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1960 - mid-20th century - A to Z Nations THE GROTE-RANSOM CHILDREN ARE IN THE EARTH & UNDER THE SEASacid was poured in their death pits 1960 onwards& the RN was allowed to depth-chargeor hire monstersfor nets full of dead children are known here & there A cache of GROTE CHILDREN was trawled 1990s

Lindsay Earl 15 was braying on orders Summer 1960 Colne Engaine `WE HAVE POURED ACID INwe are depth-charging` Then the thugs (Mengele is amonst them)& dirty JIM Cur James Jong Mr Pong) they jumped on him for he began to wander in his mind

. I did not want Canadawhat do I know about transportIT WAS ANGELA & my FATHERI WANTED TO GO ROUND & ROUND LIKE UNCLE THOMAS…” Spade wheeler Clacton 1930s/Lindsay 15 Earl/ON THE PIN

1960 summer - AT the entrance to the ancient meadowthey jumped on hima scuffle after midnight at Colne Engaine by The Gallows Corner 3 days later Malone/POLITANis realising `GRETA WAS NOT READING POEMS ALOUD` & with his gun crept behind the ancient hedges - he was on duty alone/ANDRE & THE GENERAL HAVE LET US DOWN`.

Report Arthur Malone : Gretashe was shouting at themI phoned the TERRITORIALSthey had just come to find out WHAT THE HELL IT WAS ABOUT…”

Late 19th century -early 20th century : - LITTLE PIN PRICK EYES OF GROSS BRITANNIA IMPERIAL NOBLE BRUTES eye this Estate with the LORDLY Gross British Government & Crownall of intelligence low from DOPE --breeding massive GREED- high in cunning

The penniless Noble Britain- poorly educated for their ROLES -should have had no documents of the globes biggest piece of pure philanthropy- THE LAWFUL PROPERTIES OF THE RANSOM families of WEST GREENLAND

Administered A-Z the globe & GROSS BRITAIN `cannot broker a penny`

IMPERIAL MIGHT- Gross Britain & Scandinaviathey steal & thieve from Xmas 1933 ever on - from POST/mail addressed to Frederick John RANSOM/his daughter heir Greta - he elder son Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM- son of JOHN RANSOM & Millicent Frobisher with an unfortunate blood line to Lindsaybuggars EARLS/ generations back 1830 Miss CLOUTS of Derham Park/ a hundred years ago !

JOHN RANSOM born 1843 Jacopsholmen Island democracy - WEST GREENLAND - He & lst wife Sylvia (Henshaw Canada) have work in education Montreal/ globe- Japan.

`WHO IS SYLVIA` - a recovery of a true history /Greta Ransom has grown up with to 6 years of age achieved with JRR & LIR & POLITAN others 1960s- `dear girl took 14 years to die- leukaemia- no issuewe have Masses said for her at Clacton-on-sea-on her birthday & wedding daySHE LOST HER LIFE & THUS GAVE LIFE TO ALL OF USfrom the Millie Frobisher 2nd marriageto JOHN RANSOM descended from RANSOM 92 ADJutland BC


from the marriage of MILLIE FROBISHER to JOHN RANSOM-

She with school friends from 15 years of age had an Academy of Ancient Arts- they rode Chariots- Magazine Germany

Family RANSOM inheriting global lands from the ancestors fired MILL with enthusiasm for TIGGY`s work On her marriage 1883 she had so much WORK TO DOGospels to Act out SHE WAS MURDERED BY 2 LINDSAY COUSINS 1897 for her Florida landsher husband murdered 1890... Big TOMB London destroyed but many descriptions & records up to 1960/1961...JIM JONG was seen burrowing in it with his sack `said to Press he was the representative of the CROWN for the Museumsthe GREENLAND objects were to go to a Museum THEY NEVER DID !


