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1920s-1960sLindsaybuggarhs Premier Earls GROSS Brit say all the Estate is their property- & Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM & Len Immanuel RANSOM are Ape-Eskimos.& as they have a blood line to them LIndsaybuggarhs they are taking it all/ In silence-at lAW

Blood line is 1830 via Miss Clouts of Dereham Park-

Lindsays have in the 1500s a jet black line OF race- when somebody got a leg up in the Nouveau Indes- USA S.S. reports

As with other HUMAN-BEINGS the Ransom family of 92 AD have a lot of female relatives on many blood lines in 1830-

1938 This USA d& Argentine administered ESTATE with legal WILLS has been given by Angela to THEM- Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs-in Noble silence& they will pay all Crown debts & give her half- she insists says Mr JIM ON THE PIN that `AND OLD ESKIMO GAVE IT HER WHEN A CHILD`. (she who has JIM the half-Chinese racist ever at her elbow since age 12 years- & also & HE hanging about Teresa Gordon again at this time…‘Ange & Tree of the Roaring 20s-as their contemporaries call them- see cine film-two gals of JIM Jong in the most fairy-like frocks-1920...)

1938- Lindsaybuggarhs will now pay all the Crown bills-horrific from gambling when one woman M. TECK spent the entire Grant from the Government a year before it was due-the Family had to GO TO MONEYLENDERS not kind- The woman was stuck on raw opium-opiums/brandy & mixes & would rather have married a German Texan millionaire- but her German parents family insisted on this match- she began to live alone in Marlborough House/

EARLS of Crawford etc Lindsaybuggarhs will also pay bills of some dirty old Lords too & a matter of concern is the THFT going on in Scandinavia from `An old Eskimo`s Estate` -

Lindsays are going to cut all our forests Reserves in Nations not part of the British Empire & sell off the seashore lands & give Angela quick payment on some present day bills - accounts/reports/photos/

1939- up to this year before 2nd World War my father & grandparents others in the families had a system of all Overseas Post coming to the foreign Embassies of our blood lines- they were trustworthy- Collection was advised- or a delivery by hand arranged- Documents from USA WALL STREET NEW YORK for the heirs Greta & Lennie Ransom were not only sent to my Grandpa Ransom but a complete set sent to my father FJR- he never knew A SET CAME FOR HIS DAUGHTER HEIR 1933 ONWARDS until 1938- The Lindsays & Crown called all post into back of Buck Palace-

THE HIGH CLASS SIN Figures From a Morgue dope-fiends-boozers-ignorant-obscene-greedy creatures-

should never have known what THE GROTE RANSOM Estate owned around the globe-it was by agreement with those

Independent & free Nations- THE FIGURES FROM A MORGUE GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA TOO ALL HAD THEIR SNOUTS IN OUR PRIVATE POST/Maildocumentsour lives offshorethey the inbredwho call us apes Eskimos & fuzzy wuzzies

Onassis- When he found out who had killed Greek orphans/staff 2nd World War wanted to do the lot of them in- He may have given the British Territorial Army help getting some monsters given the same deaths/1960she took care of the shore settlements-peoples on Ransom Estate/holdings/philanthropy when he could-

1864 GROTE HOMES WERE ALWAYS DISAPPROVED OF BY THE BRITISH EMPIRE top of the pyramid the high class sin-Figures from a Morgue- The HOMES were never at all a matter for the fallen declining Empire of the British Nobles & Crown to know about- GROTE HOMES is an AMERICAN institution of intelligent human beings !

The LOUD MOUTH of Earl Lindsay & other British Nobles from 1879 expressed disapproval of EDUCATING FOREIGNERS who are fatherless to 18 years-RULERS SONS were to educate to 18 -

1920s- Noble penniless Vagrants-poverty of intellect-sharp gamblers-luxury lives `on tic` G.B. Government Lords & those on a rung of the ladders -Crown & Scandinavian branches with holes in the roof sneered at RANSOM-WEDDELL-Gronlander-San Julian human beings- & called our Branch of the family & of Margarethe Ransom Grote Apes & Eskimos to our faces 1920s- into the 1960s-

By killing the Grote children-settlement families-kith & kin all foreign peoples these criminally insane Noble British & Scandinavians were able to flash-glitter-stomp about in big boots again upon the Worlds stage-logging-gutting our lands- The killing went on-to cover up the slain Grote children for so many people knew- `Hunting Big Game` was regarded as holiday time off-shore-secret numbers Whitehall gave funding- tills swung open when these criminally bestial insane walked byThe Noble establishment figures had the Post/mail stolen as ever-& stuck their snouts in it- their Racism the most lethal the globe has ever known

