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1960 - REPORTS BEGIN TO BE GATHERED 1960 onwards :

5 MEN IN A BIG diplomatic CARthey are reported as claiming Services British diplomatic world overseas & THE BIG BLACK DIPLOMATIC CAR is often reported at CRIME SCENESit has KUDOS

A horrendous crime 1975 the pouring petrol into the 17 years old son of Dr JOHN RAY Ransom USA STATE Department Worker in CANADA & blowing him up in the frosty tundra (his DNA was collected by Scientist Workers who had a good understanding of WEDDELL RANSOM GRONLANDER missing Records by now )

was slimily hidden by PRESSwith the big black car has been reported before..the Canadian Authorities say it will probably not be found…”

1942 - A description of a similar car leaving back of Buckingham Palace pre-DAWN 1942 on the way to murder the Newfoundland heiress Miss M. `d`UFF MACDREW is recorded on paper/1948 records to USABritish WARTIME had records kept faithfullyIn the big black car is always a LINDSAY & other scumMengele may join for FUN HUNTING BIG GAME after 1953...

Lieutenant-Commander David S. Brown rnvr has an account of joining in this fun with a Lindsayto Exmoor early 1960s but swore he drove off in another vehicle when he found what they were up to on THIS DOPE UP THE SNOUT& other things…”

1960 MARCH - ARGENTINE, Buenos Aries : THE Solicitors OFFICES WERE THEN TAKEN OVER BY G.B. Government & Crown & legitamate quasi-diplomatic staff- name of Earls Crawford Lindsay was bandied about - this filth was speaking in plummy tones about `immortality` ( IMMORALITY is their theme ! ) with `Mr PONG-JIMMIE JONG` now CUR JAMES Steward OF WHITES St James`- A VICE BAR masquerading as a GENTS CLUB

Ah I think we mean `immorality`Now for the true state of the IMMORALITY of the Nobles at the Peak of the Pyramid of Gross Brit much is availableall ON THE PIN - bar one - said the Prime Minister (1960s/1970s).

1960 June Philip Silverlee got some protection for his family in the Argentine after a month ! The matter could not be got in writing as usual from the G.B. Government & Crown who are the criminally insane who have slain the Grote Homes children 2nd World WARTO ROB other nations of LANDS & MAKE EVIL DOUGH- as in the 1930s -all filling buckets with gold from destroying Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts seashores islands Reserves THE GLOBE

DECREE : if Angela & her men are having it then they can…”

1962 - PHILIP SILVERLEE 1900-1976 - his daughter born 1932...MARTYRS

Philip returns to London - Insurance Broker scholar-musician & is taking part in protecting heirs & Guardian from 1957- & after the legal Wills etc are given at last to Andre Malraux & Gen. de GAULLE March 1962 - Philip Silverlees daughter a victim with the sons of MALRAUX- many other murders now occur - Philip Silverlee (born 1900) & family are murdered 1976 - Argentine.the usual big black diplomatic car with the 5 men had been seenrecords extensive/tapes/this document/

1930s - The attacks made by British aristocrats with employed thugs upon the isolated GROTE HOMES in the 1930s - (numerous records) caused much concern to a young PACCELLI of ROME half the Grote Homes are in Roman Catholic nations - caused concern to some other people - The British Government & Crown were definitely embarked into MASSIVE GREED WITH VIOLENCE & nothing could be got in writing from overseas Diplomats or Whitehall -

The Imperial British Empire & its penniless NOBLES

were at embezzlement/fraud/removal of documents/destruction of monuments graves & Plaques of Grote & Ransom philanthropy/ . Gross Britain Government (Lords in charge)

as usual were refusing to commit to writing what they mouthed arrogantly ` that there was a claim 1930s by a faceless woman called Angela she had been given all this when a child by AN OLD ESKIMO…”

1921 - Angela`s parents had assured her future husband she had all this Fortune secured to her - they grew Divinorum Salvia Scotland crops with Noble neighbourssome of the crop for Nobles home consumption & the rest sold abroad to British Empire using slave labour & any other backward nations they could do a deal withfor quick CASH