THEY STOLE THE POST/Mail of ANDRE MALRAUX FRENCH CITIZENUnlawful DECREE of British Government & CROWN & LINDSAYbuggarhs PREMIER EARLS OF GROSS BRIT- & SCOTLAND Angela a pack horse for the crimes of her menshe has given the whole Estate of an OLD ESKIMO to her kids…”

1890... JOHN RANSOM murdered by Earls Lindsay- especially hated by the Earl called `High Poop` a dirty villain who removed Capital from JOHN & POUL RANSOM after the marriage to Millie Frobisher 1883- he had their passports removed-

POUL RANSOM fled to France his Capital stolen by LINDSAY EARLS/Circle of Gavarnie/then to Switzerland/ made a magnificent CLIMB c 1890 probably for his MURDERED BROTHER JOHN RANSOM

The Memorial on a Cliff FACEa CLIMB never done BEFORE was mouthed by DIRTY JIM to have not been done by POUL RANSOMIT WAS A HOAX pulled down by GROSS BRITAIN NOBLE SCUM employed by state 1950s/1960s- As JIM has it about he is A QUEEN`S uncle Tame British Press did put a photo & article- for Jim was quipped to be `noble paramour 1950sbut IMPERIAL MENGELE Doc HARRINGTON Peer-in-Waiting will have had THUGS removing all archives/ stacks at Collingwood in those days-

Nota bene : Mengele Doc HARRINGTON is also re-writing PRESS articles for he is making a DOSSIER to be ON HOLDfor when there is nobody alive to contradict the SLAYING OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN SO THE BRITISH NOBLES COULD GET MASSIVE DOUGH& PROP UP A FALLEN EMPIRE& have a good timea big spend

THE GENOCIDE OF THE FAMILY RANSOM GRONLANDER POULSEN & WEDDELL SAN JULIAN goes ongathering speed 1930sdestruction of character to be mouthed in Noble Marble halls is a SILENT DECREE THIS MOB penniless 1930s with over-spend have murdered the GROTE HOMES CHILDRENto GET BIG DOUGH

1957 October - MENGELE FOLLOWED the heir Greta Ransom to Collingwood Archives NEWSPAPERS-the men working there knew he was INSANEhe told them he was OF the Royal Household /he knows Ange & Tree the Mater of Greetah with a proper birth certificate& they are all dining-wining-tango-ing to-getherALL ON THE PIN ! As 1920s-1930s& THEY CAN ALL DRINK A PUB OUT OVERNIGHT.The Crown office paysWHITEHALL

Doc Mengele Harrington is a well known G.B. & continental paedophile & 1950s onwards awash with blood & gore moneys from the GROTE RANSOM Estatefor cunning murder & criminal insanity against ANDRE MALRAUX Estate GUARDIAN& all families of the HEIRS Len & Greta Ransom

C 1885-1890 - JOHN RANSOM taught at Hither-Green School where they had an apartment for he & Millie his young wife & son Frederick Charles were stripped of all moneyshere Greta` s grandpa Ransom grew up first years of his life ONE MORNING Grandpa`s FATHER WAS FOUND IN THE PLAYGROUND WITH HIS LIVER CUT & HANGING OUT…“ the school boys coming early to school had a terrible shock finding his body in their playground stretching from the street to the school doors (John Ransom put a collection of medieval pots jugs in the London museum from an excavation in Cheapsideseen 1957/1958...& 1981...with his name)

LINDSAY EARLS had done this horrible murder 1890 intended to bring disgrace on the families & ENABLE THEM TO STRIP THE WIDOW Millie FROBISHER Mrs John RANSOM of all her moneys-landsA society called `Ladies of Jerusalem` bought her the tiny house `Jerusalem` Deptford Park & secured it to she & her son for life& her issue/

JOHN RANSOM his name seen on gate Hithergreen School October 1957/records/ by Greta Ransom his great grand-daughter who lives with her GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX- Greetah traced the letters only half knocked off - ANDRE MALRAUX is 1957 being attacked physically & intellectually by JIM & Mengele SCUM with poisons in his beveragesthey drink down a Pub known to swinging upper-crust West End as `Saint Lizzies` Buck Road

