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1938/9 winter began a well organised genocide the children slain for money under cover of 2nd World War- in name of G.B. Government & Crown- a dying Empire -Plans to destroy HOMES 1929/agreed to kill all children 1939/41- Meetings overheard-

1937 SUMMER - A chance meeting of Andre MALRAUX with families GORDON RANSOM GROTE -leads to death of JO November 1944- & Mai 196l their two sons- Josette dead age 32 years Roman Catholic wife to ANDRE MALRAUX-

THE HAPPINESS of our SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937 BEGINS SOME PAGES ON- & IS INTERLEAVED-IT CAN BE EXTRACTED AS JUST THAT TIME- With so many dead in Rivers of Blood about our feet-& having lived it all with Josette & ANDRE MALRAUX until his death it is difficult to give only the 5 weeks of happiness WITHOUT the CONSEQUENCES-

The Reader may turn the pages to read only the summer of happinessGREETHA for ANDRE & Josette/

as he wished me to autumn 1957-1959...Records Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square

1937 Summer Holiday Clacton-on-Sea- enjoy happiness with humour-meet good company-enjoy lovely situations seaside & country pursuits-FOOD-places to go & kind people-delightful settings-Arts & Crafts-Walk with two young people finding a path in life after experiencing Spain`s Civil War to-gether-intelligent reasoning about life without GREED- Round the kitchen table they decide to make a life to-gether- Andre George saying how he must provide for them all-I can see their young faces the expressions of the eyes-they are so young-& I with the 2,000 years of RANSOM grandfathers behind me that I tell Lennie I can call up when times are drear with danger (he has drawn them for me sailing down the seas) politely keep myself a young person-learn my role expected by them- THEY FIND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT-young people gathering hope after SPAIN & WAR-making sense of life-a future to-gether- his novel-documentary `MANs HOPE` Andre MALRAUX publ. 1936-37

Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX-JOSETTE-`JOJoh&Jo` & Greetha

(Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM)

1937 THE HOLIDAY OF 5 WEEKS & THEN TO LINCOLN-doth show the quality of happiness & growth of young peoples understanding of the world about them-finding a soul & the society of good people- humanists- & where THE GOSPELS ARE ACTED OUT

It was in & around the neat tidy seaside town of CLACTON-ON-SEA 1937 that ANDRE MALRAUX found what he thought best to do in life-a sense of direction-he kept some of the friendships he made to the end of his life-but the great honour of the Guardianship of GROTE HOMES brought him hideous sorrows for all his life-it will be necessary to interleave the SUMMER 1937 with this tragedy of us all- Killings begin to make a Class rich-using the state & divine kudos-

1937 Summer CLACTON ON SEA - We are able to give JoJo&Joh some time to herself to write her work to see to her correspondence & to take a hair appointment buy some young girl things for foul winter doth come she learns the phrase- George-ANDRE & Greetah may load the old push chair with our needs of some hours & go along the seashores out into the countryside into the marshlands-giving JO a young lady some peace ! He likes landscapes-seascapes-landshaft-people-chatting-helping put the beer barrels down the cellar under the pavement the corner by the town Tree-

THERE ARE STARS to see so bright dawns to race to the Seafront-so we are first steps upon the sands & first newspapers to get still hot in the bundles in the middle come on the train from Liverpool Street Station. Our ritual is 1st the Railway newspapers-we arrive from a quick dawn exchange of quiet voiced words with the young Co-op Manager opening on the corner then to the Front- Andre gives order to the Tea Urn man just opening by the War Memorial a cup of plain tea & a cup of almost milk with dash of tea-no sugar for little Miss North Pole says the man a half-awake smile & nod. More newspapers will appear on the Front -Colonel Andre must have them all-I call him George to people we do not know. On the way down to the sea from the first shop past the Railway as they untie the newspaper bundles rough hesian string I pull at his hand to hurry & see first light of rising sun if we are late that morning-I impatient but polite if he lingers to talk upon the early dawn air.

