estate I share with Lennie Ransom to her 2 girlsShe threw in Miss Win Gordon`s face Summer 1938 `I knew you Miss Gordon by your big Irish faceI am giving it all to my girls`

A TEAM OF EXPERIENCED BRITISH LAW SAID 1939.`They cannot broker a penny & `I FEAR THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT HAS EMBARKED UPON FRAUD…“ Then 1941 news began to come to Whitehall that the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN were being killed to RELEASE FAST very BIG MONEY for the new silent owners of THE RANSOM ESTATE A special UNIT down WHITEHALL was hastily set up by Mr JIM JONG Major of several namesto stop Papers getting again in The PalaceGENOCIDE should not be a worrying matter but be coped with by the Whitehall Civil Servants etc.

Angela`s daughters : ONE RUDELY CALLED ME AN APE when I was coming 6 years 1938/39she is 13 years & greedy said some respectable people on my right-they were leaving for USA The Lindsaybuggarhs & other Claimants have never delivered to me heir any written papersor to my Brokers or Solicitors upon this/ Records made for me & LIR/ They have gone to great lengths to ruin the reputations of ALL the RANSOM family who can inherit

1930s-1970s The NOBLES have taken Teresa Gordon-Gordon-Gordon R. back into their evil GANGS- encouraging her to harm her childrenrub dope in their mouths, their breakfast before sending them to school& CALL THEM APES & Angela sent a message 1942 that I was not to use my real name but say it was Pearl BarleySHE HAD A CHRISTMAS PARTY & got rather jolly

1966 Summer - Only when I got to GREECE free of these monsters that summer 1966 with my married cousins & their children DID I BEGIN TO REALISE HOW VERY SPIRITUALLY ILL IT HAD ALL MADE ME FROM THE ATTACKS 1957 October- to January 1959 at 50 Lancaster Gate SquareTHE THREATS THAT IF ANDRE MALRAUX & I had a home & a child I would have it cut out of my stomach & I pushed in the gutter to die & nobody would believe a word I said

1950s/1960sThe insistence I was a PAUPER a bloody pauper WENT ON with their harsh voices of the upper-crustfrom Mengele, Teresa Gordon R, & messages sent by JIM all of them frolicked in the big house if there was no staff weekends staying in their bedrooms- Mrs Mengele Harrington & Mrs Jimmie Jong used it as their Town House& made it A MOST UNHOLY HOUSE All these Upper Class women have UNHOLY HOUSES & keep dirty bedstheir old men tooalways OFF ROUND THE CORNER to the blondeSCARLET TOWN as of old


A big tall person am I but this clearly had fear begin to ariseSO LONG AS Georges-Andre KEPT HIS NEW JOB IN GAUL somehow perhaps we would get some kind of home life

The horror of these EVIL ON THE PIN OF NOBLE BRITAIN AT THE VERY TOP & perhaps elsewhere had me recoil & it was an horrendous UNHOLY WORLD I COULD NOT STOOP TO ENTER-they were all turned to PURE EVIL-

1960 January/February - learning I AM BORN ON A HEARSE

I kept some understanding until March-Aprilthen as the Detectives/some persons trying to help, learned

DOPE SO HEAVY HAD BEEN USED on GRETA to have her stop recalling the 1930s & getting to her RANSOM families-we felt she had a break-down& then she lost 2 stone in weight Greta went to live with Miss Rose Holder a very respectable woman by Lambeth Palace & Malone detective took a room with Miss Holder`s friends next-doorhe & Phil Silverlee took care of Greta who went out to work in LondonBUT HER MOTHER WAS UP IN LONDON TOO OFTENSTAYING AT THIS FLAT& Mr Mengele HARRINGTON WAS OFTEN ABOUT& wining & dining with Teresa Gordon Ransomnobody knew again THE POST/mail was being stolenmischief went on all the time to get money from this EstateLIES REACHED US that GRETA HAD AN INCOMEshe did notIt was Miss Holder sent her to GREECE with her 6 cousins - Mr Mengele was AWAY chasing small boys in tropical SEAS or Greta WOULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED LEAVING THE COUNTRY

ANDRE WAS AWAY ROUND THE WORLDor he would have been in ATHENS with Greta he said He did not know she was going& neither did PHIL SILVERLEE City of London who was on duty as Detective/Watcher that summerMiss Holder said it had to be done swiftlyVery swiftlyTeresa was watched now by the hospital FOR GOOD BEHAVIOUR but there were a lot of people she had known in the Good Old DaysMiss Holder DID NOT LET THE STRANGE DOCTOR IN HER FLATshe had been advised!