1897 after horrible persecution (records) by LINDSAY EARLS his wife Millie Frobisher Ransom is murdered by 2 Lindsay 2nd-cousins 1897-her body put into her 14 years old sons arms in a blanket at the door of `JERUSALEM` that sweet little home by the sloping little DEPTFORD PARK (Greta Ransoms grandpa- Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom) Millie & her only surviving child FCR they live at Jerusalem- by the sloping park Deptford- (Extensive records/diaries/Police/photographs their big Tomb London Cemetery demolished 1961 by JIM grovelling in it for `the Greenland trophies of the heathens for a Museum`ALL LIES- Thus spake the half Chinese racist JIM JONG



Frederick Charles RANSOM his wife marriage 1909 is JEAN WEDDELL-grand-daughter of JAMES-THE SEA sub-arctic- Jean is a widow from her marriage aged 20 years in Spain to young Smith of Argentine he dying after a year of appendicitis/she had a stillborn child after his so tragic early death

The Earl of Lindsay was ANXIOUS she put on her new wedding certificate SMITHhis LINDSAY LINE have quite an evil career about San Julian`s Bay & South America with Insurance Fraud-sinking of ships/black holes etc/wrecks sent to sea/ INSURANCE MONEY kept the wolf from the door & paid a Season`s RACING GAMBLING RANSOM-Weddell marriage 1909 issue 6- 4 children live to adulthood- three sons murdered 1969 & early 1980srecords extensive for this ballerina grand-daughter of James Weddell & the INCA NOBLEWOMAN Aelovedmah Maria Miss San Julian

1933 March 11th - birth of GRETA Frobisher Weddell Maureen (Caecelia is the Roman Catholic Confirmation name at 8 years old) RANSOM - Proclaimed HEIR 2 weeks after birth by Margarethe RANSOM Grote by agreement the GLOBE - A to Z

PRESENTATION OF THE HEIR/then the HEIRS/ Greta & Len Ransomhad the criminally insane young & old Nobles of GROSS BRITAIN `screech & wet themselves about their marble debauching Halls` - In WICKEDNESS & secret silence it was agreed to allow EARLS OF Crawford & LINDSAY claim the child Greta Ransom was an Ape-Eskimo - they would then share the Estatepay Noble BillsAngela would require to show no PAPERWORK This was in spite of a Committee & other gatherings telling them ALL `they could not broker a penny` or interfere with this Estate administered by USA & about the entire worldIT WAS ALL OUTSIDE GROSS IMPERIAL BRITAINThey received thrice the Death Duties upon the English holdings& still took more IMPERIAL ARROGANCE JOINED FROM SCANDINAVIAin this fraud theft GREED & malice

An AMERICAN NAME for THE BRITISH NOBLES 1950s-1960s about Scarlet Townwas H O O K E R S

True Tales RANSOM histories/ LINDSAY - these criminally insane Scots sheep-stealers have one blood line to Greta Ransom-a female Miss CLOUTS rich marrying 1830 - THEREFORE THEY WOULD CLAIM ALL THE ESTATE A to Z THE WORLD - IN SECRET SILENCE !

They contracted to Pay the Crown massive debts- advance moneys for bills/& HELP THEMSELVES- Other nobles helped & demanded A LEG UP - giving to the criminal insane Imperial Divine secret unlawful help - `THEY KNOW THEY CANNOT BROKER A PENNY`.. at LAW `

Nota bene : TRUE TALES Ransom Weddell Gronlander Frobisher PERSECUTION by British penniless NOBS :

MORAL : `never borrow the price of A PINT POT from a LINDSAYBUGGARH - especially if you are The future Chief Director of the Advanced Armaments of Greater Germany`…….you may get a WAR

1938 - A POINT OF UNLAWFUL LAW discovered by them & passed to Whitehall centre of Government administration -these criminally insane have some ROOMS down THE WHITEHALL `It would be necessary to kill A-Z the globe- especially Apes- Eskimos- TO KEEP NOBLE BRITAIN SAFE FROM EXPOSURE OF THIS CRIME

