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1945 Noble High Class Sin & Figures from a Morgue-

The cunning brutes were out to blame my father- Frederick John RANSOM Army Captain -whom theyd tried kill Philippines (but useful he speaks Japanese) then in Kenya-saved by some humanists-hidden-got back September 1945 to Gross Brit- FJR in shock from learning of the slaying of all the GROTE HOMES children-staff-settlers-Trying to give his big family Ransom-Weddell-Poulsen the thumbs up` we must save what we can of the Joyous Venture-

1949 Dr Len Immanuel Ransom co-heir says he knew extent of the slaughter GROTE HOMES children-Japan hid their orphans- LIR is a Master in Japanese language- `Lens shock had no words at first- It is confirmed RN ships used-Alfred Charles RANSOM Rear Admiral & other HIGH RANKING RN confirmed in horror 1946- Admiralty records-eye witnesses-

1946 Augusta Frobisher discovers all children slain- She & Alf. Charles 1948 on their knees praying

1953 to kinsman Ettrick/Napier `Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men`- Augusta murdered Norway 1954 by JIM-

1937 onward- ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN to the globe`s greatest piece of PHILANTHROPY THERE WAS TO BE NO HAPPINESSGENOCIDE beganThere are hundreds of accounts of the slaying of the children A to Z-nations of the globe outside & within the British Empire who exhibited HATRED at the Estate, its heirs, its families. heard, seen, photosit was not until the 1960s that some of the bestial murderers were caught & exterminated- this was after MALRAUX & de Gaulle proved the Will had never been received-AND THAT MALRAUX, & the General HAD THEIR POST/mail stolen by G.B. Government & Crown ruthlessly-

1937 SUMMER Clacton-on-Sea the house with the rectangle garden the garage at the end by the remains of an ancient hamlet 17th century.over from the Church, into Marine Parade-advancing upon Pier Avenue-

& GEORGIE-ANDRE MALRAUX goes popping into The CO-OP for this & that - he suddenly notices HOME/HEIMAT/Maison Doth hath the need for-Well wee-mee-think`th Iiiiia`h-some brown sug`arrhh for the custard tarts.

17th century Nonconformist speech from East Anglia- which I Greetah, at school in my pram from 14 months, QUAKER SCHOOL- doth retain-until end of 2nd World War & now we hath to all be smart with Scarlet Town speech- or mocked are wee- & get no jobs-except in the Museum world where we are valued

1937 GHOSTS-Angels-demons, devils, witches

Sitting in the garden one evening after a busy day on our feet seeing churches, buildings, villages our talk came to ghosts & ghostly mattersJosette very level headed here. I saying you perhaps can see them if you can step back in their time-perhaps by thinking-but I am not sure-there are ahead inventions-mankind may learn more-I ask about such matters of family & friends. I do not think ANDRE believed in ghosts at all-only memories having to be upheld-he may hath seen too much of blood & gore in SPAIN- but our thoughts spoken got to THE STARS & TIME-& we will go-we have to.

I knew of Old Professor DUNN & his dimensions- its a blue school book- I tell them that my Father says IT IS NOW OLD HAT, daughter- but he was pushing at matters at least…”

Nota bene : My father born Nov 1911 is younger than ANDRE MALRAUX- born November 1901...That SUMMER 1937 OF THE RESCUE IN SPAIN of the 22 years old Murgatroyd cousinFrederick John RANSOM eldest son Greta`s father is only 26 years of age- killed by all of them-British Noble SCUM employing Mengele paedophile Harrington

At least FJR he stood with his INCA ancestor spirits atop of Macchu Pichuu in 1936...while LENNIE & I fumed below !

You would not know he FJR is 10 years younger in experience of the globe- in 1957 October Andre sayth your father- could run a small Republic-like France- better than me- this was why you were able to talk to me in 1937 & I could learn things from youa little boy-girl, a stout walker who could make Fairy Cakesand took such care of me the day I was ill- from not putting on my warm jersey that morning beforeit ws not My Nerves!…”

1945 we RANSOM FAMILY had a book in the `Pearly` library by Old Fred Hoyle-somebody told me in the 1980s he was only 21 when he wrote it- sorry Young Fred Hoyle !