Mengele gave out Hurray Greta was dying

Weight 7stone 9 lbs CHRISTMASTIDE 1961/1962- 1966 weight 8 stone 4 lbs- goody goody gumdrops/lovely photos !

1960 March/ it would have been impossible for GR to follow the seriousness of INVESTIGATIONS of the whole team/other helpers they had about the globe/British Territorials coming on boardEVERYBODY HAD TO KEEP HIDDENOnly Malone & the early helpers known to MENGELE & SCUM had to present themselves THERE WAS BY EARLY APRIL 1960 A FEELING THAT MALRAUX & DE GAULLE HAD LET THEM DOWN-BADLY THE FAILURE TO ANSWER intelligentlywhen the Receipt of the WILLS the Documentsthe crucial copies of letters was believed to have been RECEIVED BY MALRAUX & the GENERALA SLIGHT acknowledgement came !

1962 March - 2 years on The de Gaulle Courier is proved to have been ROBBED in a 2-hour delay early March 1960...MALRAUX & de GAULLE SEEING THE LEGAL DOCUMENTS THE 3 WILLS for the FIRST TIMEde Gaulle comments A GIGANTIC OBSCENE PIECE OF STATE CRAFT BY GROSS BRITANNIQUE …” Greta was believed to have BROKEN DOWN Ivy Ransom said her niece March 1962 HAD NO MEMORY OF AN AUNT MARGARET & had NO MONEYS FOR HER 21st BIRTHDAY ANDRE had two dead boys from May 1961 ! THE NIGHTMARE OF THE PAST WENT ONa nightmare for Malraux since November 1937...when the persecution of he began by the British Government Lords & its Crownkilling the children to get the lands & stealing the ESTATEin secret silence because of the said DIVINITY of the new owner of the Estategiven her when she was 10 years old (1910) by an OLD ESKIMO

1960 SummerI saved my understanding somewhat by striding about all Ages when monsters sent messages- & Mengele appeared to threaten me from time to time- he uses the brown car too-it has a history of crimeWHY DID ANYONE ALLOW HIM NEAR USWHY WAS NOT HE REALISED TO BE A KINGPIN IN THIS MASSIVE NEW VIOLENCE SINCE 1953 against both ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom & familiespreviously 1938-1953 he was THE JAILOR OF ANDRE MALRAUXwith only a half understanding of the ESTATE

3rd November 1953 he got FULL KNOWLEDGEhe would not continue to help with controlling the MALRAUX family if he WAS NOT TOLD THE TRUTHTHE FULL EXTENT OF THE ESTATE& WAS IT LEGALLY THE PROPERTY OF THE GROTE RANSOM FAMILIES ?He learned he was working for FRAUDSTERS & MURDERERS with KUDOS

He settled ON THE 4th NOVEMBER 1953 for a million pounds offshore to begin with& Teams of Workers- the quality/variety required would be sent in a list to Whitehall

1954 onwards - The former Guide at Hollytrees Museum Mr Harding threatened & made very ill with dopes by Mengele Harrington in 6 inch boots ! - it is later learned - ` The Jail Bird put in` then as Crown/JIM & Lindsay SPYbut transferred 18 months later when Castle learned he `dismissed Prison Service for misdemeanour` The man of the expensive blue motor car- now giving Police problems- insists he on CROWN business & can call in CID- wants to take away certain books- JIM with 3 armed men appears 1954 trying to get hold of Greta Ransom with a signed Paper by someone in family-but the two Curators were by chance working their lunchtimes & both in Castle at that hour !No wonder Graham Greene FLED abroad !

1961 Dec 28th - H.W. POULTER says `Child YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE LIVED if Hull & I had not been working that dinnertime..`.. Its been about money & properties all the time- the Young Emperor Andre has not known- HWP` December 28th 1961- Harold W. Poulter a very great HUMANIST- 19 years out East a well-heeled young man of Yorkshire a geologist2 years at own expense (his mother) with colleague studying Bronze Making across the whole of China`learn a little Mandarin Child - you get past from one good family to the other`before the Boxer Revolution

1950s Rex Hull working away at last volume of Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis - I would find him at the drawing board 9 am some winter mornings in the Great KEEP Colcestre-he had worked late & now rushed in on early bus from Elmstead Market starting 7.30am by candlelightAh - the excitement of the Museum worlds

1967 July - MRH is having a private talk down at his East Hill ancient medieval house July 1967 with PETER James Palmer WHITEHEAD BMNH Ichthyology BM Natural History is embarked upon the 200 Years Celebrations JAMES COOK RN- an attempt is being made worldwide by scientists to RECOVER the scholarship of the Voyages1967 now we will embark upon Voyage 1 -TRANSIT OF VENUS1767...

