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It is 1938 when JEAN WEDDELL RANSOM my ballerina grandmother (she does her 2 hours practice every day of her life) began to tell me 5 years 6 months of age in depth the tragedy of the Family histories- SHE WAS FRIGHTENED FOR ALL OF US - SHE HAD THESE MONSTERS who put Angela claiming divinity rearing with venom at our Ransom Weddell Poulsen kith & kin - Attacks on our homes increased & these weird tricks to destroy reputations-we did not dare leave a home empty for a half a day- In September 1938 Lindsay 14-JIM-TGR poisoned Jean to death- Perhaps I did not hear JO say that summer morning 1937 whom she was to take luncheon with- SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT- Andre Malraux & Len LIR shared much information of this Summer 1937-Andre his notebooks-Lennie his diaries1960-

1957 November - Lindsay Earl 14 & his heir Earl 15 fashionable savage thugs with Jim calling himself `the Sovereigns uncle` hunting all who know of this Genocide as `Big Game`- arrogant in WHITES Club/he Stewardterrified of overseas exposure- & criminally insane so badly- they should not have been allowed out of cages ! GROTE HOMES children slain the globe by them & other sadistic fraudsters using the Realm- RANSOM ESTATE endless murders & robberies- `for Angela they say` but Meetings overheard prove they use a woman they do not like at all-

`Angela a pack horse for the crimes of her men` Augusta Frobisher RN 1953 letter to a Kinsman FAMILY Ettrick Napier-

1957 October CUR Jimmie James (1930s Mr PONG Jimmie Jong) now Steward of WHITES Club (with prostitution 2 flats round corner members expected to used them Thursday nights-all spirits spiked by JIM to get more sales-) was told to use Teresa Gordon Ransom to get rid of Greta from Andres side- This failed to part us- ANDRE & GRETA-we were to be given a DOUBLE CAR MURDER mid-December -STOPPED in last hours by MI5 & `my counterpart in 6 Peter` reports/witnesses/oral

1937 ANDRE MALRAUX-GUARDIAN to the globes greatest Estate-

Hated from 1879 by GROSS BRIT Gov Lords & Crown who are all penniless from a debauchery lifestyle- They object to education for foreigners to 18 years- but it is the Ransom lands the globe these fraudsters are after-their poor education & inbred obscene outlook on the rest of the world is GREED-MAGIFICIENT SORDID GREED-

Greta & Lennie RANSOM are legal heirs-& all Ransom family may inherit if we die !

Legal Will stolen PARIS France-addressed to Andre Malraux & letter to the President of France- he who will host the State Visit from G.B. July 1938- of fraudsters- General de Gaulle says March 1962 upon at last seeing the 3 legal Wills `an obscene gigantic piece of Statecraft by Gross Britannia `

1938 July -Envelopes for Andre Malraux received by Ambassador Phipps of Gross Britain Paris Embassy in May 1938- together with a letter handwritten by Mrs M. Ransom GROTE to the Ambassador- & another handwritten by Mrs Grote to the President of France for Andre Malraux to hand to him -

1938 May 17th - Ambassador Phipps would not hand this stolen Post/mail to Mr Jimmie Jong, Lindsay heir to Earl or Earl Lindsay-who came demanding envelopes-contents-& no delivery to Andre Malraux or the French President ! Angela received it with witnesses from Ambassador Phipps Embassy- She said `I want the Grote Homes cleared the lands sold & the moneys given to me` The killing of the children was underway winter 1938-1939 Norway (report with photos via Berlin January 1939) Netherlands (reports) South American Homes (many reports-photos-documents) -Venezuela 1941 (reports Grote ex-student Nun-others) All the children were butchered on land burned in pits on seashores- Others were sunk in nets offshore- The evidence was collected by shocked persons in all nations-the 2nd World War was taking place.

It was not the way Lindsaybuggarhs planned it- they intended taking control of the whole Estate as their unlawful Noble divine RIGHT-Waving a Copy of the Will in secret silence-but these criminally insane of HIGH CLASS SIN had many NOBLES jump on A HEARSE for RANSOMs & families- Angela said `an old Eskimo gave it to me when I was a child ` It is the biggest piece of philanthropy the globe has ever had-the biggest Estate of humanist ventures & investments in what is required by civilized peoples all nations-

1957end December- Plans to kill Andre & Greta went on-

A girl called Miss X took the thick rope off my (Greta Ransom) ankle but she did not say who had done it -she was in shock- she tried with her father report it to the PoliceI G.R. was scared how to get back-no idea we were so far out of London-I was invited by my brother John Ransom (born 1936) & Ronnie Magowan the Photographers only son- THIS sadistic re-enactment of the blackmail on Millie Frobisher Mrs JOHN RANSOM her only son age 12 years-the treats which had her sign the Lindsay second-cousins document so they could (newspaper reported) harm the economy of Florida for 30 years` This horrible non-accident arranged by Doc Mengele of the Royal Bootleggers Employment 3 Nov. 1953- IS NOT KNOWN TO MALRAUX until 1960s-

