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1960 January Colne Engaine : Arthur Malone/Politan came over about 9.oopm detective Malone reporting

you have been born on a hearse - trouble is you keep getting off` There will be a Night Watch in the next hour-he carries a gun-stay inside keep the windows screwed down-not even a half inch open. You can use the skylight an inch- wait a minute I had better check this with my Colleague-

Andre will be over in a few days he thinks-

And theres another coming down to help-`

(They are into that time lost for Greta Ransom when JEAN is killed 1938 end summer- Dr John RAY Ransom her middle damaged son attacked 1 month by LINDSAY Earls women who wear a pellet of Purple Plum up their snoutshe calls himself by introduction `the man in the moon-come down not too soon` I believe from the voice it is MALRAUX Burgermeister of PARIS -diaries/text/files tell of this )

`That girl has had to die in all this ` but we may not say anything to Andre yet- he has got to work- over the water-Gaul- Goodnight` Arthur Malone/Politan icy winter night- Book of Malrauxs Detectives-colleagues-Colne Engaine

1960/1961 They have swiftly uncovered the truth -questioning-receiving help from institutions & retired people-& they warn them to beware 23 years of fraud & violent murders have been endless- The stealing of the post-1937-1960- has these gangsters mad with GREED - 2nd W. War gave cover to them the criminally insane- nobles of G.B. who have used easily the authority of Gross Britain Government & Crown-

1960 ANDRE MALRAUX Minister of Gaul came 10.30 pm to take Night Watch waking me by knocking on the caravan tiny window & said he had a gun & would take a walk around the meadow-the Farm was alerted & local people who know Harry I fell asleep- quite unable to understand the danger but happy he had come ! He does say he is a bit old for a night in the frost outside CAMULODUNUM Colonia VictriencesRamparts & WALLS

We do not know yet that the nightlights the candles in the Caravan have been changed- Dr Mengele Golum Royal Satrap HARRINGTON has a little manufacturing chemist runs up nasty things to hasten old peoples death or for use in the Prostitution all these HIGH CLASS SIN have a share somewhere- upper-class lamp light 19th -20th century- & that Mrs Mengele & fiends now have the job of rubbing again powders in the pillows the beddingto remove the hours of memory

1960 January- George-ANDRE MALRAUX Minister of France began to speak later that night- he had a stool got for the Night or Dawn Watch. It was put at the back of the caravan outside-they felt an attack would come from entrance & not over the farmland beyond the hedges (photo/drawing)-

its the Burgermeister of Paris- STARS-above me are STARS-

I want to go back & start again- You can see it all in your head - listen to me - for we were there - with JO that summer-

1937 SUMMER- for we were there- with JO

1947-1953/54-1957-59 - we have attempted have a life but I have often had tricks played on my memory- & Andre Malraux given coarse insults in Gross Britain-threats to ruin his career in France-which would mean disfiguring General de Gaulle- Gross Brit nobles have squalid obscene blackmailing tricks-& are using the State Institutions to hide the slaying of the Grote children under cover of 2nd World War being examined by the Nations A to Z who approved the Grote Homes-our lands held some for centuries-our settlements-our careful only useful to civilized societies investments-our honesty-our consulting with them- Mrs Grote was invited by the King to take up Shares in Arabian ventures-she speaks Arabic as Tiggy did- The King & his family do not object to her having a Greenland great-grandfather-

& being bred from 14 races 24 nations since 92 AD Dunwich-when Ransom left Jutland-to live as Sea Traders the world-

1960 - The death pits are known-& nets full of dead children 5-18 years have been located- France has a cemetery of unknown children- girls with name bracelets- & a village that will not speak for fear of British thugs- Malone others hear `her daughter a teacher is also down there ` where little grey hands come out of the earth on a cold winter wet morning- soaked in kerosene- The dawn came too soon` Lindsay thugs responsible -reports-2 who got away/other reports/G.R. July 1945 Lindsay Clarke & 20 year old-

1960 Andre MALRAUX continues speaking - on Nightwatch January 1960- ` IM INSULTED BEYOND BELIEF - they have all known all these years- We have been in danger terrible ` He Andre Malraux Burgermeister of PARIS-Gaulreturns from a tour of the night-the lanes-the farm-the fields of barley-a landscape of Sam Palmer

Why do I Greta Ransom not let Andre MALRAUX in-he is on Night Watch & he makes this quite clear-I may then see the Burgermeister of Paris-I will try explain-the dangers of 50 Lancaster Gate Square with madness able to get in when he went to GAUL-its like being pulled backwards into a blood soaked plaid-in time lost- which is all DREAR in time I do not know I can remember -I need photos-letters-kind faces daylight !