Mr Jimmie Jong was a friend-visitor- born c 1898/ enters Angela`s family from 1913 - an advisor upon monetary matters - his Chinese grandfather had been a Trader Broker sometime in Shanghai (He the Grandfather had thrown JIM out after training him 2 years CHINESE OPERA PEKIN /Mr PONG/ - JIM in his teens had matters of embezzlement a murder & threats at the family & the extended family/he was believed to be VERY INSANE (some Indonesian cousins)before he is 19 years oldJIM began to have two wives either side of the globe1920s managed to get one in Algiers one in FranceTHEY HAD MONEY/records amazing)

Nota bene : The Sassoon family representing the British abroad knew everyone & everything they did nicely from China trade & had two big Homes for Entertainment on the Shanghai Waterfront (later the Peace hotel-The Bund Shanghai)

1937 Summer Clacton-on-Sea - Enter in innocence-

two young people ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette his Roman Catholic chosen wife- HUMANISTS-

MEMORANDUM : This document - Book of a happy summer is for them - & the good people - very good human beings I told them about now & then our 5 weeks - & then to LINCOLN early SEPTEMBER 1937 to see ANDRE MALRAUX`s mothers ancestral monuments - homes - seashores where her ancestors a 1,000 years ago fished traded the East Coast Britain - Netherlands-Brittany-GAUL- SEA TRADERS often marry foreign girls-keep records-write- are remembered in some sculpture-painting-inscriptions- usually have a little dowry lands AROUND THE GLOBE -

1937 SUMMER - WE WERE STAR WATCHERSwe made ourselves tiredbut rose with the dawn to get my newspapersfor I must KNOW what is happening about the globe REMEMBER ?.. ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 Night Watch/

1960 - SUMMARY : There has RISEN for Andre Malraux information on Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts- End of February early March from New York & Argentine these important Estate documents sent to MALRAUX & GENERAL De GAULLE immediately/ The 3 Wills that operate the Estate- carbon copies letters- the copies of letters sent to Andre Malraux summer 1944 & read by Josette when she collected them in Paris end October 1944 after seeing him off to where she knew not- WARTIME FRANCE- Josette then returned to Tulles/Charente where their children are safe- Pierre 4 years & Vincent born March 10th that year

& a visit from her mother was to happen in days- `

Records Detectives & Colleagues of Andre Malraux- Arthur Malone/Politan- Team ghost house Colne Engaine/London & Colchester 1960-reports from France in Hollytrees Mansion Museum- Gaul to Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis- France/Colchester

1960 January-February had those good people gathering the information in terrible grief as they discovered THAT GIRL ANDRES CATHOLIC WIFE DIED BECAUSE OF THISFELL ON THE RAILWAY LINEDIED FROM THE TRAIN CRUSHING HER LEGS.THAT GIRL with 2 little boys- Vincent a few months oldSHE DIED BECAUSE OF THISTHIS NOBLE FAMILY Miss Ransom CLAIMING YOU SO THEY COULD IN SECRET GRAB AT THIS ESTATE NOW WE LEARN ALL THE CHILDREN WERE MURDEREDIN THEIR HOMESIN the last WARwe all went to fight for this nation in that Warit is no longer a Nation we are proud of`

1960 end February/early March - It was arranged a Courier for General de Gaulle stepping off one Plane to New York from Paris would receive the package in a brief case & return on the next plane(General de Gaulle & Andre Malraux March 1962 say `we were awaiting orders what to do`The Courier package contained nothing we felt we could move uponMarch 1960...` )

(It is unclear to G.R. from the reports whether Philip Silverlee sent a first package from New York handing it over himself to the Courieror if it had to be delivered to French Embassy staff …” )

1960 end February : This package to the COURIER of de GAULLE had carbon copies letters over the years 1920s-40s/1950s- the 3 WILLS operating the Estate/witness accounts to deaths & squalid persecution blackmail to those running the GROTE HOMES - lies & distortion over reports on the curriculum

THEIR ONE COURIER WAS ROBBED& by May 1960 the feeling was in Clacton/Essex/Colne Engaine/Londinium THEY HAVE LET US DOWN MAY had Philip Silverlee returned home to his murdered daughter`s familythe Argentine- Malone received no wages but knew Andre was trying send againnothing ever camehe lived on his savings& colleagues/families/helped himHe had accommodation the ghost house - Poulter saw to the rent for thatit was rented out from Hollytrees Mansion Museum By JuneTHEY HAVE LET US DOWNseemed only explanation

