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1937 SUMMER East Anglia Clacton-on-Sea where we found The Gospels- ACTED OUT Peter

ANDRE MALRAUX speaks/reads 1970 From December 1937 Peter my post/mail was taken by the British Government & Crown- & this robbery has gone on since then ! It is organised by the British Government- in FRANCE to a great extent- because of my appointment as Guardian- I ANDRE MALRAUX that is my nameappointed to care for this Estate- She had big investments in France- 5 HOMES educating orphans to 18 years of age- humanism came out ! & they acted the Gospels Out-other lands buildings endowments

( She is Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE USA citizens -she born British & Norwegian citizen -her grandfather Ransom has 19 acres under New York/bought 1801 mounting up currencies to build the University POUL GRONLANDER DECREE 1770 archives/

She learned from her father Fred Ransom- family ship The Mary Rose- to TRADE WITH GRACE to help husband TIGGY with his HOMES for orphans A to Z the globe

1880s- Grote Homes-`the island with no clothes` after 15 years of educating orphans & insisting ALL their children go in the school- they produced the highest standard of literacy the globe had ever known- Tig explained well you will have no workers-& you cannot be bringing back slaves from the other islands anymore- Mag & I have been producing you teachers to teach a humanism happy life- they worked it out themselves in terms of humanism & contentment-they now sometimes wore cotton trousers & shirts & their library was stunning-

1880s-1940sThe Pacific Homes & Asia had RN British Empire sail in & demolish the HOMES where they could- one built on an Atoll was destroyed by British thugs- an Arab Prince said Tiggy the British have attacked your Temple-dont worry- we have got somewhere else safe for you…” records-GROTE HOMES/archives/

1960 Onassis says Oh.has always more than me, Margarethe - He tries protect the Greek philanthropy of the seashores & islands from British Upper Class Sin invaders- purveyors of trashing the globe- the penniless upper class keep doping-gambling-fraud ever on-on-on-`

AHEAD IN THIS DOCUMENT A FEW PAGES OF THE HISTORIES THAT ANDRE MALRAUX enters intoSUMMER 1937... Greetah will tell he & Josette many things from the following& in 1961 he will weephis two sons have lost their lives in this vast GREED arranged by Gross Britain & Scandinavian Lords & Crowns

1864 THE FOUNDING OF GROTE HOMES A-Z the globe- The children aged 4-18 years slain by thugs from Great Britain RN ships 1939-1948../Reports Admiralty-Whitehall-USA etcDec 1946 `Angela & her men`

SUMMER 1937 Tiggy goes round the globe with Jesus on one shoulder & Lucretius on the other George- ANDREhe has to look after a million children & give them a home` Greta is telling a wide-eyed Andre Malraux who says `it is your dreamsthey did not live in the same century- Lucretius Jesus & Thomas`

Thomas Immanuel Grote called Tiggy/Tig at 20 years of age had the inspiration for the HOMES 1862/63 & in 1864 (leaving everyone shoeless) POUL GRONLANDER is the 1st orphan & known to all the children we will raise-save-many going into science-welfare-arts Tiggy AGE 22 years alarming his Dad the Solid German West Saxony Grote Brokers off Wall Street began his HOMES educating to 18 yearsbased on the SCHOOL curriculum of humanism multi-tongues on JACOPSHOLMEN island West Greenland where he went age 11 years WARD to Poul Gronlander -Fred RANSOM family for he had caught RINGWORM talking to Animals in Boston Zoothis was in newspapers 1849/1850s but the BRITISH GOVERNMENT & Angela & her men had it all removed when there arose questioning before President Kennedy died 1963

(GROTE Brokers NEW YORK a valued small firm of honourthat wooden building of 1830 that F. Ransom of Antiqua-Arctic-Montrose had his `parcil of 19 acres he bought helped by his wife`s Dutch Uncle 1801...ADMINISTERED BY THEMuntil IMPERIAL DIRTY BOOTED DOPE ADDICTS & boozers came to far too much SILENT POWER (father of CAIN Ransom our 2nd son who never killed & had never spoken to another crocodile in his life Cain who had a cart with his toys he took everywhere & a hammock & bed & 2 girls to look after him- a jewelled collar for parties under the moon & had perfect table mannersbathed himself twice a day & attended Church every Sabbath-played footballwho greeted visitors when RANSOM family were away at TRADEa letter of Old Captain Bligh the Bounty tells `take care to CAIN as you sail byGod`s Blessing to all humankind` )

Fred Ransom had his `parcil 19 acres New York bought 1801 administered by a trustworthy firm GROTE off Wall Street

(records available 1970 before killing by Gross Britain of a Sparkman young manYachts New York) until stolen by Angela Gross Britain of an illicit Crown & her MEN 1954...