1954 JanuaryCOLCHESTER KEEP - a cold morning - no heating in the great Castlemists hang in that great Courtbut we, 8 of us working there & we love itit has such atmospherethey all are about usevery CENTURYwraithswe touch their fingerprints UPON THE VERY STONESspeak their names

.from CUNOBELINUS (Shakespeare`s Cymbeline) & here is Captain Oats who went SOUTH with Scotlost his life in the sub-arctic SNOWSthere he sits in his carriage given us by a Family Mourning him at Saint Osyth`s Villageshe OSYTH that Saxon princess whose father built her a Nunneryshe is a name on the list of George & Greetah 1947 Wedding of GRACE for our future children`Osyth & Othona our twins`)

1950s - AT work in the Great Keep or a half-day at Hollytrees & hours of learning & wonders of the World with POULTER `come & be useful Child - tell HULL he can take his work into the Bookstall & manage the Castle himself` the feeling of striding TIME has sometimes Greta Ransom wearing the QUAKER Mourning Jewellery that Poulter`s mother & friends collectedits not yet booked in to Museum Collections-some Quakers may take it back for grandchildren christenings/weddings/21st Birthdays - But they have it rest in the Hollytrees Mansion Museum Collections

In winter 1953-1954...CAME THE YOUNG EMPEROR OF GAULTHE WEDDING OF GRACE Georges-Andre Malraux & Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom was to continue but MANIAC GREED with murdering VIOLENCE HAS MADE AN IMPERIUM RAMPART ABOUT USANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM HE Guardian she Heir `will have `OUR CHILDREN THE SPACES IN BETWEEN OUR THOUGHTS` THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN SLAIN by ON THE PIN Noble criminally insane who can spend BLOOD & GORE MONEYSdebauch upon the world A-Zdestroy further in secret-silence the JOYOUS VENTUREthe greatest piece of encircling philanthropy the EARTH can ever achieve again By human beings who have Ancestry they were in touch with over 1,500 years the globe 14 Races & 27 Nations

1954 January Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis

Harold W. Poulter Deputy Curator Colchester Museums says 1953 December-1954 January `

“…. you dont understand Childyou dove-tail together you & the young Emperor Andreits rare to get two birds like you two togetherYOU HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GOsomething to do with 3 women coming out with Military moustaches& their pucker men…”

Greene & Donavan say sothe young beggars will not let me in on something they knowIve gone & hid behind the book stacks in the corner shop but they shut up when they know I am near…” Harold Walter POULTER Hollytrees Mansion Museum, Colcestre

1960 - reference to 1957-1959 ... 1960 Report THE NIGHTWATCH - reflecting on past 3 years - .We began to see YOU WERE AN ESCAPE ROUTE TO SANITY FOR ANDRE MALRAUX- perhaps he was for you ? - in SUMMER 1937...

ANSWER : NO - I Greetah am surrounded by Families RANSOM -WeddellGRONLANDER we are tough & Imperial Beasts of PREY have been about my cradle since I was bornan EVIL FAIRY David LINDSAY/National Gallery/ clutched at me at 2nd christening Roman Catholic Church Clacton-on-SeaDEMANDING I be NOT given names Weddell-Frobisher

THEY WERE HIS MOB` /see photos of him-vulture-Vampire-Evil Fairy.I am christened here (1 of 4) as Greta Maureen Ransom - /full reports/records/

SUMMER 1937 ... That visit of ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE to Clacton-on-Sea 5 weeks & then to LINCOLN & a little more of autumn days A YOUNG LADYa young lady very much soALL her shortened LIFE -

They may appear MY missing family RANSOM this summer 1937...whom I do not know have gone to bloody SPAIN upon the rescue of our Murgatroyd 22 years old cousinattacked at this time by LINDSAYBUGGARHSwho have moved in on his family Estate FOR ANGELA TOLD THEM SHE WAS GIVING IT TO THEM…”

