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ANDRE- Josette Greta-& families- IN OUR TIME OF PERSECUTION THAT IS ENDLESS AHEAD- the period 4 Feb 1968- 30th April 1993- then to faire France- can illustrate the GREED OF BESTIAL IDIOTS clutching at us ` a gigantic obscene piece of Statecraft by Gross Britannique ` says General de Gaulle March 1962-receiving at last the 3 Legal Wills to the Grote Ransom Estate the globe- his Courier doped 2 hours - Feb 1960 documents removed by Naval intelligence teams of bilge rats-

We are surrounded by Vagrants `beasts of prey` -all able to go to banks the globe in Ransom names- still chortling `old Eskimo gave it to Angela yah know`- They are 20th century terrorists of nations A-Z the globe- & there are our Ransom lands down the former Yugoslavia- & Russia-China-Siberia-Canada-Newfoundland & either Poles that they are craftily plotting to get when Communism fails Lands of RANSOM BRIDES who came with their dowry- & a civilized settlement & society- later a GROTE HOME flourished gently with no financial problems -

A one night guest 1900s at The Pillar House Harwell- the writer of the Greek lines came to stay in the big East bedroom-looking out on the croquet lawn (where I put 21 fruit trees for shading the players 1970/1- the big east room upstairs the Whitehead family nursery -play room where Andre Malraux sleeps a night autumn 1970... Here 1900s at The Pillar House rented for 150 pounds a year by L. Leslie Brooke he & Lang spoke of illustrations to another Coloured Fairy Book-Warne- but it did not materialize-

Henry Brooke MP youngest child of LLB is telling Amanda-Paul-Victoria-little Peter 1970s `he felt it was because his parents did not light a fire for the night in that great room-they had to be careful of the pennies-he & his brother needed education-(you can see their mother drawn then by LLB & caption `& what they did not eat that night the Queen next morning fried` Here is civilized behaviour 1970s with heart warming memories of a visit to a childhood home by a man who went into Government-but got interference from Doctor Mengele Harrington & thugs who wished to cover up THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND AGAINST RANSOM Estate & GROTE HOMESletters to Whitehead children from another child of `Johnny Crows Garden`

ANDRE MALRAUX always widower of JO bereaved of his sons since 1961- hears of this life & comes to see it but madness stalks around us as always now doubly so-

ANDRE MALRAUX Widower kneeling at JOs tomb & then their boys ages 21 & 18 a car killing arranged by JIM-Lindsays-Mengele all experts in this -for Naval intelligence & ice & mud puddles of debauchery- It is also tomb of the Wedding of Grace

1947-made in Heaven-George Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom-

Georges-Andre Malraux of SUMMER HOLIDAY Clacton-on-Sea 1937 will sleep in this East room-of the Ransom Rathbone WHITEHEAD family 1968-1993- where you get morning sun & warm winter mornings-we plan to put up the long gallery over the Artists studios (John Henry Fredk. Bacon was here too-painted also famous men-Cardinal Vaughn Rider Haggard) Here ANDRE MALRAUX will come with Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM- & PJPW of the BM Natural History plans to help them a total of 2 months of the year-working on volumes ALL THIS HISTORY- explaining this ignorance that has destroyed the globe-A to Z-

They will write to correct the dirty lies of Noble dope-soaks- with their sullen mutterings of `AN OLD ESKIMO GAVE ANGELA ALL THIS AS A CHILD-so we have killed the Grote children for we will not have A to Z in the way of BRITISH TRADESuddenly General de Gaulle was dead so soon after retirement

1970s Harwell- Saint George ANDRE MALRAUX saw a home & my attempt at a holy house but it was sometimes impossible to keep monsters & Royal Satraps out when we went to the woods or activities of normal families-we were to be expected to be searched as usualIt was a crime to have books on Ransom-Weddell-Greenland-INCA-MALRAUX-the old sordid tricks went on- (as at Colchester Castle 1954- see burning of books of Donovan Bookseller Colchester & Strand in his Rare Book Room)

Simple gentle scholarship & philosophy is meaningless to those `whose spirit is slave to gold- they hath never drunk of civilized wholesome knowledge` ( Willis-a book of poems-Jean Weddell had from the time of her first marriage to young Smith Argentine-married in Spain-she 18 years old-he died less than a year from appendicitis-given to me by IVY RANSOM her daughter 1962...all post is stolen) The poet of the lines on the power of the Odyssey Andrew Lang slept in our house I tell ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of GAUL- `how he came from Winchester on his horse to stay with the young artist illustrator L. Leslie Brooke & his wife Diana Sybil- renting the lovely house for 9 years-` ANDRE MALRAUX appreciates such knowledge-