1864-1940s GROTE HOMES children learned easily 3-4 languages from 5 years Grote system- & there was QUALITY for the HOMES in the accommodation/staff/ childrens clothes/all equipmentholidays by Ransom ships took them all over the globe to the other HomesAll being howled at by NOBLE PENNILESS BRITAIN who showed savage violence to RANSOM families in public from 1904...especially 1930sGreta & Lennie with JEAN attacked horribly/reports/records entire/ )

1939-1945 : In the dark nights attacks made on the settlements, on seashores, islands where a GROTE HOME is establishedor an important but vulnerable site ear-marked by British Noble SCUM for development or SALE-The Lindsay Gang et al using RN boats at sea & thugs special duties coming ashore in launches are recorded /to this had been added the most pitiful accounts with photos of slain children -

1960s - more Records were found & more visits made to death pitschildren dragged up by fishermen from the sea- often within the 2 miles limitso the crimes could be blamed on these Nations outside Imperial BritainOne of the Lindsay mob caught was used as an ashtray of the globe- it expired in 3 daysThank you British Territorials & some of the THUGS own mercenaries sickened by the full detailsblood & gore moneys were still retained by the Noble thugs & Lindsaybuggarhsmuch had been shared with IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS & SCANDINAVIAN VULTURE CROWSa breed of mentally monopods/mono-maniacsfixed in blood & gore frozen muddy puddles

1971 - The Pillar House sitting room : ...ARTHUR MALONE/Politan cuts into a bunch of 4-5 persons with hypothetical mutterings about the past

THEY LET US DOWN(turning towards Greta bringing tea & coffee in to the room where Andre has entered since 1968...) didnt theythat springsummerAndre & his Generaltheir sole Courier was robbedTHEY LET US DOWNwe were stuck at Colne Engainewe had no money coming in- Greta had her craftwork & a little income from her Aunts at the seaside selling a few things…”

Do you remember me coming over one early Summer night to the Caravan (the caravan is outside in the garden by the East Gate-I have not yet given it to Jenny to take to Greece for her family piece of land by the sea) I said would you read that poem againI knew a fellow in the RAF who read poems aloud to us…“ ANYBODY THERE SAID THE TRAVELLER…” I had not heard it since the Warit reminded me of thenbut there was a malaiseTHEY HAD LET US DOWNTHAT`s WHAT WE WERE FEELINGnot a word from Andre or the GeneralPhil had to go home to Argentinehis daughter killed in it allfor getting the documents from the SolicitorsPhil getting them with her from New York HE HAD A FRIGHT WHEN HE SAW THE MATTER WAS LEGALsaw what had been done!

Old Mengele had pushed offgone on a holiday spending the moneys they were all getting ?that they should never have been able to touchTERRIBLE FRAUDWE ALL FELT LET DOWN

I did not know Doctor John had gone to ROMEfound Andre wandering in his mind & very illgot him in the Vaticanfriends they hadit took a month to put him in orderSOMEBODY HAD GONE FOR HIM WITH A PIN…” Arthur Malone attempting to stop wild speculation about THE JOYOUS VENTURE1971...

GENOCIDE RECORDS - GROTE HOMES 1864- 2nd W.War- 1938/1946... Tivoli/Venezuela/Colombia/Greece/Peru/ Uruguay/Spain/France/Norway/Iceland/A to Z- & there is records of others-the Pacific island Homes & Asia - Germany to be hunted down when the thugs could begin end of WAR 1960 RUSSIA etc told to hide GROTE students/Bulgarin 1930s report/ & Brezhnev 1960 in charge// (full reports given in other persons work/ - & some reports by Ransom Weddell Frobisher Gronlander families of Poles Nord- Sud`Margarethe would not have HOMES on ICE!)

