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When she was born she was kept hidden by them-then a MAIL Robbery had all the big Places searched for it was known ALL THAT LOT were pennilessGroat-lessSo the Police & the Insurance people found her & they took her OFF THEM & put her with an old Aunt- & she was very happy to have a companion. She dressed her very nicely & they went out to many Church matters & teas & things- SHE MUST NEVER GO ANYWHERE ALONE-

They may have killed her parents then got hold of her

THESE-THEY had not let her have a schoolroom about her but they had to have employed 1 or 2 Tutors- SHE WAS NEEDED TO SIGN HER NAME & WELL & converse-& be presented at this & that- Solicitors & Courts from time to time- So they were not cruel to her- BUT SHE WAS NEVER TO GO FREE- she had moneys- they were ever in debt from the debauchery

THEY had the POWER to stop her marrying but at 21 years old they could not & as she lived with the old Aunt & she had been taken OFF THEM she could marry at 21 years if she pleased She met Grandpas brother JOHN GORDON at a church meeting & a nice friendly TEA afterwards- she was old fashioned but not quaint& quite learned of histories…’

& so they were to made a matchGrandpas brother John Gordon he was a great reader & she knew a lot. He got a lovely home ready & hed even take her after they were Wed overseas visiting Ruins & lovely Cities

THIS DREADFUL MATTER HAPPENEDthere was no money found for a Charity, or to set up a school

Or for her poor old Aunt- because THESE THEY now claimed she had never existed & they got ALL HER MONEYS

But to stay SANE everybody with Great-Uncle JOHN GORDON decided while waiting to SEND THEM TO HELL they would go on with the LIFE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN

If she was IN HEAVEN-if there was a Heaven-then she looked down & was happy.& perhaps God let her have the children as they had planned` G.R. heard family histories on Sundays after Church- then we go the Cemetery Visit afternoons-


but really common-sense says everyone to go on as if she had not died just before the Wedding- for what could you do having to live all thatNOBODY COULD JUST FORGET HER- Majorie Cameron locked up from a baby-released at 18 years-to marry for love at 21 years- murdered horribly by another of these evil dope-filled dope growers of Scotland-

JOHN GORDON & the retainers & friends all knew they would have to wait sometime to SEND THEM TO HELLAfter THEY the demons had got the money they went abroad but soon they had to creep back full of debts- & THESE-THEY fight amongst themselves when the money is running out.

Uncle Harry Gordon says there should NOT BE KNOWN SUCH DRUGSthat can do this to people-make them so cruel

JOSETTE said when at first ANDRE-George gave interpretations he thinking it was part my imagination & listening to family tales at night with my door open-


She made her notes- her titles sub-titles across the Exercise book pages-this is her IDEAS & archives

JOSETTE she may write a story or use ideas from this TRUE TALE of A BARBARIC SCOTLAND where Earls & the powerful could take all moneys from young people & then kill them, remove all records & say the person had never existedas they tried to do to Margery Mainwarring heiress`

2nd World WAR- the entire 20th century-

lackeys like Mengele Harrington were paid astronomical sums of moneys from the Nation/Crown Office etc employed secretly to kill & destroy all the Paperwork-order graves removed-endowments philanthropic JOYOUS VENTURES & all moneys transferred to the criminally insane for their noble Memorials- Moneys stolen by their massive fraud & massive violence from this Estate owned by a highly educated gentle humanist woman speaking 20 languages whose husband they hath slain justifying their crime by calling her `AN OLD ESKIMO` - Margarethe Ransom Mrs Grote daughter of FRED RANSOM polymath-craftsman-musician- From the 1880s GROTE HOMES & the flower-garden Estate twice round the globe was acknowledged by educated persons of HIGH DEGREE INTELLIGENCE as pure REASONbe they poor as Church mice or in positions where they help all mankind- & Act the Gospels Out.