Mr Hull Retired is explaining that `Poulter dead 5 years would have had so much to contribute` & warnings- it entered REGIONS of Poulters un-necessary death-ANDRE MALRAUX General de Gaulle-properties-islands-seashores-a family educated who knew the leading archaeologists-technologists of the age`

1966 November- PJPW age 36 years old to GR 33 years working at BM(NH) had insisted `as a rationalist` upon laying Miss Ransom`s GHOSTSOne wet misty cold November night-Greta Ransom took him after their Work BMNH to see the house 50 Lancaster Gate Square - & on the way he learned of Andre Malraux from Richard Carrington-we delivered some references for his book THE SEA

1962 January-August - I agreed my few months working BMNH to swop poems with PJPW & others-normal in the Museums world- PJPW said `Stark Lines` hit him like raw brandy & where did I get this experience- I said Geo. SEFRIS poems gave me a frameworkPJPW has gathered some mysteries from where the beginnings of `STARK LINES` came - those written phrases Colne Engaine 1960/1961..

The ELDER scientists are not saying anything about ANDRE MALRAUX & a spirit girl who came from one side of the Park to the other BMNHThe name RANSOM is known in humanist educated Museum circles I was using a framework of SEFRIS to relate a world I did not have speech for - only inner landscapes where THE ONLY DAWNS CAME FROM MEMORY - PJPW writes poems - his ` OJEWAHRAE- A call early dawn Lake Victoria` is that of a young man experiencing AFRICA land of his birth (identical twin)

1967 July - The retired Curator of Colchester Museums REX HULL & PJPW had a first meeting & it entered swiftly the Asphodel Regions (Classical world)They were soon speaking about Poulters TOO SOON DEATH - both trying to speak of the dead humanist & late Deputy Curator Colchester Museums- PJPW having read phrases G.Rs stark lines was commenting on the impression he had made on Greta & on Andre Malraux/whom he acknowledged he had never met & scarcely read/ Mark Reginald Hull was giving this young scientist some warnings about what they could understand those ten years about the matter 1952/1962...& how they had to protect ANDRE MALRAUX working with de GAULLEthen the unveiling of an Estate overseas -all around the world & known to may persons who swiftly were put under investigation by the StateTHE HISTORY OF THE ESTATE WAS QUITE WELL KNOWNthe family toosome peculiar matters over James Weddell a Quaker/Colchester a Quaker stronghold known to have married the Roman Catholic Noble INCA`s daughter- The Roman Catholic world entering prominently into the Estate & especially with PACCELLI - Graham Greene able to help in the beginningthen clearly in some danger.

A word on we Museum workers/as Poulter might say `We who work in a Museum know it is work not with the dead but we are alongside with the dead who we must help to live to help the WAY AHEAD`something like that-Child 1950sHWP

1950s - Miss RANSOM worked in the Colchester Museums but with NO MEMORY of her ancestry or the first years of childhood before 1939 : It was in my first 6 years of life that was entirely missing : that world of pre-2nd World War when I could look to the good family RANSOM SAILING DOWN THE SEAS from 92 AD-

.. Know what some of the Grannies cooked & what they wore for their weddings-know their children-still visit their graves & talk to them bringing flowers telling them we had not wasted their moneys- Here were the lessons of HUMANITAS- The slaying of our GROTE HOMES children had shock to everyoneI had been with the children in Montevideo & stayed in the Convent Venezuela 1936...there were horrible attacks oln me & a family of BAD BLOOD Earls harming my parents & my grandparentsI had weekend school with Lennie my best friend about running our JOYOUS VENTUREwe were all happy when FIGURES FROM A MORGUE were not on the Seafrontor about us when we went to beautiful places to Grandpa`s hundreds of relativeshe a FrobisherLENNIE is a FLYER& we FLY UP TO GREENLAND FOR A BEER3 timesNOTHING LEFT ! NOT A MEMORY ! 1952 onwards Colchester/Londinium/ GR a pauper young person very tall with long hair I was happy in the Museums world