1937 Summer - THE VISITOR FROM SPAINI am become his

Great Royal Way/GREAT WHITE WAY I am taught Nord-Sud Poles by our PEOPLES & experiencing our LANDSto GIVE HOPE /Records-diaries-letters-accounts & accounts taped oral/

he Colonel ANDRE of bloody SPAINTHE Blessed Georges-ANDREis going to read all this in his NOTEBOOKS which he has to HIDE since going OUT EAST with Clara (with a long nose on-heroin) 1920s1930s

ANDRE-Georges has always hidden his notebookslaid out `Red Herrings` but in winter 1970 came ANDRE MALRAUX & withdrew the precious NOTEBOOKS from his bosom... allowed The Pillar House Harwell TO COPY SOME PAGESlater READ THEM ON TAPES Family of Philip Henry Rathbone Whitehead Bt.

born 1897-dies New Year`s Eve 1953 CULHAM..

PJPW & his step-mother in 1986/87 were speaking in some anxiety she has known of GROTE HOMES Africaher father put in the first railways I heard she speaking & directly at me about `Lancaster Gate Square a lovely little backwater of the 19th centurya little village almost - its got lostwhen your father & I were first married Peter we would stay with friends up there in Leinster Gardens` ( PJPW was anxious I went to look at booksshe was giving us a family collection)

My understanding by the 1960scertainly by the 1980s is that any mention of Lancaster Gate Square is DEATH-MALRAUX-gangster politicsEVIL THREATS & monsters with fears WE HEARD TOO MUCH


1985/1990 ... `little Peter` age 15 years gets burdened with somein the beginning 1985when an invitation from a divorced lady Lindsay to go to lunch with she new husband & family returning from abroad has PJPW LEAP IN AIRsay NOwhen I tell him from the House Diary the coming weekend events :

& go by car with PETE (Peter Rathbone Whitehead budding photographer-philosopher born 21 August 1970-dies of grief 19 Mai 1998) to explain WHY WE CANNOT COME/excited talk in K.A. Oxford about PJPW giving DOUGH to Museums abroad WHERE IT IMMEDIATELY GOES MISSING& Government Lords & CROWN prop up penniless nobles & their hovelsK.A./ Ashmolean/various gatherings/ where academics look sinister about the matterbut are always kind to Greetah Whitehead so tall with her long hair & clearly not an Ape or Eskimo 4 feet high with brow ridgesbut often a spirit young woman

Without any paperwork/histories/no memory of my childhood I COULD ONLY return to that SENSE OF HORRORthat THINGS TO DO WITH 50 Lancaster Gate Square TURNED AGAINST ME & my families Gordon RANSOM

1968 onwards - IN RAGE Teresa Gordon-Gordon R. my so-called motherwould mock & jeer at any mention I made in the new life The Pillar House to my grandparents Gordon or my few memories of my father Army Captain Frederick John RANSOM. She seemed to really hate my brother COLIN Frederick Ransom & me even more & often said I WILL REPORT YOU TO PETERWE CAN LOCK YOU UPyou bloody bitch you PAUPERI HAVE HAD MY LIFE WASTED BY HAVING TO HAVE YOU YOU YOU…”

Noble Britain - the PONGS - Lindsaybuggarhs - her bastardshave got the DOUGHshe gets dough she has to give back to them SHE stupid old dope-fiend HELPS LAUNDER BLOOD & GORE MONEYS of the slain Grote children RANSOM LANDS & our settlers


they have taken her Teresa Gordon/Teresa de Havilland/Teresa RANSOM for a ride /she a pack horse for their crimes as her older friend Angela- she has destroyed her family Ransom & Gordonfor she was promised a HALF SHARE OF THE FORTUNE OF AN OLD ESKIMOif she came back to her old NOBLE CHUMS stepped again INTO THEIR PEN& they are all ON THE PIN& UP THE SNOUT

.She out of Prison 1931 / they Noble Britain had spent baby Jack Gordon`s 60,000 while she was in PRISON for doping the old rich man Hilldrop Crescent Highgate where THEY all came for Parties 1920s/ANGELA too

1932 she had made a MARRIAGE to the richest Estate the globe has ever hadHER OLD FIENDS NOBLE CAME WITH sweetie bon-bon bags full of the dopeswelcomed her back into their Marble Hallsof debauch & criminal plottings...