1939 summer - The slaying of the LUSAN islanders Pacific-summer- by Jimmie Jong-Lindsay-Earl 14 et al wearing USA Army uniforms- Reports USA /also Len & Greta Ransom saw them spring-summerwe are being Red Indian scouts ! Four villains we know - 4 uniforms on their beds in the palatial Army marquee- -Diary LIR et al/ LUSAN ISLANDS the TWO AT THE END ARE THE DOWRY OF LADY JAPAN 1512 Our distant kin-kith-marriage 1504 Bruges Cathedral - Lady Nihalahwa YUSS-shampoo- of Okinawa Old Royal Line-

1939 - LUSAN Islands - Pacific chain -

All Islanders slain except 3 persons who hid - WAR HAD NOT YET BROKEN OUT with Germany & NOT WITH JAPAN ! (Reports)

1512-1939- (2 islands very end Lusan Islands are Ransom- dowry Lady of JAPAN/Okinawa family of YUSS etc 1512 marriage 1504 to F. Ransom widower/ her brother sailed his ships/ Ransom families visited every year & they come visiting us Europe-England-Americas- sailed in up to 1936- some were our kin-kith from the 16th century- diary reports/letters/

1939 - There is a marriage made winter 1939 Greta Ransom attends `I am come for Aunt Margarethe who has had to go to Heaven`- ceremony in the old Masonic Temple Old Road Clacton-on-Sea- (See Essex Archives-web)

1950s Mr Pong JIM `heard boasting `on HEROIN` he knew of Pearl Harbour before it happened`

1939 January CLACTON-ON-SEA Wedding Japanese-Greek-Scandinavian-RANSOM branch -

ANOTHER attempting KIDNAP of Greetha Ransom by the evil little IMP Mr Jimmie Jong-Mr Pong- Regent of All Englands for his travelling companion ANGELA

( both a scourge to the Gordon family from 1919... )

I Greetah dashed out of the car as it stopped in the evening traffic by the Policeman at the Old Road crossingshouting loudly `MR PONG has kidnapped me AGAIN-HE IS UP TO HIS MAD TRICKS AGAINHELP HELP MEthis lead to Policeman calling `get him` & strong men pulling Pong out of the drivers seatThey all know Jimmie JONG- him ! Mr PONG ! He was kicking biting cursing that he was a representative for the CrownHe was held by a gathering throng on the pavement just before the shop that sells the SHELL FISHERS shoesTelephone call made to Police Station& he being arrested by Clacton POLICE about 6.30pm & taken off laid out in back of the open truck in LEG IRONS with help from many passers byeat least 20...HURRAY ! Full reports available round the globe- on this on-going criminally insane KUDOS in name of a FALLEN EMPIRE

1956…“ only the Adelaide Home seemed to be holding out until 1955 `against the G.B. Government & Crown dirty cunning smutty violent blackmail` - `A fat little guy Asian eyes named Major Carew had been demanding half the funding from New York for a Queen Angela for a number of years or he would see the British Government & Crown CLOSED IT…” -burning all records/books/killing ex Grote orphans-removing the Art works `

The funding was coming from the Argentine Solicitors who could easily support all the Grote Homes when GROTE BROKERS were robbed by Lindsay Earls etc 1954...These Argentine old Solicitors seem to have escaped the G. B. IMPERIAL big boots VAGRANTS & THIEVESBut a report 1988 tells of the HOMES no longer standing by 1945 except for a few not easy for the British Government & thugs to storm into lands sold or rented & THE CHILDREN BURIED IN PITS NEAR THEM- OR SUNK AT SEA IN NETS beyond the 2 mile limitIt had been hoped by G. B. to blame Germany & Russia & the Japanese`

(further reports here/visitors/ Secret Services & HUMANISTS)

1960 early March - Lindsaybuggarhs featured in Reports-ghost house team Colne Engaine- Ref. Book of 1960/61- Detectives & colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX Arthur Malone calls them the Noble branch-who cull in the family -others were given names-Master of somewhere in Scotland/other titles/ (Greta Ransom had no memory of 1930s-very little of the 40s - & not a memory of RANSOM families at all- THEY HAD NEVER SENT ME A LETTER A CARDan invitationI felt the PAUPER)

Arthur Malone detective/LAW studies 2 years/ late February early March 1960 Colne Engaine came & read his notes to me & spoke on a hired hand taking Night Watch - all have permission to carry guns now-