1933-1948... I Greta Ransom subjected to hideous abuse as soon as RANSOM left for WAR- & my fathers parents murdered by JIM & LINDSAY 14 involving Teresa Gordon R their alibi1938 & 1939 (vast records) During the War years I suffered from loss of clear speech-first the condemnation of my QUAKER Nonconformist rhetoric-some sounds-the extension of the vowels-the spreading upon a winter air of the ideasBUT I BELIEVE THE TANGLE OF WORDS caused by the THREATS RECEIVED THE JIBES JEERS reaching back to `Ape-Eskimo`Pauper` 1952 I begin to read Gibbon`s DECLINE & FALL

of the ROMAN EMPIRE& similar works on the Classical World-

Reading SEFRIS June 1960 I SUDDENLY HAD A VOCABULARY I COULD UNDERSTAND I have recorded from the Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 their & my appreciation of the good teachers at the schools who helped me survive

1943/1944 - Armstrong Geographer Martyr - who spotted SHE Teresa Gordon-Gordon R. was clearly sending me Greetah Frobisher Weddell RANSOM to school with dope in my system so I scarcely could recall my name -

He ARMSTRONG GEOGRAPHER/Cambridge- also knew Teresa`s PRE-WAR chums : chum Angela who was SHUT OUT OF The LINDSAY Grand Clacton-on-Sea SEA FRONT one morning early 1930s wearing only her `Rollo Suit` (people photographed the Duchess) THE DRINKING HAD GONE ON ALL NIGHT.& JIM a PIMP pickpocket half Chinese who would take YOUR CARdump it anywhere in East Angliathen bray at Police (earning a PENSION) that he took a hammock with EARL LINDSAY ON THE SEA FRONTClacton East Anglia where ANDRE MALRAUX with JOSETTE HIS CHOSEN CATHOLIC WIFETHE GOSPELS ACTED OUT

Earls of Lindsay Crawford insane creatures of this hideous purple DOPE - who were by 1943/1944 under great suspicion for the murder of the 2nd SEA HEIRESS in the same Clacton school class as Greta Ransomshe a well educated child also WITH A CARE OF HER PEOPLES her LANDSFOUND strangled on her way to Choir practice (Reports include one Record Buckingham Palace/back gates`the big black car left `pre-dawn`.1948 USA Investigation/Millie Frobisher`s mother records 1860s/70s/Churchill 1920s-1960 Januarymany other good people

1942 - Patrick MacDrews niece 9 years old Miss `d UFF MacDrew heir to NEWFOUNDLAND lands, bay, settlement their own Church the 900 years old Essex family that Colchester was proud of-the longest documented Family of ESSEX Child…“ HWP...

“…Records/Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues 1960 onwards/This murder was confirmed 1960 (USA State Workers) by Records from Buckingham Palace kept methodically for cars leaving at the back gates Wartime- collected 1948 (before Mr Mengele Harrington got his Teams on removing records of the Essex years)

~ 1953 November -AN ALERT- ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM ARE WALKING OUT TALL-TALL-TALL LONDINIUM & CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis ! JO is dead - these criminally insane know why - MALRAUX GUARDIAN Grote Ransom Estate doth not - I Greta Ransom working Colchester Museums am kept with no memory & it is going to be STEPPED UP ! Mengele Harrington is following me INSULTING MEhe has married a blonde nurse 20 years younger to KEEP HIM FROM BEING CERTIFIED TO A LUNATIC ASYLUM AGAINby his step-mother-in-law

ANDRE MALRAUX has called a meeting `of the Family at the Seaside going with friend of former years in his car`

I WISH TO TAKE UP THE MARRIAGE AGAIN…” He explains to everyone he has grown older & wiser& Greetah has taken him a TOUR of the Castle & Roman Britain & spoken as she did a young child Summer 1937...not the crushed ethereal girl of after the WARPERHAPS HE HAD BURDENED HER WITH THE DEAD WIFE JOSETTE& the two little boys…” (violets under the leaves - in FALSE MORALS HIGH

CLASS SIN NOBLEs Gross Britain )

` My admiration is for a domestic hearth unfired to wickednessa spirit womanly & unaudacious` (say`th ANDRE MALRAUX)The Choephoroe/AESCHYLUSJuly 1905.(GR DRE MALRAUX goes on(notebooks read 1970)

