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1504 - Ni-halahw Lady Yuss---(Lady Shampoo LIR calls her as a schoolboyhe is a Master of the Japanese Language at 21 years of age)

DOWRY granted 1512 by her Okinawa family- This is our RANSOM marriage to Lady Japan Old Royal Okinawa family YUSS in 1504 in Bruges Cathedral our straight line down & 2 children Ransom-Mainwarring too- In a gown of Rose pink-orange the wedding arranged by her Convent & sending her so beautifully adorned to AltarAfter 4 years Courtship they talked the Bishop into itshe had already Endowed the Covent & VARIOUS Charities `The delicate lady of Japan very learned-steeped in philosophies of peace- marries F. RANSOM widower wife & 2 sons drowned Arctic where Nihalahw`s brother picked he & one another up on a floating SPAR

He purchased 5 miles of land beyond The Basin Montrose & set up sheep farming- making this the HOME he would bring her to for some months each yearNot the Dundee home of the family drowned Arctictwo daughters from this first marriage had family & children(one branch goes to America) The MONTROSE Farmhouse with RANSOM carved in high letters over the stone fireplace & beside the big door was very convenient for them to SAIL IN & anchor in The Basin & be home in a triceThere valuable libraries came here

He held properties the known lands of the globe but they must always be careful of outbreaks of Religious Maniacs-greed-ignorance

1504 he F. Ransom at 44 years & she 29 years from a Convent given Release marry her Nuns adorning her & eager for her to bring children for them to have a care of He in his Mourning State for `they under the SEA 1499 arctic waters wife & 2 teenage sons ` came to visit Nihalahw Lady Japan at first in 1500 in a Bruges Convent for her Japanese brother now sailed his shipsHer fortune was well laid out-& he a Trader sometimes Brugesfriendsone a young painter JOOS van CleveBoth F.R. & Lady Nihalwah Yuss.. are highly educated/Cosmopolitan humanists

Diaries/letters refer to her as `My dear Lady of Japan who has brought me unhoped for happiness & our lovely childrenHer brother had this idea (issue 5 children)

THESE RANSOM DOCUMENTS if they exist 21st century & have not been burned etc by British Noble Scum or hidden away to SELL when all danger of the GENOCIDE has disappeared the globe are the property of the RANSOM families our direct linethey were available USA New York & places of scholarship 1960s but much of them stolen swiftly when ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN became ill from their murder of his two sons 1961ANOTHER DECADE OF SLAYINGS BEGANdown to 1990 A.D....

NOBLE penniless GREED has in envy & dope-addict violence burned from 1880s RANSOM GRONLANDER WEDDELL BOOKS manuscripts-diaries-paintings & removed all iconography/smashing at graves monuments in name of British Earls of Lindsay & Angela THE CROWN& frozen bloody mud puddles of Scandinavian NOBLES joined in grabbing Bank moneys lands art works etc/lists show some of the theft from 1938FIGURES FROM A MORGUE grabbed before those the other slabs could `Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men` letter/

HIGH CLASS NOBLE SIN most ON THE PIN have STOLEN OUR EXISTANCE we families of human beings on two legsso they these murderous sub-sub apes might go on getting away with the GENOICIDE of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN Ransom EstatesWeddell family of the INCA Roman Catholic marriage/wishing to plant a name of monsters on the Weddell Sea destroying infra-structure of the small nations in name of secret silence claim 1937 of Angela & EARLS OF LINDSAYbuggarhs ALL PENNILESS WITH GIGANTIC DEBTSall of them 20th-21st century dripping blood & gore vast moneys as their DOPE BOOZE shopping mania grew & grew- using the institutions of the Realm to do as they pleasedThey stole our Ransom Arab Emirates Shares immediately 2nd World War

14th-16th centuries We at this time RANSOMS are rich but she the Lady Japan is much richer - They can be seen in famous paintings not destroyed/& 17th century in another/not likely to be destroyedbut records are sometimes falsified- archives/records/the globe)an Altar- Kalkar Joest/assisted by young Joos van Cleve- F. Ransom is Lazarus- this red-gold hair comes down even to my father FJRwe trace main line back to Jutland BC before we come to Dunwich, East Anglia 92 AD

16th century first 35 yearsF.R. Diary/letters(as read to we children& heard again winter 1960 Colne Engaine Colchester )

`the winters at Montrose are harsh- we use lard for our hands & feet with spice & herbs we wear fursthe workers on the land are my ship crews & their families- we have a pleasant life but winter-tide is harshMy Lady & children are best in their bed room when weather very harshMy Lady I know is yearning for more booksin Summer we will always SAIL to warm landsWe go home to Japan every few years (Across Indian Ocean & Pacific-he is used to it for he has 3 generations of Chinese women his mother/grandmother/great grandmother - says FJR `we must have been very slant eyed in those days`) `She does not complain my Lady in winter but understands it is for our Estate our crews & workers & all the families they haveWE KEPT TO OURSELVES THE FIRST YEARS & they are educated by us & Tutors & some months abroad- we sent the boys to DANMARK for a half year for education- sailed to take them with us then they returned a little more The girls have our education & know all the world hasour little girl is very white & delicate but she prefers to stay home & always travels with us to the sunshineshe has no wish to marry but loves us-she can talk other tongues read all our books & is able to give us music when she will`