Markham Makepeace - (later a hereditary title) from our 1930s Clacton past had some disputehe did tell me a Night Watch to The Meadow late Jan-early Feb 1960... `he was ill on heroin-been in prison abroad - had a 9 years old Susan& reminded me to CLEAN YOUR TEETH I have lost all minebeen in the jungle…” - he seemed to have an English & a Medical Degree/

I had no memory of him Markham Makepeace but he has a Ransom girl bride on his line in the early 14th centurybut he is that guest with his Ancient Forebear to our Soiree in our little ancient Old Road House to BRING A NEW SHAWL TO MADAM de STAEL

Monsieur de Salle (Ransom line) Paris has loaned us his family letters of de Salle 18th century Banker to Jacques Necker Banker father of Madam de Stael/letter Elizabeth Ransom to she Necker`s daughter 1770s “…I am come to Paris with my 9 years old son - I have had to leave my husband in the West Indiesit is difficult to bring a man of COLOUR to Europe in these times…” (she makes a 2nd marriage to the Banker de Salle Paris & he makes her son his HEIR18th century)

1938 November - M. de Sallehe could not stayTHE LINDSAYBUGGARHS are making life HELL for he & the family of wife & 4 children in Paris - He says

they have `played Pig in the Middle with me`I am broke…” SARAH SENT HER LOVE to little Greetah/ Report It was the week of KRYSTLNACHT in Germany !

M. de Salle says THE LINDSAYbuggarhs are trying to STEAL THE ISLAND AGAINthey say they canso we will go up…” His wife has lived on the island with her mother some years agoJACOPSHOLMEN our HOLY ISLAND inner circle Aunt Veronica Frobisher, Canada, will send them all the stores & furs & some medicinesshe knows the Island too

1960 early March Colne Engaine - Detective Malone reporting- (gives date)- to-day telephone call from Phil - New York - the kids all slain everywhere - he is getting more Air photos done & has help - They will go & tell Andre to investigate the pits in France -

Report from a farmer :

‘….little grey hands come out of that sloping part of the field in wintertime- they did not burn them but soaked them in kerosene. no time to light the pit - the village does not say a word - or they will get blamed ! The grounds are claimed by somebody - over here We are all troubled by thisits an abnormal crime they have to be madGood night`

1960 March- THE BRIEF CASE GOT TO ANDRE MALRAUX-General de GAULLE - its contents had been heavily culled-

G.B. Naval Intelligence/other gaseous groups/ teams were upped to 600 for Mr Mengele paedophile Doc Harrington who goes about partying & on tropical visits with a Greek the Secret Services call `Duck` Doc Mengele boasts to his boyfriends that he prepares his DOPES / Mr Mengele a paedophile who expects to be a Peer for judicious theft-fraud-murders by PIN etc. to hide fate of GROTE CHILDREN - (Nota bene : If they were human beingsthen at anytime this pack of dope & booze 1920s trendies could say `we have made a mistakelet us give it all back & stop the villainythe greed& massive killings)

Mengele could draw skilled CROOKS from a Team already operating in secret-silence-pretending to be WORRIED OVER THE ESTATE always in the red - so they must remove its existencekeep emptying the Banks A-Z globe/

THOMAS GROTE HOMES EDUCATING TO 18 years : educating the fatherless from 1864...A-Z the globe (full records)

Imperial Gross Britain gave the HOMES the EVIL STARE from 1879Figures from a Morgue were given to coarse remarks behind a fan a bucket of Whiskey -from 1900s when the Estate was spoken of as `AN OLD ESKIMOWHO WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED MAKE A WILL`

This Estate GROTE-RANSOM of pure philanthropy gets up the Divinorum Salvia Scotland Noble SNOUTS- It was 1879 when a Millie Frobisher age 15 years went with School friends on a GROTE HOMES TOUR across Mesopotamia to Japan(Sepia Magazine article-might be in German-records/) They were met on the journey from one GROTE HOMES to another by `PRELATES - PRINCES - GOVERNORS -PERSONS OF ELEVATED INTELLIGENCE - RURAL & SEASHORES LANDOWNERS OF HUMAN QUALITIES who might be related to RANSOM of A THOUSAND YEARS THE GLOBEIn the Nations of these lands they travelled across1879 -Ransom being 14 races/27 nations of GENES-