.1945/1946-47Greetha at the Convent School Poor Saint Clares`…” /where he came in to teach a 10 minutesas at The Pathfields School where Miss Laura Lawrence/ex-Newnham/-a Rathbone kin-kith was become HEAD teaching English & DRAMA`

Ÿ Nota bene : The years 1945 to 1953/1954 FRAUDMiss Win Gordon obeying her ex-prison sister Teresa & the bastard Ed du CannThere is another out of wedlock in Norway ( who says 1960 HE WAS NOT TOLD ANY OF THIS abuse of ANDRE MALRAUX & the misery caused to a girl of 14 years falsely accused by a bunch of ROARING 1920s ites who talked behind half open doors about him as `an odd job lot` when they came visiting his father - had acquired properties moneys by fraud of those about them.`then his 4 years old out of wedlock daughter was killed -he

Ÿ was not expected TO MARRYbut had been graciously given life


Miss Winifred Mary Gordon R.C. She at this FAMILY MEETING December 1953 where Teresa was allowed POUR EVENING DRINKS Winnie a Spinster born 1910 4 years younger than Teresa mother of 3 noble bastards Win still did not hand Andre MALRAUX (known to her from 1937) the legal & then being operated overseas by RANSOM brothersTHAT LEGAL WILL of MARGARET RANSOM Mrs THOMAS IMMANUEL GROTE

1953 December - Win Gordonshe allowed her sister Teresa Gordon R. to say to prominent FAMILY MEMBERSbefore ANDRE MALRAUX arrived at the Family meeting that evening that NOTHING MUST BE MENTIONED ABOUT THE ESTATE TO WHICH HE WAS ONCE GUARDIAN

1953 Dec- THIS HAD THE OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS believe the MATTER was PRIVATE .that so important meeting 1953 December

Between GENERAL DE GAULLE & ANDRE MALRAUX `& various BIG WIGS of the Political SCENE of POST WAR Europe

1960/1980sAGAIN PUSHING BIG DIRTY IMPERIAL BOOTS OUT FRONT STAGEthe penniless Nobles of Gross Britain CONTINUED MASSIVE FRAUD-GREEDdeveloping families of coarse-crass-no moralsmost as their parents, keeping UNHOLY HOUSES& very dirty bedsupper crust latch-key kids were going to rule again

1960 the BOMBING of the HOLY ISLAND Jacopsholmen West Greenland is only one example of their massive KUDOS the dope-crazed greedtheir arrogance TELL THEM TO GET ANOTHER PLANETURANUS would be suitable for the monstrous class that have caused the GROTE HOMES CHILDRENS GENOCIDEand the continuing genocide on families Weddell South America the globe& RANSOMGRONLANDER

1938 January - She Miss Win Gordon has her courtesy copy WILL of January 1938 from the legal administrators of the ESTATEmaking her a Guardian for Greta Ransom when she is in Clacton-on-Sea & during her school yearsbut with NO AUTHORITY OVER THE ESTATE worldwideThis family guardianship is shared with her brother HARRY GORDON 2 years youngerWHO NEVER SAW THE WILLthen war came 1939he found himself homeless & with no possessionsa valuable collection of engineering books etc had been stolen by JIMincluding the Eifel drawingsmany other thingshe had NO CLOTHES to return to from his SHIFTS 2nd World WAR some of 17 hours every 24 hours in those first 18 months early WAR Harry a very skilled engineer born 1912... could put anything on the ROADS - get it moving again…”

Harry said in autumn 1938 Winnie was called to THE GRANDAngela was there she told her `I AM GIVING IT ALL TO MY TWO DAUGHTERS Miss Gordon& some insulting jibes as they all did when on cocktails `AND THE PIN`he did not take it seriouslyAngela was known to boil over at the Races & Norfolk…”

HE , HARRY GORDONLEARNED 1960s from ANDRE`s detectives/Colleagues others in the LAWall scared at the enormity of the GENOCIDEthe killing of the little children round the world THAT NO POST GOT TO ANYBODY UNLESS THEY USED FALSE ADDRESSESSome didbut they did not seem to think it happened to everybodythey did not warn of this

1971 - He Harry, …“ was disgusted 1971 when JIM Jong turned up saying…“ they have made me a LordI don`t know why…” He told …“ the little varmint from the Roaring 20sI give you no more petrol money to come down here & threaten me about my niece & her FORTUNESo you are NANKIN MAN now are youI am retiredSORRY I HAVE NOT A BEANASK PEGGYshe has a little job…”….