BESTIAL GREED-using the LAW As soon as Noble Britain had killed all the GROTE HOMES children 2nd World War they knew they need never be caught- the crime is so obscene no Nation could face up to it- GROSS BRITAIN as they ran it at the top became rich-paid its debts-went on the big spend-splash-dope-booze-BIG TIME-Casino time-cashing cheques on Banks in name of Greta & Len Ransom-Grote Brokers- & running mainly a most unhelpful to the globe crass Trade-The 2nd World War made it possible for them to SAIL IN Navy ships-go ashore smaller craft & slay the children- reports/photos/pits found/offshore nets of children are round the globe-RN report December 1946/others into 1960s-1990s


did not meet any RANSOM family except Greetah whose life ANDRE saved- he spotted on my hip needle marks-he knew the signs of heroin used on children from ASIA- eyes & edges of the teeth-& he knew why I Greta Ransom insisted the first day of his arrival that I was to die in September- & go to be buried with Teresa Carroll mother of Granny Gordon- she the Plato & Harmonist Studies girl who died when Great Aunt Annie Agnes artist was 2 years old 1882-


ANDRE MALRAUX took the medicine away that was being spooned into me daily by Unitys mother-this was perhaps 10 days later- which I objected to- describing how I felt ! What it did to me! He had noticed things after the spoonful she put in me in the mornings !

ANDRE went to see Archie(his wife was a schoolgirl with Esther)

in Clacton Boots the Chemists- Archie said it does not do much good-a proper diet is best - I cried when the danger was over-& got picked up on his breast & patted He describes this to PJPW 1970...

1937 MAY - SHEshe took off to LONDON TOWN-a change of Rulers/ Teresa Gordon Ransom had laced this medicine again with heroin plus something else- Lindsaybuggarh 14 & Jimmie Mr Pong two evil little Jack-in-boxes got her INVITATIONS May onwards FOR SLOW POISONING GRETA RANSOM- SHEshe RECEIVED INVITATIONS TO ALL THE KNEES-UPS AT THE TOP or with others unacceptable gate-crashed- Except the Abbey Ceremony-even though they called her Mrs Gordon-Gordon de Cann to get her in- She had promises of properties overseas-moneys from Angelas MEN for harming her husband & daughter-they give her much free dope too-

If there was one scrap of intelligence in her at all then


In this noble Class at the top of the British Pyramid they are all bestially insane on these dope mixtures from age 12/13 years onwards- Sunday afternoons they turn the Church Service upside down & 10 Commandments- culling is easy to them- hunting heirs as big game. The most hideous dope they use is fire-blown pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland either up their snouts or under a fold of skin on the forehead- it hits a 12 years old brain in 2 seconds- creating determination to WIN Their parents pay the house hold bills a year with a crop of this plant-shipped to nations using slave labour of tiny children to 30 year old who do not reach 40 yearsSIN ON A PIN

1921 end of Winter up North- many of the HIGH CLASS SIN stood watching a man being burned in petrol at their feet- Teresa Gordon was not there-she was told & said not my taste - Angela was in the front row in Wellington Boots (rubber boots)The man would have got the wrong heiress or would not sell his lands- They see grisly performance as toughening them up -Purple Plum pellets gangs- many have parents-relatives who grow this NOBLES DRUG-Ed du Canns uncle Feb 1954 is boasting he has just got 20-thousand pounds Soho for the Crop of 2 years-he & 5 Partnersreport/witnesses/G.R.

1948 there was a USA Agents report of 1948 circulating into 1950s Scarlet Town- on his recent encounters in Scotland-a colleague went missing-

1937 ANDRE MALRAUX-says he half believed somebody had added something to this bottle of medicine for a child said to have anaemia & too excited about grown-up matters said the mother whom he was not impressed with 1924...but he had seen the needle marks on Gretas hip-heroin injected & for some weeks perhaps even months- he had seen it in The East on children-THERE WERE NO RANSOM FAMILY to speak with ! He was not to be told they had to leave in seaplanes launches they owned for a RESCUE IN SPAIN !

ANDRE MALRAUX - `he was sure it was in the medicine 1937... after proving this was so in April 1947- 1970 ANDRE MALRAUX reads from his notebooks the account of Greta in the Church Sunday morning April 20th 1947...NEAR IPSWICH

1947 April/into September/Notebooks MALRAUX-

In 1970 Malraux reads his notes The Pillar House Harwell to PJPW- GRW allowed take shorthand notes-at first at the table opposite him-then from the little kitchen dining-room hatch- he was distressed looking into my eyes- he calls out `My wife Peterafter Jo whom I chose as my wife when she Josette was dead I & my next Catholic wife chose our future path- I had responsibilities to the living-`