1879 The 1st Schools Tour went across Asia Including Palestine known as ` The Holy Land` (& the Marsh Arabs had a visit too ) hospitality was civilized all the JOURNEY & the RETURN Tiggy GROTEs wife MARGARETHE RANSOM Girl of the Snows from her home JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND with her Father FRED RANSOM & her brothers JOHN RANSOM & POUL RANSOM now held lands their Grandmothers` had brought to the RANSOM families as Dowry 11th-12th centuries . 7-8th century Castile 14 Races & 27 nationsof RANSOM BRIDES


this ABUSE WITH VIOLENCE was to last mid-19th century & all the 20th century& is still going on.FRAUD-theftBLOOD & GORE MONEYS saddle bags full does more than mend their Marble hall roofs!

The only RACISM GROTE HOMES met was in GROSS BRITAINwith an Empire falling downor where its IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS crunched & stomped about the globe

11th-12th centuries A.D. PALESTINE RANSOM familiesbred HATRED 19th 20th century Gross Britain of IMPERIAL LORDS - all penniless from debauching -

RANSOM histories-documents-monuments-relatives the globe of the RANSOM BRIDES had IMPERIAL BRITAIN mouthing venomespecially from 1879 when the extent of the RANSOM Estate was graspedUPON THE RANSOM ANCIENT LANDS TIGGY GROTE HAD PUT A GROTE HOME from 1864 - half of them in the lands of the VATICAN

By allowing IMPERIAL SCUM to control Press 20th century

& gross profit rule to fund their vast BIG SPEND-FLASH-towing empty goods wagons behind them to fill for IMPERIAL TRENDY LIFE The globe has been TRICKED by those TRENDY TRICKSTERS into making the 20th century AN EVIL CENTURY OF WARS

& as young Hirohito says autumn 1936 to Uncle Liam Captain RANSOM .`WORLD GREEDAT THE TOPits out of controlI CAN DO NOTHING except go to my WORK…”


1947 ... Gross Britain has women strutting with military moustaches over the DEATH PITS OF THE GROTE CHILDREN& sailing OVER THE GROTE CHILDREN DROWNED ALIVE IN NETSone 2nd World War monster got blown up by British Territorials/Irish help in some mannera hundred years after EARLS OF LINDSAY 1879 set their SNOUTS upon THOMAS GROTE HOMES set upon our RANSOM SHORES& bred more Vampires amongst `Bloody Liar` families

An exception to this NOBLES of Scandinavia & Gross Britain vile coarse violent greedy IGNORANCE as exhibited to the RANSOM families all of the 20th century did NOT come from a woman called Victoria (she had a husband curiously escaped the Warlike thuggery & cultured went on learninghe had nasty male kids gambling/drinking/doping one put his cultured Dad wet from rain in a wet carriage at Cambridge to return to London/Scarlet town)

A WIDOW VICTORIAsurrounded by BIG IMPERIAL BOOTS HUMANISM is seen in her contribution to the RANSOM-GRONLANDER-Poulsen ARCHIVES : a series of letters shows here one from the German language speaking VICTORIA begins `With Remorse` about rude racism Hyde Park shown to Gertrud Poulsen Mrs Frederick RANSOM grand-daughter of the mighty GRONLANDER genius-catechist/

. Gertrud`s only daughter Margarethe 11 years oldbeautiful & comely & speaking 5 languages writing upon this which she witnessed RACISM TO HER MOTHER Gertrud Poulsen Ransom - her mother an educated girl Noroway who sang Grand Opera Belor`ues 5 performances with overwhelming APPLAUSE when the lead singer fell down dead & they awaited the replacement from MOSCOW/records-diary/Jacop`s Ladder FR/Violet Artist Lindsay Rutland cousin to Millie Frobisher comments too ! /