FIRST FOOTSTEPS ALONG THE SEAS EDGE my ambition but rarely were we first to be with Dawn in her first cloak of pearly grey; the rare holidaymaker dawn risen turns with gentle happy glow rather than a smile to bid us `Goodmorning`- lost in his own thoughts about the peace of a silent beach a murmuring sea- Then a recognizable dour figure the man whose been fishing at very late night or`3 o`the Clock` as Annie Artist my great-aunt says with a quote from the Ingoldsby Legendshere he com`th before us trudging with sack & tackle sometimes with a dog-no greeting but a determined look of fishes fished & shell-fishes for his breakfast or dinnerhas my father with friend yet bought the tiny green boat-is it pulled up on the beach-it has my name GRETA on the side What a pity there is no invention to project from our memories all these things as a film for screen-Science should get on with so many things-we put money into it-Aunt Mag in our dear Thomas Tiggy in his name-

We take photographs mid-morning of Saint George Andre- Colonel gathering the saladings in the garden for our early or late luncheons our picnic sandwiches-I watch his marsh reeds body with grace sweep an arc in the air bending from his torso to gather things growing we may eat-a beautiful movement as he gathers for our needs- I must notice these things for JEAN Weddell ballerina my grandmother Ransom I hath seen dance Sud Amerika-she stands on one toe in her blue-silver-lavender-or pink ballet shoes & puts the other leg beside her earI try but am a dwarf of coming 5 years- With George Saint Andre & JOjoJoh we charge about East Anglia to see landscapes of the painters-pictures in private collections & of course it is the 100th year since the death of JOHN CONSTABLE.

I advise Georges-Andre that he is the worlds greatest painter; he disputth as we visit Dedham where Uncle Harry Gordon has friends - one gave him drawings by a M. Eiffel rather than pay money for restoring his early Rolls/or Daimler-explaining he was short of cash just then. George-Andre knows Eiffel has a Tower in Paris- it may fall down if the metal is not good quality-I know this-I wont go near it- Harrys Eiffelx were stolen 1939-probably by Mr Jong-or Lindsaybuggarhs & sold in the last quarter 20th- century-

1937 March at the home at the corner of the road across from the Church across from the Co-op Clacton-on-Sea where the side has the Co-op MANS Clothes shop I planted the rows of spring onions & radishes for this holiday `if two young people come`no names to me a Convent school child-Aunt Mags heir in training- To be merely friends of Unitys mother they might like a rest from the Wars of Spain. Com`th a young man George- Andre Malraux raised by 3 Graces but lost some of his Grace perhaps with the decades he must enter with Clara- I notice in my soul & stress here the beauty of his movements-they are ballet & modern dance-IsadoraIn September I recommend him in my prayers in our Great Our Lady Church Clacton-on-Sea for Sainthood but hope he never dies-he will appear in this Document of Summer 1937 sometimes the time forward as `Saint George Andre`

1990/92 - I GR took FE College Oxford History of Dance & practical & heard of JEAN Weddell South America but hath no memory- OXFORD 2 years had some surprises & talk around me-the past began to float about me but there was a concrete Wall beyond 50 Lancaster Gate Square- not that I knew there was anything to look for- until some photographs were given me 1995 - & then I came to GAUL- 1967 OXFORD gave Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX an Hon. LAW Degree -

1937 SUMMER In the garden for the hee & shee who now have names-George-ANDRE & JO-Cassiopia are growing nicely tall slender spring onions-radishes red & white-round & long & baby lettuces with yellowy-green hearts tightly budded- Autumn-winter cabbage is coming on & `potatoes to dig a plant if we want them` I think seriously `WHAT A NICE YOUNG MAN HE IS TO HAVE ABOUT THE HOMEI have helped plant the `summer things to eat ` in late February & March for them coming- I GR 4 years 6 months since March1937