Sea Traders hath experience of the powerful noble monsters used by Gross Britain to eye their goodly Estates offshore. Up to the end of the 19th century we could sail away from their narcotic greed

JUSTICE would put Lindsaybuggarhs & The Figures from a Morgue on chains to build our Universities Nord Pole-South Poleto Poul Gronlander & family & James Weddell his wife & his father-in-law the INCA nobleman mathematician-astronomer-humanist a Roman Catholic family surname SAN JULIAN -

1937 Summer Clacton-on-Sea - One evening sitting in the garden at night I began a Tale of the Cabbage Fairy- She comes in November & skates upon the leaves of the dark green cabbages-their hearts enclosed tightly from the frosts & bitter winds for they know we want them for the winter dinners for XMAS-tide & to keep us all healthy & wise until the spring garden plants are back again-

JOSETTE was sad & ANDRE tired I think- They have not yet had their DISCUSSION round the kitchen table with Unitys mother Freddie Theatre & me a listener if they wish -but able to come & go from making this & that with what we hath collected about the landshaft-landscape- It is about what they are to do now they have decided they want to make a life a long life togetherTHEY ARE APPROVED OF ABOUT THE TOWN-

When we go about the town & out to something nice

JO is always treated as `his young lady- & when will they wed`& she looks happy- & other good people knowing there is an impediment show there approval of them AS A PAIR-

Josette went to bed & Andre & I were sitting there under the diamonds in the sky the other worlds- & I can remember I tried be cheerful going on with Flower Fairies stories for wintertime- but feeling a bit little & silly & not sure if I should go & sleep at Granny Gordons houseperhaps I am not wanted anymore

ANDRE shakes his hair from his forehead then shakes it back again-I see him now 2008 AD- he reaches for some of the garden chairs as he rises his sea serpent movements that are graceful but swift- I feel lost & do not want to go to sleep at the bottom of their bed if they are unhappy.

I shall go to bed sayth hee-& lifts the white cup he brought out earlier for himself with tea-turns on the spot & says I am going

.& a very high sloping figure he makes stretching from putting a chair back in place - & he goes !

I near tears at being left all night perhaps- I am quite alone under the BLACK SKY- THE DIAMONDS those other worlds scattered so thickly upon the blackness above everywhere I look-

I can see it as I write this-feel the emptiness of being alone-only my dead grandpas & grandmas behind me stretching back into the sea mists of the shores of the worldIt was a very still night no sound of the sea pounding which is always comforting & I know I am alive.

I was here in the vegetable garden quite alone at midnight & realised I had to expect to be alone & often it could not be avoided-perhaps I should creep out & go up to the Cemetery & sit beside Grandpas grave & Auntie Kitty who died in 1929 she was very pretty with real curly hair- Being alone did bring unhappiness-but I must always be prepared for I am me with a million children a quarter million grownups to take care of with Lennie & we are in training a curriculum worked out by intelligent peoples of the globe-

Mr Pong & SHEshe sometimes have shut me under the stairs in the dark cupboard saying NO SCHOOL FOR APES.. & I cannot go to school for she will say no clothes Mr Pong may come early morning when Daddy has left & they set about frying bacon for sandwiches & drinking brandy-other things- cleaning out all the Port bottles-Mr Pong tells her you will not have satin & lace Teresa like Angela-unless you do as we say…”

SUDDENLY HAPPINESS sweeps my small coming 5 years body- ANDRE-Saint George strode gracefully from the dark house noiselessly coming to me saying you are coming to bed as well-we all have another day-it will soon be another day…”

& he said a few other things I cannot clearly remember but happiness descended from the vast black night above-I will not go to the Cemetery-perhaps they would like let me go with Granny Gordon on Sunday afternoon

1957 November-December -Andre Malraux will begin to give me back all this lost time from his notebooks his memories- 1937 the night of being all alone under

the black sky-then joy his return-I was placed kindly at the foot of their bed & we all had a good nights sleep the

SEA AIR coming in the window- another to-morrow happily together & I hear he went at 8 am for his newspapers-

We became a unit-a family, Peter Andre Malraux retired Minister Culture France will say 1970 in winter-reading from his notebooks of the SUMMER holiday 1937-