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(1959 December) `1933 March - when my niece Greetha-Greta WAS BORN THE OLD LADY MADE GRETA Frobisher Weddell Ransom heir HEIR- She was a Miss Ransom-I think her name is Margaret-Margaretha-its all over there in the papers I have kept- She married a man who set up orphanages about the world-I forget his name-but he got the rich people in each nation involved-they agreed with his ideas & put money in at the beginning-they could see it was no brain-child idea but civilizing-the children would go out at 18 years and help others-they were not to be revolutionaries or leaders-only live a decent life-everything in these orphanages was good quality I have heard people say-so the children would expect this for others when they went out to what work they chose-they were not to be domestic servants & factory workers-this was made clear-they would help others to a decent life- I think they were Pacifists-my brother John (Dr John Butler) in Manchester & his family can tell you more…”

1933 October - I went up there to ARRAN Is where she the Aunt to my niece Greetha a Miss Margaret Ransom she was & married him in Greenland a German with HOMES for orphansshe had lived ARRAN but not all the time-she had to travel abroad-but they had come from Greenland & other countries of the world-I heard on the Island he had been murdered at the beginning of the century-there-by True Blues who objected- Mr Malone has been finding a lot of it in the papers I have kept but not had time to look at for a long while- I spoke to my niece 1948 after we were told the marriage to Catholic Andre Malraux had collapsed- I felt she was taken in by her mother my cousin Teresa Gordon Ransom who had a friend called Angela who got a position by default- I have kept a lot of papers-I did not know what was happening-

I WROTE TO ANDRE & NEVER GOT A REPLY over near 20 YEARS - asking him to see me or telephone- I was discreet-we are a family of some standing in Manchester-some educated above the Convent schools-& with my cousin Mayor in Manchester-others of worth in the community-my elder brother University- I felt he had to know of us as Mary Gordon my aunt had praised him so highly 1939/40 when she came to her sisters in Manchester awhile-perhaps he felt I was a budding writer wanting to take his time…” Malone learned of her existence from Peggy Gordon wife of Harry that December 1959 when she & others were amazed at Harrys niece Greetha having to buy a caravan put it near them & her mother quite nasty- clearly mad harassing them & telling these horrible tales about Greetah & Andre & the Ransom families-& pulling down Harrys mother & her Irish baronetcy cousinsShe recalled when Treasa & the noblemen on the seafront had jumped out on her before the War & called her names- She had given Harry back his engagement ring & gone away-

Arthur Malone GOT ANDRE MALRAUX OVER TO BRITAIN FROM GAUL WITHIN HOURShe said `I have the explanation of all the brutality-murderous attacks-offensive words at you Andre- Miss Greta Ransom is an heir to the world- Arabian lands tooGreenland- Sea Traders from Viking times`

Miss Butler Aunt Terry explained how she had tried tell her niece Greta just a half hour ago but she seemed unable to follow her words- She now related to Arthur Malone the brutality to the 3 months old Greta Ransom & how a dog heard a noise under the floorboards of The Grange Arran- the men had to come from the boat to get the dog-they heard a tiny whimper- The house was shut up the Nobles having departed 2 days previously- She had been assured nobody would come until November to check for winter-it was then June 1933 she thought-the papers were all over in that pile & Arthur Malone was to go into them if he would like too.

Aunt Terry Butler went up to the |Island October 1933 & sat on the shores & it was mild- She told how she got the confidence of the Police & local people- they had wanted to prosecute the lot of them-but the Earl of Lindsay-& others who lived in the big houses of Arran had told her 2 sisters Misses Winifred & Bessie Butler- & Miss Winnie Gordon their cousin who had received the first telephone message from the POLICE Scotland to her parents home- that exposure of this prank would harm all the families - especially his LINDSAY family Premier Earls with their DUTIES protecting the CROWN- they who were to take care of the heiress this little mixed-blood child -see to her education of course- perhaps she could inherit-something-

(Winston Churchill kicked them out of G. B. 1920s for murders/fraud Scotland-`a bloody nuisance since the planet began ` )

Miss Teresa Butler DID NOT KNOW her two sisters & Miss Win Gordon HAD NEVER TOLD the young father Fred Ransom of his newborn daughters abduction & intended murder by these distant relatives Earls of Lindsay & Crawford who claimed the old ladys Estate because she was an Eskimo- He poor young clever man learned it years on- `WAR HAD INTERVENED- This was the trouble-there were no connections post or telephone because of the War-& the woman Angela had been heard to hurl in her drink that the Estate belonged to her daughters- They gathered, the families, from insults that the failing British Empire would not allow an Eskimo & the fathers mothers branch of The INCA & South Americans to inherit anything about the world`