Mengele & his Dame are near : Powerful substances have been put into candles & nightlights I use & in beverages/in my little kitchen contents : I cannot think quickly- I NEED SOME WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS-& MENGELE exterminated- I cannot possibly grasp the enormity of the Estate-I can only think that this is something to do with the father I do not know him since 1945 & now I am told he has relatives- All of our life 1930s has been removed entirely from my mind during Wartime when they all went away to fight /put back 1970s when LIR made tapes-with others-not to be heard until 1980s when they have slandered & murdered him-he should have been 80 years in 2001 here on this piece of Heaven in Gaul-an orchard-a West Window as we had on Jacopsholmen-a garden that grows things to eat- (a poem by HORACE `all this the Gods have granted`)

1960 - I GR a pauper girl who sit at the feet of King Carpetua (a painting) must be calm & tell the important person of France-so-clever to put the Job in Gaul first-as I used to 1958-1959-but I do wish to be with him & think it is not possible-that is my understanding-he cannot protect me from violent creatures of crime in Gross Britain/ Records-Life at Lancaster Gate Square- Violence as in Nazi Germany has been used by G.B. & Scotland nobles since 1870s for revenge-get dough-& lands-/reports/ A phrase `Ice fields` has arisen-a duck & uncle on ice fields-reduced to an Ice puddle as the Empire fell & outdid the intrigues of Byzantium-this is the realm of Academics Malrauxs detectives were sometimes of this calibre

1959 Andre MALRAUX 17th December- learned his POST/mail has been stolen by Gross Britain Government & Crown -from Christmastide 1937/8 - when they learned of his Guardianship to GROTE HOMES & Ransom Estate in 3 Partswelcomed by all nations outside G.B the HOMES going twice round the globe A to Z nations outside the British Empire-begun 1864 on RANSOM dowry lands brides 14 races 27 nations - HE SWIFTLY UNDERSTOOD WHY JOSETTE HAD LOST HER LIFE !

1880 Thomas Tiggy Grote & Margarethe Ransom his wife had 2,500 very big Homes all approved of by these nations who had helped with moneys in the early stages & ever on set upon her family RANSOM lands with settlement Reserves of civilized meaningful progress-offensive to the Gross Britain nobles all penniless from its mindless debauchery-& divinity of HIGH CLASS SIN Half the HOMES are in Roman Catholic lands from 1870s- approved by Vatican & humanists 1870-

1945- THE CHILDREN ARE MISSING-they have been slain by G.B. under cover of the 2nd World War-there was enough horror felt 1946 to have called a halt to this violent robbery of the rest of the Estate by G.B. Government & Crown Nobles however they use the state institutions-its war machine- Lindsay Earls-Premier Earls of Gross Brit- have paid all Crown bills- heard in secret-silence meetings-mouthing

Oh we are concerned about the lands (Liars-want the money)

1945-49 AFTER they have logged & slain the settlers-created worst poverty outside INDIA etc & burned in Spain the Murgatroyd only child 22 years of age in marmalade-he was translating the Coptic records given them `for a place of safety` by the owner- About an UNKNOWN 900 years old Trading Settlement where peace & common sense prevailed-family letters/bills of lading/medicine-maths-philosophy- Lindsaybuggarhs EARLS buried them in the raw earth- This genocide-Fraud is called by one Lord who walked out on the Noble establishments the greatest crime of mankind”…

1959 It is assumed 17th Dec 1959 that I GR understood Miss Teresa Butler ( eldest daughter of three of my great-aunt Julia Williams dead sister to my grandmother Mary Gordon) - whom I always call Aunt Terry - wartime years she is in the Land Girls Army- Malone Detective walked in after I had left -he had `just learned of her existence from Harry`s wife `

Miss Butler said to Arthur Malone introducing himself as Andre MALRAUXs detective- THE AWESOME WORDS of explanation- having him weak about the knees-staggering away to get Andre on the `hot line`-& contacts in London-