L.Leslie Brookes wife returned to The Pillar House 30 years on-her husband had left the immortal childrens books a mark of a civilized mind- We have left our civilized contribution too- books-photographs-letters-the renaissance party March 1972- BMNH work & publications-GR is adding these Books of JO & Andre


March 18th 1972 ANDRE is back from President Nixon USA

He comes at 9.30pm to a party created with help from children & friends for families-for ladies & gentle-men-children attending early on & in costume- Not a rave-no dopes-Mengele Harrington dressed as The Devil & Lindsaybuggarhs arch-thugs attempted to get in-

The Crispin Inn Harwell Vikings young men & POLITAN-Arthur Malone & others fought EVIL off at the East Gate-The Pillar House School Lane- A figure in a scholars gown with laurel wreath was Lennie-I do not know him-Arthur Malone invited him & they kept out evil gatecrashers- `Mengele left after 3 attempts minus a thumb`

Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM is herehe of the murdered son age 12 years, wife & new born child 1952-second house North Africa electrical faults wired deliberately- he is acting as ANDRE MALRAUX`s driver very oftensoon wife of Wales a nurse & 7 years old daughter missingshe said to have fallen down a pothole WalesMr Mengele said to have taken the child off to an Orphanage-

Reports 1987 December/1987 to February 1988 (when PJPW learns he has 5 YEARS TO LIVEhe dies May 1992) LIR`s families not to have a name-No Weddells or Ransoms to exist-burn all DNA- Mengele hot on this since 1954 ! Len 1972 March has now had 2 brothers murdered- Greta Ransom W. is not to know ? Is this some devilish brain-washing of those we feel we can trust- PJPW has frequent threats to murder him in the traditional ways of the British NOBLES- burn you in Scotland-pour petrol down your throat-drop you 2 miles out no lifebeltThey still rule -this HIGH CLASS SIN ON THE PIN using massive violence & cunning- all heavy on DOPES & GREED -

Politan-Arthur Malone said to my remark `I did not think Vikings were about in the renaissance`- ` The Vikings ? Oh they got left over on Lindsay Island` - PJPW jumped in nervous horror- clearly I was not to hear the name LINDSAY- Without it being attached to `buggarh` I do not think there was any possibility of remembering the attacks on my childs body by THEM 1930s ! (I do wish I could do all the violence back to them- & a bit more ! Or have them on chains building our Universities & putting back our vast Estate-I might feed them on cabbage stalks )

Politan & Len & some young men are dressed as Brugel paintings had just driven some Lindsaybuggarhs down Harwell High Street to their cars where they wagged their black tongues to their boots `this GENOCIDE CROWD were there to see that The Pillar House of the immortal story books for children did not break the peace`


1953 New Years Eve Nethrington Hall & the quick killing outside London did not have me retain that name- only a bunch of posh thugs that poisoned an old lady in their family at 9.20pm because she was going to call The Police Nothing was in my memory by 1957...or by 1972 WHEN COM`TH ANDRE MALRAUX- with Lucretia Borgia an old friend from the 1920s-

These murderers Earls of Lindsay & Crawford 1938-1960s of the GROTE HOMES children for dough & our fabulous paintings-art works (more than the Louvre says MALRAUX with a Catalogue building) -investments-philanthropy settlements & seashores-Islands-lands-sharing with NOBLE ON THE PIN were coming without invitation 1972 March to destroy our renaissance evening-dope drinks- & THEY MURDERS ON THE PIN since their teens THEY WERE KEPT OUT- The Pillar House HARWELL is a Holy House !

Their entry in Debretts/Burkes Peerage should be just a big black hole- & Wanted Sign-

Lindsay Earls are the Monsters of the Deep infesting the GRAND on the Seafront Clacton-on-Sea 1937 - but that Summer not there-they thieving & murdering in Spain-

An escape - SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937 ANDRE & JOSETTE & Greta Ransom-5 WEEKS & THEN TO LINCOLN to see the sites of the ancestors of MALRAUX- found as known from documents etc-

Sea traders are we he & me Andre & Greta

All memories again swept away the early 1960s- all I G.R. retained 1968 onwards were ugly faces objecting to Andre & Greta Ransom a pauper living quietly in that beautiful MISSION St Edmunds House 50 Lancaster Gate Square-

The building already stolen by this SCUM 1953 & known criminals called TWISTERS by Chinese Legation who try protect General de Gaulle & Andre Malraux- `Crown property is a little line that appears in some documents then disappears` -building sold over the heads of Westminster R.C.Diocese & French Government for a hotel all a shock to de Gaulle & Malraux-

At least the hotel could call itself ANDRE MALRAUX House-our morsels of happiness & our massive suffering are there in that building -his sons would come & stay 1950sDirty JIM Cur James-the pre-war Mr Pong Jimmie Jong travelling companion of Angela- invented this piece of FRAUD 1930s `Crown Lands` to get them all FAST DOUGH for the Races`