Miss Butler had found herself isolated after the War ended-she & her Manchester families were anxious to have ANDRE MALRAUX get in touch with thema postcard had been answered by another person- Using Vatican sources they still did not get an answer to their pleas that he Andre come speak with them-some actors had tried-Charlie Bronson a Catholic family too came over in 1948-they had all known the old lady a Miss Margaret RANSOM before her marriageIn Manchester lowly though they were cunningly made to feel as the great spending spree went on by TRUE BLUES as soon as the terrible WAR the second such WAR had ended- she, Miss Butler felt it was a hoax- it was fraud- but her aunt Mary Gordon had so praised this young Frenchman & writer just come from the terrible troubles of SPAIN`

1960 2nd week January at Colne Engaine Colchester/Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis- hence ARTHUR MALONES phrase from his notebooks-he in much shock- & has now got official permission to carry guns

`YOU HAVE BEEN BORN ON A HEARSE- trouble is you keep getting off- ANDRE WILL BE OVER AS SOON AS HE CAN LEAVE GAUL-hes got `Saint Charles` permission to again play Scarlet Pimpernel - Ive been up on the Island after Xmas day-got a scare-got warned off- CUR JAMES has his boots all over it with another he takes about a young Greek Goodnight- I will be over once a night with my notes to read you what comes in- KEEP YOUR DOOR LOCKED FROM WELL BEFORE DUSK UNTIL IT IS 9 THE NEXT MORNING- IVE GOT A HELPER COMING` Arthur Malone/Politan in early 2nd week January 1960/ Reports Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux Colne Engaine 1960/1962...

98 acres Arran Western Hebrides where the Estate Grote Homes RANSOM Estate own 98 acres & JIM & Brown rnvr have been working FRAUD- they have taken 21 thousand pounds given the heir Greta Ransom for her 21st birthday- 11.3. 1954 by the Solicitors & Islanders grateful for Tiggy & Margarethe & the families of the globe-who stopped the growing of the filthy dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland by the Nobles who sometimes infest Arran- they sold to Margarethe Ransom Grote MONTROSE because they were penniless late 19th century-diseased-debauched-uncouth-full of venom to anyone who would not grow this narcotic which paid family bills- `purple-snow/purple plum/pellets torch blown are worn in the snout-it hits the brain in 2 seconds- SEE THE CONTENTS OF THEIR BRAINS ~

1959 Dec. 17thFaithful Politan Detective Arthur Malone had ANDRE MALRAUX OVER in a few hours to speak with Miss Teresa Butler- She said Enter my dear Andre I have been wishing to speak with you for near 20 years about my niece Greta & the heir ship- which I think is with her fathers young brother in some parts- She was a Margaret Ransom her husband ran Orphanages round the world-I have written you before & after the War-but discreetly- I have kept papers but not looked at them for many years- they are here -Mr Malone is going through them over there

She is off to her 2 sisters 19th December XMAS-New Year- she is poisoned early January by Mengele Harrington his Dames & Teresa Gordon R. who is given DOPES by Lords & Crownin sweetie bags from 1933...all 2nd WOrld Wartime onwards- & TOLD TO KEEP THE APE GRETA as an exhibit

A dispute was heard early January 1960 - Aunt Terry Butler taken to hospitalshe recovers April 1960 MENGELE VISITS to kill ! Details spring 1973 to PJPW !

1959 17 December at Thorpe-le-Soken Essex

Arthur Malone says `An heir now began to take shape-

It solved all the persecution of them in London-at Andres home Lancaster Gate Square ` Employed by Malraux October 1957 the pre-war friend of the Gordon family Philip Silverlee Argentine/London Broker-musician-academic-had come along to help-asked by Harry Gordon others-Andre Malraux 1952-1961 runs a Catholic Mission with Westminster Diocese & General Charles de Gaulle-MALRAUX occupies 2 rooms & it is regarded as his London Home where his sons may come-Madeline may use the piano in the great drawing room-& Clara comes to complain when Andre opens his mouth on writes somethingLife at 50 Lancaster Gate Square July 1957-June 1959-

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