1937 SUMMER The night was comfortable warm, fresh air from the SEA now a blackness out there from the shores-I do not love it the SEA as all the Ransoms do- I prefer to FLY with Lennie Flyer- & when we go to GREENLAND next June 1938 to take Aunt Mags SPIRIT to the Island & we are to say we have been to Greenland FOR A BEER I plan that I will always fly everywhere-with Len if I can- Some of these matters I hath passed two words upon -when something stirs the memory in our hours the day & night-to the Blessed George ANDREbecoming such a good boy-a Catholic boy

GHOSTS & a possible other world- Heaven was not considered-it was separate- at least for me from Ghosties & things dead & evil walking- of science I had some & the stars-& we would visit !

1937 THAT EVENING- I was allowed to speak on a party, queer that SHEshe gave (Unitys mother was in the kitchen seeing to this & that- glad to have us out of the way).

SHEshe said it was a party for MEN TOO HOLYit was last winter-some Salvation Army men & some Bookmakers came thinking my father a man of WISDOM would be there-she gave them a drink from a jug& they began to take their clothes off-

I did not hear what SHEshe was saying as they drank the pint POTSI crept away on all fours & out by my secret way & went to the kindly neighbour who is half-Jewish & has the sick husband who needs nourishing foods so we have her help us for money-and she is pleased- She went to the other neighbour who has no fear of SHEshe & they called the POLICE-men-

They took her off to the Cooler & the poor men were taken to the hospital after they had their clothes put back on- they never remembered anything- we could all protect them hereafter-

The POLICE-men kept her hidden in a cell for 5 nights-shed gone mad again-they would not let her have a Solicitor & Dr Clarke her Family doctor as she brags (he is not mine) was told little matter about your conduct in Canada before you came over here Sir…” He went to his Surgery & dropped the matter-hell not be taken to THE RACES anymore by SHEshe who is often GOT OUT by phone calls from her friends Mr Pong & Angela & the Lindsaybuggarhs who want her destroying our lives


I thought ANDRE-George looked placid at my finishing sentence- When I had just begun his eyes were like two big moons- Josette is much more level headed-& knows life is difficult

ANDRE MALRAUX has known SHEshe since winter 1924/5 when he & friends helped her & Miss Plunket Greene who were in Deauville & had come to CALAIS with Jim JONG Mr Pong & he had robbed them & knocked them with a SPIKED DRINK- he has the KEY to the dusty Mansion France of the Bloody Liars Angela`s ANCESTRAL place-

1937 Summer- The House on the Corner Clacton-on-Sea-

Our hostess Unitys mother came out with her apron still on-she likes to do some things on her ownJust as I added The POLICE-men went to Grandpa Gordon but he & Granny were away seeing his brother JOHN…….

She explained ‘…George & Mary Gordon they go up to see his brother in Scotland- he has A SEAT & lives alone with his servants-she died just before the wedding-he does not want to forget.

I was a little upset & felt fear about Scotland & said

NO! Granny & Grandpa Gordon never go into Scotland because of what happened to Johns little Bride-to-be-hours before she was to put on her wedding fineryWe say prayers in church

THEY ALL MEET IN MANCHESTER- with Grannys families & have a happy timesometimes he pops over to Southern Ireland to see them, all Grannys cousins…”

I G.R. was allowed to go on - He has had to wait 20 years to send them to Hell, all of his Retainers & the neighbours helping- they caught them one by one- everybody helped-

Great-uncle JOHN, he grows the best tomatoes in Scotland-Oh before anybody could grow themBUT HE DOES THESE THINGS FOR THE LIFE THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD-

She is not a ghost but he & all the servants go on living there as if the Wedding had happened-

Or they would all have gone insane or at least got nerves-

AT CHRISTMAS THE HOUSE IS LIT decorated & presents-

The table laid for a Christmas feast as it should have been-

They pretend she & the children they would have had

all come down from Heaven- all the rooms are prepared as they were when she was coming a Bride- & the children their rooms as well- he buys some toys-then he gives them to the poor the next year & goes shopping for some more-

1890/91 `HE HAD EVERYTHING READY & SHE HAD HER WEDDING DRESS- then hours before they should go to the Kirk to be married he found her beautiful young face cut off & laid before his door. They never found her body

So they built her a lovely tomb in the garden & decided everything must go on as planned- but they would let THEM forget-then they would SEND THEM TO HELL. She may have been called Marjoriebut I am not sureGreat Uncle John is still there` (She is a Marjorie Cameron-parents had a factory-were killed-she kidnapped by this Branch-)