Greta Ransom

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1944 1st week of November JOSETTE sent ANDRE WRITTEN INFORMATION -it travelled by 3 resistance personsthe person sending it for her was cautioned they would NOT take nothing in her handwritingor with namesno identification

So that it would not be taken by the resistance courier (arranged by 2 people) but he tried to memorize it- JO did not know who the resistance first courier was- it was dangerous times- `he did not want to take the message` (information got by Malone detectives & colleagues working for Andre Malraux 1960)

JOs message had to go by 3 couriers before it reached ANDRE- AFTER HER DEATH- the last courier had had a worrying dangerous time- all he could recall clearly was something about

she was worried about an island-the 2nd courier after the war recalled a little more…’

1960- (Re-checked Information-LIR-JR® et al )

1960- it is only 16 years since Jos VIOLENT death, 9 NOVEMBER 1944-

(I am called little Miss North Pole by some people whose grown children are training to come up & help us run Jacopsholmen)

Mary Gordon having been widowed in March 1937 ANDRE did not dwell upon the present time but got her talking about her early life, especially the 2 years in Ireland with her husband after the marriage 1890, her first child Arthur Gordon born there-he RN then in INSURANCE City of London lived at Woodford Green with his family perhaps was away on holiday.ships that pass in the night

1937 RANSOMs were away -SPAIN-

at a rescue- Lindsaybuggarhs on our properties & the Murgatroyd family Estate

By Xmas 1937 I G.R. am sure my Father FJR would write ANDRE & Miss Jo Elliot a personal letter of thanks-hearing his daughter G.R. speak on the SUMMER OF HAPPINESS with two HUMANISTS

& kind erudite sentences approving the Guardianship for Aunt Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote her Estate & Grote Homes, me & Len heir & sub-heir co-heir

& my grandfather Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom would certainly write-

(records/reports) ANDRE MALRAUX did not get this correspondence & it was stolen by G.B. Government & Crown & Lords& things on the ladder of immorality-

Grandpa FCFR gives speech to Royal Exchange 1939/

I am shown this 1966 City of London-we hear 2 years later the young man who gave it me, Murgatroyd kith killed in his nation-The Argentine! Papers with Speech & programme an evening in 1939 disappeared in hours from my handbag at Miss Rose Holders flat, 18 Gabriel House, Lambeth- Teresa Gordon R. & Doc Mengele-Golum-Royal Satrap-paedophile HARRINGTON can enter when Rose is out- I may be sent on an errand by TGR-(who has 2 prominent bastards)

I am told she & Mengele blue car are to report on me to Police-

I earn my living- I have no income as all these violent thieves do from the authority of G.B. Government & Crown

1944 the Chateau where the railway station comes to Tullesearly November JOSETTE began to recall& she knew ANDRE HAD NO POST/mail- about this Guardianship to a big Estate for the child Greta ! She was upset Andre was asked about cashing big sums of money on a cheque-book she knew he never received for the Estate of Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote She began to recall that parcel she & Andre got so much pleasure in gathering to arrive at Clacton-on-Sea for XMAS 1937 & that they were to return at Eastertide 1938That parcel sent after the HOLIDAY of the GOSPELS ACTED OUT summer 1937 as he called it`they had been told things were in the post in a message from Mary Gordon October 1937...a telephone call from France After Christmas everyone had tried to trace the missing parcel- that she & ANDRE had sent off in November 1937 to Mary Gordon with little presents for everyone they had met! It had left Paris- & it had arrived in England ! ` THE BRITISH CONSUL SENT 2 GUNMEN TO SHOOT SHE & MALRAUX- GET HOLD OF THESE DOCUMENTS RECEIVEDthey arrived same time as her motherthey did not know what to doone demanded early November the documents from herhe said she was not married to MALRAUX & he would REMOVE HER CHILDRENInformation 1960 The Whitehall Scarlet Town the code name for Secret Services for LONDON 1940s onwards the two men left after her hideous death

1937 ANDRE had written letters to Mary Gordon & to a friend he had made with a small homestead on the Holland marshes (THE MAN WHO WAS NOW A KING in contentment) (In 1945 he learns this letter was received & answered by his friend-they go to ROME 1963 with his family! )

Their hostess of Summer 1937/38 travelled between Paris & Clacton three/4 times a year & they sent messages, gifts, & she brought thanks from Greta on her return to is. The last exchange of greetings, a gift for Greta had been Christmas 1938/New Year 1939...

