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1937 SUMMER Discourses - ANDRE-JOSETTE-Greetha

We were UNDER THE GREAT BLACK SKY with DIAMONDS set in its vast spaces- & we have all agreed with discussions that WE ARE TO GO TO THE STARS

(& I know from my family histories that Gertruid Great POULs grand-daughter had eyes like diamonds in the Black Northern skies when FREDERICK RANSOM came sailing in with his brother JOHN RANSOM & began his courtship of a Maid in Eskimo clothes with her girlfriends She can be seen my fathers Great-Grandma Gertruid 2-times-back for Greetah in the painting by their old friend Delacroix Sardanapulas-she wears an indigo veil- it is in the PARIS Louvre- Delacroix liked painting her exotic presence listening to her Greenlandic lore-she spoke several languages well having been in Finishing School Norway(The British Nobles made obscene drawings in the 1930s of an educated woman- & of her daughter Margarethe the richest person in the globe to their CRASS bestial envious understanding-they the Vagrants sailing about the globe)

The RANSOM BROTHERS late 1820s borrowed a skiff at Frederickstown & went to look at a new harbour site called JOHNSTOWN but it would not do-not deep enough-they sailed along & eyed the girls for it was time they had brides & got some good blood coming in-their mother a Miss Keiller had died at 32 years of age from an Apothecary insisting she could not go to church with this little lump on her neck-autopsy done by FR 19 years old who took his young mothers body to near Edinburgh in shawls & blankets & learned with the doctors-lump not at all going to her brain directed by the Devil- ignorant older family members her side persuaded to bow to pressure- Because of this he wrecked his ship channel-sat talking with young friend Gericault about wrecksbought 3 paintings-ANDRE MALRAUX SAW photographs & article in a magazine 1920s on these- `Property of a woman who lived on a barren Scots Hebrides Island`

A Weeping Andre Malraux in winter 1970 said he had nothing to connect in SUMMER 1937 when Greetah spoke of an ancestor helping `paint a Raft`

`The RANSOM family were away in Spain on a rescue- a terrible tragedy happened- JEAN WEDDELL ballerina was soon Winning in the Spanish Courts for the bereaved Murgatroyd Missionaries- Jean grandmother Ransom to Greta- her first languages Spanish-Portuguese-French-American-some Peru & Tierra dialects-she always spoke English with South American accent-so British Nobles called her an Ape`

1820s West Greenland - FRED RANSOM spoke to this Maid in GREENLANDIC-she answered him in NORWEGIAN-he tried that & she answered him in FRENCH-He tried GERMAN & she knew that- & LATIN-she tossed her head & gave him a Sermon on the Mount in GREENLANDIC stressing the teaching of JOHN a favourite in Greenlandic Christian teaching- She did not have Ethiopian to her tongue- Frederick RANSOM was fluent- from putting himself in the COPTIC school 6 months when he was 12 years old & went to stay with a widowed Aunt for 2 years: his Aunt was told to stay living in the Residence-her husband had been the Consul ( USA or G.B. ?)

GERTRUID POULSEN- she is Jacops only daughter ( Jacop Gronlander-POULSEN eldest son of POUL GRONLANDER & Margaret nee Yates his wife ) & HER DOWRY WAS GREAT POUL GRONLANDERS ISLAND agreement with her brother Count Poulsen Norway- SHE WAS THUS COMMITTED TO BUILD A UNIVERSITY to her Grandfather POUL on the island Jacopsholmen- a big island off Xristenshab- Decree 1770 Danmark-

FRED RANSOM he records the first meeting her eyes were like diamonds in the Northern Skies its in Jacops Ladder an autobiography by J.R after her death & their life of miraculous achievements-the Theatre Jacopsholmen Island going up & that world of intelligent civilized humanism visiting an Island of happiness- craftwork-hospital-school of outstanding intelligence- modern houses superior to Europe-hygiene-diet-Island able to provide for itself always 5 years ahead from the Ice Caves everybody had

Old Fred Ransom up within the Arctic circle had the first metal re-cycling Unit in the world says Captain Alan Villiers THE FIRST BELL CAST IN GREENLAND, 7 feet or so tall

`Fred & Gertruid Ransom had the four children-

lst Frederick age 7 years to fall down a crevass with cousins Gronlander bodies never recovered- then Margarethe- John & Poul the school the highest standard in the globe adds Captain Alan Villiers Dec 1967 Oxford- `

