Greta Ransom

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1960 January ANDRE MALRAUXs Detectives Colleagues others were most fearfully the death of `that girl- Andres Catholic wife caused by all of this` They did not wish to involve him because of the Job he had in France

1959 XMAS -but nobody had a Will- the Wills yet-

1957 October Miss Winifred Gordon had put her courtesy copy of the Will of Magarethe Ransom Grote received January 1938 by she & her younger brother (& read by her mother Mary Gordon) into the ROYAL MAIL/post addressed to Andre Malraux c/o her niece Miss Greta Ransom at `Saint Edmunds House ` 50 Lancaster Gate Square London (she & her brother Harry Gordon had been blackmailed-threatened by JIM & Lindsay family men into saying nothing from 1940-upon her mothers death she decided the Inheritance disputed by Angela & Lindsays-JIM must be left to the RANSOM families when the War ended) Win Gordon ex ATS did know Grote children had been slain from 1944- a letter from wife of an Officer shot for refusing to slay the children- they were said to be DISEASED by a Major Lindsay…”

1938 autumn Miss Winifred Gordon had been told by Angela (calling herself Mrs MacMurphy) come down for a day to the LINDSAY Pen called The GRAND on Clacton Sea Front I am giving it all to my daughters Miss Gordon-I knew you by your fat Irish face - Lord XYZ says Oct. 1957 your mother & Angela can drink a pub out overnight- I know themAndre is a good man. An intelligent man who received a rude snub from Angela OF the Roaring 20s replied to another mans sympathetic comment ` I saw & heard nothing- Oh there was a woman with a big behind`

1957 autumn-winter/1952-1961 anything addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX even with PERSONAL on the envelope was taken by Doc & Mrs Mengele Harrington- & others taking their hours of criminal duty- Mr Mengele or his Dames once a month drive to the Midlands & collects the months household expenses from a Bank Account in names of Greta Ransom-Len Immanuel Ransom- Harrington is heard boasting Angela told him to-

Mengele Harrington forbidden to touch a patient mid-1950s-only allowed in G.B. National Health hospitals to be a consultant performs horrible mutilations in his private clinicsHe agreed 3 November 1953 to submit his hours to Whitehall for payment of his part in this obscene FRAUD-THEFT-mass murder- & is paid very generously with bonuses abroad for the persecution of ANDRE MALRAUX to see he does not learn of this Estate & his Guardianship- Mengele Doc Harrington sometime 1950s had a device on his cars indicating he was a member of the household of Angela the former Miss Bloody Liar (City of London elders 1960s)MENGELE USES DISGUISES that are very good & fool many peopleDISMISSED BY BMA 1982 from National Health Hospitals G.B. Doc Mengele was able to use CID & other GASEOUS groups of authority in the 1980smore people died

Mengele Harrington & others who are G.B. Government & Realm privately employed thugs -organise killings of those who try to speak with Malraux- They innocent people often having received no answer to written enquiries to Andre Malraux-

1957 December - Count Poulsen Norway tried telephoning twice to Andre Malraux/he is our Poul Gronlander kin - Mengele when agitated boasts arrogantly of his work for G.B. Government-Crown & Lords & he is called Peer-in-waiting : Mengele paedophile ex-prisoner Continent 1930s had a nasty case 1949 Paris (it put him in an Asylum some months Gross Britain) Mengele Harrington often boasts of Malraux being a fool & that he is acting for the Malraux Family France of the JAN STEEN TAVERN He therefore opens all Andre Malrauxs Post/mail & steals things-

If he thinks something has slipped through he creeps behind Malraux & sticks him with a Needle from his Medical case/or orders a cup of tea spiked- & has Andre in collapse-or shaky & with a bad memory- records/accounts-eye witnesses/ he does this to others-learned 1920s onwards by all villains-

1960 mid-January- Detective Arthur Malone/Politan has tried give Greta Ransom some papers in a book- putting it in your postal arrangements by the entrance to this delightful little meadow - It went missing in the hour & a half after 7.30 am. Malone said Well damn ! I borrowed that book in London - from friends - it is rare well who has taken that - I will consult…”

Arthur Malone at this time end of winter 1960 had found Mrs Mengele Harrington & friend had a key to the caravan in the meadow Colne Engainehe knew they had been in while Greta was at Colchester MuseumsGreta had bought this her own home & fled June 1959 from the monsters able to enter 50 Lancaster Gate Square when Andre Malraux absent- Arthur Malone/POLITAN