1944 early November-near TullesJOSETTE knew there was no post/mail about this Estate reaching ANDRE MALRAUX pre-war except a letter October 1937 received by Andre from Margaret Grote-an Aunt to GretaThe documents JO examined those days late October-early November 1944 were from GROTE BROKERS New York- She saw the size of the Estate & Greta & Len Ransom heirs

ANDRE MALRAUX says (1970) `at that time- October 1937 he returned to several other letters in Paris- tossed it over his shoulder- it said he would hear more- it had no address-

He now immediately informed MARY GORDON at Clacton-on-sea by post `HE ACCEPTED THE GUARDIANSHIP OF GRETA RANSOM ` October 1937- She received his letter acknowledging it on the telephone call he made to her

1937 October (Malraux 1970 The Pillar House Harwell)

The writer was a MARGARET GROTE Aunt of Greetha saying she had made him GUARDIAN to her niece There was no address but he was to hear more later. He replied to Mary Gordon that he accepted Guardianship but it was a handwritten note & brought over by their hostess (?) - He wrote Mary Gordon a personal letter & put that in the post/mail (Courier is Unity Coes mother- who had her father in the Clacton Seafront Convalescent Home summer 1937- then he died before the Christmas..)

1937 NOVEMBER 1937 he ANDRE & JO set about a parcel to be sent to Mary Gordon, with gifts for everyone for Christmas.

He & JO took a lot of time gathering things, looking for things in the shops, for this parcel. It gave them pleasure. When they were told it had not been received in December they were very upset.

1957 Andre said -December 1957 when they lived at 50 Lancaster Gate Square he asked Greta to make a list of simple thoughtful little presents for sending/taking to our relatives & friends at the seaside He told Greta he did not know if they would be able to go to the seaside over Christmas- his work in FRANCE had to come first. Mengele & Gang saw it kept him in FRANCE & made Greetah very ill- Greta was put by Andre in his bed & he gave instructions to housekeeperhe arrived back from GAUL late Christmas evening-friends flying him inthen he had to leave again in 2 hours / Account Text ` Church Bells-had LOST XMAS not lost`/ Mengele wanted Greta with NO MEMORY ! He was thinking of killing her but then he might not have so much DOUGHso he wished to cripple her-maim her brain

1957 Andre said- Greta put an item unusual on the list FOR TERESA-HER MOTHER- saying SHE ALWAYS HAS TO HAVE THIS! He questioned WHY does she ALWAYS have to have SANDLEWOOD SOAP ? Greta said once she was given some. Andre said- after his first shock - I KNOW NOW WHO STOLE THAT PARCEL we sent to your Grandmother MARY GORDON after we returned to FRANCE from the holiday with you that Summer 1937... ”…..

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX is explaining at The Pillar House, Harwell I put in the parcel a letter saying how very much we had enjoyed our Summer Holiday- & we looked forward to returning & hoped to do so next year 1938 - I also put a letter in the post to Mary Gordon-a personal letter on the matters we spoke upon & again I said I accepted the Guardianship of Greetha- no POST came on the Estate-from abroad or the Ransom families

ANDRE MALRAUX from his note-books of year 1937-

1937 `I did not receive any Post/mail on this matter in December 1937- or the next year 1938 -but I put a telephone call through to Mary Gordon & we discussed how the parcel could go missing. She said not to worry- ` IT WAS THE THOUGHT THAT MATTERED-SHE WOULD TELL EVERYONE we had remembered them at Christmastide- & enjoyed our stay- Andre was to hear more-& THE PARCEL WOULD PROBABLY TURN UP-the Post was a very good Service-` He learned the Parcel had left France ! She & her son & daughter made enquiries at the Clacton Post Office-they were all looking into the matter