Utopia-democracy but they kept stopping them putting up the University- BOMBED IT- Peter- 7 years ago ! SHAME - SHAME - SHAME ! bombed by Gross Britain & Denmark 1960 June onwards-& Captain Alan Villiers named gormless big spenders of violent fraud-December 1967 Oxford- All Hell broke out around us again snooping wretches with long black tongues sadistic brutes who drip blood & gore from the slaying of the Grote Homes children so they could get DOUGH- Greta being blamed by ice blobs on a mud puddle for living at 50 Lancaster Gate Square invited by ANDRE MALRAUX April 17th 1957

at 24 years of age-10 years after our Catholic Wedding of Grace-in happiness we both now strode tall while-Diaries/accounts

1937 January - Nota Bene : `have nothing to do with Courts & Kings young woman-we once found an enlightened Ruler-down in San Salvador` Captain Liam RANSOM

1937 SUMMER HOLIDAY- nearly midnight after sad hours of they not in harmony the daylight hours- I begin to describe to JOJo&Joh & ANDRE-George what it is like to be the Cabbage Fairy & SHE IS SKATING ON THE BLUE-GREEN LEAVES encrusted with frost FOUL WINTER HATH COME to seacoasts the globe & cabbages give us health -

1937 - Did I attempt to tell of Millicent Frobisher Mrs JOHN RANSOM my grandpa Ransoms tragic tiny mother & why we always keep the house Jerusalem at Deptford- speak of true happenings nowadays

Mill sits on the stairs- We say Lennie & I- `going skating Mill ? ` Wait a moment & we will come& we can all call in at the Ice Cream Makers Soho & go into the Park where you take little Frederick Charles in this push-chair I am happy to have- We can go talk with JEANs Grandpa Weddell sitting on the Deptford waterfront-give him some hope- say WE ARE ALL HERE & HEALTHY-& determined to survive-& its thanks to you & all of them our lines sailing down the years of the centuries- & you came a bride because you loved us all so`

I must have said some sentences of family histories while relating ` a FAIRY SKATING IN WINTER not minding foul weather-

I always finish personal matters the family with `A CHEERFUL ADVICE` - how to deal with grief & this is learned from both lines my grandparents- Lennie & I are unable to avoid sad lives lived or being lived but they must never be forgotten & trash put in their places-

we show to others PATHS OF HOPEIt is my father FJR his brothers JR & LIR who will pass written work on the RANSOM et al family histories to ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 on

1937 NEXT MORNING DAWNED & ROSY FINGERED DAWN WAS WEARING HER CLOAK OF SAFFRON for we seem to have slept longer- & we three rose from our beds our natural chosen times /our beds are tied together & I because of the nightmare am welcomed to sleep at the bottom of their tied beds as the little lion the little Palestine Crusaders dog at the foot of our tombs - We were all very happy more than before- & Andre Saint GEORGE was especially kind & attentive to JOSETTE at the breakfast table the next days- & the happy holiday routine went on`


an American Gentleman saves the Grote Homes Ransom heirs- April 1936 -NEW YORK City- I did mention his duck-billed platypus now & then- but Andre felt this was beyond his comprehension- even though he speaks English from Joseph Conrads translated books- I expect the 17th century Quaker part speech was perplexing & coffee ice cream in Tierra del Fuego & how to get out of our INCA cousins mound- Jean dancing Debussys Iberia for the Basque cousins the Aquida family of her great grandmother - we have arrived by our own seaplanes & launch 1936

1937 SUMMER Unitys mother goes to help get her father get up for the hours of the day at the white painted Convalescent Home towards Holland beach JOs beach- & she looks after this sweet little house & us & our laundry & things. One morning JO said we would make a broth as they do at home in France- & she has seen cooking in Spain-& we will go round the Town for broth makings-so with baskets on our arms we left the key under the back garden mat for Saint George ANDREWUnitys mother has shown us the Spanish wine she has got in 6 bottles- but she says we will go to other Towns ancient Towns for more varied selection other lands- in Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis is a one man shop that has rare things-even Oozu-its Greek I am informed- I will pass this information on-the artistic peoples of Essex will know of this- I do not know of Retzina yet-but its only meaningful to those who hath lain upon those shores-& heard the THUNDER & THE SURGE OF THE ODYSSEY- `the surge & thunder of the Odyssey` Andrew Lang writer poet-coloured Fairy Books-