Hired by Malraux- detective of 2 years LAW degree training pre-2nd World War knew Mengele Harrington seen in Royal entourage & private visits with Duck a young GreekMengele known in high Medical circles as a spoof Doctor his women came into ANDRE`s HOME LONDON with malice he had felt/he now knew it was GREED…“ they have all been milking this Estate for yearsAndre not told or Greta

It is some years before all good people learn that Mengele had his Dames rub a memory remove powder into the pillows of Greta& got the JAN STEEN TAVERN Paris to do the same to ANDRE MALRAUX.Arthur Malone a man with KUDOS because of his birth & LAW traininghe knew from humanists that since 1955 RN Naval Intelligence was boasting it could walk all over General de Gaulle`s country home& search for certain documentslearn the General`s plansthere was extra money-dough in this under-cover work

1985 June OxfordArthur MALONE to die in 2 years 1987 born with the century almost says 1985 Balliol College a June evening gathering `AN HEIR NOW BEGAN TO TAKE SHAPE1960 Januarywe had a lot yet to learnANDRE WAS GUARDIAN- he got no post`

1960 late FEBRUARY- Philip Silverlee telephones from New York USA to say he & his daughter have all carbon copies Argentine & Wall Street of the POST/mail JOSETTE received for ANDRE & opened about 2 weeks before her death-& the 3 Wills needed to operate the whole Estate- Evening Report by Malone : `Phil telephoned from New York & says he is scared what he has uncoveredMalone adds `that woman in that Palace should telephone you & apologisethese children are ALL dead because of this FRAUDYOU CAN CALL ME KING ARTHUR`

Margarethe Ransom Mrs Grote-TIGGY her American husband`s Will/& The Will of her father FRED RANSOM/

1960 February- Arthur Malone has further information come from France 1944 late October-early November THE BRITISH CONSUL SENT 2 GUNMEN TO KILL SHE & MALRAUX- but he was not there-they stood on the door step & tried get the documents off her- Malone comments as we feared-she has died because of this- we may not tell ANDRE at first- he has a job to do over there. & is now having to be careful of his movements…”

1960 MAY Philip Silverlees daughter aged 28 who went to the Ransom Solicitors Buenos Aries & got documents the property of RANSOM families late February 1960 was murdered in the Argentine by Lindsay 14 & 15-orders Mengele-Mr Jimmie Jong Sir-Cur James/ all able to command Air transport anywhere ` to go & hung BIG GAME` to stop the Greatest Crime of Mankind being unveiled-

They all use Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets to WIN in life-

Philip Silverlee Argentine citizen 3 generations-had a term of music with Butterfield before he was killed 1916 1st World War/played oboe June1972 at Down Ampney Church- Vaughn Williams Summer Reverie/wrote a book in French at 29 years which had the Continent sit up & think/Insurance Broker in London & Argentine/

1936/37 he Philip Silverlee would play Greta Ransom on Wins piano Claude Debussys Prelude Cathedral Under the Sea -he & wife with this daughter & her brother came for visits staying often at Frinton & I Greetah told them of our Nord-Sud Poles Grote Homes tour October 1935-spring 1936 - all the true things that ANDRE will say SUMMER 1937 are your dreams..

1976 - Philip Silverlee & 2nd family will be all murdered in 1976 Argentine-they were hiding after persecution in Buenos Aries -tape received British Museum Natural History detailing the persecution finishing you will not hear from me again The tape arrived after news of his death had reached England- death by persons known-

1944 Nov 9th JOSETTE HAS BEEN KILLED she was distraught that morning & for 2 weeks previously She fell from a train & it ran over her long legs as she put her mother on with her luggage at about 9 o-clock that morning

She had learned from POST/Mail coming to ANDRE from New York that what Greet`ah had told them was true-an Island in the Snow- HOMES for children with no parents & that she really had been to Greenland & to Tierra-del-Fuego-the year 1935/1936 before she & ANDRE came to Clacton-on-sea Summer 1937-ANDRE SAID IT WAS A CHILDS DREAMS- that he used to imagine such things when a small boy from the books his Grandmother Adrienne read him or things seen & heard-

1944 November- JOSETTE the days before her death she knew ANDRE had woefully misunderstood some things said SUMMER 1937 by Clacton-on-Sea residents & friends they made, & the Gordon family-