(the youngest lives until near 39 years old cared for by her brothersa contented young woman she was buried at Montrose with all the familyLennie & Greetah Ransom cleared with help 1936 the turf of the stone slabs the American RANSOM branch over to sail in The Basin helped excavate our graves covered because of Religious Disputes of Henry VIII later CromwellLen took photos & did drawingsTwo had been excavated early 19th century bodies measured & returnedone `the diminutive girl educated so highly for her father feared she would not get a husband`ALL GRAVES WERE DESTROYED & BURNED ORDERS LINDSAY EARLS & THE BRITISH CROWN1939-1948...)

1500-1530s Diary F. Ransom..`I feared her eyes my lovely Lady of Japan might draw comment if we went into society Montrose or London but on our Estate here we have everything we need & good company from our crews & their families & visiting companions come by ship to The Basin when no foul weather

Our sons pass without comment but draw no attraction on the Continent but Phoebe has the black Japanese eyesShe asks to go to Court & we may allow this when we have consultedshe is now 22 years(It cost them a Fortune & she married the widower Sir Lionel Mainwaring a man in debt who could not stop gambling-he had a son by lst marriageThey later die !

Uncle Gimlet Eyes Mainwarring RN says 1937...` The bounder-I would kick him up the b-u-mSir Lionelhe was not kind to our PHOEBEthe two children were 9 & 10 when she diedthey were to have a happy upbringing by another branchbut he and his son tried claim all our RANSOM fortunethen died of their nasty habits

However WE HAVE WON-here we all are& I will tell you about the CHINESE BRIDES RANSOM & that leads to us MAINWARRINGS`

14OO AD - 4 RANSOM BRIDES Asia to 1504 1400 - we went East again- not much before/diary F. RANSOM who marries The Lady of Japan/ marriage Britain-Okinawa 1504 / In 1938 FJR his grandson a straight line says ` & because of 3 Chinese brides before he marries Lady Japan we are rather slant eyed for sometime…” (FJR)

l. Lady Siberia not high as our wives before but accepted because they had taught us philosophy…”

her dowry/land/Kuriles

2. Lady of the Mystical Condition/she met some missionaries blown off course.said her father, brothers explaining her odd philosophies/dowry land

3. 1450 a daughter of the Sea-Trader, Settlement Governor with his friend alternating, philosophers, the Confucian HU`E ARTAN-marriage 1450/ dowry landthe SON from this marriage is F.Ransom of Montrose who will make a 2nd marriage to The Lady of Okinawa released from her Convent Bruges 1504

SEA TRADERS keep records/need to read & write.See True Tales Ransom Bridesembellished by Uncle Gimlet Eyes Mainwarring 1936/37/38...for his grand-daughter & cousin Greetah Ransom from the 16th century marriage of PHOEBE RANSOM to Sir Lionel Mainwarring-at Court- it cost her parents a lot of doughafter her death 10 years later they sailed to Japan & stayed away 2 years taking their youngest daughter as alwaysThey returned to Montrose-the two grandchildren a girl & a boy were happy & strong in health with a distant branch of Mainwarring

1937/1939...We were all to sail the Weddell Sea & JEAN ballerina grand-daughter of James Weddell & Aelovedmah-Maria Miss San Julian Inca, would dance on it- Alfred Charles Ransom, Uncle Mainwarring both RN would arrange a visitour WEDDELL SEA

A second visit we were all to go & visit 15th Grandpa HU`E ARTUN his 16 feet statue on the headlandfor we are of HIS LINEhe makes this clear- YOU ARE ALL TO SAIL IN & TELL ME WHAT YOU kin-after I am dead-I will still be sitting up here waiting for you all

19th-20th century

`The rest of the family speak some Japanese-& sail in for a cup of tea with young Hiroheto, & we maintain our 2 islets the very end of the LUSANS-our kin & kithHiroheto is educated & a scientist & studies sea horses & things

Tiggy Grote (1842-1904) knew his Dad- all of them keen on education, science, technologySpeaking of Tig to his son Hiroheto he says Tig has no religion- but thank goodness he has all of ours…”

RANSOM had an ancient HERBAL kept in The Temple City of London until stolen by Lindsaybuggarhs & THE ANIMAL PACK in name of Angela-all taking Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts since kids of 12-13 years when they visit their marble halls & stables-Mr Pong began age 7 years-

1938/9 RANSOM Herbal- was available for scholars-we bought it from the writer 2nd/or 5th cent AD- We used to swop books with a Scipio family Roma (Scipio Africanus) They lived in ROME on same spot 2,200 years-they only sold their home-nice garden end of 20th century/Rome noisy-`

1938/9 THE HERBAL WAS SWIPED-STOLEN-who got the dough - obscene criminally insane Nobles of Gross Britain…”