1938 summer : a million & a quarter human beings in our care, Lennie & Greetah & RANSOM-GRONLANDER-WEDDELL FAMILIES all Humanists of good characterSee Summer 1938/WILLS/documents/all legalagreement with nations A-Z NATIONS OUTSIDE THE CRIMINALLY INSANE BRITISH IMPERIAL SCUMall on the PIN

1968 onwards - (marriage to PJPW of BMNH) Of course a young woman with children immediately calms matters from an older person for you do not want it to penetrate to the children

Teresa Gordon `Treasa `She would not have the name RANSOM repeated in her presence but nevertheless took the PENSIONS from my dead father ! Claiming to have only her Government State pension ~ I FOUND MYSELF A FRIGHTENED PERSON AGAINI yelled at her 1971 when she picked up a knife in the Great Kitchen Pillar Houseshouting PUT THAT DOWNI will not have that behaviour from my childhood from YOU anymorestop drinking Brandy …” She complained to PJPW

1970s - Tales were about that she was giving vast wealth away to old Noblesit seemed crazy & must have come from her drinking & dope takingit was embarrassingbut then she comes from ROARING 1920s& they are all old Vampiresit all seemed light-years ago & life in & about The Pillar House was very busybut it was frightening& the OLD MURDEROUS SUNDAY GAMES were played about usher Noble Power

1968 February-1993 April.Hanging about us everywhere were The JIM JONG Pongs - the Lindsaybuggarhs - Mr paedophile Royal Satrap GOLLUM Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON (defrocked by BMA 1982) & some Figures from a Morgue & other SCUM -

. they had decided to lay hands on The Pillar House HARWELL of the immortal books for children by LLB ! THANK ALL THE GODSfor the MUSEUMS WORLDwhere sanity always reigns& high intelligence & common sense LAWS & The Gospels Acted Out

The figures from Natural History/Science that came & stayed at The Pillar House or visited for our OPEN DAYSare recordedThank you everyone I HAVE A MEMORY NOW You often knew ANDRE MALRAUX was presentwearing a grey wig/ staying a short timetalking with Captain Alan Villiers & wife So many of you GOOD SOULS EVIL NOW SEARCHED YOUR ARCHIVESetc etcall your lives . for Noble Britain its Government & CrownVAMPIRES WERE ABOUT US ALLagainthey have slain the Grote Homes children . for dough

1985 onwards - Step-Gran Mickey Harrison-Smith does not agree with PJPW about Greta being ALLOWED to have NO MEMORY OF HER CHILDHOOD & her families on her FATHER`S side :

PJPW ICHTHYOLOGIST British Museum NATURAL HISTORYoften abroad for his fishes go Pole to Pole & circumnavigate HeHAD CLOSED DOWN ALL INFORMATION to Greta Ransom W.. Museums had been ROBBED from 1930s of all the RECORDS RANSOM WEDDELL GRONLANDERbut the system showed WHAT HAD BEEN IN MUSEUM COLLECTIONS The first CULLINGS 1930shad been CLUMSY& all done in name of IMPERIAL FIGURES FROM A MORGUEthe murderers of the GROTE CHILDREN The National Industry of Britain & Scandinavia is to REMOVE ALL RECORDS so no details can be gathered of the Grote Homes & Ransom Estateso they cannot be blamed for the slain Grote Childrenwhich has brought BIG PICKINGS & LUXURY SPEND to Noble Britain

16th /19th centuries : WHITEHEAD-RATHBONE are those great Quaker Nonconformist families that made Britain`s wealththey are the ancestors of the Whitehead twins (Darby Iron Bridges/Greg Water wheels/Ball-Huxley-Darwin-REYNOLDSphilanthropy/various marriages made over 500 years into RATHBONE & WHITEHEADvast pedigrees available/some Liverpool/Shropshire etc/Australia & N.Z.)