1941 Evil machinations began fooling Eisenhower later…” Roosevelt a firm supporter of this American Institution of progress (he took the Grote Orphans all shades of skin & nations out in the great American countryside camping when he was young- his wife is searched 1940s by Gross Britain)

1900s.It was understood it should be kept low-key after Tiggys murder by the Earls of Lindsay & Arran others1904 they are forging cheques that year on New York Grote BrokersInformation Augusta Frobisher RN 1953/1954...murdered her flat by Count Poulsen branch in Norway by JIM Jong who sported her silver ship earring in WHITES a Vice Bar he is co-steward toMr Pong JIM ON THE PIN is INSANE from 7 years old on heroin) Reports weekly/years/ Secret Services-globe

1864 - The enthusiastic TIGGY Grote who married Margarethe Ransom 1864 began to site HOMES for Orphans to educate to 18 years in HUMANISM on his Bride`s family lands reaching back to 7th century CASTILE encircling the globeeven an islet in Caspian Sea ! Tig bounding with energy & kindness began in USA Ohio plastering a Mansion with leaflets saying `come & help- spare me a dime for the orphans`GROTE & RANSOM families sold their shoes & across the Pacific islands to Japan charged Tig- where his wife & her family GRONLANDER-RANSOM have 2 islands end Lusans Japan/Pacific-dowry 1512 granted The multi-language enthusiastic TIGGY had Princes Prelates & rich educated persons support this COMMON SENSE EDUCATIONMargarethe former Miss Ransom his bride following on by ships & trains her father ownedwith no shoes The de Beer ladies sent her a diamond hairnet for they loved the only girl in the RANSOM family knowing her since she accompanied her father on his SAILS

The boys her brothers & Tiggy often left on the Greenland Island at school for they `played up on long ship hauls`Margarethe was companion & did her studies shipboard

She says to Greetah her niece (great great great) 1937...

Oh Greetah the learning was too muchthe boys did not mind but I did sometimes find it too hardbut I had 5 languages when I was 15 years of age & I was so glad when I accompanied Thomas after we marriedTiggy had over a 100 languages when he was 50 years…”

1938 May `THE GIRL OF THE SNOWSwho rose from her bed in her mid-90s as a dancer upon the airwearing a robe of lemon yellow sprigged with tiny flowersO`Neill Farm Ayrshire where they hide her (Visit by Greta Ransom age 5 years May 1938 before Aunt Mag`s murder when JIM JONG (the future CUR James) slit a vein behind her ear- pleading Greta Ransom had done it He calling the HEIR a bad tempered child- 2nd World WAR CAME & Angela`s MEN got into UNIFORMS with glitz & `Queens flight everywhere` -

This half-Chinese racist monster killed Grandpa Frederick Charles RANSOM October 1939...taking Lindsay Earl 14 alongall that summer of mounting 2nd World WAR they persecuted the Widower of JEAN WEDDELL Ransom breaking into the little HOME `Jerusalem` by Deptford Park- A speech by Frederick Charles Ransom he made to Royal Exchange winter 1939 was hailed as magnificent& evidence given to his grand-daughter Greetah 1965...the young man handing it to her of a Murgatroyd branch cousin-age was murdered in the Argentine 2 years later)

1938 JUNE THE GIRL OF THE SNOWSwas to travel to FRANCE to her Philanthropy Vast Estate in that Republic & on to New York her Bridal Home on the waterfront New Yorkwhere she will be guarded by the State of New York`SHE HAS BEEN KILLED TOO SOON`A letter written & received 1938 to a Norwegian Prince/King reports on the `Heirs who have proved themselves capable of running The Grote Estate & it is about that Mrs Grote has been killed too soon` & the writer says at the finish `WE MUST THEREFORE PROCEED IN SILENCE`

Letter shown to Andre Malraux his Detectives & Colleagues Colne Engaine 1960 summeris given in this document reported by this illegitimate son of a Prince/King Norway who acted as his SecretaryHe 1960 had just had his 4 years old daughter murdered by Gross Britain in this horrendous theft- he had been not expected to marry because he was of Royal bastard blood& connected to THE GOLD of this RANSOM State ! JESU HENRI ! Deus Vult ?

The O`Neill family Ayrshire were friends of Margarethe Ransom Grote`s father Fred Ransom born early 19th century Perhaps his father Frederick Ransom toohe who bought `a parcil of 19 acres New York`stolen for quick money 1953/54...

A gift of land New York comes from Tiggy his Dad`s firm Grote Brokers Ransom added 1860s nearly 4 acres under the future CENTRAL PARKthey were apologetic at Tig`s enthusiasm & nobody having any shoes.

It is STOLEN FROM RANSOM philanthropy Estate end of the 20th century- Press give some details of this 4 acres WHO GOT THE MONEYS New York State Administration ? You ALL drip blood & gore from the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDRENA GENOCIDE you cover up ! - Records to G.R & LIR 1936 New York-& 1960-