1947 it was Charles Magown Clacton Photographer pianist modern French music etc friend & Refuge sometime 1940s of Andre Malraux who gave the most beautiful Speech at our `early wedding` 17 April 1947- PERMISSION from `Young Paccelli` a friend of the Southern Irish families-

1957/58 XMAS THE ROPE AROUND GREETHA`s ankle this is cunningly planned by getting G.R. when MALRAUX IS IN GAUL to accept a young peoples Invitation from his son Ronnie (whom G.R. has known since he was born 1934).& John Gordon Ransom ex-Regent Street Polytec students in Photography-

1957 October CHARLES MAGOWAN WROTE TO ANDRE, but he did not receive it- early OCTOBER a short letter reached Greta from Mr Magowan-

& a telephone call to me Greta & ANDRE MALRAUX October 1957 so glad ye are together”…in his Glaswegian accent.

THEN HE WAS SUDDENLY DEAD ! In Exeter -where they had moved at their retirement in Clacton-on-sea 1954 where they had lived from 1934 running the best Photographers shop about- ANDRE MALRAUX HAD OFTEN STAYED WITH THEM 1947/48 during difficult times-they had 3 grand pianos & Charles Magowan & friends played modern French music

1957 October-early November savage murderous harassment by dirty JIM Cur JAMES the former Jimmie Jong Mr PongSteward Whites a HIGH Vice Club- The telephone was now removed from G.R`s room at the top of 50 Lancaster Gate Square ORDERS Mr Mengele Harrington paedophile in France as well as G.B. & globe is allowed to say he is the MALRAUX Physician for the Malraux family -

Known as `royal satrap` a proven paedophile in G.B. later Florida goes on private visits to tropical places where BANKS are in name of Grote RANSOM heirs with Nobles of G.B. & ScandinaviaALL SCATTIE ON THE PIN now adding LSD & Mengele MIXESMr Mengele Harrington is `a Peer in Waiting` for murdering human beings who know of GROTE HOMES children fate & RANSOM Estate Goes to tropical private visits including stop-offs Thailand frolicking in sea with little boys- is employed by Naval Intelligence etc to find people who have a knowledge of GROTE HOMES & Ransom estate in 3 Parts A to Z the world & take officially by break-in & entry for the British Government & the Crown anywhere off-shore all books-memorabilia-photos- paintings-diaries SO THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE CHILDREN CANNOT BE FOUND OUT again- (British Diplomatic enclave to be used)

Much paperwork exists in photos & witnesses accounts/Transport & investment holdings & ventures records 1945/6-onwards to 1980s- ( Arab EmiratesFrankfurt/New Zealand/ Canada of courseAsiaAfricaSouth America)

Nota bene : Our Estate has since 1830s had USA

administration-Argentine- mainly Grote Brokers for THE FAMILY GROTE-RANSOM-Weddell-some Gronlander properties In Buenos Aries are old Solicitors for Ransom from 1830s & some Weddell, & there is valued Asian assistance too- care of THE JOYOUS VENTURE of Aunt Mag & the delicate flower garden around the globea double girdle about the globe that no intelligent HUMAN BEINGS found fault withIT COULD NOT FAIL ~we care for our PEOPLES our LANDS-

1937 SUMMER- Andre & JO Greta- we in happiness-

at the seaside Clacton & about East Anglia-

RANSOMS away SPAIN: ANDRE NOT TOLD-but perhaps only Harry Gordon knows this mission-or part of it-

The family had the rescue of the Murgatroyd boy from the Lindsaybuggarhs/telephone calls/ If this had not been necessary ANDRE & JO would have greeted by them & learned enough of the Estate to guard themselves- & from November 1937 Malraux able to help guard the Estate- he would have been directed to the vast French connections of Aunt Mag & Tiggy- Five (5) HOMES with alive children educating to 18 years-investments from 18th century

1937 May- Lindsay Earls told by Angela they could grab the Murgatroyd ESTATE -Spain wont interfere- the cousin Murgatroyd was boiled in marmalade/ the Ransoms et al were ill with grief & did not return until October-November 1937..

1937 December- ANDRE MALRAUXs POST/mail stolen by THE BRITISH Government & Crown- & to his death when they could

1933 Xmas without any RANSOM Family being legally informed & not knowing of this crime- Gross Britain Imperial has ordered all our Post/mail to be stolen-& delivered to them at the back of Buckingham Palace- At Xmas & on Gretas birthday 1 or 2 trestle tables have them tear at gifts- (Nota bene : they are all criminally insane- excessive dope-booze & 1970 it is said the LINDSAY gang `may breed insane from the use as children of Divinorum Salvia Scotland-` City London call them `royal bootleggers` 1960s)