1960 - January - THE NIGHT WATCH at Colne Engaine

(Unknown voice/Dr John RAY ? or could even be Markham Makepeace helpful for he was in the town these 1930s school holidays his ancient Uncle lives in The ROYAL HOTEL Seafront/

1936 Summer - You kidnapped back 1936 to a nation GONE INSANE AT THE TOP Your poor young father insisting upon going to LAWnot allowing you to be taken out by the Half a Regiment of Red Indians that came across to save their heirsimple good souls but full of a deep knowledge of the planet from birth to graveand out to THE STARS`

(The night watch has to patrol with their gunsso the Reports of the past are given a few minutes at a timeI Greta Ransom AM THE BAITIT IS KNOWN from London Town that EVIL MEANS TO COME & KILL The Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX wish to know exactly who these monsters are& who is now giving them assistance)

THE EMBRYO TEAM do not have the use of the Ghost House cottage until after the 17th February 1960...

Politan/Arthur Malone has a room in a cottage with the Marsh End boys : & an explanation had to be given to the FAMILIES of they

` AS TO WHY ALL THESE SECRET SERVICE BLOKES COME BY AFTER DARK - some with American accents ? ` The ladies of this little enclave of cottages along the Gallow Corner Road were delighted that Andre Malraux of Spain was about keeping NIGHT WATCH in the frost & sleet a couple of nightsROMANTIC HERO

Of SPAINUncle Harry Gordon turned up swiftly to give explanations & beg nothing be said it was dangerous Territorials come in summer & WARN that it is VERY DANGEROUS

1960 Spring - Mr Mengele paedophile Doc Harrington was noticed by the early spring & some one`s mother gave him a COW EMETIC in a glass of whiskeywhereupon he lay under that blue car for 2 DAYSHis blonde dame was asked her as she crept about in the DARK EVENINGS `PRICE ?`

The young Colne Engaine men said they had never had so much FUN since they were at schoolOne called himself `Sir Walter Raleigh` & kindly took a Night March around the Farm & the lanes for the Official Watcher stationed by the Caravan

1960 winter reports : ( ANGELA ) A woman in a Rollo-Man suit with floral vivid display early 1930s ( beach suits of ruched elasticated cotton ) pushed out of the GRAND the Lindsay Clacton seaside PEN had to sit 2 hours on the Sea front over the road from their GRAND recovering her alcoholic bad temper a treat for holidaymakers who knew her name Box Brownies had been invented - It was a matter of DOPEthe booze washing it down - the PINS poised every 48 hours-` `Desperate for DOUGH they plotted `hunting big game` a bottle of strong spirits in each paw giving Orders whom to rob for `The Realm`THEY ARE ALL ON THE PIN…”

(1960 I do not know who Angela isI may have not known pre-warexcept that Teresa had a chum called Angela as well as two called Cissie - Pearl/Queenie/Marg/Violet/many of them had nick-names especially the men)

ANOTHER Report 1970 tape/oral/1960-

BOLIVIA GROTE HOMES & RANSOM Estate investment :

REPORT : Probably after the slaying of the GROTE HOMES children BOLIVIA c 1941 ? ) BLOOD RAN ABOUT THE SOUTH AMERICAN COASTS 1940-1941...Grote Orphan Children educating to 18 years HUMANISM& Settlements slain- Always the big RN ship/ships stood out at sea/ Reports are many/

1946 December waiting for FJR & party to come meet ANDRE MALRAUXgrief expressed 3 very senior RNto a young man I do not knowbut he is Dr John RAY/who has come to Clacton to stay in a room the little Old Road Housewhere his mother stayed summer 1938...BEFORE SHE JEAN Weddell RANSOM was poisoned by three- PONG/Lindsay 14/Treasa