1850s - RACISM in HYDE PARK by syphilis itchy debauchie NOBLE BRITAIN INSULTED is Gertrud Poulsen RANSOM IN HER CARRIAGE with her three childrenthe only daughter Margarethe an educated girl aged 11 years comments in writings :

her parents theatre on JACOPSHOLMEN West Greenland has the PLAY (in 8 languages) yearly with a season of the world great ClassicsMargarethe is beginning to act in themshe plays 6 instruments of music wellas all her familyLIVING over half a year IN THE SNOWS of West GREENLAND-

HER MOTHER Gertrud INSULTED London Hyde Park FOR BEING A GREENLANDERby these disgusting obscene SYPHILIS SCRATCHING BRITISH NOBLESafter STEALING VAST RANSOM ESTATEround the globe on seashoresfor the reasons given aboveRANSOM BRIDES whom they condemn for being foreigners

Nota bene : . You ALL NEED YOUR FOUL MOUTHS WASHED OUT WITH CARBOLIC SOAP& in the 21st centuryBLOODY LIAR families/mobs follow us aboutcan they not be kept within evil Gross Britain!

1937 - I GREETAH AM TELLING JOSETTE ALL THESE MATTERSwhen it is the obvious reply to our daily livesSUMMER 1937...that holiday of pure HAPPINESSshe & ANDRE MALRAUX hath come from

the bloody gore of SPAIN

A widow-woman with an ancient classical name dared in her own hand write With remorse…” to FRED RANSOM husband to the GRONLANDER`s grand-daughterhe with whom the Widow could speak German on an intelligent historical philosophical level ! (RECORDS available & an INDEX a LIST of the Records those KILLERS of the Grote Homes Children have destroyed)

92 AD - RANSOM family- East Britain RANSOM BRIDESour MAIN LINE grandma`s ... BC Jutland - IcelandGreenland beautiful Eskimo/with some Chinese / -Greenlander pureBERBER `Aurora`Portuguese - Arab-Italian-Greek-Spanish-German-Polish-Russian-SIBERIA-Japan-Northern China-Indonesia/Dutch-Tierra del Fuego-INCA-Aztec-RED INDIAN-Karachi Northern INDIA- some mixed intelligent parentage - HUMANISTS

R A N S O M - 1400 A.D. EAST

15th century we, two brothers Ransom, sail under the FLAG of Zheng He `Admiral of the CHINA SEAS(Diaries USA the globe/1960...Dr John Ray ® othersreadingstypescripts-photo-copies/

. A.D. 1430/1520s ZHENG HE` every inch a manhe came aboard againour wives had thankfully taught us philosophyalthough not HIGH BORN AS BEFOREthey were acceptable to him The result - WE ARE TO SAIL UNDER HIS FLAG . we will keep out of the way when his great Fleet comes alongbut we will meet he has saidto talk philosophy` RANSOM diaries/

(1920s-1990s The British Admiralty want to pull the plug on the SEAS over this 20th century )


.. & in France/GAUL a boy of SEAFARING ancestry GEORGES-ANDRE MALRAUX raised by THREE GRACESentered upon THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT in EAST ANGLIA .& a Catholic Nonconformist child of the Ransom family with an odd name `Greetah` of NORD & SUD POLES

1937 SUMMER - with his chosen Roman Catholic Bride `JOJo&Johhh` he made this town Clacton-on-Seaanother home &. IN THE FALL OF AUTUMNall evil arose about him from BLOODY GENOCIDE RAMPARTS OF IMPERIAL BRITISH SCUMbloody liarsFigures from a Morgue.when they learned by THEFThe was the CHOSEN GUARDIAN to GROTE HOMES FOR CHILDREN THE GLOBE educating to 18 years AND THE VAST RANSOM LANDS...of 2,000 yearsour RANSOM LANDS from our BRIDESthe Grannies of Lennie & me Greetahwhom we know so wellTHEY GAVE US LIFE

GEORGES-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX is to be our GUARDIAN October these lands HELD BY INVITATION from the learned Elders of these LANDS not under the boots of Imperial BritainThose lands where from 7th century Spain we hath KIN& EXCHANGE CHRISTMAS CARDSto 1959... then so many murdersthey knew catastrophe`

20th century - WE great RANSOM LINE

DO NOT WIN for our peoples our LANDSEVIL WINSfor it is FULL TIME