1946 December 6.30 pm message to all in this Quaker Assembly Rooms& for G.R./ Reports/Sudden telephone calls from LONDONF.J. Ransom attacked 4 pm & serious injuries-in Hospital Greta told to leave by Win Gordon on telephone& her sister Teresa present !/she should be locked up in the NUT HOUSE from October 1946...but her bastard Ed du Cann & his father in the LAW want her kept outFOR SHE GIVES THEM SIGNATURES & AUTHORITYto wreck the Estate Malayaother places/

Teresa Gordongot mixed up with a penniless lawyer called du Cannwrecked her life …” says WINSTON CHURCHILL to PHILIP SILVERLEE JANUARY 1960 ... they have known one another since the 1920s/both write

BOLIVIA `He took to coming with us after the accidenthe had to be told so much- warned again & again hed lose his life if he dared say a name or swagger into these realms He asked on distant shores about a girl called `Rita Wainwright`he did not get the name Greetha Ransom from anyoneif they knew they feared by thenThe President of Bolivia had run things very nicely- it had got him a homestead in the countryside but he could understand the intelligence of what he had a care toTHEY STORMED IN Gross Britain -the tricks are marvellous you would not think the British Noble Scum could think on such a HIGH cunning dirty dogs levelbut they canGoodbye Bolivian gentle progress…”

( Possibly a RANSOM diary of one of the three brothers ? They were about our Estate 1945-1949...for Grote Brokers who were so distressed at the carnageeveryone A-Z was trying to pick up the pieces of the JOYOUS VENTUREGreta Ransom was 12 in 1945 - at Colchester NE College 1949 16 years of age ! )

1960 `Ghost House Team Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX & several SO VERY GOOD SOULS coming to help & not understanding that `you never take a drink a cup a plate FROM THEM`.ORDERS given again by SCUM ALL PHOTOGRAPHS TO BE DESTROYED -the obscene Carnival of Hieronymus Bosch rushes on

1933 ever onwards - `NOBLE BRITAIN STOLE the POST/mail-tearing it open 1933 Xmas & every Christmas onwards addressed to the heir Greta Ransom & they did this upon the young heirs birthdays 11 March ever onwards Including her 21 st birthday presents & communications & DOCUMENTS LEGALtaken by NOBLE SCUM 1954 ` THE THEFT OF DOCUMENTS/postincluding poems cards presents from Ransom family to Greta were being taken 1950s

1970s (Records) Post was answered for GR in cunning manner Thus she was kept from her father & his family-

Teresa Gordon played along with Noble BritainBACKED THEM as the HORSE to win

1936 CHRISTMAS - Reports eye-witnesses 1936 show the barbarism of this UPPER CLASS SIN ON THE PIN

Two trestle tables were set out at the back of the PALACEit got out of hand- these two girls should not be exposed to this- they could not FAIL to see the parcels from many lands were addressed to a child called GRETA simple things were crushed underfoot- expensive things laid asideall greetings all correspondence was LAID ASIDE BY 3 grey suited men from WHITEHALLThat year 2 BINS FULL WENT DOWN THE THAMES TO THE ROYAL INCINERATOR…”

Report : (1948/1960/1970) ` Murders of many kin-kith now took place from the documentation carefully removed to ROOMS of WHITEHALL 1930s- This is known to continue into 1950s-1960s-1970s/report 1985 about Grote Ransom lands in former Yugoslavia-THEFT from G.B. anticipated/.

The WEDDELL branch (James Weddell The SEA- legal marriage Quaker-Roman Catholic 1824 to the highly educated AELOVEDMAH-Maria Miss San Julian - issue 2 sons

.had 150 family members in the mid-1940s- not one could be found alive by 1960- then a few hidden 3 or 4 says report- frightened - in the hills of the Argentine- In 1942-43 a branch of WEDDELL was at the School Llewellyn Road Clacton-on- Sea- 3rd cousins to Greta Ransom also attending school `We came over to do our bit in the WAR for the Old Country`All this family are dead by 1947...3 children too ! Greta Ransom & ANDRE MALRAUX are speaking with them 6 oopm 1946 December Clacton Quaker Assembly Rooms